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Demonic Ice Dragon
05-30-2006, 07:10 PM
Here it goes people! I changed my name back so it messed up the post abit x.X; Again, Ishtiama Sakura is me so... yeah...

The Lifestream. That's what they called the river of life, in which circles the planet. Giving life to it and everything inhabbiting. Shinra Electric Power Company discovered a way to use the Lifestream to their advantages, an energy source. Because of Shinra. People were able to live pretty comfortable lives. But, many thought it was because they were taking from the planets life. Shinra used their power to stop anyone who got in their way. Shinra had a special group of worriors known as SOLDIER. All of the SOLDIER's were given JENOVA's cell. JENOVA was the calamity that fell from the sky, a very long time ago. And tried to destroy the planet.

Anyway. There was one SOLDIER named, Sephiroth. Who was better then the rest. But... When he learned of the awlful experiments that created him. He began to hate, Shinra. And then, over time. He began to hate everything. Shinra, and the people against them. Sephiroth who hated the planet so much, he wanted to make it go away. And the people who tried to stop him.

There were many battles. And with each and every battle. More sadness emitted from it.

Then it came, that choosen day. And in the end. The planet it self, had to make all the battles stop for good. The planet used the Lifestream as a weapon. And when it burst out of the earth, all the Fighting. The Greed and Sadness. Everything, was washed away.

Two years have past since the planet fought back...

But it would seem, the planet is still alot angrier then we thought...

It's called Geostigma. The desease, that took alot of lives...


A sigh passed the girls lips as she leaned against the brick wall of the Seventh Heaven Bar. "Hmph... This is such a waste of time... Tifa where're you?!" Ishtiama questioned impatiently as she stomped a foot against the concreat. "Ergh!" she added vanomously.

Probably sulking about over, Cloud again... Why doesn't she just find someone who's actually there..?

Ishtiama quietstioned silently as she shifted her gaze about the streets, her head pounding abit from the headache she had gotten that morning, "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" she chanted as she wavered back and forth on her heels. A soft breeze brushed through the quiet streets, carrying her long hair gently, her skirt like cloak that resembled Tifa's catching on the air lightly as well. "Forget it." Ishtiama said in defeat as she kicked the ground, her feet carrying her off down the surprisingly empty street, the hope of finding someone bright in her young mind.

05-31-2006, 11:22 AM
Babs adjusts her mask as she climbs out of the pit. The people that took care of the injured ones of the fights scurried to the fallen opponent. People got out of her way as she passed, she had a lucky night with only a gash on her upperarm and a black eye usealy people of that guys weight gave more damage. With the money in her pocket she moved to her apartment. she glances at ishtiama when she passes her but dasent pay her much atention.

Once she was there she took a shower and bandaged the gash and putted some cream on her eye. sitting down on her couch she started to shift papers checking her plan again.

05-31-2006, 03:35 PM
The ruins of Shinra's once proud headquarters lay in the wake of the aftermath of a battle that took place two very long years ago...A now deserted and ravaged place, various creatures skittered among the twisted metal and were the only life to be found.

At least the only life thought to be.
************************************************** *********
Mako. The life energies. A swirling pale green that gave the living their breath and the dead a home to return to.

Haunted by dreams of a time long ago. Ninelle slept. But something called out to her, asking her to arise.

It resonated with her entire being and she could no longer dream away...It was...TIME.
************************************************** *********
Ninelle's eyes snapped open. The glowing pale green irises haunting, ye compelling. Her pupils thinned to tiny cat-like slits. Her dreaming was over.

It was time to awaken.

Her pale hands reach outward through the glowing Mako energy within her tube-like container and touched the glass. Her hands glowed the same light and within seconds cracks began to form, spiderwebbing throughout the surface.

With a crack, the glass shattered and the liqiud Mako energy rushed out into the ruins of the destroyed lab. Slowly, but surely Ninelle emerged, dripping, yet strangly and serenely calm.

"Big Brother...Nii-chan? Where...Are you?" Ninelle called softly.

She tried to sense his energies...But nothing came to her.

"I see..." Ninelle said softly. "Big Brother..." She then whispered as a tear ran down her cheek. "Nii-chan..."

Ninelle gazed around at the ruined hidden lab and lightly her hand grazed her shoulder bearing a barcode tattoo. What had happened while she slept? For how long had she been sleeping?
************************************************** *********
With the groan of metal giving way a hole opened up in the ground and creatures shrieked, scattering as a silver-haired foreigner to them emerged. Ninelle slipped out and stood, gazing at her surroundings.

She suddenly raised a hand to block the sunlight which was too much for her eyes that had been deprived from it for so long.

"So...Shinra has fallen," Ninelle whispered.

She then gazed around once more and smiled.

"So does this mean...I'm free?" She then said softly.
************************************************** *********

Ninelle made her way to the nearest town. Her paleness and silver hair made her an oddity to the civillians. Her white dress swayed as she walked and Ninelle smiled at all who stared at her, was confused by the people who ran from her as well.

"This is the outside world?" Ninelle mused aloud watching some children race across the street. "Nii-san was right...It really is...Strange and amazing."

Ninelle began to explore more when she spotted an alley. Curiously she ventured down it and her bare feet pattered upon the cool cement.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm and then another. Two men forced her down and Ninelle was too shocked to cry out.

"Well, well...Looks like we found ourselves a stray boys," A third man chuckled. "So sweetheart...If you wanna get out of here in one piece...Hand over all yer cash."

Ninelle gazed at them blankly.

"C...Cah-sh...?" Ninelle said prouncing the word. "What's...Cash?"

"Are you stupid? Money!" The second man holding her right arm snapped.

"Money...?" Ninelle asked. "I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about..."

"Boss, I think this one's got the Stigma in her head!" The first man holding Ninelle's left arm huffed. "Let's let her go and move on..."

Suddenly the third man pulled out a knife and placed it at Ninelle's throat. Ninelle cried out, memories of such things haunting her.

"Shut up or I'll kill ya!" The third man threatened. "Now give us your money or I'll cut you up!"

"I don't have this money you speak of...!" Ninelle cried.

"Liar! That's it...I'm gonna show you why it bad to lie girlie!" He growled raising his blade.

Ninelle let out a whimper and watched a flash of silver come down.

Crimson Eyes
05-31-2006, 05:49 PM
Vincent stood on a cliff that overlooked Midgar. It seemed so peaceful, so quiet, ut it wasn't. Not with that dreadful geostigma disease going around. It did seem like The great Sephiroth had been slain, but he still lived in the lifestream and in the stigma of the diseased citizens. Vincent feared that Sephiroth would return shortly. "Hmph. Seems like he just won't give up." Vincent jumped down from the cliff and landed on his feet at the bottom. "Now where can I get a phone?" Walks towards Midgar.

Demonic Ice Dragon
05-31-2006, 07:56 PM
Ishtiama continued to stray down the sidewalk quietly, a sigh passing her lips, "Okay, Cloud has an excuse for dissapering... Not you..." Ishtiama murmmured softly, as she kicked a small stone infront of her,

Vincent you're always going to the Forgotten City... Why?

Ishtiama questioned silently in her head, "It's not like everyone else doesn't ditch me as well." Ishtiama said flatly with a heavy sigh, "Hm?" she questioned lifting her head to look around, the sound of a young girl being heard,

The ally.

She thought softly as she broke into a run sliding at the ally, the young girl being abused by the three men, "Hey! Let her go!" Ishtiama demanded as she resched her hand to her side, placing it along the hilt of her sword, "Now..." she added in a dark tone, her eyes narrowing as a small hissing sigh escaped her lips, her fingers dancing along the hilt of her sword, the sheath tapping against her leg lightly. Her eyes narrowed as she gave a lighr grunt, "Any day now..." she whispered impatiently, her foot tapping lightly as her leg slid out infront of her, ready to whip out the shining blade and attack the men if nessaicary. Reacing down, the words of money being heard, she dug out a couple bucks from her pocket, chucking it at their feet, "That's all there is, leave her alone." Ishtiama demanded again, the pennys and dimes rolling a few inches before dropping with a painful clink.

05-31-2006, 09:12 PM
The men smirked.

"You don't look so tough honey..." The third man chuckled nervously, stilling his motions, but keeping the blade near Ninelle's throat. "Empty yer pockets, I don't believe you...I may just let her live if ya do."

Paper...? Ninelle thought in disbelief gazing at what the woman had thrown at the men's feet. These men...Are willing to take my life over paper? Nii-chan...Is this what you were telling me about two years ago...? But you said this world was beautiful as well...So why...Why is this happening? She thought as she held back tears.

The men became impatient, edgar to move on to their next victim.

"That's it...Just get her!" The third ordered, grabbing Ninelle and keeping his knife to her pale throat. "Break a few bones to teach her to be quicker in answering a man's humble offer!"

The other two lundged and Ninelle was so helpless it sickened herself.

"No...!" Ninelle cried softly.

05-31-2006, 09:18 PM
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Ninelle watched in horror as the men rushed at the woman. Suddenly her entire body began to ache and her pupils turned to tiny slits. Ninelle moaned and her long silver hair covered her angelic face.

She could sense something...Something calling to her.

Nii-chan...? Ninelle thought painfully.

Suddenly she snapped out of it and raised her face.

"Stop! Please stop!" Ninelle cried, trying to free herself.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-01-2006, 11:09 AM
"Hmm..." Ishtiama murmmured with a smirk as she whipped the swordout of it's sheath quickly, yet elegantly, "Vincent, where're you when I actually need your help... Nor are you excused Tifa." Ishtiama said softly, her head dropping for a moment, "Let's get this over with I suppose." Ishtiama add as she kneeled down abit, jumping into the air landing behind the men rushing at her.

"Too slow." she mused as she sent a foot into the back of the one man, sending him to the ground. Smirking she sent the hilt of her blade into the pressure point of the seconds man's neck. "Really... You're to slow." she said as she gazed at the men for a moment. Turning, she glared at the third man, walking over casually she narrowed her eyes giving a quick spin shooting the sword towards his eye, the blade stopping only centimeters from it.

"Take the money... And leave..." she hissed as she kept a steady aim on his eye ready to pierce it at any moment.

I'm not in the freaking mood for your crap, Mr... Just take the money... And go...

Ishtiama thought venomously as she shot a free hand down to her pocket, turning it inside out, "I got nothin' more. Just scram, alright?!" she announced loudly once more.

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Crimson Eyes
06-01-2006, 01:30 PM
Vincent had entered the sinful city of Midgar. He walked around the town square. Everyone was either walking freely or cowering in the darkness of the slum alleys. There were people sitting in corners that just had no hope on their faces. The worst part of this scene were the children who just sat around or played. These were orphaned children, most likely affected by the stigma. Vincent continued walking until he stopped again. He heard faint sounds of battle and the worried voice of a girl as she screamed no. Vincent thought of who would be causing the battle sounds. "Ishtiama..." Vincent jumped up onto a solemn rooftop. He walked along the connected rooftops. The sounds became louder. Vincent stopped at a ledge and looked down. He saw Ninelle crying as she tried to make peace. He looked at three men trying to apprehend Vincent's friend Ishtiama. He took out a gun that had three barrels and shot a round into the air.

06-01-2006, 02:38 PM
The last man jumped at the sound of the shots and when Ninelle tried to break free, he hit her in the side of the head with the hilt of his knife.

"Nice try girly!" The man growled at her as she fell limp into his grasp, the turned to the woman. "It's too late now, this one's gonna die for yer mistakes!!" The last man standing stammeringly shouted.

He made a motion to slit Ninelle's throat when suddenly he found he couldn't move his hand. Ninelle's head was limp now, and slowly she looked up at her captor. Her eyes became tiny slits and they bore into the man's fearful eyes.

An overwhelming feeling sparked through the air. It was deadly and powerful.

His gloved hand began to drip a black substance. He had the Stigma. He shrieked and tossed Ninelle into some trashcans, as if she was merely garbage. He ran off and Ninelle lay, stunned and doll-like.

Her eyes had returned to normal and Ninelle lay there. She barely could comprehend what had happened.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-02-2006, 11:30 AM
Ishtiama watched the chaos for a moment before she ran over to the trashcans dropping her sword onto the ground, reaching in grabbing the limp girl, lifting her up, 'Here we go." she murmmured softly as she placed the girl on the ground, her arm resting under her head suporting her.

"Bullets..." Ishtiama murmmured looking up, a smile quickly replacing her features, "Vincent!" she cried out happily, laughing abit, "Nice shootin' tex." she added playfully looking down to the girl once more, "Hey! Hey, wake up." Ishtiama said softly, tilting her head abit.

"Hmm... Vincent, get down here, see if you can wake her up." Ishtiama called up to her friend, shifting her hues up for a moment before fixing them on the girl once more, "You're gonna be okay." Ishtiama assured to the young girl, smiling. "Gaah... You're uncontious... And I'm-- It's no wonder Vincent and the others are always running off." (x.X) Ishtiama said softly, cringing abit, "Now you're talking to your self..." she added witha roll of her eyes as she looked at the concreated allyway, the bulletholes in the cement givng tiny sparkles, "He really does know how to shoot..." she murmmured softly as she looked up to see if he was comming.

06-02-2006, 06:28 PM
Ninelle's eyes slowly fluttered open and she let out a soft groan. Her silvery, almost white shining hair slid from her eyes and Ninelle, gasped, pushing away from the women. With a cry she curled up near a wall, frightened and scared.

She gazed back at the men and whimpered. She was trembling. What kind of world had she awoken to?

"Nii-chan...Why...?" Ninelle whispered so softly only she could hear.

Ninelle looked up at the woman before her. Her green eyes filled with tears about to rush.

"What is this nightmare...?" Ninelle asked. "When will I awake? But this...Feels...Real? Is this really real?" She then said looking at her pale hands. "Is this...Reality?"

Ninelle began to barely close her eyes and a resonating feeling began to waft from her. It called out in an almost electrifying way...Summoning someone or something in others to her, communing to the very soul of the living beings near her. She gazed up at the woman, her eyes softly glowing a pale green light.

"Who...Are you...?" Ninelle asked softly.

Crimson Eyes
06-03-2006, 01:01 PM
Vincent held his gun back down by his side. The smoke in the barrel curled up into the air and Vincent looked down at Ishtiama and the frightened Ninelle who seemed to be having some kind of mind battle. Vincent jumped down by Ishtiama and walked over to Ninelle. "Hm. Ishtiama, who is this girl?" Vincent shook her with his clawed hand. "Wake up. You're safe now."

06-03-2006, 02:22 PM
During all the commotion, Cloud was but a few metres away. He was coming at the gruop rather slowly. He scratched his right arm then ran his hand through his golden hair.

Why do I have so many thoughts? And why are they all about...

He looked up only for a second then stopped as he saw Vincent standing by two young ladies. He looked everyone up and down, taking in all the details.

At least SHE isn't there...

He straightened himself and walked up behind Vincent. Standing a few feet away he turned his body to them all and tilted his head a bit. "What's going on?" He questioned in an emotionless tone.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-03-2006, 03:00 PM
Ishtiama frowned looking up to Vincent, "I--I don't know." she said in a soft tone as she girl jumped away from them, blinking, Ishtiama cringed, "You ungreatful brat, I save you and this is the thanks I get?! And who the hell is this Nii-chan person?" Ishtiama questioned annoydly crossing her arms as she stood up next to Vincent. His frame towered her own as she looked up to him, a hand reaching up tugging a strand of his hair nearly to the point of removing it but not quite, "Do you know who her Nii-chan is?" Ishtiama questioned softly as she tilting her head her icy hues catching onto his own crimson gaze to catch just a small bit of emotion if she could.

Looking back, another fimiliar face came into veiw, "Cloud!" Ishtiama said in an excited tone as she smiled brightly, "Hey. Do YOU know how Nii-chan is?" Ishtiama asked again not quite waiting for Vincent's reply, her head tilting, locks of dark raven black hair cascading into a silken river over her shoulder, the lighter coloured hair tie holding it all up. Icy orbs flickering between the two men she looked back to the uncontious ones on the ground cringing, "Meh... Loserfaces." she growled before looking over to Ninelle placing a hand on her hip leaning abit onto her foot, "Who're you anyways?" she questioned in a slightly softer more curious tone.

06-03-2006, 05:46 PM
Cloud simply shook his head. "No idea." he answered then stepped up a little more to see what exctly was going on.

"She seems delusional. I wouldn't take anything she says seriously." He turned his gaze to the sky.

It figures...rain. I had better make sure my bike is attended to.

"If you need a place for the girl, my place is availble. And I'm hardly ever there, so she won't have to be frightened of me. But whatever, that's about all I'm offering help-wise." He stated as he began to walk towards the church that he had claimed as his residence.

And if I'm lucky SHE won't be there. I don't want to deal with her right now, I've got too much on my plate as it is.

He raised his hand and flicked it as a wave, saying goodbye to everyone. Then he placed both his hands in his pockets. "Oh, and the church is big enough for everyone. Make it your base...if you like." He kept walking then disappeared around a corner, heading in the direction of the church.

I hope Tifa isn't there.

Crimson Eyes
06-03-2006, 06:53 PM
Vincent watched as Cloud left. "Don't mind him. He's just been in a bind. But about this girl. She seems to be dangerous in some ways. You did see how she gave those thugs the stigma. Could she possibly be part of Sephiroth?" Vincent kneeled down by Ninelle. "Hey. What is your name." Vincent shook her.

06-03-2006, 08:02 PM
So, my little Ninelle is released....She now may spread my Stigma to all who dwell this damned planet....My operation has begun.....I am inside the Planet's LifeStream, yet I can exist whilst I destroy this Planet at the same time.....I shall spread....My Stigma, a cancer to its' cause.....

06-04-2006, 11:41 AM
As Vincent's hand neared Ninelle's pale skin Ninelle's pupils turned to tiny slits as horrid memories of a labratory rushing through her mind. Needles, tubes and countless tests. Men and women in white coats staring at her, subjecting her to such torture.

"Don't touch me!" Ninelle cried, backing away from Vincent. "Please...Please don't..."

Ninelle's pale green eyes were tearful. She was scared and confused. What was this world she had awoken to?
Then a word was spoken that made Ninelle cringe and awed at the same time.


Ninelle slowly stood. These people around her made her feel boxed in, caged.

"Nii-chan...?" Ninelle said softly. "Where are you...?" She added softly.

Ninelle turned to the people around her.

"Name...? What is...A name...?" Ninelle asked confused. "Do you mean...What I am called? They called me Jeneve...But Nii-chan said I am Ninelle. Yes, that is a 'name' isn't it? I am Ninelle!" She said with a bit of happiness in her voice. "I am Ninelle!" She then said beamingily with a smile.

Ninelle shakingly took a step forward and gazed around at everyone like a little bird.

"What are all of your...Names?" Ninelle asked curiously.

06-04-2006, 01:04 PM
Tora walks the streets of Midgar, extremely exhausted.
Damn...I...Need to move...on...
Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally
That is what the woman said...Tifa...But...It is harder than I had thought...I have the will, but I still oddly refuse to beleive Sephiroth is dead...Although he is in the LifeStream...I still have my destiny to fullfill...Sephiroth...When you arrive, I will be ready...And Cloud...Does not matter...And as for Rinaku...He shall fall as depicted...But for now, I need rest...
He walks further down an ally; He almost barraged right through Ninelle.
"My...apologies, young one," said Tora softly.
Upon studying the scene, he discovers Vincent.
"Hello...Vincent. How have you been?," asked Tora, shocked about meeting him.
I have not seen him in months; I wonder if anybody else of the group is here...

Tora...Let me see through your eyes...
Tora's eyes twitch a little; Sephiroth views what Tora view's, while he drifts, omniscient, in the LifeStream.
...Hmm...It seems Ninelle is meeting the others...She will now make them trust her...She is so naive...And as for my friend, Tora...He is distant...I can not control him...I can only receive his help...I hope that he was blood deep in his promise...It seems that things are getting...interesting...

The Stigma in Tora's eye twitched, and he felt the presence of Sephiroth.
I have met a young girl...She called herself Jeneve...Who is she? She seems...different...

Crimson Eyes
06-04-2006, 03:58 PM
Vincent stood up and looked Ninelle. "That look in your eyes. It is too familiar. Please we are just trying to help you. You shouldn't be out here in the streets alone." Vincent walked towards her. "Your name is Jeneve? I am Vincent." Vincent walked back over to Ishtiama. He shot his crimson eyes back at Ninelle. "So, your name is Jeneve, but who is your Nii-chan?"

06-04-2006, 04:10 PM
At the moment of someone calling her Jeneve. Ninelle held her head, memories searing her mind.

"Heh, heh, heh...The sythedic embodiment of the Mother...The new Eve...Jeneve." A voice floated back to her. "You are only a weapon...An experiment...You are not a person. You will never be...Human."

Ninelle shook her head and let out a small cry.

"Ninelle! I am Ninelle!" Ninelle cried. "Where is Nii-chan? He's gone isn't he? I can't sense him anymore! He's gone! Nii-chan's gone!" She then cried, rushing to Sakura and crying softly against her. "I'm all alone! I'm...Alone..."

Ninelle continued to cry softly. Her tears falling onto the ground sparkling. Her long hair covering her face.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-04-2006, 07:27 PM
OOC: Tigris your post is ridiculous... The first one was sad. And the second was just plain pathetic... Who the hell is Tora? I never accepted any customs of yours. I'm affraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the RPG for now, =/ Untill you can get your posting skills straight and such..

Ishtiama blinked as she held Ninelle in her arms lightly, shifting a gaze over to Vincent she cocked a brow, "You're being unsually sweet, today." she said softly up to him, a smile creasing her features as she admired him for a moment, "I like it." she said with a small giggle as her hand gently rubbed along Ninelle's back, "Well. If that's what your nii-chan calls you. That's what I'll call you, Ninelle!" Ishtiama said in a happy tone, giggling lightly as she tilting her head abit looking down at the small girl.

Shifting a gaze over to Cloud she nodded, "'Kay. Vincent, will you stay with us too?" she questioned curiously, cocking a brow up to him, icy hues fixing on his own crimson gaze curiously.

Crimson Eyes
06-04-2006, 07:42 PM
Vincent turned around and started walking out of the alley. "I suppose so, if Cloud will do nothing to help us fight this tragedy. I'll be there later tonight. You should be fine with Cloud." Vincent turned around and threw Ishtiama a tranquilizer. "Use it in case she starts having another episode. We can't let her wander this place alone. It's to dangerous, especially since she can spread the stigma. I have a feeling I know who she is similar too..." Vincent looked at Ishtiama and nodded. He jumped up onto a rooftop and disappeared.

06-04-2006, 07:48 PM
"S...Stig...Ma?" Ninelle prounced confused by the word. "Is that what that man had?" She asked. "Wait...No! I didn't~!" She then cried backing away from Sakura.

Ninelle ensured she had space to run. She was like a frightened wild animal.

"I didn't cause that illness!" Ninelle tried to explained. "He already had it within him...I didn't do that to him! I would never hurt a person! Honest!" She protested desperatly. "Whatever he had...Was calling to me...It was..."

Ninelle suddenly ceased speaking.

It was like me...! She thought in realization.

"Wh...What's going on? I don't understand..." Ninelle said softly. "Nii-chan..." She then added with a whisper.

06-04-2006, 08:24 PM
Cloud waltzed into his residence and past the courtyard of flowers, moving straight for his bike. He then rolled it under a broken ledge of the ceiling so the rain couldn't rust it.

That's better.

He turned and scratched his head. "I have the strangest feeling." He said to himself.

I'm haunted with such feelings...is he back? Couldn't be.

Cloud shook his head and walked back out to the group just in time to see vincent disappear. "I got this feeling..." He proclaimed. "Anyway, maybe it's the feeling that changed my mind and maybe it's not but...it you need my assistance..." He started but stopped hoping they'd understand.

"Well...if this girl isn't going to move then I'll mover her. It's going to rain." He reached around her with his strong arm and put her over his shoulder. "Let's go." he insisted. Thunder rolled a top the dark clouds and a strike of lighning hit somewhere off in the distance.

Crimson Eyes
06-04-2006, 08:34 PM
Vincent was standing a distance behind Cloud. He looked at Cloud with a serious look. "Cloud. Why are you running? Why are you running from your problems and why are you avoiding the ones who want to help you. Ever since that day, two years ago, you've been secluding yourself from the world. You have to let it go." Vincent walked over to Cloud. "Don't let the stigma get to you." Looks at Cloud's left arm.

06-04-2006, 08:39 PM
Cloud heard Vincent and looked away. "I don't know what you're talking about...so just drop it." He still had Ninelle over his shoulder.

Closing his eyes he began to walk towards the church again. "If you're all coming, I suggest you start walking." As he walked by Vincent he looked at him then looked forwards again. "I haven't hid anything from anyone. It's just non of their business."

Crimson Eyes
06-04-2006, 08:50 PM
"You can't hide yourself from the world forever. You're avoiding Tifa the most. She wants to know how you are." Vincent saw that Cloud would not cave in at all. He just kept walking to the church. "As cruel as it may seem......She's not coming back." Vincent knew he had become a little extreme but he had to make Cloud realize that he had to let it go. "We're trying to help you."

06-04-2006, 09:01 PM
Cloud set Ninelle down in the church and turned back to Vincent. "Since when did everyone start caring...I'm fine. Now just drop the subject."

I know she's not coming back...I should've been stronger back then...I could've... Who does he think he is...I don't need help forgetting the past takes time...HE of all people should know that...

Cloud flopped onto a chair and placed his hands together, then he slowly rested his chin on them. He sighed and closed his crystal blue eyes. "Well not what..." He inquired dropping the subject Vincent had brought up.

Crimson Eyes
06-04-2006, 09:11 PM
"That is your problem. You blame yourself for it. It wasn't your fault or anyone elses except for Sephiroth's. You were not strong enough to save her at the time. She knew she had to go. She had to save the world. You just don't understand that. You're arrogant." Vincent turned around and walked towards the church exit.

06-05-2006, 07:05 AM
Ninelle was shocked by the blonde-haired man picking her up so casually. However Ninelle remained doll-like and silent. Something from him was resonating to her from him...Something beyond an illness ravaging his arm.

When he set her down, Ninelle didn't cower away instead, like a baby chick she shadowed him. Her pale green eyes were wide and child-like.

"Big...Brother?" Ninelle said, turning her head to the side a bit. "You're so...Sad...Why are you so sad?" She then said reaching out to him.

The second her hand made contact with his shoulder a sharp image seered their minds. Steely green eyes. A godly smirk. Long silver hair. A katana that could cut the heavens in two.

Ninelle broke away and held her hand as if burned. Her eyes wide, gazing at the flowery floor.

"Haunting memories...A painful past...You are fearful that it won't be the last..." Ninelle said, her voice resonating within the room, another voice within her's, a woman's, only goddess-like. "Your fear damns you...Run all that you want warrior one....But remember this...It's only just begun..."

Ninelle fell to her knees with a cry and she was shivering. What was happening to her? Where was Nii-chan? Most of all...what had happen while she had slept?

How many years had passed? How many?

06-05-2006, 01:46 PM
Clouds eyes widened in shock. He fell on one knee and for a few moments couldn't feel his heart beat.


He placed one hand on his head then looked at Ninelle. She looked somewhat familliar but he shrugged it off refusing to to think anymore about it.

06-05-2006, 08:07 PM
Ninelle sat, holding her knees to her chest, letting her hair cover her back and shoulders. Her green eyes glowed with an inner light.

"How long has it been...Since Shinra fell?" Ninelle asked softly. "How may...Years has it been?" She added, her voice careful and calm. "Tell me...Is the man...Known as Hojo...Alive? Where is he now? Is he far away? Will he...Be able...To find me?"

Ninelle's memories flashed once more. The scientist...Hojo...He hadtreated her like a souless object. None of the people could speak to Ninelle she wasn't to socialize with "regular" people. He had turned her world into a dank, empty place since she had come to be...That was until...

Until that fateful day Nii-chan had seen her in the hallway one morning. She was going for a check-up and they met on the way. She was just a small thing, a child around the age of five.

He was so young too, Ninelle suspected her presence of being near this youth surprised him. He immediatly claimed her as his friend and Ninelle recieved a new purpose. That of a confidant and a real living being.

Ninelle snapped out of her memories and her hand slipped up touching the embedded black-lined barcode upon her shoulder.

06-05-2006, 09:21 PM
Cloud squinted in horror then moved away. "I....." He couldn't think of how to explain his actions. He couldn't think of...a lie. He looked down at his hands then turned his back on everyone.

"...Whatever. I have somewhere I need to be." He stated then grabbed his Buster sword, dragging the tip on the ground as if he could careless about it's sentimental value.

06-05-2006, 09:29 PM
Ninelle watched Cloud leave in silence. She didn't know how to act in this strange place or even what really to say. This was all foreign to her.

Ninelle stared at the flowers with a bit of contentment.

"Are these...Flowers?" Ninelle mused aloud. "So pretty...There just as Nii-chan said they would be like...I've never seen a real flower before..."

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-06-2006, 07:43 AM
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Ishtiama watched what was happening in confussion before she turned looking to Vincent who was walking away, "Wait!" she cried out as she ran towards him, her small hand reaching out grabbing his arm, "Wait. These two are scaring me... Can... Erm... I come with you..?" Ishtiama questioned as she shrunk down abit biting her lip, "Please.." she added after a moment's silence.

Cloud and Ninelle obviously need to talk alone... It be better if I went with Vincent. I could really talk to him atleast... Cloud's a hermit and Ninelle's and oddball... Yet, she's cool...

Ishtiama turned her gaze over her shoulder to Ninelle and Cloud for a moment then back to the crimson eyes of Vincent, "So..?" she questioned curtiously gulping abit, "You won't even notice I'm there." she said softly laughing abit nerviously.

Crimson Eyes
06-06-2006, 10:25 AM
Vincent looked in Ishtiama's eyes then back at Cloud and Ninelle. "I think it would be safer if you stayed with Cloud and Ninelle. I have some things I need to do. You will be safer here then going with me." Vincent nodded at Ishtiama and started walking away but then stopped. "Ishtiama. If you see Ninelle's eyes change...run." Vincent wrapped himself in his cloak and became a red ball. He flew away from Midgar.

06-06-2006, 12:05 PM
Babs looked out her window, it was gonna rain but she didn't mind. It would be easyer to cover her tracks that way. She grabbed her bag with tools and left her apartment. The thunder rollled and the rain started to pour when she reached her destination, the orphanage. She sighs, it was that she needed the money or she woulden't steal from it. she moved around the building and walked into a bushy area. There she found a old creaky backdoor, soaked she kneeled

and took out her tools. A thunderflash ripped the air when she putted a small flashlight between her teeth and started to pick the lock with a screwdriver. she frowns when she sees her sword flicker in red for a moment from the corner of her eye. Not paying atention to it, she resumed picking the lock until she heard the click of a gun behind her. She froze and glanced to the side to see a red cape swaying in the wind.

06-06-2006, 02:41 PM
**Be Sephy-Sama...? He of the almighty bishness Godly Evilness?! SCORE! You so reeled me in Saky-chan! >< (Damn you! You knew I wouldn't be able to resist!! ~_^).**

At the mention of someone leaving Ninelle began to panic. She shot up from her spot, like a deer in flight and clung to Sakura's arm. Her grasp was gentle, but panicked.
It was just like a child's grasp.

Ninelle gazed down, her eyes filled with tears.

"I did something bad didn't I? Ninelle will be punished, right?" Ninelle said painfully, resembling the same nature as a pet that had been beaten into submission. "I was...Bad...And now...You're going to hit me...? Because I did something wrong?" She added softly preparing for someone to strike her. "Ninelle is sorry! I didn't mean to be bad! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just don't...Go away!"

Ninelle was shivering. What did the man in red say about her eyes? Was something wrong with them?

"Humans can never accept you m'dear...And since they will never...You at least have to obey them..." A voice from Ninelle's memories chuckled and the image of a man with glasses and a white coat flashed. "You and humans...That is nonsense...Because this planet and everything upon it...Hates you."

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-07-2006, 08:48 PM
Ishtiama frowned abit as Vincent spoke to her, a nod emitting her, "Alright... Be--" she was cut off as he dissapered, "--carefull..." she finished trailing off a sigh escaping her as she turned to see Ninelle cowering, "What--?" she questioned as she tilted her head looking at Ninelle, "No one's gonna hit you, Ninelle." Ishtiama said softly as she moved closer to Ninelle kneeling down to her, a hand gently placing on her shoulder.

"We're your friends. The only one we hit around here is Cloud. Go ahead. Give him a punch." Ishtiama said playfully giving a light chuckle, as she reached up brushing a few stray strands of hair from her eyes.

OOC: Otaku, feel free to bring in Yazoo soon. ^-^

06-07-2006, 09:24 PM
Ninelle gazed up at Sakura in confusion.

"I...Won't be...Punished?" Ninelle asked. "But...I was...Bad...Wasn't I?"

Ninelle was horribly conflicted. The outside world was so strange.

"Um...What is your...What is that word?...Um! Name! Yes, that's it isn't it?" Ninelle asked Sakura. "I don't think...You told me it...Did you? If so Ninelle is sorry!" She added releasing Sakura and bowing deeply.

Ninelle's barcode tattoo glittered, black ink against pale skin. Ninelle's hair covered her eyes. She still didn't understand how odd her green irises were.

06-08-2006, 08:02 AM
Cloud glanced at Sakura after her comment and sighed. He dropped his blade in the dirt and sat down on a near by broken statue that had made it's way into the ground.

Am I...having second thoughts? But...I don't even want the first ones.

Cloud looked at the little girl and stood. He pondered a moment on whether she could be the key to his problems.

If I...use this girl, and even Sakura... And protect them with everything I got then all these stray thoughts I'm having will disappear...I'll be focused on them. Then again...if I get attatched...Arieth...No! I just won't get attatched. I don't have friends, they're only aquaintances.

Cloud stood and grabbed his Buster sword again from within the dirt.

First I need to get rid of this.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-08-2006, 03:28 PM
Ishtiama smiled greatly as she patted Ninelle oh the shoulder, "Ishtiama Sakura's the name! But you can call me Sakura." she said with a grand smile giving a light chuckle, her thoughts straying off causing her to go into silence for a moment.


She thought softly before shaking her head, clearing her throat, 'Mm. Yeah. So. Ninelle, who's your Nii-san? Huh? I mean, does he got a name? Other then Nii-san?" Ishtiama asked tilting her head curiously, biting her lip lightly. Hand resting on the hilt of her blade she stood up, offering Ninelle her hand to help her up.

06-08-2006, 03:58 PM
Ninelle blinked then tilted her head to one side like a bird. Her eyes flickered for a moment with a green glow.

"Nii-chan is Nii-chan," Ninelle said trying to formulate a sentence. "Should he be...Anything else?"

Ninelle took Sakura's hand and stood.

"It's so nice to meet you Sakura!" Ninelle beamed. "Can I...Call you...My friend?" Ninelle asked excitidily. "I've never had a friend before...Well except for Nii-chan." She added almost lovingly, but saddened as well.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-09-2006, 01:29 PM
Ishtiama giggled abit as she nodded, 'Yeah! Only if I can call you mind though!" Ishtiama beamed as she laughed happily. It was great, Ishtiama felt like a school girl gossiping with her friends. Shifting icy hues onto Cloud she cocked a brow, What's with you Blonde?" she asked curiously, tilting her head abit, nibbling on her lip.

Ishtiama leaned her weight onto one leg, arching the free one abit as her arms crossed casually over her chest, "C'mon, Blondey, what's buggin' ya?" Ishtiama coaxed him to spill his emotions. A sigh passed her lips as a light breeze caught her pulled back hair giving her a natural elegance.

06-09-2006, 02:05 PM
Babs turned around slowly and looked into the barrel of the gun. Looking up she looked at a black haired balding male in a red tatterd cloak and remembered him as the manager of the man she beated today. She glares "what do you want" she asked and noticed the man's hand shook. He snarls at her "he can't fight anymore, thank to you i lost my best fighter", the hand with the gun shook. She looks at him and is sure he is angry enough "thats the risk of the busniss". She quickly kicks the gun out of his hand and punched him in the face. As he held his nose she ran off 'i can't go back to my apartment' she thought and ran through a maze of filthy ally's and hopped overa trashcan as the old church came in sight.

She smirked "perfect", she ran to the door and pulled it open and leaned against it when it is closed again. She blinks as she notcies cloud, ninelle and Ishtiama. She smiled sheepishly "uhm hello, bad weather huh"she sighs inwardly

06-09-2006, 05:00 PM
Ninelle noticed the newcomer immediatly. She hid behind Sakura fearfully. The slightest thing made Ninelle scared, she was still adjusting to everything. This literally was a whole new world for her...

However, something was calling to her, resonating with her from far away. It was small and knawed her her soul like a parasite upon an animal. She couldn't tell just what it was yet...
************************************************** *********

Yazoo wandered, leather against rock. Kadaj had brought them to the Crater for her had suspicons that Mother was within the dark place. As long as they found her and enjoyed a good batle at that...

He would be finally happy.

His long silver hair swayed as he walked and his green eyes flickered. Suddenly he sensed something...

It hit him hard and fast...As if someone had cracked him over the head with a piece of cool blunt steel.

"M...Mother...?" Yazoo called softly, his pupils turning to tiny slits.

This was different...But yet...Was it? Yazoo shook it off and unsheathed his Velvet Nightmare, the long elegant gun glittering in the dim light.

Yazoo decided to head back to the others. He had found no trace of Mother on this side of the Crater. She was hidden...And Yazoo didn't like that.

Not one bit at all.

Yazoo mounted his bike and revved it. He smiled slightly and took off. He soon found Kadaj and brought his raven-coloured beast of a machine to a halt.

"She wasn't...On the east side..." Yazoo said softly. "Where are you...Mother?"

06-09-2006, 05:07 PM
Watches one of the girls cower and hisses when the sword on her back suddenly turns hot and pulses like a a heartbeat. Pulling it off her back she throws it to the ground sliding a few meters. She glares at it remembering something


10 year old babs touched the intresting sword on her father desiger table. Running her fingers along the smooth blade until a bigger hand slaps her fingers "thats not yours, it wil pullse with a strong beat when it found it mistress..

end flashback--

She clenches her fists in anger and calms after a few minutes, her father was dead along with her mother, she was safe.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-09-2006, 05:19 PM
Ishtiama glared down the new commer before hissing, "Who're you?!" she questioned feircely as she placed a hand against the hilt of her sword.


"Yazoo, she's not here..." Kadaj cooed in a calm tone, a grimace creasing his handsom features. His tall elegant form leaned back on his motorcycle, his prescious creation. "Hmph... We have to find big brother... Don't get distracted." Kadaj said in a rather stern tone as he gazed over his brother, errie green eyes fixing on him, "What is it?" Kadaj questioned as he let his other foot drop from the petal on the motorbike onto the dirt. "This is ludacris... I know ShinRa has mother... I think their jealous... That she choose us, and... Him. Over those unfortunate souls." Kadaj said in a rather childishly dark tone. A smirk creased his handsom features as he leaned his head back, eyes still fixed on Yazoo, his hair shifted in the breeze lightly as he grunted lightly.

06-09-2006, 05:27 PM
Rubs her back and glares "my name is babs" she glares at the sword and then looks back at Ishitiama. She pulls her pony tails out and squeezes the water from them "i am a streetfighter", she looks between ninelle and Ishitima before turning to Ninnele "try to grab the sword girl, my father made it for you" She puts her pony tails back in and puts her hands in her pockets.

06-09-2006, 05:30 PM
Ninelle hung her head, closing her eyes. She was terribly scared. Not to mention the resonating that had been knawing at Ninelle was growing stronger.

"Sakura-chan...Who is this person...what do they want?" Ninelle whispered. "I don't feel...So good..." She then said softly, cltuching her stomach.

Ninelle fell to her knees and her eyes glowed, her pupils becoming tiny slits.

It hurts...! Ninelle thought trying to hold back tears. What is...This feeling? It feels so much like...Nii-chan...But it isn't him...So then what...Is it?

************************************************** *********
Yazoo nodded.

"They're hiding her little brother...And that makes me...Angry," Yazoo said softly. "I thought I sensed her...But...I..." Yazoo said trailing off. "I'm not sure that it was her..." He then said furrowing his brow a bit. "It was so close...Yet...Slightly different...Oh well..."

Just then Yazoo sensed it.

"Brother...We have company...." Yazoo said softly. "Two little rats scurrying around the rocks...Shall we...Go play with them?" He added with a smirk. "That would be...Fun."

Crimson Eyes
06-09-2006, 08:36 PM
Vincent jumped down from the roof and landed beside Babs. "Not again..." Vincent shot a tranquilizer into Ninelle's arm to calm her down. "She's having bad thoughts. We need to find out what's wrong if we are to help her." Vincent seemed like his usual self, but something was missing. His torn red cloak was missing. He just stood there with soaked black hair with a red headband keeping it up. All he had on his body was a black outfit.

06-09-2006, 09:33 PM
*I just need to use Aeris for this scene, ok? Hojo as well is Hojo is the root of the mess which is Ninelle's life. (Meanie Hojo!!) Enjoy my friends!*

"Bad...?" Ninelle whispered, growing sleepy from the dose Vincent had enjected her with. "Why...? Why am I bad...?" She asked painfully soft, tears starting to form. "I'm not bad! No! Nii-chan told me I was good! He said that I wasn't bad! But Nii-chan....Is it true?!"

Ninelle was hysterical. She clutched her head as memories torn through her gentle mind.

"Why do you...Obey them? You let them...Abuse you so Ninelle....It's digusting how they try to crush you beneeth their feet...Even though you are the most perfect being I have met..." Nii-chan's voice floated through her mind. "You were designed...From Her...But as a copy...Not by using her cells or blood...But by creating sythedic ones...You are to be the next step..." He added. "But...You are far too gentle and sweet...You could never finish Her work...That is why...I must do it."

Ninelle let out a shriek and buried her face into her hands, sobbing.

"You are nothing but a tool to gain what is desired...Your purpose is to serve us...Nothing more! You will do as you are told because the reason you exist is because of us!" Hojo's voice rang through Ninelle's head, "The first subject is no longer accessable so you came to be to subsitute Her...If we choose to terminate you that is our choice! You are the incarnation of a wonderous abomination...You will live and die in this place...Because you will destroy anything you touch...And this world will ultimately destroy you just for living."

Ninelle suddenly froze. Her eyes were glazed over, her pupils tiny slits. Her irises glowed a pale green light and a lone tear rolled down her right pale cheek. It splashed onto a flower and sparkled.

Suddenly the flowers erupted into a bright light. It lit up everything, almost blinding the people within the room. Ninelle sat expressionlessly in the midst of it all.

Suddenly she felt something wipe her cheek. A soft hand...It was loving and gentle.

"Nii-chan...?" Ninelle whispered.

A voice whispered in Ninelle's ears...A woman's voice. what she said made Ninelle's heart smile.

You choose...What you are...So don't...Cry...You have a kind heart...don't you? So dry your eyes...Little one.

With that the lights faded and Ninelle fell into the blanket of flowers below. She was fast asleep...The last thing she thought of before she drifted off was...

Would she finally...Be able to have what was described as...

A dream?

06-10-2006, 05:01 AM
Babs glances at vincent "long time no see vincent" and looks back to ninelle "the symptomes wil probely die down a bit when she holds on to the sword" she glares at the pullsing weapon and sighed "it's has a bit of the same comforting energy as her nii-chan". She ignored the wondering glances and looked sadly ninnelles form.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-11-2006, 02:32 PM
Ishtiama gasped as she stood frozen, unable to move at the sigh. As ninelle laid motionless on the ground Ishtiama turned to Babs, her upper lip twitching abit as she ran over to Vincent looking at him curiously. "You cape? And you're... Wet." Ishtiama said trailing abit as she gazed over him in awe.

He's beautiful... EEP! What the hell, Saak?!

Ishtiama thought blinking as she turned her gaze away from Vincent breifely blushing abit. Claering her throat the girl placed her hands on her cheeks for a moment before lowrering them turning to Babs'. "What do you want with, Vincent?! And who're you?" Ishtiama questioned deffensivly as she stood infront of Vincent almost protectively as a mother mare would to protect her foal. Ishtiama kept her arms to her side, her hand twitching abit as her icy hues glared down the woman infront of her.

What does she want with him...?

Ishtiama thought protectively, her upper lip curled into a cringe as her hues continued to trace over the woman hatefully. A hand sliped to her side placing against the hilt of her blade as a sneaker covered foot tapped against the floor boards, waiting for one of them to speak.


Kadaj chuckled lightly, "Sure." he said in a smooth tone as a shrug pushed against his shoulders. "How about... I cut the femme's throat and... You take the man's heart?" Kadaj suggested darkly, an evil smirk creasing his features. "I've been needing some fun." Kadaj cooed as he leaned back on his deep coloured mortor bike, a hand reaching up swiftly and elegant brushing strands of hair to the side reveiling his left eye abit more. The slits narrowed as he let his tongue brush over the back of his teeth. Head tilting his arms limply hung to his sides as he looked over to Yazoo, the devilish grin creasing him. "Then. We go after big Brother." Kadaj demanded almost as a spoiled child would demanding a toy.

His slim figured sliped off the bike, a muscular arm bending back, pulling the two bladed Souba from it's sheath. "Heheheheheh..." he kakkled lightly, his back arching abit as he stood there looking over the cliff like structure. Tall and masculine, the eighteen year old grinned divlishly as he caught sight of the Choper, and the beings unboarded it. "Mother..!" he cried out in a soft whisper, his eyes going wide in horror as he glanced back to Yazoo, his jaw agape, and hues wide, "They have mother!" Kadaj growled as he turned jumping up into the air, his form falling off the cliff towards the beings.

[DUE TO BLOOD AND GORE THIS PART IS NOT TO BE SHOWN! =D] -DiD (Otaku, you can add to it from this.)

As the choper flew away, the limp weak bloodied bodies of Elena and Tseng laid upon the ground. Grunting, Kadaj shifted eerie hues about for "mother". "Damn!" Kadaj growled as he looked back up to see the chopper had gone. "They have her..!" Kadaj whimpered, chest compressing and decompressing quickly with his hypervenilating like breathing. Biting his lip the boy held back tears of anger, "Big Brother will have her now..." Kadaj murmmured only loud enough for his siblings to hear. The man snaped back into a hardened state. His attitude fluctuated violently between his different personalities. Giving a soft grunt Kadaj sheathed his Souba, gazing up the cliff to where the mother bikes were before leaping.

06-11-2006, 02:46 PM
Babs just raises a eyebrow at ishtiama her action and snorts unlady like "relax girl, he just saved he me once thats all" she turns and walks to the sword while pulling her jacket off and wrapping it around her hand. she kneel's near the sword "as for who i am" she picks up the swords and lays it besides ninelle causing it to stop pullsing.

she turns to the two "my full name is babs anne imoto, daughter of the deceased scientist couple Satura and umachi imoto" she kneel's near ninelle and brushes some hair back "they were scientists of the shinra company"she stands looking down at ninnele.

06-11-2006, 03:45 PM
Ninelle lay, unable to awaken herself. Darkness flowed all around her. A familar presence engulfed around her.

"Where am I...?" Ninelle asked, her voice echoing. "Have I...Died?"

"Died? Oh no...You cannot die yet. You needn't worry about such things Ninelle...Such frivilous things do not consern a being as perfect as you..." A voice called to her so near, yet terribly far away.

"I'm...So cold..." Ninelle whispered. "This must be what death is..."

"You needn't be afraid Ninelle...Things will become clear to you soon enough...The Revival...Is coming..." The voice informed her. "You must go...There is...So much to be done..."

"Revival...?" Ninelle said softly, trying to comprehend the word.

Suddenly black feathers began to rain all around her and a large black wing wrapped around Ninelle's frail body.

There was a lack of warmth...So cool, it was icy. There was absoutely no pain...Ninelle could not feel anything but the soothing, yet numbing cold.

This place was a place of nothingness...

"Open your eyes...Ninelle..."
************************************************** ********

Ninelle's eyes shot open and she sat up with a gasp. She clutched her arms, the aftermath of the numbing coldness lingering within her mind. Suddenly a resonating feeling engulfed Ninelle, her eyes glowed softly.

She now understood.

"I have...To...Go..." Ninelle said softly, forcing herself to stand. "He's calling to me...Nii-chan's calling..."

She began to walk, as if hypnotized or in a trance. Her silver hair flowed as she took each step. She picked up the blade without any nowledge she was doing so. The long katana with the white and silver hilt gleaming.

"He's waiting...For me," Ninelle then said suddenly.
************************************************** ********

Yazoo followed Kadaj's lead and flipped, landing onto his bike perfectly. His silver hair wafted around his face and shoulders, just like a bird of prey folding it's wings. He grinned sheathing the Velvet Nightmare which wafted of the aroma of gunsmoke, Yazoo's favorite scent.

Suddenly Yazoo felt a twinge, a sharp, but an unmistakable resonance.

"M...Mother...?" Yazoo whispered.

He suddenly turned to Kadaj, deciding not to play any games with him in this state right now, although it was rather fun to toy with him when he was angry.

"Hey...Kadaj...?" Yazoo softly called. "Have you...Sensed anything...Like Mother...But slightly different lately?" He then added in a hushed tone. "Do you suppose...That we're not the only ones?"

Yazoo revved his bike and waited for Kadaj's reply. He was sure that they all, especially Kadaj had picked up the strange resonance.

06-11-2006, 03:54 PM
Babs stumbles back whe ninelle stand up and mumbles something about nii-chan. she grabs her arms "nii-chan isent here little one, snap out off it" she spoke softly. She did not realise that her grabbing allowed ninelle to see her memories small parts of her visits to the shinra lab, a slightly larger part of her meeting loz to his creation and a 17 year old babs who putted the gas on on the stove and threw a match in the kitchen causing it to explode and some of her fight memories.

She let her go and bit her lip she had a idea how to snap her out of it. She closes her eyes "ninelle snap out of it, nii-san dasent like this, you don't want to dissapoint nii-san right?"she spoke with a soft voice but knew it was gonna raise qeustions.

06-11-2006, 04:02 PM
Ninelle's eyes fixed upon Bab's. Their was the flicker in those innocent eyes...Something darker...Something inhuman.

An image, sharp and swift as a sword cut through Ninelle to Babs. It was of a woman...Or what seemed to be.

A glowing violet eye...Pale hair...Skin almost the hue of a blue. A silver headset reading one name which all feared...JENOVA.

Suddenly Babs was shot back from Ninelle by some unseen force, as if a hand had swatted her away. Ninelle watched with no emotion within her face.

Ninelle turned and began to walk as if nothing had happed. She exited the church and kept walking. This was beyond her control...She was being called.

Crimson Eyes
06-11-2006, 04:06 PM
Vincent was in such a hurry he pushed Sakura out of the way and grabbed Ninelle. "Ninelle! Hojo is dead! Hojo is gone forever! Who is your Nii-chan? We need to know so we can help you. You have to focus and tell us who your Nii-chan is and what he or she looks like. You have to give us some clue if we are to help you." Vincent grabbed Ninelle by her shoulders and shook her lightly.

06-11-2006, 04:10 PM
yelps when she is thrown away and hits the wall. she leans on it standing up and panting "i should have seen that coming"she gritted her teeth 'father what did you do to her?!' she thought. She stumbles and falls to the ground, she glares at the other "stop her, if she meets up with them" she follows vincent out and hears him "we can't find her nii-san, her nii-san is dead"she looks up to the raining and closes her eyes 'for once sephrioth..i wished you were here'she thought. she watches vincent grab ninelle and here eyes widen "don't vincent" and sank to the ground again wincs in her back pain.

06-11-2006, 04:37 PM
Ninelle's pupils became tiny slits. Ninelle gazed into Vincent's eyes and a seering memory shot through them.

A man with long silver hair, pale green eyes and a long katana.

Ninelle let out a sound that was like she was being choaked. She gasped for air, her hands at her throat and Ninelle fell to her knees.

"As long as Nii-chan's memory remains...It's never over," Ninelle whispered through her ragged breaths. "Hojo-san...Hojo-san...You knew this would happen...This is why you locked me away...Didn't you?" Ninelle whispered. "You didn't want Nii-chan to reunite with me...Even though...It's only a matter of time?"

Ninelle stood and her breathing was still ragged.

"Mother is calling them...He'll soon return..." Ninelle said softly. "I can't run from Mother...No matter how hard I try...She and I...Are connected."

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-11-2006, 08:23 PM
Ishtiama stumbled abit as Vincent pushed her, a gasp emitting from her as she looked at him, then a gaspish scream escaped her throat as he fell to her knees. The memories and visions had hit Ishtiama the hardest. Soon the words almost screamed from her throat, "Sephiroth!" she cried out as she clutched her head whining lightly, "Sephiroth! Sephiroth is her nii-chan," Ishtiama cried out in pain as her head throbbed. Her entire body ached at the name of him, she remembered the creature known as Sephiroth so well. It hurt. When she was tested on with the stigma, he was there.

Against the pain, Ishtiama stood weakly stumbling over to Ninelle, breathing roughtly as she collapsed onto her knees next to the girl. A hand rested on her shoulder as Sakura swatted Vincent and Babs' away. "C'mon... We gotta go..." Ishtiama murmmured softly to Ninelle as she stood, her hand holding onto Ninelle's pulling the girl up. Ishtiama placed her free hand on the hilt of her blade shooting a glare back to Vincent. She didn't mean it, but spoke in harsh pained words, "Don't 'chu follow us..." Ishtiama warned as she turned tugging on Ninelle's hand, "C'mon... We're going to see them..." Ishtiama promised softly to Ninelle as she walked out to Cloud's motorbike. Clearing her throat, she climbed onto the bike, pulling Ninelle on with her. Shooting an appologetic gaze to Vincent, her icy hues softened.

Forgive me... Vincent...

She thought frowning abit as she winced in abit of pain before she revved the engine of the bike, "We're going to find them in the Forgotten City..." Ishtiama murmmured softly over her shoulder as she sped off on th bike.
(Plotting is so fun! X3)


Kadaj shot a look to Yazoo before painfully nodding, "I can feel her... Mother I mean... She's so close... But these other two presences I feel... One... It stronger to me then the other... They... Resemble mother..." Kadaj murmmured as he trailed along from his words shaking his head abit causing his silver hair to shift. His slim form sat on the bike quietly for a moment as the elegant creature stared off into thought.

The feeling pained his body so, the curiousity, the anxiousness, the longing. He desired to know who these new beings were. Especially the one apealing to his own senses so much. The creature seemed so hotblooded like himself.

I need to know...

Kadaj thought painfully as a shakey sigh emitted from him. Narrowing his gaze he leaned forwards revving the motor bike, "Let's go... The Forgotten City." Kadaj said as he made a sharp turn on his bike speeding off.

06-11-2006, 10:16 PM
"I'm...So sorry...Sakura-san..." Ninelle whispered, tears forming. "I'm bad...Aren't I...? Like Hojo-san said I was....?" She added painfully. "Nii-chan...Was the only one who had been kind to me...Then he...Changed...Oh Nii-chan..."

Ninelle clutched to Sakura. She barely understood what was happening to her. It was as if everything was shrouded by a thick mist. Her eyes were glazed over, just like a dead person's.

"This way..." Ninelle whispered pointing.

Her hand was direct, unwavering. It was as if it was that of a statue's.
************************************************** ********
Yazoo gazed at Kadaj with understanding. He let his long hair snake around his face and let out a chuckle.

"Maybe...They'll have Mother...." Yazoo said hopefully. "One...Is almost exact to her...But yet it is her that I am sensing...." He added softly. "I want...To see what exactly this all is..."

Yazoo lighly touched his forehead, his leather-gloved hand cool upon his pale skin.

"C'mon Kadaj...We'll race...To Mother," He then said with a playful grin. "If you win you can have the first pick of 'toys' to break with when we battle...If I win...I get to take a 'pet' the next time we fight...My last one died so suddenly...I wonder why," Yazoo added with an innocent look of a child.

Yazoo revved his bike once more and took off. He knew Kadaj couldn't resist a race...Anyway he was soooo bored with all this searching and no time for fun.

06-12-2006, 02:06 AM
OOC: Sorry for the late response. I was gone all weekend. So was Tigrsi(off subject). But now I have returned. Let's...play.

Loz watched as Yazoo and Kadaj revved and got pumped up.
How can they get so pumped up for a...race? I can't beleive they call that playing. I'm so miserable. Sooner or later, I'm going to be racing...out of sheer boredom. But when they talked, that was different. Two...presences. I feel them as well. But one isn't...Mother. What is it? Who is it? Hell, I'll never find out by sitting here...
Loz hopped on his motorbike and sped off, staying a little behind Yazoo.

06-12-2006, 10:13 AM
Looks at the two and shrugs "fine, doom the world" she moves inside and picks up her jacket wincing with her sore back "see if i care".She pulls it on "but i warn ya, she can kill you"" she turns around and moves to leave the church but stops near vincent and hands him a piece of paper."She looks to him "that my adres if you wish to know more about shinra then come and find me" she walks to the door "and if i am not home follow the word on the street for the local streetfighters" . She leaves the church and disspeared in the now dry night.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-12-2006, 07:54 PM
OOC: Criiiiiiiiimsooooooooooon. What's our dear Vincent's reaction gonna be to this? O.o

Ishtiama shook her head, "You're not bad..." she said simply as they entered the forest only to have the bike slow to a stop. "What the--?" Ishtiama questioned as she looked down to the gas gage, "Damn you, Cloud!" she growled as she slugged off the bike grabbing Ninelle's hand, "C'mon..." she murmmured softly as she tugged on Ninelle pulling her along. Walking in the middle of the road, Ishtiama still held Ninelle's hand and spoke softly, "You're Nii-chan... Sephiroth... How did he treat you?" she asked softly as she shifted her icy hues back to Ninelle.


As Kadaj sped along, he shot a gaze back to his brother a smirk creasing his lips, he was in the lead. He would win! If he could keep the same pace, he would win this "Race". Speeding into the forgotten forest, he had won! Kadaj won, but.... A motocycle? An abandon one at that,

"Huh?" Kadaj murmmured as two figures appered in the middle of the road soon after the sighting of the motorbike. Then, the feeling struck him like a brick over the head, "Gah!" he growled as he swerved to miss the two girls. The bike slid over on it's side causing Kadaj to yell out in pain as he was skidded over the ground with the motorcycle.


Ishtiama screamed as she seen the bike swerve away from then, gasping, she tugged Ninelle behind one of the glowing trees holding the girl next to her. She placed a finger over her lips in a notion for her to be silent. She looked over seeing the bike smoking, and the form weakly standing. Breathing deeply, the man seemed like he was half alright. Ishtiama cringed abit as she looked back seeing two more headlights from more bikes.

"Crap..." she murmmured, hoping it wasn't the rest of the gang, "Be quiet, Ninelle..." she whispered as she caustiously looked over to the man who had crashed.


Kadaj leaned his back against a tree sliding down it weakly, his body ached, it felt as if he had been hit by a train. Breathing heavily, his chest wavvered. His eerie hues closed slowly as he leaned his head back aaginst the tree. His chest pounded, "What happen..?" Kadaj murmmured almost casually as he shifted hues over the road, "The feeling... It... hit me so hard... And then... Those two figures in the road..." he muttered to him self as he gazed over to the motorbike smoking in the middle of the road.

06-12-2006, 08:05 PM
Loz sped ahead and saw Kadaj crash into the forest.

Damn, what the hell was that? I'll check it out, he thought to himself, the furious wind howling around him.

He arrived at the scene; Kadaj agianst the tree and hid bike in shambles.
"What happened?" he inquired, surprised at kadaj's actions.

06-12-2006, 08:07 PM
Yazoo sped past Kadaj and came to a halt.

"Fell off dear brother? Aw, too bad...I guess I get to have a pet when the chance comes along..." Yazoo said with a smooth grin. "I think I want something...Unique this time..."

Suddenly Yazoo felt the strange resonance hit him hard. His eyes turned to slits and he trembled. His entire body felt like it was on fire!

"M...M..Mother?!" Yazoo gasped.

************************************************** ********
Ninelle suddenly clutched her head. A small sharp cry barely escaped her lips. The resonance in the air was too much for her.
************************************************** ********

Yazoo's sharp ears heard the faint sound immediatly. Slowly his hand slipped to his slim waist and he curled his fingers around the cool metal hilt of his Velvet Nightmare. He gazed back at Kadaj and smiled darkly.

It was an amazingly angelic...Yet a demonic sight to behold. He put one slim finger to his lips to shush Kadaj and silently, just like a cat, slipped away. He followed the sound and without a sound drew his gun.

His silver hair glinted like his green eyes and aimed the barrel of the sparkling gun upon the head of a dark-haired woman.

"I wonder why...A little bird...Is flittering around here?" Yazoo asked softly, his voice smooth and dark.

He gazed over a green eyes met.

Ninelle's wide eyes met his and immediatly a strong resonance rushed through them. Yazoo wavered, unable to look away. His hand was shaking.

"Mother...?!" Yazoo whispered, his eyes horrified yet excited.

06-12-2006, 08:21 PM
A pulse ensued from somewhere, and Loz was dumbstruck. It was powerful.

Mother?...Where...Are you?

Loz ran over to Yazoo, who was looking at a little girl with precious green eyes.
"Who are you? You're not Mother, so..." he wondered, gazing into Ninelle's green irises...

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-12-2006, 09:52 PM
Kadaj groaned as he stood up. There it was... That feeling again. Kadaj clutched his chest, "My heart... It's aching..." he murmmured softly to him self. The feeling continued to strike the young man, blow after blow struck him like a brick over the head each and every time. The feeling began to... Began to hurt. As soon as the feeling weakened, Kadaj moved over to Yazoo. Then, it started again! Kadaj clenched his teeth as his eyes met icy hues of a girl only inches shorter then him self. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail, her figure stood strong.

It felt like lightnine had struck him when her hues met his own, narrowing his eyes abit, slits narrowed.

Ishtiama glared down Yazoo as she shifted her gaze to Kadaj. A grunt emitted from her as her fists balled up, streaching forth at unimaginable speeds slamming into yazoo's face. Huffing the girl quickly pulled out her sword nailing the hilt into Kadaj's stomach, causing the boy to stumble back and inch or two, she sent her foot into his stomach after.

Kadaj clutched his stomach in pain as he groaned, elegant, masculine arm reached back grabbing the hilt of the two bladed sword, whipping it out towards the girl. Ishtiama copied his actions flinging the sword up.

Then. They stood, one on one. The Souba faced only milimeters from Ishtiama's eye, as hr own blade sat only milimeters from Kadaj's eye. Pupil dialating, Kadaj's upper lip curled into a twitch, as he muttered, "You're good," he complimented. Ishtiama's own lip twitched as she growled, "Better then, you!" she said loudly as the blade of her sword whiped back, knocking the Souba from kadaj's hands and into the tree only a foot or so above Ninelle's head.

A gasp passed Kadaj's lips as he narrowed his eyes at the girl, "You--!", "Won?" Ishtiama murmmured cutting him off. Kadaj's eye twitched lightly as he shifted his eyes over to his middle eldest sibling breifely before retuning the gaze to Ishtiama.

This was it... The feeling. This girl, her swordsmanship was better then his own! How could this be, though?! He was the best! He was... Undefeatable! The feeling struck Kadaj's chest above his heart, his head throbbed at the feeling. Standing strong, Kadaj tilting his head abit causing the sword to quickly whip back to his eye, hair shifting in the light breeze Kadaj cringed abit as he eyed the figured before him.

06-12-2006, 10:08 PM
Yazoo was a bit stunned and slowly his hand reached up touching his face where the unknown woman had struck him. Suddenly a growl escaped Yazoo's lips, low and feral.With inhuman agility he swept himself up out of the ground and wafted in a flip in the air. He landed upon a tree branch and shot three perfect shots near the woman's feet, causing her to have to fall backwards to avoid having her pretty little feet filled with bullet holes.

Yazoo then flipped down and in a flurry of motions assualted the woman, rapidly stricking her until she was thrown back into the truk of a tree. Her presence made his head throb, but she had struck his brother...And he would make her ever so sorry for doing so.

"Little Brother...I must say...I'm disappointed...To think a woman outdid you...Is she that pretty you had to let her win?" Yazoo chuckled.

Yazoo walked over and grabbed the Souba from near the silver-haired girl. An image seared his mind...A woman with blue skin...A silver headset...JENOVA.

Yazoo shook the feeling off and watched the girl before him cower in fear. He stood up and kept his eyes upon her. With a flick of his wrist he threw the Souba to his brother.
Yazoo watched the frail girl fall back, trying to force herself to run. It was far too obvious she had never participated in a real battle before. He chuckled as she struggled to find her footing. Watching her helplessness...Was so amusing.

He aimed his barrel of the Velvet Nightmare between her eyes. Those round green eyes...They were haunting him with every moment of her gaze, teasing him of the Mother they were searching for.The girl let out a small sound...Barely even a whimper. Yazoo smiled with a dark chuckle.

He kneeled slightly to the girl....

"Heh...You're cute enough....Wanna be...My new pet?" Yazoo cooed.

06-12-2006, 11:03 PM
Loz quickly flashes out his Dual Hound, and sprints at Ishtiama. As he dashed at the woman, he leaped upwards and came slamming down with his weapon, the Dual Hound baring its' teeth at Ishtiama.

How could a woman beat Kadaj? I get to play now, finally...

Crimson Eyes
06-12-2006, 11:30 PM
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"Leave the girl alone." Vincent was standing in the glowing treetops of the Forgotten city. He had his three barreled shotgun aimed at Loz and he had Death Penalty aimed at Yazoo. "Ninelle, where is Ishtiama and who are they?" Vincent looked at Yazoo and Loz with a cold glare. "You two look too familiar."

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-13-2006, 12:22 AM
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Kadaj gasped at Yazoo's words, "The hell she is!" Kadaj growled as he caught the Souba flawlessly watching as Ishtiama laid on the ground motionlessly,

She BEAT me...

Kadaj though horrifically as he glared at her motionless body for a moment before looking to Loz. Then the eerie green hues shifted to Vincent, narrowing his eyes, he tilted his head abit before he leaped back from the girl's seemingly knocked out body. Souba in hand, Kadaj smirked devilishly as he watched from a distance of the others.

Ishtiama laid motionless, her breathing labored, chest raising and falling shallowly as she fell into a dream like state.

(I have to use Vincent for a minute. X3)

Ishtiama's eyes fluttered opened slowly as she sat up looking around, she wasn't... She wasn't in the Forgotten Forrest anymore..? She shook her head abit imediately stoping as a thorbbing pain shot through her, "Damn.." she murmmured softly before she looked up. A girl wearing a lovely black evening gown stood on a balcony above her. Ishtiama blinked as she scrambled behind some bushes looking up.

It's... Me..?

Ishtiama thought silently as she watched her self standing on the balcony, her slim elegant figure arched abit as her midback length hair blew softly in the breeze, icy hues shimmered under the full moonlight as a second figured joined her n the balcony. Vincent. "What are you doing?" a calmed yet curious gruff hissing tone asked. Ishtiama gasped as she swung around to meet the crimson hues of Vincent. A faint blush crossed her cheeks as she gazed over him, "Vincent..." she said softly as she let her icy hues travled over the man before her.

The Ishtiama down in the bushes' eye twitched abit, "Oh my god... This is like... My fantasy..!" she whispered furiously as she curcled up rocking back and forth lightly, "Please, wake up. Please, wake up. Please, wake up." she begged over and over again quietly as she looked back up two the two.

Vincent pursed his lips thoughtfully as he took a step closer to the girl, the golden claw placing on her waist as he pulled her protectively close, his regular hand tracing down through her hair gently, "The question you asked... And I didn't answer... I... It's yes..." Vincent whispered softly in a gruff tone as he hand tilted the girl's chin up, leaning it up to his own as his lips began to move closer to her's milimeters apart.

Ishtiama's jaw dropped as she furiously thought of "What question" Vincent was talking about, as she watched the version of her self in the gown about to KISS him, she finally...

Woke up. Ishtiama sat up slowly to see the Dual Hound plundering towards her, squealing loudly despite the pain she had in her head she leaped up avoiding the attack with blade in hand she landed infront of the coward, Kadaj. "You moron!" she growled before sending her elbow plumbmitting into his nose, Kadaj reached up quickly catching it as he swung the sword up against her own blade, putting the two in a match of "Who was better and who would live".

Ishtiama sent her foot towards Kadaj's stomach as she let her sword stabbed into his leather clothing, only the side, shredding it open. Kadaj grunted as his skin was grazed by the blade of the sword. Cringing the man sent his own sword towards Ishtiama, reaching up boldly, the girl dropped her own sword grabbing the blades of Souba as they were only centimeters from her face.

06-13-2006, 10:48 AM
Babs went into her apartment and sighed closing the door. She walked to the hallway and removed a crappy duck painting, behind it was a hole. She putted her finger in the hole and pulled the small piece of wall out. Behind it was a little box with a touch screen. She pressed her finger to it a computer voice came out "finger print scan complete, please give password". Babs looked at the screen for a moment before the most detested word in her vocalbalary came out "Jenova" she looked as the screen turned green "acess aproved" A door slide to the side.

And babs entered. inside the room were a couple of bookcasses filled with books and some cd's. At the end stood a computer with a really big screen, to the left a science table with some books open, testtubes, fluids and other stuf. On the right a table stood with more books on it. She sat down in a chair and pushed the on button. she rests her fingertips while she waited for the computer to be completly started up.

06-13-2006, 03:10 PM
"Vincent-san...." Ninelle said softly, still terribly scared.

Yazoo's gazed shifted from the silver-haired girl to spot the newcomer bearing a red cape and in that moment she sprung like a frightened rabbit. Yazoo swore and shot at Vincent to create a distraction for him to move freely. He tore after the girl as she dove into the bushes like an animal on the run.

Ninelle ran fast, almost too gracefuly, almost deer-like, dashing past the trees and flora. Soon they came to a clearing, a few giant glowing spiral-like shells along the edge of a pond. Ninelle stopped centimetres from the edge and a shot rang.

A bullet whizzed past her cheek, barely missing her.

"I'm...Quiet impressed...You were able to get this far," Yazoo's soft voice wafted to Ninelle's ears.

Ninelle slowly turned around to see the silver-haired boy about ten feet away from her. Somehow...He seemed familar...Too familar to Ninelle.

"Now little one...Be a good girl...And stop trying to escape," Yazoo cooed, taking a few steps towards her, his gun gleaming in the dim light. "I think...You'll make a nice new little pet for me...A pretty little bird to be caged...Unable to fly away..."

Suddenly Ninelle's pupils turned to slits and they glowed softly.

"No...I...Just...Started to experience this world..." Ninelle whispered, her hair covering her face as she remembered being locked away.


"I won't...Be caged ever again!!"

Ninelle's hand flew to the hilt of the long katana that the girl Babs had given her. With a motion of her wrist she unsheathed it and bore the long nake silver blade. She dashed, sword drawn and collided with Yazoo.

Yazoo could barely react to her, using the sword-like barrel of the Velvet Nightmare. Ninelle pushed him back and the air sparked with pale green energy from her. Her eyes were cat-like and dnagerous.

She rushed him again and they exchanged blows over and over again.

"Your eyes...They're...Like mine!" Yazoo said softly parrying with her after a blow he nearly was able to block. "And your fighting...Your sword...It's like..." He added twirling, causing Ninelle to flip over him. "HIM."

Ninelle was exhausted, but she wasn't about to give up. She thrusted her katana forward and Yazoo bent back, the blade sailing over him.

"You're the one...Who reminds me...Of Mother," Yazoo confessed rising back up to his normal stance.

He clutched the Velvet Nightmare as a wave of resonance exchanging between them grew stronger, almost unbareable. Images flashed in his mind...The blue-skinned woman in the glass tank...The headset bearing Jenova's name.

"Why is it...You who has the resonance of Jenova...Our Mother! Why do you give off the same feeling as her?!" He then demanded. "Are you...Her cloned form?! Who are you...?"

"I am a sythedic version...A completely engineered new Jenova," Ninelle said softly. "My cells are not Jenova's herself...They are a duplicated modified version." She said painfully. "I am...Jeneve...But no longer I will be chained by that name! I am Ninelle!!"

Ninelle rushed at him one more time, her blade singing through the air. Yazoo watched her...It was like it had been described to him about the one Mother chose two years ago. Her every motion was like His...But she had one very fatal flaw...

She wasn't fighting for the sake of Mother.

The blade was almost to Yazoo's throat, the tip gleaming wickedly. Suddenly he side-stepped and hit her in the back of the head with the hilt of the Velvet Nightmare. With a sharp but beautiful cry, the sword slipped from Ninelle's fingers and she began to fall towards the ground.

"Forgive me..." He whispered to her.

Yazoo quickly sheathed the Velvet Nightmare and then his arms shot out. He caught the limp girl and gazed at her unconcious face. She wasn't their Sister, she didn't share Jenova's true cells...But Mother was calling her, Yazoo could feel it.

"I guess...I better go help my Brothers now..." Yazoo murmered. "The sooner we take care of the pests...The sooner I can play with my new pet..."

With that he began to walk off towards where the others were fighting.

06-13-2006, 04:13 PM
Babs sits up when the computer is fully started up putting up a headset. She looks to the computer "computer show me the location of Soldier kadaij, Yazoo and loz" a big map of the came to the screen 'searching...Soldiers found'. She looked over the map as three silver bleeps move around and closes her eyes "add soldier Ninelle"she opens them when a green bleep appears near a silver one. She raises a brow 'so they aready caught her' sighing she rubs her nose 'seperioth i wish you were here..just without the hate though' she mutters as her watch beeps. So its that time again, she thought bitterly and moved to the science table. She picks up a vile and taps against grabbing a syringe she sucked up some of the vilevluids and sticks it in her arm.

Gritting her teeth she pushes the liquid in. Her body shakes for a minute or two and calms dow sighing she spoke "computer shut down"and makes her way out of her room as the computer shuts down and hangs back the wall piece and pictures. Laying her body on her bed she thought 'i laid out the clues vincent, no w it's up to you and your palls to find me when needed...if i am needed that is"she fell asleep.

06-13-2006, 06:53 PM
Yazoo emerged from the distance and as he came through the thick bushes, a pale arm slid down, dangling. Ninelle lay deathly still in his arms. Yazoo's green eyes scanned the situation before him and smiled slighly, a small satisfied smile.

"So...A rematch is on...?" Yazoo called to Kadaj. "Good...This should be fun to watch." He added with a small chuckle. "When we're done here Kadaj...I have a few things to talk to you about my new pet..." He then said gazing slighly down at Ninelle's unconcious face.

He then gazed up, his eyes flickering with amusment, affixing onto Sakura. His smile turned into a smirk of triumph to taunt her.

You better pay attention woman...Little Brother...Plays for keeps, as do I. Yazoo thought darkly moving a stray piece of hair away from Ninelle's face.

Crimson Eyes
06-13-2006, 10:57 PM
Vincent stood behind the gunslinger, Yazoo. Vincent shot at Yazoo's head. The bullet sailed by just a centimeter from hitting Yazoo's head. "She is a human being. She is not a pet. Humans are not pets. So let her go." Vincent walked closer to Yazoo and placed the barrels of his shotgun against Yazoo's head. "Now that I have found my friends. Tell me who you are."

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-14-2006, 10:52 AM
Ishtiama held the blades in her hand still. Struggling. The two bare sharp blades were beginning to cut her hands. Kadaj grin as he continued to push the blades forwards, the sweet smell of Ishtiama's blood trickled down the sword. Ishtiama winced as she shifted hues over to Vincent, "Hey! If you haven't noticed! I'm about to get skewered!" Ishtiama growled as she gave Kadaj a pleadingly. A dark smirk crawled across his lips as he tilted his head, "You want me to spare you?" Kadaj suggested lightening the pressure on the sword. Ishtiama took deep breaths as the sword was lightened. "Thanks... For being so stupid." Ishtiama growled as she swung her foot under Kadaj's own feet knocking him over. She reached down quickly taking her sword in hand swinging the blade towards Kadaj's chest.

Scooting back, he had barely missed the blade, rolling back he leaped up into one of the branches on one of the glowing trees. "Impudent, girl!" Kadaj growled as he jetison him self towards her, stepping aside, Ishtiama whiped the blade of her sword into Kadaj's side.

The leather of his clothing ripping and a gasping call in pain was the only thing heard from Kadaj. Soon, the man plumbmitted into the ground. A dark crimson colour spilt out of his side as he sat up slowly, painfully. He winced as he pushed himself up next to a tree to help him sit up. "Impudent sl----" Kadaj began saying before Ishtiama cut him self, "Oh, am I? Or is it the fact you can't take pain like a man? Oh! Oh! Oh! Or is it! I royally beat your face in?" Ishtiama gloated as she sheathed her sword, "I hope you bleed to death." Ishtiama growled as she shifted hues among the others moving over to Vincent. Leaning up to his ear she whispered, "I'll distract Yazoo... Once I have Ninelle... Shoot." she cooed softly, almost seductively before pulling away.

"Hey! Mr. Transexual!" Ishtiama called to Yazoo as she wiped her bloody hands on her shorts, the blood still carefully oozing out. She unsheathed her sword once more, "Let's go." Ishtiama said with a smirk as she lunged towards Yazoo at unimaginable speeds.

Kadaj leaned his head back weakly, his left hand clutching his side, the blood oozed out of him rather slowly. But, the boy could be rather dramatic and make him self faint. Wincing, Kadaj tried to hold the wound painfully together with his hands. He didn't want to die. Not yet! It wasn't his time! How could he die now...? What of Mother?! If mother willeded, he would do... Anything. A small tear rolled down the boy's face. He wasn't his cocky self, nor was he acting his true intelligence. Even his brutal self was no where is sight... He was acting, emotional, and childish. The Souba sat in his hands, fist holding on to it tightly, "You never failed me... Souba..." Kadaj murmmured to his sword as if they were his last words.


06-14-2006, 03:17 PM
Yazoo smirked.

With an effortless, dance-like motion he sidestepped Vincent and brought up his knee, hitting him right under his ribcage, then kicked him away. As Sakura rushed him he lept backwards, flipping right over her.

He smiled amusingly at her as he sailed right over the girl. In a split second he dove his foot onto the middle of her back and pushed off, sending her flying into the dirt face-first as he flew back. Yazoo landed beside Kadaj and shook his head in pity.

"You're not worth my time to play with..." Yazoo said softly his eyes glinting, laughing at her. "...And as for my appearance...You have no right to speak..." Yazoo then said. "Women that resemble men should hold their tongues, am I right? Little Brother may be subject to a tomboy...But I prefer a more delicate type...Of girl." He added his fingers tracing Ninelle's neck as if he was going to slice her pale skin open.

Yazoo turned to Kadaj and shifted Ninelle so that she was somewhat standing, being held in the nook of one arm. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a bottle and splashed it onto the bleeding boy.

"You're such a drama queen brother..." Yazoo said tossing the empy bottle aside. "Look at you...Letting that male-posing woman spill your blood...Now stop your tears...And let's make Mother proud."

Instantly Kadaj wounds healed, the flesh pulling together as the sparkling liquid disappeered into his skin. Luckily for Kadaj, Yazoo had known better to carry at least one Potion, regardless of their abilities and records of never being drawn of their own blood in battle.

Yazoo drew his Velvet Nightmare and pointed it at the intruders. His index finger stroking the trigger. Yazoo's tongue swept over his lips and he grinned.

He imagined many beautiful bulletholes diving into their flesh, ravaging their bodies. The scent of gunsmoke was awaiting to arise.

Crimson Eyes
06-14-2006, 03:34 PM
Vincent had taken a knee to the gut but backflipped away from the kick. "Let Ninelle go. She is a living soul, not an animal." Vincent spoke with mellow but was meaning to speak with authority. Vincent gave Yazoo his crimson-eyed glare. Vincent saw Yazoo's Velvet Nightmare. He jumped up into the trees. He jumped into the air and landing a crushing blow with his golden claws on Yazoo's Velvet Nightmare. He held Death Penalty at Point Blank range towards Yazoo's ridge (between the eyes.) "Let her go."

06-14-2006, 04:34 PM
Yazoo watched his precious weapon fall to the dirt. A growl, low and feral escaped his lips and his pupils became tiny slits.

"She is the form of Mother...And now she is mine," Yazoo said coldly.

Yazoo brought his free hand up and grabbed Vincent's wrist. Within a split moment he swung Vincent around and tossed him into the air. Yazoo eyes glowed as he bent down and picked up his Velvet Nightmare.

Luckily the red-caped intruder had only bent it slightly. If it had been broken...Yazoo would have to been very angry. In the heat of the moment he turned and fired.

A bullet, so sleek, silver and true, drove itself into Sakura's shoulder.

"Oh good...It still works," Yazoo chuckled with a smooth smile. "What lovely blood you have..."

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-14-2006, 06:52 PM
Ishtiama gasped as the bullet hole punctured her skin, crying out she clutched her shoulder standing up slowly. Kadaj stood up as well as his eyes widdened in terror.

She's the feeling that's been penitrating my body and Yazoo shoots her?!

Kadaj though angerly as he moved quickly over to his motorcycle,

We can't stay... Or Yazoo might... Kill... her...

Kadaj thought painfully as he raised a hand, "Let's go!" Kadaj demanded as he began to turn his bike towards thge road following inwards of the forest, "I'll be back for you!" Kadaj yelled to Ishtiama before the motor of his bike revved, speeding off with-in seconds.


Ishtiama clutched her shoulder still, her arm hanging limply to her side, "Ninelle!" Ishtiama yelled as she tried to run after Yazoo, "Let... Her.... Go!" Ishtiama demanded firecely as she continued to sprint after them. "Ninelle!" Ishtiama cried again before she used her good arm leaving the other one hang painfully, throwing the sword she weilded towards the Yazoo. The blade directed at his back soon pericing it, deffinatly causing him to drop Ninelle.

Comming up to them, Ishtiama came to a sliding stop, grabbing Ninelle's hand, Ishtiama sent her foot into Yazoo's back forcing him forwards, using her limp arm, she painfully gripped the hilt of her sword from yazoo's back yanking it with a scream, pain shooting down her arm. Turning, Ishtiama ran as fast as she could, dragging Ninelle along like a rag doll.


Seeing that Ishtiama had gotten Ninelle, Kadaj grimaced abit as he yelled back, "Leave her! We'll get them next time!" Kadaj called as he sped on down the road.


Hearing Kadaj's words, Ishtiama felt slightly releived. Stopping over by Vincent Ishtiama let Ninelle's hand go looking at him. Her jaw went agape as she dropped onto her knees next to Vincent who had been thrown, using her good arm to help him sit up against her good should, "Vincent! Are you... Are you alright?" she questioned rather frightenedly. "Vin..cent..." she whispered in a soft sob, she didn't want to see anyone get hurt. Especially him. Not this man... Ishtiama rested her head against the back of his shoulder sobbing softly, "This is my fault! This is... all my fault! If I just would have stayed with you... You wouldn't be hurt!" Ishtiama said softly as she kept her good hand on his shoulder, her limp one to her side as she sat on her knees.

06-14-2006, 07:22 PM
Yazoo's body screamed with pain...The first time his flesh had been slashed. Yazoo was enraged...He was...Bleeding!

...Not to mention that wretched woman had stolen his pet...The one with the scent of Mother.

Yazoo was trembling with fury, reached over slowly and touched his leather gloved fingers to the bloodflow. He brought his hand back and stared at the crimson liquid upon his fingertips. His pupils dialated to even tinyier slits.

"Is that...The best you can do?" Yazoo asked, his voice strangely clam, almost eerily. "You can play with her for a bit longer...But I'll be back...To claim her."

Yazoo turned and walked to his bike, but stopped before he mounted it.

"Anyway...Sooner...Or later...She'll have to return to us...To Mother," Yazoo said with a smile. "Everything that comes from Mother must return to Mother in the end..."

With that he mounted his bike and with a rumbling roar of his raven-coloured beast, rode off. He turned to back to Kadaj, his eyes unamused to the fullest extent that they could be.
************************************************** ********
Ninelle stirred slighly. With a soft moan she awakened, her lashes fluttering open to reveal her green irises. She cried out painfully, placing a hand to the back of her head where Yazoo had struck her to knock her out.

Stunned slightly still, tramatized by the battle...By the fighting she lay for a few moments, staring at nothing.

Then she heard Sakura's crying.

Ninelle struggled to sit up and gazed over at Sakura and Vincent. She saw the bullethole in Sakura's shouder and all the blood from the battlewounds. Ninelle felt immense guilt and horrid emotions of helplessness alongside that of sorrow ravage her frail body.

"Ninelle...Cause all of this...Didn't she?!" Ninelle cried, tears rushing down her cheeks. "The blood...Is because Sakura-san was fighting because I tried...To leave? I'm so sorry!" She then sobbed, hiding her face in her hands. "Hojo-san was right! Ninelle is bad! Ninelle causes people to get hurt! Ninelle is just like Jenova!!!"

Ninelle suddenly got to her feet, tears streaming.

"No more...Ninelle won't be the cause of hurt and pain for others!" Ninelle sobbed. "Hojo-san was right...To lock Ninelle away...Like Jenova...Ninelle only causes...Sorrow...And destruction." She added softly. "I'm sorry...For all of this...Ninelle...Will go away and never return...Nii-chan...Wouldn't want...Ninelle to cause such pain." She then said with a pained smile.

With that Ninelle began to walk away. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she held her arm that bore her barcode tattoo. Ninelle realized now...Why the things that had been done to had come to be.

She was the very essence...Of everything wrong in the world...Wasn't she?

Crimson Eyes
06-14-2006, 08:26 PM
Vincent got to his feet and brushed himself off. "Stop crying Sakura, I'm fine..." Vincent looked to see Kadaj and Yazoo speed off on their bikes. "Ninelle. It's not your fault. You just wanted to know who you were and Sakura wanted to protect you." Vincent saw Sakura's blood stream down her frail arm. Vincent kneeled down by Sakura and started to examine her arm. "That Yazoo guy is very cocky and merciless. I'll have to get the bullet out. I'm sorry." Vincent held up his golden arm and dug one of the claws into her shoulder. He removed the bullet and threw it away. He tore a strip from his cloak and wrapped her arm. "We'll have to be more careful next time."

06-14-2006, 10:39 PM
Ninelle gazed back at them, her eyes tear-striken and slightly red from crying. Ninelle sniffled and a few more tears fell.

"It is...Ninelle's fault..." She whispered. "Why is Vincent-san so kind...? Just like Nii-chan was...?" She then added using her forearm to wipe her eyes. "Ninelle shouldn't be around Sakura-san and Vincent-san...! Ninelle is made to be Jenova's form...Bad things will happen if Ninelle stays! They always do!"

Ninelle shivered, trembling like a flower in the wake of a fierce storm.

"...Everybody I go near...Gets hurt...Even Nii-chan ended up...Even Nii-chan end up changing!" Ninelle said softly, tears rushing. "He was the only one who cared for Ninelle...Treated her...Like a....Real person...It made me...So happy..."

Ninelle gazed down at the ground at a small white butterfly flitting around some small ivory flowers.

"Nii-chan and I...Met by accident....Ninelle was waiting outside of Hojo-san's lab to get her weekly testing...Then..." Ninelle explained trailing off into her memories.
************************************************** ********
A little girl, barely the age of eleven sat upon a bench outside Hojo's lab. The white walls of Shinra left all who entered feeling drained...Almost machine-like because of their blandness. A normal child would be humming, kicking their feet or fidgeting to pass the time but...

The girl sat deathly still, her green eyes staring into nothingness...Possibly even seeing past the white walls and beyond. Her black barcode tattoo was the darkest thing in the entire place, it's lines bearing the date and data about the little girl when scanned.

Her small simple white dress only moved slightly to her breathing which was slow and steady, as if programmed. Soon footsteps, low and in succession with each foot came to girl's ears. Solider's footsteps.

The girl was instructed to ignore them, not to even look at the soliders of Shinra...Speaking to them was strictly forbidden as well.

Just then the footsteps slowed and stopped before her. A shadow fell over the girl, it wasn't a normal solider's size.

"Who...Are you...?" A young boy's voice called to her. "What's...A little girl doing here...Of all places?"

The girl continued to stare down. She would not look up.

"Are...You lost?" The boy's voice continued. "It's ok...You can tell me...I know my way around this place better than anywhere else in this world." He added, his voice hinted with mystery. "You can trust me..."

A hand extended before girl's face. It was...Small. She didn't know why...But she looked up.

A young boy, near her age stood before her. He had long silver hair rivalling her own. Hie eyes held the girl's...They were the same green, down to each speck of colour, as her own.

A strong feeling passed through her...As she knew him from somewhere but had long forgotten. The girl now desperatly wanted to take his strange boy's hand.

This was an act of will that had never arisen before.

"Can you talk?" The boy asked. "Do you speak the language I am..?" He continued. "Do you understand me?"

Slowly the girl nodded.

"I...Can...Speak..." She whispered, her voice so soft and distant it was like a butterfly's wings that hadn't flown for years.

"That's good...Now...What's your name?" The boy asked.

"'Name'...?" The girl whispered.

"What do people call you?" He pressed gently.

"Well I...I..." The girl stammered softly. "I am...Called...Jeneve...."

The boy stared and withdrew his hands, putting them onto his slim hips.

"People calle you 'Jeneve'? Well that's not a name...!" He said. "Didn't your parents give you a name?"

The girl looked down once more.

"What are...'Parents'....?" The girl asked softly.

The boy gazed at her sadly.

"You don't know...? Well...They're the people...That made you...A father and a mother...It seems to me...You don't have any," The boy said in a hushed tone.

The girl continued to look down.

"I guess not..." She whispered.

"I don't either..."

The girl looked up and gazed at the boy with surpise. He gace her a sympathedic look, a look of understanding, not examination.

"Since you don't have parents...I'll name you. When I was outside the solider's quarters....The outside world beyond these walls...I heard of a really rare white flower...It suppose to be one of a kind that grows only by itself in really remote places...The people I talked to said...It was called 'Ninelle'," The boy explained. "Since you're the first girl around my age in this place...A place where you really are a rare thing to see...You are...Ninelle." He then told her. "Yes, your name will be Ninelle. You're pretty enough to be named after a flower!" He added with a light chuckle.

The girl blushed slightly, though she knew not of what this action was.

"I am...Ninelle?" She repeated.

"Yes. That is your name from now on." He told her.

"Ninelle...I...Like...That name..." She said softly. "Um...What is your...Name?"

"My name...?" The boy said.

He paused. His green eyes held hers in the moment. Something that was like electricity flowed from the airspace between the two and into each other. It sang, a feeling neither could describe. The boy stayed silent then his lips began to move.

" I am...Sephiroth."

His name was like that of something holy being spoken, through the girl could not comprehend such a thing, but could only feel the power from the name.

"And one day I will become the greatest SOLIDER in the world!" He then quickly added with a gentle smile.

Slowly, but surely the girl, now named Ninelle smiled back, For the first time in her entire existance she smiled.

"It's nice...To meet you Sephiroth-san..." She replied a bit warmly. "May I...Call you...'Nii-chan'? I heard...A solider say it once to a younger solider...So may I call you...By that?"

The boy smiled even wider.

"Of course...Ninelle."

Just then the lab doors slid open and out slipped the doctor known as Hojo. She spotted the girl conversing with the boy and glared. Suddenly his expression changed to that of surprise then interest, he approuched the two and began to lecture the boy for not being in his training and the girl for disobeying his direct commands.

They two parted as Ninelle was wisked inside the lab...But as the doors shut behind the doctor and the girl...It would not be the last time the two would meet...Oh no...

It was just...The beginning.
************************************************** ********
Ninelle finished explaining to them her meeting with Sephiroth of the first time. She then walked over to Vincent and Sakura. She placed a hand each upon their shoulder and gazed down at the ground like she had when she was little.

"That's what...Nii-chan...Was like when I was small...Sakura-san," Ninelle whispered. "He took care of me...Befriended me...Without him...I would just be...So empty...Just like Hojo-san intended...But...After all that happened...Was I right to defy him...To want a life which was mine...? I do not...know."

Suddenly Ninelle began to glow a soft light and it flowed into the two, healing them completely.

"Cure...." Ninelle whispered.

With that she removed her hands and took a step back. Her body continued to glow with the energy of a materia...A materia infused into her very body.

"Now that I've healed your damages...I should leave...Before any more harm befalls you..." Ninelle said softly about to leave.

06-15-2006, 01:04 AM
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Vergil Kristofferson- Midgar

His hand shifting from inside his somewhat tattered, but still serviceable, blue silk trenchcoat (he never could understand other fabric) he touched his bandaged forehead.

Darn it. It's like... something...

For under those bandages, he was hiding a secret. Something he was afraid of.

"The Star disease," he heard some kids calling other children who had the same mark on their foreheads, but of which he knew its real name.


In his handguards glinted two oddly-colored spheres, the one on his right hand was green, the one on his left hand was red. Sure, it may look pretty to some normal person, but for one wise in the ways (and old traditions) of the planet, he knew what those two little shimmering spheres were.


There was a third sphere, also green, embedded in the handle of his katana, which he had named Yamato, which was currently hidde inside his trenchcoat.

As a wandering one, you can never be too careful...

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-15-2006, 02:12 AM
She sniffled softly, almost unable to stop crying, it was her fault that he had gotten hurt, and her fault alone. Ishtiama screamed in pain as the claw dug inside of her shoulder, "Gah!" she cried out as she watched him stand back up. "Vincent..." Ishtiama whispered softly as she shifted her icy hues onto his handsom form, she stood up next to him. Looking at Ninelle, Ishtiama shook her head, watching them selves both heal, she spoke "No. You're staying with us. Right, Vincent?" she murmmured softly up to him as she clutched her arm that was now healed. Looking down at it, she shifted the once shattered shoulder abit listening to a small crack in it. Wincing only slightly she shifted her icy gaze from the tall elegant man next to her, to Ninelle. "You're staying. Simple as that." she added with a smile.

Reaching up, Ishtiama tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear, a small giggle emitting her, "No matter how much destruction you think you cause, you're staying." Ishtiama said softly as she gave a meek giggle tilting her crania to the side abit.


Kadaj continued to speed through the forest at highspeeds, thoughts crashing through his mind. Why did that girl have such an impact on him? How did she BEAT him?! He wanted to know all of these questions. Comming to a skidding stop, he stoods infront of the conning shells, and the pond. A grimace crossed his features as he tilted his head abit watching it all. Climbing off his motorcycle, the Souba tapped the back of his leg as he walked to the edge of the wat, "How did she beat me..?" Kadaj questioned allowed to his brothers as he turned his head around looking to yazoo curiousity creasing his features. "How?!" Kadaj demanded again, in a spoiled tone. "She's a woman! Why have such an impact on my body then she nearly kill me?!" Kadaj growled histerically, he was desperate. He needed to know.

His heart ached with curiousity, he didn't know how any of this could happen, "I want to please Kaa-san... I really do... But... Now that these impudent pests have come into the picture... I'm... Confused." Kadaj confessed as he dropped onto his knees infront of the water. he wanted to duck his head in an drown him self at this point.

06-15-2006, 08:30 AM
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Cloud had found himself on top a cliff, the breezeblew up the dust and shaffled his clothes.

Why am I here?...I know...

He looked down and saw that he had brough the Buster sword with him. The old and rusted sword that he figured was the reason he couldn't forget the past.

This is where I will lay you to rest...and be forgotten. This is your barial ground in which I will never step foot again...

Cloud took his old sword and stabbed it into the dry earth. He held his hand on the handle for awhile and looked out into the senery. Then he looked back to it. Finally he closed his eyes and let go, walking back to his bike. Now he could finally move on with his life.

Crimson Eyes
06-15-2006, 09:53 AM
Vincent turned away from Ninelle and Sakura and looked out towards where Kadaj and Yazoo had escaped too. "Sephiroth is not that kind of person anymore. He's not on our side. He almost destroyed the world...once. But we stopped him. But I he is still out there. In the lifestream, in the stigma, and maybe in you, Ninelle. But we are trying to help you. You are not causing the destruction." Vincent turned and looked at Ninelle. "People are making you do it. Kadaj, Yazoo, and Sephiroth. It would be good if you stayed with us, in Midgar, but you have free will. You can decide what is best for you to do." Vincent walked past Ninelle and Sakura and into the Forgotten City.

06-15-2006, 11:43 AM
Babs rolls and turns in her bed at the cause off a bad dream. Her face sweating "loz.."" she mutters


10 year old babs walked through the hallway of the shinra complex lost after she went to the bathroom, she looks around "daddy?Mommy?" she quitly calls. She notices a open door and go's inside. Alot of machinery was seen, heart readers, brain wave stablelisers and in the middle of the room with alot of kables and wires. Three large glass tubes, two were fogged over but the last one clearly showed a male 'maby he knows where daddy is 'she thought. And she moves to the tuble she read the name on the bottom soldier loz and looks up only to come in contact with two cold eyes. Instead of frighted she looks to loz curiously when he lays his hands against the glass , she das the same and smiles. Loz looked to the right a small machine with a open and close button on it. Curiously she follows his glance and walks to the machiene looking at loz she lifts her hand over the open button. Only to get a harsh slap in the face.

end of dream--

Babs sat up in shock panting. She glances at the clock which said 18:23, she sighs and graps her jacket and brassknuckles after she adjusted her mask a bit. She walks out the door and after locking it behind her she heads for the badder noughbourhoods of midgar.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-15-2006, 02:45 PM
Ishtiama nodded her head, "Deffinately." she agreed with Vincent before turning following him. Running over to his side she shifted icy hues up to him, "So, you're really doing this because you think it's right... Or because I'm asking you? To let Ninelle come with us...?" she murmmured softly to him, tilting her crania to the side only slightly. Cocking a brow she watched Vincent's silent form breifely before shifting hues back to Ninelle, "C'mon!" she called back waving her arm in the air to her, her eyes shifting back to Vincent.

06-15-2006, 02:51 PM
Babs was a few streets away from the usual sleezy bar where she started her evening. She walked in thought 'loz..i havent thought about him in years' she thought. She stopped at a zebra path 'was i that desperate to forget my life?' She didn't watch where she was giong and bumped into vergil and falls to the floor "umphf"she looked up at the male and mutterd sorry before standing and moving to pass him

06-15-2006, 03:00 PM
Ninelle hung her head sadly. She felt like she was only going to hurt these people in the end...She felt she was such...An abomination.

...But Ninelle didn't want to be alone anymore.

She slowly but surely walked to Sakura's side. She clutched her arm like a child, remembering how she had done the same thing with Sephiroth all those years ago. She didn't want to remember how he had changed...But she was aware of how he did...Because she had experienced it firsthand.

Sephiroth's change from hero to monster was the reason she had been locked away...

Ninelle gazed over to Vincent.

"You stopped Nii-chan...?" Ninelle called softly. "Thank you...The Nii-chan I remember would've...wanted that." She added. "He...May not be the same...The same boy who I met so long ago...And I am aware of that as well, but I still will always respect him." She added. "I can feel his presence...It's so strong now...It scares me."

Ninelle looked back down upon the ground and her eyes barely cosed. She became silent and withdrawn.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-15-2006, 10:55 PM
Ishtiama watched Ninelle for a moment nodding, "I.. I feel him too... Sephiroth I mean... It's only lightly hinted but... I can feel his presence..." she murmmured softly in reply to Ninelle. She shifted icy hues onto Vincent smiling softly, "So, shall we go home?" Ishtiama suggested as she tilted her head to the side slightly awaiting one of them to speak.

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06-15-2006, 11:06 PM
Vergil Kristofferson- Midgar

"Please watch where you're going next time," he said politely to the person who had bumped him.

Sure, my twin brother was a chronic pain in the... you know where, he was just simply a pain, not to mention a total klutz.... Dante...

His thoughts had drifted to his dead twin brother, one who had left him those spheres which were glowing with magic.

Magic, I know, that can be used for the greater good...

Seeing that she had yet to stand up, he offered a hand, and waited for her to take it.

Always help out others, no matter how small their problems may be...

His other hand immediately went to the bandages wound around his forehead, and he had to hide a shudder.

Crimson Eyes
06-15-2006, 11:13 PM
"You two will go home. I have to chase down Yazoo and Kadaj. I need to find out what they want and why they want it." Vincent came to a clearing where a blcak and red bike sat up idley in the middle. Vincent got on it. "You two head back to the church. It will be too dangerous if you come with me. You two must look out for eachother. I am going to help Ninelle. I know this seems unlike my usual self but Ninelle is part of Jenova and we must make sure she doesn't control her." Vincent started the engine. It roared through the forest and Vincent sped off through the path where they came from and down the trail where Kadaj and Yazoo rode through.

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06-16-2006, 02:25 PM
"'Home'...?" Ninelle said softly, not use to that word.

Was that place really a home? Ninelle had been described the word by many Shinra employees before and even by Sephiroth himself...But no place felt like home...Not since...Sephiroth changed and tried to destroyed everything.

Ninelle gazed up at Vincent and gathered her voice.

"I am not techically a part of Jenova...Just...A replica...A copy...None of her blood is mine," Ninelle told him. "It's just...Designed to be exact to her's...That would really make Nii-chan my Big Brother...But that's not the reality of it...I didn't have the luxury of a birth...A mother...A father...Or a family."
************************************************** *********

Yazoo dismounted his bike and strode up to Kadaj silently, moving like a cat, each step filled with purpose.

"There, there little brother..." Yazoo cooed. "Haven't you realized? She's...Like us. Mother has influence her..." He added. "That bullet I drove into her flesh had enough force to go through a normal human being...But it only went a little deep...I wanted...To ensure what we sensed was real..."

Yazoo gazed out over the waters, his green eyes glowing softly.

"Those girls...Are not ordinary and it would be in Mother's best interest to show them the true path...Her path," Yazoo said softly. "One girl resembling Mother herself...Another of her grace like us....What a gift Mother has placed before us! This way...Big Brother...Is irrelevant to our plans...We have...More of our kind to replace him."

Yazoo turned and grinned at Kadaj. It was filled with deviousness and plans to come.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-16-2006, 11:09 PM
Ishtiama smiled abit nodding, "Alright... Just be careful, alright, Vincent?" she called out to him as he sped away, hopping he had heard. Smiling brightly, Ishtiama shifted icy hues onto Ninelle, "C'mon. Let's go." she said softly grabbing the girl's hand leading her along like a big sister would to her younger sibling. Ishtiama giggled as she began rambling on, to Ninelle about how much fun they would have, she spoke of slumber parties, and "girl's night out". Ishtiama couldn't stop rambling on and on about everything she had learned when she escaped from ShinRa, after Sephiroth was defeated and killed.

She looked along the long road tilting her head, "It's night time... We'll be able to see just as well out there, y'know, since there's a full moon tonight." Ishtiama said to Ninelle in a calm yet slightly obnoxious tone. She was happy she'd finally have someone who would hang around with her, and not run off all the time, wheather it was to mourn over a guy she couldn't have, or the just be anti-social. Or even if it was to just be alone to think, she didn't think that Ninelle was like that. Not the kind of person who... needed all that crap.


Kadaj gave a wide grin as he nodded, "You're right... You're absiloutly right!" Kadaj said triumphly as he stood from the ground turning his form around, hair swaying abit with his rapid turn. "That girl. The one with the black hair, she had the grace of mother, her abilities were flawless! And the smaller one, oh she resembled our mother so! Perhaps, this is her gift, to us? To show us she's proud?" Kadaj questioned astounded, yet curiously. Adding in a whisper he questioned, "What of Loz, though?" tilting his head, the man nibbled at his lip curiously shifted eerie green hues onto the eldest sibling, slits narrowing.

Crimson Eyes
06-16-2006, 11:25 PM
The motor of Vincent's bike roared as he sped through the forest. He saw a body of water up ahead and a silver-haired boy with a double-bladed katana. It was Kadaj and next to him with the longer hair and gun at his side was Yazoo. Vincent just looked straight ahead at them and started to go faster and faster. He saw Kadaj look at him. Vincent was gonna hit him. Vincent backflipped off of the bike and let it speed into Kadaj. As he was in the air Vincent took out his three barreled shotgun and Death penalty. He landed behind Yazoo and pointed the guns at his back. "Why are you two after us?"

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-17-2006, 09:42 AM
With a simple turn, Kadaj avoided the motorbike easily. His hand whipped back unsheathing the Souba elegantly as he watched Vincent, "What do you 'After us'? We're only after the girls. You should be ashamed of your self for stealing them from us." Kadaj cooed in a dark tone. "You should know, right? I mean, what other elegant beings have Mother's grace, and looks?" Kadaj questioned curiously as his tilted his head to the side abit. A slender elegant hand reached up brushing a few strands of hair out of his eyes, Kadaj's tongue traced over his lips as he continued to watch Vincent closely, chuckling.

Crimson Eyes
06-17-2006, 10:05 AM
Reno walked through the Forgotten city with the electro-rod in one hand and his tracking device in the other. He was looking for two of his missing turks, Elena and Tseng. "Dammit, where are they. They couldn't be far off." The tracking device suddenly short-circuited and shocked Reno. "Gah. Damn piece of junk." Reno threw the device against a tree and kept walking with his head down. He walked through what seemed like an endless tunnel of tree. He gave a sigh of no hope until he heard two voices. They sounded like girls and he smirked. He saw them come through the trail and ran up to them. "Hey ladies. Say have you two beautiful girls seen two turks around named Elena and Tseng? It would be great if you two beauties could help me." Gives a charming smile to Ninelle and Sakura.

06-17-2006, 10:25 AM
Yazoo gazed over slowly to the red-cloaked intruder. His pupils converted to tiny slits as his eyes flickered with their eerie sea-green glow. Yazoo watched him intently, like a predator desciding if it wanted to chase down it's next meal.

He turned his foot slightly, shifting his weight so that he turned facing the reven-haired man. Yazoo's long silver hair flowed down his shoulders and a chuckle escaped his pale lips.

"Old men...Shouldn't be chasing down the young...You might...Break a hip," Yazoo cooed. "Now leave...Before I get very...Angry...And descide to avenge my beloved Nightmare Revolver and the lost of my pet..."
************************************************** *********
Ninelle followed Sakura like a baby chick, her white dress fluttering as she walked barefoot. Ninelle's long silver hair sparkled in the moonlight, spilling over her thin frame and her pale green eyes glittered like odd-coloured stars.

Half of the things Sakura mentioned like "Slumber parties" were unknown to Ninelle, but from the description Sakura gave her it sounded quite fun. When she was told what happened to Sakura at Shinra Ninelle became deathly quiet.

"Can I...Tell you a secret Sakura-san?" Ninelle asked softly. "Nii-chan...Before all of this...Nii-chan had a true dream...One not...Chosen by Jenova..."

Ninelle closed her eyes for a moment, taking a slow breath that was a bit strained. It was painful...To remember such a dream that had died so long so.

"Nii-chan...Wanted to be the greatest SOLIDER in order to help people...Who were suffering...Even people...Like us," Ninelle whispered. "He wanted...Be be a hero...But...He was very pained by not knowing his origins...I heard from Hojo-san...That is what destroyed him...And sent him into the arms of Jenova..." She then explained. "When he returned to Shinra I tried to help him remember his dream but he would not...He said...He had no need for a dream...With Mother's expectations for him..."

"I cannot save this world Ninelle...It was a child's wish to do so...And as such things...They fade away with the wake of reality..." Sephiroth's words floated back to Ninelle. "These people are suffering because this Planet wills it so...They are damned at birth because they are merely born! I shall end that suffering by eliminating the cause of all the pain...Mother's guiding hand will determine it all Ninelle....The humans...Are such wretched creatures...They must forever lie in peace while I continue Mother's will..." He added. "Mother will descide everything...And since you are made in her likeness...It is only right that you deserve life...By my side."

Suddenly a red-haired man approuched them and Ninelle quickly hid behind Ninelle. Ninelle peaked over Sakura's shoulder and her pale green eyes did not waver. The young man...Was surpisingly good-looking and Ninelle was both afraid and amazed.

"S-Sakura-san..." Ninelle whimpered.

Crimson Eyes
06-17-2006, 11:54 AM
"I would stop your little smart remarks if I were you. Or I will make you live in a nightmare. I am not young or old. And Ninelle and Sakura are not your pets. They don't belong to you or Jenova. They are their own keepers and I'm here to keep you from ruining their lives." Vincent saw Yazoo about to release Velvet Nightmare. Vincent shot at Kadaj twice with Death Penalty and swiped at Yazoo face with his golden claws.

06-17-2006, 03:29 PM
Yazoo easily evaded the attack by lightly stepping aside. He watched the golden claws sail past his face, centimetres from his nose and flesh. With a dark smirk his green eyes flickered lightly and he gazed at Vincent.

He moved his foot slightly, the ground crunching beneeth the leather sole of the boot and suddenly he lashed out. His foot made contact with Vincent's unprotected stomach and in a split second, while Vincent was doubling over from the blow, Yazoo dove his elbow into the middle of his back and then grabbed a fistful of his raven hair, tossing him into the ground. Yazoo stood over Vincent shaking his head.

"You're not very fun to play with..." Yazoo said in disappointment, placing his fists onto his hips. "In fact...You're rather very boring! ...And when I'm bored...I like to break things...Especially little toys like you!"

With that Yazoo stamped onto the middle of Vincent's back, adding a vicious blow upon where he had already been hit with Yazoo's elbow. Yazoo raised his foot once more and brought an even more vicious assault to Vincent's spine. There was a soft crackle of bones and Yazoo smiled.

He had broken the spine...Yet....But it was still such a sweet, sweet sound.

Yazoo pressed his foot harder and grinned.

"So...The girl's names are Ninelle and Sakura...? My, how sweet...They've been named after flowers...." Yazoo cooed. "I'm guessing my pet is the one you call Ninelle since the Ninelle flower is a pure white flora...Just like that little dress of her's..." He then chuckled. "You can't stop us Old Man....I've already claimed the little Ninelle...And Mother's will shall not be denied...In fact...It will be reality!" He then spat pushing his foot harder onto Vincent's back.
************************************************** ********
Ninelle hid behind Sakura fearfully. She had no idea what this new man with red hair's intentions really were. She couldn't sense any rsonance from him, but Ninelle knew that some of the world's threats were not from Jenova herself.

Suddenly she realized she had forgotten the sword she had recieved back from the strange girl who had visited the church. She would have to go get it and suddenly realizing she was unarmed made her terribly nervous and feel so uneasily vunerable.

Crimson Eyes
06-17-2006, 03:41 PM
Vincent growled and brought his clawed hand up. He drove the claws into Yazoo's stomach and used it as leverage to get up. His spine didn't bother him at all. But Yazoo had ticked him off greatly. When Vincent got up, he quickly deprived Yazoo of his precious gun by taking it from the holster. "I wouldn't screw with a monster with me, If I were you. Vincent was holding the gun in his blood-stained claws. He began to squeeze it and make claw marks in it. He threatened to destroy the gun with his facial expression. "Now tell me what you want with the girls or your precious Velvet nightmare will be scrap metal. Vincent squeezed the gun barrel tighter with his claws.

06-17-2006, 04:28 PM
Yazoo cried out in pain and rage. Crimson blood dripped down black leather, flowing past his gloved fingers which were trying to keep the wounds together. Yazoo gritted his pearl-white teeth, his sharp canines exposed like some sort of feral animal.
His green eyes were strained with the screaming agony of his bleeding body and the deadly temper Yazoo only let out in full every so often. As Vincent began to crush his beloved Velvet Nightmare, Yazoo snapped. Ignoring his wounds he lundged, plowing his bloodied fist into Vincent's face and snatching his gun away in a split moment.

Blood poured from Yazoo's wounds, streaking down his abs and past his left hip, tricking down his leg. Yazoo's breathing was strained as he force himself to leap backwards, barely making a smooth landing. He clutched his weapon to his chest and doubled over, silver hair hiding his face.

"You'll....Pay...For...That!!" Yazoo panted with a snarl, promising the threat.

He shakingly reached into a pocket of his jacket and pulled out a potion. He raised the bottle to his trembling lips and yanked off the cork with his teeth. He spat it over his shoulder and pressed the bottle's rim to his lips, drinking the contents as one would a shot at a bar. Slowly the effects of the potion took affect and Yazoo's wounds healed.

Yazoo stood and tossed the bottle aside. It hit the ground and shattered upon impact. His eyes became steely and cold as they affixed upon Vincent.

"You seem...Rather attached to these girls...Am I right?" Yazoo said smoothly. "Too attached....Even though Mother is calling for them to join us..." He added devilishly. "What we want...Is none of your buisness Old Man...It's the will of Mother who wishes it and if you interfere...Her wrath will be upon you."

Yazoo silkily strode over to his bike and gazed over his shoulder to Vincent.

"Those graced by Mother...Will be together as one whole..." Yazoo said just as silkily as he had walked. "You'll see...Soon enough." He added. "Kadaj...This Old Man....Is boring me...Let's go...Attend to other matters."

Yazoo mounted his bike and revved the engine.

"Next time we play Old Man...I'll break you," Yazoo promised. "...And I'll enjoy...Every second of it."

06-17-2006, 05:17 PM
Took the hand and saw the other one giong to his forehead "you got the illness"she said softly after standing and wiping the dust of her clothes. she presses a piece of paper in his hand "i need to go but come to this adress in the morning"she resumed her walk to the sleeze bar while adjusting her mask a bit.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-17-2006, 05:38 PM
Ishtiama gave a light gasp as she held Ninelle behind her, "Wha--? No... I'm sorry." Ishtiama said in a flat tone as she turned to the side pulling Ninelle gently along, "C'mon." she'd murmmured quickly before firmly holding onto Ninelle's hand tugging her along as she broke into a jog down the road, hair wafting off her shoulders, eye's sparkling elegantly, she pulled Ninelle along down the road, icy hues would shift over her shoulder back to make sure no one was following. Assured, she slowled down, shifting her gaze back ahead of her self. Sighing she shifted her eyes to Ninelle, "Hey, you alright?" she questioned curiously, biting her lip.


Kadaj smirked abit as he crossed his arms watching the ordeal, but soon he spoke, "Indeed he does seem attatched... Especially to this... Lovely dove, Sakura..." Kadaj said in a darkening tone, a grin spreading wide across his slim pale lips. Smirking he nodded to Yazoo's comment, chuckling, "Like those two flowers." he added darkly as he mounted his motorbike. A moment passed as he revved the engine taking off quickly, Souba firmly holding in it's sheath.

Looking over his shoulder to Yazoo, Kadaj tilted his head yelling back to him, "We should wait. Till tomarrow atleast, let the doves rest, and let the eagel go unspecting as if we're not going to collect our presents." Kadaj said, speaking of Vincent and the two girls.

Crimson Eyes
06-17-2006, 06:22 PM
Vincent had dodged the punch by jumping back. He saw the two silver-haired men once again speed off down the trail. "They'll be back. They just won't stop until they're dead. How annoying." Vincent went over to his bike that was lying on the ground and brought it back up to its wheels. He mounted the bike and started it. The engine kicked on and Vincent biked back down the trail he came from. "I'll have to be observant. Who knows when they'll kidnap the girls."


Reno's mouth hung open in surprise as he saw the girls jog away and he started to run after them. "Wait! I'm just looking for someone! Why are you running away!?" Reno started to catch up to Sakura and Ninelle. "Wait! Stop! Dammit stop running so fast!" Reno whined. He finally just forgot being casual and tackled Sakura to the ground. "I just want some help."

06-17-2006, 07:06 PM
Ninelle's sensitive ears perked up and her pupils turned to tiny slits when she looked back to see the red-haired man chasing them. When he tackled Sakura, Ninelle let out a sharp cry of fear for her friend.

"Sakura-san!!!" Ninelle cried.

Weaponless and without aid, Ninelle gathered her courage. She dove into the situation and without thinking grasped onto the young man's long ponytail. She yanked...Hard!

"Leave...Sakura-san alone!" Ninelle shouted, trembling in fear, but keeping a vice-like grip upon the man's hair. pulling him up a bit by the ponytail. "If..If you're going to try to hurt her....I won't let you!"

Ninelle was shaking terribly, but she refused to let go. She was going to protect Sakura...Even if she didn't have her katana...She was determined to stand her ground.
**Poor Reno-kun!! XD Well...We need some comic relief anyway! -~_^_**
************************************************** ********

Yazoo followed Kadaj and nodded at his comment about waiting to aquire the girls.

"I can...Wait...If you can brother," Yazoo said. "I'll need to mend my clothes...No man should go before a woman looking so shabby, now shouldn't he?" He added with a chuckle. "Besides...I have to repaire my Velvet Nightmare..." He added bitterly his eyes drifting down to his holster to see the battered gun. "That Old Man will pay for what he's done to it...I'll break and crush his bones like he tried to my precious deathdealer..."

Yazoo drove on, his silver hair whipping around his shoulders. He could still sense...The girls. Their haunting resonance sang through the air and wind...

Just like a faded and forgotten song the blood still knew.

Crimson Eyes
06-17-2006, 07:22 PM
Reno let out a scream of pain as his hair was being pulled. "OW! HEY WHAT ARE YOU OW! LET GO! I just need some OW help!!!!" Reno quickly got up from the ground and put his hands behind his head. As he was doing this, he accidently elbowed Ninelle in the nose. He felt an instant relief when his hair was released. He turned around to see Ninelle on the ground and bleeding from her nose. "Oh. Oops." Reno went down to help Ninelle. "Hey are you okay?"

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-17-2006, 08:16 PM
"You jerk!" Ishtiama interjected as she jumped up flawlessly sending her heel into his face causing him to fall back, "Ninelle come on!" she called as she grabbed her hand yanking her up like a rag doll pulling her down the road as she ran. After a few minutes Ishtiama slowed down, panting she keeled over onto her knees, meh'ing. "God, what a jerk! I hope Vincent is fairing well..." Ishtiama then said quickly biting her lip quietly. "Are you okay?" Ishtiama quired as she shifted icy hues up to Ninelle curiously.


Kadaj nodded, he could wait. Deffinately could he wait. The feeling plundged his heart painfully, the sense of Sakura leaving his body ever so slowly as they moved away from the two "special" ones. Speeding off into the night, hours passed as they finally came to an INN. Ofcourse, Kadaj had a few spare dollars on hand, "Psh. I was right to take this money from that guy we assulted.." Kadaj cooed as he pulled the bike into the parkinglot, comming to a slow stop, he dismounted the bike.

Taking care of bussiness in the man's office. Good thing these men were unknown here, for, they could be.. in alot of trouble in simple terms. Grinning Kadaj took the key quickly from the man opening a door marked 96. Opening the door slowly, Kadaj's upper lip twitched abit as he seen everything before him. Cocking a brow he shifted eyes back to Yazoo giving a rather nervious embaressing chuckle as he shifted hues back to the darker colours room. Entering, he plopped down on a bed looking at it curiously. "Meh.. I remember these to be so much more comfortable." Kadaj murred in a soft tone as he looked to his side, it was bare thanks to that... Beautiful. Yet ignorant wench stabbing him. "Have to fix this..." Kadaj cooed to him self softly.

06-17-2006, 08:50 PM
Yazoo muttered something like. "You fix something? Now that's a laugh..."

Yazoo strode over to the other bed and plopped down, carefully removing his jacket. Large claw marks had slashed the beautiful leather and Yazoo was bitter. He reached into one of the pockets and found a random potion he had ever so carefully pilfered from a town market a while back. The vender had sworen it would mend any and all ripped or broken armor or apparal.

Yazoo poured it onto the tears and slowly the jacket fixed itself and Yazoo grinned slightly.

So the old merchant man wasn't a con...He thought with a bit of satifaction.

He tossed his jacket onto the end bedpost and laied back, his lean abs and chest exposed. His face may be beautiful like a goddess's but he was mos defiantly male.

He stroked his bare flesh, remembering the pain and blood. He despised how easily his beautiful skin had been tore apart. He would...Have his revenge.

He rolled over onto one side, his back to Kadaj.

"Hey Kadaj...Where's Loz...?" He suddenly said with realization. "Don't tell me...He got lost a again...He's probably crying over Mother somewhere...Again."
************************************************** ********

Ninelle shakingly touched her bleeding nose and stared at the blood upon her hand. Flashbacks hit her hard and Ninelle's hand began to quake even worse than any other incident. Her pupils converted to pinkprick slits.

Whispering filled Ninelle's mind. She began to look around abruptly, the whispering so realistic it conflicted with her reality.



Suddenly a resonance hit her fast and hard. A warm breath seered the back of Ninelle's neck and a soft touch...As if a hand was upon her cheek fleetingly grazed her. A voice whispered loudly into her ear, but seductivly.

"Ninelle...Come back...To me."

As suddenly as it came it was gone. A tear ran down Ninelle's cheek without warning. She barely even knew...It had fallen.

Ninelle turned to Sakura.

"I-I...Dropped my katana back where that man attacked me..." Ninelle whispered shakingly. "I...Have to go get it...I have to get it back....!"

Ninelle turned and ran, passing by the strange red-haired man. Her green eyes were frightened and almost...Trauamatized.

Crimson Eyes
06-18-2006, 12:25 AM
Vincent saw Reno,Sakura, and Ninelle all running and chasing eachother. He sped by Sakura and grabbed Reno by his jacket and threw him through the trail. Vincent turned the motorcycle off and got off. He walked towards Reno and grabbed him by the collar. "What do you want Reno. Are you here to collect Sakura and Ninelle also!?" He Ninelle running and grabbed her as she past by. He looked at the blood that ran from her nose and down her pale face. "Reno, what did you do?" He dropped Reno and Reno scrambled to his feet only to meet up with a gun at his face.


"Vincent wait!!!" Reno covered his face with his hands that were shaking as if he was freezing cold. "I didn't do anything. I just needed to know where Elena and Tseng were. I didn't mean to start anything, honest! A-a-and that blood on the girl's face was an accdent. I swear! Please don't shoot me!"

06-18-2006, 12:17 PM
Vincent's sudden grip upon Ninelle scared her. Ninelle let out a cry and struggled to free herself from his grasp.

"Let go! Let go! LET GO OF ME!" Ninelle cried. "Please...Let me go...!"

Ninelle slumped, falling to her knees, crying. Her silver hair covered her face as she sobbed. She held a hand to her face, trying to stop the bleeding. Crimson blood splashed onto the grass.

Suddenly it turned black, killing anything it touched upon impact. Ninelle continued to cry, as if in immense pain. Her sobs became more wild and strained, Ninelle couldn't contain herself.

It hurts...! It hurts! Why am I so helpless...? Why am I always...Denied my own will? Why can't I live...? Ninelle's thoughts rapidly swarmed her mind. I can't bear this pain...! Oh save me Nii-chan! Somebody please...Save me!

Ninelle tried to pull herself away from Vincent but his grip was stronger than she could break.

"Don't....Don't look at me!" Ninelle cried, curling up, hiding her face. "Please...Don't!" She then said weakly. "Don't look at me...Like I'm...A monster...."

Black blood turned to red and the bleeding stopped. Ninelle was a shivering little thing curled up. She loathed her weak will and inhuman-like incidents. She hated the fact...She would never....Be accepted if people knew what she really was.

06-18-2006, 12:29 PM
Babs steps into the dirty run down bar causing it to silence for a moment before turning back to there bisniss. She moved to a small booth where a male was smoking a cigar in the shadow and chuckleing when she sat down. He blew some smoke in her face causing her to blink "What brings you to me, i thought you would not ever talk to me again" she glares at him. And rests her arms on the table "you never told me she survived" She spoked hushed. The male leaned into the light reavealing he was in his mid thirty's with dirty blond hair and a scar running across his cheeks. He chuckles "so she has awakend.." he took another drag of his cigar.

Babs glares "When her nii-chan arises she wil not be able to stop him would she?" The male shook his head "no she can't stop him but with you fathers research you can stop the illness". He smirks revealing yellow teeth "how far are you anyway". Babs looked to the table "i found someone to test it on" he smirked "good". He leans on the table "also meet loz if you can" he chuckles "he would probely like how you look now"she grits her teeth as he steps out of the booth and walks out of the bar but dasent get up.

Crimson Eyes
06-18-2006, 12:39 PM
Vincent let go of Reno and held onto Ninelle with two arms. "Ninelle calm down. It's just a nosebleed. I'm trying to help you!" Vincent took a cloth from his pocket and pressed it to Ninelle's nose to kepp from bleeding anymore. "Just calm down and tilt your head back. You'll be fine." Vincent gave her the cloth and turned to Reno. "I know where they are. They are back with the president. They were in very bad shape. I fixed them up as best I could.

06-18-2006, 03:48 PM
Ninelle's eyes glowed and her pupils turned to slits. With a burst of strength she never knew she had within her frail body, Ninelle pushed Vincent away. Her nose had stop bleeding entirely and she sat, silver hair covering her face.

She remained silent and her eyes returned to normal. She looked away and refused to gaze onto anyone.

She then began to speak. Her voice was soft and dark.

"No one...Can help me," Ninelle whispered.

She then stood and patted her dress to rid it of any dirt. She began to walk towards where she had dropped her katana in the battle with that silver-haired boy. Ninelle walked slowly, she felt drained and hopeless.

Soon she reached the area that she had fought in and saw her Katana lying in the grass, metal glittering in the faint light. She bent down and her pale fingers wrapped around the ivory-white hilt. Ninelle raised the long blade that was nearly as long as her Nii-chan's.

With a graceful movement she swiped at the air, making the blade sing. Ninelle closed her eyes and silently sat down near the water's edge, holding the unsheathed blade close to her.

06-18-2006, 03:59 PM
Babs sits in the boot for around 20 minutes before standing and walking out of the bar. outside she pulled her old cellphone from her pocket and looked at it 'i have the number..i can call him..but should i'?' she thought. she walked back to her apartment and walked through a park. She looked at a couple of kids with the 'illness' and sighs. A half a hour later she walked into her apartment and dialed the number, she waited a moment as it ringed and then it was picked up "vinced it's babs meet me at my apartment as soon as possible, i have some information" she unlocked her lab while talking. After she enterd "one more thing, take the others with you i think that sakura girl wil freak if she finds out you were with me"she closed the connection and started up her computer

06-18-2006, 07:55 PM
Cloud found himself wandering the dessert, The noise of his fully powered motercycle roared through the dessert. His black sunglasses reflected the rays of the glistening sun and he suddenly stopped, skidding along the sandy rock and right up to a cliff's edge. It wasn't that high up but it was an impulse he had.

Strange...I stopped. Why's that? Maybe...this feeling I've been ignoring...This sense of which I feel his presence. Maybe I shouldn't ignore it anymore. No. I'm being paranoid.

He started up his bike again and sat there staring at the city and the dessert horizon.

Ninelle...I said I'd protect her and I left...I'm so...careless. I won't lose you, Ninelle...and Sakura...I just can't be careless anymore. I need to grow up and do what I'm supposed too instead of cowering from... ...

06-18-2006, 11:32 PM
Vergil Kristofferson- somewhere wandering around Midgar

After helping this girl (more like, woman) get back on her feet, he saw that she had pressed something into his hand.

Go here next morning? Why not. I'm in the mood for some company anyway.

After making sure that she was fine, he watched as she entered some sleazy bar, and he walked on his way. Back towards where he lived.

How did she know I have Geostigma?! Crap, must be the bandages...

After shaking that little incident out of the way, he shook his head and made his way back to his small apartment, looking at the piece of paper.

What could this be anyway?

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-20-2006, 11:58 AM
ooc; okay... i'm on my mom's computer right now, mine crashed... but will be fixed today... anyways, her shift button doesn't work. so deal with the horrid n00blet for abit, okay. that means no question marks, just /'s and no capitolization.... nada. so.... forgive me w.w

ishtiama watched on rather confused at the events unfolding before her. she was confused... what... what exactly was happening/ ishtiama went into a spacious state, memories or shinra and sephiroth plumbmitting into her mind. shaking her head she snaped back to reality. the reality she knew. the one with vincent. seeing what was happening and finally comprehending, she ran over to vincent, placing a gentle hand against his shoulder speaking, ''easy, vincent... she's new to this world...give her a break.'' ishtiama cooed softly up next to the man's ear, her voice almost a purr. so soothing and gentle.

she looked down to ninelle and spoke, ''you okay/'' she'd ask once biting her lip softly, an eyebrow cocking. leaning back down from vincent ishtiama watched ninelle for a moment before shifting hues onto the turk, ''you impudent jerk, how dare you lay a hand on me, ever/1'' ishtiama demanded to know, eyes narrowing to extream extents, wincing afterwards, a hand moved up to her forehead, she had a migraine, and it hurt terribly. biting her lip she tried to ignore it but looked back to reno.


kadaj gave yazoo... ''that'' look. the one that said ''unless you wanna pick a fight, back off''. kadaj grunted lightly as a slender elegant hand reached up brushing a few silvery strands of hair out of his eyes, only to have it cascade back in. a sigh passed his thin pale lips, ''let him. atleast he can have peace to cry with out us laughing at him.'' kadaj said with a devilish grin. he knew the notion was unusually kind of him, but he wasn't in tyhe mood to laugh at the point either.

a slender hand reached up brushing across the zipper of his trench coat sliding it down slowly, almost teasingly. when the zipper reached down to his pants which came to the lower edge of his pelvics. he pushed the long sleeves off his arms and pulled the gloves off tossing them to the side next to him. falling back onto the bed next to yazoo he looked up to the cieling, his pale bare chest raising and falling slowly, ''i can still feel her... it's this feeling deep inside me...i can... feel her pain, her happiness...'' kadaj trailed abit ''and right now, i can feel that she has a pounding head ache... it's not affecting me... but... it's hard to explain... i... can feel what she feels i guess...'' kadaj murmmured softly as he shifted eerie green hues to yazoo.

06-20-2006, 02:58 PM
Ninelle arose from where she sat upon the water's edge and sheathed her blade. Faint memories of how her Nii-chan had shown her how to sheath it properly played. He had shown her how to fight, but Ninelle wasn't a fighter...

She didn't want to fight at all. She hated the very thought of having to cross swords with someone...Over what?

Ninelle would defend herself...That is why her Nii-chan had shown her how to wield a long katana...But she saw no point to battle.

As long as someone got injured...Ninelle would never lust for a fight.

Ninelle tied the sheath to her slim waist and began walking back. She saw Sakura, Vincent and the strange red-haired man. She could feel...No sense Sakura wasn't feeling well.

"Sakura-san...?" Ninelle called. "Are...You alright? I...Apologize for wandering off...But...My sword..." She said softly showing Sakura. "Nii-chan taught me...To never abandon your blade...He would...Be disappointed in me...If he had been here to see the fight..."

Ninelle gazed down and then raised her hand to Sakura's forehead. Her pale fingers grazed her skin and Ninelle glowed softly.

"Cure..." Ninelle whispered.

The glowing faded and Ninelle withdrew.
************************************************** ********
Yazoo let out a small laugh.

"And people tease me about my femine appearance! You actually have the emotions and thoughts of a woman!" Yazoo taunted teasingly.

He sat up and gazed over at Kadaj.

"You've...Been connected," Yazoo then said softly. "It's just like our connection to Mother...Only on a lesser scale. Mother can dictated what she wants us to know and feel...Where this experience you're just embracing is basically static...You can't control it or manipulate it like Mother...Only she can do that..."

Yazoo then became quiet, almost sullen.

"I can feel...The pain of the little pet...The one named Ninelle...." Yazoo said softly. "But...I'm blocked as if it seems...Almost like with Mother...I can only recieve...What she so strongly feels...Nothing more...But it hurts...It's like...Her pain is my own..."

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-21-2006, 12:33 AM
Kadaj grunted lightly, "Atleast I don't have the anatomy of a feminine creature." he countered with a devilish grin as he watched Yazoo for a moment chuckling lightly before listening to him. "Hm.. Perhaps... You're right." Kadaj commented tilting his head abit as he still let him self lay limply across the bed. His rather flat stomach lifted slowly with his breathing, his chest assending just as well. He wasn't quite "filled out" yet for his age. There were signs of a faint six pack across his handsomly pale chest.

A hand reached up brushing across his stomach lightly scratching it as he broke the silence that filled the room, "Perhaps that was another gift of Mother's? To let us feel how our floras' feel?" Kadaj questioned with abit of mischife in his voice as he shifted his eyes up abit traveling across the ceiling.


Ishtiama smiled at Ninelle's kindness. Although it was a futile attempt to rid her of the headache, Ishtiama enlightened, "I'm Sorry, Ninelle. But... you magic won't work... These headaches are a simptom of the Geostigma testing that they had done to me... I'm affraid these headaches haunt me relentlessly... They always will..." Ishtiama said softly almost to calmly for any soft of comfort. Cocking a brow she shifted icy hues onto Vincent, "Vincent..? Hey? Vinnie!" Ishtiama said tauntingly, she knew Vincent hated the name "Vinnie". After all though... She was doing it to annoy him.

06-21-2006, 04:21 PM
Ninelle looked sadly down and lightly touched the barcode tattoo upon her arm.

"Testing...?" Ninelle whispered as memories came to her.

"It's time for you to be tested once more Jeneve...You must do better...The last results...Were not...Sufficent enough," Hojo's voice came to her."You must exceed our expectations...You must be better...Than the original..."

Ninellle suddenly winced, her entire body feeling a sharp, sheering pain. Her ears were ringing with a sound so peircing she thought she would be torn asunder.
************************************************** *********

Yazoo suddenly let out a cry and clutched his head. He gritted his teeth and his green irises rolled up behind his eyelids. What was this? The pain...It was horrible...Yet soothing.

It came to pass and Yazoo groaned, falling from the bed and onto his hands and knees. Sweat rolled off of his forehead and he panted, his chest labouring to bring air to his lungs.

His eyes were wide and round. The pupils of his green eyes were tiny pinpricks, staring onto the floor and what seemed to lie beyond it.

06-21-2006, 10:29 PM
Cloud roared through the lushous forest in which he was told a few people trailed off in. He had hoped it was Ninelle and Sakura. Vincent he didn't care much for, he figured he can always take care of him self.

This must be what I do...I pledge my protection on other women so I feel as though I'm still protecting you. As if you're still with me. Even Tifa...but... I can't stay near her...I just can't.

Cloud spotted a few odd colours and stopped his bike by the group. To his relief it was Sakura and Ninelle along with two other men, Vincent and Reno.


He swung one leg over his bike so he was leaning agains it's seat. "So here is where you've all been. Why the sudden change of scenery? Care to explain?" He questioned.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-21-2006, 11:31 PM
Ishtiama shifted icy hues over to Cloud cocking a brow, "Just 'cause?" Ishtiama interjected to his statement. A sigh passed her lips as she looked over to Vincent, "You! Are you alright? Did that freak-a-zoid hurt you?" Ishtiama demanded to know as she looked at Vincent, her icy hues looked him over almost as an excuse just to check him out, but she still cared.

Kadaj watched Yazoo curiously, cocking a brow he lifted him self placing a hand over his brother's back, "Yazoo?" Kadaj inquired softly, "Hey? Are you alright?" he questioned again narrowing his eyes curiously.

OOC: So short. So sorry x.x;

Crimson Eyes
06-21-2006, 11:42 PM
Vincent just stood there. He was thinking about what the two silver-haired men had said. "Ishtiama...Ninelle. We need to leave this place and return you to the church. Those two men are resting. This will give us time to prepare for their attack. Ishtiama, you ride with me back to the church. "Cloud. You take Ninelle. Don't let her get taken away." Vincent looked at Reno. "Reno. I'm sure you can help. Here" Give Death penalty to Reno. "If two men with silver hair come near you our the girls, shoot them." Vincent got onto his bike. "Okay, let's go Ishtiama."


"Don't worry Vince, I am an ace shot!" He accidenly pulled the trigger and a bullet almost got Vincent in the head. Vincent glared at Reno. "A heh heh. You see I scared ya." Reno saw Cloud and smirked. "Hey Cloud!" Reno ran over to Cloud. "How's my best friend doin'?

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-22-2006, 12:50 AM
A meep escaped Ishtiama's lips as she watched Reno take the shot, she shot her own glare at Reno before she hobbled her way onto the motorcycle. She was far to shy to place her arms around Vincent. Way. To shy. Gulping, she bit her lip coughing lightly, "Heheh. Uhm..." she murmmured softly as she shifted icy hues onto Reno, Cloud, and Ninelle before speaking, "Hey, Ninelle. We'll have that slumber party as soon as we get back to the church!" Ishtiama beamed as she grinned happily shifting uneasy hues back to Vincent, wondering if he wanted her to put her arms around him.

06-22-2006, 10:54 AM
Ninelle's pain soon passed. She stood fully and was trembling slightly. Her eyes returned to normal and gazed over to Sakura, watching her mount her bike.

"Sa...Sa..Sakura-san...!" Ninelle whimpered.

She then gazed down, hearing Sakura say they would meet up at the church and Ninelle wound her hands together, as if trying to warm them from the cold.

"O...Ok..." Ninelle whispered softly.

Ninelle was saddened. She didn't want everyone to split up because she was more fearful of them never returning then merely leaving. She let her silver hair cover her eyes to prevent herself from bursting into tears.

Ninelle gazed over at Cloud and sky blue eyes meeting pale green. She felt something resonating from him to her. Something so familar, yet she couldn't explain it.

Cloud-san...He's something...The same as me...But yet...So different. Ninelle thought. What is it...? I'm not sure...What...Is it?

************************************************** **********
Yazoo sat staring into nothingness, his green eyes wide and almost looking as if he was in shock. Soon the pain subsided and Yazoo sat up slightly. He placed a shaking hand onto his forehead, his delicate fingers touching his cool flesh, letting silver hair spill through those same fingers.

"She's...Remembering," Yazoo said softly, as if in a trance. "Her memories...Are the cause of her pain..." He whispered in realization. "I don't know how but I can sense it...I know that's what her pain is....She's tortured by her mind...Restrained by it like a gulided cage or silver chains...She wants...To be free of it Little Brother..."

06-23-2006, 08:25 AM
Cloud looked at her not sure what to think and completely ignored everyone elses comments, especially Reno's. He stood up and walked over to Ninelle.

"Let's go...you don't want Vincent and Sakura to win and get there first do you?" he joked, but was still very calm about it. He picked her up and hopped onto his bike, then he set Ninelle in front of him and gave her a helmet. "Wear this." he said sternly. "And don't worry my arms will be around you, just hold onto them tightly." He informed her.

He reached around her and grabbed the handles then he started up the bike. He looked back at Reno and smirked. "I hope you can keep up." he teased.

Crimson Eyes
06-23-2006, 08:44 AM
Vincent started his bike too. "Sakura, put your arms around me. I'm sure you don't want to fall off while we're speeding through the desert." Vincent looked at Cloud. "We'll head to the church and make plans from there. We can't lose Sakura and Ninelle to those silver-haired men." Vincent started accelerated and rode through the forest. Apparently giving Sakura a sign to hold on.


Reno watched as Vincent sped off and looked at Cloud. "I'll bet you ten gil I make it to the church before you, Cloud." Reno smirked and pressed a button on some sort of remote. A helicopter flew over them and landed behind Reno and Cloud. Rude was flying it and he gave an unemotional look at Cloud. Reno jumped into the helicopter. "See ya there Cloud! Rude fly to the sector five church." Reno closed the door and the chopper lifted off of the ground and head towards the church.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-23-2006, 08:34 PM
Sakura meeped lightly as she threw her arms around Vincent's waist clinging to him. "Eep!" she squealed as they sped off. Burrying her face into his back the red cape wafted smoothly around her form almost as if protecting her. Gulping softly she kept her face burried in Vincent's spine whimpering softly.


Kadaj blinked abit as he watched Yazoo, "You mean you want to give up on them? But--! It was Mother's wish for the to be our's! And you're just going to free them like doves who deserve to be shot down?!" Kadaj bursted out as he flew to his feet. He couldn't beleive what he was hearing, his brother going soft?! How could such ludacris fall upon these particular brothers?!

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06-23-2006, 08:45 PM
Yazoo suddenly lept to his feet, his eyes blazing with an eerie green glow.

"Give...Them...Up?!" Yazoo said almost venomously. "I NEVER said anything...Of giving them up....She wants to be free from her past...So we will give her a future...One with us and Mother." Yazoo told Kadaj with a dark smile. "She'll be free to be with us and Mother...Her true kind...She wants...To belong to this world....Even though it rejects her...So we will give Mother back the planet...And we will all belong...Belong like we were always meant to be."
************************************************** *********

Ninelle wasn't use to the strange machines that these people rode. She had seen the helicopters at Shinra before but they were still strange and foreign to her. She clutched Cloud's arms and suddenly a sharp pain resonated through her.

Her eyes suddenly flickered and she felt weak once more. Why...Did she feels so drained all of a sudden? Ninelle shook it off and as soon as she looked at Cloud's long black sleeved arm she knew....

"You're...Ill," Ninelle whispered in realization.

06-24-2006, 05:48 AM
Babs shoots up in her computer chair and groans. Apearantly vincent never showed up nor did that other guy. She wiped the drool of her mouth and sighs muttering "stupid vincent". Rubbing her eyes she moved to the living room and pulled her laptop from under her table and puts it in a backpack, she also putted a small tranqualizer in it and two shots of her 'mix'. She closed off the computer and left her house in and went to the church perhaps the blonde male could tell her where vincent was.

06-24-2006, 10:07 PM
Cloud looked down at her slightly. "You can....?" He cut himself off then erased his thoughts. He stepped on the gas peddle and quickly caught up to Vincent in no time.

"Don't let go of me Ninelle, I won't let anyone hurt you." He tightened his gripp on the handle bars andstepped the gas peddle flat, then he released it a little as he pulled up side by side with Vincent, only a small ten meters inbetween.

For some reason I have a bad feeling about those two men they mentioned before. It's the same feeling I have around 'him' and quite similar to Ninelle...

Cloud looked down at Ninelle then back to the bare dessert a head with the city hazed in the horizon.

I'm being paranoid again...

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-25-2006, 11:36 AM
"Mmm... Even so, my doubts were confirmed when you started spazzing, brother." Kadaj said cocking a brow as he replaced himself on the bed, leaning over, his elbows resting on his knees. "You know if you did give up on them... That would be defying mother's wishes..." Kadaj informed as his silver hair covered his face casually. His lips parted expressing a sigh as he leanedback rapidly onto the bed, his hair wafting in the air elegantly as his form laid still on the bed.

I'm sure he knows... If he defyies mother... I will kill him...

06-25-2006, 02:52 PM
Ninelle was weary. She was so drained by all that had happened. Her silver hair whiped out of the back of the helmet she wore and she clutched Cloud fearfully.

He has the illness...Just like that man...Ninelle thought remembering the attack back in that alley not too long ago. What is happening to this world...It's nothing like Nii-chan use to say it was like...But was it only a lie? Would Nii-chan....Lie to me? No! Nii-chan...Wouldn't...

************************************************** *****************

Yazoo glanced at Kadaj and glared at him with a cool expession.

"I will never...Defy Mother," Yazoo told Kadaj sternly. "Never...."

With that he scooped up his jacket and slipped it on. With that he sat down on his bed and unsheathed the Velvet Nightmare and began to work on fixing it.

"Damn that cape-wearing Old Man...." Yazoo muttered. "This is going to take some time to fix..." He then grumbled.

06-25-2006, 02:54 PM
Babs walked into the church to find it empty. shrugging she sat down and pulled out the laptop from her backpack typing some commands after it started up she kept herself busy until the others would come.

06-25-2006, 03:04 PM
Cloud pulled into the Church courtyard. He had been the first there since it was his home and he knew all the short cuts.

He hopped off his bike and picked Ninelle up as if her were his own child. Then he noticed Babs with her laptop. He removed the helmet on Ninelle and walked over to her, still holding Ninelle close.

He stopped in front of babs and looked at her waiting for her to explain her presence in his courtyard.

06-25-2006, 03:16 PM
Babs dasent stop typing and after a moment she looked up. her eyes were cold "so your finaly here"she looked at ninelle a bit sadly and then reaches into her backpack pulling out the syringe with the 'mix""take this, it wil make the symptomes of the stigma lessen" she looked to cloud.

06-25-2006, 03:22 PM
Ninelle's eyes widened at the sight of the syringe. Painful memories flickered and she let out a sharp cry. She scrambled out of Cloud's arms and clutched Cloud fearfully, hiding behind him.

She was shivering as memories tore at her. The experiments...The testing...Things that most normal people would scream in terror of and go insane in mere moments of wittnessing.

Her silver hair covered her eyes and her white dress cling to her frail frame.

06-25-2006, 10:04 PM
"No. Temporary relief is not worth it." He moved Ninelle out of sight. "Put it away. It scares her far too greatly." He said then grabbed her Ninelles hand and walked into the church.

"Are you hungry?" he questioned as he stood in the middle of the kitchen and released her hand. "We don't have much...but if you're hungry there is fruit and bread."

He looked at her slightly then looked out the curtained window. "Babs. Do you know how to cook?" He asked her through it.

06-25-2006, 11:16 PM
Ninelle looked at Cloud with an innocent look.

"Hungry?" Ninelle asked with confusion.

Ninelle gazed down at Cloud's hand holding her's and smiled warmly. It felt like...When her Nii-chan used to hold her hand. It was so warm...So...Alive.

Her silver hair moved around her and she blushed a little. Cloud was still very strange to her and she wasn't use to him yet...However he felt so...Familar to be around.
************************************************** *********

Yazoo easily repaired the Velvet Nightmare and turned to Kadaj, swiftly loading the barrel.

"So...Why say we go hunting for the flowers?" Yazoo inquired. "Big Brother...And the Old Man must be hiding them by now..." He added a little bitterly. "I want my gift from Mother...Very soon Brother"

With that he closed the barrel with a clack of metal upon metal and pointed the gun at Kadaj playfully.

"Bang! Big Brother...Is gone," Yazoo chuckled. "And Mother opens her arms to her children once more...And this planet...Becomes our rightful home."

06-25-2006, 11:59 PM
Vergil- somewhere headed to an address

Walking in the Sector slums, he knew that he was kind of late. But something was telling him to go there.


He saw someone with blonde hair, whom he suspected was Cloud Strife. His hair stood out- after all, he was the one who had stopped Sephiroth a long time ago.

That was before this happened! he thought, one hand going to his forehead which was wrapped.

"Hey, there you are, sorry about that, I got lost again," he said to the girl who he had bumped into.

06-26-2006, 11:21 AM
babs puts the syringe away and rests her hand on her hip at clouds qeustion. "your living alone and you don't know how to cook? have you been living on ramen or something?" she turned around and looked at vigirl, she bends and pulls the syringe out of her pack "here this wil stop the symptoms for a while, it is painfull though". She turned and walked to the church "you know, just because i am a woman das not mean i am martha steward" she enters the church.

06-26-2006, 12:35 PM
Cloud said nothing. He opened the a small closet to reveal a stash of ramen and instant suppers. Then made a funny face.

How'd she know?

He closed the door and walked over to the fridge where there was some real food. He scrtached his head and sighed. "I'm not going to ask again." he muttered to her, "If you won't cook, then I'll get take out." He mummbled.

Then he walked back over to Ninelle and sat down beside her. "Did you like the bike ride?" he asked.

Why am I so drawn to her? She's just a kid. But...I can feel it...I actually care what happens to her. I care. Like... hhuuh.

He tilted his head slightly as he gazed upon Ninelle.

06-26-2006, 02:28 PM
babs sighs "no i''ll cook, take out isent healthy for a growing young lady" she started to dig through the kabinets for pots and pans "are you willing to listen to me then?"she started to throw some ingriedents together.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-26-2006, 03:26 PM
As the motorcycle pulled up into the church, Ishtiama climbed off, blushing madly as she heard about cooking, "I'll do it!" she called, wanting to get away from Vincent at this point in time. She was too shy, especially to be holding onto his waist. Running over to Cloud she opened the stash away reveiling all the ramen and such. "Ou! Chicken Ramen! Ninelle you'll like this!" she called out as she pulled out three small packets of Ramen, then looking about, "Everyone's eating, I demand it!" she called out once more before she dug out several more packets of ramen.

Pulling out some supplies she began cooking. Gulping lightly, her cheeks were still flushed a bight red, this only added to the suspision of her having feelings for Vincent. Gulping again she sturred the ramen quickly, letting the noodles cook at a steady, ervous pace.


Kadaj grinned abit, "You need rest, Yazoo. We'll do it first thing in the morning... Let them catch off guard..." he suggested darkly, a simple slender hand reaching up brushing a few strands of hair from his eyes. Leaning on the bed, Kadaj laid back, his head resting on the pillow, "Honestly, Yazoo... The girls... They'll be more unsuspecting in the morning... When they're tired... And fresh for us..." Kadaj added with a deep grin, his eyes shifting to Yazoo.

06-26-2006, 03:29 PM
babs rubs her nose bridge and counts to ten as ishiatima barges in and starts to pull out out the ramen, she never understood what people like about the instant noodle she pulled the spaghettie of the fire and mutters "or spaghettie if you want"she pulls her laptopn form her backpack and sits on the ground leaning against a wall.

06-26-2006, 06:30 PM
Cloud looked at the instant noodles. Then he looked at the boiling pot on the fire. "Hmm...tough choice..." He leaned back in his chair and finally decided.

I've had too many instant noodles....But...Eh...I'll eat both.

"I think I'll have a little of both." He murmered.

"Someone please call me when everything is cooked." He stood up and looked at Ninelle. It was as if he was asking her if she wanted to come, and if she did he would gladly accept. But he said nothing and turned and left out into the church court again.

He rolled his bike into it's usual spot then sat down on a broken statue piece. He gazed upon all the flowers and proped his chin on both hands, his finger intertwining with eachother.

He saw Vincent by his bike. and watched him from afar, then looked down to the blooming flowers. "How relaxing." he said softly watching the cool breeze slide through every small flower, making it seem as though the flowers were dancing.

06-26-2006, 06:57 PM
Ninelle watched Cloud go without a sound. She reached after him, but soon withdrew her hand. She looked down sadly.

He's...Not...Nii-chan...Ninelle reminded herself. Nii-chan...Is somewhere...I can feel his presence...It...Haunts me so....But it's not the same as he once was...It's not the same...

Ninelle moved over to an area filled with flowers and curled up like a cat on her side. Her eyelids grew heavy, her lashes fluttering slowly like a butterfly's wings resting. She gazed at a white flower and gentle touched it with her index finger causing a droplet of water to hang upon her pearly nail.

Ninelle watched the droplet intently and soon it rolled off, splashing onto the floor. Ninelle lay in silence, listening to the conversations ongoing.
************************************************** ********

Yazoo nodded and sheathed the Velvet Nightmare. He laied back and sighed.

"For once...I can't wait...For the sun to rise," Yazoo said softly with a grin. "Come morning...Come."

With that he drifted off to sleep, anticipating the battle to come and the reclaiming of what was rightfully their's...Those strange women with the scent of Mother.

Crimson Eyes
06-27-2006, 12:26 AM
Vincent rode into the church courtyard and turned off his bike. He got off and helped Sakura off. "Cloud. What should we do? Should we let the girls fight or hide them from those two men? If they fight, we have a great advantage over them, but they could get taken away or even hurt." Vincent crossed his arms and looked at Cloud.

06-27-2006, 02:02 AM
Vergil- inside the broken-down church

Taking the syringe that the woman had passed to him, he saw that it was full of some strange-colored liquid.

Wonder if it really does work.

Raising the long sleeve of his trenchcoat to reveal some of his skin (as he wasn't exactly wearing a cravat and a vest underneath this time around, as it was so hot), he popped off the protective cap of the syringe and stuck the needle in his forearm.

Feeling a twinge of pain almost at once, his other hand went up to his forehead, and rubbed the spot albeit furiously.

Then he saw more people arrive, and he decided to take a little walk.

"By the way, ramne's good," he said before going to the most unusual place inside the church- the "garden", as he learned it was called.

Since practically all of Midgar had deteriorated, it came as a surprise to see flowers growing in the ground. He then saw Cloud, and someone else talking. He then leaned against a wall a little distance away from them, and let the breeze run through his white hair, his eyes occasionally darting to the little green shimmering sphere in his handguard located on his right hand.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-27-2006, 04:08 AM
Blushing an even brighter red at Vincent's statement, about protecting them and how worried he was. Why was he acting like this? She wondered silently to her self. Why didn't he want her to be taken? Why?! Ishtiama cringed abit as she pondered over the thoughts. Soon, the Ramen was finished, adding the last touches, Ishtiama grabbed all the proper nessesities, taking a bowl over to Ninelle she quickly handed her it speaking loudly, "Enjoy!" she called as she ran over preparing a few more bowls handing them out to everyone quickly. Grabbing the last bowl she handed it to Vincent gingerly gacing at him silently for a moment before she turned away with her own bowl running off to a window of the church. Climbing in the window seal she sat silently, twirling a pair of chopsticks around the noodles.

She couldn't eat... She couldn't get Vincent out of her mind, why though..?


Kadaj grinned as his brother fell asleep. Closing his own eyes he thought about Sakura, and what their future held. What did their future hold..? Two clashing personalities. Well... Not clashing... But their attitude mix could set off world war three.

Sighing, he closed his eyes letting him self drift off into a light doze, soon seaping into a peaceful, rested sleep.

06-27-2006, 09:19 AM
Ninelle stared at the steaming bowl unsure what to do with it. She gingerly picked up a chopstick and tried to scoop the noodles out, but was to no avail. She then descided to try to mimick the others but the noodles kept slipping away before she could reach her mouth.

When she did finally manage to get a few...Ninelle realized something. She had forgotten how to eat.

She gagged and clutched her throat. Soon she swallowed it down and gasped for air. Ninelle then set the ramen aside and placed the chopstick back into the bowl.

She then curled back up to into her previous position and gazed onto the flowers.

If she had forgotten something as simple as eating....How much more was lost to her? Ninelle was on the verge of dispair but remained silent and calm.

06-27-2006, 11:47 AM
babs knocks on ninnele's back when she chokes and shows her how to use the chopsticks right and how to chew. she smiled at her before turning to vincent "don't count me in, i am just a streetfighter i wil be more in the way than handy" She points to her laptop but i have more information about the trio if ya wanna know.

Crimson Eyes
06-28-2006, 08:29 PM
Vincent had not even touch his ramen. Instead he got up and walked around. He was observing Ninelle's habits. He was a bit confused at Ninelle's inability to eat. He was sure she was able to eat before. He went over to Ninelle. "Ninelle, weren't you able to eat properly before? What has happened? Although you seem to have lost your ability to eat properly, you have gained the knowledge to fight exceptionally well. Why is that?"

06-28-2006, 09:24 PM
Ninelle gazed up at Vincent, her green eyes wide and round. A long ramen noodle was hanging from the corner of her mouth and she stared at him for a few seconds before she strugglingly slurped up the noodle.

"Fuzzy...Everything fuzzy..." Ninelle said trying to stab a noodle with her right chopstick. "But~! Ninelle remembers what Nii-chan said! Nii-chan taught Ninelle how to fight to protect herself!" She then added with beaming pride. "Ninelle wanted to be as good as Nii-chan with a katana so she could join Nii-chan on his missions...And leave the labs...And the testing...And....The experiments...Forever..."

Ninelle furrowed her brow, touching her forehead with her left hand.

"Long sleep...The long sleep when Shinra locked me away...Stole away...Certian things...It made me...Forget..." Ninelle said sadly. "But~! I will never forget Nii-chan no matter how hard Shinra tries! Nii-chan was Ninelle's only friend...And Ninelle cherishes her memories with him!" She then said with a wide innocent smile. "Nii-chan is Ninelle's hero! He saved me from being Shinra's doll..."

Ninelle continued to smile. Her few happy memories making her blush and resemble a little girl before opening Christmas presents.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-29-2006, 05:13 AM
Soon, the urges caused Ishtiama to eat. Hours passed, still Vincent remained on her mind. On and on and one the thoughts went. Biting her lip, she laid the bowl down on the edge of the window ceil before she curled up abit, resting against the window ceil. She rested against the side of the ceil, her arms crossed in her lap, her form elegant looking and peaceful. Although the risk of falling was there, she ignored it as she fell into a light slumber, whispering softly, "Vincent..."

Not realizing such, she gave a soft whimper in her sleep as she shifted slightly, she ignored the murmmures of everyone behind her. Sighing in her sleep, the young girl held her self to keep her self warm. Sniffling softly in her sleep, she cleared her throat.

Crimson Eyes
06-29-2006, 10:03 AM
Vincent just lingered by the broken down church pews. He ran a clawed finger over the ruins of a collapsed pew. He turned around and looked up front at the beautiful flowers that Aeris had cared for so long ago. He continued to look at the sovereign garden until something caught his eye. He shifted his crimson hues to a balled up Sakura sleeping on a window ceil. He slowly walked over to her, with his golden boots clanking on the wooden floor. He stopped before Sakura. Just then the sun shined through the glass window. The rain had finally stopped. Vincent shifted his eyes back to the sleeping Sakura. The sunlight shined on her. It had increased the appeal of her beauty. "Sakura..." Vincent reached out to tap her on the shoulder but then something flashed in Vincent's mind. His head started to hurt. He was about to go into his beserk form. "AH!"

06-29-2006, 10:40 AM
Ninelle suddenly dropped her bowl, it shattering upon the floor. She sensed the power rise within the room from Vincent. She clutched her head and her green eyes widened, the pupils becoming tiny slits.

"It hurts..." Were the only words that arose from Ninelle's lips as a sharp soft painful cry.

Ninelle stared onto the floor and trembled slighly. She then closed her eyes and remembered her first sword lesson by her Nii-chan to calm herself.
************************************************** *********

"Keep a firm, but somewhat loose grip upon the hilt of your katana..." Nii-chan instructed her, holding out his wooden bakuto practice sword to show her. "Your grip is very important for when you parry or attack so you must be able to change it to adjust to your situation without hurting yourself."

"Yes! What next Nii-chan? Ninelle wants to learn much more!" Ninelle beamed.

"Heh! We've only just begun so be paitent!" He chuckled. "Alright...Now we'll begin some basic beginner's techniques like blocking and defending since protecting your body from the enemy is vital to the success of the battle."

After a few short lessons Ninelle caught on fast. Within three hours she had already learned many techniques beyond a new student would. They were actually in practice battles and Ninelle was advancing rapidly.

"Hah!" Nii-chan announced swiping her bakuto away with ease.

Ninelle doubled back for a second attack, trying to catch him off gaurd. Nii-chan stepped aside and went to tap her on the back to win, but Ninelle swiftly turned blocking the blow.

"Nice...You're using what you learned very efficently...Now what did I tell you about your grip?" He said with a smile.

Suddenly he flicked his wrist and with a circular motion of his arm he disarmed Ninelle, sending the wooden sword soaring. It hit the ground like a thunk and Ninelle gazed in wonder as she slumped to her knees. He lightly tapped her onto of her head and Ninelle laughed, clapping her hands.

"You're so amazing Nii-chan! Ninelle wants to be as strong as Nii-chan!" Ninelle beamed.

He smiled at her, shaking his head slightly.

"I just 'killed' you and you're not even mad or upset about it...Heh...So always see things...So simply and with such appreciation." He chuckled with an understanding voice. "I wish...I could see things...As you do so clearly."

Ninelle gazed at him in wonder then smiled, blushing slightly. He extended his hand and she took it edgarly. He helped her up and smiled at her.

"Let's...Call it a day...Tommorrow we'll hold another session...I don't want to run out of things to teach you!" He then laughed. "In three hours...You've become a warrior...Maybe...When you become skilled enough you can go to mission as my apprentice or aid...Then you won't have to...Go to the labs anymore."

"Really?! Ninelle would like that! Ninelle wants to be with Nii-chan! She wants to be at his side forever!" Ninelle said rapidly. "Ninelle will train hard! Ninelle will do whatever it takes...To be by Nii-chan's side...!"
************************************************** ********

....But in reality...Nii-chan wasn't there. In reality she was in a strange place with people she just barely knew. Ninelle stopped shivering and kept her eyes closed.

"Nii-chan..." She whispered.

06-29-2006, 11:25 AM
babs sighs when everyone seemed to be walking away or on there own way again, she leans on the table irriated "you guys if i wanted to be ignored i woulden't have killed my parents, they ignored me for a lifetime" She brushes her hair back "do you want the info or not, if you don't i wil leave" she moved to get her backpack.

Demonic Ice Dragon
06-29-2006, 03:22 PM
Ishtiama imediately snaped out of her sleeping state nearly falling backwards at Vincent's crying out. Her feet caught the cobbles on the floor as she fell to her knees by Vincent, "Vincent! Vincent what's wro--" she paused as she watched him. "Chaos..." she murmmured softly, realizing what was happening. She grabbed Vincent's shoulders leaning him back abit looking at him, "No, Vincent! Please, don't tranform!" Ishtiama pleaded as she shook him. She bit her lip as her eyes welled with tears. "Don't!" she cried out as she threw her self against his chest, hugging him.

"If you transform... You could end up killing yourself... Please... Don't... I don't think I can live with out you..." Ishtiama said softly as she closed her eyes tightly, staying close against him, hoping he would try to refrain from transforming.


As the sun poured in through the curtains, Kadaj finally stirred from his blissful sleep. Leaning up, he tapped Yazoo on the shoulder, "It's morning, brother..." Kadaj murmmured, a deep grin tugged at his lips as he looked over the room. He stood up from the bed running his finger through his hair. Humming a sigh quietly.

06-29-2006, 06:03 PM
Cloud hadn't budged nor slept. He hadn't even ate. But as he heard Vincent yell he suddenly hoped onto his feet. He looked around as daybreak was rising and then suddenly his head began to hurt. "Uhh..." He rested his hand on his head.

"Ninelle..." He dashed into the church and bardged into Ninelles' resting place. "Ninelle! Get up." He shook her slightly then propped himself against the stone wall and peered outside. "Babs! Vincent may be turning...and I also sense another bad feeling..." He wasn't sure what the feeling was but he passed it off and decided to deal with the situation at hand. "Ninelle, You stay close to me. No matter what." he ordered.

"Vincent, take controll!" He yelled down to him from the window.

06-29-2006, 07:08 PM
Ninelle was limp in cloud's arms. She was unconcious and doll-like. She did not stirr at all.

Her silver hair fell into her face and her lashful eyes stayed closed.
************************************************** **********

Yazoo awakened with a soft groan and stood slowly, grabbing his jacket. He slipped it on and grinned to himself.

"Finally...It is time..." Yazoo said with his sly smile. "Mother's gifts...Shall be ours to take within this new light..."

06-29-2006, 07:59 PM
OOC: If any of you are wondering, or just do not care, Ryu_Tora is gone. He is extremely busy, and can not get on very much. He has requested that I play Loz for him until he returns. As long as it is ok with you, Demonic_Ice_Dragon...

Munashii layed silently in the desert near Midgar. It was nighttime, and there was a full moon. His motorbike was leaning on the kickstand, and he lay there, troubled. He had just had an argument with Tifa, so he rode off and made a spot here. He wanted some 'alone time'.As he lay there, he thought intently to himself...

What is thier problem? I used them. And they...forgave me. Why do they care about me? I am just some reclusive, unwavvering shadow. Yet, they bother to look after me, talk to me, and...be there for me. It is like Toko, but a group of people! How can people be so nice?

As Munashii turned over, he felt something make a crinkling sound, and he dove his hand into his pocket. He withdrew a small picture of the Gang, with Tifa waving happily. Munashii was in the corner,and if one was not looking for him, then one would think it was the shadow. But he stood out. Tifa was holding him with her other arm. It was him in the corner.
He took one last look at it, then realized something. Tifa wrote 'Kitty-Chan' on the corner above Munashii and she.

What? Why? She always calls me that. And she puts it on the picture too? She does not realize...that was what Toko called me, all the time...
Munashii chunked it away and turned over and fell asleep...

06-29-2006, 11:27 PM

"Wait!" he said suddenly, appearing behind the rest of them. Looking at the girl he had bumped into, he asked her, "So what do you know? About Geostigma? Is there even a cure that exists for it?"

Fiddling with the chopsticks of his now-empty bowl of ramen, he stared into its depths, as if willing to show something that he could barely understand.

Why did this Geostigma hit me in the first place?

Staring at the leftover soup (since he didn't want to use a spoon he drank it directly from the bowl in small sips) inside, he then said, "Where's the cause of the problem? If you people are going to solve it, I might as well go along with you. I have no place left in Midgar- and besides, I want to..."

He got cut off, as Cloud's companion, the one cloaked in red, started shaking.

"What's wrong with him? Is something the matter?" he asked, taking a closer look at him.

I know much of Cloud's past adventures but I never learned about this guy...

Looking apprehensively at the man cloaked in red, he was contemplating if he was going to use the green Materia studded in his right handguard or not.

"Can he be healed?"

But there was another question playing inside his mind.

What happens to those who have the sickness?

06-30-2006, 12:14 AM
OOC: I feel it necessary to explain my Motorcycle.

It is called the Roaring Tiger and is complicated. As a normal motorbike, it has two wheels. It can retract, or expand its' back wheels. It also has alot of weaponry. So here is a picture, as I called it 'tiger shaped' and DID-san was distessed. So here I am, Tigris to the rescue...
Another important note is that this motorcycle is too short. The one in the RPG is larger.

A flowing, crystal-like sound played in the silence of Munashii's sleep. The sound played again. He reached for his cell, and then turned it on.

"One new message," it said, a female recording giving the information.
"To view this mess-" "BEEP"

Munashii pressed a button and the message activated. He listened to the message. It was from Tifa. After he finished listening, he sat up wearily.

Hmm. I suppose I am off to Midgar...*sigh*
Munashii warmed up his Tiger shaped MotorBike, then revved off into the night...

06-30-2006, 03:11 AM
babs looks to vergil "it isent curable..yet, but i am working on it"she rubs her temple in annoyance "but aparantly the info i have is not important enough for these guys". Putting her laptop in her backpack she hands the other syringe to virgil. And looks at him "you need this at the end of the month, come to me for two more shots in the middle of next month". She glares at the other over her shoulder before walking out of the door. She started walking back to her apartment 'i am sorry ninnele but unless they show intrest in your past and the research you have been put through, they are not worth the time' she thought.

07-02-2006, 01:16 PM
Yazoo unsheathed the Velvet Nightmare one last time and swiftly loaded the barrel with his custom bullets. The sleek silver gun shone as he closed it swiftly with a flick of his wrist and shot a nearby lamp to bits without even seeming to move. His silver hair slid down his shoulder like liquid snakes and he smiled, his pale lips parting slightly with a chuckle.

"Let's go...Brother..." Yazoo said softly with satisfaction. "I want...I see her...Very soon...I want to see her face...As she...Remembers me..."

With that he sheathed the large shining gun and his green irises glowed softly.

Can you sense us looking for you yet...? Will you know when we come little flowers? Yazoo thought darkly. Of course you will...You both...Are blessed by Mother...Just like...Us.
************************************************** ***************

Ninelle remained unconcious. She did not stirr nor dream. The darkness of her mind left her untroubled nor blissful.

She simply slept. She slept in the warm comfort of Cloud's arms. A pale waft of a young woman seeming to be no older than 18-19 or even in her early twenties.

Suddenly a sharp resonance woke her and Ninelle rose with a cry, clutching her head as her pupils turned to tiny slits and her green irises glowed.

"They're...Coming..." Were the only words that arose from her lips.

07-02-2006, 02:10 PM
Cloud set her down. "They who?" he questioned looking at her confused. He scratched his forehead and looked out the window just to make sure Vincent hadn't done anything yet.

"Were you just dreaming?" he questioned beginning to lose his sence of wonder.

If you were here...I might feel as though I could do my job. Besides...you were better with kids then me.

Cloud shook the thought from his mind and looked back to Ninelle. Then he felt a strange feeling. He stood to his feet and looked around. "Hmm..." He didn't like the feeling it reminded him of danger and power.

"I think we should be leaving soon." he informed.

07-02-2006, 05:43 PM
Ninelle shakingly gazed over to Cloud and her small pale hand reached out and gently grabbed his. She was trembling slightly, but from the feel of her hand and wide-green eyes the message was clear.

Don't leave me.

Ninelle gazed away, a few tears falling, letting her long silver hair cover her face. She was scared.

"Ninelle...Remembers...She...Doesn't dream..." Ninelle said softly to answer Cloud's question. "They're coming Cloud-san...Those with the silver hair like me...Please don't...Let them take me and Sakura-san away...I don't want...To go anywhere but here...Please...Cloud-san..." She then added looking back at him with teary eyes. "I want to stay here...With you..."

07-02-2006, 11:27 PM

Taking the syringe that the woman handed him, he said before she left, "I'll make sure of that."

Of course I have to cure myself of this disease... but the question is, what does she know? I wonder... But there's danger in the air right now...

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-03-2006, 12:28 AM
OOC: I strictly said "One Paragraph or more", Amante. Next time you best post atleast three times that much.

Ishtiama shot a glare back to Vergil and Babs, "This isn't something you just cure and it's all better! There's a demon harbouring with-in Vincent's body..." Ishtiama nearly cried out as she watched him quietly, "Vincent..." she whispered softly as she watched him. Biting her lip, icy anzure optics would watch over Vincent in silence.

Please... Don't...

She thought silently, putting further pressure on her lip as she bit it. Ishtiama flet something deep inside her, a pain of sorts. Clutching her stomach, it made her feel nautious, she ignored it the best she could. Her main focus was getting Vincent into a safer state.


Kadaj nodded, "Alright..." he murmmured with a dark grin as she grabbed the sheath of the Souba, sliding the sword holding sheath into a loop in the back of his trench coat, Kadaj chewed his lip a moment, "Mm... Let's go." he said in a smooth demanding tone as he moved towards the door. Opening it slowly, he peered out over their bikes, "Heheh.." he murmmured as he ran out to his bike quickly, "First one there get's to kill the Old Man..." Kadaj offered in challenge. Mounting his bike quickly, he sent a foot over, knocking over Yazoo's bike before he sped off, his laughter heard fading out as she began to speed down the road at speeds unimaginable.

07-03-2006, 12:53 AM
*Saky...You called Kadaj a "she" again...Lol. Pity thine girly-haired man...*

Yazoo growled, muittering threats under his breath so softly it sounded like a whisper of wind before a storm. He swiftly picked up his bike and mounted, kicking off and revving the engine viciously.

He's probably still in a mood since he wiped out during our last race...Yazoo thought with amusement. However...I'll have to teach little brother some respect for my things...

Yazoo swiftly sped towards Kadaj and smooth-cliff like formation was to his right and Yazoo grinned. He pushed his bike hard and it the half-pipe-like formation and rounded through the air. His bike sailed over Kadaj's and Yazoo grinned.

His gloved hand lashed out and grabbed a fistfull of Kadaj's hair and yanked him off of his seat. Yazoo landed with a thud and kept on going while Kadaj was thrown behind him.

"Farewell little Brother!" Yazoo called as Kadaj hit the dirt and his bike fell over, sliding a bit before it stopped. "I'll see you where our flowers grow..." He added with a sing-song tone.

07-03-2006, 01:34 AM
OOC: I suppose it is ok for me to play Loz? If not, please notify me DID. Also, who is playing Tifa? She is about to need be into a scene, and she is crucial. If Neji does not return, may I play her? With example of course...

Munashii's bike hummed with power as it streaked across the desert. He swooped and swreved, playing some kind of game from sheer staleness. He ramped off a rock, and gracefully spun. Too bad the spin sent him into another slanted rock. It amde him fly twenty or so feet in the air, and he landed with a crash.
"Damn it!" Munashii screamed at the rocks. He didn't know what to be mad at worse; the crash or his actions causing it. And the other harsh reality was damage. The bike was fine. Tora had a huge bruise across his skull, and there was a bump on the top.
"Damn..." he mumbled before standing.
He went over to the un-scathed Roaring Tiger and hopped back on.

After a short while, he reached Midgar. (around the time set of everybody else) He then slowed and drifted amongst the streets. He only had a few ideas of where she could be. He stopped at a nearby bar, called Pretty Kitty. He went there first upon a few reasons. One, it was the first idea that came to his mind. Second, after the drink and a long night, where better than a bar? And finally, he did not expect her to be there. In a little immature way, he was avoiding Tifa. After the arguement, she was bound to yell at him, cry, or do something random. Like the time she hit me with the ketchup bottle...Munashii thought wearily. He locked the bike, then went inside and sat at the darkest, cornermost booth...

07-03-2006, 08:01 AM
babs walked angrily into the apartment, pissed she picket up a rock from a table in the hallway and threw it against the wall "bunch if idiotic fools". Pulling her laptop from her backpack she sat down on the couch. She typed in the commands "al i need is some dna from ninnele but as long as they don't show interest..". She lays her hea in her hands 'i did'nt pretend to be dead al this time to let it waste away"she stares at the wall 'if they wont show interest in ninnele's past soon then i am forced to go to loz and his brothers' she thought. She shudders 'and thats rather something i don't to do'. She stares at the screen

Crimson Eyes
07-03-2006, 02:06 PM
OOC: Remember, Reno's text is white and Rude's is light blue.

Vincent fell to his knees as he held his head. In his head was a pain that Vincent couldn't identify. It was like there was a knife in his brain. He looked at Sakura and reached his clawed hand out. "Sakura...Sakura!" The pain in his head twinged and he held his head once more. His mind was flashing. He looked at everyone else and they were all Lucrecia. His mind flashed again and he saw no one but Sephiroth. Vincent screamed and red wings sprouted up from his back and ripped through his red cloak. He shook his head around and looked at Ninelle. His crimson hues suddenly flashed and eerie yellow color. His pale face turned a faint blue color and his teeth changed into razor sharp jowls. His whole body was changing. His hands became large claws and his limbs grew in size and strength. His hair turned red and it spiked up. His transformation was complete. He got to his feet and let out a monstrous scream. Just then Reno and Rude came into the church.

"Yo, I'm here, WHOA!" Reno slided to a stop, with Rude behind him. Reno looked up at Vincent in his demonic form. "Holy crap..." Reno and Rude started to slowly step back. Vincent turned and looked at them. "Yo, Rude let's take this freak out." Of course Reno had no idea that it was Vincent and he had no idea who he was messing with. "Get 'em!" Reno and Rude charged at Vincent. Reno had his electric rod out and Rude was using his hands. Reno jujmped at Vincent. Vincent growled and swiped Reno away. Reno flew to the side and landed on a church pew. "Ohh, man..."

Rude looked over at Reno. "Reno!" Rude looked back towards Vincent only to meet up with strong backhand. But because he was heavier than Reno, Rude flew a shot distance into another pew. "Ouch..."

Vincent let out another scream and the darted up into the air. He flew through a hole in the roof and came outside of the church. He perched himself onto the top of the roof and looked over Midgar. He gave out another monstrous scream and then flew away from the church and into the city.

07-03-2006, 02:28 PM
Ninelle stood, clutching Cloud's hand. The air was filled with resonance and she tried to endure it, gritting her white teeth.

"Vincent-san!" Ninelle cried after him, her silver hair swirling about.

A sharp pain seered her mind and a flash of her Nii-chan's face burned. Ninelle struggled to stand, trying to keep her footing.

"What is it you want me to do Nii-chan...?" Ninelle whispered, her green eyes sad and filled with confusion.

Ninelle let out of Cloud's hand and darted over to the men who had crashed into the pew. She recognized the red-haired one for he had tackled Sakura and had given Ninelle a bloody nose.

Ninelle raised her hand over Reno, as if to use her abilities to destroy him, her pupils turning to tiny slits.

"You're...Injured..." She suddenly said softly.

Her body glowed softly and she lowered her hand a bit over Reno.

"Cure..." Ninelle announced, the magic healing him.

She travelled over to rude and repeated her healing. She then went back to Cloud's side and took his hand, her eyes returning to normal. She clung to Cloud sadly.

"Vincent-san...Is in pain..." Ninelle whispered, clsoing her eyes and leaning against his arm like a child would for comfort. "Ninelle....Wants to help Vincent-san...."

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-03-2006, 02:38 PM
Ishtiama drew her sword quickly lashing towards Reno, "Touch him and die!" Ishtiama warned as she narrowed her eyes. Looking back, Ishtiama felt like crying, "Vincent..." she whispered softly as he flew out of the church, "Vincent!" she screamed as she ran to the spot where he had once stood, "Vincent!!" she cried out as she ran towards the window leaning over the window ceiling watching as Chaos flew away.

Please... Please, No!

She pleaded in her mind, "Vincent...!" she cried out softly as the sword fell from her hands, "No..." she whispered softly. She felt limp, she felt a pain stinging her heart. I felt like one-thousand whitehot knives peircing her flesh.

My heart is crying out for you... Please... Please come back, Vincent...

She thought silently, the morning went dead... Chaos had left her sight, and more tears formed in Ishtiama's eyes, "Vincent..." she whispered softly. The sun continued to slowly rise, with every moment passing it became more painful for her. The man she... loved? No... The man she trusted had gone. Another moment's silence passed. Then, "Vincent!" Ishtiama cried out loudly, hoping to get an answer. "Vincent!!" she cried out once more, "Vincent--..!" she said again, her voice cracking emotionally, causing her tone to drop.

07-03-2006, 03:13 PM
Ninelle let go of cloud and went over to Sakura. She stood by her and gently placed a cool pale hand onto her head then brushed the hair out of her eyes.

"Don't cry...Sakura-san...We'll help Vincent-san..." Ninelle said softly. "Ninelle promises...And Ninelle never...Breaks a promise...That's what...Nii-chan taught Ninelle..."

Ninelle gently smiled at Sakura and took her hand. Her expression suddenly turned serious...Very unlike her.

"Let's go..." Ninelle called to everyone, her voice strong.

It was as if she had changed into a completely different person...She seemed...Confident.

************************************************** ********

Yazoo sped towards the church and wondered up Kadaj was going to make this race interesting or not. He sighed in disappointment and kept going. His silver hair whipped around him as the morning sun rays began to light up the earth.

07-03-2006, 10:35 PM
((ooc: I was kind of flat that day, okay, I shall make up for it with this post. a LONG one, since it touches on Vergil's past... and some occurences in the present- sorry about yesterday...))


As if a trigger, his left hand immediately went to his forehead, and he knew that there was something. Something disturbing him.

"Get back here!"

His twin brother, Dante, had his tongue stuck out at him, as if taunting him to give chase. Of course, he was the more mature twin of the two of them, but sometimes, you just had to give in to temptation. Like now.

"Why? What's the matter, Vergil, cat got your tongue?!" his twin taunted him all the more.

"Shut up..." he snarled to himself, trying his hardest not to pay attention, but it was overwhelming. His feet then broke out into a run.


Shimmering thoughts of the past floated before his eyes, then he shook his head.
Then the headache reached its highest pitch, and his vision wavered for another moment.

"Argh!" he yelled, dropping his sword, holding both his hands to his forehead.

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-04-2006, 01:17 AM
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Crimson Eyes
07-04-2006, 01:52 AM
Vincent had flown out of Midgar and into the desert wasteland. Even though he was Chaos, part of him was still Vincent, and Vincent knew he had to stay away from all those people. For in his beserk form, he would surely kill and cause destruction. Vincent was looking down as he flew through the sandy air. He was calming down as he venture the air with a smooth flight, until something caught his eye. Vincent stopped in the air and looked down at the desert road. He saw a silver-haired man riding a motorcycle. Vincent gave a questioning look at the sight before him and then his mind flashed. He had flashbacks of fighting Yazoo. He had flashbacks of him with his Velvet Nightmare and calling Ninelle and Sakura...pets. Vincent came back to reality and let out a monstrous cry. He suddenly darted towards the ground at Yazoo. Vincent made and hard landing in front of Yazoo's path and watched as Yazoo rode closer.


Reno looked up at his healer and gave a sly smile. "Hey...you're that girl that was in the forest." Reno got up and looked at her. He remembered what had happened in the forest and gave a face that said "oops". "Oh yeah, I...hurt your nose. I'm sorry about that. It was my bad. By the way, I'm Reno." Reno put his hand out to Ninelle who was kinda hiding herself by Cloud. He smiled but then shifted his eyes to an angry Sakura. He put his hands up in defense. "Hey, whoa!" Reno put his metal rod up to counter her sword. "Take it easy. Listen, I'm sorry for tacklin' you, alright?" Reno gave his sly smile.

07-04-2006, 02:06 AM
Ninelle who was now trying to get everyone to go after Vincent, gazed at Reno, holding tightly to Sakura's hand.

"It's ok...My name...Is Ninelle!" Ninelle said with a soft smile. "It's nice to meet you Reno-san..."

Ninelle gazed at Sakura awaiting her reaction.
************************************************** **********

Yazoo spotted something before him and braked hard, sweving out of the way in a sharp curve and stopped. His bike rumbled and he gazed at the once-beast before him.

"Well, well....It's the Old Man..." Yazoo purred. "So I guess I won yet again Kadaj..." He then said softly with satisfaction.

Yazoo grinned and sat up fully upon the raven-coloured bike.

"What do you want...?" Yazoo cooed, his voice silky. "I haven't got much time to play right now...But I can later...I'd make time for you anyday after what you did to my poor lovely weapon...She'll never be the same now..."

07-05-2006, 12:10 PM
Cloud watched Ninelle in amazement. But he did it carefully from afar untill he walked up beside her. "Sakura. It is not safe here anymore. I have a feeling that those two, even though I've not met them...know where I live."

He losened his black jacket and put on his sunglasses. "We can do as Ninelle promised, and run at the same time. If we go after Vincent, then we'll be able escape any threats." He looked down. "I can just feel it..."

He looked down at Ninelle. "You can too..." He asked softly. Then he turned and walked out the door. "So there's no sence in worrying about it...let's just go get him...though, there might be a battle in which we can not kill him, only weakenhim...and beleive me thats hard."
You could sence the danger? is that why Chaos decided to come out?...I know...We must leave too.

07-05-2006, 12:26 PM
dream/flash back

A young babs was held down by several scientist "mommy!daddy!"she cried and squirmt. She screamed when the cocktail was put in her arm. She manages to break lose from the scientists and ran through the lab area..


babs sta up in shock and shudders. she looked out the sun was already rising it she geused it was around 5 or 6 o clock in the morning. she sighs and stands to start her day.

07-05-2006, 01:30 PM
Ninelle gazed up at Cloud. Her shimmering green eyes were haunting, yet innocent. She then smiled warmly.

"Right! We'll help...Vincent-san!" Ninelle beamed with a radiating confidence. "I know...We will!"

Ninelle's hand slipped to her side, resting lightly upon the hilt of her long katana. For such a small girl the weapon was huge. Ninelle's silver hair whipped around her and for a moment Ninelle felt as if...She could still feel her Nii-chan standing beside her...

Telling her encouragingly of the battle to come...Preparing her for the worst as well as boosting moral. Ninelle wanted to keep that memory alive...The memory of her kind and strong Nii-chan.

Ninelle's pupils narrowed and a sharp resonance spread through her body. She pointed her pale index finger in a direction and her glowing irises followed.

"Vincent-san...Is that way...I can feel it," Ninelle said softly.

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-05-2006, 10:50 PM
Ishtiama frowned abit, "No one needs to tell me a thing. I plan on saving Vincent! And if he's still in there... He'll be able to fight against Chaos and change back with out any of you hurting him..." she said softly as she leaned down grabbing her sword. Stalking out of the chruch, she mounted Cloud's motorcycle once more, revving the engien, "Stay back..." she murmmured to the others.

Incase Vincent can't control Chaos... I don't want any of you hurt...

She thought in silence as she took off at speeds un imagineable.


Kadaj had gotten back on his bike, and was speeding after Yazoo, "Cheapshot, brother..." Kadaj growled as he would soon rev up on Yazoo's tail. As they came to a stop and seen Chaos, Kadaj placed a hand on his Souba, "We will deal with you later, right now, our flowers are blooming, and need cared for..." Kadaj cooed darkly. Reaching up he would brush a few silver strands from his eyes, before the sound of a new engien came revving their way. A pleasureable pain struck Kadaj, "Gah! I.. I feel her..." Kadaj growled as he clutched his head.

Ishtiama came soon to Vincent, as the bike sped, she reached down to the sword in the sheath at her waist whipping it out quickly, "Vincent!" she yelled as she saw Kadaj and yazoo. "No..!" she murmmured soflty, her eyes going wide. "You stay away from him!" Ishtiama demanded as she held the sword out pointing it towards Kadaj. Kadaj would unseath his own Souba revving the engien he sped off towards the direction Ishtiama was comming from.

The two went on a head on collision course. Soon, blades clashed, a sword seen flying into the air and blood. Kadaj gasped out abit as the Souba was ripped by blade from his hands, blood from the solliding blade of Ishtiama's slashing his palm. "Gyah!" Kadaj cried out as Ishtiama made a collision course set towards Yazoo now, Kadaj turned revving towards Ishtiama and Yazoo, "Yazoo look out!" Kadaj yelled;

If she can disarm me... Imagine what she can do to Yazoo...

Crimson Eyes
07-05-2006, 10:51 PM
Vincent scowled at Yazoo. His flashing yellow eyes were staring into his black heart. "The only thing you have won is a painful death. I will make you pay. You do not deserve to be part of mankind, nor do you deserve to be in this world." The voice of Chaos was an eerie mixture of Vincent's own voice and the voice of a demon. "I will make sure you and Kadaj are torn to shreds!" Vincent charged at Yazoo and flapped his wings which gave him more speed. He gripped Yazoo's neck and held him in the air. Chaos brought his claws back. "This is your redemption, death..."

07-05-2006, 11:37 PM
Yazoo grinned wildly. His hand groped for the sheath of his weapon and with a flick of his wrist he pulled the Velvet Nightmare out and brought the barrel between Vincent's eyes.

"Redemption..? I have no need for that...Mother is my only reason for anything...And thus she is eveything," Yazoo purred, through a gasp for air.

With that he fired and pushed off Vincent's chest blackflipping through the air. Yazoo soared, his silver hair wafting around his pale face and landed on his bike. He immediatly heard Kadaj's cry and revved his bike.

Yazoo sped off and shot the front tire of Sakura's "borrowed" bike. Taking advantage of the moment he swurved around, using the back of his bike to swat Sakura away literally. He watched the girl and bike skid back and crash.

The sound made him grin even wilder. Yazoo rode up to Kadaj and dismounted. He helped his brother up and turned to Sakura, his eyes glinting.

"...I'm...Not in a very 'patient' mood m'dear..." Yazoo cooed. "Now tell me...Where is the little one...? The little one...Named after that flower...Now what was it? Oh yes...Ninelle..."

Yazoo aimed the Velvet Nightmare at her smiling his dark smile.

"If you don't tell me...I'll shoot your legs so that you can't run...And Little Brother here...Would be most upset if I did...But at least you won't wander off on him anymore," Yazoo chuckled teasingly at Kadaj.

************************************************** ********

Ninelle's eyes went wide and her pupils turned to tiny slits. The green irses flashed and her silver hair wafted around her pale face.

"Sakura-san...!" Ninelle gasped in shock, resonance ringing throught her small body.

With that Ninelle took off into a dash. For such a small person he was incredably fast. Her barefeet pounded against the ground as she made her way to find Sakura.

07-06-2006, 01:08 AM
((ooc: I took out a lot fo stuff in my last post, hope that clears things up a little. Sorry sorry sorry!))


Through the haze in front of his eyes right now, he could see shadows. Shadows of the people he had gone to see, yet the one who had given him the "cure" (or so he liked to call it) had disappeared.

Right. She already left.

Ignoring the pain, he picked up his sheathed sword, and hid it again behind his trenchcoat so that it wouldn't be seen.

Sometimes, the pain just has to drive you. Lucky that woman gave me something to keep myself as sane as possible...

Knowing that he had stowed away the syringes in one of his secret pockets, he gave a small sigh of relief. Looking at the girl, who had seemingly pointed in one particular direction, he then watched as she dashed out.

For a little girl, she moves like a cat. Quick, agile, powerful. Yet I know she's hiding something.

Trying to make up his mind, he then looked at the others, and then made up his mind.

"I can help you people. I've got nothing to lose anyway."

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-06-2006, 01:28 AM
Ishtiama flipped off the side of the bike as she rolled against the ground a shrill cry escaped her lips, "Gah!" she cried out as she came to a stop. Lifting her head to meet ridge to barrel contact with the gun, she blinked abit gasping softly, soft tightly in hand she gave a soft gulp, "You'll never get her... Go ahead. Shoot me. You won't ever get Ninelle..." she said softly, narrowing her eyes at Yazoo. A moment passed before she flung her sword up to his side, the sound of sword and flesh colliding, the fresh smell of blood filled the air as Ishtiama's sword struck Yazoo. Shredding his flesh, she yanked the sowrd straight back before jamming him back through his abdomin, the sound of flesh ripping anf leather shredding could be heard.

"Yazoo!" Kadaj yelled as he picked up the Souba running towards Yazoo and Ishtiama.

Twisting the blade with-in Yazoo's stomach, she grinned darkly, "But I swear it... I die... I'm taking you with me..." she growled as she flung her foot straight into the air and out of Yazoo's hands. Catching the gun in one hand she tossed it off to the side, the blade of her weapon stuck out his back, cattycorner of his spine. Moving behind him slowly, she grabbed the blade tightly. Blood escaped her own hands as she began to yanked at the blade as hgard as she could, "I won't--!" she yelled being caught off as she yanked the blade again, "--Let you hurt Vincent, or Ninelle!" she yelled again as she gave the sword one last yank pulling the hilt through Yazoo's torn flesh. Falling back slightly, she dropped the bloody weapon as she sent a foot into Yazoo's back causing him to fall forwards. Moving forwards, she sat on his back, in a straddling position as she reached down to his pockets pulling out the last of his potions.

Slamming the glass against the ground, it shattered spilling the liquid, "Heal your self now, you bakaroba..." she growled softly. Kadaj was horrfied. For the first time in his life, he was horrified. The present mother had left him was literally ripping his brother at the seems. "Y--Yazoo..." Kadaj murmmured softly as she bared his teeth running again towards Ishtiama. Jumping towards her, he lunged at her midair knocking her off his brother, pinning her to the ground sittng atop of her straddling her down, he murmmured; "You byakaro!" he yelled as he held the Souba's elegant blade to Ishtiama's neck.

She grinned, "Like I said... I'll take him with me..." she murmmured as she hand moved off to the side grabbing Velvet Nightmare. "Oyasumi..." she whispered to him softly as she cracked the hilt of the gun aaginst the back of his neck against his pressure point, this would put Kadaj into an uncontious state imediately. Shoving his sleeping form off she moved to Yazoo ripping the holster from his side, latching to her belt, she slipped the gun in. Leaning down to her sword she picked up the bloody weapon.

Her eyes moved onto Chaos, "Vincent... Please! If you can hear me... Please change back! I don't want Cloud to hurt you! Please! I don't want to see you hurt... Vincent... Change back... Please..." she whispered softly as she couldn't help but let a few sobs pass her lips, "I don't want to lose you..." she added in a soft tone, icy orbs shimmering softly in the morning rays.

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Crimson Eyes
07-06-2006, 10:35 AM
Chaos fell back and hit the ground. He was on his stomach and a line a blood puddled beside him. He didn't move a muscle, he just laid there like he was dead. He should be dead right now, but thanks to Chaos' demonic form, Vincent was able to keep his life. But Chaos was done. The wings had shruken back into Vincent's form and his body had returned to his normal state. His cloak was torn to shreds but other than that he was the same. Vincent slowly turned his head to see Sakura dominated the two silver-haired men. Streams of blood dripped down his face as he struggled to get to his feet. "Sakura..."

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-06-2006, 12:20 PM
"Vincent!" she cried out as she ran over to him, "Vincent! You should stay down..!" she whispered softly to him, trying to move him to the ground, "You're alright, now... I promise... You'll be fine..." she said softly, "Lay back, you'll be more comfortable..." she said softly, her hand sresting on his shoulders coaxing him to lie down. Once she would get Vincent to lie down, she would look over his form, "Where did he get shot..?" she asked her self softly, as she placed a hand over his chest, her palm shifted slightly against his body, blushing abit, "Vincent..." she said softly as she watched him.

All she wanted to do was hold him till he was better now;

Isn't that what all good friends what to do when their friend is hurt..?

She inquired curiously, chewing her lip, "Vincent... I'm scared... I don't want to lose you..." she whispered softly to him.

Crimson Eyes
07-06-2006, 12:42 PM
Vincent removed Sakura's hand from his shoulder. "I was shot in the head. But I'm fine. Chaos is not an easy kill. Besides, I am supposed to protect you. If I die, it will not matter. I've died before." Vincent took out his three-barreled gun and walked towards Yazoo and Kadaj. Kadaj was out cold and Yazoo was brutalized. Vincent loaded his Devil Shotgun (that's what I'll call it.). "Sakura, you should flle from here. Once Kadaj wakes up and helps Yazoo. You'll be in serious danger."

07-06-2006, 06:24 PM
A gurgle escaped Yazoo's throat. Blood bubbled up and dripped down the corner of his mouth. He weakly groped towards the inner breastpocket in his jacket and pulled out a small vial of green liquid, so small it could've been mistaken for a mere bauble.

He pulled out the cork and drank deeply. Suddenly he began to convulse and shake. His wounds resealed themselves and like some silver-haired demon Yazoo rose.

He threw the vial onto the ground with such a force it shattered into may tiny pieces instantly. His green eyes pierced out from his silver locks and his pupils affixed onto Sakura.

They were filled with malice. Yazoo chuckled softly and strode over like a cat up to Sakura. He then struck, smaking her across the face and grabbed his hostler, ripping it right up off of her. He then flipped back and landed perfectly beside Kadaj.

He pulled out a Soft, an item used to awaken the sleeping and used it, the magical properties taking effect.

"Wake up...Little Brother," Yazoo commanded.

Yazoo then turned to Sakura once more and bit his lip so hard it bled down his chin and dripped.

"You...Ungrateful little carrier of Mother's cells...." Yazoo said darkly. "You're not a gift from Mother at all...Your just a stray from her divine being..." He hissed. "We are your bretheren and you strike at us as if we are common foe! You can die by yourself...Alone and unloved by Mother..." He added pointing his gun at Sakura. "Die...!"

Suddenly something cast a shadow over Yazoo and the singing of a blade pierced the air. With a battlecry Ninelle came down from a leap, her sword aimed like the stinger of a deadly insect towards Yazoo's heart. Yazoo whirled around and used the top of the Velvet Nightmare to parry.

Sparks erupted and a force so strong from the impact kicked up so much dust it was like a storm. Green energy sparked between them and identical shades of green eyes bore into each other.

Ninelle tensed and let out another battlecry and forced forward. Yazoo was thrown back, he dug his heels into the earth, but still skidded a great distance away.

"So...We meet again..." Ninelle said softly aiming her long katana, it's elegant blade shimmering.

"Yes...I've been waiting for his moment for like it seems to be forever..." Yazoo cooed, retaking his posture and slipping around near Ninelle like an animal of prey.

"You hurt Sakura-san...And Vincent-san..." Ninelle said gazing at the two. "I'm not going to forgive you..."

"Forgive me...? What is it I've done wrong? This is Mother's will...I must fullfill her wishes...You understand...Don't you?" Yazoo purred smiling at her gently, almost seductively.

Suddenly Ninelle's eyes went wide and a memory seared her mind. She cried out clutching her head.

"This is Mother's will Ninelle...Mother will make everything right again...Once she reclaims this planet again...You will be at my side...You will no longer have to be persecuted by those who do not understand her divine will..." Nii-chan called to her, his voice dark and alluring, almost deadly. "Ninelle...You must embrace this destiny...As I have...Mother will show us...The true path...She will...Deliver us to paradise."

Ninelle cried out once more and Yazoo took advantage of this. He rushed at Ninelle and before she could react he extended his hand to her. Ninelle's eyes went wide with fear and awe.

"Come with me..." Yazoo said softly.

"Come with me..." Nii-chan's memory called.

Ninelle stood there, unable to make her body respond. The resonance was too much for her. For a moment a flash seared her mind and she swore she saw him in front of her...His hand outsretched to her.

"Nii-chan...?" Ninelle whispered, her voice filled with shock as tears hung in her wide green eyes.

07-07-2006, 11:56 PM
Tora suddenly got a powerful sensation surge throughout his skull. He writhed and twisted in agony.
What the hell is this?! Damn...I...I don't know what's wrooooong!
His head flew against the table infront of him. The people around him stared in confusion. He slammed his forehead harder and harder, blood streaming down the curves of his straining face....

Loz awoke from his short nap to find the two gone.
"Where did the my Brothers go?" he asked the translucent moon.
"Fine, whatever..." he mumbled to himself. He walked to his bike and hopped on, then scratched his head before revving the powerful motor. He flared off, and soon saw ahead a battle. After all the events took place, Loz kicked dust up around him as he sped towards his fallen comrades.

He drove and drove, and was meters away from the group. He hit the brakes hard, and soared at Ishtiama with the Dual Hound baring its' fangs...

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-08-2006, 02:58 AM
Ishtiama gasped as she stared at VIncent, now seeing where the bullets had struck him, "Vincent--!" she whispered fircely, eyes wide, jaw agape. Listening to his words, she nodded slightly, "I know they'll be pissed... But, I'm sure I can take them again!" she said with a nod as she shifted her gaze to the araising Yazoo. Feeling the hand striking her across the face, she fell back to the ground with a yelp. Starring up at Yazoo, she narrowed her eyes, "Maybe that's because... I am not a 'deceandant' of 'Mother'... But of... her Favourite..." Ishtiama said darkly, a grin crossing her lips, "Not only was i tested with Geostigma... But of... His, cells... Sephiroth's..." she added softly, darkly.

She stood up, fearlessly, as her eyes glowed a peircing silver, as Ninelle made her apperence. As Yazoo spoke to her, and Ninelle said "Nii-chan..." Ishtiama shook her head, eyes still glowing, "Don't you ever give up?" she growled as she sent a foot into his back, eyes returning to normal, she picked her sword up once more, "You will pay for ever trying to take me or Ninelle!" she yelled as she raised her sword above her head only to have a foot sent into her side, this would knock Ishtiama to the ground, moving atop of her in a straddling position, Kadaj pinned her down, "Thank you, Old Man... For... Drawing my lovely... Cherryblossom to me..." Kadaj cooed softly, Ishtiama struggled beneath him, "No! No! No, let me go!" she cried out as she moved about beneath him, "Night, night..." Kadaj murmmured as he slammed the hilt of Souba into her crook, gasping, Ishtiama fell into an uncontious state.

"Get the other one, Yazoo!" Kadaj ordered as he scuffled Ishtiama into his arms, moving quickly to his bike, he cradled the girl in his arms as he saw the Dual Hound go past, "Nice timing, Loz!" Kadaj growled rolling his eyes as he sped off on his motor cycle, heading back to the ancient forest, her sword being left behind at Vincent's feet.

Soon reaching destination, Kadaj kept the girl craddled in his arms, moving to the ground, he placed the girl down by the water, cupping abit in his hands, her splashed it into her face, coughing, Ishtiama opened her eyes gazing up at Kadaj, groggily, she murmmured confusedly, "Vincent..?" she questioned softly, "No... Kadaj." Kadaj corrected, cocking a brow, Kadaj watched her quietly, "K--Kadaj..?" she questioned once more, "Heheheh... Right." he said with a nod of his head, hair shifting slightly. "You... You're..." she trailed softly as she sent as elbo plumitting towards his face, Kadaj caught the elbow with ease, and pulled her arm down, yanking her form closer, face to face, nose to nose, Ishtiama blushed wildly as she was only centimeter from Kadaj's face, "You... You pervert!" she squealed as he grinned, "I would only be perverse in anyway if I kissed you..." Kadaj cooed, Ishtiama grimaced, "I'll casturate you if you even try it... Assuming you have a d--", "Silence." Kadaj growled, cutting her off. Ishtiama followed order and went quiet. "Now... Where are my brothers..?" Kadaj questioned as he pulled Ishtiama close by her waist.

07-08-2006, 06:10 AM
babs eat some breakfast and picked up her cell, she was running low on cash and needed a fighting tournament. She called a numbers "meet at the corner of the street"was al she said and hung up. Adjusting her mast, she grabbed her coat and left to the corner. A shabby guy with greasy black hair, two miscolord eyes and a brown jacket and torn pants stood there.

He nodded to her as he spoke "i heard rumors of a tournament in the acient forest". Babs frowned "that place is dangerous, why there?" causing the male to chuckle "you know just as wel as i that your "job" is illegal, so less chance of being caught i geuse" she nodded in understanding "got a pair of wheels i could lend?'. The male chuckled again and handded her a pair of key pointing to a motorcycle nearby "go ahead no extra costs for that" he smiled. Babs nodded and paid him for the information, she sat on the motorcycle and raced to the acient forest.

07-08-2006, 10:05 AM
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Blood was flowing steadily from his brow, as a burning glow harshly raptured his soul. SLAM! SLAM! was the only sound to be heard in the bar, blood splashing on the table. Just then, Munashii blacked out.

He was in a dream like state, and he watched...
Toko stood infront of him, smiling. His two kids behind her were also waving. For once, Munashii smiled. Hapiiness. Bliss. THen he felt a powerful twitch, and saw electric yellow eyes glaring upon him. A figure arose from the shadows that his family had made, and stood there ominously. He raised a sword, resonating with power. He swung it, and the three were dead. Again. He ailed. He couln't even save them in his dreams. The malicous eyes peirced Munashii's, meeting his icy ones. The blue and yellow clashed, boiling evil, hatred, and pain...

As Munashii's form lay in a heap on the table, his head shot upwards, out of the dream. His skull was still pounding, and he screamed outloud furiously. The blood from his head was dripping down his face, and onto the floor. It driped, making a steady, yet eerie, pattering sound...

Loz landed in an upright stance on the Dual Hound. He flipped around and landed on his feet. He glared at his surroundings with interest. But when he looked upon Yazoo, and his wounds, he said with a wry smile, "What's a matter, Yazoo?" he taunted, "Play to hard with your pets? Heh, it always gets the best of you..."
Seeing as Yazoo was busy, Loz turned to Cloud.
"Wanna play?" he said as he got into his stance and twirled the Dual Hound...

07-08-2006, 10:54 AM
Ninelle watched in horror as Sakura attacked the silver-haired man and then was defeated. She had been taking in the unbareable resonance and finally...What Sakura had said.

"O...Onee-chan...!!" Ninelle screamed, turning to run after Sakura.

As she past by Yazoo his hand lightly slipped down her arm and held onto her wrist. Their eyes met and a piercing resonance shot through them. An image of a woman in a tank filled with liquid and a silver headset burned.



One to resemble the other. Both abominantions to the planet.

When Ninelle got so far she suddenly doubled over, her thin elegant legs giving out from under her. She fell towards the ground like a newborn foal who had it's legs broken. Yazoo sidestepped in front of her, flipping her around and caught her in his arms.

Ninelle twitched, her pupils so thin that they were barely visable. Yazoo stared at her serenely and Ninelle convulsed, gasping for air. Her hand shakingly reached forward as tears slid down her cheeks.

"N...N...Ni...Ni...Ni-ch...Chaan..." Ninelle cried softly through her ragged breaths.

"I am right here Ninelle...So close your eyes...And let the darkness take you...Sleep little one...Sleep," Nii-chan told her.

Ninelle reached out to touch his face, but before she could...She blacked out. Yazoo watched in confusion. Who was this Nii-chan she constantly called for who never seemed to be around?

Maybe she was suffering from problems with her psyche, thus bringing on hallucinations...Memories that torment unrelentlessly. He picked her up, the small girl dangling in his arms.

He called over to Loz.

"Loz...Take care of things here..." Yazoo told him. "I can count on you to cause lots of damage, now can't I?" He added with a teasing coo-like voice.

With that he mounted his bike, revved the engine and took off, kicking up a small storm of dust behind him.
************************************************** ********

After a bit Yazoo arrived holding Ninelle close to him as he rode. He quickly dismounted his bike and carried her over to the water.

"Kadaj! Kadaj!!" Yazoo shouted as he approuched Kadaj manhandling the other woman. "Get me my elixers and potions...All of them!! NOW!"

His voice was not friendly. It was an order if anything. His normally soft and seductive tone was far from it altogether.

He laied Ninelle near the water and began to try to get her heart going.

"She stopped breathing on the ride here..." Yazoo said as he worked. "I caused her no phsyical harm either...So dammit Kadaj...Get my supplies or else I'll shoot you were it counts!"

07-09-2006, 11:53 AM
Cloud had been forced to run after then and sadly foundhimself somewhat lost. But more by choice.

He stopped run and had paced himself into a walk and finally he suddenly stopped and fell to the ground. "I...I've failed her....again." He leaned back against a tree as if he was wounded and looked high into the sky.

No I havent...what am I talking about Ninelle is not Arieth...But I still feel-I promised I'd watch her and Sakura. But I don't even know where they are.

He pulled out a small jackknife and began slowly circling it around and a around on the ground.

Crimson Eyes
07-10-2006, 03:40 AM
Vincent watched helplessly as Sakura and Ninelle were taken away. He ran towards them but fell to the ground. It was no use. He had been too weak, even if Chaos had saved him, he was still part human. "Sakura. Ninelle. Everyone is gone. Cloud is not here." Vincent then noticed another man with silver hair. Except this man's hair was shorter and spiked up. "Where do they keep coming from!!!!!!!!!" In that sentence Vincent's voice sounded like a monster and it echoed throughout the desert. This was very strange for Vincent to act like this. He was usually the calm, quiet, and reasonable guy who always leaned up against the wall. But now he was truly mad. Vincent got up and he set his crimson hues onto Sakura's blade. He slowly walked over to it and picked it up. Blood dripped down from his crimson mask and he stared at the sword. He looked over at Loz. How can I pursue Kadaj and Yazoo if another is left here?" Suddenly a Shinra chopper landed on the ground.


The chopper blades spun to a stop and the door slided open to reveal Reno with his electro-rod. "Yo Rude, I think we have a new dummy. He's got silver hair too. Let's get 'em." Reno smirked and stepped out of the chopper with Rude following behind.

Rude pulled on his sleak, black gloves and then put his hands up like a boxer. His black glasses flashed from the sun rays. He nodded, agreeing with Reno and they both charged at Loz.

Vincent looked at Reno and Rude and sighed. "Good timing." Vincent turned and looked at the path that Kadaj and Yazoo had taken. He sprang up into the air and started to fly after them. (remember Hojo gave him the ability to fly.)

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-13-2006, 01:06 AM
Ishtiama gasped as she Kadaj pulled her closer, a grin tugged at Kadaj's lips as he looked over to Yazoo. Rolling his eyes, he watched the seemingly "dead" body limp in Yazoo's arms. "Get it your self. I'm abit preoccupied at the moment." Kadaj snarled as she turned his attention back to Ishtiama. She gulped, she didn't know what to do at this point. Biting her lip she took in a shakey, nervous breath.

How had this befallen her? Her!? The girl who had already been through enough, "Ninelle!" she cried out seeing her limp in Yazoo's arms, "What have you done to her!?" Ishtiama growled in a scratching tone as she tried to fling her self in a battle stance towards Yazoo only to have Kadaj hold her down, "No-! No! Ninelle! No! Let me go!" Ishtiama begged as she threw fists into Kadaj's shoulder. "Let me-- Let me go!" she cried out one last time before Kadaj, pinched her arm with such increadible force, it felt like the bones would shatter under his touch.

Crying out, Ishtiama gave up, sitting back, looking over to the water, "If she dies... I swear I'll make you pay." Ishtiama warned in a rasped tone. Clearing her throat, the imeadiate thought of Vincent crawled into her mind, "Vincent..." she whispered softly, biting her lip.

"Who's Vincent?" Kadaj ordered to know, Ishtiama threw him a look and snarled, "The man who's going to come and save me... Or... So I hope..." she finished softly. Kadaj furrowed his brows, "Heheheh... The Old Man, you mean then, eh..?" Kadaj murmmured in a deathly tone. Ishtiama cringed, "He's NOT old!" se interjected in deffense. "Yeah he is... To old for you... Unlike... Me... He should be in a retirement home... Not trying to sleep with someone half his age..." Kadaj said with a grin as she looked back to Yazoo wondering what he had thought of his comment.

Ishtiama blushed, "He never once disrespected me in such a way!" she growled as she shot a glare to Yazoo once more.

07-14-2006, 12:52 PM
Yazoo rose to his feet and drew the Velvet Nightmare. He stopped behind Kadaj and with a swift flick of his wrist smacked him upside the head with the silver barrel. He watched Kadaj crumple to his knees from the blow and pointed the barrel at Sakura.

Yazoo's eyes were anything but friendly.

"I asked you one simple thing brother...And now you've made me mad..." Yazoo's whispery tone venomous and steely. "There will always be time for games...But I asked for your asssitance...Not your incompentence."

Yazoo's pupils affixed onto Sakura dangerously.

"You wish for her to live, yes?" Yazoo asked smoothly. "...Then take a little walk behind you and you'll see a tree with it's roots twisted above the ground. Reach in and pull out a silver box then bring it to me." Yazoo instructed her. "If you try anything funny I'll shoot the sinews from your legs out and let my Little Brother have his way with you..." He then promised. "Now go!"

Yazoo walked back to Ninelle and began compressions once more. He knew she wouldn't try anything. If she ran...Her friend would die. If she tried to take him out and use the medical supplies inside the box...It wasn't likely for the silver brief-case like box had to have a voice imprint and a passcode entered.

I have to keep her heart going...Yazoo thought rapidly. C'mon...Breath...I want...To know what you know...So please...Don't die...

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-16-2006, 03:51 PM
Ishtiama blinked as the gun was pointed at her, Kadaj rubbed his head. He wanted to jump in, but knew his brother would take the shot imediatly. Ishtiama slowly stood, narrowing her eyes, as she took a step closer to the gun, barrel at the ridge of her face. Her eyes only narrow further, "Never... Point a gun at a lady." she growled softly before she sent her foot up quickly, knocking the gun from Yazoo's hands, then sending her foot into his stomach, causing him to go back. Grunting she lowered her self to the ground. Eyes began to glow a bright blue as she murmmured a few words under her breath.

Kadaj blinked, as he lifted himself from the ground weakly, rubbing his head, mirgrain pounded in his head, falling back to the ground, he fell uncontious. He was hit in just the right spot too. Ishtiama looked at Ninelle a moment before the words she chanted would cause the girl to heal, and begin breathing once more. She looked back to Kadaj, and blinked.

"K--Kadaj..?" she murmmured as she scooted back over to him, lifting him abit, placing his head in her lap as she shifted abit to make him abit more comfortable. Brushing her fingers across his forehead, pushing the silver locks aside, she reached down to her pocket pulling a hankerchief out, dipping it into the water, she wringed it out thoughroughly before folding it neatly, placing it over his forehead. Gently dabbing the cloth over his forehead, she allowed the slightest of smiles to slip across her lips. Kadaj let out a small groan.

Giggling softly, she ignored Yazoo's presence and watched over the youngest quietly. "You know, you're not so bad when you're not being a jerk..." she murmmured softly, chuckling abit. Ofcourse he wasn't being a jerk right now, he was uncontious. But, surely when he'd awake she'd probably get no respect once again.

Vincent, why aren't you here yet..?

She questioned silently, with a small sigh;

I guess... I can't wait abit longer for you... You'll come, right..? I guess... I can handle these guys for abit longer...

She thought softly, as she continued to watch Kadaj, he gave a slight wince in his slumber as he shifted only slightly, his head tipping to the side slightly as he kept a slow steady breathing pace.

07-16-2006, 09:53 PM
**Sakkkkkky....You acted when Yazoo had already went back to help Ninelle...Please read my last post a little more carefully....><;;;**

Yazoo watched Ninelle cough, writhe and begin to take in gasps of air. Her eyelids rolled back to reveal her glowing green irises. Yazoo brushed the hair out of her eyes and Ninelle weakly tried to back away.

He smiled gently at her and put his hand onto her forehead. It was cool and soothing.

"Hushhh...I am not your enemy..." Yazoo said softly in a coo-like tone. "Relax...Your body will need time to adjust to the shock it's been through."

Suddenly Ninelle's foot lashed out and caught his jaw. Her eyes suddenly transformed to a white-silver and Yazoo fell back into the dirt with a sharp cry. Ninelle rose, as if possessed and her long silver hair hid one eye as the other glowed.

Yazoo tried to stand to confront her, but found he could not. Ninelle raised her hand and he was forced to maintain his position.

"A Child...Has no place to demand of the first line..." A voice doubled up with Ninelle's said coldly. "Mother will be...Most displeased."

Yazoo was shivering. The voice burned within his entire body, as if tearing him asunder. He knew this force...This voice within a voice.

"The Children...Must be...Reunited....The Reuninon...Is now..." The voice instructed Yazoo. "Do not fail...Mother..."

Suddenly Ninelle's eyes returned to normal and she fell limply to her knees, shaking. She clutched her arms and gazed at Yazoo, almost horrified. He rose to his full height and walked over to her.

He the kneeled the way a knight would with a box and took her hand.

"You...Are not what you seem...Please tell me...What are you?" Yazoo asked with a whispery voice.

There was a moment of silence and then Ninelle pulled her hand away and backed up.

"I am Ninelle...An abomination in mirror of the greatest abomination ever known," Ninelle replied as she moved towards Sakura.

07-16-2006, 10:45 PM
Cloud shifted and stood to his feet. "I musnt give up now." He said, redeaming himself. He ran forward and then stopped finding tire tracks. He looked to the right and nodded. "That is the way to the city." He mummbled the turned his whole body to the left and stared at the darkness ahead.

"Then this...is where they went." He gripped his hands tight then released. Swiftly, as if sliding across ice he silently ran down the tracks, following them carefully.

I'll find you Sakura, Ninelle. I won't give up.

He slowed down as voices were plain as day to hear and jumped to the side behind a tree. He could see the two girls and a man and a woman. He pondered what to do and when he peered out at them again he noticed the woman was actually a man aswell and felt embarassed about his misjudgement. He quickly shook that thought from his head and planned intensively. Then as nothing came to him he gave up and jumped out, pointing his sword at Yazoos neck.

"Give me back what you stole." He muttered, as if Ninelle and Sakura were his property.

07-16-2006, 10:59 PM
"Cloud-san....!" Ninelle exclaimed in a whispery tone, as her silver hair whirled around as she turned to face him.

Yazoo remained emotionless as he gazed at the long Buster Blade inches from his pale throat. Gingerly Yazoo reached up and let his gloved fingers skim across the cool metal surface.

"What we stole...? No, no...I haven't sloten a thing....Mother has given them to us...Her children..." Yazoo purred. "...She would have given you a gift...Big Brother...But frankly the black sheep...Isn't worth her kindess."

Suddenly he ducked and drew the Velvet Nightmare and parried him away, sending him skidding back a few feet. He pointed his barrel at Cloud, his eyes glowing faintly. He backed up slowly and grabbed Ninelle's wrist with his free hand and gazed over at her, his eyes dreamily half-open.

"This one's...My gift...So I do not intend letting the likes of you...Take this flower from me," Yazoo said gazing back at Cloud, his eyes cold and steely. "She's mine...And mine alone."

With that he pulled Ninelle into his embrace, her wedged between his chest and tight arm holding her there. Ninelle was frightened. Her green eyes were wide and frantic.

Tears hung in her eyes and she gazed at Cloud. It was heartbreaking to see her expression.

07-16-2006, 11:13 PM
Cloud glared at Yazoo enraged but he was calm about it. He looked at Ninelle as if to tell her to push away at the exact moment he moved. Some how he knew she'd understand. He stood still and silent for a few moments. He looked at Sakura and nodded to ger gently then looked back to Yazoo.

Suddenly he lunged as fast as lightning and clashed his sword unto Yazoos mushing him back far, his feet dragging him the dirt and grass.

"She is no gift. Not to you...not to anyone. She is free." He told him sternly then jumped back with Ninelles wrist now in his hand. "I won't let you have her." He fummed then forced her behind him.

07-16-2006, 11:28 PM
"She's mine!!" Yazoo snarled.

He leapt to his feet, glaring at Cloud and fired upon him, ensuring that he would miss Ninelle. He was angry...His eyes wild and feral. Ninelle cried out, clutching Cloud.

She was terrified. Ninelle didn't like to fight. She would if she had to...But no matter what...She wished it would all just....


07-16-2006, 11:35 PM
Cloud took the hit in the left shoulder blade but stood his ground. Blood dripped maniacally down his from and back.

"Denied." He retorted, smiling somewhat. "Ninelle is no ones, but I will care for her. I will look after her...and Sakura." He stated. Suddenly he fell on one knee. He felt a little dizzy, the shot went right through him and out the back, he felt as though his life was fading. He stood not willing to give in and kept quiet

He waited for Yazoo to make a move, or someone else to appear on the scene. He had hoped another would come...Vincent.

07-16-2006, 11:47 PM
"Cloud-san!!" Ninelle cried rushing to his aid.

She began to heal him with the materia infused into her very body, but before she could get far, Yazoo walked up to them, looming over the two.

"You...Cannot...take her from me!" Yazoo shouted.

With a feral roar he used the hilt of the Velvet Nightmare and vicously smashed it across Cloud's face. Yazoo was on a frenzy. He kicked Cloud around and then threw Cloud far into the base trunk of a glowing white tree.

"SHE'S...MINE!!!" Yazoo roared aiming his weapon for the kill.

Suddenly there was a flash of silver and the tip of Ninelle's long katana touched the back of his head.

"Stop..." Ninelle whispered. "Leave...Cloud-san be..."

07-16-2006, 11:57 PM
Cloud did not make a noise. He was now bleeding in his chest and on his handsome face. The crimson blood stained the ground all over the place and he lay leaning against the trunk of the tree in defeat.

Why? What's wrong with me? I just...take it...Maybe...I want to die. Then I could...be with you.

He strained to see. His sunglasses broken and small pieces lay shattered on his cheek and molded into the flowing blood.

07-17-2006, 12:09 AM
Yazoo turned slowly and his eyes affixed onto Ninelle.

"People...Like him will never understand people like us....Beings as divine as you..." Yazoo said softly. "We are not enemies...We are...Our own blessed kind..." He added like a seductive whisper.

Ninelle kept her blade raised, her eyes narrowing.

"I'm only...An imitation...I have no kind," Ninelle said, her voice void of emotion.

With that she struck, Yazoo ducking and barely missing a fatal strike. They fought, each move like an elegant dance. The way Ninelle moved and swung her sword...It was like it had been born into her very essence.

The long blade of the katana sung like a violin being played rapidly by a musician that needed no rest. Each strike was percise and Yazoo could barely keep up. Her silver hair swayed and energy sparked each time the two clashed.

Her green eyes were focused and sharp...Suddenly she pierced Yazoo's shoulder and pinned him to a tree, blood dripping down the blade.

"Shall I bring you dispair?" Ninelle asked, her voice whispery, yet powerful and calm.

07-17-2006, 12:16 AM
As the words processed into Clouds foggy head his eyes widened. He only thought of one man. he could feel his heart opounding until is slowed to a stop.

He felt a pain in his chest different from his wound and grasped it for comfort. "Sephi..." He stopped, his voice felt no tune and his throat became dry.

She shook his head and tried to stand up, snapping out of it. If only he could knock Yazoo out, then they could all escape.

He suddenly found himself summoning, he raised his hand to the air and spoke in no sound. He mouther 'Ifrit' and suddenly the ground shook and Ifrit came craking through the rock and appeared in an instant. His breath held flames in it and he was bid and bulky.

"Ifrit, Ninelle! Sakura!" Cloud figured Yazoo could fight Ifrit while they escape but he had not enough strength to sa anything more.

07-17-2006, 12:26 AM
Ninelle remained where she was, pushing the blade further into Yazoo's shoulder. She seemed like an entirely different person than she had been only moments before.

"Tell me...What you love...So that I may destroy it," Ninelle said almost sweetly.

She smiled almost sadistically at Yazoo and he let out a cry off pain as she dug the blade deeper. Suddenly Ninelle wavered, her eyes flickered and she pulled back. Her blade withdrew and Ninelle stumbled like a newborn colt. She fell to her knees and gazed at her blood-stained blade with horror.

"No....No! Stop it Nii-chan!!! Stop please~!" Ninelle cried clutching her head, tears falling. "I don't want...To see this please....Please don't...Be like this....I want to remember the way things were...So very long ago...."

Her tears splashed onto the bloodied blade and Ninelle gazed at Cloud and sobbed into her hands. Yazoo sat at the base of the tree and watched Ninelle, then gazed at Ifrit. He clutched his wound and grimaced in pain.

What...Would become of him?

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-17-2006, 01:25 AM
Ishtiama blinked, she didn't know what to do, Kadaj only stirred slightly, placing a hand to his forehead, he opened his eyes slowly looking up to Ishtiama. "Huh..?" he murmmured in a faint whisper as he watched her quietly. Ishtiama was gazing off at the battle taking place, "Oh, Vincent... Where're you..!?" Ishtiama questioned as she frowned deeply, her brows arching. Kadaj frowned abit as he fell back into an uncontious state.

Ishtiama lowered her head, the thoughts streaming through her mind;

(I have to use Sephiroth for a minute X3)
Why are you doing this..?
"Heheheheh... Why not..?"
It's cruel...
"I'm Cruel."
You're insane...

She thought, the voice of Sephiroth eachoing freshly in her mind, "Perhaps you're right... But the point is... I still reign supream... And I will destroy this planet... And Ninelle will help me do it..." the voice told her smoothly. Ishtiama shook her head, "No! No, you won't!" she screamed alloud, finally realising she had meant to not actually say it. "Foolish little girl..."

Ishtiama cringed,

Got it from your genes..

She finished smoothly before she looked up slowly to Ninelle, Cloud and Yazoo, hoping in vain they hadn't heard her outburst.

07-17-2006, 01:44 PM
Ninelle curled up, sobbing. She clutched her head and began to whisper under her breath, almost prayer-like. Suddenly her pupils narrowed and she stood.

"This is becoming...Troublesome..." She said softly, her voice flickering between her regular sweet child-like tone and a more serious tone so unlike her. "There's so much pain in this world...I almost wish...It would all just go away."

She leaned over and gingerly picked up her sword.

"...But I want to live...I want a life which is mine and mine alone...Nii-chan had promised to help me create that life...But now I must do it alone...I am always alone..." Ninelle whispered.

Ninelle gazed back at Yazoo, her eyes not so innocent anymore, but almost threatening...Yet somehow gentle.

"Stop following me...I'm not...Like you..." Ninelle told him sternly. "Whatever I resemble to you...It's not the same...So forget we met and I won't have to make you bleed ever again...I don't want that kind of blood upon my blade..."

With that she turned and began to walk away. She gazed at Sakura and paused for a moment.

"Onee-chan....Nii-chan...Likes to play games...Try not to let him win..." Ninelle called softly.

She then gazed at Cloud and said nothing. She merely gazed at him. She wanted desperatly to run over and heal his wounds....But something deep inside of her...Told her to leave him be...To not get to close to him.

Ninelle was sincerely afriad...That she may hurt him.

With that she disapeered into the depths of the trees, like a pale ghost never to be seen again.

07-23-2006, 01:20 PM
Cloud coughed a little then regained his balance. He felt it the time to retreat and rest. Ifrit stand in one spoy and moved slightly gazing at the two silver haired men. Firey breath snorted out his noes and mouth as he breathed.

Cloud limped off after Ninelle. "Ninelle!" He put his hand on her shoulder and took a breath feeling a little tired. "Come on...Sakura should be coming, then we can go and find Vincent...I'm not letting you out of my sight. I swore to protect you and Sakura, and Sakura is older I can lay low from her...but you...I'm afraid you might...even though..." He fell on one knee in pain. "Ahhhhh!" He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"I Just don't want anything to happen to you." He said softly.

07-23-2006, 02:15 PM
Ninelle kneeled down to him with a cry. Her green eyes were sympathedic and concerned.

"Cloud-san...!" Ninelle said holding her hand out to him. "Cure...."

The Materia mended his wounds...But he would still need to rest to regain his energy. Ninelle gazed at him sadly.

"Cloud-san...I'm not like a normal girl...I never was..." Ninelle said softly. "I don't want to hurt you...Or anyone else...If Ninelle did...I'd never forgive myself! Something deep inside me...Makes me do the things like you saw me do back there...I can't....I can't let it out again!"

Ninelle averted her gaze from him. She clutched the hilt of her long katana.

"This Planet hates me...The earth it's self...Wants me to fade away...So I will...I will go and die somewhere where I cannot hurt another...." Ninelle said softly. "I don't want to make anyone sad...!" She added forcing a smile as tears ran down her cheeks. "Ninelle will be a good girl...Even if she's bad on the inside!"

She stood, her long silver hair flowing. Her green eyes seemed to glow with an inner light.

"Ninelle is happy she met Cloud-san...Cloud-san makes Ninelle smile," Ninelle said, her voice trying to stay strong. "Cloud-san makes Ninelle smile almost like...Nii-chan could...I miss....Smiling like that."

Ninelle stepped away from Cloud and closed her eyes.

"So...This is goodbye....Please...Keep Ninelle in your memories...I do not wish...To be forgotten...That's what...Ninelle fears most," Ninelle whispered.

With that she began to walk away.
************************************************** **********

Yazoo strugglingly stood. He limped over to Kadaj.

"Little Brother....!" Yazoo gasped in pain, falling beside him. "Mother...She wants us to move out...It's time...I can feel it....We must find her...." He added. "Mother will correct these wrongs against us...And make the flowers understand the light....Her light."

The one Ninelle...She spoke the words from Mother...When the Reunion takes place...That is when...I'll make her mine forever...Yazoo thought darkly. But to have her....I must find Mother...She'll make her understand that she is to be with me....Something...Is obscuring her true sight....Something that reminded me of...Him.

Crimson Eyes
07-23-2006, 07:38 PM
"Stop right there Yazoo." Vincent's gun clicked and he walked closer to Yazoo with the barrel pointed at the young man's head. "I will not let you take Ninelle or Sakura. I am usually not one to make threats. But you have gone far enough with what you have done." Vincent took Sakura's sword and slammed the tip into Yazoo's foot. "Now. Leave now and never return or I'll kill you right here." Vincent was giving Yazoo a glare of death. He was pushed over the edge.

07-24-2006, 02:50 PM
Yazoo snarled with a mixed roar of anger and pain. He gripped the hilt and pulled the sword out, tossing the heavy blade into Vincent. He turned and picked up Kadaj, limping now as he walked.

"Mother...Will punish you for your ignorance!" Yazoo hissed through gritted teeth. "You can't stop Her...No one can! She'll destroy all of you pathedic unblessed!" He added darkly. "The damned will die..."

Yazoo helped Kadaj onto his bike and mounted his own, cringing in pain.

"As for little Ninelle...She can deny that she is like you weak lumps of flesh...But soon enough she'll see...Who her true family is," Yazoo chuckled as he then turned his gaze onto Sakura. "...As will you."
************************************************** **************
Ninelle gazed back at Cloud one last time and forced herself to keep walking. She almost didn't have the strength to keep going forward on her own. She was shaking as tears rand down her pale cheeks.

Her long katana stained with Yazoo's blood, contained within it's sheath brushed agaist her hip as she walked. Her long silver hair danced across her shoulders and her white dress seemed to flutter.

The black barcode tattoo upon her right arm glistened in the light of the glowing trees. That mere design of lines and numbers was a key reminder to Ninelle to know what she really was....A monster with a pretty face.

She could never have the peaceful life she wanted....Could she?

07-26-2006, 01:43 PM
Cloud Threw his sunglasses at her, He couldn't very well run after her, he felt too tired and decided to reserve energy. "Ninelle! Don't you leave! I chased you all over the place and this is how you repay me!?" He stood, not caring anymore. "I will not allow you to die on my watch!"

He walked over too her, looking as though fully recharged, but wasn't and grabbed her hugging her. "I won't have it! You're a little girl, with power. So what. Ninelle is Ninelle. And nothing more. Ninelle...is Cloud's friend." For the first time in ages Cloud let himself get a little emotional. He wanted to breakdown. He wanted to cry about everything. Arieth. But he didn't instead he looked at Ninelle with almost watery bright blue eyes and took in a breth.

"No Ninelle. What ever is in you...Cloud will help. Cloud will get it out so Ninelle can be with Cloud." He felt a little strange talking about himself in third person, but at the same time he felt as though he wasn't Cloud, he wasn't the one with deep infected problems.

"Please...Ninelle. Sakura wants Ninelle to stay too."

07-26-2006, 05:44 PM
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An egotistical smirk came over Loz's face as he darted upwards, which sent Reno and Rude running full speed at each other. He laughed in the air and taunted, "Watch where you're going, it might help."

07-26-2006, 07:39 PM
Ninelle gazed at Cloud emotionlessly. Soon her expression became pained and sympathedic at the same time. She reached up and patted his spikey blonde hair...The same comforting way her Nii-chan would do to her.

"I'm not...A little girl...I can't escape...What I am...Whatever is in me...Can't be taken out Cloud-san..." Ninelle said softly, giving him at gentle smile. "...If you knew what Ninelle really was...You'd never forgive Ninelle...." She added softly.

Ninelle closed her eyes, feeling Cloud's hug warm her slightly. She so desperatly wanted to succumb to letting herself go back to following him and the others...But she was so scared of hurting them.

She brushed the hair out of his eyes, her pale fingers grazing against his skin.

"I can't...Allow myself to fall any deeper Cloud-san...If I stay...You'll only endure more pain...Because I was born to be a harbringer of sorrow and destruction..." Ninelle said almost in a whispery tone. "I have to go...."

She hated herself for this. Ninelle despised the fact she had to let everything she was beginning to care about go. Tears rushed down her moon-pale cheeks and she was shuddering, trying to stay strong.

07-27-2006, 11:38 AM
Cloud looked away. "I don't care. I've been through hardships that could surpass any suprise hiding with in you. I just don't care." He stood and looked down at her.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight anylonger. Like it or not. I'm pain free and coming with you." He was seriou looking and almost angered by her stubborness. "Understand that to me...what you are doesn't matter. To me, You are Ninelle the little girl I promised to protect no matter what. To me....you are Ninelle." He repeated looking at her with a more caring expression.

"If you want...we don't have to go back to the others. Sakura does have Vincent to care for her...Just Ninelle and cloud?" He was more determind then ever but still a wee bit tired from the previous fight.

"You'll not get rid of me that easy." He stated. "Help me find my bike?" he questioned. "Then where ever Ninelle wants to go, Cloud will take her." For the first time in a while Cloud smiled slightly. he reached his hand out to her so she could take it.

Demonic Ice Dragon
07-27-2006, 12:28 PM
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Ishtiama gasped as she watched Yazoo dragg of the half out of it Kadaj. "He'll be fine." she murmmured softly to her self as she stood up running over to Vincent. "Oh, Vincent! Vincent!" she cried out again as she threw her arms around him, nearly sobbing. Her right hand rested on the golden claw, grasping one of the few didgets on the golden hand. Her around arm was around his waist, hugging him close. "Oh, Vincent..." she whispered softly as she bit her lip., trying to hold back any more tears.

Oh how she missed him so, no matter how short a time period it had been, it was still an escruciating time away from this man. Burring her head against his chest, she whined softly, "I'm so glad you're alright." she murmmured softly as she looked up to him carefully. "Vincent, your head..." she murmmured softly as the hand around his waist shifted up towards his skull lightly, brushing across abit of the partly drying blood. "I should clean this up for you..." she murmmured softly as she let her hand fall once more resting on his abdominal area.

Looking back she watched NInelle and Cloud in silence a moment;

They should be fine... But. I have to take care of Vincent! He's hurt... And he needs tending too... I don't care how tough he thinks he is... He's still hurt...

She thought silently as her gaze picked back over to Vincent, her icy optics fixing on his own crimson ones silently, waiting for him to say something atleast.

07-27-2006, 05:13 PM
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07-27-2006, 06:58 PM
Ninelle smiled almost painfully at Cloud. She gazed at his hand and her fingers reached out to it, trembling. Before they could touch a sharp resonance pierced her mind and she pulled away, as if he would burn her.

Ninelle's eyes were teary and suddenly her pupil's narrowed and sheer determination arose onto her face. She lundged forward, grabbing his hand and found herself hugging him close. Ninelle was trembling worse than usual.

"Ninelle...Wants to stay...With you!" She sobbed. "I want...To go home...! Ninelle wants to go home and watch the flowers! Ninelle is sorry she's selfish!...that's she's bad...! I'm sorry! I'M SORRY~!"

She gazed back at Vincent and Sakura, her green eyes brimming with tears that spilled down her cheeks.

"I don't want to leave this..." Ninelle whispered sadly as she turned and buried her pale face into Cloud's shirt. "I don't want...To lose everything again...! But I have to go...I have to..." She whispered. "...But Ninelle wants to stay...That's bad...Ninelle shouldn't...Bring anymore pain...but Ninelle wants to stay..."

She clutched Cloud fearfully, as if her very touch would destroy them both at any moment.

07-27-2006, 08:15 PM
At first Cloud was a little taken back, he did not expect her to be so emotional. He said nothing but instead picked her up and rested her on his hip, holding her close.

"Please, don't think like that Ninelle. Just remember that Cloud is your friend, Cloud will help you. Let's go see the flowers. Let's hurry. Ifrit can hold them off if they try to stop us from escaping." He told her.

"Vincent! We'll meet you at the check point." He shouted, nodded to both him and Sakura." Then he booted it into the depths of the Forest, swinging Ninelle on his back.

He ran for a short amount of time before he spotted his bike. He skidded a small distance and walked over to it. He heard a few familliar voices near by but ignored them.

Crimson Eyes
07-28-2006, 11:17 AM
Vincent caught Sakura's sword by the blade and flipped it over to the hilt. He nodded towards Cloud. He then turned his attention back to Kadaj. "Give it up! You are hurt and you are at my mercy, now let Sakura go!" Vincent stretched his hand out and at fireball shot out from his palm. "Fire!" Vincent followed the fireball with the sword ready to strike. He had shot the fireball at Yazoo and was aiming to strike Kadaj down with Sakura's blade.


Reno and Rude's bodies collided. They fell back on the ground. Reno sat up and held his head. "Ugh, Damn it, that hurt!" Reno got up and looked at Loz. "Hey, bring it on ya big baby!" Reno pointed hit metal rod at Loz and a light shot out at Loz. It was Turk light. If Loz was caught by this he would surely be at the turk's mercy.

07-28-2006, 08:34 PM
Yazoo was irritated. He revved his engine and swerved the fireball and sped in front of Kadaj, parrying Vincent away with the barrel of the Velvet Nightmare.

"Don't touch...My Little Brother!" Yazoo hissed dangerously as blood spurted from his side. "Even if I was a cold corpse upon this ground...I would never be at your mercy! Mother...Protects her children in many ways...So watch your back Old Man...I am very tempted to let lose and spill that luscious red blood of your's..."

Yazoo sheathed his gun and revved his bike once more sliding over to the roots of a tree and pulled out a silver briecase. He inserted a code and whispered a password. It opened to reveal countless vials of potions and other magic-based mixtures.

Yazoo snatched out a potion and drank it vicously. His body healed and he snapped the briefcase shut.

"Kadaj! Loz! Mother awaits...Let us see to our reuninon..." Yazoo called as he then took off with one last roar of his bike's engine.

He gazed over at Cloud spitefully. He wouldn't allow Big Brother...To interfere either.

Ninelle watched him leave and became silent. His words of her likeness to him and the brothers bothered her. Deep inside Ninelle that part of her was re-awakening and calling out.

She didn't know...How much longer she could deny it.

Demonic Ice Dragon
08-02-2006, 11:07 AM
Kadaj climbed weakly onto his motorycycle, taking off, his steering wobbling abit as he did so, "Kadaj!" Ishtiama yelled, "He's gonna crash and get himself killed..." she murmmured frowning abit. Sure, he was a jerk, but she didn't want to see him die either. Turning to Vincent, a soft gasp of reliefe passed her lips, "Vincent." she murmmured as she threw her self into his arms, almost crying in joy to see him alive. "Oh Vincent!" she sobbed as she hugged him, "I'm so thankful... You're alright..." she murmmured as she nuzzled against him lightly, sniffling abit.

[So short, I know, sue me. w.w]

08-03-2006, 09:53 PM
**Muhahaha! Saky approved me to play the minor role as RUFUS! Well...We need him to actually start the movie plot anyway...He'll be cast in the colour Yellow-Green!**

Ninelle gazed over at the two and felt a hole within her arise. It ate away at her and Ninelle couldn't understand why. Within her dark voices whispered and Ninelle clutched Cloud fearfully.
It had been her duty to leave, but she had sucumbed to Cloud's pleads and her own wants of disbanding from her loneiness and a desperation for acceptance...Even more so a desperation for her own dreams...A will of her own.
************************************************** **********

A wheelchaired figure draped beneeth white sat in a room. It was dimly lit and dank...Probably that is what most reminded him of his "home" that had been destroyed so long so. Lightly tapping his finger of his unaffected fleshed side...A reminant of what spendour he had once been...A man within himself sat patiently.

"I suppose...I should make use of this time..." He muttered to himself. "I seems a waste, especially in my situation to let it slip by so unproductively."

Slowly he reached into a brestpocket and pulled out a slim cellphone. He flicked it open and after selecting the contact he raised it to his ear to hear the low droning of the ring.

"Pick up Reno...I need you to do some...Legwork towards the righting of Shinra's 'mistake'." He said softly to himself.

08-05-2006, 10:52 AM
Cloud stopped the bike in the church court yard. He felt relieved but at the same time a little ashamed. Why had he gotten so emotional. He looked at ninelle and the first person he saw was Arieth. Then suddenly it changed and he saw...Sephiroth. His eyes widened a little and he closed them to erase such a thought.

"Ninelle. Here are the flowers. I will make you supper. Please do not stray away from the court yard. The others may or may not show up here. My church is like a freakin Inn nowadays." he mummbled the last part and walked into the church's kitchen.

He took a small breath and looked around a little unsure of himself. "Stove-resonates heat to cook.. Microwave-cooks faster. Fridge-holds the food..." He suddenly paniced. "Utensils? Where are they?" He opened a few drawers and sighed as he found them. "Ok..."

He seemed like a child first figuring out what a toy was. He finally got a whole meal cooking. and no mess at all. He was aftraid of too much mess. Because usually that ended up in a smack from either Tifa or Babs.

He stood looking out the window, while everything cooked. He had carrots boiling, roastbeef brewing and Potato's steaming. And he wasn't doing a half bad job at mantaining it all.

"I still feel a little weak. This dinner better give me somemore strength." he complained.

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08-05-2006, 07:04 PM
Ninelle slowly sat before the flowers and gazed at them intensely. She lightly reached out and touched a petal causing a droplet of water to fall. She watched it plummel to the wooden floor but centimetres before it could, without even seeming to move she snatched it up.

Ninelle opened her pale hand and watched the water sit upon her skin she let it roll down her palm and onto her index finger, gazing at the droplet even more instensely. Suddenly her green eyes flickered and an image burned within her mind and the water swirled with a blackness. The droplet fell to the floor, as black as the night and splashed onto a white flower. Instantly it began to turn sickly black and died within a mere matter of seconds.

Ninelle turned back to gaze at Cloud and with a soft strained whimper she turned around clutching her head in despair. She buried her face into her knees and sobbed stifling any sounds.

"Nii-chan...Help me..." Ninelle cried under her breath, almost prayer-like. "I don't know...What to do anymore!"

Crimson Eyes
08-05-2006, 07:58 PM
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Demonic Ice Dragon
08-09-2006, 01:55 PM
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09-03-2006, 02:17 PM
Ninelle stood, wiping away her tears and glance over in the direction that Cloud had walked off into. Memories returned to her of how vicious she had been in battle...It had been as if she was possessed.

Her katana was still bloodstained, she hadn't the stomach to unsheath it and wash the silver blade. It was if it would take her back into that dark place that threatened to consume her.

Ninelle wandered out into the courtyard and sat beside a small pool of water. Shakingly she unsheathed her blade, the dry blood teasing her, taunting her of what she had done. Ninelle dipped it into the water and used a leaf from a nearby bush to clean the sword. After she was done she resheathed it and gazed at her reflection.

Her mirror imaged danced upon the water and Ninelle was sickened to see the blood upon her white dress. Her long silver hair danced in the wind and her pale green eyes flickered. Suddenly her reflections image changed.

It was smiling. Smiling darkly, as if mocking her. Ninelle was terrified. Voices whispered to her, lulling and seductive...Telling her what she must do...

Ninelle held her head, trying to force out the noise. Suddenly the reflection morphed into an entirely different person, glowing green eyes and silver hair swirling around the face. It raised it's hand to her.

"No! NO! I can't! I can't do it!" Ninelle cried shaking her head. "I'm not bad...Ninelle isn't bad...Cloud-san said Ninelle isn't bad...Sakura-san said Ninelle isn't bad....!" She rambled on to the reflection. "I don't want to hurt anyone anymore~!"

Ninelle fell to her knees and the water returned to normal. She sobbed into her hands and gave into despair.

09-05-2006, 10:14 PM
A voice comes from all around her

"Who is to choose wether or not we are good isnt it God who lets us choose are paths going back from what has happen is hardier than you expect"

A silver haired silver eyed man drops from nearby wearing a SOLDIER uniform with a Two Bladed Masamune on his back

"Besides life isnt what all people believe it to be"

He begins to walk up to Ninelle

"Names Phexitors Ex-SOLDIER of ShinRa"

09-05-2006, 10:56 PM
Ninelle gazed at the man like a scared, trapped animal. Her slightly glowing green eyes were wide and alert. She stood, her thin legs and feet positioned to break into a run at any given moment.

"You smell...Like him," Ninelle whispered, her pupils flickering to tiny slits, then back to normal. "No! No won't go back! I won't ever go back to that man! Ninelle is good! Nii-chan...Nii-chan said so himself!" She added weakly holding her head in despair. "Why do so many...Imitate Nii-chan....? It's not funny...It's not FAIR! Stop it! Stop wearing his face!"

Ninelle broke into a run back towards the church. It was an ungodly speed, far too fast and agile for a normal human being. Ninelle's streaming, tear-filled eyes were tormented. She was on the brink of a breakdown.

"Cloud-san! CLOUD-SAN!" Ninelle cried entering the church. "Cloud-san...Help me...I don't know what to do...Cloud-san...Onee-san...Vincent-san...Nii-chan..." She then whispered collasping among the many flowers like a ragdoll, her delicate barefeet giving way beneath her.
************************************************** ***************************

Meanwhile a sharp resonance pierced Yazoo's skull and seered his mind. He grimaced, nearly whiping out on his bike. He came to a screeching stop and gazed back towards the church, his green eyes peering through his wafting silver hair.

"When will she learn...That you cannot fight Mother's will?" He murmered softly.

He then revved up his engine and caught back up with Kadaj. Yazoo was aware there was no rush to reclaim Ninelle...Cloud would "babysit" her for him and when the time came...She'd understand her true place with them.

09-06-2006, 06:40 PM
"Those eyes...his eyes like my eyes"

He swiftly pursues her

"Is she too connected to the Sephiroth somehow?"

His eyes narrow and turn to regular SOLDIER mako color

09-06-2006, 07:24 PM
Ninelle lay among the flowers. The shock from today was overloading her senses...Disconnecting her will from her body. Hojo's voice wafted in her mind, drudging up a dark memory.

"Whatever little...Thing...You may relate to as an 'emotion' is not apart of your programming...It's a mere 'flaw'. One that you will disregard and never presue if you don't want to end up scrapped." Hojo instructed her. "Those...Things....Those flaws...Will conflict with the perfect programming...And you'll be as useless to Shinra...To me...As some child's limp toy...Do you understand....JENEVE?"

Ninelle's silver lashes batted once...Then again...Ninelle's heartbeat throbbed in her ears. She was in trouble...Her body was ceasing up...Hadn't Cloud heard her cries?

A few tears rolled down her cheeks as Ninelle felt her eyelashes slow and finally...Engulf her glowing green eyes into darkness. A small whimper escaped Ninelle's lips.

"Cloud-san...Help me..." Ninelle whispered one last time.

Didn't you promise...To help Ninelle? Ninelle thought sadly.Cloud-san...Why...Aren't you...Coming? Is Ninelle so bad...That you won't come...?"