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Bucky Katt
07-08-2006, 05:03 PM
Suggestion: Please read chapter one before reading. And I'm open to corrections.

Chapter Two:

The bag around Anna’s head was suffocating, but her captor’s stench sent her into a daze. The smell, oh the smell! Mixtures of tobacco, rum, and ladies’ perfume wafted into the tears of the bag, leaving poor Anna at the mercy of darkness.

“Alrigh’, leetle girl, ya’ be all quiet-like, n’ I promise I ain’t gon’ hurt ya’ none,” said the drunken man. His breath was no worse than his body odor, and from what other things

Anna could smell and feel that she was being dragged into the pub.

A door slammed against a wooden wall as the man entered the pub, and the chatter ceased at once. The captive knew that all eyes were on them, especially her; she began to tear up at the thought that she may die. ‘Oh, what have I done to deserve this?’ she thought as bitter tears rolled down her cheeks. ‘I don’t remember doing anything to stir up the Lord’s wrath!’

While she pitied herself, her captor talked excitedly with other men that accumulated around him. They stared in wonder at his ‘bravery’, and, like most men do, admired Anna’s body, not caring at all what was underneath the bag, nor did they care about what was inside the cranium of the woman who fell into fate’s sometimes evil claws.

“She sure is a pretty young’un, Hoag, how did you ever get that?” asked one old sounding man.

Anna thrashed at the thought of being called ‘that’ another time. She kicked at her captor’s shins, while men roared with mirth. “Ah-hah, Hoag, you caught a feisty one, you did!”

“Now, now, leetle girl, don’t ya be all uncooperative! We gots a proposition for ya’s! And ya’s better listens good, or ya’ll’ll never see th’ light o’ day again,” Hoag said, his voice suggesting a disgusting evil that would fall upon her anyway.

She stopped moving, but that did not stop her from being obstinate. She tripped Hoag, and sometimes slapped his traveling hand that dove at any chance to try to touch her bottom.

“Aw, c’mon, leetle lady, I ain’t gon’ hurt ya’ none! Now, stop this here stewpid thang n’ let me--” Hoag never finished. He had been knocked to the floor by the sound of a gunshot. His hand, which had been hooked to the bag over Anna's head, came to the floor with him. “Now--Now, what th’ hell is goin’ on!?” he demanded. Hoag stood and his head swiveled, like an owl searching for its prey.

No one in the bar moved. Well, I can’t really say no one moved, because one man stood from his chair. Anna, who was as shocked as everyone present, trembled. If he was the one who fired the gun, then there was no telling what would happen to her next.

The man had no distinct features; just a black, hooded cloak and dark boots with splotches here and there that showed that he had traveled far, and that the journey was definitely not a peaceful one. He weaved between the tables that had been crowded together, and from what Anna could see, he was graceful about it; not once did he falter from his stride that he started. Once the man was right in front of Hoag, he pulled out a gun, and pointed it not at Hoag, but at Anna!

Chapter three: coming to your local animeforum fanfiction section soon!

07-08-2006, 05:16 PM
Lordie. O.o! That is probably one of the first stories I've read on the internet that actually got me excited. I mean, I was in suspense! More, More! o.o;;;; I'm going to have a heart attack... @[email protected]

Bucky Katt
07-08-2006, 07:25 PM
Like post one said: Chapter three is on its way!

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omg i usually dont like these kind of stories but damn this is thrilling! omg cant wiat for ch.3

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Was it supposed to be all centered?

But no complaints. Just waiting for the next chapter.

She still has the hood around her head right?

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Oh, crud, I forgot that part! -.Rushes to the edit button.-

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WTH! You edited it and he's pointing the gun at Anna...! Dude, hurry up and write the second chapter I don't like suspense.

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wow hurry up with ch 3