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04-20-2006, 07:10 PM
The first half or third of the third chapter. X_X; It's turning into a monster. I need to find an end point soon for it soon. Rather than keep anyone waiting any longer, I just split the third chapter into parts.

What of the Warriors?

-begin chapter three, part one-

The Lead landed with the silence and grace of a falling leaf. The weight on the end of his 48” manriki chain, however, had no such grace. It hit the opposite end of the log Retesoko was sitting on and splintered it.

Retesoko jump/slid off the log in time to avoid the splinters. “Well,” Lead said, “The stories live up to reality. No matter. You should know it’s hopeless to save the female.”

“Nea?” Retesoko replied, “If its Nea you’re after, take her. I don’t care. Is there a bounty?”

“Yes. On her head and yours.” The Lead answered.

Retesoko’s eyes hardened. “That’s unfortunate for you then. Do you have a name?”

“Why would that matter?”

“You can’t go the ferry nameless.”

A laugh escaped the Lead’s lips. “Very well. My name is Ystradil. Don’t worry, I won’t send you nameless either.

Ystradil shrugged off his black robe. He wore a tighter fitting black set of ninja robes under that. A straight ninja sword was strapped to his back. Where the strap crossed his chest, a dozen throwing stars hung. A second manriki was curled at his belt. A small blade, poisoned, was strapped to the end of his tail.

Retesoko smirked and charged Ystradil. The end of the manriki whirled out and snapped at Retesoko. But it hit air. Once more the end whipped out and hit nothing. Retesoko ran up the side of a tree for five paces and pushed off, in position for an overhead slash.

Ystradil’s eye’s widened. He never faced an opponent this skilled before. His right hand was caught up by his manriki. Luckily, his sword hung straight down his back.

He bent over and pulled his sword about three quarters out with his left hand. It met Retesoko’s katana and held, but Retesoko braced his feet against him and used him like a spring board.

Retesoko watched Ystradil flip onto his feet and sheath his sword. Finally, a challenge. Then, he saw Ystradil’s eye’s flicker momentarily to his right. Taking no chances, he sidestepped to the right in time to avoid Ystradil’s apprentice. The tip of her double bladed sword stabbed uselessly. He saw Nea lying not far off, a small cut on her arm. Whether she was dead or unconscious, he didn’t know.

Ystradil sighed mentally. Makiata was too much of a loose cannon. This was a risk who’s gain didn’t justify the taking. If she got herself killed, he would do nothing.

Meanwhile, Retesoko was bored more than anything. This new ninja had no real skill. Sure, she knew where the vitals were and some basic moves, but no real experience. And no challenge.

She swung without control, and left herself open enough for Retesoko to take the time and plant a kick on the tip of her nose. Other times her attacks were so basic he merely had to sidestep. This would be simple. He parried a few of her blows until she was where he wanted her.

He leaned backwards, seeming off balance, and she went for a killing stab. Retesoko swung his katana down to force her sword into the ground, reached with his left paw to his waist and pulled his wakizashi out. Stab up and under the ribs to the heart.

She stumbled like a drunken dancer at the end of a party. Her spine stiffened when Retesoko twisted his blade, then went limp.

Retesoko pushed her off his blade and flicked the blood off. Ystradil was nowhere to be found. He ran over to Nea and checked her pulse and breathing. Alive, but out.

-end chapter three, part one-

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