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http://animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=44785 (http://animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=44785) for the prologe.

http://animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=44868 For the first chapter.

Author Note: Thanks to everyone in chat. Especially Faye. And again, thanks for Kishiro for the wolfpire thing. It was INGENUIS.

Chapter Two

A few miles away, the giant tainted wolfpire named Alias, went through the gate of the gorgeous home called "Introductions". He knew this would be a place where he would be safe for awhile. He had this nifty cilice belt on. It wrapped around his left thigh and cut into his flesh every time he moved or flexed his leg. He almost felt at peace with the pain like God was happy he was doing this, but then he was wondering if this was just a trick they were playing on him because he was knew. He diddn't see anyone else having to wear it. He then remembered what the Teacher had said about such pain. Pain is good. He thought to himself.

His red vampuric eyes could see well in the dark. Not even because he was half vampire, but because of the blood of the wolf that flowed through his vains. No one was here. It wasn't that uncommon for when he came home this late. This place was a sanctuary to his kind, of his religion and faith. He went into his room, which was unlocked. Every sanctuary he'd ever been to, didn't allow locks. He never bothered to question such a thing. He closed the door behind him.

The room was pretty empty. He had all he needed, and much more. He had a rug on the hard wood floors, he had a night stand that doubled as a dresser, that contained only a bible. He was a minimalist. He also had a rough canvas mat that he was allowed to sleep on. It wasn't that comfortable, but he was suffering in the name of the big guy upstairs. When he was staying in new york, his room wasn't that much different than this one. Although he was allowed a bed. They were much harsher out here.

Tonight, Alias has finally be able to repay his long standing debt to the ones whom have helped him through his tortured child hood. He rushed to the night stand, and withdrew a cellphone he had cleverly hidden. He then dialed some numbers, and placed the call.

"Yes?" A deep male voice answered.
"Teacher, I have returned."
"Speak," The other man said,
"All of them are gone. The three of them, and the grand guy."
There was silence.
"I assume you have what I want?"
"Yes, they all spoke of the same thing."
"And you believed them? Why?"
"Because they were scared of me owning them."
"Good, I had hoped that the secret wouldn't die with them."
"Death makes people loopy and want to tell the truth, sir."
"Tell me, my child... what is it I wish to know?" The deep voice asked, as if almost too excited to hear the news. Alias knew the information he had, would shock the other man on the telephone. He knew it was something that he could make a lot of money on himself, but he told the man, knowing this was for the greater good.
"They all said that the key stone..."
"The key stone... exactly as we thought."
"ANYWAY n00b, don't interupt me."
"DONT YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT! I am not one of your little friends! You sill speak to mill with the utmost respect!"
"Gosh, sorry... anyway, the engraved tablet, that revieled the finest secret known to man, information that is guarded well, and is the only reason for the brother hood to have even existed..."
"When we have the stone, we will only be closer to the ultimate goal."
"The keystone is in paris."
"Why in paris?!"
"I don't know. But they said it was in a church."
"A church?"
"A church."
"They said it was in a church?"
"Tell me, but in which church is it?"
"It's something like Tissues."
"...Tissues? OH, Site Issues?"
"That's the one." The teacher paused, taking this information in slowly. He didn't think it would be this easy.
"How dare they! Is this just one giant mockery on the con's of man?! Anyway, I want you to go get that stone, right now. You understand how important this is."
"Duuuuh" Alias said, rolling his eyes. He was really getting tired of everyone being so mean to him. The Teacher then started to explain how he'd manage to get into the church at night. It was very rare that people could get in there early, but they couldn't do it in the day time, it would be far to obvious and harder to get the stone.

When Alias finally hung up with the Teacher, he started about that day's purging rituals. He needed to purge from his body, all of the harm he had done to it. Not just purging his body, but his mind, and his soul. For he believed that when he did was he was about to do, it would cleanse him, and make it easier for him to enter heaven.

He took off his robes, standing nude and alone in his room, wearing only the little belt thing with spikes on his leg. He tightened it a little and hissed out an orgasmic sigh. It was truly a blessing. He then started to lol maniacly. And he knew that the big guy would forgive his sins once he finished what he was about to do.

He gabbed a really weird looking whip instrument, and he beat himself with it. Blood gushing from his back in all directions, splattering all over the walls. He laughed to himself as he did this, knowing that the pain would make god forgive him.

Silly n00b.

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Man Ai, you've outdone yourself. Cant wait for the rest!

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funny stuff good job