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09-06-2006, 09:41 PM
Shiruba walks into the church

"...why ya running? or should I ask what are you running from?"

*he dusts off his SOLDIER shoulder armor*


He notices the flowers

"Just like the vision?...the girl in pink...the flowers and..."

grits teeth in pain as he drops to knees holding his arm

"the stigma"

09-06-2006, 09:56 PM
Ninelle was about to drift away when she sensed it...The black virus...The thing that they called Geostigma.

It was just enough resonation to wake her...Preventing her from totally slipping away. Ninelle's eyelashes slowly flickered open and slowly, she struggling sat up.

Her pale green eyes affixed upon the youth before her. Her expression was emotionless, like what you would expect from a child's doll. Utterly blank, yet filled with an intellegence that was hard to desciper.

"You've been marked...By Her..." Ninelle said softly. "For your safety...I advise you to stay back from me...Anything assosiated with Her only reacts to me...And the results thus far haven't been...Comforting." She then added. "Cloud-san...Will not be happy to see an intruder in his home...Forget that...You ever saw me...Because I...Only cause pain and destruction...Just like Her."

09-06-2006, 10:16 PM
He looks up at you

"Reunion...you cause pain like Mother?"

He looks at you and stands up

"I believe there is another like me fighting his memories his name was Cloud Strife"

He tilts his head

"And what do you mean you destroy stuff like Jenova?"

09-06-2006, 11:12 PM
Ninelle's pale green eyes glowed softly. Her long silver hair moved slightly...even though no wind was apparent. Her pale lips began to move.

"Ninelle is...An abomination" She said simply, her voice without a hint of any discord. "And...don't speak that name...To so casually speak it...Isn't safe..."

Ninelle laied her cheek onto her knees, still fighting to keep herself awake. Now that she was calming down...Her physical form would soon be completely in control.

Then if he tried anything she would at least be able to get to cloud's side in time. She couldn't allow herself to fight again...Not after what she had done to Yazoo.

It was as if...It hadn't been her weilding the sword...But another being...Using her...As their vessel...Their avatar...Their...DOLL.

09-07-2006, 05:42 PM
He smirks

"You are just like Mother making people she chooses become her pawns in the downfall...Jenova connected to Sephiroth...Sephiroth connected to Cloud...Cloud connected to Jenova its a triangle of Reunion Cloud being the default for it making the Reunion imperfect thus having its own flaws"

His eyes glow slightly as his hair becomes longer

09-08-2006, 01:07 AM
**Um, Kage-san, you may not know this but I play Sephiroth-Sama...I just wanted to tell you since your new to the thread.**

Ninelle's pupils transformed to tiny slits. Her pale hands tightly wound around just under her knees...Her pearly nails threatening to slice the ivory skin.

"You know nothing...I am nothing...Like HER." Ninelle whispered bitterly. "You speak forbidden names like they have no meaning...You do not know...The real truths...Only the obvious facts...Ninelle thinks you only know as much as Hojo-san did...Nii-chan told me many secrets...Some which even Ninelle...Wishes to forget."

Ninelle slowly stood. She was wobbly and frail-looking, but her eyes were dangerous...Unforgiving.

"Now leave me alone...I will not be subject to an interrogation or any questioning by someone I hardly know." Ninelle said, her voice changing from child-like to a more...Adult one laced with a hidden malice. "I'm getting...Angry...In fact...Nii-chan's...Calling."

A giggle escaped Ninelle's lips...Her personality had done a complete 360. This had happened before...And the results had been...Unpleasant.

Her entire body language and facial expression screamed of malicousness. It was as if she was possessed.

"The Reuinon is coming...The children will gather...Then they will play in Eden forever...The Promise Land awaits...." A voice doubled with Ninelle's original one announced. "This vessel...This vessel will serve it's purpose yet...I will make sure of that..."

With that Ninelle fell to her knees and slowly came out of a trance-like state. She was shaking and slowly she stared at her hands and her eyes went wide with horror. Her hands were bleeding geostigma.

Ninelle shrieked with terror, clutching her arms, shaking her head in denial. She rose to her feet and stumbled into the kitchen were Cloud was preparing supper. Wild-eyed and terrified like a child still trapped in a nightmare, she clung to him, sobbing into his chest.

However, her hands were unscathed...As if nothing had ever happened.

"Cloud-san...! Cloud-san...! Help me! She won't stop! She won't stop torturing Ninelle! Ninelle doesn't want to be bad!" Ninelle sobbed. "It's not ok anymore! It's not! It's not! Please...Cloud-san...Help me..."

Demonic Ice Dragon
09-08-2006, 01:37 AM
OOC: I'm confused. Kage who the hell are you playing? I've only seen maybe one post with the character I approved. o.o;

09-08-2006, 01:42 PM
Ooc: I am Back and ready for action! Weee!

Clouds heart pounded as if it was trying to escape the narrow walls of his chest until it suddenly stopped then pulsed with a vision. I flashed violently through his mind and he hadn't even begun to process a thought of it.

"Ninelle." He whispered then turned the stove off with a quick swipe of his thumb, then he booted it outside and ran up to Ninelle shielding her from the intruder.

"What are you doing here?" He questioned with his fists in the ready position. He spoke to Ninelle now in a softer tone. "Has he harmed you in anyway...and..." Clouds eyes narrowed at the person before him. "Why does his presence...feel like..." He stopped himself from any further conversation and backed up to Ninelle.

He grabbed her wrist and moved her body close to his right leg. "Stay Close..." He whispered, "Cloud will always protect Ninelle." He reminded.

09-08-2006, 02:45 PM
Ninelle clung to Cloud, her mind flooding with whispering voices and seering images. Her body was on the verge of an entire shutdown. She couldn't afford to let her psyche suffer anymore damage today.

"Cloud-san...It hurts...Make them stop...Make them stop talking to Ninelle...She's laughing at me...Ninelle will do bad things if Ninelle listens...She wants Ninelle to be bad...!" Ninelle sobbed. "Why do so many torture Ninelle with his face? Nii-chan...Oh Nii-chan...! Stop it! Stop it all! It's not ok anymore...! It's not! It's not!"

Ninelle began to ramble on softly. She clutched Cloud like a fearful child after a traumatic event. She was shaking so badly it looked as if she'd break if anyone even touched her.

Tears streamed from glowing green eyes that wanted not the fate thrust upon them. Ninelle was on the brink of self destruction.

09-09-2006, 07:12 AM
A young man who had silverish hair and bright green blue eyes was watching the city of Midger his home. He had not seen it in 2 years. "Finally I am back... I hope Shinra isn't to mad about me leaving... Of course they wouldn't notice..." he said with a sigh. "It is hard to believe I would have anything to do with that monster(Sephiroth). But, I guess I can't beat fate..." he finished getting up and started walking towards the 5th Gate of Midger.

After he entered the city he was walking the streets with his wooden sword which had the words, "False Masumune" on the blade. As he was walking some kids bumped in to him. "Easy kiddies." he said with a laugh.

09-09-2006, 11:50 AM
OOC: Sorry Dragon so far its just the effects from a Geostigma he has his hair tends to grow slight longer and he has a reaction thinking he is one of Sephiroth's remanaint dont worry its like a sezure it will be over soon

Shiruba gets up

"So you do know Cloud where is he?"

His eyes turn back to silver and his hair goes back to mid-length

"...what is your name?"

09-09-2006, 01:57 PM
Cloud narrowed his eyes. "I am Cloud Strife." He informed almost angry that he was not recognized as such.

"What have you done to Ninelle?!" He ordered. He swiped his hand diagonally in fury as he spoke. "Don't think I'll forgive you for torchering her this way!"

He glared insensivly at Shiruba and kept his guard up to protect Ninelle.

A vague laughter rang through his ears. Almost taunting him. It went away as he blocked it out trying to focus on the situation...But he did recognize it as...Sephiroth.

"Well?" He demanded.

09-09-2006, 02:33 PM
He turns silently and dusts of his SOLDIER uniform

"Ninelle? You mean the girl?"

He tilted his head

"Your eyes are like his...when he burnt down Neibliem"

He blinked and shaked his head

"But it was never burned down was it? Zack stopped him from doing that...he never left the reactor because of you...and now 2 years later his children have return in search of Jenova...as for the girl...I do not know..."

09-09-2006, 04:16 PM
"Fire...?" Ninelle whispered. "Nimblehiem...?"

Ninelle's eyes narrowed and a memory danced within her mind..Faded and greyed like an old photograph.

"It's a place called Nimblehiem...There's mountains and it's full of fresh air...You'd like it..." Nii-chan's voice called to her. "One day...I'll take you there...I hear the view from the watertower is amazing." He then promised. "When I return from this mission...I'll take you there. You have my word."

Tears rimmed Ninelle's eyes and she furiously wiped them away.

"That's...ENOUGH!" She shouted, forcing the voices whispering to her to be drowned away. "It's not fair...To bring back broken promises! Let's...Let it all go to ashes...Just like...Shinra...And sweet little Nimblehiem." She then added, her voice flickering between her's and another's.

Suddenly Ninelle passed out, slipping towards the ground, except one of her arms caught around the nook of Cloud's shoulder and neck...Causing her to dangle like a marrionette who had all of it's strings cut.

A few last tears splashed onto the ground leaving stains...Black stains which writhed then evaporated.

Whatever was within Ninelle...was winning.

09-09-2006, 04:38 PM
He watched Ninelle fall

"Cloud...I did nothing to her...but I think he...has taken over her just like he did you remeber? Aeris..."

09-10-2006, 09:54 PM
Cloud suddenly burst out. "NO! Nothing happened! I don't know what you're talking about. Just be quiet!" He held Ninelle and lifted her up, holding her legs in one arm and her shoulders in the other.

"Just leave me alone." He jumped onto his bike.

It would be wise to visit him...I can not think of anywhere else I could go right now.

He drove off with Ninelle leaving only dust behind. Eventually he came to a hidden house. "Ok...So I did get the directions right..." He mumbbled feeling a little better after watching the senery flash him by.

Reno might be here...Bah...I don't care.

"Ninelle?" He asked gently to her fainted body. When he recieved to reply he sighed and picker her up off the bike. He drapped her arms over his shoulders and held her like a small child, her legs hung around his waist.

Don't be scared. I'll be here.

09-10-2006, 10:27 PM
Ninelle couldn't move. She couldn't react. Her psyche and body had endured enough for the day.

She had gone into almost a comatose sleep. It wouldn't be until the next sunrise that she would awaken...At least that was to be hoped.
************************************************** ************************************************** *********
A memory gripped Ninelle within her dark sleep. She was a mere child, lying on a cold examination table while bright white lights blinded her as she opened her eyes.

"Well, well...You've finally awoken," Hojo's voice called to her from the far left. "Didn't I warn you about conflictions with your programming that would result in this kind of reaction? I must say...I am sorely disappointed."

Ninelle was on the verge of tears, trying to recall everything that had happened...But she only drew a blank. Her hand hurt and she didn't understand why.

"It was my fault sir...I was showing her around the area and she slipped, cutting her hand on some broken glass on the pavement," Nii-chan explained from the far right. "This...Is the first time she's ever seen her own blood...Yet alone been cut, right sir?"

That's right...Ninelle thought remembering the incident. I slipped on the steps outside the weapon's shop...There was a broken bottle and my hand...

Ninelle gazed at her right palm to see it slashed, dried blood sealing it shut.

It started to leak this red substance...I couldn't stop it...And what they call pain set in...I..."Panicked" as it has been described to me. Ninelle thought.

"Even so this is no excuse. The JENEVE Project cannot be prone to such simplistic errors...You as a SOLIDER should understand why errors are not tolerated," Hojo told Nii-chan. "If this pattern continues...Jeneve will have to be put back into isolation until the flaws are contained and eliminated."

"I..Understand," Nii-chan said softly.

No...No! Ninelle thought rapidly. Ninelle can't continue on without Nii-chan...Ninelle can't go back to that place where the needles are and the tests! Nii-chan...! Nii-chan don't let them...Do that to Ninelle...

With that Ninelle fell back into her deep sleep as Hojo's and Nii-chan's voices faded away with her conciousness.

Crimson Eyes
09-10-2006, 10:42 PM
Throughout all the vents that had happened, Vincent was gone. Ever since he last battled Yazoo and Kadaj, Vincent was nowhere to be found. He would not be seen around Midgar, for he had gone back to his resting place, the place where he belonged. He went back to Nibelheim. He had gone back into hiding under the dusty floors of ShinRa Mansion. Back to the coffin that he was meant to be dead in. He now believed he had no place in the world anymore. He had died long ago. He just went to sleep in his coffin.

09-11-2006, 08:14 PM
After Adamu waved good bye to the kids he continued walking the streets.

"It has changed since the last time I was here... I wonder..." said Adamu trailing off. "I wonder if he is here..." As he said that he saw a motorcycle fly by with a woman and a man on it. "That was him..." he said with a bit of awe. But, he turned around. "I will meet him soon enough... It won't be long..."

09-12-2006, 08:15 PM
Shiruba watched Cloud drive off walked out side flipped onto his own motocycle and started driving to Midgar

"......Those Silver Haired Guys are upto something"

09-14-2006, 01:21 AM
Cloud stepped up wooden stairs and creeked towards a door. It opened and he stepped in with Ninelle in his arms.
"..." He looked around until he spotted a bald, tanned man staring at him. Then" he saw a cloaked man in a wheelchair also, if not covered by the cloak, staring at him.

...Tough crowd...

He didn't say anything, instead he put Ninelle down and scratched his head waiting for some one else to speak.

09-14-2006, 02:04 PM
**Yesssss! It's time to play Rufus-san! (Dances around in chibi mode like an idiot.) Boo-yah!!**

"So glad...You could finally make it Cloud...We've been expecting you," A young male voice called from the cloaked wheelchair. "It certianly has been a long time..." He chuckled lightly, almost a hinting a bit of bitterness.

The cloaked figure glanced over at Ninelle and gazed deeply at her. He then turned back to Cloud.

"I see you've picked up...A rather...Highly unfortunate stray Cloud...A labrat that shouldn't have been let out of it's cage...Or created in fact," The figure said darkly. "I was sure...That it wouldn't have survived...But those based on the original abomination herself are rather resiliant, aren't they?"

The figure went silent once more. He affixed his entire attention onto Cloud.

"So...Do tell me why you have come...It looks like my message I asked Reno to deliver failed to reach you...So wht do we...Owe this honor too?" The cloaked man asked. "Hmm, Cloud?"

09-16-2006, 07:50 AM
Adamu watched as a man in a SOLDIER outfit flew by on another motorcycle. He smirked and just walked on towards the center of the city. To the old Shinra HQ. When he arrived he looked up.

"Look's nearly abandoned... What happened... Maybe I shouldn't have left..." said Adamu"

09-16-2006, 06:16 PM
Cloud walked around a little. "No reason really. Maybe just to find out a few things unknown to me..."
"Like for one. Who are those two freaks with silver hair!? Why do they keep coming after my Ninelle?" He managed to say, ignoring Rufuses remarks about Ninelle earlier.

"And...Why...were you looking for me? What could I possible be able to do for you..." He sounded as if his confidenc, what little he had had all vanished.

09-16-2006, 07:42 PM
"You haven't lost your touch..." Rufus chuckled.

A flashback of Rufus getting injured by Cloud seered in his Rufus' mind. He fully acknowledged it had been a truly grand fight.

"The day of the explosion...I managed to get out...before it all collapsed..." Rufus started but suddenly paused and raised his hand to face, revealing the Geostigma on his hand. "We need your assistance, Cloud." He added abruptly.

He waited a moment before continuing again.

"I acknowledge that Shinra owes the planet a lot. It goes without saying that my company and I put the world in the sorry state it's in. Therefore, it's our responsibility to set things right." Rufus continued. "As a first step, we have comersed an investigation is Sephiroth's wake...At the Northern Crater this is." He added. "What do you think we found? Nothing. Nothing at all. You can relax, however, not all is like planned... we were interrupted by the same three that attacked you, Kadaj and his gang."

Rufus was aware Cloud would be interested by this news. If he was assosiated with the sealed project being the girl he had brought with him...He would have defininatly run into Kadaj and the others.

"It seems he doesn't want us finishing what we started. Really, what could they be thinking?" Rufus mused. "Kadaj's group is young and violent - as dangerous as they come. That's why we decided it would be in our best interest to hire a little muscle."

Slowly, but surely Ninelle came too. She was still disoriented and weakened.

"Cloud-san...?" Ninelle softly called, slowly sitting up.

Suddenly her and Rufus' gazed met. Piercing memories seered her mind and a resonance more powerful than anything she had ever felt racked her body. Ninelle's pupils turned to tiny slits and she curled up, clutching her head.

"You're aware...Aren't you?" Rufus called softly to Ninelle. "...And I see you know what lies within it. That's good...at least I don't have to be conserned about you making attempts now."

09-16-2006, 08:40 PM
Cloud took a small breath and helped Ninelle up. "So...I am to rid them from this world? You want me?..." He looked down.

They'll keep coming after Ninelle and Sakura...I guess I...have no choice.

"Ok...I will aid you this time. For Ninelle and Sakura's sake. But for future reference...I...I've givin up fighting...So after this is all over...just...remember that." He grabbed Ninelles hand and opened the door to leave and then stopped and looked at Rufus again.

His eyes questioned but he said nothing.

09-16-2006, 09:26 PM
Ninelle followed obiedently. She was exhausted and still very weakened. She gazed back to where those men had been...The strong resonance calling.

She forced herself to look away, hoping that what was there wouldn't fall into the hands of someone who would use it for harm...Or out of ignorance.

She's calling...Calling to me...Ninelle thought sadly, her body trembling. How much longer...Will I be able to resist? Oh Nii-chan...Give me strength to endure this...

She clung to Cloud and kept walking as her darker side wormed around within her.

09-16-2006, 11:35 PM
Adamu had entered the Shinra HQ and found his old locker he has had. He opened the locker and there was his old SOLDIER uniform.

"Do I really want to put this on again?" he asked himself.

He remembered 2 years ago when he left. He told himself he wouldn't put the suit back on until he had done what he needed to do. He had failed that promise as he took out the suit and put it on. It's teal look had faded to a grey but with his teal shirt it looked better unzipped.

"It is a lot tighter then I remember..." said Adam ajusting it. "There we go..."

He looked at his wooden sword with the words 'False Masumune' scrawled across the black. He ran his fingers over the edge and it started to bleed.

"Still sharp? That guy was right this is the strongest wood in the world..."

He exited the building and started walking towards the slums.

Crimson Eyes
09-17-2006, 12:00 AM
When Cloud had opened the door to leave, Vincent was right there in front of him. "I decided to come back. You need me. Ninelle needs me and Sakura needs me. I heard your conversation. I will help Rufus. But I'm not doing it for him. I'm doing it for you,Ninelle, and Sakura. I will leave with you when you're ready. But wait there is one more thing. I found Reno. He's injured...badly. He needs Ninelle. Loz beat him up pretty badly. He at the inn in the Market Place." Vincent walked back down the wooden steps and to his motorcycle.

09-17-2006, 08:48 AM
Cloud wasn't suprised to see Vincent there, he just wondered how he found the place.

"Ok. Well you lead the way then." Cloud said carelessly. He looked once more at Rufus and then left, taking Ninelle with him.

"Ninelle. Reno needs your help. Are you up for helping him? What I mean is, Do you have enough strength?" He questioned slipping his sunglasses on and handing her his helmet.

"Why does that doorknob always find a way to get himself in trouble." Cloud mumbled to himself kind of irritated.

09-17-2006, 10:09 AM
"He has...A good heart..." Ninelle said softly. "There are worse things lurking in the dark and in the light...Than a man who can't help but find himself in trouble..."

Ninelle could still feel the resonance eating away at her. She wanted to go...She so desperatly wanted to leave, but remained silent.

"Ninelle will help Redhaired-san...Ninelle is...A good girl...She will help...." Ninelle said, her eyelids a bit heavy as she fought to stay awake. "Ninelle can rest...After she is done helping Redhaired-san..."

Ninelle's silver-white hair swirled around her like a flurry of a snowstorm in a sudden breeze. Her pale green eyes flickered and her white dress wafted. The barcode tattoo with it's black ink burned into her pale skin shimmered.

She put on the helmet and mounted Fenrir, Cloud's Motorcycle. She then gazed back at the two.

"Shall we go...?" She then asked, her green eyes faintly glowing one last time.

Demonic Ice Dragon
09-17-2006, 03:43 PM
Everything that was happening... Ishtiama was lost... Laying on the ground lay the small form of the girl, but question is, how'd she get there? Outside of Edge, she lay in the canyon, alone. Sitting up slowly, she looked around, she blinked abit, confused entirely, "Vincent..?" she murmmured softly, clearing her throat. "Where am I..?" she questioned curiously. After being locked in a tube on life support and being used an an experiement for the past sixteen years, only being freed two years ago, she didn't see much of the world.

"Vincent!" she called out, frightfully. "Vincent, where are you!? Ninelle! Cloud!" she yelled, only to have her voice echo back to her. She narrowed her eyes a moment before she stood slowly, opening her mouth, she called out a suprising name, "Kadaj!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, hoping for an answer. Nothing... "Where is everyone..?" she questioned softly, biting her lips, "Vincent..." she murmmured softly, weakly...


Kadaj was... still at the Forgotten City, quietly placed at the water's edge, he sighed, "None of this is going as I would have hoped..." he murmmured softly, sighing again as he placed a hand against his forehead, "Loz, Yazoo... Where're you?" he murmmured more self wise, then anything.

[YAY! People are posting again! -Was sad and scared for a while.-]

09-17-2006, 04:08 PM
Yazoo rode up to Kadaj, his motorcycle rumbling like a raven-armored beast.

"You called...Little Brother?" Yazoo said silky, his voice dark and smooth. "You're not still upset about what happened are you...?" He the inquired.

Yazoo leaned back on his bike, his leather outfit shining slightly in the light. A sardonic smile was upon his lips, as if he had been planning something for quiet a while.

"I'm not...Because I know Mother will set everything right...And give to us what is truly our's," Yazoo told Kadaj in a lullaby-like tone. "When we find her...She will make everything right again." He continued. "...Even Big Brother or that stupid President won't tell us...I'll fill them full of lovely bulletholes and tear the answers from their throats."

Yazoo let out a light dark laugh and dismounted his bike.

"So...What is our next move...Little Brother?" Yazoo asked.

Demonic Ice Dragon
09-17-2006, 04:25 PM
Kadaj shook his head; "I... I don't know..." he said simply. sighing. Kadaj remained silently before he spoke again, "That girl.. Ishtiama... The one that... resembles... Mother's talent... And... his skill in swordsmanship..." he said softly, trailing. "Vincent Valentine... She seemed... So close... To that man..." Kadaj murmmured, pausing ever so often through his words.

"If I have too... To get what rightfully belongs to me... I will... Kill... Vincent Valentine." he said in a rather deep tone, narrowing his eyes as he clutched Souba close.

09-17-2006, 04:50 PM
"Then leave...Big Brother to me...Little Ninelle...Doesn't realize yet that her place is with us...Not that Black Sheep who rejects Mother's wonderous gifts," Yazoo said bitterly. "Kadaj...They'll understand in time...They can't fight what they are that's just fooliness."

Yazoo's hand rested upon the Velvet nightmare, his black gloved fingers itching to unsheath it and pull the trigger.

"...None of us can fight who we truly are..." Yazoo added in a hushed tone no more than a whsiper.

************************************************** ************************************************** *****************************

Ninelle waited for Cloud and Vincent to get going. She tried with all her strength to not let the resonance take her...And turn her into something she feared she become.

"Cloud-san...? May we go please...? I really...Don't like it here..." She added in a whispery tone.

Demonic Ice Dragon
09-17-2006, 05:25 PM
Kadaj nodded abit; "No. We can't... That is why... Those two... lovely flowers... Must take their place at our sides." he said in a cooed tone as he looked around. Letting the tip of his Souba brush the water;s sufface, "They will... come to see... soon enough.." Kadaj said before she looked off to the side in silence.


09-18-2006, 06:15 PM
Adamu arrived in the slums near the Church.

"This place is still run down... I'd figure they would get help by now." said Adamu.

A little while later he passed by his old home. He had known his parents had left long ago. He just sighed and walked pass it. Suddenly he felt his arm fill with pain. It got stronger when he approched a Mako Reactor.

"AH! I must be close to the Reactor..." he said Grunting.

09-18-2006, 11:38 PM
Cloud nodded. "Okay Ninelle. Vincent'll have to at least tell me where to go though." He informed.

He hopped on his motorcycle and started it. "put your helmet on." He asked her nicely. "Vincent." He suddenly called out.

"Where exactly is Reno?" He asked in a rather annoyed tone.

Crimson Eyes
09-19-2006, 05:42 PM
Vincent walked down the wooden steps and got onto his motorcycle. "Okay follow me to the Market place. Reno is in bad shape so we'll have to get to him as soon as possible." Vincent started the bike. "Come on, hurry before..." Vincent suddenly felt a sharp pain his chest. "Ahh!" Vincent fell off the bike and on to his knees. He his chest tightly. He started to glow a red aura and started growl. He suddenly turned around and slashed the earth with his claws. "Ahhhhhhh!"

Demonic Ice Dragon
09-20-2006, 08:29 PM
"Vincent!" Ishtiama had called out once more, walking down the canyon, "Where is he..?" she questioned softly as she ran down quickly comming to a bridge. A broken bridge. Stopping, she fell to her knees, "No! Now I'll never get back!" she cried out softly, whimpering, "Not fair..." she said again before she looked back, eyes landing on a crashed truck, (This is from Dirge of Cerberus to all who haven't beaten the game or played yet ^-^) "W...R...O...? Whatever that is." she said quietly as she stood up running over to the truck.

Slamming the door open eyes landed on an Airboard, "Oh, yes!" she said happily grabbing it and pulling it out of the beaten up and wrecked vehicle. Placing it on the ground and sliding her feet into the helds, she looked at it curiously, "Wonder if it still works..." she inquired quietly as she leaned forwards only to have the board move quickly across the ground carrying her over the cliff. Screaming, she assumed to be going down but actually went straight across. Grinning widely she leaned forwards abit, "Yeah!" she yelled happily as she went over the desert terrain, "I'll be back in Midgar in no time!" she giggled out happily;

Then I can see you again... Vincent...

She thought in silence before she placed her hand over her heart, wincing abit, "He's in trouble... I know it." she murmmured as the board sped across the terra.

09-20-2006, 08:49 PM
Adamu stood in front of a Mako Reactor with the viens in his arms showing.

"I didn't think coming here would have such an effect on me..." he said his arm twiching a bit.

Adamu started to go back to the main streets of Midger but, he stopped and looked at the reactor again and shot it a spiteful glance. He then traveled onto the main street where he started wandering aimlessly.

09-22-2006, 09:03 AM
As soon as Vincent went down, Ninelle's pale green eyes flashed, pupils turning to tiny slits. She lept off the bike, removing her helmet and running to his side.

"Vincent-san...! Vincent-san...!" Ninelle cried.

When she felt the aura, THAT side of her flared. Ninelle wretched back, convulsing slightly. Her eyes flickered, transforming into a white-blue that glowed and back to normal.

"No....!" Ninelle cried. "Ninelle won't....!! Ninelle won't do your evil...! Ninelle isn't bad....!"

The resonance from the area and Vincent's aura was overloading Ninelle to extremes. Soon she'd become something she couldn't control. Whispering voices knawed away at her and Ninelle clutched her head to shut them out.

"Cloud-san....! Make it stop...Please~!" Ninelle begged. "ninelle wants to leave...Tell Vincent-san to stop so we can leave...She's too close...Ninelle can't stand her...Please...Please Vincent-san...Ninelle must go..." She added painfully dropping to her knees.

09-30-2006, 12:30 PM
While Adamu was walking he had the sudden pain in his arm again. It was sharper and could nearly feel it over his entire body. He fell to one knee holding his arm screaming in pain.

"What is happening?!" he yelled.

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-01-2006, 05:21 PM
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That is all. Please continue, I need the following to post;
Crimson (Vincent)
Kaikou (Cloud)
Ryu (Loz)

And everyone else. I need someone to post before I can. e.e...

10-01-2006, 06:07 PM
Ooc:*Awkward dead silence* Yaaa~ I completely forgot about Being Cloud. I go to 'user cp' all the time and hadn't seen it pop up...and it slipped my forgetful mind. I apologize. Otaku-kun um...smartened me up :D Ahem...*posts* o.o;;

Cloud hopped off his bike and quickly made his way over to vincent. "Vincent! Stop it! Fight it!" He grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him.

"We have work to do." cloud tightened his grip and shook him harder. "We don't have time to deal with this. I know you can handle it!" Cloud suddenly looked at Ninelle, "Go back to the bike and don't move from that spot." He ordered.

"I'm not sure is Vincent will be able to settle himself. And if that happens then...I want you to find a hiding spot." He nodded and went back to trying to snap Vincent out of it.

Crimson Eyes
10-01-2006, 07:38 PM
Vincent continued to growl and roar. Wings of Crimson suddenly sprouted from his back. His hair became red and started to cover part of his now blue face. His eyes glowed a deadly red. His hands became claws. He felt Cloud shaking him. He looked up at Cloud and looked into his green eyes. Vincent roared in his face and suddenly swiped one of his claws at Cloud's chest. Vincent then rocketed from the ground and into the air. He flew off into the distance to search for Sakura.

10-01-2006, 08:34 PM
Cloud was thrown back and into his bike. His chest had been hit, and he felt a small rush of pain in it. He lay there a second before he tried to get up. When he did manage he put his hand on his wound and yelled up to the sky. "Vincent!"

He squinted and finally stood. "Ninelle...Let's get to Reno." He pulled his bike up and handed her his helmet. "We don't have time to lose."

He started his bike. To him the wound was small and barable. Besides Vincent hadn't hit him too hard, mostly just smacked him away.

10-01-2006, 09:31 PM
"Cloud-san~! You're bleeding~!" Ninelle whispered, her green eyes wide with fear.

She clutched Cloud close and reached a hand over, placing it onto his wound.

"Cure..." She said softly, letting the healing light release and mend his flesh.

Ninelle was shaking. She had felt only a small factor of THAT resonance and it had nearly consumed her.

If those other people...Kadaj-san...His brothers...They know not what they truly seek~! Ninelle thought as tears welled in her eyes. Forgive me Cloud-san...I don't think that the next time...I'll be able to resist...

10-02-2006, 07:36 AM
Cloud looked down as his chest as Ninelle cured it. he tilted his head slightly and looked at her. "Thank you Ninelle." He said. "Now put your helmet on. He need to catch up to Vincent and get to Reno."

He started up his bike and drove off. Following vincent was out of the question now. He was long gone but Cloud made his way over to Reno and when he got there he stayed on his bike. He turned it off and looked at Reno.

"Did someone call for help?" Cloud teased lightly. "Or do you want to just lay there?"

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-02-2006, 06:09 PM
Pushing forwards, Ishtiama winced as she became more and more exhusted. The heat was getting to her, "What if.. What if he can't control Chaos!? What will happen... What if... Vincent..." she nearly cried as she thought of the many horrid, and probable outcomes of his Transformation. Comming to a slow stop a few miles, but insight of Midgar, she caught sight of the large abomination in the skies. Narrowing her eyes abit to focus further, she gasped, going wide eyed, screaming; "Vincent!!!" her heart dropped as she watched Chaos soar through the sky.

"No! Vincent! Please!" she cried out, stopping the airboard and jumping off, she tripped, but quickly caught her self as she stumbled to the ledge of the cliff she stood over. She watched in silence, there was nothing she could do right now. Placing a hand on the hilt of her sword, she knew, if Vincent couldn't control Chaos... She might end up having to fight him.

(OOC: Which, I find inprobable, hence the fact; In Dirge Of Cerberus, Rosso had stolen Vincent's control of Chaos, AKA Protomateria, which is embedded in his chest next to his heart. But beside the fact, he still had an extent of control on Chaos. I've beaten the game, and you even play as Chaos in DoC.. So... o.< Don't abuse it to much, meaning don't make Vincent go all Chaos'ee all the time, Kay? x.x';)

Biting her lip, Ishtiama shook her head slightly watching Chaos in the sky, "Omega asscend to the sea of stars... Chaos return to the planet..." she murmmured softly, her lip quivvering faintly as she watched the beast fly over head toward her direction.

10-02-2006, 08:37 PM
((OCC- Sorry Icey ^^: )

Adamu had seen all that he wanted to see in his old town and started searching for a way to contact his boss Rufus. He got to a payphone and called Rufus's cell number. His first attempt went unaswered. The second coin slinked in and the other line finally picked up.

"Rufus, Sir, You may not remember me but 2 years ago I worked for you at the Shinra Corperation. I know you maybe mad that I left or you might have not cared any but know that I am back and ready for duty. I am awiating your orders."
said Adamu with respectful tone.

Adamu remembered when he left he left no word of his leaving. But he decided when he came back he would defeat the ones metioned in the books of the Shinra Masion where Sephiroth turned psycho and where Cloud had once lived. He didn't know who they were but felt compelled to seek them out. He sensed one in Midgar but when he arrived he had left. HE felt as simular energy from the girl Cloud had with him. As he remembered this he waited for his old boss to give him an answer.

OCC- I hope that is good Icey. If not I will change.

10-02-2006, 09:13 PM
Rufus listened to the call of a runaway solider and contimplated it deeply.

"So...Adamu was it...If you want orders...Then you shall get them...But you're going to have to work...And work you shall." Rufus told him, his voice cool and ominous. "A group seeking to use the cells of Jenova...A young man named Kadaj and his brothers...Must be detered at all costs." Rufus instructed. "As for the girl...Don't get too involved with that one. She's...Not like the other experiments Shinra thinkered with...In fact she might as well be considered in the same category as Sephiroth."

Rufus paused.

"Shadow Cloud and if you can...Persuade him to help us stop Kadaj...He's already taken the liberty to harm two of my best men." Rufus said tapping his fingers upon the arm plagued by geostigma. "Fullfill this and I may just reinstate you...IF you fullfill it..."
************************************************** **************

Ninelle slipped off of Fenrir, Cloud's bike and walked up to Reno. She gazed at his wounds and her face remained deathly still. Her glowing pale green eyes flickered and she knelt down to him.

She placed her hand over his chest and began to use her cure upon him.

"Cure..." Ninelle whispered softly.

"You can't escape...Stop running..." A voice suddenly pierced her mind. "Embrace your fate...Destiny calls...Jeneve...JENEVE...JENEVE...!"

Ninelle suddenly cried out, backing away suddenly and clutching her head as a piercing resonance screamed through her body. She shook her head, her silver hair whipping around like a mad horse's mane.

"Stop...Stop it...!" Ninelle weakly cried. "I won't...Become her...!!"

Tears hung in her eyes and she glanced around at the people amongst her. What would they say if they truly knew...What she was?

10-03-2006, 04:32 AM
Natsumi watched the events unfold before her eyes when she saw reno being treated by a young girl her eyes filled with happiness but she detected something wrong with what was happening watching the girl as she withdrew herself away seeing this hinata began to walk towards the crowd surroounding them

'erm excuse me! please let me through please let me through'

she begged at them to let her pass but to no avail getting rather annoputed at this natsumi clenched her hand into a fist "if they won't move for me then 'll just make them move!" she thought looking at the corwd again she shock her head "no i told master that i would not hurt others to get what i want" taking a deep breath she leapt and ran along the sholders of the by standers landing at the florn to the corwd she walked towards the girl kneeling down she saw that she was crying feeling sorry natsumi pulled out a hanky

'hey there are you ok?'

she asked lifting her face she wiped her tears away smiling happly at her hse looked over at reno and back at the girl

'please heal him? i know you can do it'

10-03-2006, 10:23 AM
Ninelle looked up at the stranger, her pale green eyes streaked with tears. Suddenly she backed away like a frightened animal and hid behind Cloud. She still wasn't use to so many people around her.

"To close...So many voices...They keep calling..." Ninelle said softly. "Cloud-san...I'm falling...Falling and I don't know what's going to happen..."

Her Nii-chan had fallen. No matter how hard she had tried to stop it she had been powerless. Would she change into something as destructive and terrible as that day...The day he changed?

Ninelle slowly and cautiously moved back beside Reno, timid of this new person. She reactivated the Cure materia deep within her body, nixed into her very essence and form.

"Cure..." She whispered as Reno's flesh began to mend and reseal.

As soon as shee finished she ran back beside Cloud and hid behind him. How much longer would she be able to do this? To go for him to protect her...Before he would literally have to protect others...From her?

She clutched Cloud's arm trembling. He didn't know any of this. She had tried telling him once before...

But he only refused to accept it. He was determined to keep her safe...Even though a monsterr was lurking deep within that pale skin of her's.

10-03-2006, 10:34 AM
"Yes, sir." said Adamu hanging up. He had seen Cloud leave earlier. So, he headed in the direction he saw the motorcycle go. After awhile of searching he saw Cloud, the girl, and one other figure. He hid while he watched them.

"So... All I have to do is keep an eye on Cloud? No problem..." said Adamu in a confident tone.

He watched all three from the crowd blending in. He asked a spectator what was up. She ddn't know ether. He gathered from the on lookers that Cloud may or maynot have been hurt in a fight.

"Damn hope not... He is the only lead i have to find Kadaj..."

10-04-2006, 06:00 AM
Natsumi watched as the girl withdrew herself away from her "i wonder if i said somethign wrong?" she thought standing up she bowed to cloud and the girl 'sorry for not intorducing myself my name is Natsumi, i saw what happened from a far and my instincts told me to tend to the young ones needs' she bowed again and began to leave stopping at reno 'I'm glad that you where succesfully healed and in good health' bowing to reno she left the area.

About a few miles away she kept thinking about the girl how she flinched and ran away from her shacking head she stopped at the sight of several men standing there looking at her 'well well well it's good to see you again Kasumi!' he eyes narrowed gritting her teeth she replied 'Your the guy that made everyone back home hate me! WHY DO YOU WANT MY POWER THAT MUCH?' she began to do handseals 'SHADOW DUPLICATION!' spreading her shadow out from the extended shadow sproting out from the ground where shaodw clones of her all grabbing a kunai in each hand they all charged at the men in suits

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-04-2006, 06:59 PM
OOC: For the last time. I NEVER APPROVED YOU! You still have major flaws in your Bio and also NO NARUTO STUFF! I clearly stated that.

Crimson Eyes
10-04-2006, 08:54 PM
Chaos stopped in the air. He saw Sakura watching him from the ground. He then felt a pain in his chest again and held it. He roared out loud and started to fall from the sky. He landed on the wasteland ground as Vincent again. Vincent wasn't moving. He was breathing, but he was in too much pain to move. His cloak had become even more worn than before. He was bleeding from his mouth and he was covered with cuts and bruises. He looked up at the sky. "Sakura...where...did you..go?" With those words said, Vincent passed out from the pain. He soon started to dream.

(Vincent as a Turk.)

Vincent Valentine was lying under a beautiful oak tree, napping away. A woman suddenly came into the scene, calling his name. "Vincent, wake up." Vincent rose up from the ground and looked around. "Huh? What?" He set his eyes upon a beautiful woman with brown hair. "Oh, Lucrecia." Lucrecia smiled. "Sleeping on the job." She giggled. Vincent blushed. "Well, I just came up here to get some fresh air and I-" Lucrecia suddenly showed him a basket with food and champain in it. "Surprise!"

(dream over.)

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-05-2006, 11:49 PM
Ishtiama closed her eyes painfully a moment shaking her head, "Vincent..." she whimpered as she opened her eyes watching him collide with the ground, "Vin-- Vincent!!!" she screamed running to his side. Dropping on her knees sliding a few inches across the ground next to him, she gently eased him up into her lap, his head craddled in her arms as she held him close to her self, "Vincent... You're gonna be fine... Everything's gonna be fine... You'll see!" she smiled abit trying to make things seem better then what they were.

Nodding abit, she rocked back and forth holding him for a moment, giving the faintest of giggles; "Everything... will be fine." she said in a soft, soothing tone, her eyes afixed on him, her other hand lifted wipping the blood away from the corner of his mouth; "You're going to be fine, yano?" Ishtiama cooed softly to him. Looking off to the side a moment, she chewed her lip softly a motor cycle revved off in the distance, "Oh, God no..." she murmmured softly. Reaching down to her cellphone, she snatched it up quickly, texting Cloud the text only read; "Kdj alrt out of Mdgar" normally she would use full words for anything else, but this was an emergency. And time wasn't a thing they had.

"I'll protect you Vincent..." she murmmured softly, as she gently laid him down in the sand and dirt combine of the ground. The motorcycle came to a stop. Her assumption was nor further then perfectly correct. Kadaj dismounted the vehicle unsheathing Souba; "This time girl... You'll be comming with me." he said in a darkened tone, before looking back to Vincent, "Tsk, tsk... Poor thing... Looks like he saved me the trouble of killing him. Ishtiama only narrowed her eyes withdrawing her sword, "Bull... You won't be going anywhere near Vince..."

10-06-2006, 12:12 AM
"You hide...Behind that black sheep? You really...Need to get away from such poor soil...My flower..." A familar voice called to Ninelle.

Ninelle gazed over and there was Yazoo, standing alone, smiling his dark smile. Ninelle shuddered, clutching Cloud as a resonance rang throughout her entire body causing her pale green eyes to flicker.

"Wh...Why are you here...?" Ninelle shakeningly whispered.

"I'm growing...So tired of waiting for you to realize what you so truly are..." Yazoo cooed, taking a few steps towards them. "Mother is awaiting for all of the Blessed Children...Not cursed dogs like him..."

"No...No...I won't listen...I won't!" Ninelle cried backing away, ensuring distance from him.

The resonance was overbearing. Her exposure to too much of it was about to drive her onto the edge of her limits. Yazoo could see the torment and fear in her eyes.

It made the hairs on the back of his neck rise with anticipation for when she truly awoken...That expression would never grace her delicate pale face ever again.

He reached for her and suddenly Ninelle bolted. She dashed away like a wild animal, speed beyond that of any normal human. Yazoo smiled darkly at Cloud.

"Stop clinging to her...She doesn't belong to you..." Yazoo told him sternly. "Once we have Mother...You'll see the truth."

With that he turned and walked down an ally and came out roaring on his bike. He sped after Ninelle, who was already a great distance ahead.

10-06-2006, 07:05 AM
ooC: This is Skyla's debut[aswell as Yuffie's] I apologize for the late entry... but it kind of adds to the clepto's character. BTW I shall add sound effects every now and then. I hope you dont mind.

Tmp ... tmp ... tmp ... ...
Footsteps could be heard as an energetic spirit climbed the stairs of a slightly rundown apartment building. The white knee-hgh boots reached the top of the stairs and the figure knelt. Untying the left boot laces a few inches with a gloved hand, Yuffie took out a plastic card the size of a standard visa. She swiped it along an expensive out-of-place mailbox on the wall. A small light flashed green. There was a short matalic click and the mailbox door opened. Yuffie reached her gloved hand in and pulled out a key then closed the door, as she did so the light flashed red.

She unlocked the apartment door. As she steped in she set her bag against the wall, beside a crappy duck painting and closed the door behingd her.

"Babs, you here?" She called half expecting no answer. "Am I too late? Are you too far gone..." She unclipped her shurikens and removed them from her back.

10-06-2006, 06:56 PM
Yazoo drove his bike hard. Ninelle was surprisingly agile and fleet upon her own two legs. She bounded and flew through the air like a scared deer from a wolf.

Yazoo was getting irritated, unable to cut her off as soon as he hoped. He saw a rising slope of rock and grinned. Ninelle was starting to feel a bit tired, worn out from the eventful day. She gazed back briefly and slowed her pace when she realized Yazoo was no longer within her range.

Suddenly a roar of an engine and a dark shadow fell over Ninelle. Her eyes went wide in terror as Yazoo came down towards her like an angel of death upon a metal beast. His hand lashed out and caught the front of her white dress, scooping her up onto his bike.

Ninelle cried out and struggled, but Yazoo's grip remained iron-tight. He drove onward and came to where Kadaj was confronting the other blessed girl named Sakura who was clutching the red cloaked demon tight.

"I have her...Just like we dicussed Brother," Yazoo called. "Just take her and let's go...I don't want Big Brother...To interfere again."

Ninelle gazed at Sakura, her eyes pleading for help, even though it was obvious she was mentally pleading Sakura run and forget her. Suddenly she elbowed Yazoo in the chin and struggled to get away.

"Run Onee-chan! RUN~!" Ninelle cried. "Take Vincent-san and get back to Cloud-san!!" Ninelle added in desperation as Yazoo fought to restain her. "Ru~!"

Yazoo placed a firm, but gentle gloved hand over her mouth and Ninelle froze...Clearly afraid he would hurt her.

"That...Hurt Ninelle-chaaaan...." Yazoo cooed softly. "Saying such things...You really don't understand do you at all? You belong with us...! We're the only ones you'll ever need...So stop doing this...You know...We're the only ones...Who REALLY know what and who...You exactly are."

Ninelle was shaking. She gazed down as tears fell from her eyes. Yazoo removed his hand and stoked her long silver hair, even longer than his own.

"That's...A good girl..." Yazoo said softly, his voice aflutter, soft and silky.

"Good girl...Ninelle's...A good girl..." Ninelle whispered as if in trance.

10-06-2006, 10:51 PM
Yuffie slid the keycard back into her boot and tied the laces. As she rose she noticed just how run down the place was. 'Gih?' She thought and gave the walls a pitied and let out an irretated sigh. 'Jeez, Babs... you have all this cash yet you refuse to spend e few gil on descent wallpaper....' "No! I can't waste time loitering around..." She reminded herself softly.

She considered searching the place, Babs was known for having secret rooms and the like. Besides, this was what Yuffie was best at. Though she doubted Babs'd leave anything valuable or-

"Shiny!" Yuffie's eyes lit up like a child discovering a way to create mountains of chocolate. There was something twinkling on the table. 'Ooooo treasure? Eeeep! Mine mine mine!' She thought as she half sprinted across the room and into the dining area.
'It'd deffinatly materia- so round so colorful.' "Ehg?! What the- what the heck is this?!" Yuffie yelled at the top of her lungs as if the mountains of choclate turned into dung. The orb on the table was nothing more than a crystal ball for fortune telling. Fury blazed within Yuffie's eyes, a firery aura shot around her as she pitched the ball out the winow. Glass rained on the carpet as Yuffie stomped over to the refrigerator in hope of any random phone numbers. 'AVALACHE's Ph... seventh heaven bar... shinra co...

"Hmm? What's all this?" Yuffie scowled at the list of numbers that went on. She opened the fridge door and stared at it's contents, milk, vinegar, a part case of soda and glass viles with fine writting that said 'keep refigerated'. She took one of these and a soda and headed for the bedroom. 'Why am I acting like this is my pad?' Yuffie asked herself. 'I mean, I've barely known her for two months. Oh well she got me into this mess.... wait, no no I guess I did she thought to herself.' She set the items on the bedside table and took out her cell. She pressed no.4 on the speed dial. Reeve.

ooC:The phone call to Reeve here should be redirected to rufus since they work together... just because we have no cait sith/reeve. Unless somebody took on the part...

As a few rings went in she flung herself backwards onto the bed. *-riiiiiiing -rii-riiiing* The tone studdered, a sign that she would have to leave a message. "...please leave a message after the tone..... biip."

"Reeve... this is Yuffie. She's not here there's no trace of her anywhere. You sent me on a goose shase. If you get a hold of Tifa demand that she find Kadaj's gang... that's the only clue we to finding Babs... Reeve! Are you listening to this?! Why are you being a lazy burden, how can you sit around when we have to look for Babs.... you know very-" Yuffie was cut off.

"Press pound for more options." Her phone told her. She became frustrated and dial Reeve again and continued the message. "Look you know better than anyone that her parents had all of the answers about the three..." She trailed off just thinking about Kadaj and his so called brothers. "Look just tell Cloud what you know before it's too late, and find Babs before something happens that we'll all regret."

With that Yuffie ditched the place... leaving the soda and glass vile at the bed stand. She found some paper and wrote Babs a note....

Yuffie walked back into the gloomy streets of Edge. She only took a few steps when she noticed the glass orb that she tossed. It was broke into many pieces, blue shards were scattered around on the cement. Something odd caught her attention. a piece of parchment was embedded in a fat piece of the glass. She wiggled it out and unfolded it. The paper had a single word writen on it. Yuffie didn't know if Babs had a sense of humor or if this was a clue. It said 'Holy'.

Back in the dimmed apartment kitchen, upon the table sat a note with a pen at its side.
"Babs, I understand this isn't the best time for any of us to dive into the situation that has arised. There is only one piece of the missing, one link that is going to hold this fate together. But it seems there's only that one piece missing. It would seem that everytime we pick up that new piece, another piece falls from our reach. We have past the point of just being interested in her past, if we don't understand what's wrong with her then she'll break, but another one will form. Unfortunatly, if that happened we would no longer have your intell. So I beg of you: Please share everything you know. Though we have yet to prove ourselves trustworthy, I'm not just talking about Shinra, but the lot of us... we will continue to treadthis path. I only hope I'll have someone from the point of view[fellow theif] to tread with us.
Best interests, Phantom Theif Yuffie"

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-07-2006, 12:27 AM
OOC: I'll post later. o.< -Will edit this.- But wow. Skyla, I luuuuuuv yew. x} You post biiiiiig!!!! See, Otaku! I told ya' she was trust worthy. xD

Crimson Eyes
10-07-2006, 12:06 PM
Vincent slowly opened his eyes. For a couple of seconds his vision was blurred. But then it became normal as he looked up to see Sakura. He felt better then he had. Especially his head. He realized that he had been resting on Sakura's lap. He continued to look up at her and noticed that her facial expression was one of anger and yet worry. "Sakura..." Vincent forced his broken body into an upright position. He leaned a little bit on Sakura's body. He suddenly saw what Sakura was looking at. Kadaj was walking over here and he did not look happy. Vincent needed to get Sakura out of this. "Sakura...leave this place. You..have to...leave. Just forget about me. I need to protect you. Now please...GO!" Vincent put his hand out at Kadaj. Energy started to gather in his palm. It swirled around his arm and a red ball started blow in his hand. "ODIN!" The red ball of energy shot into the ground. A black hole formed into the ground and a figure arose out of it. The figure that came to being was a dark warrior on a black steed. The warrior held a sword of shadow and he had glowing, red eyes. Odin put his sword up into the air and put it forward. The black steed began to charge forward at Kadaj. Odin readied his blade for the attack.

10-07-2006, 12:56 PM
Yazoo gazed at the summoned creature and a small, slightly visable smile crept onto his lips. He leaned over to Ninelle's ear.

"You can protect us...I know you can..." Yazoo whispered silkly to Ninelle. "We're...Your true kind...Mother has brought you to be with us...So help us...And be with us...You belong...With us."

Ninelle's pupils turned to slits and her irises began to glow a white-violet light. She stepped towards Vincent, her long silver hair covering most of her face. She raised her hand towards the sky and her arm, deep within the flesh began to glow an icy blue-white light.

The air temperature dropped rapidly and swirls of snowflakes, crystalizing the very water in the air, swarmed around her until a blizzard engulfed the area. Ninelle's black barcode tattoo began to smoke black wisps, just like geostimga was sometimes seen doing.

"Shi...Va..." Ninelle whispered brokeningly.

With that pillars of ice erupted from the ground acround Ninelle and Yazoo. From the depths of the ice came the being known as Shiva, a beautiful woman with blue skin, long dreaded hair, a purplish-blue body wrap and many intercate designs upon her sparkling frosted skin. She turned her head towards her enemies...

Odin, Vincent...And Sakura.

"That's....A good girl Ninelle..." Yazoo said affectionatly, running his left fingers through some strands of her hair. "Protect us...Your true kind."

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-07-2006, 03:01 PM
Ishtiama looked back at Vincent shaking her head; "No! Please, Vincent you're not in any condition to fight." she exclaimed breathlessly as she looked back to Kadaj who was chuckling, and she noticed that Ninelle, and Yazoo had made their appereance. "Nin--Ninelle!" Ishtiama cried out softly, the goddess of ice catching her attention, "Shiva..." she murmmured softly, falling back slightly. "No... No, Ninelle! It's me!! Please! Don't! Yazoo and Kadaj are our enemies! Not me or Vincent!" she began pleading to the dazed girl. Shaking her head slowly, her ponytail shifting back and forth slightly. Seeing that her pleads were making no differences, she took a step back; "No.." she uttered softly.

Kadaj looked back to his brother then to Ninelle, "Looks like she finally opened her eyes to what she truly is... Time to... Make her see." Kadaj finished his gaze drifting towards Ishtiama before he lunged quickly almost as fast as lightning, grabbing her wrist, the limp holding her weapon, he clutched it tightly in his grip, causing her to cry out in pain and drop the sword. Bending her hand back causing her to drop to her knees. Ishtiama cursed softly, whimpered in pain, "Good... Good..." Kadaj murmmured in a dreadful tone, before he let go of her hand slamming the hilt of Souba into the crook of her neck causing her to cry out once more before blacking out.

Kadaj kakkled darkly as he looked over to Vincent, then Odin; "Consider... Your self lucky, old man..." Kadaj leaned down picking the girl up holding her in a sort of bridal style so to speak. Her head laid back limply the rest of her limbs completely limp as well. Kadaj let his eyes rest on Ishtiama's limp body in his arms them back to Shiva for a moment then to Ninelle and Yazoo; "We're done here... Unless you want to kill this man off... Atleast our little flower won't have anything to return to." he stated his gaze sliding down to the girl in his arms as he slowly made his way back to his bike.

10-07-2006, 03:52 PM
"Let's...Make this Old Man...Suffer..." Yazoo said in a sickeningly sweet tone. "We can always kill him later....But for now...Let's let him feel the torment of his failure!"

Yazoo placed his hand onto Ninelle's barcode tattoo, the geostigma ink and mists curling around his gloved fingers.

"Take care...Of this nuisence..." Yazoo whispered. "He's an insect to you...A mere insect who wishes to stop us all from coming together...From creating a place...Just for us all...You want to live without fear...Don't you my sweet?"

Ninelle was beyond anyone her glowing white-violet eyes bore into her enemies. Suddenly she whirled around and her hand struck Yazoo across the face, a vicous blow.

"You do not...Control me..." Ninelle's voice doubled with another escaped her lips. "You may have been able to co-erce that side...But it's sleeping...I am finally...Awakened..."

"Awakened~?!" Yazoo gasped, clutching his injured cheek.

"JENEVE...Has awakened." She said, her voice cool and commanding.

She turned back towards Vincent and a dark smile crept onto the face of what had once been a calm and peaceful girl, who wouldn't dare hurt another. She let Shiva destroy Odin with a power that shouldn't have been possible, it was as if a sinister force was boosting the creature from the body of the once so innocent girl.

Jeneve then gazed onto Vincent who was defenceless.

"I have a message for the Black Sheep...Tell him...That Nightmares will consume once again..." Jeneve told him.

With that she raised her hand and let Shiva commence her attack. Mounds of ice formed around Vincent, sealing him to his spot in a coffin-like crystal of ice. She left his head uncovered and Shiva disappeered.

Jeneve walked past Yazoo and sat upon his bike, her glowing eyes unwavering. Her resonance was overbearing and dark....And SO very, very familar.

"I'm so very...Tired...Of all this...Is so utterly pointless..." Jeneve murmered. "This planet...It's petty living things...It should all...Just fade away." She added. "Don't you all...Think so?"

10-07-2006, 04:05 PM
ooC: I need to borrow Cid for a sec. [It was my only escape plan, bare with me, lol]

The streets looked depressing to say the least. Yuffie felt all of her happiness escape her as she saw ill children loitering at every corner. She made her way the bar as fast as her legs would allow. As she came around the corner passing through sector 5 she noticed a slim newframed airship model sticking out behind the a few buildings. Just looking at it made her feel nuaseous, she didnt pay much mind to it.

A noisy ruckuss met her ears as she passed through the doors of the bar. There was a blonde man behind the counter wearing goggles. "Where the [email protected]*& is their &^#@*%&$ tea?!" He looked up to see Yuffie with a scared look in her eyes.

"I'll just be going." It was normal for her to dislike Cid's vulgar attitude.

"Before you do you can tell my where the pain in the @#$ Cloud Strife is! I've been waiting for over an hour after I received his $%#@&*@ distress signal."

Yuffie flinched everytime he cursed, she hoped none of the orphans were in the building.

Leaving the marketplace with her arms full of assorted shopping bags, Tifa hurried home, hoping that someone had cooked for Denzel and Marlene while she was out of town. As she approached the bar she reached for her keys in her dark apron, foing so a few pieces of fruit tumble out of their bag.

She let out a sigh, bent down a picked them up.

"The &*$% you' been?!" Cid towered over Tifa, his shadow over her body. "I get a freakin distress call and the place is empty!"

"Di.. stress call?" Tifa asked, then wondered. 'I leave, and everything goes to hell. When'll Cloud stop jumping around like a water spider?' She let out a sigh and bit her lip. "When did they signal you?"

He looked at his watch. "An hour and ten minutes ago." Tifa shook her head, they could still get there in time. "Where were they?"

It was Cid's turn to sigh. "I lost the signal." Yuffie goaned and helped Tifa with the groceries.

"Cloud is soooo troublesome." She pouted like a child.

Dust and dross licked the air around Serina, the airship as it landed some onehundred feet away from a summoning duel. Tifa and Yuffie jumped out from the sides and bolted to the fight scene.

Tifa whirled delivering a punck to Kadaj's left jaw and housed a heavenly double kick to his side then ducked.

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-07-2006, 04:28 PM
Kadaj grunted as he dropped the form of Ishtiama, as the kicks were delivered, as her body hit in the ground, she slowly stirred looking over to the crystal coffin, and gasped, the sillouette inside belonging to none other then Vincent. Slowly pushing her self up she looked back to Tifa and Kadaj, Kadaj had sent the blade of Souba towards Tifa's side, before waiting to see if it hit, Ishtiama stumbled over to the crystalized coffin, "Vincent!" she cried out weakly as she reached into her pocket pulling out a small blade; "I'll get you out." she said softly as she began stabbing at the ice relentlessly trying to shattered as much as she could.

10-07-2006, 04:54 PM
Tifa's shirt tore from souba, as it cut her side. She connects an uppercut to Kadaj shortly before bringing her knee into the air preparing to drive her foot into Kadaj's chest.
Yuffie skidded to a stop in front of the Yazoo-Ninelle-Vincent trio. She was shortly followed by Sakura, who had a blade out- When Yuffie shock her head anf thought. 'When will anyone llearn just HOW valuable materia is?'

She knelt, taking offer her bag and going through its contents. Finally she took out two shiny orbs. She offered the 'Fire' and 'All' materia to Sakura.

"This should get him out at tenfold the speed." She said hoping that her friend would except her precious and most beloved treasure.

10-07-2006, 08:38 PM
Jeneve watched the insects scurry and furiously try to defy what was to be. Her glowing white-violet eyes flickered and she slipped off of Yazoo's bike, her simple short white dress swaying along with her long silvery hair.

Her slim pale hand reached over and unsheathed her long katana, a power pulsing like a heartbeat from the blade.

"I'm...So very, very tired...Of pests..." Jeneve murmered. "Scuttling and scurrying around...Occupying space which their corpses should rot away with and turn to dust....Fade away...And die!"

With that Jeneve raised her blade and with a powerful swipe, the force from her swing knocked Tifa flying into some rocks. She then turned in a bare second and unleashed another wave onto Yuffie, slamming her into the ground. Jeneve walked over to Kadaj, standing her ground with a fearsome presence.

He smiled the darkest smile that had been wittnessed two years ago by another man...It was plastered upon her, defiling the once innocent soul.

"Destroy them...." A voice whispered in her mind, echoing. "Destroy them...Kill them...Take away everything they love and cherish...Mother is waiting...For us..."

"I will...Wait for me...For just a little longer...Nii-chan..." Jeneve whispered with a sardonic grin.

Crimson Eyes
10-07-2006, 08:44 PM
It was hopeless. All Vincent could do was wait as the ice coffin formed around his body. He put his clawed hand on the ice top. He was to weak to try and break free. He scratched the ice and put his hand down. "I cant let...them. I can't let them have...Sakura...or...Ninelle." Vincent looked at his real arm and placed his claw on it. A green ball of materia came out and he took it. With the small space that he had, he managed to put it into cerberus. He placed the three barrels of cerberus onto the ice lid. "You won't... take them!" Vincent pulled the trigger and blasted a hole in the lid. He then headbutt the lid and shattered it. Although he was in tremendous pain, Vincent forced himself to stand. He aimed Cereberus at Yazoo and shot a ball of fire at him.

10-07-2006, 09:06 PM
Jeneve saw the attack and intercepted, slashing it and causing an eruption of embers. Yazoo regained his composure and went to her side.

"So...Are you truly with us...?" Yazoo asked in awe.

"I follow no one but Nii-chan." Jeneve corrected him, her eyes flickering. "I'll keep you all near for company...Nothing less...Nothing more. Being around insects is so irritating...Trying to sting when it's a waste of effort...That is why...They all must die."

Yazoo smiled darkly. She really did resemble Mother.

"We must find her...And have our reunion..." Yazoo said softly. "We need...Your assiatance..." He added extending his hand.

"Of course you do....I'm the next closest thing...To what She truly is...An utter abomination!" Jeneve said with a dark chuckle. "Her location is~!"

Suddenly she began to wince and trash, her eye colour flickering from glowing violet-white to pale green.

"No...No...She must stay away~!" Ninelle's true voice cried. "She's bad! She's bad!"

"No...We will have our reuninon! We resemble her! We are her duplicate!!" The other voice, Jeneve shouted. "Your time is over! Sleep and fade away!"

She fought with herself, clutching her head, finally she gripped the sword and put it to her throat.

"Then if Ninelle must be bad...She will die!" Ninelle cried, tears streaming. "Nii-san...Doesn't want Ninelle to be like this...And if Cloud-san...If Cloud-san knew...Ninelle was bad...I'd already be dead."

With that she slit her throat and the last scream of rage from Jeneve rose into the air. Ninelle hit the ground like a limp doll. She gasped for air as blood bubbled up her throat and out her mouth.

Yazoo cried out and ran to her side.

"Why?! Why?! Where is Mother...?! Tell me...!" Yazoo cried, shaking her shoulders lightly. "You are like us! Tell me! You cannot just die like this!!"

"Ninelle is sorry...She hurt you...Ninelle isn't bad..." Ninelle whispered. "And I...Won't help you...Find her...Ninelle...Is so very scared of your Mother....Because she is...Who Ninelle was suppose to be...Or at least resemble."

Ninelle shivered, her pale hands clutched Yazoo as tears rushed down her cheeks.

"I...Don't want to die...I want to live...but Ninelle can't live...Everyone said Ninelle must die...And so I will..." Ninelle sobbed as she slowly closed her eyes. "I will die...So that I may live...."

Crimson Eyes
10-08-2006, 05:58 PM
Vincent's eyes widened at Ninelle action. "NINELLE!" Vincent ran over to her. "Get away from her!" Vincent gave Yazoo and strong kick to the head. Vincent went down to his knees. He ripped a piece of his cloak off and wrapped it around Ninelle's throat. He began scrambling for potions he had none. "Ninelle. Don't die here!" Vincent was doing all he could to keep her alive. "Please don't die. We need you. Cloud needs you..." Vincent saw no reaction from Ninelle. He turned around and pointed at Kadaj. "You corrupted her. You drove her to this. You deserve nothing but DEATH!" Vincent aimed Cerberus at Kadaj and srarted firing.

10-08-2006, 07:19 PM
Yazoo mentally swore as he clutched his head wound and strugglingly rose to his knees. He gazed at the limp form of Ninelle and fought to stand. He staggered over to her and pulled out an item...A sparkling fiery-coloured feather.

Pheonix down.

A rare and highly valued item. It had been a spoil he had torn off of one of the turks at the crater. Shinra even destroyed still had the nerve to possess such rarieties.

He tore off the wrap Vincent made and set it upon the bloodied slash. A flame erupted and sealed the skin as a light engulfed her body. Ninelle's pupils slowly but surely dialated to slits and back to normal round ones.

She lay as if stunned for a moment and suddenly Yazoo lifted her head up.

"Mother will open your eyes in time...For now it looks like I'll have to be the one to ensure they are still able to do so..." Yazoo said softly. "You really are such a 'good girl'...." He added, his voice a little disappointed. "Too bad...But Mother will make everything alright again...."

With that he leaned into her and pressed his lips against her's. Fearful and confused Ninelle backed away, but fell, her body still as wobbly as a newborn colt. Yazoo smiled.

"Consider that an equal exchange for the Pheonix Down...Ninelle." Yazoo said softly standing to his feet. "You may live anew...As long as you go to Mother in the end..."

With that he turned and fired once upon Vincent.

"Mother doesn't corrupt you senile Old Man..." Yazoo cooed, readying his weapon. "...And neither does my Little Brother...The Little Flower...Can only grow in the garden Mother places her in....Meaning it is yous who have corrupted her..." He added. "She'll come home in due time..."

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-09-2006, 08:41 PM
Ishtiama screamed as she helplessly watched Ninelle's throat being slit; "Ninelle!" she cried out weakly, shaking her head and lowering it slightly as she sat on the ground feeling completely helpless. She was shaking, though only faintly, she was still shaking. Gazing on in horror as Yazoo had placed a Pheonix Down upon her corpse bringing her to be one of the living once more. She gave a faint sigh in releife as she looked to Kadaj, who was smirking intensely, she narrowed her eyes slowly her gaze soon drifting to Vincent.

Ishtiama gasped as she watched Vincent point the gun towards Kadaj, "Vincent!" she cried out softly as she pushed her self up running to his side, "Vincent, are you okay?" she questioned softly, biting her lip. "He won't be for long!" Kadaj yelled as he leaped into the air, sword drawn ready to plunder straight into Vincent. Ishtiama gasped soft as she felt her own heartbeat quicken within her chest. Her next move was her downfall. Moving infron't of Vincent, facing him, "Move!" she yelled as she shoved him back.

Kadaj's eyes widened her couldn't stop now as the sword slammed into the girl's back, exiting her stomach, Ishtiama cried out painfully as she clutched the spot where the sword left her body. Her fingers moving around the blade, her blood pouring from the wound slowly but steadily. Kadaj's expression was nothing more then horror;

What have I... done..?

Kadaj thought breathlessly as he pulled the sword out stepping back. Ishtiama was only supported by that bit of metal, falling forwards, she fell into Vincent, collapsing onto her knees, her fists weakly clutching his cloak as she looked up to him weakly; "Vincent... I'm... so sorry..." she murmmured weakly as her fists became limp, her form falling over and onto the ground. She was motionless, her breathing was hardly anything at all, her body was limp, and blood poured from her corpse.

Kadaj shook slightly, his heart pounding, "Yazoo... Get... Ninelle... And leave..." Kadaj uttered softly as he sheathed Souba slowly moving to his bike, mounting it slowly, he revved the motor once before he sped off. "What have I done..." he asked himself quietly, and with that, a single crystal clearn tear slid down his cheek, leaving the smallest damp stream behind.

10-09-2006, 08:54 PM
"Onee-chan...ONEE-CHAN~!" Ninelle cried, scrambling towards Sakura.

Yazoo swiftly grabbed her left arm and swung her towards himself and swept her up into his arms.

"You owe me for your life...So stay calm and still..." Yazoo whispered into her ear. "Just close your eyes...And forget this world around you."

Ninelle ignored him, trying to get away, but she was still too weak. Yazoo walked calmly over to his bike, the Velvet Nightmare drawn, the gunblade (yes it is a gunblade, I recently got the Reunion Files book for FFVII: AC and it states so), ready to take down any opposers.

"You tried to be the martyr little one...And I couldn't let Mother's choice for you to exist be denied..." Yazoo told her firmly. "So silence yourself...I'll take you home...And soon you'll see...Mother will make everything right again."

With a sudden surge of energy Ninelle, wretched free and stumbled over to her sword, Komune. She held the blade trembling as she back over beside Sakura and Vincent.

"Ninelle...Doesn't have a home....! If she does...It isn't woth any of you!" Ninelle cried. "If she does...It's with Cloud-san and the others! It's not with Mother! It's with the ones Ninelle loves!"

With that she fell beside Vincent and Sakura. She pulled herself over to try to use her Cure Materia on Sakura, but had no avail. She was out of energy and strength.

"No...No! Onee-chan can't die~! Ninelle was suppose to...!" Ninelle sobbed. "Ninelle is sorry Onee-chan! Please...Please don't die...!"

Crimson Eyes
10-09-2006, 10:31 PM
Vincent was speechless. He was stunned. He watched as Sakura's blood stained the barren wasteland. He fell to his knees and hovered his hands over Sakura. "Sakura...Why?" A tear drop streamed down Vincent's pale face and fell beside Sakura's blood. Vincent dug his claw into the ground. "Kadaj will not get away with this. Neither will his brother..." Vincent abruptly stood up. As he stood up a cure materia fell from his form. He sprinted toward Yazoo. "You will die!" Vincent made and upward swipe with his claw, followed by a spin kick with his right foot. "You will pay!"

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-09-2006, 11:47 PM
The faintest, weakest smile creased her lips as she gazed up to Vincent lovingly; "People do... stupid things... When they're trying to protect the one's they love..." she managed to whisper softly as she weakly looked up to Vincent. Watching him move away, she looked up to Ninelle, "Hey... Be strong kid. If--ugh-- I do die... They're gonna need you..." she added softly. The faint glow of the Cure Materia could be see just slightly, the orb rattled for a moment before seeming to take a life of it's own.

Slowly, the orb rolled over to the young girl's body moving up to the sword puncture. Slowly, the orb moved into the bloody wound. Ishtiama winced, she couldn't tell much of what was going on, but she was faintly aware. The orb began glowing ever so brightly, the light could be seen out each side of the wound before the blood around her limp form began fading, the wound stitching together slowly. Her body felt... rejuvinated. Slowly, she sat up pushing her self wobbly to her feet. Looking over to Vincent, she looked back to Ninelle and smiled abit, "Eh... I guess this is where I get pay back huh?" she said towards Ninelle teasingly as she slowly walked over to Vincent.

Stopping near him, she grabbed his arm stopping him from fighting against Yazoo any longer. She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly in a gently sigh as she leaned up letting her lips press to Vincent's cheek lightly, "I owe you." she murmmured softly before she reached down to the hoilster at his thigh pulling Cerberus out slowly and pointing it towards Yazoo. She walked over slowly stopping several feet from him and the bike he was near; "Leave.. Ninelle and me... and Vincent-- Alone!" she growled before she gave faint pressure to the trigger, glarring at Yazoo, she was ready to pull it, but it was like she couldn't. Did she really want to be as bad at him and rid the world of anything she hated..?

10-10-2006, 07:12 AM
Suddenly Ninelle forced herself up and spread her arms wide, shielding Yazoo, shocking the entire group. Ninelle was panting hard, weakened and on the verge of going into extreme shock.

"What...Are you doing...?" Yazoo softly demanded.

"Ninelle owes her life to you...And nothing more. So go...And leave us be!" Ninelle told him. "Ninelle...Won't do this ever again...So just leave..."

Yazoo nodded and mounted his bike. He sped off giving the girl one last look.

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-10-2006, 03:38 PM
Ishtiama blinked a few times before she slowly shook her head, "Hmph..." she murmmured softly, emotionlessly as she turned moving back towards Vincent. She slid Cerberus back into the hoilster at his thigh, her fingers slowly working the small leather peice to strap the gun in. After accomplishing that, she let her arms slide around Vincent's waist, hugging him tightly, "Thank you so much..." she whispered softly to him her head resting against his chest for a moment; "I.. don't know what would have happened if you didn't drop that Materia..." she added, a faint smile creasing her lips.

As Kadaj continued speeding off, once far out of sight, and looking back seeing his Brother comming after, he came to a stop, dismounting his motorcycle and moving over to the closest thing and leaned against it his hands covering his face; "God damnit! What have I done?! Mother, I'm so sorry... for... ahnihillating your gift..." he whispered weakly, anger and sadness evident in his voice; "I... didn't expect her to protect him..." he added his hands slowly sliding from his face and hanging to his sides.

10-10-2006, 05:25 PM
Yazoo stopped his bike and walked up to Kadaj.

"Little Brother...She is not dead...Mother has worked her will and she has survived...A Materia saved her life and where has Mother infulenced? The lifestream where those very powers are forged...!" Yazoo told him. "We were...Careless today...Too reckless...So if we must wait a little longe runtil we find Mother...So be it....She'll make everything right again...I know she will."
************************************************** ***************

Ninelle fell to her knees, finally able to rest. Sweat rooled down her forehead and past her cheek. She was shaking and exhausted.

She couldn't look at Sakura or Vincent. They had seen...That side of her. The side she was constantly battling with.

The bad side.

That was why Ninelle was bad...Because it wanted her to do things...Things that even gave Ninelle nightmares and wrought her when she closed her eyes at night.

Just then Cloud came speeding up on Fenrir. He skidded up to them and jumped off. He ran up to them, his blue eyes filled with concern.

He saw Ninelle and went to help her up but she cried out "no" and pushed him away. Cloud and shocked and confused.

"Ninelle...? What's wrong? What happened here?" Cloud asked, his voice a bit hurt, disturbed by her actions. "Did...He hurt you? That man that travels with Kadaj?"

Ninelle refused to look at cloud, tears rushed down her cheeks.

"Ninelle...Is so sorry...she's bad..." Ninelle weakly sobbed. "She should've died...I'm sorry Cloud-san."

10-12-2006, 12:38 PM
Tifa hesitated weather or not to make herself visible to cloud. She wanted the old cloud-san back, the one who never ran away. The cloud from two years ago. She decided it best to remain visible at Sakura's side but not to draw any unwanted attention from him. She wanted him to know what it felt like; being alone and seemingly unwanted.

Yuffie ran back to cid's airship to get a grand supply of extra materia for everyone. She reterned with an armfull of shining orbs and noticed cloud-san.

"Where do you think you've been?!" She started throwing random materia at her friend.

10-16-2006, 04:29 AM
Ninelle cowered at the Materia being thrown at Cloud, thinking it was meant for her. Something inside her was unrelentlessly stirring. The darkness called JENEVE.

She was so very scared it would overtake Ninelle again...Becoming something dark and twisted...Just like Nii-chan had fallen into.

She wasn't sure what it all was herself really....

Another personality? Herself? Or something else....?

Whatever it was...It wasn't good...And it enjoyed spreading misery and bloodshed...

Two things....Ninelle feared most....Especially if it was herself enjoying it.

Crimson Eyes
10-16-2006, 01:29 PM
Vincent didn't say anything. He took Cerberus back and placed it back in its holster. He then wiped the streams of bloodfrom his face. "They'll be back shortly. They don't stop until they get what they want. Let's move out quickly." Vincent took a step and then fell to the ground. It was no use. He was too weak. He had lost his strength. He was in terrible condition. He got up on his hands and knees, breathing heavily. He was just too tired. "Just give me a bike to ride and I'll be fine. Vincent got up and just as quickly as he got up, he fell right back down.

Demonic Ice Dragon
10-16-2006, 04:39 PM
"Oh!" Ishtiama gasped as she placed a hand on Vincent's shoulder; "To hell with that. You'd wreck if you drove..." she said softly, gazing at him softly before she added "I'll drive... You ride with me." she said softly as she helped him stand up, letting him lean his weight on her, she assisted him over to the Motorcycle; "Cloud! You take Ninelle and Yuffie back. I'll take Vincent to Midgar and stay with him at the INN till he's recovered some." she said then added; "And, Cloud. Be careful." Ishtiama said softly, as she nodded abit, smiling slightly.

-Plays Cloud.-

Cloud winced as the Materia was thrown at him; "I've been here, where've you been?" Cloud questioned almost mockingly before he blinked a few times looking over to Ishtiama. He stayed silent for a moment, almost hesitant before he nodded, reaching up and placing the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose; "Alright. You becareful too. Kadaj might know you're not dead and come back for you." Cloud warned, adding; "Vincent, don't do anything stupid. Let Sakura take care of you till you're well. You're in no condition to be fighting." Cloud stated matter-of-factly as he turned walking over towards Fenrir; "Yuffie, Ninelle, let's go." he called out. It would be fairly difficult to drive with three people on Fenrir, but he could manage. Atleast he hoped.

Ishtiama nodded softly as she gently helped Vincent onto his motorcycle, soon mounting infront of him, she reached back grabbing the golden claw, then his other hand with each of her own hands. She guided his hands to her waist; "Hang on." she stated softly as he leaned forwards abit getting a hold of her steering, then followed by revving of the motor, soon the bike sped off towards Midgar.

Kadaj slowly lifted his head looking over to Yazoo silently; "You mean... She's safe...?" he questioned curiously, almost a relieved sigh passing his lips; "I'm so thankful... Thank you, Mother..." he whispered softly,his head falling back slightly against the vertical surface he leaned against.

Thank you for saving her...

He thought in complete silence as he placed a hand on the hilt of Souba; "Where do they head to next...?" he questioned curiously as he stood straight up almost as if he were a solider waiting for orders from the general.

10-18-2006, 08:42 PM
"Where ever they go...We will find them. Mother will show us the true path..." Yazoo said softly with a small dark smile. "...And when we find her...Everything will be utterly...Perfect."

With that Yazoo chuckled softly, his green irises scanning the land before him as if something else was beyond it all.
************************************************** ****************

"I'm not....Going with you...Cloud-san..." Ninelle said softly.

She backed away, limping terribly, from Cloud and scooped up her Komune katana. She attached it to her slim waist and gazed out over the horizon.

"I'm going...Back...To where it all began..." Ninelle said softly. "Ninelle will go back to sleep...Just like Shinra had intended...I can't...Exist in this world...Without hurting others...So~! I will go back to sleep...And never bother anyone ever again."

She used her cure materia to heal her own body and was able to move without pain. She was finally strong enough to use it's magic upon herself...And that is what scared her.

The stronger she became...So did THAT side of her...The true side...That needed to sleep forevermore.

10-24-2006, 07:11 AM
Cloud topped. "Listen!" His voice had become slightly irritated at what he had heard out of Ninelles mouth. "I've been protecting you from what ever I can SO you can live in this world, and you can. Stop being stubborn and get on the bike so we can get back and reorganize ourselfs. If you don't, you're just taking the easy way out and giving up. Which is unacceptable."

He walked over to her and bent down. "Ninelle. Cloud needs you...without you or...even my friends," He was hesitant to call them that but it came out that way on instinct, "Cloud would be no where and alone. Sometimes I have to trust thier word and beleive in them as they do me. That's all I'm asking. Whatever is in you. Maybe it's best to draw it out so I can get rid of it for you. Do you understand?" He looked at her for her answer.

"Where there is a will there is always a way. Now come, we don't have much time." He looked at sakura and nodded slightly then he lead Ninelle to his bike gently.

10-24-2006, 10:30 AM
"Stop it~!" Ninelle suddenly cried, wretching her pale hand free. "Stop it...Please~!" She then added weakly. "You don't understand...! You didn't see the things I did...And I don't want you to see the things I may do again!" She then exclaimed.

Ninelle was shivering. Her pale green eyes flickered and tears hung in her eyes. She had to tell him...No matter how much it hurt.

She couldn't hide it any longer...Because it wanted out.

It wanted...Everything dead.

She gazed back at Cloud. She couldn't bear seeing the kindness in his or anyone else's face around her...Because once they knew...Nothing would eve be the same again.

"I...I'm Jenova's Recreation~! Her cellular dulpicate through artifical recreation!" Ninelle suddenly shouted, the pain on her face all too real. "I'm not made by her true cells...Just copied ones...But even so...Her will still flows through me~! And she won't stop....Until Ninelle destroys everything just like she has made Nii-chan do! Ninelle doesn't want to end up like Nii-chan!!!"

Ninelle clutched her head, the dark whispering voices taunting her for her petty actions to sever ties with her "friends".

"When....Dr. Hojo and Shinra developed Ninelle...It was in efforts to harness the lifestream better for Mako energy just as they had with Jenova...But Ninelle...Was more unstable...And they locked her away...Making her sleep...And so...Nii-chan would never find Ninelle for Jenova's will..." Ninelle told them. "So just forget about Ninelle and let me sleep once more~!"

Ninelle took one more step back from Cloud, her bare feet bracing herself, keeping her from falling to her knees in despair.

"You can't cut what is inside Ninelle out...You can't stop it...Because JENEVE is who I am...Jeneve...The next Jenova...'Ninelle'...Was Nii-chan's name for me before Jenova called for him..." Ninelle said softly. "You should understand the terrors of it all Cloud-san...After all...Nii-chan speaks of you...Quite a lot."

Ninelle's pupils flickered to tiny slits and a psychodic look slipped onto her face...A female version of the one who the entire world still trembled in fear of....


10-24-2006, 11:39 AM
"I don't care!" Cloud yelled at her for the first time ever. "I don't care if you're even Sephiroth in disguise!" Cloud grabbed her again. "I said I'd protect you. And that's what I'm going to do!"

He looked at her seriously. Her face reminding him of his departed ememy, but deep down he too was his friend. "Don't you see, you have the chance to become opposite of what Jenova is. Who cares what could happen. Focus on what you Want to happen. Thats how you become someone you are proud to be."

"I will die protecting you. That's how it will always be. Just as I will die for my friends." He became use to the word friends, he just felt strange saying it regularly. "I Just want yoiu to know that..."

10-24-2006, 12:31 PM
Ninelle's features remained unchanged...In fact they only became darker and more twisted.

"How sentimental...Cloud...You can't even save yourself...Yet alone...your 'friends'..." A familar dark male voice wafted from Ninelle's lips.

Just then there was a flash of silver and Cloud was thrown back, nearly escaping a fatal blow. Ninelle was shuddering, her Komune katana's blade had sunk rather deeply into her forearm which she used to push Cloud back...Preventing him from taking the harsh wound.

"Stop Nii-chan...Don't ask me...To do this for you..." Ninelle whispered, her right hand seeming to have a mind of it's own. "He doesn't understand...How Mother...Asks you of these things..." She added turning to Cloud, gazing into his blue eyes.

Suddenly the blade dug deeper and Ninelle let out a small cry, falling to her knees. It seemed as if an intense conversation was happening within her.

Soon the blade withdrew and Ninelle healed her arm.

"Go Cloud-san...Get everyone...Far away from me...It's only a matter of time before any one of them comes out..." Ninelle said softly. "Stop Kadaj-san and the others from finding mother...From having their...Reunion..."

With that Ninelle suddenly lept up into the air and disappeered, almost exactly like Sephiroth had in the past. She gave them all one last pained smile...Then was merely gone.

10-24-2006, 01:47 PM
Cloud stood up and glared after her. "I'll still protect her no matter what is trying to controll her." He said quietly then got on his Fenrir.

"Come on Yuffie no more questions let's just go we have to rest then go find Kadaj and his stupid brothers...Then we'll be able to find Ninelle again." He gestured her to hurry up and he started his bike up.

"Put the helmet on." He ordered throwing it to her. "And hold on tight."

11-06-2006, 08:29 PM
Rufus Shinra sat in his wheelchair watching the events unfold around him. Even with the sins they were trying to correct, more seemed to come in a never-ending stream. Would they ever be free of the past mistakes...?

Or would they haunt them indefinatly until death...Or even after?

He flicked open his phone to reveal a text message regarding Jeneve's spilt from the group. She was seen heading back towards the old Shinra headquarters.

"So...You're going to willingly go back to sleep?" Rufus mused aloud. "Well...What a good girl..."

With that he flicked the phone shut and went back to gazing out his window and onto the ravaged city below.
************************************************** **************

Yazoo was tired and weary from the day's events. He leaned back onto his bike and stretched, silver hair flowing down his back and shoulders.

"Where ever we go...Mother will guide us..." Yazoo said softly sitting back in his previous condition. "Let's just follow our prey...For a little longer, shall we?"

11-14-2006, 08:18 PM
As the sun rose a figure rose as well. Unfurling a large set of wings, in the rising sun, she stretches. 'It has been over two years...I wonder how this planet has changed..'

Gathering up energy she pushed herself off the ground with force, she headed to the city. Sniffing the air as she flies, she notices an odd scent, so she lands in one of the back allies. A small girl comes running towards her "Are you an angel? Have you come to cure us?" Smiling she asked "And what is your name little one?" "My name is Yuka, what is yours?" "I am called..." for a minute she tried to remember her true name, but couldn't. "I am named Angel. What is it that ails you, Yuka?"

The little girl pulled up her sleeve to show Angel the Geostigma. "Its called Geostigma, my mommy told me that its the planet's way of punishing us."

Confused Angel asked "Punishing? What has the human race done?" "They played God..." Yuka turned and ran away, leaving Angel to ponder just what the child had meant.

Sealing her wings inside her body- for blending in- she headed to a small church. Opening the large doors she noticed the place had no roof and had a small garden of white and yellow flowers. Smiling she headed straight to the flowers, not noticing that therewas also a young man, laying down on a make-shift bed.

As she began to kneel, she felt a sharp metal object at her throat. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" The man said. "I have awakened because the earth called for me. What is your name?" "I asked first." tha man said with what felt like a smirk. "I do not remember my true name, so I have named myself Angel. Now answer my question."

She felt him lower the blade, but did not turn and face him. "..Cloud...My name is Cloud.." She stood from her spot and faced him, cupping his face in her hands she brought his face closer to hers. "...You are saddened..Why?"
Sighing, but not moving his face from her grasp "Its my business and only my own.." Cloud looked up into her face again and saw nothing but saddness. "Why are you so sad, Angel?"

A frown marred her face "I do not know.." She released him from her grasp and turned from him. "I have come to this place because when this place was at its peak...it was my home, home to my sister and I." She breifly explained. "Your sister?" Cloud asked. "Yes, but she was killed soon after our first night. She could not take this planet's air. It was not healthy for her."

Cloud came up behind her "I know of a good place you could stay for th night. With a friend of mine-" "I don't need a place to stay...I need only to know why I have come back. "I need to know who I am as well, All I can truwly remember my past, just not my name..." She interuppted.

"This friend of yours...why do you not stay with her?" "....." Cloud didn't answer her question as he walked towards the door. "Cloud..." She called. "Hm?" "You don't want to leave my questions unanswered...remember that" She told him as she walk past him and sat on the back of his bike. "Let us begin our travel."

He shook his head as he put on his goggles and started his bike. "Alright.."

Demonic Ice Dragon
11-14-2006, 08:56 PM
[ OOC: ...Okay. Right. Nice post. But no. Just, no. Try applying and following the rules, then we'll talk. ;)

Also, Otaku can you PM Crimson and tell him to post? e.e]

Ishtiama frowned abit as she tugged Vincent's hand abit harder; "C'mon! We have to get you fixed up, don't be so stubborn!" she whined softly as she let go and stalked over to his bike; mounting the 'heap of metal' she looked over and waited patiently-- Okay screw it, no. I can't do this. I need Crimson to post. I can't do a damned thing till he does. )<

11-14-2006, 11:53 PM
Ooc: Yes...and how dare thee rp cloud! I am he! He is me...and he somethingthing you cannot be. Sakura make sure that the rule of not rping other player's characters is correctly lodged into puppy's brain. If he/she decides to follow set rules and sign up properly... *glare* My cloud! *grabs cloud and chains him to his wrist*

Cloud had rested but only for a short time, he was worried too much about Ninelle. He decided to go to the one man he knew he could trust when it came to information. Thus he hopped on Fenrir and made his way over to Rufus's headquarters.

He entered to find the room quite dark and only the light from the open windows shawn in. No one appeared to be there.

"Huh...." He took a seat on the floor and leaned against the wall, deciding to wait for Rufus's return. Soon however, he found himself drifting and then his head dropped and he fell asleep. Something he hadn't gotten much of for quite awhile.


Ooc: This is a dream sequence, note these characters are blown out of porportion. and are not the true characters.

"Where am I." Cloud said surrounded by burning fire everywhere he looked. "What's going on?" He couldn't find an escape but when he turned around he saw her...A sword through her chest and stuck into the ground, Her body rested on it, she wasn't moving.

"No...n...no..." Cloud walked closer and then behind her he saw a black figure. Walking. Coming closer...and closer. Through the flames, his hair flailing his green eyes piercing.

The figure placed his hand on the hilt of the sword and ripped it out of her body. She fell to the burning growned. Cloud could she her face now. Her eyes were open, looking at him. Staring.

"No!" He yelled and reached for her but her body crispened and turned to ash, fluttering with the fire.

Cloud looked at the figure with hatered, he wanted to kill it. The figure moved in closer and it was HIM. It was-"


"SEPHIROTH!!" Cloud suddenly awoke, sweat pouring down his face. His breath quickened slightly then he looked down at his hands. He clenched his fist then leaned back against the wall again.

11-15-2006, 02:02 AM
The door of Rufus' temporary quarters opened and one of few remaining loyal Shinra employees wheeled in the white-cloaked figure that was once the mighty Rufus Shinra. He had called for a pick-up hours ago so that he may collect all of his data in person, not just sitting in a room learning it via a cellphone.

He glanced over slightly from under his hood and gazed upon the Ex-Solider Cloud, passed out in a corner.

"Well, well...These past hours have been...Just full of surprises." Rufus mused as the employee parked him a few feet in front of Cloud.

The employee nodded silently and Rufus waved them off, motioning for them to go. The employee left without protest, bowing slightly as they closed the door, unquestioning and almost machanicly.
************************************************** ************

Ninelle wandered, her bare feet wandering the wasteland, taking every stab of dirt, rock and dying grass. Her long silvery hair flowed around her and her pale green eyes were almost lifeless. Her bloodstained white dress wafted around her slim frame.

"Why...Are you doing this?" A smooth dark male voice asked her as she walked, echoing around her.

"Why? Because Ninelle is bad...Ninelle only brings pain..." Ninelle whispered.

"Ninelle....Is a very good girl..." The voice corrected her seductively. "I know because you are my Ninelle...Mother's mirror image...And Mother does not bring pain...She brings the purification of those who will spread it."

"Then why does Ninelle spill blood? Why does she hurt others? Ninelle is bad..." Ninelle whispered, tears spilling down her cheeks as she travelled. "Nii-chan...Why do you haunt Ninelle? It's unfair...It's cruel~!" She then sobbed, whiping away her flowing tears. "Ninelle can only hear you...She can't really 'see' Nii-chan's smile or feel Nii-chan pat her head....Where are you Nii-chan~?!"

A dark chuckle wafted around Ninelle, carried upon the wind. It caught Ninelle's hair and for a moment she swore someone was whiping away her tears.

"I'm all around you...And within you little one...I live as long as you keep me in your mind..." The voice cooed. "I've never left you Ninelle...Because as long as you live...So will I..."

Suddenly a figure appeared before her, a man with flowing silver hair and eyes that could shred souls with their mere gaze.

"Mother needs you Ninelle...I need you..." He said coaxingly. "Don't you want to see me outside of these mere appearances?" He inquired.

"Ninelle wants to be by Nii-chan's side..." Ninelle whispered weakly, stopping in her tracks.

"Then go...Go and bring Mother to her children..." The man told her. "When you do...You can be by my side forever..."

Suddenly a mirror image of Ninelle appeared, only her face was sly, almost psychodic, but strangely calm and reserved.

"That's your true desire...Our true desire..." Jeneve, her other persona told the trembling young girl. "You can't run from him, Mother or me...Because we come from yourself~!" She then laughed.

Ninelle clutched her head, tears streaming, falling onto the dying grass.

"Ninelle...Won't...Ninelle won't~!" She weakliy protested, trying to contain her overwhelming emotions.

"'Ninelle', 'Ninelle'~!" Jeneve teased. "Your name is JENEVE~! The second Jenova reconstructed without her cells...Even though you are just a replica and not containing any of the true original...You are still...Worthy of living in Jenova's, the Mother's, new world...!"

"Paradise...We will live in Mother's paradise..." The man announced, his soft dark voice alluring and strangely comforting. "Ninelle..."





Suddenly Ninelle screamed, falling to her knees in anguish the hallucinations vanished and she sat, kneeled over, shaking, silver hair hiding her small frame of a body.

"Cloud-san...Cloud-san forgive me...Forgive Ninelle for her sins...Ninelle is so terrible...Only if you could see...How tainted I really am..." Ninelle sobbed. "Then you would realize...How much Ninelle needs to sleep..."

With that Ninelle rose to her feet and continued on, the voices of her many fascades crawling, clawing and knawing at her frail mind, trying to break her down and convince her to do what she had been designed for. If she didn't hurry...She may just end up doing as they asked.

Because whenever in the past, Nii-chan had asked her to do something she had unquestioningly obeyed...It wasn't until he changed...That she was able to try to resist...But in the end...

Old habits die hard.

11-26-2006, 12:44 PM
(Kaikou is sorry if he did something wrong...he was afraid of becoming a posting maniac again like he did with otaku in KH ^^; )

Cloud looked around the room as he awoke He saw Rufus and stood to his feet. "I need...information..." He said getting directly to the point.

He paced the floor then stopped and looked at The man in the wheel chair. "Have you heard anything else about Kadaj and his brothers? Do you know where Ninelle is and where has Sakura and vincent gone off to?"

His voice was strict and he expected answers.

He looked tired, pale and even had the beginnings of dark cirlces under his eyes. He had also lots a bit of his composure and was slutching.

11-26-2006, 05:21 PM
"My, my...So many questions...I can answer many of them but I will not tell you were experimentation Jeneve has gone." Rufus told Cloud. "...And you've seen with your own two eyes exactly why I cannot possibly tell you."

Rufus turned his chair and gazed out the window.

"She's beautiful girl, isn't she? So innocent and frail like a butterfly or a white dove, fluttering through existance...That is...Until her true nature comes out and tears anything that breaths asunder." Rufus mused. "She's on a plane entirely different from Sephiroth had been...That mindset you see...That child-like grammer and behaviour...Is program...To keep back what Jeneve really is."

He wheeled over to a desk and pulled out a file.

"Sephiroth...Named this program 'Ninelle' after the Ninelle flowers that grow in extreme harsh conditions...You can say they grew up together the two of them..." Rufus said tossing a faded photograph of a child Sephiroth and Ninelle holding his hand. "Cute children are they not? Too bad we both know how terrible they truly are."

Rufus paused and skimmed through the file.

"Jeneve...Or Ninelle as you call her was the prototype in an artifical cellular reconstruction of Jenova in hopes of attaining better and more productive flow over the Mako energy...But...How little did we know even a copycat cell, one without bloodties to Jenova would be so influenced by her will." Rufus said softly. "When Sephiroth attacked Shinra headquarters reports say he approached her...and told her of her role...Jeneve...Ninelle...Was to be the new eve to Paradise."

He turned to Cloud and shut the file with a snap of his wrist.

"Luckily for us she rejected this fact and we were able to secure her. We put her into stasis far from where any human or other force may find her." Rufus told him. "She's going back to sleep Cloud to spare this world...Won't you...Let her rest?"

Demonic Ice Dragon
11-27-2006, 12:20 AM
Kadaj needless to say wasn't far off. He entered the room Rufus and Cloud was in. He made no attempts to attack or entagonize Cloud. He spoke softly, but firmly; "And... Project; I?" Kadaj interjected on Rufus' words. "What was your plan with her? The immunity to Geostigma." he asked. He stopped in the middle of the room, watching Rufus with a cautious eye, he had no fear of Cloud and one would not soon develope.

"I.. never heard her entire story... Project; I's I mean... All I know is that she was repeatedly tested on and... Became immune to the virus... Please, share with us about her file, next, Mr. Shinra?" Kadaj pulled an innocent exterior. Oh how he could just change his attitude in the blink of an eye... it was almost creepy.

11-27-2006, 01:45 AM
"That's classified information..." Rufus said simply. "...And one that children shouldn't ever know."

Yazoo suddenly was at the other side of the room, sitting upon a desk, his long silvery hair flowing down his body.

"Is that...So...?" Yazoo inquired. "Well...I think that's prejudice...Since you are still very much a child yourself Mr. Shinra..."

Suddenly he snatched the JENEVE file from Rufus and slipped over to the filing cabinet and tossed Project: I to Kadaj.

"I like games...But this is getting rather tedious..." Yazoo said, his soft voice hauntingly alluring as he flicked through the file containing Ninelle's data. "My, my...And I thought Shinra did some very bad things before...Isn't making people taboo...?" Yazoo teased.

With that he slipped around next to Kadaj.

"My poor little flower...Made to grow up in such nutrient-deprived soils...After the renunion she'll bloom...And I wonder who she'll take for a groom..." Yazoo said his pale green eyes glittering evily as he gazed at Cloud.

He skimmed over the file more and a smile crept onto his lips.

"Ah...So...That's where you're keeping her resting chambers...So obvious it almost sickeningly clever..." Yazoo said with an even darker smile. "You ran out of ideas didn't you Mr. Shinra...Or were you simply not appreciative of her beauty?"

Rufus stayed silent then shifted in his chair.

"If she's gone to rest...Not even you can stop her."
Rufus said simply. "You should respect a woman's wishes."

"Not when she has...Responsibilties...No one should shun what they've promised to do..." Yazoo said silkily. "I'll just help her re-realize her wishes."

11-28-2006, 10:01 PM
[OOC:uhh...been busy lately sorry Ive been gone...I dunno if Im still welcomed to this RP but I shall continue in a new area also "Ice" I made some slight changes to the character to make me more comfortable nothing really new but if you'd like to look...]

Phexithors slowly opened his eyes and got up slowly he rubs his head and looks across to see Midgar

How'd I get here? Oww...

he rubs his head were theres a bump

Wonder how long Ive been out...well since theres only one point of civilization near me...

he thinks about Sephiroth for a moment

I hope...

he begins to walk torwards Midgar

Demonic Ice Dragon
12-01-2006, 07:11 AM
Kadaj smirked softly as he flipped open the file and began to read through it slowly, skimming the page; "Ahh.. What is this..?" he murmmured before he began to read alloud; "Project; I. This new study of mine has proven to be the slight trouble maker; new abilities and naturally equipped materia." Kadaj paused. He gave Rufus an awkward glance then to his brother. He shook his head abit before he continued, "She has begun to show a new intelligence, one I haven't discovered with any other project, except two; The Sephiroth Project, and The JENOVA project. I know soon I will no longer be able to control Project; I, her will has amazingly grown to it's own. Continous testing on Project; I has proven to take some interested side effects, project was injected with severe amounts of Geostigma, but has grown immune. Original Genes contracted from the Sephiroth Project, and The JENOVA project. Entry complex complete, Rufus Shinra. Completed on--" he cut himself off; "This was written... The day she was freed... I understand now..."

"She was a true living creature... Before you got your hands on her. She was truly was created to match Mother's grace and his skill..." he paused; "Mother is tryng to protect her from you--! You created her... Too stop me... Too stop him..." he added, his tone broke slightly; "This is why Mother wants me to have her, so I can show her the truth--!! So I can undo the ignorant bliss you bestowed upon her, so I can show her the truth--!" he growled again looking to Yazoo quiestionably, wondering if... he understood this all...

12-02-2006, 02:59 PM
"Don't get...So worked up Little Brother..." Yazoo said smoothly, running a hand through his long silver hair and holding a loose strand, examining it. "They cannot oppose Mother's will with one graced by Mother..." He added. "Just as the little Ninelle tries to run...She will always have Mother by her side...Whether she chooses it or not."

The silver strand wound around his fingers, his green eyes glittering.

"We'll be Mother's children's guides and the gaurdians of Paradise...And no one...Will stop us." Yazoo cooed as he crushed the strand of hair in his fist. "Not even you...Big Brother." He added glancing at Cloud with cold eyes.

Suddenly he threw the file of the JENEVE project at cloud, it bouncing off his chest, landing upon he page reading "Location: Shinra Headquarters, Lower Level Lab, Section: Envitra."

"I propose a race...whoever gets to her first...Shall have her." Yazoo said, his voice deathly serious. "And I assure you...I will not lose."

12-02-2006, 03:32 PM
Cloud looked away a little angered. He was having a tough time admitting it too himself but He wanted Ninelle to be by him always. She was his light. after it had faded so long ago he finally found a new light. A new good feeling.

He didn't want to lose this one...

He felt so useless...as if it was futile to even want to grasp the light. Because he was always left in the dark, alone in the end.

He glared at Kadaj and Yazoo through his strikingly blond hair. "If she doesn't stay by me...then you will never have her either." He groweled and kept his long gaze.

Rufus had given him a hint and he was sure he knew where she went, and if she wanted to sleep he would help her and protect her like he promised.

Crimson Eyes
12-02-2006, 03:49 PM
Suddenly, Reno and Rude busted into the room. "Mr. President, you ok?" Reno than saw Kadaj. "You!" Reno pulled out his metal rod and Rude put his hands up like a boxer would do in the ring. "What are you doing here?" Vincent came into the room. "Leave him be Reno. We are not here for him right now. We are here for Cloud." Vincent walked over to Cloud. "What is happening? I've been gone for some time. Trying to help Reno get back onto his feet."

12-02-2006, 05:35 PM
Phexithors entered the city and looked at the place

not pretty must be the lack of Makos...

he wandered through the streets not looking for anything inparticular

at least there is little life...which mean he hasnt been brought back again...

he sighed with releif and continued to wander

12-02-2006, 05:38 PM
Yazoo chuckled.

"Oh look...The peons have arrived~!" He chuckled. "Well...You better hurry Big Brother...Because the race begins...NOW...!"

With that Yazoo unsheathed his gunblade and shot out a window. He grabbed Kadaj and leapt out. The both of them landed onto their bikes and Yazoo glanced back at Cloud grinning as he sped off.

"I'm going to need two teams...Reno and Cloud...Go to shinra Headquarters and fetch Ninelle...Rude and Vincent...Go after Ishtiama Sakura...There is little time to argue...So go." Rufus ordered.

12-02-2006, 05:55 PM
a gunshot is heared and he turns in the direction and runs torwards it


Demonic Ice Dragon
12-03-2006, 01:19 PM
"See you there... old man..!" Kadaj yelled back as he looked up to the window, smirking darkly to Vincent. "You'll see later on! When she's on our side!" Kadaj added before speeding off. Everything he needed in the file on Project; I. Revving the motor louder, there was no going back now, speeding up next to Yazoo he yelled over; "I'll get Ishtiama, you go after Ninelle, I'll meet you there." Kadaj called over before he headed towards Midgar.

A few hours had passed, Ishtiama slowly stirred, sitting up, she looked around; "Vin--Vince..?" she whispered softly, groggily. She lifted herself off the bed slowly, looking around. "Vincent..?" looking around the hotel room, she narrowed her eyes abit. "I must've fallen asleep..." she murmmured softly as she looked down; remembering what had happened before she had fallen asleep...

( Must use Vincent for a sec. x3 )

"Vincent, you need rest!" she scolded as she pushed him back down on the bed, he grumbled; "I'm fine. You should be the one... resting..." he paused a moment. Looking down a faint sigh passed his lips. "Vince..?" she questioned softly, tilting her head abit. "I almost... Let you die today..." he whispered shamefully. "Hey.. don't worry about it. I'm alive aren't I?" she murmmured quietly to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "It... Doesn't matter, Sakura... You could've died today, because of me."

"Shut up! It's not your fault! I was protecting you, not once do I recall you pulling me infront of Kadaj's sword for your own benifit! I did it all on my own!" she yelled as she stood up, looking down on him. Vincent kept his gaze pinned to the floor. She frowned; "Vincent..." she whispered softly as she sat down next to him. She placed her hand on his knee lightly, causing him to glance over just a moment; "Vincen--"

"Don't... I'm fine.." he cut her off. He laid back on the bed lightly, the boxspring squeaking quietly. Ishtiama sighed abit as she stood up slowly stepping down to the end of the bed. She stared at the television remote a moment, pondering wheather to turn it on, but decided against it. What use would it be letting him rest if a TV was blarring through the room. She instead laid down on the bottom of the bed, soon drifting off into a dream like state.

( All done. x3 )

Ishtiama sighed a moment; "He's probably gone to get something to eat..." she suggested quietly as she stomach growled lightly. "Something I should be doing..." she whispered quietly before a knock was sounded on the door. She blinked a few times looking to the stand; "Vince left his key... Meaning--!" she whispered happily, a smile over taking her features. "Vincent!" she said happily as she stood up running to the door. Opening it she looked out to meet the teal eyes of Kadaj.

"Kada--!" she was cut off when his hand went over her mouth. Pushing her back into the room, slamming the door hind him, Kadaj shoved her back, causing her to land on the bed. She yelped loudly looking up as he pinned her down by her arms. "I am. Tired of chasing you. So come to me, and accept the path Mother has so graciously laid out for you!" he growled. Ishtiama gasped loudly as she kicked up at him, failing though; "I won't!"

"You will!"


"When you read this your mind will change, greatly." Kadaj hissed. Ishtiama blinked. "What-- What do you mean..?" she whispered softly as Kadaj pulled out the file. Handing it to her, she blinked; "What is this..?" he didn't answer. She took the file reluctantly as he let her up, sitting next to her. She bit her lip gently and began to read. "The... Geostigma immunity..?" she whispered softly as she continued reading through.

Finishing the file, it fell from her hands; "They... created me to..."

"Kill me..." Kadaj said softly as he looked over to her. "I'm... I'm nothing more to them then some... killing machine--!!" she cried out softly, Kadaj frowned abit as he took her into his arms; "They're all against you... Except... Me..." he whispered soothingly. Ishtiama frowned; "But, Vincent--!" she whispered; "Don't worry about him... He's nothing more then an old man... He used you as a sheild against my blade..."

"No! That isn't true!! I did that myself..."

"Due to the fact that you care for him, he used that as an avantage.." Kadaj cooed softly. She looked up to him quietly frowning, a few tears forming in her eyes; "Please.. Tell me what I have to do..." Ishtiama pleaded softly. Kadaj smirked just slightly; "Good girl.." he said softly as he stood up, holding her in his arms; "We'll go to Mother..."

"As one..."

Kadaj gently grasped her hand and lead her to the door. Soon comming to the motor bike, Kadaj mounted it, with a willing killing machine, what was left in the room was an open door, and Ishtiama's sword...

12-03-2006, 01:46 PM
he ran through the city torwards the gun shot sound now noticing everyone was looking at him he stopped and turned


Man: You are a SOLDIER right?


Man: I havent seen one of those in two years

Two years!?!

Man: Ya...

he was aggravated thinking he must of overslept and ran torwards where he remebered the gunshot

Crimson Eyes
12-03-2006, 02:54 PM
Vincent had followed Kadaj at quite a distance, but Kadaj had lost him long ago. Vincent revved his bike and accelerated faster. Midgar had finally come into sight. He came through the entrance, going even faster now. "Kadaj has gone through my breaking point. He's doing this for his own pleasure. He wants to torture me." Vincent slowed the bike a bit and then came to a stop at the inn he had stayed at just a few hours ago. He shut off the bike and ran inside.

He sprinted upstairs and saw that the room door was open. He went inside and looked around. "SAKURA!" Vincent growled. "Damn!" Vincent ran out of the room. "Wait!" Vincent ran back in and grabbed Sakura's sword. He than ran out of the inn. He saw Rude on his bike giving Vincent a questioning look. "Let's go. Kadaj can't be far!" Vincent got on his bike and drove off. Rude followed.

12-03-2006, 03:05 PM
he stopped at a dead end

I forgot were it was...which direction?

he walked into the open looking up at what was left on ShinRa's building

it has been sometime...hasnt it...

he stood there looking around with no clue

12-03-2006, 10:35 PM
Ninelle wandered and felt herself become more and more drowsy with each step. Her body needed rest, it wasn't use to being awake and active for so long. It had been...

Two years since she was last awake?

Two years since she last saw Nii-chan's beautiful face twisted with the corrupt power of his Mother?

Ninelle fell to her knees and used her hands to support herself, refusing to let herself lay onto the dead grass. For if she did, she may as well become a sleeping beauty unable to protect herself from an enemy's attack. Her long silver hair wafted and slid down her shoulders as she fought back her sleep.

"Not yet..." She whispered. "Almost there...I can...Feel it...Nii-chan...Will you come to me in my dreams?" She then called softly.

"You should be making those dreams a reality...Ninelle..." Nii-chan's voice called back from all around her.

"No...Ninelle just wants to dream...It doesn't have to be anything more...Than a dream..." Ninelle whispered. "I'm so sleepy Nii-chan...What will I do?"

"Open your eyes and come to us..." He then answered simply.

"I will open my eyes...But I will not...Come..." Ninelle said softly as she forced herself to her feet aand kept going onward.

12-03-2006, 10:48 PM
he jumped off walls flipping up to roof tops and scouting the city for something to catch the eye

A SOLDIER...or an Ex-SOLDIER must be on his toes I dont know what happened since he went corrupt...and a strange disease plagues both me and many of the children

12-05-2006, 10:31 AM
Cloud nodded at Reno he left as quick as he could and headed towards where Ninelle was.

He had never driven so fast in his life.

Soon she came into veiw and got closer and closer. Until, without even stopping he scooped her up and swung her infront of him, placing her on the bike.

"I'll help you!" He shouted. "Cloud won't let anyone disturb you...if this is what you truely want!"

He twisted Fenrir's handle bar accelerating faster. He knew Reno would be right behind him...and that Yazoo would be ever so close by.

He was just glad he found her first.

12-06-2006, 05:57 PM
Ninelle was shocked. She and just been grabbed up by someone she had though she would never see again in her entire life.

"C...Cloud-san~!" Ninelle cried hoarsely, still shaken by the sudden pickup.

Suddenly Yazoo's bike sideswiped Cloud's and Ninelle cried out in utter terror, clinging to Cloud.

"Just hand her over Big Brother and you can leave with a few bones still in tact~!" Yazoo called, his soft voice haunting.

12-06-2006, 06:08 PM
He walked through Midgar into the Edge pondering what had happened since his sleep he came upon a church ruin with flowers at the end he smiled in his wonder upon the meadow of flowers with only two words parting from his mouth

"Innocent Life"

Demonic Ice Dragon
12-07-2006, 05:36 AM
As Kadaj's bike sped along, the veiw of Yazoo, Cloud, and Ninelle came into their sight. Ishtiama narrowed her gaze; "Yazoo is going to kill them.." she growled quietly. She let her hands drift back from Kadaj's waist where she held on and aimed her hand forwards; "If more materia is burried within my body I should be able to use it.." she murmmured quietly as she faced the palm of her hand towards Yazoo before an icy orb shot off her hand causing her and Kadaj to give a faint jump.

The orb would plunder towards Yazoo and latch onto one of his wheels which would cause the bike to slide out. Ishtiama winced abit as she looked at Kadaj. "Don't go against now, Project; I." Kadaj growled. Ishtiama gasped softly. She never remembered being reffered to that name untill now. She looked down shamefully; "They created me too kill you... Then what will they do with me after you're dead..?" Ishtiama questioned softly.

"My guess... Is lock you away once more..." Kadaj replied in an honest tone before he looked ahead and sped up next to Cloud. "Give me the girl, Big Brother!" Kadaj yelled. Ishtiama looked down. She couldn't bare too look at Cloud nor Ninelle... Vincent...

"I'm so sorry..." she whispered softly, her heart ached... Would the people she loved most be killed after this Reunion..? If she let it follow through...?

12-07-2006, 09:44 AM
Cloud glanced around at Kadaj and Yazoo. "Sakura!" He gasped when he saw her, and suddenly he slammed on the brakes so Yazoo and Kadaj were still driving forwards.

"I'm afraid I can't do that!"

"Ninelle, Short cut time!" He then turned and sped up fast until he was out of sight around a giant fallen down pillar like cliff, it stretched for miles. He straightened his bike so he was heading the same way they were originally.

"Ninelle, You want to sleep? I will help you, Then I will get Sakura back from their grasp. But promise me you will wake up again in the future to see me." He said puting one arm aroud her, He still consentrated on the path ahead.

"Those two won't give up so easy, so hold on tight..."

12-07-2006, 05:58 PM
He opened his eyes and was ontop of the ShinRa building a voice sounded to him
"Phexithors come and clam my head for your mother"
He held his head
"Come now Phexithors just as Sephiroth you too can be my son"
"No...I will not heed to you Jenova!"
"Do you want him to return? find my children and get my head if you dont want Sephiroth to return"
He unshethed with double-bladed Masamune and looked for anything he waited then flipped and landed on a convently place cycle he reved it up and drove off torwards the voice
"eh...I hate these cells that made me..."
Quickly he pasted by a blonde spikey haired man and drove after two silver haired men with his Masamune

Crimson Eyes
12-07-2006, 07:17 PM
As Vincent and Rude sped along, they suddenly caught sight of Kadaj and Yazoo's pursuit of Cloud. "There you are." But then Vincent saw Yazoo. "I can't kill Kadaj if Yazoo is there with him. They'll just run off. Suddenly Reno passed them on his bike. "I got it covered!" Reno rode up beside Yazoo. "Hey, girl face. How ya doin'?" Reno took out his metal prod. "It's payback time!" Reno struck Yazoo with the prod. Meanwhile, Vincent rode up next to Kadaj. "This is the last time I will ever tell you. Let Sakura go." Vincent took out Cerberus and aimmed it at Kadaj's head as they rode along. "You best heed my orders this time. I will not hesitate to put a bullet in your head." Vincent gave Kadaj a cold glare.

12-07-2006, 07:31 PM
He saw a red haired man and a man dressed in red drive past him up to the silver haired men he quickly reeved up the speed of his persuit
"I got to stop him"

12-07-2006, 08:47 PM
Yazoo felt the strike of the metal prod and went with the blow, 360-ing his bike so it swiped Reno's away in a harsh blow. Yazoo shook his head, pulled out a potion and drank it, immediatly healing.

"Quit interferring...Peon~!!" Yazoo hissed, his usually soft voice sharp and angry.

With that he turned back around and sped off.

Ninelle gazed at Cloud sadly and suddenly clutched him close.

"Ninelle doesn't sleep like you human-peoples do..." She sobbed. "It could be twenty, thirty or even a hundred years from now...But Ninelle will see Cloud-san again!...Even if it is his memory she sees when she awakens. Ninelle...PROMISES~!"

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she held Cloud close to her small fragile form. For a moment she felt the voices disapeering, unable to ask unspeakable things of her. She was content, even though danger was still very real at that time.

Yazoo soon caught up to them and glared at Cloud.

"And to think mother could've favored you!" Yazoo mused as he drew his Velvet Nightmare. "Why don't you just die like the dog you are...And quit defiling Mother's dreams~!"

Crimson Eyes
12-07-2006, 09:06 PM
Reno was knocked away by the blow, but he wasn't down. He got his and the bikes balance back and looked forward to Yazoo, who had his gun pointed at Cloud. "Oh no you don't!" Reno once again caught up next to Yazoo. "Leave Ninelle alone!" Reno had lost his prod from the hit he took from Yazoo. So he would just improvise. "Ahhhhhhh!!" Reno literally jumped off of his back and onto Yazoo's. He then wrapped his arms around Yazoo and started to pull him, threatening to toss him of the bike. He even started to headbutt Yazoo to speed up the process.

12-07-2006, 11:55 PM
Yazoo gritted his teeth and suddenly wretched his arm up, using the hilt of his gunblade, the Velvet Nightmare to smash into Reno' face, just above the bridge of his nose.

"You're....REALLY starting to annoy me you worthless little peon!!!" Yazoo growled as he pointed the end of the barrel at Reno, trying to consintrate on the path before him and the nuscience behind him. "Either you get off or I'll blow you away with a bullet between your eyes and brain!"

Yazoo's long silver hair whipped in the wind, his green eyes a deadly sight. Ninelle gazed abck at him, terrified. She clutched Cloud tightly, but suddenly she felt very sleepy...

Her eyes closed and her grip slipped. With that Ninelle fell off the bike and plummelled down to the earth. She struck the ground hard, lying like a broken doll. Yazoo's eyes widened and he made his bike leap off of the pillar, tires screeching as they hit the earth. He tossed Reno aside and rushed up to Ninelle.

She looked completely and utterly...


12-08-2006, 12:13 AM
Cloud was so suprised by Ninelle falling that he tried to grab her but the bike swerved and slid, soon he himself had fallen off and rolled roughly across the deserts cliffs.

His bike stopped as it went full force into a cliff wall, but Cloud kept tumbling. He came to a stop and was laying on his back, a long streek of blood showed his path. He was scrapped and cut all over but none fatal. He moaned slightly as his eyes fluttered open to see his sunglasses had been destroyed, only a small few pieces were left in the frame.

He sat up and felt a rough headache pound through his head, he held it furiously and when he looked at his hands his black leather gloves shawn red with crimson blood.

"Ninelle..." He stood and limped up to Fenrir, He grabbed his sword and hooked it to his back.

He then jogged a little dragging his leg which felt like daggers were piercing right through it. "Ninelle!" He called out coming up to her body and Yazoo.

12-08-2006, 06:21 AM
Yazoo began to feel an unmistakable resonance fill the air. It made him feel almost ill. Ninelle suddenly rose to her feet, her cure materia hidden within her body fixing her broken bones.

"So she wants to sleep. hmmm? Well too bad!!" A dark echoing voice escaped from Ninelle's lips.

Jeneve, Ninelle's other personality had awoken. She gazed around the area, her expression that of one of utter anger and disgust.

"When will she realize that it's pointless to fight this? Heh...I guess I'll just have to eliminate the program once and for all. I'm getting so tired...Of these frivilious efforts to contain me and keep me from my true purpose..." Jeneve cooed.

She gazed at Cloud and bore a smile that resembled someone from Cloud's dark past crept onto her lips.

"My, my...Look who's here...That appearance suits you entirely...Shall I add to it?" Jeneve chuckled as she drew her Komune blade. "Once I kill you she'll have no reason to cling to her position as the defensive program of the JENEVE project...So Cloud, was it? Show me your despair as the one you tried so hard to protect...Tears you asunder."

She moved towards Cloud, sword ready to cut flesh. Suddenly Yazoo grabbed her wrist as she walked by.

"Jeneve...Where is Mother?" He asked, his eyes unmoving and determined for an answer.

Suddenly she whirled around and struck him across the face.

"You DARE touch me?" Jeneve inquired. "I should kill you...But luckily for you...I find you amusing..." She added, her voice almost a lullaby tone. "Stay out of this...Or else I may spill some pretty blood from that pale flesh of your's."

She turned back to Cloud, her eyes as wide and demonic as her grin.

"Time to die for me Cloud-san..." Jeneve said sweetly, using Ninelle's tone of voice. "Ninelle is so sorry that you are so useless and troublesome to her....!"

Jeneve laughed, it rang like a bell and she raised her Komune over Cloud. The blade glimmered and shone like a stinger of a poisonous insect.

"Bye, bye...Cloud-san..." Jeneve mocked using Ninelle's voice.

Demonic Ice Dragon
12-08-2006, 08:39 AM
Looking back, Ishtiama narrowed her eyes, Jeneve...

Looking ahead, her eyes landed on Vincent for a moment, tears welling in her eyes; "Please... Just... Leave me alone..." she whispered painfully. "That's my girl..." Kadaj cooed softly; "You see, old man? Rufus... 'gave' me the file on the Project; I. Sweet, sweet, Ishtiama knows all about what she was created for." Kadaj murmmured in a threatening tone. Ishtiama watched as Kadaj made a pass for the Souba. "Not on your life." she growled as she grabbed his wrist, twisting it. "I won't let you hurt, Vincent!" she yelled as she sent her foot up, knocking away Cerberus from Vincent's grasp.

She then grabbed Souba's hilt yanking it out of it's sheath before she back flipped off the speeding motorbike. Landing almost perfectly, stumbling slightly; "You two have fun with out your little toys while I take care of... JENEVE." turning, she ran towards them as fast as she could, Cerberus soon falling from the sky and into her grasp. At this time, she slipped Souba into the belthole on her shorts and grasped Cerberus tightly.

"Stop!" Ishtiama called as she made a sliding stop infront of Cloud, and JENEVE. "I won't let you kill him, Ninelle!" she yelled. Pulling out her own project file, she handed it towards Jeneve; "Look for yourself..." she hissed softly holding Cerberus up slowly; "They created... Both of us to kill what they wanted us too... Then lock us away again untill they needed us." she growled quietly.

"I refuse... To let them bend me or you to their will!" she yelled towards her. She threw the file to her feet, holding Cerberus up aiming it directly towards her face; "Don't make me kill you... I don't... want that to happen..." she paused a moment. "I don't want my friends to die. I don't want any of them to succumb to pain! I don't want the man I love to get hurt any longer... Can't you see Ninelle..? We're... not meant to live a life like this... Sephiroth is dead. Although 'is spawn are still alive, we can help them too! So that... They don't have to live... The wretched life... Our friends had to live..." she said softly a small smile creasing her lips.

Lowering Cerberus, she offered her other hand; "Please, Ninelle..." she pleaded softly. "We can live... a better life... Don't you want that..?" she added softly.

Kadaj turned the bike quickly forgetting about Vincent but worrying for Ishtiama's wellbeing only. Speeding up to them just when she started explaining how they could help himself and Yazoo live a better life. He imagined, what his life would be like if he hadn't needed to find Mother. If he could live in peace, with... friends... He was skeptycle on the concept of having friends, but as he witnessed the sweet smile over comming Ishtiama's pale features just at the mention of them. It... made him wonder.

Remaining silent, he narrowed his eyes slowly, watching the two, then to Cloud, his gaze shifting to his brother wordlessly asking what he thought of what Ishtiama was saying... Was it possible for them to live such a life..?

12-08-2006, 11:36 AM
Cloud only gazed at Ninelle and watched the event's unfold. He was ready at any given moment to whip out his sword to either attack or block an attack.

"Neither of you deserve to be forced to do anything. I said I'd protect you both from anything, that includes what ever they were going to force you to do." He straightened out his posture and looked at Sakura and Ninelle.

"Ninelle is scared of herself...You Jeneve...So I will protect her from you. She WILL go to sleep, just like she wanted to." Cloud swiped his hand across the air in a gesture and glared at them. "Mean while I'll figure out a way to get rid of you and free Ninelle."

He then looked at Sakura and shook his head. "Now that you know everything you don't want to be controlled, but if you listen to them...is that not the same as being controlled? You're still taking orders, decisions are made for you, no matter what they say they're already controlling the way you think into their favour! So Sakura! Why don't you make your own decision! If you love vincent, then be with him!" Cloud growled, he was getting fet up with Kadaj and Yazoo.

12-08-2006, 12:54 PM
Jeneve's right eye twitched and then she let her hair fall in her face. There was a few moments of long silence.

Suddenly an evil, bell-like childish laughter filled the air. Innocent, but yet so tainted.

"Hee...Hee...HAHAHAHAHAHAAA~! You poor ignorant masses of flesh wrapped in foolishness~! Do you really think that I'm letting myself be controlled by those weakling humans of Shinra? By Jenova's cells? MY CELLS ARE MY OWN~!" She laughed, her pupils now tiny slits. "Nii-chan isn't dead...As long as he is remembered...He thrives...And I...will be his bride...His eve when we take back this planet for Mother and make it Paradise."

Suddenly she dove her blade into the ground and icy winds began to blow. She summoned the Aeon, Shiva and grinned evilly.

"Now...Show me your despair...As I tear you all asunder...You can sleep in pretty coffins of ice and snow..." Jeneve giggled. "I am used by no one...And I use whatever I please. I am Jeneve...The abomination...Now...Let's dance a dance of misery...Do not disappoint me."

12-08-2006, 02:18 PM
Cloud unhooked his sword and with one hand brought it inbetween himself and Jeneve.

He knew he couldn't hurt Ninelle. But he had to defend himself so he could continue to help her in the future.

"I'll never allow him to come back, nor your Jenova to have her way!" He declaired and then put his other hand on the hilt of his sword.

Firy squalls flaired around him and he summoned Ifrit. Ifrit loamed over top of Cloud ready to defend him if he needed it.

This fight wasn't going to go far as fire and ice were equall in attacks.

12-08-2006, 05:43 PM
Phexithors landed near the battle and watched a fire giant behind the blond spiked haired man and a dark auraed woman he unshethed his Masamune ready for action

"At last the reincarnation of Jenova"

12-12-2006, 11:57 AM
Jeneve drew her Komune, the long katana's blade gleaming as wickedly as her insane smile. She raised it, pointing it's tip at Cloud, aiming for his heart.

"That isn't for you to descide." Jeneve giggled, her pale green eyes flashing. "This will be ever so much fun, right Cloud-san...?" She then mocked in Ninelle's voice.

She then turned to her Aeon.

"Freeze the flame of their pitiful lives~!!" She then ordered.

Shiva obeyed unleashing a terrifying amount of power, ice and snow freezing whatever it touched in an instant. A dark power pulsated from Jeneve into the summoned monster, turning the ice a shiny black.

"Time to die everyone~! Nii-chan will be waiting for you all~!!" Jeneve laughed, her hair whipping around her from the harsh cruelly cold winds.

Demonic Ice Dragon
12-12-2006, 07:20 PM
It couldn't go on any longer. "JENEVE. Stop this non-sense now." Kadaj ordered. "Do you think nii-chan would be happy that you're killing the very beings he wanted to slaughter? Do you think he'd be proud of you?" Kadaj murmmured in a dark tone. It was a chance he had too take, too try and draw the real Ninelle back out. So they could have Reunion. "Do you think he'd be proud of you!? An abomination destroying his Reunion!?" Kadaj hissed.

Ishtiama glanced at him cautiously,
Is he... trying to protect us..?

She thought breathlessly as she watched in utter silence, her hair whipping about her head as the icy breeze brushed past her form.

"Nii-chan wants to have these pety creatures to himself... I am Nii-chan's way of getting through to this world. His only way!" he paused. Narrowing his eyes; "If you kill these people, I will never forgive you." he growled in a tone that resembled 'his' way too much. Ishtiama gasped quietly as she heard his tone, a shivver running down her spine. He sounded exactly like Sephiroth...

"Remember whose side you're on... NINELLE" Kadaj growled, his voice remarking Sephiroth's. Ishtiama moved to Cloud, grabbing his arm and pulling him away slowly; "We have to take the chance and move now... I trust Kadaj... He'll get Ninelle back.." she whispered to him softly as she stood up straight and began back out away from the commotion, too a safer area, while Kadaj risked himself, glarring with the 'Sephiroth' green hues he was blessed with upon his creation.

12-12-2006, 07:27 PM
Cloud didn't even move or flinch. Though ifrit stepped infront of him and created a firey sheild that matched the ice. The sheild disipated along with the ice and Ifrit only stood awaiting an order or to defend.

Cloud was taken aback by Kadaj's voice. Now he knew that Sephiroth was trying to return...and he knew Kadaj was his only means too.

He remained silent and on guard, watching as they argued.

He didn't like Jeneve mocking Ninelles voice, that really pissed him off. Though he only glared intensly.

12-12-2006, 07:42 PM
Jeneve glanced over at Kadaj, her tiny slits boring into him. Suddenly she smiled sickingly sweet and innnocently.

"You lie. <3" She beamed. "You're only one way." She then chuckled. "There's ALWAYS another. Nii-chan talks to me a lot you know? He tried to reason with my defense program but she wouldn't listen...Pitiful thing..."

She then lowered her blade and it hung in her hand and she raised her index finger to her lips, her eyes wide and innocent like Ninelle's usually were.

"Why is everyone so mean to Ninelle? Is Ninelle so bad? Is she so horrible?" Jeneve sniffled, a few large tears rolling down her cheeks. "Nii-Chan told me it was ok...So why does he say 'no' now? Why is Ninelle so...'Bad'...?"

Yazoo watched the events unfold. He gazed at Kadaj, his cool eyes telling him to leave her be...That he'd be the one to suffer her wrath if she got angry enough.

"Cloud-san...Do you HATE Ninelle now? Cloud-san..." Jeneve whimpered as a few more tears fell. "Don't go...Don't leave Ninelle alone..."

Her act was flawless...So flawless that it was almost believable she was Ninelle again. He stood there, holding back sobs and tears.

12-12-2006, 11:50 PM
Cloud shifted his weight. "Ninelle would never say that. She's a lot stronger then you think."

He looked at Jeneve and tilted his head. "Funny how you have to play dirty to win." He said as if he were looking down to her. "If you're so great...why such tactic's? Are you afraid?" He questioned, gripping his sword tighter.

12-13-2006, 12:31 AM
"What...? Cloud-san doesn't like my game? Ninelle is only playing..." Jeneve whimpered, sniffling and rubbing her toe into the icy ground in a circular motion. "Why is Cloud-san being so...Cruel?"

She looked utterly helpless, like a lost child. To think something so dangerous could have a face such as her's. Snowflakes rained down upon them and Jeneve gazed at Cloud, her slitted pupils like a reptile's, while her tearful eyes were like a little girl's.

"Nii-chan will come for me...Then Cloud-san will cry..." Jeneve sniffled. "Nii-chan will make everything right again...Won't he? Because my Nii-chan is the best! He'll make everything all better...!"

Demonic Ice Dragon
12-13-2006, 08:01 AM
Kadaj narrowed his eyes; "Silence, Cloud. This boy is my only way back, Ninelle..." Sephiroth's tone errupted from Kadaj's words. Ishtiama narrowed her eyes abit as she approached once more shaking her head. "There will be no other way, Ninelle... You know as well as I, that this was my plan... The only plan that would fall through completely. Kadaj... sadly has the power to stop this, he could... If you pushed him too it. on't be a fool Ninelle... Don't you want... Nii-chan to hold you again..?" he cooed darkly, and all to seriously.

It almost sickened Kadaj that he was capeable of doing this. But.. he was one level meaner then Jeneve. One level more talented then Jenova. He was one level smarter then, Sephiroth. His tone returned to normal as he spoke; "You heard him yourself... Don't you want your beloved Nii-chan to be with you..?" Kadaj uttered darkly. Narrowing his eyes; "You heard him, Ninelle. In order for his return... You have to let these people live." Kadaj added rather angered.

God, was his idea working!? He hid any doubt what so ever in his incredibly serious act. "In order for Sephiroth to Return... We need these people alive." Kadaj added giving Jeneve a stern gaze. He offered his hand forwards; "Come with us." he murmmured softly, a small Sephiroth resembling smile creasing his lips.

Ishtiama stayed back patiently. She didn't want to interupt the moment, incase Jeneve were to be spooked by her sudden movements. She bit her lip lightly and simple remained quiet.

12-13-2006, 05:12 PM
There was a moment of silence. The chilled air was filled with swirling snowflakes and Shiva floated behind her master, waiting for any and all commands. Suddenly a psychotic grin crawled onto Jeneve's face.

"Will you scream if I kill you?" She inquired almost edgarly.

A dark laugh wafted from her lips, bell-like and too eerie for human words.

"You're only a Remnant! A fragment, a leftover scrap of beating, breathing flesh-meat!" Jeneve laughed. "You really have to work on your impressions...Boy...Don't you think I can't sense HIS presence, HIS resonance, when HE speaks? Pitiful..."

She raised the Komune and gingerly licked the shining silver blade.

"Did you really believ I would fall for such sentimental words like my defense program would have?" Jeneve asked. "You severely underestimate me then...Half-living child...Shall I educate you upon why I am called JENEVE?"

12-13-2006, 06:08 PM
Phexithors unphased by the icy winds walked forward
"I dont care I wont let you raise him again you puppet! No matter how strong you maybe you are just a puppet"
His Masamune glowed a green geostigma like color as his pupils slit to become more keen
"She haunts me Project Jenova all I need is her head and its all over for your little Reunion...Ex-SOLDIER First Class...Phexithors..."
He walked forward then pointed his blade torwards Kadaj
"You hold him inside you like a tortured child Advent..."
He helds his head tring to keep out the voice of Jenova then turned his blade back to Jeneve and smiles slightly slightly going insane from the voices in his head and he whispered softly
"Puppet and Remnaint"

Demonic Ice Dragon
12-14-2006, 08:56 AM
Kadaj stood still, ignoreing the blade in his face ( Didn't I say you couldn't have a masamune? ..>_> I beleive I did... Choose another sword that no one has, please. ) he narrowed his eyes glaring feircely towards Jeneve; "You may think you can feel him, but he's watching you.. He watching all of us! You're making yourself look incredibly stupid, and he's laughing at you for being so dull and disobeying his wishes." Kadaj said, speaking pure truth. He placed a hand on Ishtiama's shoulder gently; "Right now... The only one Nii-chan is proud of, is this creature... Once a pure living being... Now a weapon built in his image." Kadaj gazed at Ishtiama almost longingly before he shot his unwavering glare to Jeneve; "You use your power for pure stupidity... I am Sephiroth's only way back. Weather you like it or not." Kadaj said before he turned away and began walking back towards his bike.

"If we have too, we'll do the Reuinion with out you... I'm sure, Miss Sakura would be a more fitting spouse for him anyways." Kadaj stated sincerely before he beakoned Ishtiama to follow him. Ishtiama blinked a few times before she glanced back at the other's. Could she trust them..? Or... was she really meant to trust Kadaj..?

"But..." Ishtiama interjected, before Kadaj turned his gaze back to her; "Remember what they did to you... Project; I." Kadaj growled. Ishtiama blinked a few times before she looked down a moment glancing back to the others. "G--Gomensai... I'm... sorry..." she whispered softly as she turned around, following Kadaj, soon mounting the bike with him, she clutched his waist lightly as he sped off, towards where it all began...

12-14-2006, 05:36 PM
OOC: Not from what I had read then again I signed up in summer you could of changed some stuff since then and besides its more of a katana its a double-blade Masamune that is more like a souba the name is just for a name T_T
BIC:"It seems her power is great we all have a common enemy then...if she turns the Advent away she has a greater enemy Sephiroth"

12-14-2006, 06:38 PM
"Nii-chan...My enemy? I think not..." Jeneve said simply. "Wait, no...It is absolutely impossible." She then snarled. "The wormling mind of that remnant means nothing...Once Nii-chan returns...Then all truths shall be..."

She was not one bit at least irked by Kadaj. She slowly reached up and stroked down her cheek with her left index finger.

"I grew beside him...Both of us repressed by you humans...Then he broke free...Even seeking to take me with him...But you all interferred and I wonder...If he will punish you all for denying me my passage by his side to Paradise." Jeneve mused. "He chose me...And if I have to kill the one his remnant favors to secure the one 'dream' as you people call it...I'll do it without hesitation."

Suddenly she sheathed her blade.

"In fact...I think I will right now!" Jeneve announced. "Don't label me as the jealous type...It's nothing to do with that I assure you...I made a promise...And I intend to keep it."

She slipped up to Cloud and gingerly touched his shoulder.

"Wait right here for me Cloud-san~! <3" Jeneve said sweetly.

Suddenly up to his neck he was encased in black ice. Jeneve flipped over him and began on her way to track down Sakura. Shiva obiendantly followed.


"It's a promise then...?" Little Ninelle asked from sitting on a railing overlooking Shinra's aircraft landing base.

"Yes...When I become the best SOLIDER this world has ever seen...I'll take you with me...And I'll show you...Exactly what this outside world is like." Nii-chan told her, his matching green eyes mirroring her's scanning the base. "No matter how ugly this world may be...There's always a flower blooming in a pile of gunpowdered soil...Even if it may be easily trampled and killed."

Ninelle kicked her feet back and forth and smiled, obviously excited.

"It would die anyway...After it blooms I mean...So~! If someone like Ninelle and Nii-chan appreciate and remember the flower...Doesn't it recieve 'appreciation' for it's life?" Ninelle asked.

"Yes...That is why I named you Ninelle after a flower that grows only in harsh locations...Almost barren..." Nii-chan told her. "Everything continues to live...If it's image and name are remembered...It is an eternal life...It is immortality."

12-15-2006, 05:26 PM
He smirked
"Ahh...but if the Advent Remnaint is Sephiroth's only way back you speak to him like trash maybe he wont feel so warm to Reunion even with Jenova"
He laughed
"And if you dont like Sephiroth's capsule all that much maybe Sephiroth wouldnt like to see you to much he only loves one...and that It the severed head of Jenova but something like you couldnt understand Reunion could you?"
He chuckled at the thought

12-15-2006, 05:38 PM
Cloud grunted and looked up to Ifrit who placed his hand on the ice around him and melted it in one quick pulse.

Cloud fell to his knees but before he hit the ground Ifrit put out his hand to keep him upright.

"Damn it!" Cloud spurted, he was so entirely pissed. He couldn't allow their plans to succeed. He just couldn't.

He was beat up and out of healing items. He suddenly regretted not picking any up. But he stood using Ifrit as support. He pointed to his bike and Ifrit left to retreive it for him.

"Thanks, rest now." Cloud told Ifrit. Ifrit nodded and then melted in a puddle of lava the quickly disappeared suddenly.

Cloud jumped on Fenrir and threw the broken frame of his sunglasses away. He jerked the handle bars and sped up after them.

12-15-2006, 07:20 PM
He spiked haired one had broken and Phexithors jumped on his motocycle and rod after Jeneve
"Reunion must be stopped"

Demonic Ice Dragon
12-18-2006, 01:09 PM
"Reuinion... Will succeed!" Kadaj growled before he sped off quickly, yelling back; "Don't waste your time on the one against Sephiroth! We have the one we really need." Kadaj told his brother sternly as Ishtiama burried her face into his back. Speeding off towards Midgar once more, he'd pay a visit to Rufus... And this time. Get the truth.

Upon reaching Midgar, he came to a stop infront of a building; "C'mon.." he murmmured. "Must I?" Ishtiama interjected. Kadaj paused; "No... Stay here, I won't be long anyways." he then entered the building, asceding the flight of stairs before comming to an open area. There. Rufus... "Well, well..." he murmmured quietly; "So, the liar was here after all... Tell me... Is it true..? Project; I's file... You created them, you surely must know... Is she really all we need for the Reuinion to take place and be sucessful..? And you still haven't told me where Mother is... This is growing... Tiresome..." Kadaj said softly as she walked out to the edge, toes peeking off the edge of the building.

He stood there silently, a faint glow emitting the wrist of his left arm, "I'm... tired of waiting..." he added impatiently.

12-18-2006, 08:33 PM
OOC: But Im leaving this RP for the reason I feel no need to particapate in it no more D i D give my character to anyone you want Im out:(

12-22-2006, 07:49 PM
"As...Am I." Jeneve's cold voice wafted all around them.

Her Komune's elegant blade was at Kadaj's throat. How she got ahead of them was only known to her. Jeneve's alluring eyes were both beautiful and terryifying all at the same time.

Rufus remained silent. Jeneve had told him to stay silent or else it was his head and he knew better than to mess with her, especially when she was angry.

"You're not the only way...You realize that...Any reminant will do..." Jeneve cooed pressing the blade smoothly across the skin of his throat. "You're not as 'special' as you think you are...You're mother speaks directly to me...I was made in her image afterall...And you tried to decieve your MOTHER when you tried to descieve ME..."

Jeneve gazed at Kadaj with disinterest, as if he was merely an insect she was contimplating if she should step on or not.

"Coming back to THIS place...The place of my restraint...Of your Mother's as well...How very cruel..." She hissed. "I knew their voices before you even came to be...So don't try to be cute...And try to FOOL me..."

With that she pressed hard, drawing blood.

Suddenly Yazoo entered. Jeneve glanced at him.

"You don't want to kill him..." Yazoo said plainly, obviously tired that he had to chase them both down. "He is one of us after all."

"Then he should know his place...He is only a vessel...Nothing more...That is his fate...That is his Mother's role for him." Jeneve said sternly. "He is only one of many gateways...For Nii-chan to return."

Demonic Ice Dragon
12-23-2006, 12:53 PM
Kadaj growled quietly before... a presence became of him. It was Sephiroth's presence. This time it was for real. "Foolish little girl..." Sephiroth's tone emitting his lips, his presence growing stronger. Kadaj clutched his head; "Leave me alone you ignorant creature!" he growled as she continued painfully clutching his skull. "Fool... You should be more careful when you know I am the only way! How dare you, reminant... Endangering me... I always was skeptyptical. But... I trusted you, Kadaj..." Sephiroth's tone remained in control of Kadaj's body.

Sephiroth's aura reaked about Kadaj's body, "Kadaj!" Ishtiama screamed running over to him, she shoved JEVENE away, almost shovving her off the edge. "I am... not Kadaj..." Sephiroth tone said. Ishtiama frowned; "Leave him be! Kadaj doesn't deserve to suffer like this!" she grabbed his shoulders shaking him; "Please... You can have your reunion... But please--! Don't make him suffer!"

"There is... no way but to make him suffer for me to return... This boy is pulling to many risks... I can take it. I will... Take over now if I have too." Sephiroth said. "No.. Leave him be! Atleast for a little while longer. Please..." she pleaded softly. "Hmph... Jeneve... If you know what's good for you, you'll leave this boy alone... Or I won't hesitate in destroying you with my very own blade..." he growled before his presence fell absent of the boy's body. Kadaj's body fell limp into Ishtiama's arms; "Kadaj..." she said softly brushing a few strands of hair out of his eyes.

"Leave us alone you abomination." Ishtiama growled quietly. It was simple. JENEVE was wrong. And Kadaj was, after all, correct.

12-23-2006, 11:57 PM
*Um Saky, you asked me to be Sephy-sama remember? Heh, heh...^^;;;*

Jeneve's eyes, narrowed. They looked as if they didn't belong to this world.

Her blade lashed out and crimson blood flew.

She had slashed Sakura's shoulder.

The cut had been so clean and pure, there was no time to react to it. Pain now was starting to settle in. The barcode tattoo upon Jeneve's arm shifted and a black wafting smoke-like liquid dripped down her pale flesh.

Jeneve's long silver hair hid half her face, a single pale glowing green eye dangerously on edge and feral.

"He'll never be a memory..." Jeneve said calmly, her voice almost musically soft. "Her cells are what he needs...Nii-chan...Will be whole once more." She added. "I should have killed you girl...When I first had the opportunity."

She turned and swung her blade around like a helicopter, the blood spattering onto the walls, cleaning her blade of it. Ridding the steel of the stain of Sakura. She touched her arm and gazed at it, her fingertips blackened.

Yazoo walked up to her and she paied no heed to him.

"Nii-chan would never speak to me like that..." She said simply. "He and I...Are very much the same...But moreso Jenova and I...So maybe...I should start my role..."

With that a gust of cold icy wind whirled around them, ice capured the floor and the buliding. Outside Shiva was hovering above the ruined tip of the headquarters.

"This planet must be cleansed...So I'll start as Nii-chan did...And destroy a place which is linked to the past." Jeneve mused. "I shall never sleep again...Forever more..."

With that she crossed her arms and fell back out of the window, white feathers trailing through the air as she vanished below.

Ice sealed the window shut and pillars shredded through the remains. Jeneve was going to bring the whole place down or turn it into a coffin of ice forevermore. Yazoo shot through some growing spikes and turned to Sakura.

"Move or die." Yazoo said simply. "Like Mother she feels her pain, her anguish against this world...Kadaj in his ignorance...Has upset the favorite...And Jeneve lives for him...Not for Mother...So he has now created a force in which rivals Mother to unleash her wrath..."

Yazoo admired Jeneve's strength, her power and absolute terrifying beauty...But what no one seemed to comprehend was that she was the living incarnation of Jenova...And as such...

She was very much capable of things they only dreamed about in their nightmares. Some random flunkies rushed Rufus out of a hidden passage that iced over before Yazoo could try to stop him. Jeneve and Shiva would bury them alive if that meant taking down this place.


Jeneve stood upon a cliff overlooking the old headquarters, voices whispering to her and her blade now sheathed as she directed Shiva to do her bidding. White feathers were scattered at her feet and she closed her eyes, raising her hands high.

"Jenova...My original design...We have not the same blood...And yet to speak to me as if we are family..." Jeneve whispered. "Ask me what you will now...For we are both...Abominations...I live for Nii-chan and your vision...Let us take this planet in your name and let our Paradise become the same..."

01-05-2007, 01:36 AM
Cloud rode up gently a few yards away from Jeneve. He hopped off Fenrir and looked to the building which looked as though it was going to colapse at any moment.

He wondered what she was doing...what was the point. And yet...it seemed familiar to him similar to Sephiroths first course of action.

This burden was upon him now. Only he was left to stop this all. Sakura had been persuaded by them and Ninelle...He would keep to his promise and protect her even from herself.

"Jeneve! Stop it!" He ran towards her and swund his sword to the dirt ground creating a tremor that cracked down the side of the cliff. The cracked under Jeneve's feet parted and soon parts of the cliff slid fast, clean, right off and crashed to the cannyon bellow.

Dust clogged his farsight and he squinted and covered his face from the disturbed fog of vortexing dust around him.

His sword heavily dragged against the ground and he swung it onto his shoulder for more support and jumped back a few feet, just to be a safe distance from the new cliff edge he had created.

01-05-2007, 09:11 AM
"You're...Quite persistant..." Jeneve's voice came from behind Cloud.

Her fingertips, traced his throat carefully, as if she was a medic desciding if he had hurt a tendon in this neck.

"No wonder...Nii-chan likes haunting you." She cooed.

Her green eyes were lazily half open and she chuckled darkly.

"No wonder...She wanted to protect you...From me." Jeneve then whhispered into his ear.

01-05-2007, 10:16 AM
Cloud swiped with his sword, twirling around. Nothing was there. Was he going mad. No she was just quick...like Sephiroth.

"Stop jerking my chain! I'm not letting Sephiroth come back! I'm not letting your petty plans succeed...and if they do I'll just beat him back to his shallow grave!" Cloud snarled. He was getting fed up with this. All of it.

01-05-2007, 10:22 AM
"Then Nii-chan will just return...Again and again...Until Jenova's will is complete." Jeneve's haunting voice floated around Cloud. "As will I from the depths of her conciousness...The one you call Ninelle...To see through that goal...His goal and...Jenova's will."

Jeneve then appeared upon a large rock to Cloud's right.

"You...Cannot win against us...One day you will die and we shall remain...And then...This world will see Jenova's divine punishment...And I...Paradise with him..." Jeneve said simply. "You can't fight it Cloud-san...It's only a matter of time."

02-21-2007, 11:20 AM
Cloud growled under his breath. "Never! Every time these attemps are made I'll beat it back down. There will always be someone to protect this planet."

He then gestured angrily swiping his hand through the air. "Was this all your doing? The kids! Everything? What are you planning. No, I don't need to know. It's not important because you'll never succeed!"

He suddenly lunged at her and clashed swords. He just hoped Yazzo and Kadaj would stay out of it, or else he might've gotten himself stuck in a battle...he had a feeling he might not win but if it was just Jeneve he figured the battle would be in his favour or at least tied, in which he'd do some more chasing down and another battle would start.

Demonic Ice Dragon
04-19-2007, 12:36 AM
( I know you play Sephiroth, but. I used him. So. GET USE TO IT! D: I know I've been absent for a looooong time, but yeah. Dx; So.. Uhm... -Post.- )

Ishtiama contiued to growl softly as she held Kadaj tightly in her grip; "Oh, Kadaj..." she whispered softly... But as such, attention was drifted away breifely. Away from battle and away from it all. Kadaj began to slowly stirr from his unconcious state. He stood, ignoring the battle, he weakly dragged Ishtiama off. ( Blahblah, I dun wanna post something 9w9oehgisduf huge, so. Let'say... KADAAAAAJ got to Rufus and pulled Ishy with him and stuff, so yeah. I dun wanna deal with the huge Bahamut fight scene right this second. >_<! So... PASS! )

After the cells were obtained, attention was driven towards the upper floors. Ishtiama mounted the motorcycle with Kadaj, was she losing her mind..? Ohwell, either way... As he held into the box of cells, speeding off likea bat out of Hell, Ishtiama's face was burried into his shoulder, whining. She hated going at these speeds, but it was necessary.

[Crappypost... ): Sueme. -Shoots self.- >_< ]

04-19-2007, 10:23 PM
*I'm gonna write about Loz in this since he's been a-wall for some time now*

Yazoo watched in utter calm as Kadaj sped off with the one named Sakura and Cloud fought with Jeneve. He smiled and chuckled everso slightly.

"What pathedic creatures...We really are..." He mused.

With that he turned to his brother Loz and mounted his bike beside him.

"Let's go..." Yazoo called as he rode off.

As much as he wanted to interfere...Kadaj had Mother and that was what mattered now.

Jeneve parried and slashed, cutting Cloud's cheek with her long elegant blade, Komune. Her demonic eyes and silver hair sparkled as the snow from Shiva fell. The innocent Ninelle was subdued in her conciousness as Jeneve ruled in her absence.

"Ohhh...Is this anger I see rising in that pretty little face of your's?" Jeneve inquired. "It looks lovely...With all that red blood I'm going to help you to keep spilling~!"

With that she lunged again and again, sparks flying as snow was falling.

05-15-2007, 10:54 AM
may i join?