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Ayren Okami
05-09-2006, 09:12 PM
The stars shone like a million tiny candle's through the open roof, providing abundent light for the couple's that packed Zaza's former fighting ring. It had since been renovated to allow the famous masquerade dance to return to the city. The stands that once held hundred's of spectator's watching the epic battle's that took place were now empty, as all the citizen's gathered on the dance floor to enjoy the party to it's fullest. In amongst the crowd a boy, wearing a rather comical mask of a cat with swirled eye's wandered through the throngs of couple's dancing the night away. Following the boy closely, however stopping to stare at any possible attractive female, was an albatross almost as black as the very night, a red bandanna tied around his neck. "Jing," He whispered in his partner's ear, "What in the world are we doing back here? Their's nothing to steal."

"Because Kir, we missed the ball last year and I wanted very much to see it," The boy, dressed in the same blue military uniform he had stolen along with the prized mask to the hier of Zaza's throne, told him. "So just think of this as a vacation."

"In that case," Kir zoomed right over to the nearest single, and attractive, women his eye's could find.

The King of Bandit's moved swiftly to the the very front of the hall, were the throne's of Zaza's queen and princess were, he watched from afar as the silver haired beauty directly in front of him turned down a number of noble gentlemen, asking for her hand in a dance saying she was waiting for one person in particular to whom she would give the first dance. She rose from her seat to join her mother after she had turned down the last of her suitor's and Jing noticed she had chosen to wear the beautiful gown he had picked out when he had visited her in her dressing room. Jing moved quickly and cut her off before she rejoined her mother, "Hi."


"Where could he hit next," The rather young, determined commander of the Seventh Heaven Bandit Buster Guild asked himself as he poured over a map of the last known location of the infamous King of Bandits. He sat down, rested his tired legs. He had been standing for hours going over all the information they had on the bandit king and now it was getting to be quite late at night. Vaan let out a long yawn and his eye's dropped a little, then shut premently as he slid forward in his chair to rest his head on the stack's of paper that littered his small desk.

05-09-2006, 09:13 PM
Stir hesitated to speak when she was stopped dead in her tracks. She gazed upon the manly figure in front of her much more delicate one and tilted her head in thought. "Is it....you?" She had a hunch and wanted to be informed of whether it was right or not. She crossed her gentle arms and looked at him somemore. She could remember the comical cat mask from the last time they had met and under her own mask she smiled and took his hand.

"Come with me, Mister." She said playfully. She walked up to the throne, by that time her mother had been asked to dance and had oblidged, she took off her silver mask and placed it on her own throne then walked out of the ball room, she didn't look back once at Jing; only the flow of her body and hair encouraged him to follow her out to her private belcony.

Meanwhile, at the guild Kadae had been outside the commander's room trying to work up the courage to talk to him. "I need to be confident and dependable! I am his right hand women...but he...treats me only as such. I will convert him into a romantic, I'll be sure he is the knight in shining armor that he so looks like!" She smiled childishly and finally entered his room.

"Good evening Commander." She said softly, as if she was of great elegance. "I've gotten a report from one of my look out spy's." She informed then sat on the corner of his desk.

"The spy reports that the King of Bandit's was spotted on the road to Zaza, though...it was only a rumor. What is our course of action? An attack my lord?" She suggested.

05-09-2006, 09:37 PM
Aries stood, scanning the wanted ads. Ooh, King of Bandits. Reward: Everything he stole. Well, hot damn. He closed his eyes and envisioned how much the reward would get him. A small fort in the country, private shooting/demolition range, all the heavy metal music he could want, and the latest female HC(Housekeeping/Company) models. He scanned the rest of the page and landed on the fine print. Must be a member of the guild to qualify. Old inhibitions against being controlled sprung up as he walked away, but still... so much loot.

Damon R.
05-10-2006, 06:46 AM
“Say Savil, what would you do if you had to torture some poor, hapless moron for the boss?” joked Antenur from across the table a maniacal grin stretched on his tanned face. Imbecile… Savil sneered, lips curling in disgust. He wasn’t going to answer this man unless he was pressed to. Until then, he had no reason to say a thing. He calmly took a spoonful of his favourite broth, savoring its salty metallic taste. He could never get enough of this.

“Well?” the man prompted after a moment of silence, lifting a fork up quizzically. Savil’s fathomless eyes wandered over to Antenur’s face.

The man across from him had no idea what he was getting into.

…Which made Savil feel—he shuddered in anticipation—sinister.

The young teen then pulled his black cap lower, a dark smile lighting his eerily pale face. “I’d break his fingers first,” he murmured, holding a hand up, and cracking his knuckles, imagining he was breaking Antenur’s hands instead. “I’d break his toes next,” he demonstrated by grabbing a cook by the scruff of his neck; executing two neat chops, he dislocated the horrified cook’s fingers and toes with a sickening crunch. His eyes narrowed in pleasure. He was being nice for now. This was only for demonstrational purposes, not the real thing. If it were the real thing…

Savil’s smile broadened.

He’d take more time in doing everything.

He let go of Kathur—the nametag on his chest had his name—who made a garbled sound and fell to the ground, chest heaving. The sound of his labored breathing was the only thing that emanated the room.

Not one other person made a sound.

“Then,” Savil said, patting the cook’s shoulder, “I’d break each arm, leg, and rib.” He paused, taking the time to scan each person’s face. Their fear was palpable, and tasted wonderful to his heightened senses. Then he continued with the same terrible smile lingering on his lips. “And after, I’d kill that person when of course, I finish wringing all their delicious lifeblood onto the ground.”

Once again, no one made a sound.

Out of good will, Savil turned around and faced Kathur’s body, popping each finger and toe back in place.

“Delicious food, by the way, Kathur,” he said before exiting the dining room amidst the shocked silence of his guildsmen.


ooc;; Goodness, that took a long time for me to write! Ugh, I hate writing evil scenes. It makes me feel... so... so wicked. And wicked in the very bad way. T_T That's the only scene where I'll make him seem so psychotic, promise.

05-10-2006, 07:00 AM
Kilvas was at a bar looking around his huge sword on his back. With a glass of beer in front of him he looked distractly at everyone around him. Not really in the mood to meet people right now he finished his drink left money on the counter and left the bar to the cold air of the city. He was in a small port city and he walked around for everything and nothing. He came here after hearing a rumor that a strong swordsmen lived here but until now he had seen nobody that could have that title. He went back to the inn where he stayed to see where he would go next and ask the manager if he would know where to find this mysterious men.

Princely Dreaming Doll
05-10-2006, 04:51 PM
Mirun sat in the camp of the Bandit Buster Guild. He was waiting for his disvision captain who didn't seem to be appearing anywere.
He sighed his captain was always late. Or always forgot about the meetings he would set up with.
Either that or he was talking to someone else. Mirun decided to leave he was tired of waiting. He walked into a small bar and sat down.
The bartender ask him what he wanted he replied,"I'm fine thank you."
Mirun had never taken up on drinking he wa sjust listening for any more information going about Jing.

05-10-2006, 05:22 PM
Mitoko,being one of the few female members of the Buster guild, began making her journey to a small town in search of a man called the Bandit King.with her staff strapped to her back and her pendent around her neck she began to make her way .AS night began to fall she came across a small bar ,she stopped and said"Yes this is the place master said i could get information about the Bandit King" then she boldy walked inside .She sat down in a seat at the bar and looked nervously around her ,sweeping some black tendrils of hair from her face.

05-11-2006, 03:08 PM
Helena slowly walked toward this little bar on the corner of the street. Her hands were in her pokets of her small black jacket. The cold wind whisperd over her face, while she watched her feet move lazily below her. She let out a muteful sigh "I want to get my hands on that damned Bandit King" She said below her breath, becomming a little irritated. "He always gets away! And this guild is not really helping anyway, why did i join?" Helena knew why she joined but she hates thinking she had a reason. There was no other way she could raise they money to save her brother from literaly becomming brain dead. She slowly shook her head. "I need that money!" She layed on a bench outside of the bar and stared into the blue sky. It was almost sunset because she could see the barely painted sky tinted with purple.

05-11-2006, 04:46 PM
Aries walked past some woman on a bench into a nearby bar and sat down at a stool. "Keep, beer." he said as he looked around the bar. A blue haired hombre, and a cute black haired chick. Other then that, boring. Or at least it was boring until he heard some one behind him say, "That's my seat."

"It ain't right now." Aries said, not worried.

Whoever was behind him put his hand on Aries' shoulder. "I said, that's my seat."

"You best get your hand off my shoulder before something bad happens to you." Aries coldy replied, the beginings of a smile appearing on his face.

"Like what?"

"Like THIS!" Aries yelled as the grabbed the man's hand and jumped off the stool, his fist held far back to slam the man in the face. And it did. Hard.

Aries dragged the unconcious guy out to the street and dropped him there. He walked back into the bar, set the stool back up, and enjoyed his beer. "Happen often?" he asked the barkeep.

"Yes, but until now Eddie always won." The barkeep answered.

05-11-2006, 05:19 PM
Outside of the former fighting rink now serving as host to a party, Kawazoe Akira, known as "Kaz" to his friends (not many called him Kaz), stood with a simple bench and a waist-high mound of goods to be bought. Kaz had wanted to go to the ball like many people he knew, but he also couldn't deny the mercantile opportunities of the event. So he had brought clean water, a barrel of beer, a dozen bags of small treats and some old masks he had retouched himself.

Business, however, was slow. Kaz worried about what kind of confections they might have inside the ball, and began to doubt the validity of his capitalist instincts. A couple emerged from the ball, and noticing his little stand, he quickly drew them into conversation. After a couple minutes, the young man bought a bag for his girl, and then Kaz was again alone with his thoughts. He detachedly watched as way down the street, some unconscious hooligan was dumped outside of a bar. Probably another schmuck thought he'd take on Eddy, he thought to himself. He listened to the music coming from within the ballroom, and kicked himself for thinking about business during a party.

And now I'm just so bored!

05-11-2006, 05:37 PM
Mitoko eyes traveled to the manwho just beatup somebody.SHe took a closer look at the man then her eyes lazlylooked out of a nearby window. Then she hailed over the bar keeper. BarKeeper"Well how can i help you miss" the barkeeper asked while cleaning out a cup." I would like the a plate pf spicy curry please."Mitoko asked politely. "Coming right up pretty lady" the barkeeper winked at her and went to get her order."Jeez " Mitoko thought. "everywhere i go men try and flirt with me.its so anoying" .With that Mitoko overheard to men talking in hushed whispeers thatwere standing close to her. She caughts glimpses of "Bandit" and "King" .She decided to listenmore closely.

Damon R.
05-11-2006, 06:55 PM
Savil sauntered over to the nearest bar, fiddling with a loose string on his sleeve. His boredom was killing him, so maybe visiting an aquaintance would help rid of it. Kicking the door open, Savil walked over to the brown-haired bartender, Sean. The older man was cleaning a glass, as usual. The two had known eachother for a long time, despite the fact that Savil was fourteen years younger than him. They still, after all these years, kept up their... rather weird friendship. He inclined his head towards his almost-friend. "Hey," he greeted, gracelessly seating himself next to a rather intimidating man.

"...'Lo there, Sav," Sean greeted back, shooting him a mischievous grin. "You should've been here earlier, this--" he pointed at the man sipping his drink next to him, "-man just whooped eddie's sorry arse."

He couldn't keep a grin off his face either. Someone had finally whooped that little moron's arrogant butt. He could've done it a long time ago, but his damn commander forbade him to. Something about, "don't let anyone know your powers... let them underestimate you and blahblahblah" -he didn't care but he needed the cash- "blahblahblah."

Savil forced his grin to widen. "Really?" he prompted, directing his question to the man besides him, who hadn't bothered to say a word. "Well then, since you seem to be quite the interesting fellow, I'll introduce myself."

He held out his hand for the man to take.

"Good evening, I'm Savil, nice to meet you, little man."

05-11-2006, 09:54 PM
The bartneder had fianlly come out with her plate of spicy curry.She eat it with gusto seeing as she hadnt had anytihng decent to eat in just 3 whole days. The Barkeep stared at mi toko for a few moments then beagn to clean the cup.Just then she saw the shadows of two large men come up from behind her.

05-12-2006, 07:03 AM
The manager of the inn was an old man probably in his 60s he lived in the inn with his wife just as old as him and kept the inn to have something to do. Kilvas entered the inn and asked the elderly couple for a room which he got so he payed and went to his room. In his room he started thinking about what to do next when he heard a knocking on his door. Kilvas got up and opened the door and the manager stood there. "I heard you were looking for a master swordsmen in this small town, am I correct?" How did he know? I haven't told anyone."Yes, do you have any information concerning him. "Young fellow you will know that I know everything concerning this village, there are three places where he can be, at the bar down the street, at his home or in the forest training." I know where the bar and the forest is but where's his home. "Where's his home?" The old man looked a bit perplexed at the question. "Actually I must admit I don't know, nobody does, nobody has ever been invited to his home or even know where it is, he is more of the silent type so your best chance is to find him in the forest or in the bar." Kilvas bowed a bit with respect and thanked the old man generously and left to go back to the bar he had left a few minutes ago. Well at least now I have an idea where to look. Damn I forgot to ask the manager for the name of this swordsmen.

05-12-2006, 06:33 PM
"Nice to meet you. Name's Aries." He said as he shook Savil's hand, then released it. "And it wasn't that hard. I came jumped up and came down like this-" He motioned driving his left fist down "And smacked him across the face. Moron even looked up." he finished with a small a laugh as he emptied the last out of his beer. "I don't really like bar fighting anyway. Gives you a bad name, and doesn't pay."

Damon R.
05-12-2006, 06:58 PM
Savil let out a laugh. "I should've known it would've been that easy to be rid of someone like him," he told Aries, eyes bright. "Being paid handsomely for getting rid of a fool of a man like Eddie, would make my day, but he isn't as wanted as some people, like the King of Bandits."

Sean grinned widely in front of them, polishing another shot glass. "You forgot to say that you're the resident sadist," Sean piped-up, hazel eyes gleaming.

"Oh shush you," Savil swatted Sean's head.

Sean chortled before passing Aries a drink saying, "You deserve another round on the house, Aries. Just for getting rid of Eddie. He'd probably not come back for a long time-- at least, until you get out of town. And you-" he threw a rag at Savil, who caught it with ease. "What can I get you, my good sir?"

Savil's lips twitched. "You forgot I'm underage."

The hazel-eyed bartender raised an eyebrow. "Well that doesn't stop someone as notorious as you, yes?"

The sadistic teen suddenly smirked. "No, I suppose you're right. It doesn't, so pour me a bloody wine glass and let's drink to our health."

05-12-2006, 08:43 PM
Fang was sitting in his little room looking at all the wanted posters of The Bandit King. He wondered how someone like him could get away with all these things he has done. He walked towards his Fridge and pulled out a bottle of water noticing a piece of paper on his fridge. "What's this..." he said in a surprising tone. It was a note to remind him that The Bandit King might be at the ball. He took it off the fridge and ripped it to shreds. Fang then got an idea to go to the bar. He quickly threw the bottle of water back into the fridge and left on his way. After a some time he reached the bar. Outside he could hear the gales of laughter coming from it. He opened the door and took a seat near some men who were talking. "What would you like sir?" asked the bartender. He pointed at a bottle of water. The tender just nodded his head and went to go get it. While waiting Fang turned around to see what the people were talking about...

05-12-2006, 11:20 PM
She looked around to see two men that reaked of alcohol."My my my what do we have here."Said one the the men whohad grayhair."Well itlooks like a pretty little girl has stumbled into our bar"said his partner who was a little bit smaller than him."Whatdo you two idoits want cant you se i'm eating,now leave me be" Mitoko said turning back to her plate. "Why you little wench "the man with the gray hair for her shoulder but Mitoko was too fast for him ,she grabbed his arm in mid-air and twisted him around so his head banged against the bar counter and he fell unconsious."keep your filthy hands off of me "she hissed and turned around to the smaller man who ran away from her and out of the bar.He shouted as he ran out the door "You'll pay lady ,you'll pay.

05-13-2006, 10:02 AM
Aries watched the unconcious man slide off the counter and sighed. "To our health. Not to that guy's." He remarked with a laugh as he emptied the glass. "Bustin' the Bandit King and gettin' his loot would make my year, but the sign said you had to be a member of the Bandit Buster Guild to get the loot, and I got a thing against being ordered around."

05-13-2006, 02:54 PM
Helena sighed once more and picked herself up from the wooden bench. "Im thirsty" she said as she turned to glance at the door to the bar. "But im not all that sure i should go in if there is so much commotion" She slid her hand down to her right side to make sure her dagger was still in place and that she hadn't forgotten it. "Hmm" She thought for a second then pushed on the bar's door. " Oh..What the hell.." Helena took one step into the crowded bar and stopped. "Wow i guess there seems to be alot of business going on here" She murmured to herself while glanceing around. She spotted a empty stool near the bar counter. Helena confidently made her way to the seat and sat down. The bartender watched her as she looked around the bar and examineing everything. "What can i get you miss?" The bartender said smoothly and smileing. "Uh..i'll have a virgin strawberry margarita, please?" Helena said and looking at the menu above her. "Comming right up miss!" said the bartender walking towards the glasses. She sighed and started to think about her brother. Many questions ran threw her head. "Is he okay?", "is he gonna be okay if i don't get the money?", "is he scared?". Helena sighed once again while looking down at her figiting with her rings on her fingers. "Here you go miss?" Helena looked up at him and then down at the drink and smiled. "Thankyou!" She said and handing him change. "A penny for your thoughts?" The bartender said and leaning up against the counter. "Ah it's nothing..nothing" She hesitated then smiled. The bartender walked away to make more drinks.

Damon R.
05-13-2006, 09:46 PM
Savil snorted, and guzzled his drink down. "You're not the only one," he said eyes flickering with barely suppressed amusement. "I'm part of the Bandit Buster Guild myself-- just a mere lackey. The damn boss won't promote me-" he shot Aries and Sean a grin, "-for my sadistic tendencies. Says that I'd probably kill half my men for my own amusement."

The teen's lips then curved. "And you know, I guess he's right. It gets boring from time to time there at camp, waiting for damn orders, so I'd probably start a fight, just for fun." His dark eyes wandered over to the red-eyed man besides Aries.

05-14-2006, 06:14 PM
Fang stared at the man who he assumed was looking at him. He took a sip of the bottled water infron of him and walked up to the man. " I overheard your conversation... I myself am a part of the Bandit Buster Guild. But I have never seen you before..."

Fang went over and grabbed the water and chugged it down. He signalled the bartender for another bottle. Quickly he went and gave another bottle to Fang who surprisingly chugged it all down again.

05-14-2006, 06:22 PM
"Well, since this is just getting into a merry party right now, I'll ask the question on my mind to both of y'all. How much does being a Bandit Buster pay? I'm getting tired of unreliable employers, and a steady paycheck with the possibility of bonuses for bounties sounds good." Aries said, leaning pushing the stool back slightly to get out of Fang and Savil's way.

Damon R.
05-14-2006, 06:57 PM
The sadistic teen snorted and grabbed the wine-filled glass from Sean's hands. The older man shot him an exasperated glare and muttered, "That was for the other customer..." The annoyed bartender then meandered over to the other side of the bar to get an order, mouth set into a thin line.

Delicately sipping his drink, Savil ignored his near-friend and gave the red-eyed man a bemused smile. "I've never seen you too, which means that they don't allow anyone from the guild to know eachother unless they're higher-ups." His lips curled in distaste. "And sorry Aries, I can't really say. They only pay you when they want to, but they pay you well." Gesturing to himself he snorted. "If they didn't pay well, you wouldn't see this face in guild."

"But then again-" he shrugged nonchalant, "-I'd probably just come along, pay or not, if I could dismember somebody." He chugged his drink down and chuckled darkly.

05-15-2006, 02:35 AM
OOC: Sorry, haven't been able to post before now >.<

The lemon juice ran down the left side of his mouth as Kotal finished his tequila shot.
It was the 12th this evening... or was it it 13th? He didn't know anymore, he had lost the count.
"One more?" The shabby looking bartender asked.
Kotal mumbled something and got up, it was probably no as he stumbled out of the bar some seconds later.
He felt his pockets.
No money there.
He walked down the street but it didn't take long until he fell.
He crawled over to the closest building and sat up against the wall.
"Look at yourself... overcomed by a couple of tequilas..." he thought to himself.
"It was some great tequila though!" he said as he was talking to another person.

As he sat there he looked down the dark streets only lit by a few lights.
Some random fellow that walked pass him threw him some coins.
"Heh... is it this bad?" He was counting the dimes, it was enough for at least one more shot of tequila.
Dragging himself with up a lot of help from the wall he was able to stand up.

After some time, he found another bar.
He stumbled in and towards a bar stool.
He sat down waiting for the bartender to pay him attention.

05-15-2006, 04:52 PM
Fang gave Savil a strange look. Somethiing just popped up into his mind. " Did ya know that the so called "Bandit King" might be at the ball... Which is a chance for you to catch 'em and dismember him, but I highly doubt he would be found."

And once again, he signalled for another bottle of water. Fang searched his pocket and took out a chocolate bar. " Care for some?"

05-15-2006, 07:02 PM
Overhearing the the coversation the three men were having .Mitoko walked up to the three men and turned to the one called Fang. "um excuse me I wasnt trying to eavsdropped but i heard you know the whereabouts of the badit king,are you in the gulid too sir. "Said asked ,wiping some stray blackhair from her face.

05-16-2006, 04:16 PM
Fang turned around to face the girl who was talking to him. " As a matter of fact, I am... I suggest you are part of it as well?" He took his water bottle and drank approximately 200mL. Suddenly, a strange look crossed his face.He tossed the chocolate bar to the girl and ran towards the washroom.

" Drank too much water..." said the bartender. Luckily I hired a janitor a few days ago. There's been a lot of these. And the washroom always end up yellow and brown after these people drink lots of water and come out of the washroom." Then Fang came out with a look of relief on his face. " The urge diappeared... I wonder why..." He looked at the washroom before the door fully shut. He made a disgusted face and turned back to the 3 people.

05-17-2006, 03:16 PM
Gan looked at the bartender who were more caught up in talking to people who drank water than selling him a tequila in disgust. "Dude, get your hands out of your pockets and put them around the tequila bottle" he shouted at him.

Looking at the young man with all the bling he found something familiar with him.
"Oh dammit... guild person... Savil, Fang and... " He didn't know the girl.
Kotal turned around again and leaned over the bar.
"If they see me like this... I already can't stand any of them."

The bartender walked up to him. "What shall it be? Tequila?"
Kotal got up.
"Nothing... I was on my way out" he said quiet with a bit of a drunk tone.
Stumbling towards the door, he tripped in his own feet and fell to the floor.

05-17-2006, 06:17 PM
Aries turned. That cute black haired chick from before was standing right there, and even cuter in person. "Score." He thought. "Well," he began, "I ain't in the Guild but I'm thinkin' about joining. Except I'd probably get thrown out when I put a bullet hole in everything." he finished, half joking. Except, he knew that his Killer mode really would put a hole in everything that it percieved as a threat.

05-17-2006, 06:55 PM
Mitoko held the chocolate bar in her hand.She knew that look Aries gave and thought to herself"not today buddy ". She didnt at all laugh at Aries comment ,but instead crossed her arms over her chest."Well its nice to you all I'm Mitoko Chikamaru 18 , im with the bandit buster giuld 5 division. I serve under Hatori Hoshizawa."Mitoko said blowing a piece of balckhair from her face with her breath. "Whoare you three gentlemen ".she said . making sure her staff was strapped to her back.Just then she turned her head and saw a man trip over his own feet.

05-17-2006, 08:45 PM
Cecillia crouched on the ledge. Her black bodysuit didn't blow in the wind, but her brown hair did. She crouched and leapt across to the window of the ladies' restroom. A quick twirl undid the lock, and she slid in. She hurried to the nearest stall to change back into her dress clothes. She hid her bodysuit and the loot in a waterproof bag she hid in the toliet tank. A few minutes later, and she was out on the dance floor, just in time to watch the Princess leave with a young man. "The Lady's taking lovers now?" she thought.

Meanwhile, many miles away, the bandit lord known as Raizuli sat at his campfire with his men. They joked and argued over today's heist, an full assault on a local bank. Once again, they left with full bags and no harm.

"So chief, where next?" Samuel, his right hand man, asked.

"Why don't we test our skills," Raizuli began, "Against these so called 'Bandit Busters'?"

His men laughed, but only until they realized their leader was serious. "I've found the location of one of their camps. If we leave at first light, we can take them by suprise... and their belongings." he added, his men smiling and ready for the challenge.

Ayren Okami
05-18-2006, 09:49 AM
"Sure," Jing replied as he traced Stir's footsteps out to her private balcony. Even outside he didn't remove his mask for fear that someone just might happen to come by at the wrong time. And a confrontation was one thing he needed to avoid, especially now that a guild of bandit hunters had been formed. He pryed himself from those thought's to look back at Stir who had been simply standing in silence since they got there. "So... how are you?"


Vaan slowly sat up and took Kadae's report from her. He skimed only what he considered to be the most important parts, "Alright Kadae I want you to get in touch with the closest members to Zaza and tell them that the King of Bandits could very well be there tonight." Vaan stood and walked back to his map that covered most of the wall behind him, studying the town's closest to Zaza. "And remind Savil NOT to kill him," He told Kadae with a sigh.

05-18-2006, 04:50 PM
Fang walked towards the man who tripped. He held out his hand for him to grab. " Ya okay?" The man turned and then something strange dashed into Fang's thoughts...

" Do I know you?" he said with a look that gestures that he has seen him before. " Uhhh..." the man said with a drunk voice. The man looked like he liked drinking tequilla's. " Get him a tequilla on my tab, and while your at it a bottle for water for me."...

05-18-2006, 07:25 PM
Helena let go of her straw and started to walk towards the bars exit, leaving her drink on the bars counter. She made her way outside and walked along the dark streets barely lit with street lights. The moon glowed. The light made Helena's hair glisen and her skin pale white. Her fingers hanged along the bottom of her shirt and she looked worried. After a few minutes of walking and trailing the sidewalks, she sat down next to a street light and stared down at her feet. She picked up a rock that happend to lay beside her and threw it across the street. The rock hit a window of a flower's shop. Helena chuckled a little and placed her hand over her mouth, then shrugged. There was no one working this late so she figured she would just stay sitting there for a few moments.

05-18-2006, 07:29 PM
Stir turned and smiled. "I'm alright I guess but there has been one thing that's been going through my mind." She started, then turned towards the sky again. "Can I come with you." She blushed at her request, "It's just that I really...um...want to go out and have adventures. I want to fight and get into trouble. I just want some excitement in my life and I think you're the best...erm...Guy to give that to me. So as a request from the princess of Zaza...please take me with you...you know I can fight so I'm not competely useless." She pleaded to Jing.

Kadae hopped of Vaan's desk and nodded. "What ever you say my lord. I'll notify the members myself. My spy tells me a few members are here, just outside of Zaza at a bar." She pointed on his wall map then turned and headed for the door. "I'll go by my own accords." She told him.
She arrived at the bar in no less then half an hour and smiled. "Maybe a few drinks wouldn't hurt either." she cooed. She set up her motorcycle and walked into the bar. Looking around she noticed a few of thier members socializing and drinking.

"Bandit Buster Members!" She called out to them in a leading tone. " I am your General, General Kadae and I've come with orders from Lord Vaan. Any member who is interested in Capturing The Bandit King is to head to Zaza. He is there."

She walked over to Savil and placed her hands on her hips. "He also tells me to remind you, Savil...not to kill the bandit..." She looked around not caring who else was listening, "This is a Capture mission...remember?"

She giggled then turned to the door with a drink in her hand. "Oh...one more thing. Don't you dare under estimate him. He IS the bandit KING after all. Don't be suprised if you fail. Luckily Lord Vaan is forgiving enough to brush off failures and keep trying."

05-18-2006, 08:46 PM
Aries watched this new chick who introduced herself as the General of the Bandit Busters. Damn, did this Guild have a monopoly on cute and beautiful? Wait, she was leaving. "It's now or never", he thought, join or stay free? He ran a probability generator quickly, and chose to go. He pushed himself off the bench and walked after Kadae. "Hey, ma'am?" He said "I'm intrested in joining this Guild of y'alls. Mind if I tag along to see the job? If the shootin' does start, you'll not find a better hand."

05-19-2006, 07:41 AM
Kadae smiled at the man's request. "Well, you should introduce yourself to Lord Vaan. He is in charge of the intier guild after all. But I don't think he'd mind if he knew you were a good shooter." She teased.

"Although there are a few rules...The Bandit Buster Guild does not kill thier bandits. We capture them and lock them away. Right now Lord vaan has his eye on the King of Bandits so that's the main target...although there are other bandits on the lose that need to be caught." She took a sip of her drink then tilted her head at the new member. "So what's your name, huh?"

Her long bluish-emerald hair swayed to one side as she leaned all her weight on one foot.

Ayren Okami
05-19-2006, 01:57 PM
Jing gave her a small smile, "You certainly don't waste your time in getting to the point do you?" Stir backed up a little and cast her eye's down. "But I suppose having a second partner in crime, and one who can defend herself, wouldn't be such a bad idea."


Vaan traveled around his office, grabing his pistol and his tinted glass eyepatch. He equipped them both in a hurry and started for the door. "Now we catch the infamous 'Bandit King".

05-19-2006, 02:06 PM
Kotal took Fangs hand but didn't answer his question just pulled up the zipper as far as possible on his jacket.
He went back to the stool, taking the tequila Fang bought him, but he did neither use salt nor lemon.

As he took it down, Kadae walked in.
He sat there patiently, listening to all her rambling.
He didn't really care, he was only in it for the money anyway.

He followed her with his eyes as she walked over to Savil, and then walked out with the new guy following her outside.
"I bet you didn't hear a word that she just said?" he grinned to Savil.
"Buy me something to drink..." he carefully demanded cocky, still with the stupid grin on his face.

05-19-2006, 03:02 PM
Stir looked away and gave him a stupid looking smile. "Well...I'll get changed." She was excited that he had accepted her but wasn't very good at showing it.

She ran off the balcony and put on her fighting suit and equit herself with her sword. "I guess I better bring some kind of coat..." she said to herself, glancing at her wardrobe. "This'll do." She grabbed a black coat that looked almost like a jean jacket and threw it on. It had sleeves and it's bottom stopped at her hips.

Walking back out to Jing she nodded. "I'm ready I guess. So let's get outta here while my parents are busy with guests and won't notice till it's too late."

05-19-2006, 05:43 PM
"Name's Aries." He said, mentally rattling off his identification number. "1447890. SK Body Frame 13. 'Aries'." Which immedeately brought up memories of the lab and the night the lab burned down. He stopped for a second, bringing himself back to the present, and said. "Alright, but if they shoot with the intent to kill, they're getting shot at with the intent to kill. Infallibly."

Cecillia watched the Princess change and run back to the man, curiousity running wild. "Time to feign illness." she thought, moving back to the women's restroom. She changed back into her bodysuit and crawled out the window. A few minutes later, and she had left the booty in her room and started making her way to the balcony Stir and her lover were on. She stopped on a ledge just above them, well out of sight, and listened in on their sweet whisperings.

05-19-2006, 11:23 PM
"Heh..." Fang grinned and walked towards Aries. "No offense, but this is no time to be flirting. You coming to nab the Bandit King or what?" he asked. Aries gave him a mean look and headed out the door to the palace.

Fang grinned and followed. Before he left he threw some cash onto the table for the bartender. "Keep the change..." He then remembered Savil and Mitoko. "You two coming or not?" He waited for his answer...

05-20-2006, 07:09 AM
Ooc: Kuchiki, Do not role play other people's characters.
"Aries gave him a mean look and headed out the door to the palace."
Just let people reply to what you've posted. Please don't do it again.

Kadae nodded to Aires, then noticed a few people in the bar were taking her information seriously. 'Good, some people are smart, maybe if they're fast they can encounter the King.' she thought.

"Well, I'm going to wait here for Lord Vaan. beleive he's coming to the scene also." She told Aries. She flicked some of her bangs out of her face then leaned against her motorcycle.

Damon R.
05-20-2006, 10:51 AM
ooc;; I've been gone for a day or two, and already, I'm lost! T_T *sob sob* FineEeeee, I'll see what I can do here. And gannie-luv, do not fear! We shall talk soon... err, whatever. And Viola, does that mean you can't control people that aren't really necessary to the plot? I mean, not the other characters, but the bartender, and other people and blahblahblah? o.o; I don't know what I mean... -__-

Savil pouted and glared at Kadea's retreating form. That lady had no faith in him whatsoever. What made her act this way towards him? He didn't kill THAT many people during their raids-- oh wait, he did. Like the little man with that horrible mustache... and that thin lady with the scary monobrow... And did he forget to mention that there was this fat old man with bad aim...?

Turning to Kotal, Savil grinned impishly and shrugged. "Yeah, I never listen to that lady. She's a meanie through and through. She never did understand me," he said with mock-sadness. He then grabbed another drink from Sean's hand (of course, ignoring his near-friend's glare and mutter of, "darn it Savil, you're going to get me fired!") and passed it to Kotal.

Gesturing for his comrade to drink, Savil placed his chin in his hands. After a moment of relative silence, Savil traced the rim of his empty glass with a finger.

"So Kotal," he drawled, eyeing the older man besides him in vague amusement, "What made you drunk off your butt? Some lady squeeze your pants too tight? Or did some lady break your heart and dance on its pieces?" He leaned forwards and smirked. "Come now, it's not too hard to tell someone like me. I CAN keep secrets you know."

05-20-2006, 12:47 PM
"I'm coming with you Fang."said Mitoko following him out of the bar .'So what do we do now" she asked looking towards the darkened sky.

05-20-2006, 05:59 PM
Kotal took a zip out of his drink.
He glared up at Savil and let out a mocking laugh.
"I won't hit you since you got me a drink." he said and took the rest of it.
He tried to get up, but there was no strength left in him so he just stayed even though he wanted to get the hell out of the grinning eyes of Savil.
"At least I've gotten some..." he said silently as he smirked.

He looked down in the glass with only a drop sliding slowly as he was tipping it from side to side.
"Such a young one, but still so evil... I'll never understand how it's possible that you're hunting the bandits instead of hunting with them."
Kotal turned around and placed the empty glass on the counter.
"Are you even allowed to drink?"

05-20-2006, 09:48 PM
Fang looked at his watch and clicked a button. It lighted up the area with a faint glow. " We head towards the palace...wherever that is. Have any clue what direction?" Before Mitoko answered he took a stick off the ground and sharpened it with his watch.

ooc: Sorry about that, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. Also I wonder how I got the weird idea of a glow in the dark Rolex watch....

Ayren Okami
05-20-2006, 10:32 PM
"You certainly didn't take to long," The Bandit King turned from viewing the stars over to the princess. He casually leaned against the railing of the balcony: "So miss bandit, where can we leave without being seen?" His small smile still present.


Vaan was moving quite quickly out of the guild's headquarters hoping into a small dune buggy that constituted about a thrid of the vehicles the guild had on hand. We wasted no time in letting the engine roar to life and peeling out of dirt parking lot and heading straight for Zaza.

His face remained solemn the entire trip as Zaza's outline came into view. "Almost....."

Damon R.
05-22-2006, 06:11 AM
Savil resisted the urge to roll his eyes and say, “Well isn’t that obvious?” Instead, he opted for a less childish approach and grinned at Kotal, showing teeth. “Yea, I guess,” he finally answered, shrugging, “but you know, it doesn’t really matter how old I am, now does it? All that matters is if I pay what’s due.”

“Which is approximately eighty silver pieces,” Sean said disapprovingly, using another one of his rags to clean the glasses. This time, Savil did roll his eyes. He gently flicked the older man’s forehead and said in a teasing tone, “Okay, so I owe you a lot, who cares?”

Sean glowered contemptuously and smacked his hand away. “What the hell do you mean, ‘who cares’? I CARE!” he exclaimed hotly, a muscle in his jaw twitching. “This comes out of my paycheck you know! Not yours, MINE!” he emphasized his point by banging a fist onto the wooden table. Savil rolled his eyes again before tossing a twenty-two gold piece at his near-friend, who caught it nimbly. “Thank you,” Sean said curtly, turning away to address the other customers.

Letting out a low laugh, Savil’s dark eyes glittering with barely disguised amusement. “You’re quite welcome, Sean,” he said, and focused back to the man besides him. “So, where were we again? Something about a... me being too evil at such a young age?"

05-22-2006, 08:49 AM
"Heh... I guess that's true." Kotal said as Savil flashed the shiny pearls which he called teeth.

Kotal was just observing Savil play around with the old man, giving him the attitude he always had and the old man giving the same back, he couldn't do anything but smirk evil.
Kotal was a bit surprised when Savil paid up.
"It should be enough there for a glass of water for me! I need to clear up..." Kotal said loud to the bartender, making sure that he heard him.

Savil turned back and picked up where they were before they were so classy interupted.
"You disgust me a bit..." he said to Savil grinning.
"... But that's why I like you." Kotal had a almost grotesque sparkle in his eyes.

"Where are you heading next? Going to catch the king himself?" Kotal swapped the subject fast as he didn't really want Savil to start telling all the horrific tales he had.

Again they were interupted by Sean who came with Kotal's glass of water.
"Anything else while I'm at it?" Sean asked in a annoyed tone.

05-23-2006, 07:35 PM
"I do have a map of the entire content ,so all we have to do is locate the city on it"said Mitoko brightly. She pulled out the map from her blue knapsack and handed it to Fang.Mitoko gave off a little shiver as she sensed a evil aura near by.

05-23-2006, 07:40 PM
Fang took it and said "Thank yo-" Then suddenly he felt a dark aura waft into the air. "ATCHOO!" sneezed Fang. " I am allerhic to aura like these..." He quickly scanned the map and started heading towards the direction of the palace. "Let's get out of here quick..." he grabbed Mitoko and pulled her along the direction.

05-23-2006, 10:02 PM
Aries had been quietly watching everyone, which was weird. He wasn't usually quiet. Sure, he watched people, but he wasn't quiet. He watched the cute black haired chick- Mitoko, that was her name- and some other guy talking. She shivered, the guy sneezed and said something about auras. Heh, who buys that mumbo jumbo? They started walking off. "Well, go him." Aries thought. He turned to Kadae and said: "Are we moving out anytime soon?"

05-24-2006, 07:53 PM
Kadae nodded. "As soon as lord Vaan arrives. You can meet him and then we can all be on our way. She looked at her fingers and then scratched her wrist.

"So what is that's made you decide to become a bandit buster?" She inquired.

Stir smiled. "Well I didn't want to keep you waiting." She snickered, "So My method of escape was basically this..." She jumped up onto the belcony. "I figured it's not that far from the ground and it be the easiest way to stay unnoticed."

Then she leaped and found herself on the grass bellow. She landed a little whobbly, "Ahhh, " falling flat on her but she sighed, "I guess I'm a little rusty.' She stood up and dusted her clothes.

Ayren Okami
05-24-2006, 08:37 PM
Jing signaled Kir from arcoss the room, and the ebony crow reluctantly came flying. The bandit followed the princess and landed a few feet off to her right. "Your don't seem as sure-footed, as when we fought last." Jing didn't wait very long as he began to walk towards Zaza's city limit's.

"Don't fall behind."


Vaan's dunebuggy barreled into Zaza and wasted no time in heading for the bar most of the member's of the guild frequented. Vaan straighted his uniform as he lifted himself from the dunebuggy's seat and walked up to his lieutant, leaning against her motorcycle. "Kadae are the rest of the member's in there?"

05-24-2006, 08:55 PM
Kadae stood straight and shook her head. "I think a few, but most went after the bandit King. Well, we have a new member, sir." She pointed to Aries and then crossed her arms. "Looks like a qualified future member..." She stated.

"Might I add how dashing you look..." She said softly trying to act as though she was simply stating the compliment.

Stir ran up beside him. "I just haven't been able to keep in training for a few months. I AM a princess you know...that's why I wanted to got out on an adventure." She informed in a protective way. "I'll be just fine. Anyway, where are we off to?" She questioned him.

She didn't think that going by road would be very smart but before she made assumtions she waited for his reply. And as she did she smiled at Kir and scratched his neck. "It's good to see you again, you little devil." she joked.

05-26-2006, 05:29 PM
A small grin slowly spread on Aries' face as he listened to Kadae. He stopped himself from bursting out in laughter. He wiped it off his face and stood at salute. "Aries, sir. Ex military. Specialty in marksmanship and close range combat." Well, it was a stretch, but it was what he was good at. "And tougher than nails." He added. That much was true. His adamtium frame and wetworks were much tougher than any nail. "Reporting for duty."

Cecillia turned and watched the princess and her loverboy run off. "Well, now that she's gone, her room is ripe for the looting..." She thought, then stopped. Running away, leaving the high-class life, that was what she wanted as well. "Damn, I'm right." she said to herself, climbing up to her room. She changed into some street clothes, and made good time getting to the ground again. She began a light jog after them, not in any real hurry, but not to be left alone.

05-29-2006, 10:51 AM
"Okay, o kay i'm coming,dont pull my arm off"said Mitoko following after Fang."Um what direction is the city in,Fang-san, how long will it take to get there" she said.

05-29-2006, 04:03 PM
" The map says north... We go north! Uhh... 5 minutes I hope?" he said while running. A few blocks later gasped for air. He let his body get weak during the year. Fang looked at the map again and smacked his head. " Wrong way..." as he started to run left.

05-29-2006, 06:18 PM
She sweatdrops . She notices that fang looks kinda of pale"Fang-san are you okay, you dont look sogood" she said while running.

Ayren Okami
05-30-2006, 12:43 PM
"Devil huh?" Jing repeated in a low voice. "And how lucky we are that we once again get the opportunity to bask in your lovelyness princess Stir," Kir laid the flattery on thick, while Jing merely shook his head.


Vaan looked Aries strsight in the eye, "You seem like just the person we could use in the guild, welcome," Vaan extended his hand and was completely oblivious to Kadae's comment.

Damon R.
05-30-2006, 12:47 PM
"Where are you heading next? Going to catch the king himself?" Kotal asked, gesturing for Sean to come over. Sean was hovering near an attractive woman and had been flirting with her, until Kotal had called him over. Scowling, he made his way to the burly-looking man.

The two talked for a minute, Sean's face twisting in annoyance. The brown haired man soured, and practically threw a water bottle at Kotal's jeering face.

"Anything ELSE while I'm at it?" Sean snapped, hazel eyes glowing with barely suppressed fury.

"Well..." Savil tapped a finger on his lips, interrupting what seemed like a beginning of a fight. "Maybe." He shrugged. "It depends, actually. Usually, I never go anywhere unless the lady wants me to. That or, the commander drags my butt there." He sniggered as Sean turned red and stalked away, muttering about inconsiderate, cocky, arrogant customers.

"Sooo Kotal," drawled Savil, eyeing his comrade. "Are you going to capture the King? 'Cause if you're in, I'm in."

05-30-2006, 04:44 PM
Kadae made a sour face at Vann behind his back. Her head dropped and her scratched it, then resumed her elegant stance.

He never seems to notice my compliments...he never seems to really notice me. Is he always so obsessed that he cannot even accept a small amount of time for a woman?

"Well, I beleive we should move on, The bandit king isn't one to sit and wait you know." She suggested moving back into Vann's view.

Stir shook her head with a grin on her face. "Still chacing ladies and as obnoxious as ever, I see." She teased the bird then turned her attention to Jing. "I see. That sounds rather interesting."

She stopped and turned around. "Hmm..." She turned back but kept a close eye on thier backs. "For a moment there...it felt as though someone was following us..." She said softly.

05-30-2006, 04:58 PM
Aries took Vaan's hand and shook it. As he released it and let his hand drop he said, "Thanks, and she's right." he said, nodding to Kadae. "Waiting will do nothing except give him more time to get away."

"That was close." Cecillia thought as she crouched behind a low wall. "She's better than I thought," referring to the Princess... or former Princess. "Wait, why am I hiding?" she asked herself, then blamed her reflexes.

05-30-2006, 06:31 PM
" I'm okay..." Fang saicd whie runnning. He coughed a bit but continued running towards the castle. But then suddenly he collapsed onto the ground. His skin grew paler and paler every second. He then fell over writhing in pain...

05-30-2006, 07:01 PM
She gasped"Fang,Fang!" she kneeld by him in the dirt road. She felt his temperature ,he was buring up ."OH no,w what should i do"she held fang,s body close to her."Help,somebody help" tears started to form in her eyes.

06-01-2006, 06:25 PM
"Heh..." Kotal smirked before taking a zip out of his bottle.
He lowered his bottle, whiping his mouth with the sleeve of the jacket.
"Capture? I don't think that is even possible..." Kotal tilted his bottle back and forth.
"... And even if anyone does, he will be out again as soon as he feel like it."
He emptied the rest of the bottle, which was about 5/6 of it.
He let out a heavy relieving gasp as he placed the bottle at the counter.

"But I think with my intelligence, strenght, charisma and everything else that I have..." he said loud and cocky and then lowered his voice"... and with your personality, we two could kill him, and still claim the reward somehow!"
With a grin on his face, he stared at Savil with a face that was saying "Soooo... what do you think?"

06-02-2006, 09:05 AM
-Sorry for being late ^.^; -

Cross woke up. It was some time in the afternoon and he knew that he had probably missed breakfast. He got out of bed and but on his garments. He walked to his window and looked outside.

"Nice day today."

Cross walked towards the door and grabbed his scythe along the way.

"Well, time to go to work. The world is vast with many things for me and I'm not about to pass them up."

Ayren Okami
06-09-2006, 05:12 PM
Jing continued to walk forward, hands in his coat pockets, without looking back. He was confident, as he alway's was, that he could handle any situation should someone be following them. Kir was off to his right and silently flying alongside him. "We shouldn't waste much time, heh, wouldn't want to get caught now," The bandit snickered.

"Actually, Kir, would you mind finding something for us to escape with? Something fast?"

"Not thinking ahead again, without me you'd be in prison right now," Kir sighed and took off in to the night sky.

"Maybe," Jing quietly replied.


"Your both very right," Vaan lowered his head slightly and thought of a plan of action. "Kadae you take the eastern part of the city, while Aries I'd like for you to take the west. I'll head for the Masquerade itself." Vaan fluidly moved around Aries and headed for the center of town.

"Good luck you two."

06-16-2006, 08:24 AM
Kadae bowed slightly showing her submission and hopped on her motorcycle then treaded off to the east path.

Stir closed her eyes as she walked. She could still sence someone behind her and finally she got fet-up with it. At a speed so fast it was hard to catch what she was doing, she whipped around and through her sword at a tree. The tree the follower had hide behind.
"Come out right now and explain yourself!" she ordered. Her sword went straight through the tree and stopped about halfway up the blade. "Right now, or else!" She ordered in a stern tone.

06-17-2006, 01:36 PM
She took out a some medicne from her pack,opening the bottle she pour the liquid down Fang's thoat.Fang stopped twitching the only sound she could hear was his breathing.

06-19-2006, 04:16 PM
"Yes sir." Aries said as he walked out the bar. "Let's see, run, hotwire, hithchike..." he thought to himself "Run." he decided. He crouched to build up the energy in his joints, then broke off into a superhuman sprint... which was okay, for him. His heightened senses messing nothing, he sped by buildings and sidewalks, searching. Then he found.

Cecillia pulled a small gun of her own design, small enough to fit cupped in one palm, and stepped out from behind the tree, the gun holding hand at her side. "I guess tonight is just full of suprises, eh?" she said with a small laugh.

Aries held back a string of explitives as he turned a corner. Right in front of him, fresh off the wanted poster, the Bandit King. Right next on his course, a bicycle stand. He tore through it, but tripped and fell on his face. Trying to keep his dignity, he got up and pulled his silenced .50-caliber handgun, the words "SK-13 'Aries'" engraved along the barrel. "Bandit King Jing, I repectfully ask that you put your hands high above your head and don't fight."

07-25-2006, 06:41 PM
I think that my character is approved by Ayren But someone tell me if im wrong. This is my first RPG so here it goes.

Sakati Walked forward through the grassy patch while watching Aries pull a gun on the Bandit King Jing. He couldn't understand why though until he saw the sign which made him understand. The sign was a wanted poster of Bandit King Jing. So he ran up to Aries. "Mind for any assistance? I could be of some," he asked while also pulling out his gun. He stepped behind Jing in case he tried to run off, away from Aries sight.