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07-05-2006, 11:15 PM
Head (Well it is master...but I like messing up his name) Chief walked into Base Camp and turned, showing himself off. "Like it? I just got a new and improved suit. You won't be able to see my face, of course, but boy do I feel sexy!" Someone shouted, "Yeah, you'll have the Covenant shaking in fear with that bad boy outfit." Head Cheif strutted around, "Damn stright wigga!"
Later on...
"Hey men," Head Cheif called to the guys as he picked up a weapon; it was some sort of gun looking like a porcupine. "look at this mo-pimpin' gun. What do you think it's called?" He aimed the gun at one of his comrads and fired three shots into his head."Rofl, looks like needles!" that look, you know the look you get when the lightbulb go "ding!", lit of Head Cheifs' face. "That's it, I'll call it a needler! Omgz I am so smart."
About five minutes later...
"Wth, I'm a frigging lizard..thing." He waved his arms wildly slashing random things, "Holy Hell! Lookie at this pretty shiny thing! I don't care of I'm a lizard i've got this slamin' sword claw ."
Even Later On...
"Woot! I won man 12 beers and I can drive this thing like a pro!" Master Cheif turned around again causing the warthog to spin wildly. The man t the gun said to him, "Hey! Let me drive!" He nodded and the men swticed spots. "Woo! Go! G o! Go! I'm gonna shoot down these SOB's!" Head Cheif said shooting at his teams tank hitting a weak spot and causing it to blow up. "Oops"
Really, really later on...

Head cheif was laying on a sleeping bag somewhere in some remote place because i'm to lazy to make one up, "Hey...since you're a hallogran in my head gear thingy..can we, you know, do "Stuff"?

To Be Contined...

(Just so you know this is meant to be funny any and all internet words were put there for a reason. Enjoy making fun of this game there are many, many more to come)


07-06-2006, 12:30 AM
It's master chief.

And this was very humurous. I'm fixing the title though, it should be Fanfic:

07-06-2006, 12:43 AM
Ai, don't pretend, I know you cried. <33's
I intend them to be funny not offensive.