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07-05-2006, 02:10 AM
AKA: Mushi Master
Episodes: 26

By: Artland Studios
Author: Yuki Urushibara
Director: Hiroshi Nagahama

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Drama

Plot Synopsis
In our world, we coexist with beings called "Mushi", simple beings with supernatural abilities compared to what we know of now. They live closest to the river of life (ok, they basically make up the river of life), and Mushishi are experts who not only understand their balance with nature and can see them, but either find ways to preserve our coexistance with mushi, or search for ways to kill mushi.

Story (10/10)
Very original story from what i've seen (first 21 episodes), each episode is about a different adventure of Ginko's life (Our friendly mushishi). Some episodes are related, although most are just a different story along Ginko's path.

Characters (6/10)
Although ginko's character is well layed out for us to see, most characters are pretty static. Not much changes in them, unless the effects of a mushi add/subtract from their personality, and they're all similar in that something tends to be bothering them (the victum who calls for a mushishi)

Art/Animation (9/10)
For what happens, i really couldn't ask for anything else. The animation can be eerie, and does a good job of portraying "vacancy" and sadness/distress. The drama is carried through each episode very well by the animation in this anime.

Voice Acting, Music (9/10)
Good voice acting: none of the voices really get on your nerves, and they add a pace to the drama all on their own. My main complaint, is there isn't a lot of "Excitement" expressed, mostly sad or neutral voices being portrayed.
Music: GREAT! mostly intrumental (almost entirely) and good with carrying an eerie feel throughout the supernatural stuff that happens in each episode.
Overall (9/10)
A favorite of mine, it carries suspense/drama throughout almost every episode, and although it's a bunch of random stories, they all tell of Ginko's adventures, growth, and some even tell of how he became who he is. The world in "Mushishi" is pretty exciting, and it's always interesting to see what'll happen next.