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12-27-2005, 12:20 PM
Hi anyone can join the RPG, I will only be able to post for 4 or 5 days because of having to go back to Alabama where my grandmother has no computer.

The story starts out in a city called Mononoke, The Dark Tournament is about to start everyone has gathered to fight there way to victory the winner will be the rewarded 10,000,000 dollars & so everyone trained their best to win after the tournament normal life begins to happen in the city agine.

(On the tournament when 2 ppl of the rpg fight a coin will be flipped to clam the winner but when a rpg person fights a addin person you pick who wins you or the person u added.)(The rules are simple just have fun.)


Name: Chris Leigh Fox


Species: Silver fox demon

Appearance: Blue eyes, long brown hair, silver fox ears & tail, she wears a white short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket & baggy blue jeans, black shoes.

History: Chris was raised in the city her hole life she was raised by her father because her mother died when giving birth to Chris, now Chris is 17 & she works for a high ranking Corporation called Mains Corp, the corporation dose racing & fighting bets on the side & so they have now formed to be mafia Chris is a hit man for Main Corp.

The story begins in the big city called Gaia City the city holds a fighting tournament every 5 years the tournament is called The Dark Tournament, this tournament has several fighters from humans to demons, wizards, vampires, & many other species.

After the tournament the city goes back to normal life.

“Chris I have another job for you, Gun Corp. has sent one of there best killers in our direction, I need you to get rid of them, all we know is that it is there best person but we do not know who or what they look like I leave it up to you to find that out,” says Mr. Power!

“Sir I will do my best to get the job done,” Says Chris as she pulls out her gun.

“Good make sure you do.”

Chris places the gun back in her pocket & exits Mr. Powers office, she enters the elevator & watches as the doors slide too. One hour goes by & Chris is out searching the streets for any sigh of the other corporations person, “I wonder if their a male or female, man this would be a hole lot easier if I knew what they looked like,” whispers Chris!

12-27-2005, 03:55 PM
Name: Reiki


Species: Human

Appearance: when in human form he has black spikey hair and wears a variety of clothes from red leather jacket and normal jeans, when in for of spirit Yokia form he wears golden light plated armour with white cloak

History:Born in spirit world where his father is known as a great hero he ventures on earth to prove to his father he is as worthy as a fighter and wishes to become as strong so he can be worthy, so now he joins tournaments to improve and fights anyone when challenged.
Reiki was walking in the streets of Gaia when attacked by a group of Main the mafia,"You're going to join the tournament,"One of the mafia members qeustion him,"Yes...."Reiki awnsers with few words,"Sorry but their is enough particapants..."The mafia man says and orders the others to kill Reiki.
A man apears out of a limo car revealing a sub-machine gun triggering and blasting Reiki at full speed, Reiki quiickly changes into his trained spirit Yokia form, changing his holy apearance into a white haired spikey boy glowing light blue all around him he does not dodge the overmass bullets but counters with energy of light with a liight blue barrier, the mafia members become confused and one tall musculaur man asks,"What is he??" and Reiki avoid convertation by summoning enough spirit energy to form white wings and fly towards the sky to enter the dark tournament unseen.

12-27-2005, 04:42 PM
Chris passes a shop with tvs in the window & stops to watch "We have just got news of a attack in a near by area, would everyone please becareful & watch who you talk to...." "Hmhp nothing ever happens to me, man I wish that atleast one good fighter would challenge me I dont really care were or when*sigh* owell at least I can fight this person I am looking for, man where could they be."
Chris begins to walk agine still searching, Chris sees a small child looking at her & then the child runs into a dark ally, the child screms & Chris runs into the ally & sees 3 muscular men, one was holding the kid & the other turn & Look at Chris, one man says,"What do you want?!"
Chris looks at the men & says, "Let that kid go you have no right to grab him!"
Another one of the men pulls out his gun & fires at Chris, She doges & runs up to the man holding the child & hits him in the stomic causing him to drop the kid, the child runs & grabs Chris leg. Chris picks up the little boy & jumps high into the air to atop a building & runs as fast as she can to a near by park.
Chris puts the kid down & the kid says,"Thanks lady." then he runs off.

12-28-2005, 12:29 PM
After signing in the tournament Reiki decides to look around the city for anything interesting, he walked in the sidewalk of Gaia where he noticed much crime the streets were crowded with people and Reiki wasn't much used the life of Gaia and decided to train and train hard to win the tournament he traveled out to a deserted buliding that wasn't yet finished by the construction builders, he decided it would be a good place to train where their would not be any disturbences but Reiki was wrong.....

12-28-2005, 12:50 PM
Chris walks threw the park looking around untile she spots a man around the age of 20, she slowly walks up to him & lisons to him talk on the phone, "Ya I am almost there now its called the Main right,... ok dont worry I will get the job done..."
Chris turns after passing him & pulls out her gun, she walks up behind the man 7 says,"Dont move, now answer me this are you from Gun Corp..?"
"What if I am,"Says the man?
"Then I would have to say dont move, or else!" Chris preses the gun up aginst the mans back, the man jumps into the air & grabs hold of a tree branch, "sorry but no one from Main Corp is gone to stop me I have a Job to do & I wont Fail!"
Chris aims at the man "Who are you & what dose your boss want with our Boss!"
"That is not for you to know!"
Chris pulls the triger & the bulit hits the man in his right leg,"Answer me or I'll do worse!"
"All I can tell you is that......no I cant if I do..." The man jumps out of the tree & trys to run but cant,"EErrrr, why did u have to shot at me..."
"Because you would not answer me, now tell me what you know & i might let you live,"says chris as she aimes at him agine!

"Ok Fine, my Boss wants me to kill Main Corps Boss but he did not tell me why, & thet is the truth!"
Chris lowers her gun & puts it away,"Tell your boss to stay on his side of now or else he will have to mess with me!"
Chris turns & walks away back twords Main Corp..
chris stops & looks at a poster"hhmmm i might sighn up for the fight sounds fun." Chris walks to the sigh in area & sighs, she then begins to walk back to Main corp.

12-28-2005, 03:44 PM
A dark large figure apears behind Reiki, it quickly amerges from the shadows and reveals as a cat demon,"Now I will kill you..."The cat-demon says,"who are you?' Reiki asks as he stands on gaurd in his fighting stance,"I was sent to assasinate you...enough said you must DIE!" The lightning fast cat demon said charging at reiki and slashing his chest with the demons claws,Reiki shouted in pain and then transformed into his Yokia form, his hair altering into a dark red color in the form of his anger, he energized a spirit ball out of his hands and Reiki blasted it at the cat-demon right away....but was quickly dodged and the demon unsheathed his katana, slashing at Reiki, he counter with a back flip straiight towards the roof into the second floor abanded building, the cat demon followed and slashed vertically towards Reiki's neck, Reiki act at last moment with an spirit whip he used with his yokia chi, after whip lashing his whip at the demons tail.The demon fell to the ground hard and smirked,"You will be worthy to kill..."The cat demon said and lunged up at REiki.
The battle continues....

12-28-2005, 07:33 PM
"What the ... there it goes agine a strong energy, who could that be wait there are 2 powerful forces now!"
Chris runs twords the 2 forces as fast as she can as she reaches the spot she sees two people fighting, Chris dunks down beside a building & watches as the two people fight,"Who are they,"says Chris in a low whisper?!
Chris watches as the fight goes on to see who would win,"I wonder if I will have to face them in the tournament, in a way I hope so, but in another way I dont,"whispers Chris!

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