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Yukari took a step back to let Zabuza have some more room. “May I borrow that?” asked Zabuza nodding to the kunai in her hand. She handed over the kunai and jumped back to where Kakashi was holding Naruto back. She hadn’t even noticed that he was awake. She looked around herself again and saw that Sakura was crying over Sasuke. She stood there a little shocked. She wasn’t able to pull her gaze away to see what was happening. What was going on behind her? What was causing so much noise? She continued to look at Sasuke being held in Sakura’s arms. Without even her command water overflowed from her eyes. She was confused. Should she be happy the have half her heart back or should she be mad because it should be she that should being crying over Sasuke’s cold limp body or should she be sad because in order for her to get her heart back Sasuke had to die. She was so confused. She was mad, sad and happy. She fell to her knees. Her body couldn’t handle the weight of itself anymore. Idiot! What are you doing showing weakness like this!? Get up, now! He will be the end of you! Get up, now! The demon came out in its true form. A mist like wolf. It gently helped Yukari to her feet once again. the demon really did care about Yukari but wasn’t the best at showing it. The mistwolf stayed by her mistress’s side. It would let anything harm her mistress. Did that boy hurt you? Are you ok? Yukari couldn’t speak she just nodded her head side to side then up and down showing her answer to the questions she was asked. Using the mistwolf as support she slowly walked over to Sasuke. It seemed like it took forever then just a couple of minutes. She knelt down beside Sasuke tears still streaming down her face. “Don’t even give me that look. You could have stopped this from happening!” said Sakura in a very disgusted voice. Yukari just looked up and shook her head like it couldn’t have been helped. She heard a low growl from the mistwolf beside her. Yukari petted the mistwolf on top of its head. The growl disappeared. Leaving complete silence hanging in the air. She then could look away. She looked back at the scene that had happened without her even hearing any commotion what so ever. Haku and Zabuza were laying side by side dead. Naruto was crying and Kakashi was looking off into the distance thinking something that they would understand when they get older. Someone grabbed her hand tightly. She turned her attention back to what was happening in front of her. Sasuke was the one that was holding her hand so tightly. She was truly happy. She was so glad that Sasuke was alive. He opened his eyes. His gaze was on her. She stared back but was interrupted by Sakura throwing herself upon Sasuke. “Sa..Sakura you hurting me! Your so heavy.” said Sasuke wincing in pain. Sakura got off Sasuke and his gaze went back to Yukari. She just gave him a heartwarming smile and left it at that. She got up and offered a hand to Sasuke. He took it and pulled himself up. “Naruto...Naruto look Sasuke’s alive!” yelled Sakura waving her hand wildly. Yukari helped Sasuke regain his composer. She helped Sasuke over to Naruto. “Now, Look who’s the idiot!” laughed Naruto. Yukari kicked him and smiled. He jumped around holding him shin. Everyone laughed. Yukari looked around at the same time and spotted Zabuza and Haku. She stopped laughing and gaze at the motionless bodies. She was thinking ‘I’ll bring them back if it’s the last thing I do.’ She then noticed that Sasuke was looking at her with a puzzled expression on him face. She gave him a nudge in the ribs and a smile. He smiled back but still his eyes were full worry.

They stay at Tazuna’s place for another week. “Come back and see us soon.” said Tsunami. “We will.” replied Sakura. They turned around and headed back to the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

The chunin exams were about to be held when they all got to the Konoha. While waiting for the exams to start they did really easy boring missions. Naruto was worse then ever! He messed up every mission they took. Yukari just did what she was told to do because he new no better then left and went to go do things, or go run an errand or that was what she told her team and anyone else who asked her. She usually just went back to her house to train to get ready for the chunin exams. She had to pass to bring back honor to her family. *knock* *knock* She looked up at the door. Her mistwolf was always out now. It lonely went back into Yukari if it felt tried or if Yukari asked it to. The mist wolf went over to the door; ready to pounce if it was someone here to harm her mistress. Moro, the mistwolf, smelled the air and then sat back and waged her tail; showing that it wasn’t someone to be afraid of. Yukari walked over and grabbed a towel to get some of the sweat off before she opened the door. She did so and then opened the door to see Sakura there. Yukari was surprised but didn’t how it. “Um...How my I help you?” asked Yukari. “I just never knew where you lived. I asked Sasuke and got the directions. I never knew you lived in this house! It’s bigger then the Uchiha’s home!” said Sakura obviously amazed by the size of the house. Yukari never thought it was something so amazing. She rarely ever sees the whole house in one day. She kept to the court yard, the flower garden, her room, or the training room. “It is big isn’t it?” said Yukari with no emotion what so ever. She was use to it. “Oh, yes! It’s so huge!” said Sakura. “Please come in.” said “Do you want a tour?” asked Yukari trying to be polite. “Oh, Could I?” replied Sakura obviously happy. Yukari took her on a tour of the front part because the back of the house hasn’t been touched scent that night of the killing. When the tour was done Sakura was done and Yukari went back to training.

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I love it! The suspence if great! but I hate cliff hangers. Please finsh the neat chaper soon

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thank you and the next chapter should be out today or tomorrow