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06-29-2006, 06:34 PM
Ch.2: Mimiru's a guy! Sora is....

Tsukasa and Subaru scanned all over Mac Anu but for some reason they couldn't find anyone similar.The real Tsukasa sighed and sat down onto the ground. Subaru then started to poke Tsukasa with her staff. It kind of started to bother him..."What Subaru?!"
Subaru slightly backed away from Tsukasa before saying anything.
Subaru then pointed her staff to a certain player killer with greenish colored hair."Hey it's Sora!"

Tsukasa and Subaru ran while waving to Sora.Sora seemed to notice them and he walked to them instead of his usaully jumpy self.."Heya guys."
Tsukasa and Subaru blinked....The voice was not that of Sora's at all....But at...."M-mimiru?"
"Yeah thats right Subaru, Mimiru."
The real Subaru groaned...."Mimiru even had it worse then us.Oh and thats Tsukasa.I'm Subaru."

Mimiru blinked and then started to laugh."HA!!Very funny!And you two are gonna say that I'm not gonna look like me in here either."
Subaru and Tsukasa sighed and started to push the real Mimiru to the stream so she could see her reflection.Moments later.....

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!I'mmm Sooorrrraaa!!!!!!"
Subaru and Tsukasa both sighed in unison and watched as Mimiru searched for Sora quicky.
Mimiru stood up and started to jump from building to building quickly.
"Where are you Sora?! I want my character back!NOW!"
Subaru and Tsukasa tried to catch up to Mimiru, but unfortunately the real Tsukasa had to trip on his own dress costume."Ahh!"

The real Subaru blinked and then sighed. She then pulled Tsukasa up and dragged him with her while searching for the raging Mimiru.Tsukasa stopped and took be deep long breaths..."H-gasp-ow do-gasp-we ge-gasp-t Mim-gasp-iru-gasp-back."

Subaru thought for a couple of minutes but then had an idea!"I know what we can do!"Subaru hollered out slightly.

"So?What is it?" Tsukasa said regaining his breath.

"We have to find...the real Sora! or the fake Mimiru in other words."
Tsukasa nodded and started to run off but stopped..."S-subaru I think I found Sora...."

They both widened their eyes. "That is S-sora for sure..."

"Oh my god....thats....SSSOOOORRRRAAAA!!!!!!Giiivvvee meeeee bbbaaaccckk mmmyyy ccchaarraacctterr!!!!Or you are gonna pay for it!"

To Be Continued...

06-30-2006, 01:25 PM
I wasn't fond of the part where you made the character say LOL... you could have said they laughed and then said what followed it.

But other than that it was interesting.