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Sesshomarus Bro
12-26-2005, 07:44 PM
Main Enemy:The Chaos Dragon
Story:The Chaos Dragon has overthrown the Demi-Humans of Marbule, and taken rule. He has stolen the Dragon Tear, the holy tear of his long-dead brother, The White Dragon...the one HE murdered. He has powers beyond any dragon could even comprehend. His black flame can destroy anything in it's path, melting anything with it's acidic powers, creating negative energy worthy of a twister. He contains many more powers other than that, including a barrier that can only be destroyed using the sword called Ragonark, and using it's ultimate attack:The Dragon Twister. Many have tried....none have been able to defeat him...they were all completely obliterated. His right hand men are old rivals of mine...and trust me, they're no pushovers. Our journey begins in the royal town of Gaia, with our heroes enjoying our daily lives...when the marbuleian army attacks. Many die...including loved ones of ours. Most of the slaughters by my fellow combat-partners. We all have our own skills....and we all have a motivation to destroy the Chaos Dragon. We will fight many demons along the way, encounter many tragic, joyful, and exciting moments...we will have to cross oceans, travel for endless hours, and face powerful enemies. It will take everything we have to get this done...but it is for the redemption and avengence of our loved ones...are you up to the challenge? BTW: Demi-Humans are animal-like beings with human features. I am willing to bring any warriors. You will all be assigned arch-rivals when I get enough people. You will fight them in the final battle.

12-26-2005, 07:50 PM
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