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07-06-2006, 07:59 PM
Why Are We Here?

A lonely figure lay in a single bed covered in plain, cotton sheets. It was a teenage girl. Turning uncomfortably in her sleep, left and right. Mummering words that could not be heard. Exept for her.

The girl sat up swiftly and looked over the bed in front of her. "A-----hhh!" A painfull, fearfull scream raged in the room where she was sleeping. The sound echoed through the house and outward. She sat on the bed with small lined tears falling down her face. They were fine and precise tears like someone had drawn them. They gathered on her chin and formed into small balls of water.

Thoughts rushed through her mind like a continuess loop.

"Why are we here?"

"What is life?"

"Why was the earth made?"

"What is your purpose?"

Her own voice saying these phrases, over and over.

"You know you were never meant to be here!"

The girl grabbed her head in a painfull manner, pulling her hair (just before it hurt).

She hugged herself sitting on her single bed. She was so agitated that she dug her long fingernails in the skin above her shoulder bone. Small dots of blood began to pour out... slowly. They rained down her back onto her shirt.

A bang came into the silent room and the girls father walked in. He was netruel . His face, everything. Her mother pushed past her father and scrurred over to the bed.

"Raven, dear. What is wrong?" the mother asked with a hint of fear in her face. Before Raven could respond to her mother her father said "What is it this time?" In a rude tone of voice, one that didn't really care for her.

Raven pushed her dark brown hair away from her face and looked at her father. She had red eyes from the pain.

"Why am I here?!" Raven shouted.

"What do you mean dear?" Her mother asked.

Her father went and grabbed her mother by the arm and went to the door. "Why do we have to have such a freak as a daughter.. Why couldn't we have a normal one?" He said looking at Raven.

Raven turned and huddled herself into the sheets, crying. Her father and mother will never understand her.


to be continued...