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03-29-2006, 07:50 PM
Type: Manga

Genre: Action

Plot Synopsis: Ginji Amano and Ban Midou, together they are the Get Backers. They are a recovery agency, but with a little twist. Ginji is an eel-like human with devastating electricity powers, and Ban is weilder of the "Evil Eye" ("Jagon" in the anime). But Ginji also has another power, he is like the incarnation of the Lightning Emporer. Together they retrieve lost items, and face their hardest mission in the Limitless Fortress.

Story: It sounds like another police-like manga, but it's actually quite original. Each mission they have, is just another adventure. Not one of them are the same. There are some parts where it gets to just a lot of fighting, but... GAH! I admit it >.<! I honestly think that there's nothing wrong with the storyline!

Score: 10/10

Characters: Aww man, their all so amazing ^^! Though... Akabane is kind of typical. He's just your average bad a**. But that doesn't mean that he's not cool =D! They all have unique personalities, and a couple of them are pretty funny XD! The whole story on Makubex is an interesting one. Just like the storyline, I really can't find anything wrong with the characters.

Score: 10/10

Art: Very beautiful, they don't have eyes that stretch off their head XD! My only problem in that little dot the artist puts near the nose. It's really annoying, and it looks like a mole. It's supposed to show the shadowing of the it, but it's just kind of odd. Other than that, the art "reacts" well to the surroundings. It's very detailed, yes even the parts where there is extreme groping XD!

Score: 9.5/10
Rounded Score: 10/10

Overall: I don't genereally give maga perfect tens, but this is just one of my favorites ^^!


08-10-2006, 03:59 PM
Story: 9/10 | I am a huge fan of this manga. The plot is fairly original, and is very in depth as to what is going on, and there is always something going on underneath the surface of each retrieval. The past stories of Ban and Ginji alone are enough reason to the read the manga, it is great as to how their respective pasts continuously appear throughout the manga, be it by places, events, or in the form of other characters.

Characters: 10/10 | A definate high-point in the manga is the characters. Every characters is very well thought out, and has had a story created for them. What is great about this is that even though all the characters are developed, not all of them play a major role, such as Paul of Natsume. Also, it is interesting to see how the characters are connected by their pasts, and that those connects show new sides and traits of each character.

Art: 8/10 | The art is very well done, and very detailed. Definatly impressive. But, there are two flaws that I find to occur a bit too often. The first is that bodily proportions tend to change. It is not suprising for me to see heads drawn to small in comparison to the torso, or arms drawn too long, both of which go beyond the artists' normal style or slightly extended limbs. The second is that with several characters, I have had difficulty telling gender's apart based on the face and the waist. Generally males will have a "harder" face, and females will have a softer face, and somewhat more circular eyes, but with some of the characters, there is little difference. And with the waist, a males hips are set lower than a female's, and protrude less from the body. But it is frequent for the artist to draw males with high-set, protruding hips.

Overall: 9/10 | A classic in my opinion. Though I own the entire anime, I much rather prefer the manga for this series, partly due to the amount of ecchi content, but also because of differences in each retrieval and the art style, which I find is more well done than that of the anime.

07-04-2007, 04:51 PM
Squeeee! i love getbackers! no body i know knows about them though! i prefer the anime (cause i dont have to pay for it) but its still really cool. Truthfully i dont like Akabane he thinks he has all these made skills but i just roll my eyes and just keep watching the story line continue.

STORY: 10/10 it is pretty original like they said but some thing is always happening even in the dullest moments! they end up kicking someones butt! i always love it when they get in the limitless fortress (its not called the limitless fortress in the manga though) and you learn more about the characters exspecally Ban and Ginji. i love Ginji! *lightening power* *zaps u*

CHARACTERS: 10/10 everybodies different and have their own power and personality its endless really. i have no words. its that good.

ART: 9/10 sure its go alot of detail but i thought this girl had too thick of a neck in one or two pictures(my opinion). At some point it gets really serious looking and i stare real hard at it...

Overall: 9.3/10 the manga and the anime look really different... but its all good. even though they have those typical adventure where this and that explodes in their face or somebody ends up turning all super powered (ginji goes lightening emperor mode) its something i keep interest in.

11-26-2007, 08:01 PM
Story 9/10 I enjoyed the story and plot twists as they came for this manga. Ban-Chan and Ginji have some interesting times.

Characters 10/10 All the characters were individuals. They did not have a 'still' character feel about them. They bent and moved with what was happening around them. There was even some character development there. That is always good.

Art 9/10 Not the best I have seen in deals of art, but it was good. It did have nice clean fight scenes, not the hazy drawings you sometimes get when the characters are in movement and the artists don't want to draw all the detail or they don't know how.

Over all, 9.5/10 I enjoyed this manga very much. From the random moments where Ban-Chan is mean to Ginji (ahem the dogs ahem) to where Ginji takes an attack that was ment for his partner. Or vise versa. There is something here for everyone. At least I think so.