View Full Version : Faith and Hope

04-22-2006, 09:26 PM
I won't give in,
I thank you for hurting me,
but don't you know?
I'm actually learning hope,
and what faith is,
I'm getting stronger,
my heart is strong,
when you hurt me,
because it learns more,
about life and attitude,
to people and things alike,
My heart just won't give up,
it will keep going,
it won't fade,
my love is in it,
and I know now,
deep in my heart,
that it won't fade away,
because I have faith in myself,
and hope is within faith,
therefore, I can't let myself down,
not now, not ever,
Darkness will never get the best in me,
I will fight them,
For I make it bright,
with my shining light,
that never goes away,
I'm strong,
when I get hurt,
because faith and hope are with me!
I won't give in guys, ^-^ Have fun reading