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07-06-2006, 01:59 AM
Author's Note: I doubt anyone really remembers the fiction series I did, back in the day. The first fanfic to include people from the site. Borderline Hentai. This was started back in 2000, but there was a slightly same version of it, under another name back on Tuxedomask.com. I called this terrible fanfiction, Borderline Hentai. And it included such greats as Hikaru, whom is now known as Tira Misu... Rei, whom is now known as Reiako, Sailor Guard Inferno, whom is now Don SGI... Mya, Washiko, whom was then Firako, Kaitou, Minako, Roads, QSX, Ish, Sanosuke23, jesus, there were a lot of ye folks. I miss ye all. =( This part is for them!

Once upon a chatroom on the internet, a few dastardly characters were roaming the internet in dispair. THERE WAS NOTHING TO FREAKING DO!! Kyo was bumbling on about steaks and some kind of blackjack conspiricy. Something like that, no one really paid him any attention anymore. The crazy old coot. Aaron probally could have added something to the coversation, but once again, he wasn't active. Nineteenth was off doing something with Ridley, and god only wishes he didn't know what, Celes was off counting her stockpiles of money and rolling around in them, and it was just me, Cat_Demon, Kamen, Thirteenth, Aang, Capo, The Hapless n00b, and some other weird noobs who I think were trying to cyber with each other. I had no proof of this. Damn. Once again it was up to me to add some excitement to the rather dull conversation.

"Hey guys. I'm going to flood the chat with blackjack, WATCH OUT!" Ai said, perparing to waste a bunch of money.
"Great, now we know to ignore Ai AND Shikamaru..." Thirteenth whined.
"Or we could just wait until she runs out of money." Capo suggested, knowing full well that she probally would earn more than she lost. And that was kinda true. Kinda. But things changed. When Nicholas Devincrotch came into chat. He wasn't called Devincrotch for just any reason...

Let's watch.

Nicholas Devincroix: -Slaps Ai's rear?-
Nicholas Devincroix: -Connects-
Nicholas Devincroix: -Flees the room-
Princess Ai: SEXUAL HARASSMENT! Quick, someone find me a lawyer!
Nicholas Devincroix is currently away.
SteaKyo: Right here!
Capo: ...I knew it!
Princess Ai: Kyo!
Nicholas Devincroix is back again.
Princess Ai: I was sexually harassed just now.
Nicholas Devincroix: -Is a lawyer now-
Princess Ai: He gave me unwanted sexual contact, and I would like to sue him.
Nicholas Devincroix: -Looks at Kyo-
Princess Ai: I want all of his money.
SteaKyo: I will do my best.
Nicholas Devincroix: Shikamaru: my money
Shikamaru: Nicholas Devincroix: you have 25002.00 rupees
Firdauz: haha, like those court drama
SteaKyo: Mr niocholas!
Princess Ai: I want 25002.
SteaKyo: I typed your name wrong.
SteaKyo: And I can do a lot worse!
Nicholas Devincroix: Yeah..
Nicholas Devincroix: So, wrong..
Nicholas Devincroix: Lmao.
Nicholas Devincroix: It's okay!
Princess Ai: I'm emotionally scarred.
Princess Ai: I can't be in a relationship anymore.
SteaKyo: But if you forfeit your money. I will turn the other way.
Princess Ai: Just looking at a hand makes me shake and convulse.
Firdauz: poor ai
Princess Ai: --Sobs--
Princess Ai: I just can't live like this!
Nicholas Devincroix: You don't get no money.
SteaKyo: -Turns to Ai-
Capo: -Give Ai, hot coco-
Princess Ai: I need money to get couseling!
Princess Ai: I can't LIVE like this!
SteaKyo: -Cough steal forum function cough-
Nicholas Devincroix: Cousel this!
Princess Ai: It's MY money anyway.
Nicholas Devincroix: -Does it again-
Princess Ai: I got it from working!
Nicholas Devincroix: my corner!
Princess Ai: I let him borrow some because he wanted to go drinking with his friends!
Nicholas Devincroix: Just joking!
Aang 1: now,now,Ms.Ai it'll be okay...
Princess Ai: I gambled that money fair and square!
Nicholas Devincroix: Hey.. Hey...
Princess Ai: And now he's using it against me!
Princess Ai: --sobs--
Aang 1: see? watch!
Nicholas Devincroix: Don't tell our sercets, dear..
Nicholas Devincroix: Shhh..
Princess Ai: SEE?!
Aang 1 does a hand motion toward Ai,but stops
Princess Ai: Do you see how he taunts me?!
Firdauz: and the drama ensue
Princess Ai: He stole my m... omg
Nicholas Devincroix: W-what....?!
Princess Ai: --cries--
lowemce entered the room.
Shikamaru: Greetings, lowemce
Princess Ai: Stop waving your hand at me!
Princess Ai: --Sobs--
Nicholas Devincroix: -He walked over towards Ai as he put his arm around her-
Aang 1: Nicholas Devincroix: how dare you!
Princess Ai: Someone make it stop!
Nicholas Devincroix: Dear.. Dear...
Princess Ai: Stop sexually harassing me!
Princess Ai: Help help!
Princess Ai: Where's the ballif!?
Princess Ai: Remove this man!
Nicholas Devincroix: -His hand gropes her-
lowemce: were am i
Princess Ai: He's sexually harassing me again! Help help!
Princess Ai: --Cries--
Aang 1 removes Nicholas
Nicholas Devincroix: -He turns away.-
Princess Ai: Do you see how he abuses me?
Firdauz grab Nich hand
Nicholas Devincroix: -Walks away-
Nicholas Devincroix: I am abused!
Aang 1 puts his own arm around Ai
Nicholas Devincroix has been frozen by SteaKyo
Princess Ai: I just want my money --cries--
SteaKyo: Froooooozzeeeennn
Princess Ai: Oh Nem!
Princess Ai: --Flings self into Nem's arms--
Princess Ai: My hero!
Aang 1: Shikamaru: donate life to Ai
SteaKyo: None of the groping, sir. =)
Princess Ai: --cries--
Nicholas Devincroix is back again.
Nicholas Devincroix: Shikamaru: Donate 2000 Ai
Shikamaru: Nicholas Devincroix: You have donated 2000 to Princess Ai. Princess Ai now has 2900.56 rupees
Princess Ai: that is not enough!
Princess Ai: That's just enough to pay my lawyer!
Princess Ai: shikamaru: donate 0 dev
Shikamaru: Princess Ai: You have donated 0 to Nicholas Devincroix. Nicholas Devincroix now has 23002.00 rupees
Aang 1 Pats Princess Ais head and says "it'll be okay...I'm sure he will pay Child Support!"
Princess Ai: I want the other 23000
Princess Ai: I don't have kids with that guy.
Nicholas Devincroix: Shikamaru: Donate 23000 Ai
Shikamaru: Nicholas Devincroix: You have donated 23000 to Princess Ai. Princess Ai now has 25900.56 rupees
Princess Ai: Thanks.
Nicholas Devincroix: I feel so unloved..
Nicholas Devincroix: ....
Princess Ai: Shikamaru: donate 5000 Kyo
Shikamaru: Princess Ai: You have donated 5000 to SteaKyo. SteaKyo now has 5675.92 rupees

And that is how Ai won her court case against the Devious Nicholas Devincrotch, sworn groper of all the girls in chat. What did Ai do with her money?


Princess Ai: shikamaru: blackjack 19900
Shikamaru: Princess Ai: Your bet was accepted. You have 0.95999999999913 rupees remaining
Shikamaru: Princess Ai: There are 193 cards left in the deck. You have a 7 and a 3 For a total of 10. Dealer showing a Jack. Will you hit, or stand?
Princess Ai: shikamaru: hit
Shikamaru: Princess Ai: You drew a 5, your new total is 15. Will you hit, or stand?.
Princess Ai: shikamaru: hit
Shikamaru: Princess Ai: You drew a 10, your new total is 25. You Bust. Dealer Wins. Dealer had a Jack and a 9

07-06-2006, 02:30 AM
Oh my gosh! The dealer won! WHAT! That's cheating. Nick should've had to pay...

07-06-2006, 03:38 AM
*joins in the frenzy...

haha. Nice ending, which not the typical "happy ever -after" cliche of sort. In the end, Shika wins, always.

'nough said...

07-10-2006, 03:59 AM
Yeah, Shikamaru has a habit of always stealing the show.

Prophet of Death
07-10-2006, 04:46 AM
Wow... What a bunch of dorks...

Just kidding! Thats a funny convo... Zzzzz