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She had a major headache. Yukari! Listen to me. Why did you do that last night? I came out to help you. She sat up bolted up. She knew it wasn’t an animal because she heard them with both her mind and ears but this was different this was just in her head. “Who....who are you?” asked Yukari. I’m the wolf that lives inside you. “You were the reason why me heart was taken away.” said Yukari. She somehow has emotions when she talks with the wolf. I didn’t mean for that to happen “Why didn’t you stop them?” asked Yukari. I couldn’t you wouldn’t let me! “Why? I don’t remember that night very well. I can only remember it when it haunts my dreams!” said Yukari You told me that your father didn’t want me to come out! There was a knock on the door. “Yes?” asked Yukari. “May I come in?” asked Sasuke. “Sure.” said Yukari. He opened the door. “I could have sworn you were talking to someone but I didn’t here the other one’s voice.” said Sasuke closing the door behind him. “Oh, I guess I was talking out loud.” said Yukari. “Yeah you were.” said Sasuke. Kill him, Yukari. Kill him. “Why?” she asked out loud. “Huh? Why what?” asked Sasuke. “Never mind what I said. Why did you come here? Is there something I can do for you?” said Yukari. “Oh yes. Good question. Now I can’t remember.” said Sasuke. “Ok.” said Yukari getting up from her bed. Sasuke turned towards the door to open it. “If you remember what you were going to tell me then come back and tell me.” said Yukari with her back towards him. She could feel his eyes on her back and heard the door shut and knew that he had left. She called out loud again to the demon “Why should I kill him? He hasn’t threatened my life.” said Yukari. He hasn’t threatened your life yet but he will. Just watch and see. said the demon. Yukari left it at that.
Later Yukari went out to practice. She did what she always did and put all her chakra to her feet but she went up the tree she rebounded make her hit her head on the ground with a loud smack. She picked herself up and put only a little chakra to her feet and went up the tree with ease. ‘I must have more chakra because the demon has awoken at last.’ she thought to herself. She did it over and over again until it started to get dark. She looked up at the sky and back to the ground again. She picked up her things and went back to the house. She opened the door to find everybody seated for dinner. “Put your things in your room and then come and take a seat for dinner.” said Tsunami. She did as she was told and went to her bedroom. She dropped her things on her floor in front of her door and went back the table to sit down for dinner. She put some food on her plate and started to eat. Naruto and Sasuke were at it again and Sakura was trying to get them to stop. She sighed and kept on eating. She was the first one done eating and decided to go back to her room. She was a little tried but thought it was a good idea to go to bed early.

The next morning they all but Naruto went to stand grad down at the bridge.

When they got there every worker was lying on the ground. “Long time, no see.” said someone behind them. She turned around to see Zabuza. “We were about to say the same thing.” said Sasuke sarcastically. Zabuza did a hand sign and then got fogy. Yukari got into a low left guard stance. The demon was surfacing again. All her sense suddenly enhanced. She sniffed the air. Trying to find a trail to lead her to Zabuza. She found it. She bolted in that direction. She grabbed Zabuza’s neck when she got to him. Surprising him and herself. The demon was controlling her now. She fought the demon trying to control her own body. Zabuza was trying to loosen her grip but nothing worked. The mist suddenly disappeared as fast as it had appeared. Everybody was looking at her. She was single handily fighting Zabuza and winning. Then the masked boy came at her from behind. She let go of Zabuza and jumped behind the masked boy. “Don’t interfere” said the demon. She went to punch the masked boy but he had jumped away. The demon was total in control now. Yukari could do nothing but watch the demon tear them apart. It would tear anything apart if it got in it’s way right now.

Zabuza was trying to catch his breath. Yukari walked over to him. She was almost there and the masked boy got in the way again. She went to throw a punch and connected but the boy wouldn’t move. The demon picked him and threw him. By that Zabuza was on the other side on the bridge fighting Kakashi. The demon walked over to the boy. It picked up the boy by the neck. “I told you not to interfere.” said the demon. The boy took hold of the hand that were choking him and took them off. The boy pulled out some senbon. By that time Sasuke was right next to her.

Sasuke charged the masked boy but the masked boy was faster. The boy came around to Sasuke’s side and hit him. Knocking the breath out of Sasuke. He fell to his knees gasping for air. Yukari made her move then. She punched the masked boy in the jaw and did a round kick to the ribs. The masked kid fell to his knee like Sasuke but got up right away after the shock went away. Sasuke was back on his feet and ready to attack again but then the masked boy did some weird sign with his hand and ice like sheets began to form around Yukari and Sasuke. The masked kid stepped into the ice. Yukari watched as the ice began to have pictures of the kid in them. Yukari got into a low right guard stance. She did a slide-up side kick to an ice sheet but it didn’t break. “It won’t break.” said the masked kid. She stepped back and put her nose to the air. She looked for the trial. She found it but it was going this way and that way. The scent was coming from all directions. She moved this way and that way following the masked boy’s scent. Then she smelled blood. She looked around for it but didn’t see it. She heard *drip* and looked down to see she was the cause of the smell of blood. She hadn’t even notice. There was no pain. The smell of blood made the demon go crazy. It was kicking and punching at the ice sheets. “I said it won’t break.” echoed the masked boy’s voice. The demon was into a craze and nothing would break it. Another wave of attack came and she smell more blood and not just her own. This Sasuke was bleeding to. Something came flying into the glass on the outside. Then a throwing star slide across the mask of the kid. Making a line on the mask on the kid. Then a little while later Naruto showed up.

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Oh very kool story, kari. I want to see more. Can't wait till chapter 12 comes out

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Thank you very much, Lone. I'll have the next chapter up soon, I hope.

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Your welcome and I can't wait!