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05-06-2006, 07:43 PM
Synonyms: Beating Angel Dokuro-chan, Club-to-death Angel Dokuro-chan
Type: OVA's, 8 episodes.
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Bloody

Plot Synopsis: Dokuro-chan is an "club to death angel" that have been sent from the future back in time to prevent a boy called Sakura from creating a machine in the future that will make all girls in the world stop growing at the age of 12 so that they will remain like that for their entire lives. Dokuro-chan moves into his house and instead of "killing him" she stays with him to keep an eye on him, they become friends and she could never want to lose him. Due this she herself get trouble.

Story (6/10)
The story feels some what not the best but still it makes the show really intresting.

Characters (10/10)
The Characters just amaze me to the maximum, laugh laugh laugh that is almost all you do.

Art/animation (10/10)
The Art is really great, they've worked really great on it and the graphics are exellent, though some scenes can be a bit gross.

Voice acting, music (9.3/10)
Just love the voices of all the main characters, they really live into it in a funny way. But on the second hand the music isn't really the best, the opening song is really funny but the closing make your bored.

Overall (10/10)
Overall this is an anime that makes you laugh till you die yourself and you almost shed a tear. A great comedy, it's sort of Ichy and Scratchy from The Simpsons but still, funnier.

06-16-2007, 02:19 PM
Story. 7/10:The story plot is pretty good but i think it lacks meaning and is really random from time to time. The idea of the angel coming from the future however is great.

Character.9/10: The characters are not perfect but are all completely hilarious and each have a different personality.

Animation. 9/10: Great graphics with very nice gore detail. It does contain strong violence and very frequent sexual refrences but its not however hentai. These only make the animation more quality. Seeing as there is only 8 episodes, i can't give it a 10.

Audio.6/10: The voicing is very good and sounds the right age for everyone. No ones voice annoys me at all and i think this is great. I gave the audio a low score because of the opening song which drives me crazy. The pipiru piru piru pipiru pi is completely random dribble and the lyrics are very unwitty and completely lacked of ideas. A child could sing better lyrics about the series imo.

Overall. 8/10: It is a good anime and it deserves a 8 for being a decent and well done enough anime. It should be watched because of its hilarious gory content and rude insults but if your a bit young (10 ect) i wouldnt recommend it to you. Probably wont understand it. x] I hear that a second series is coming out which is good because there is only 8 15 min episodes. 2 were realeased at a time to make up a 30min show including the crappy opening and closing songs.

This is my first review so sorry if its bad, <3

채광 창
11-17-2011, 04:43 PM
Story 8/10
I kind of got lost, but at the end of the day, I was still laughing and loved seeing Sakura die most of the time.

The animation was amazing, compared to other anime's out there, but their animation shows their past, which is really important, but I loved the animation in this anime.

Was good, i liked all of the character voice actors and I thought they suited well, and the opening song, I can still hear it in my head, and I haven't watched it in 2 years.

i enjoyed it so much, and there was a season 2 too. It made me laugh and remember something, and I will never forget the opening theme.

12-31-2011, 07:08 AM
Story 6/10: There actually wasn't really a plot to it, but all of the little episodes really had good concepts behind them.

Animation 10/10: The animation was great. I was extremely impressed. The gore was realistic without being disturbing and there is ecchi, but it was played out very well.

Characters: 10/10: All of the characters in this anime were very well developed and you could easily just tell which character is which by reading a script with no names.

Audio 9/10: It was pretty great. The voice acting was perfection. Sadly, the music other than the amin theme isn't very memorable.

Overal 9/10: This anime was great, it's a shame it was so short. I really enjoyed it. Though I felt that my IQ was dropping as I watched it.