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Alien Shadow Sesshomaru
06-27-2006, 03:27 PM
Raven ends up horrifying and defeating Dr. Light for the final time and Dr. Light has had it! Therefore, he comes up with a plan to get back at Raven and to no longer be a weak mortal who is bound to forever fear the dark powers of Raven. And already being convinced that darkness is indeed more powerful than light and that light is now a symbol of weakness and righteousness, that's when he goes into a deep thought about his own inferior powers of light and ends up thinking of all the awesome things he could accomplish if he were to possess powers of the dark--which is a mysterious power in his mind and a very spectacular power which made even him cower before it! And after thinking about all of the awesome things he could accomplish with this mysterious, spectacular power such as making people fear him (just like how Raven made Dr. Light fear her) and being the most dark villan of all, that's when Dr. Light decides to give up his powers of light and finally comes up with a plan that will enable him to possess the powers of darkness which is reversing the effects of his light-powered suit (reverse engineering it).

Once Dr. Light has reverse engineered his suit, he then changes his name to Dr. Dark and now wishes to get even with Raven and to fight fire with fire (or in this case, darkness with darkness). In addition, if Dr. Dark were to absorb the power of light in order to power up his dark suit, all the light energy that Dr. Dark is absorbing would be processed (converted) into dark energy. Not only that, Dr. Dark's power is so incredible that if anyone were to get struck by one of his dark attacks, that person would be in a dark sleep or a "shadow slumber!" Also, Dr. Dark's suit of darkness (Dr. Light's reverse engineered suit of light) looks way cooler than Dr. Light's original suit!