View Full Version : A new Ninja going for Hokage.

~Hatake Kakashi~
05-06-2006, 04:00 PM
Yo, The name is Hatake Kakashi and im a newbie (Sorta) In anime forums. Thanks for the time to welcome me, and I hope I can make some new friends (And rivals) Here in AF. Again Thanks for the welcome I apreciate it.

Buddies fo' Eva!! Kakashi<3

05-06-2006, 04:07 PM
Yes we can all agree that Kakashi is awesome :happy: Anywho, welcome to AF, etc, etc. Don't start flaming, swearing, or double posting and all that stuff. Make a few good friends and maintain a good reputation, and you'll be a great addition to the communtiy here. PM me to be friends or for any specific help. Later.

The Wing Man
05-06-2006, 04:28 PM
Hey ninja man, welcome to the forum.

05-06-2006, 04:31 PM
hallo and welcome. Do take the time to read and more importantly follow the rules. Doing so will ensure your stay is enjoyable. Have fun

Your friendly mod,

~ Myrra

05-06-2006, 04:38 PM
hello and welcome here is a cookie

05-06-2006, 04:53 PM
Welcome ninja!

Sailor Lunar Eclipse
05-06-2006, 05:48 PM
Hello and Welcome!
by the way... don't cause ANY trouble...
but if ya do, just don't get caught!
Have Fun!

05-06-2006, 05:50 PM
hey welcome to AF, hope you have an awesome time here, and Im gonna become the next hokage!!!!!!

05-06-2006, 06:00 PM
Welcome to the forum. Just follow the rules and everything will be fine.

Pm me if you need anything.

05-06-2006, 06:02 PM
Yo, welcome to AF. Enjoy your stay and such.

05-06-2006, 07:27 PM
welcome to AF
hope you enjoy your stay

05-06-2006, 08:49 PM
Hey Kakashi. Welcome to AF. Just follow the rulezz and stuff like that. See you around I guess. Pm me if you have questions.

The Rebel
05-07-2006, 12:06 AM
*bows and hands you a blanket* Hello and welcome to AF. If you neeed any help, just PM me and I'll do what I can. Watch out for cannibals and blanket thieves. I'd say more, but I've got alot more newbies to greet, TTYL.

05-07-2006, 12:18 AM
Welcome Kakashi! Enjoy your stay here at AF and look forward to seeing more posts from you! :D

anime OG
05-07-2006, 01:19 AM
Sup and welcome to animeforum.com the 1#anime site around! A dawg if u need anything just holla at me aka PM me! XD

05-07-2006, 01:19 AM
Welcome to the forum!

05-07-2006, 06:41 AM
Hello and welcome to Anime Forum ~Hatake Kakashi~!


05-07-2006, 07:16 AM
hahaha ur funny dude Kakashi could be a hokage but he doesnt want to lol he one of the survive of his group lol his best friend die in a war and Kakashi is an Anbu lol if u havent know that lol

05-07-2006, 10:07 AM
A training ninja, eh? Well, welcome to the forum. Hope you have fun, and if you ever want a friend, just pm me.

Seņor Nobody
05-07-2006, 10:46 AM
Hi, welcome to AF! Oh, and Kakashi is good, but not as much as Itach!

05-07-2006, 11:00 AM
Hello and welcome new one! ^^
enjoy your stay at the AF.
be sure to read, and follow the rules ^^'
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


05-07-2006, 11:09 AM
Hey and welcome to AF!
Have fun but follow the rules,

05-07-2006, 11:15 AM
Hello, and Nice to meet you.

And, If you will be keep than manners and more..

Enjoy and Good Luck!! Cheers.

05-07-2006, 07:53 PM
yeh, watsup kakashi.
ok, pm me if ur bord,
welcome to anime forums!

- inuyasha

~Hatake Kakashi~
05-07-2006, 08:01 PM
Thanks all of you thankies alot ^_^

05-07-2006, 10:28 PM
Hello and welcome to AF! *hands over blanket and pocky*