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Final fantasy X-3
Zaeon jewels
Chapter one-tidus nightmare

Yuna was as famous as she had ever been. She played concerts all over Spira now that Vegnagun had been defeated. And of course Tidus was there for her at every single one. He would jump on stage as she sang the last line of 1000 words and kiss her in front of every one. He loved her and would give his life gladly for her. Yuna was just glad to have him back after so long. She called her latest tour the Lenne tour in honour of the girl she felt she connected most with.
It was a late Friday night. The stars shone and Besaid was peaceful. Yuna and Tidus had just returned from a concert in Bevelle. Yuna was tired, they rode a chocobo cart through the paths of Besaid, Yuna fell asleep on tidus and he covered her with his jacket. Tidus picked her up and put her on their bed.
“I love you.” He whispered softly as he kissed her goodnight.
He went outside and sat by the fire next to Wakka.
Wakka; you ok you seem down
Tidus; I don’t know, I feel like every time I tell her I love her it isn’t enough.
Wakka; how come?
Tidus; I wanna be with her forever Wakka. I want us to be together forever. But what can I do?
Wakka; you could pop the question! How about that?
Tidus; you know what Wakka? I might just do that.
Wakka; you need a ring you know something to make sure you will be together forever.
Lulu; you could always go after the Zaeon jewels
Wakka; you been listenin that’s sneaky Lu!
Tidus; what are the Zaeon stones?
Lulu; before yevon, Spira’s people worshiped four guardians of the elements. They were like the aeons but they could control the very elements themselves. Each of them made a gemstone for a perfect engagement ring. They knew one day there would be a couple whose love would live forever. They admired the couple’s love and so they made them an engagement ring so perfect it would ensure they would never be parted.
The four guardians made each gemstone perfect. Each stone fitted into this one, perfect ring.
Tidus; wow!
Lulu; but yevon’s measters banished the guardians and sealed them away in their own gemstones and the band that held them together. Their temples are now run down over the eastern cities of Spira. The ones you have never seen.
Tidus; but how will the guardians knows who the perfect couple are?
Lulu; they’ll know. Anyone who wants the gemstones has to pray at the temples and prove their love is strong enough. Just like Yuna did when she was a summoner for her aeons.
Tidus; I’m going!
Wakka; huh?
Tidus; I’m going to get that ring for Yuna! And I’ll propose on the night of her last concert in the Zanarkand dome! It’ll be perfect!
Wakka; then it’s decided! We leave for luca first thing tomorrow! Ya?
Tidus; but what about Yuna? She’ll be suspicious.
Lulu; leave it to me. I’ll tell her you’ve gone ahead to check the stadiums are safe.
Wakka; we’ll go! We’ll get you that ring!
Tidus could see it now. He would ask her as soon as she finished 1000 words in Zanarkand. He’d have the perfect ring and they’d be together forever.
He went to bed stared at her while she was sleeping “I’m gonna make you the happiest girl in the world, even if it takes 1000 years!” he whispered.
He fell asleep and dreamed of her in a beautiful dress. But suddenly….
He saw him, the face that haunted his dreams, Seymour. he wasn't alive or dead. his spirit had returned from the farlane. He held the Zaeon jewels in his hand and sneered at tidus. He placed the ring on Yuna’s finger and kissed her in front of Tidus. This was more than Tidus could bare but worse was to come. He saw him take Yuna across the sea in a boat. He kidnapped her.
He woke up, sweating and scared. He saw her lying there, next to him. He sighed, relieved that she was there. “I don’t know what I’d do if you left my side.” He said. He kissed her cheek gently so as not to wake her. He got out of bed, got dressed and watched the sunrise.
He thought out loud: if I lost her I wouldn’t be able to live. She’s the reason I’m breathing, the reason I’m here. If I lost her I’d fade again I’m sure of it.”
Wakka came up beside him.
Wakka; you ok?
Tidus; I had a dream I saw Seymour take her away.
Wakka; no way she’s safe here you know that.
Tidus; I guess so. HEY! THERE’S A KID IN THE WATER!
Wakka; I’ll get lulu you go save them!
He dived off the cliff into the water. He swam towards the body.
Tidus; are you ok?
Tidus; Saturday the 6th why?
????; you have to go home!
Tidus; why?
????; it’s Yuna! She’s going to get kidnapped! Go save her!
Yuna; aaaaaaaa let go of me! Tidus help me!
Tidus heard Yuna’s faint cry from Besaid
. Tidus; YUNA!!!!! I’M COMING!!!!

How does the stranger know about Yuna’s kidnapping? Is Seymour alive?
Will Tidus make it in time?

All will be revealed in chapter two- Seymour and Queslin, the lord of water.

Hope you like the story!!!

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I like it but it's so sad *cry* but write more It's really awesome

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OMGSH now I want to write an FFX fanfic!! That was good but sad.

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I can't begin to tell you what was confusing about this. The way you typed it, Seymour being a live, when he clearly died in the first X...

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well thats why its called a fan fic

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I really like it, keep up the good work!!!

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no, that is not why it's called a fanfic.

It's called a fanfiction when it's based off of something that already exists.

Usually when someone writes a fanfic, and a character dies in the original version of whatever it was, they explain that it's either before the character dies, or how the character came back to life.

It's awful the way you're writing it.

And stop spamming. "Thank you" is not a proper post.