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Ok everyone, I know this has been a long time coming. I'm sorry it tok a couple months to get the second episode out. I've been working a lot, and have been pretty busy. So I hope you enjoy this. Yes, it is long like that last one. Which you can find here, in case you never got to read the original. I highly reccommend you do that before taking this one on.

Original FanFiction: Dark Light - Ep. 1 (http://www.animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=38988)

And now... For Dark Light - Ep. 2

Dark Light

History Lesson

“Wake up, mister Rutter.” A voice commanded softly.

Frank rolled over and tossed a bit. He swatted at the air, with his eyes still closed. It had been the first night since he’d gotten home from the hospital where he was getting a peaceful night of sleep. The dream hadn’t come, and he was finally getting some rest.

“Master is waiting, and is growing impatient. Awaken and rise.” The voice grew more stern, and slightly louder.

Frank slowly opened his eyes, and at first, what he saw was unclear in the dark, but when his eyes adjusted, he saw a figure in a gray robe standing over him. It had gray wings as well. Frank shouted briefly while lying in his bed, at the sight of a figure looming over him. He sat up and put his back against the headboard. Sweat was forming, brought on by fear, and seeping out of his pours. Unable to speak and almost paralyzed completely by fear, he was reduced to letting out half-formed syllables. He pointed as he slowly raised his hand and stuttered incoherently.

“T-t-t-tina! Wake up! There is someone in the room!” He nudged her and tried to wake her up, and jostled her body a bit, but Frank couldn’t wake her. Distraught, he put his right hand on his forehead and then turned his frightened gaze back to the gray angel.

“Come along now, master Lucifer is waiting. And neither your wife nor your daughter can hear you. They will be left alone and unharmed in deep slumber, and will be returned to normal upon your arrival back from the underworld.” The angel calmly stated. He then reached his hand out to Frank and stared him in the eye.

“Underworld? What?” Frank looked over the angel again, “Wait… Lucifer? It wasn’t a dream? It had to have been a dream. There is no way. I must be going mad. A side effect of the surgery or the medicine.” He shook his head and blinked his eyes but the angel did not go away.

Growing impatient, the angel moved in on Frank, and grabbed him by the shoulder, and then closed his eyes, and Frank closed his eyes out of fear of being harmed. The next thing Frank knew, and saw for that matter, was that he was in the palace that he’d been seeing in his dreams. He was starting to get the sinking feeling in his stomach that one gets when they feel something is utterly wrong or out of place. He looked around and they were in the same throne room that he’d for so many nights.

“Ah, Frank Rutter.” A voice echoed from the walls. “Did you forget about or deal, about your job? I was more than happy to let you keep living, but I don’t like to be short changed and ignored…”

“What? I don’t get it. This must just be another nightmare again, another terrible dream. Why does this keep happening to me!?” Frank shouted in anger. A warm hand fell upon his right shoulder, and then lifted away. He turned around to see no one. He scanned the back of the room that plagued his dreams. To his horror, it was growing dark, and silent. Am I loosing my mind? He wondered as the light faded away. His voice echoed in his own mind, as he tried to see in the dark, staggering about on his knees, groping the air, and trying to find something, anything, to grab hold of.

“Rise to your feet Rutter. The training wheels are off now. You work for me, and you have a lot to do and learn.” Lucifer came forward from the darkness, standing over Frank. And to Frank, he seemed radiant, the only thing in the room visible and illuminated.

Frank fumbled around a bit, feeling for the ground, crawling on all fours, trying to head the opposite direction of Lucifer. To him, the room was an impenetrable black. No light, no sound other than that of his own body and voice as he let out brief moans and groans of confusion. He felt something. It was hard, spiny, and oddly shaped. He traced the object up a bit… A leg? Frank thought, and then he looked up grimly. Lucifer’s cold eyes pierced Frank, and almost commanded him to get up. Frank rose, and stumbled backwards, and closed his eyes tightly, still trying to convince himself it was a terrible dream, and that he should wake up any second now. He came to an abrupt stop. Turning around immediately, he was staring Lucifer in the face.

“Enough, mortal. You have much to learn.” Lucifer stared down Frank momentarily, and then he turned from him and stood quietly with his arms crossed. He felt Frank staring at him, and knew well how confused and disoriented he was. About a minute passed, with the two of them standing there in the dark, until Lucifer slightly looked over his left shoulder back at Frank and spoke, “I know this is not easy for someone like you to accept. You are only human, after all. This is far beyond anything humans should have to deal with or know. But I have no choice. And like many before you, you will now know everything you have always questioned during your life. All the secrets, all the so-called ‘great mysteries’, and anything else you could want to know. I will tell you all you need to know. Anything else you wish to know can be found on your own….”

“What…?” Frank spit out in disbelief, as he watched Lucifer raise his arms, and stretch them out, and then he saw his wings unfold completely and point out, and soon after something started happening to Frank’s shock and amazement.

The room was no longer there, nor was Lucifer. In a bright flash, everything had changed. Frank felt like they were floating, but all he could see was white. He tried to reorient himself, but he failed to realize that any direction could be up. So he floated there, alone, confused, and lost in white space. Then he heard footsteps, but how? He couldn’t walk, and he wasn’t even moving. He turned his head right and saw nothing. He turned left and saw nothing still, and even up—or at least what he thought was up, still nothing. He looked down, and saw Lucifer looking down back at him. Their feet met as if they were standing on each other. “Whoa” was all that Frank could stutter out.

And for the first time in a long time while in the company of a mortal, Lucifer smiled, but only slightly and only for a brief moment. Lucifer looked about the white space, turning his head this way and that, almost as if in amazement. “This is all that there was at first. Emptiness, and nothingness. No air, no matter, no molecules, not even any atoms…” He raised his arms up once again and flexed, with his fists curled, shouting out, “A blank canvas! The canvas on which YOUR universe was made!” He fell silent for a moment, and then spoke once more, “And then…”

A large bang occurred. Blackness quickly enveloped them, only to be immediately followed by light that was blinding bright. The light shot off in to many directions, in all directions. Up, down, left and right, or what were relatively those directions to Frank.

“So the universe did begin with the big bang?” Frank said in awe as looked about. He looked back at his feet to see Lucifer was gone, and then to his side to see that Lucifer was parallel from him with his scarred arms crossed. “Scars? I didn’t notice those until now…”

“Jehovah made the big bang happen. If you had not realized this yet, Heaven & The Underworld do not reside merely on just another plane from your world. They exist in another dimension. And Heaven existed before we created yours. Before The Underworld was made though, your planet evolved. In fact, there was no need for The Underworld before the existence of humans.”

“Wait, wait, slow down.” Frank rubbed his face with his right palm. “You’re saying that creation and evolution, AND the big bang all happened?” He questioned in disbelief even though he already realized it to be true.

“Yes. He caused the big bang with all of his energy, and the help of all of us angels, archangels and seraphims. Our energy combined was enough to create a universe that stretched almost eternally, with beings of vast diversity, as well in our likeness. As well as places and locations of extreme beauty, and extreme horror. And for a time, it was good. All was well, and we watched the first major species in our image evolve. The humans….”

“Why was The Underworld created? And who gets into Heaven? And what about your scars? Didn’t you hear me ask?” Frank demandingly inquired.

“.... No one gets in to heaven. It is impossible. Not a single human has even gone to Heaven, for not a single human is perfect enough to make it there. One must be beyond perfect to be allowed admittance to Heaven. And if Jehovah were human, not even he’d be allowed in. No one has been good enough for Heaven since myself and my fellow angels fell….”

A bright flash surrounded them, and soon, they were in a steamy jungle area. It was damp, sticky, and muddy. The area was rank of rotting plants and sludge. The warm vegetation filled the air with an odd odor. Frank looked around as he floated several feet about the ground, and saw that Lucifer was still by his side.

“Where are we?”



“Yes. Don’t ask again. Watch.”


Lucifer didn’t have to give another command for Frank to obey. For he knew that Frank now knew this was all too real, and further more, Lucifer well knew that he intimidated Frank to a certain extent. And so, Frank watched. Silently, and awestruck, for what seemed like eternity to him, but also passed by in a second. He watched the events of the world up the point of his near death experience. He saw everything, everyone, everywhere, at all times. He finally knew what the world looked like through the eyes of a god. And he finally understood what had happened to him.

Frank had in fact died. And his family and friends were struck with such grief. Not only that, but the whole highway had been blocked by the semi, which ended up swerving back in to the middle lane, which caused the trailer to sway and hit two other cars, and then a massive car wreck followed in the next few seconds. Many lives were lost, and many more hurt. It took almost a whole day to clean up the mess. The tragedy affected many, many people. Upon knowing this, Frank longed to know how he was still alive, and then he saw the truth once again. Lucifer and Jehovah both had the power to see all time that has come and go, and that is currently happening. They can see everything in the world at that time at once.

It is said that God has the plan for the world, and knows all and can see all and do all, at any time, throughout all time. What isn’t told, is that Lucifer may not know what is coming, but can go back and change time, and the event of the world. And in doing so, he created sin, and sin is nothing more than defying God, even when he is meant to be defied. However, by defying him, he made several key things happen. He convinced the serpent to sacrifice his legs to convince Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, instead of the tree of life. Lucifer had made sure that humans would become aware, and intelligent, as opposed to simply having long, yet simple lives. And so, the first human sin was committed.

Then it became clear to Frank as he saw history over and over again, millennia passing by in seconds. Lucifer was not evil, he only defied God. In fact, his rebellion that caused him to fall from heaven was the very first sin. Lucifer saw the world as Jehovah had wanted it to be. With his complete control over all humans, and no free will. A world where Jehovah’s word truly was law. And in the early times of man, during the original course of history, during Caesar’s era, Lucifer decided to go back, and change things. He showed his past self what things would be like, and so, convinced himself to revolt, and take charge with other angels. That was the first time history was changed. And every time Lucifer saw something happen at the hand of God that he knew should have been up to the humans, he changed it to let the humans play it out for themselves, with the exception of two instances. The first being the incident in the Garden of Eden. The second, being the life and death of Frank Rutter.

Instead of letting the humans die and suffer in the accident, Lucifer went back and made sure Frank was saved in the ER, and that things would unfold the way they did from that point on for Frank. And Frank saw all of this. He witnessed how God had planned on it happening, and then how it came to be presently. And he wept. He wept out of confusion, for why God—his God, the one he’d worshipped all his life—would plan on such a tragic occurrence. He wept out of shock, to see what would have happened, hadn’t Lucifer intervened and he wept with thankfulness and joy, for being saved, and for being able to continue living on with his family.

And then, he watched history all over again with Lucifer. After drying his eyes, and thanking him only once, verbally and with a nod, he watched the flow of time over again. Seeing where science was right, and religion was wrong, and vice versa. He also saw where they intertwined very closely; to the point it was hard to tell where one left off and the other picked up. Lucifer showed him the key points in history he had altered, and the ones he left alone. It seemed like an eternity to Frank, over and over again, but once again, he woke to find himself in his bed at night, his wife asleep next to him. He sighed and wiped his hand over his face tiredly, and then lay there staring at the ceiling with his hands under his head, contemplating everything in his life, and everything he’d seen in the world. It was all crystal clear and ever fresh in his mind. His history lesson was over, and now with all the knowledge so abruptly acquired, he wondered what was in store for him next. With a heavy sigh, he turned over and soon fell asleep.

Lucifer watched Frank from his palace, a slight smirk on his face. He was empathetic towards the humans, but also got quite a kick out of them. He didn’t like the idea of anyone having total control, unless it was him, and in his own domain at that. But if someone could outsmart him in his own place, then he’d give them their credit, and a wish. After all, everyone knows how Lucifer appreciates irony.

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first just let me say that that is one long thread! second of all, it's cool! i haven't read the first one yet but i can't wait to!

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Kudos to you man for writing this. I should really get back into the habit in writing some of my own fan fics as well. LOL. The only one that I got on hand with me now is a Outlaw star one. O.o

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Thanks for reading to all that did! Even if you didn't leave comments. XD