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06-10-2006, 03:45 AM
Introduction: i don't do much fanfic, or rather any story, that becuase i like reading others, once i know the stry i loose my interest in the story pretty much, therefore this story is much made up to date and even i don't know what comes in next chapter.

name sebastian came to me from a cartoon i used to watch when i was a kid, (bell and sebastian) is story of a bou with his trust worthy dog Bell (fairly big dog), but this fanfic has nothing to do with that cartoon, just a name.

sebastian is story of a man who become tired of the war between good and evil, and tries to do something about this tiresome cliche, so he decides....well you will find out. hope you enjoy this fan fic as much as i do.

Chapter one: the OutCast.

as sun was setting group (consist of 3 mens and a woman) of travellers came to town, the only INN in the town was already full, so they decided to find a place to spend the night.

they found a big space near a house, they where unpacking their belonging when they intterupted by a man, he had long black hair just down to his shoulders and he was quiete muscular seems he is a woodcutter, he asks the travellers;

"why are you here? the Inn is not far from here."

travellers said;

"we went to the Inn but it was already full, so we spending the night here"

Woodcutter was looking as the sun was fading almost completly said;

"well it will get pretty cold here at night why don't you come in my house instead, its not luxurious but its a warm place"

the travellers looked at each other and mumbled then the middle-aged man (which seemed to be the leader perhaps he was the father of thos people) accept the offer.

the woodcutter then told them his house is just over there and pointed at a house near the jungle.

the Woodcutter put few firewoods in the fireplace which was in the middle of the house, then he put a big kettle on it and said;

"i hope you like tea, i wonder would you be interested in hearing my story while the tea gets ready?" with a look that was asking for yes, travellers said yes.

the woodcutter seemed happy, and he sat comfortably near the fire ad looked at the travellers and he starts his story.

"long ago there was a big kingdome rulled by a kind King named Abbas, he rulled his kingdome with wisdom and his people were happy, but for evey good there is a evil, the king had a rival named Gheisar who was his childhood friend, his rival was also rulled a small kingdome but they werent exactly people but they were bandits and rebbels which Gheisar gave them home and he became their leader and king. the two king always were fighting. Abbas had a warrior, he was the best warrior in the army which supprassing even generals and captain, king always wanted to make him captain or general but he always refused, the name of the warrior was Sebastian."

Woodcutter fixed the woods in fireplace and continued;

"in one of the usual Battle Sebastian was victorious as always, but this time he chased after those who survived, but he lost their track, and got lost in the wood, as he was wondering aroung he came accrose a small hut, he nocked the door, a very old man opened the door he looked at Sebastian and said "what brings a warrior like you here in middle of jungle?"
Sebastian said " I Am King Abbas the Great king of Zarbatan*, i got lost in jungle while looking for evil Soldiers of Gheisar, give me shelter for tonight and i make sure the Gread King Abbas will reward you for helping his Soldier"
the old man looked and smiled and said "so you were chasing after those people i saw while ago? i don't think they are evil, they did helped me before", as Sebastian was surprised the old man continued "how do you know they are evil?", Sebastian said "King Abbas is a good king and Enemy of Abbas are evil as Gheisar and his Army" the old man laughed"how can you say who is good and who is evil?" Sebastian said nothing and he went to sleep.
next morning Sebastian thanked the old man and left for the Abbas castle, he had a lot of questions he needed answer for them"

Story will continue next time, its not the end of the chapter one yet. hope you liked the first bit

*Zarbatan is name of the city which Abbas ruled.

p.s : sorry if its not that eciting but it will be in next chapters.

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cool story, very creative!