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04-23-2006, 08:35 AM
Yunn the Artificer.

“What have I done, me and all my since have ruined the whole world.” This man was so caught up in his own thought that he was not looking where he was going, he walked over a small road in a the neighbourhood of a little town called Crossroads. He was what people these days call an Artificer, he was a man who used magic and technology to its maximum creating the most strange things. On day It would be a droid the next some sort of new weapon. This man listened to the name Yunn he was tall for a human and had long black hair which he wore in a ponytail on his back. He was wearing long black robes and had a very small droid walking behind him. The droid was his own creation and listened to the name Blieb. It could not talk but was very useful for small tasks. Like now he was wearing Yunn’s bag pack. He had a small belt warped around his waist. Inside where to even smaller daggers so he could fight for Yunn if it was necessary. But mostly it was not because Yunn was very capable of defending himself.

But now Blieb was not sure if his master would even see dangers, he felt so guilty of what he had done that he did not paid any attention to the road. He walked right behind him and took close watch of the road in front of his master making sure that nothing would happen.

“Why am I so naïve? Did I really thought that it would be different this time, that Syntax really would use Yunn’s latest creation for good use?” Yunn kicked a small rock away that was laying in front of him. The rock rolled over the road and disappeared in the bushes on the side of the road. Yunn heard a small “auw”. Immediately he and Blieb grabbed there weapons, Blieb his two small daggers, and Yunn a large mace from his back. This was not a save world so all needed to be on there guard.

After some strange sounds from the bushes a little fellow came out of the bushes he was just a bid taller the Blieb. “A Gnome” thought Yunn, and what kind of Gnome. He was wearing wizards robes that had every colour that existed in this dimension. On his back he had a human sized dual scimitar. The little Gnome looked at Yunn and Blieb with a bid of shock in his eyes. He grabbed his scimitar from his back and with much useless spinning of the weapon the Gnome pointed it in Yunn’s direction. “Are you the one who thru that rock at my head?” the little Gnome asked. His voice was way to high for his age, but with Gnomes no one was really sure. What Yunn did know was that this guy was talking faster than the fastest men he ever heard talking. “I am sorry sir Gnome, I just kicked at the rock but I did not knew you where there in the bushes or else I would have not done it. The Gnome lowered his weapon and introduced himself: “My name is Xyll, and I’m sorry for scare you like that, with whom do I have the pleasure?” Yunn grinned and also lowered his mace: “My name is…Gambit a pleasure to meet you.” Xyll made a small bow and said: “The pleasure is all mine”

07-05-2006, 04:11 PM
It just JUMPS in the fiction, it doesn't give you too much explaination to what's going on, that was kind of annoying. I didn't see a chapter two, are you still writing this?