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03-25-2006, 08:47 PM
Ch.1: Whose Really Tsukasa or Subaru?

Subaru logged into The World just like every normal day. She couldn’t wait to meet the others. Tsukasa, Krim, Mimiru, Bear, BT, even Sora, and maybe Silver Knight. There was a plan that they would all rally up and go on a quest together. Subaru couldn’t wait. She waited for the game system to load. It was slower then usual, as if a virus was in her computer. Subaru didn’t care though. She just wanted to meet her fellow companions once more. She placed on her gaming equipment over her eyes. She was now in The World. At first Subaru smiled at the pretty place she was looking at. She then noticed that her axe handle was slightly bigger. Subaru then looked at her weapon, that was suppose to be an axe,
and widened her eyes.

She wasn’t holding an axe at all! She was holding a staff! She then looked at her character’s hands to find herself wearing black gloves. She placed one hand sort of behind her head expecting to touch her navy-blue hair, but she didn’t. Instead she was touching a hat-like thing on her head. Then she took one of her bangs and held it between her eyes and looked at it. There was no blue-colored hair, but there was a silver-ish gray colored hair. She then ran to the lake closest to her and peered into it. Her eyes were very wide now…”Oh my…”She was not her character…AT ALL! Her face had to red marks on the side of her cheeks. Her eyes weren’t orange; they were a purple-ish color now. Also her costume was a wave master’s costume like…Tsukasa’s! Her voice was the same though…”I hope the others aren’t having this problem…”

Subaru then walked off to try and find the others. She accidentally bumped into a character. It was a girl with long brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a dress-like costume with some armor on one shoulder and no shoes. Last, Subaru noticed that she was a heavyblade player. Subaru tried to change her voice to make it sound a little more male then female and kind of succeeded.”Oh,sorry.”The girl looked at Subaru and smiled.” Its ok.”Subaru slightly smiled back.”Ok thanks.” The girl smiled again and replied.” Your welcome sir.” Subaru slightly widened her eyes, not use to being called sir at all, but she knew that her character now was a male so didn’t panic.”Um sir what’s your name?” Subaru answered unsteadily. ”Suba-Tsukasa.My name is Tsukasa…and yours?” The girl smiled too sweetly and answered.”Me?I’m Keiko-Chan! Pretty and perfect Keiko!”Subaru slightly moved back and smiled sheepishly too.”Um I have to go Keiko.Sorry.See you later!” Subaru then started to walk off but was held back by a pair of arms around one of her own arms.”Oh Tsukasa-chan do you really have to leave me?” Subaru tried to pry the girl off of her arm, but didn’t succeed.”Um Keiko can you let go of my arm?”Keiko then grinned slightly.”Ok Tsukasa-chan, but if I let go of you, you must promise me to see me later ok?”Subaru sighed but none the less agreed.”Ok Keiko.Thanks and see you later.”Keiko smiled and waved. She also shouted to Subaru annoyingly.” Bye Tsukasa-Chan!!!”Subaru slightly covered her ears, but waved back after. She then teleported to Mac Anu.

Subaru then walked around hoping to find Krim or Silver Knight. She didn’t spot any of them though, but she did see someone else. She saw…herself! Her real character that is. She ran to the person that was playing her character and poked the person with her staff.”Hey!Can you watch out next time?Sheese,people these days…”Subaru recognized that voice anywhere.”Tsukasa?”The person with her character looked at her closely.”Subaru?is that you?” Subaru smiled.”Yeah.Its me Subaru. I just so happened to have your character...”The real Tsukasa smiled a little.”Yeah I can see. We should look for the others.” Subaru nodded and teleported to somewhere else.Tsukasa soon followed.

To be continued…

06-27-2006, 05:38 PM
hack/sign is uch a cool show! good job on the story

06-29-2006, 04:09 PM
I really, really enjoyed this story. The only thing that bugged me about it was the begining, and the line breaks. You should really make it easier to read.

But other than that, great job. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what happens.