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“You idiot!” said Sasuke. “What were you thinking? Now how are we suppose to get on here?” “What did I do?” asked Naruto confused. “You were suppose to attack the masked kid on the other side of the mirrors but no! You got stuck in here like us. You’re such and idiot.” yelled Sasuke. Yukari paid no attention to Naruto and Sasuke. She was to busy trying to figure out where and what the masked boy’s plan is. After a while she caught on. See the image as a blur. She quickly followed the movements and moved out of the way of the attacks as they came. Her body was getting tried from have to try to suppress the demon and keep out of danger at the same time. Her body movements slowed and she was getting nipped by the senbon. The smell of blood was now over powering making her somewhat dizzy. Which was also caused some blood to flow. Things were spinning and then went dark. The next thing she knew she was laying on the ground net to Naruto. The ice sheets were still infect meaning the battle was still going on. She sat up and saw Sasuke was standing in front of her. He was dripping a lot of blood. He swayed and fell to his knees, breathing harder then ever. He had a look in his eyes. It looked like he was sort of looking into space but not quite all the way there yet. He mumbled something but she couldn’t understand. He then fell bleeding onto the ground. He was either dead or just passed out from blood lost like she did. Her brain was so scramble she wasn’t thinking straight. She carefully got to her feet. Swaying she walked over to Sasuke. She knelt down beside him. Her eyes were filled with tears that soon were over flowing. Not knowing what she said “I loved you, Sasuke.” and then a big bright shiny light blinded everybody. When she could see again there was a half of a crystallized floating in the air just above Sasuke. With even having to tell her body to move it had already done it. She picked it up with tender hands. It shone bright again and flew into her chest. She now has half of her power back but where was the other half.

Her wounds healed and she wasn’t dizzy anymore. Chakra formed in her hands and she threw it at the ice and it shattered. The masked boy was in shock and then snapped out of it. He was on his feet in a fast easy movement. The masked boy came at Yukari fast but Yukari was faster. She was behind hi back and took out a kunai. She stabbed in into the boy’s back. He gasped in pain. He turned around and hit Yukari in the jaw and she landed a jab in the boy’s face; breaking the mask in two. The mask fell to the ground with a thud. She looked up to see the face of the boy. It was Haku; the boy she thought to be her friend. “Haku?” she asked in an uneasy voice. “Kill me.” was all she got in response. “I can’t do that.” said Yukari shaking her head. “Kill me.” is what Haku said again. It’s his wish. If you can’t do then I will said the demon fully recovered like nothing had happened to it. “I can’t do that, Haku.” said Yukari “Kill me, I have nothing to live for anymore.” said Haku. The demon had heard what Haku had said was resurfacing. Even thought Yukari got half of her heart back she was still not powerful enough to stop it. The demon took out a kunai knife. It went towards Haku at a steady fast pace. Haku was then gone. She looked around and saw Haku on Kakashi’s arm. She ran to Kakashi but was stopped by Sakura. “Where’s Sasuke and Naruto.” asked Sakura. Yukari pointed in the direction of the two boys. Sakura ran past her and so did Tazuna to go see Sasuke and Naruto. She ran to Kakashi once more. The power coming off her gave both Kakashi and Zabuza shivers. Even with half of her heart back she was still stronger then both of them put together. She walked past Kakashi and punched Zabuza dead in the face. He was still in shock when she punched him again and again. On her fourth punch Kakashi grabbed her fist. “This is no way to fight a fair fight.” said Kakashi. Yukari jerked her hand away from him. Zabuza was out of the daze now and was trying to get free of the dogs that trapped him. Then the dogs vanished and Zabuza was set free. He came at Yukari with all he had left in him but it still wasn’t enough. She just moved out of the way of the attack with ease and punched him in the jaw. She sent him flying to the feet of thugs. She hadn’t even noticed that they were there. She got into a low left guard stance. She readied herself for a fight. The a little man stepped out of the crowd. He came upon Haku lying dead still in front of him and kicked the boy. “Stop!” yelled Yukari. The little man looked up. “Do you even know who you’re talking to?” said the little man. “No, and who do you think you are doing that to the dead!? You have no right!” yelled Yukari. “You are an idiotic kid! Kill her!” the little man ordered the thugs. The thugs came after Yukari and the others. She ran towards them also but to be stopped by Zabuza. “This isn’t your fight anymore. Just leave them to me.” said Zabuza.

I hope you like it! Please tell me want you think because I haven't been getting a lot of encougement so I think I might just not post my Fanfiction anymore

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Yukari, that was pretty good. I'm addicted to Naruto, so it's great to hear things from other Naruto-aholics.

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Thank you very much!

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I think it looks nice....repz...^-^

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Thank you and i'm working on the next chapter already