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07-07-2006, 05:29 PM
Once upon a time there was a girl named Anastazja, this was an odd name but she liked it. She stumbled upon a place called Anime Forum and registered a zillion defferent names before her favorite one became Capo.
She met a varitey of different people, each odd and interesting in their own way. One day Capo saw that Matt A.K.A. Krsnik had left saying he was going off to play WoW. Capo was intreiged, what was WoW and why did you play it?
The poor innocent Capo skipped off and googled "WoW" All she got were fan sites about some silly game called World of Warcraft. She looked over some of the websites and decided, "What the hell, I might as well see what all the fuss is about."
She came upon a shady website that had a breif knowledge of the english language, while it's english counterparts boasted well designed web pages this site made up for it with amazingly low prices. After several minutes of intense bargining she slipped into the game as a little purpled haired warlock. Sporting the alias "Capo" ((She had to think long and hard to come up with that name!)) Skipping along she rushed through the first 20 levels, and now she was a level 40 warlock, woot! It was time to get her free mount.

MANWHILE...outside of the game.
Capo picked up the phone to hear from her best friend, Claire, who wanted to know if she could come to the movies. Capo had to decilne stating that she was in the middle of a major four hour battle. Claire signed and hung up, used to this excuse.
Yet another life is lost to the world of WoW. -sigh-

Back in the Game...
Capo decided she had to be off the computer sometime and needed some way to keep her character playing and gaining experiance while she was off the computer. She found just the thing. She bought a part-time power leveling service for two dollars and hour and set off to reclaim her social life.
Social life in check, Capo logged back in, deciding to spend gold on getting her and her demon pets ((Aquired during her demon-summoning quests)) an upgrade in their skills.
In Stranglehorn Vale a stupid bandit killed her and danced over her grave. Damn bandits. Amazingly she lived again. Zombie? I think not! After getting an ample amount of gold from Dire Maul and gaining en excess of experiance points she praced towards a battleground, only to be slaughtered. Again. We do it...For the Alliance!
Capo was several levels higher now and felt it was time to celebrate. ((Note: Don't celebrate and ride your mount. Please, choose a desiginated driver.))
By this time she was well equipped with, Drain soul, life tap, life drain, and Curse of Agony. Also, she obtained Aftermath and shadowburn.
All of her time was now spent on WoW the kind people of AF were starting to get annoyned with her senseless babbling about the game.
Not caring about that at all she logged in the next day only to be informed her account had been deleted due to a glitch in the system and to please create a now character.
Capo is now completely WoW free and living a normal happy life. The only evidence of her former addiction is the fact that she flinches eveytime someone says "Warlock"

((Please note that I have never in my life played World of Warcraft and I am using what little I have learned from the senseless babblig from my WoW addicted friends to write this Fanfic. This is to illistrate how WoW can suck someone in and never let go. And how it can cheat you out of your hard earned money.))