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Shadow Lynx
12-24-2005, 10:40 PM
First post, and first wallpaper, heh. Anyway I wanted thoughts and opinions on my wallpaper, any constructive criticism for it? I know the extraction could be a bit better but I tried a few times and this was the best I could get, it was made in Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 Thanks~! :)

PS: Sorry about the resolution, I wasn't really intending this for much more than personal use, next time I'll make a 1600 by 1200 version.

Edit: Uploaded it as an attachment.

Death Warrior
12-24-2005, 10:44 PM
Its great better than anything i have ever made. The text looks kind of blocky. But i can't say much im not to well at it.

12-25-2005, 04:39 PM
you really should attach the pic instead of linking to it offsite.

it's kinda a rule

12-27-2005, 04:42 PM
Great wallpaper but I find there is too much in the wallpaper. You don't have one focal point but rather two...I think. :S The background picture there is fine with the decrease in the opacity but then the picture where she and a guy there, is, could be the main focus but then you have her (don't know her name) up front. Also, the character up front, its edges are a bit sharp. You might want to take the smudge tool and set the pressure maybe below 50% give or take to smooth it out a bit, but not smudge it too much. "Blend"
Overall, it needs a focal point. Other than that the colours look nice with the wallpaper.

12-27-2005, 09:24 PM
Lol, I would agree with escaflownemoon that this needs a single focal point, but unlike escaflownemoon I don't think there are 2 focal points- I think there are actually 7 because of the floating text, and the background pictures aren't quite soft enough to dissolve into the background so they are quite prominent. I would suggest getting rid of the outer glow [that white] on the main scan, getting rid of the text at the top [or changing the font at least... because you have a techy looking border and then this cursive font...], and probably changing the background a bit more [instead of different scans... because they aren't really related to each other] - with a main scan like that, you might actually get away with a vectored background of a flower~ but depending on what you can do, you can use some good brushwork or a combination of abstract effects. To clarify though, there is nothing bad with this wallpaper and it's an excellent first wallpaper :) But I think there is just that little bit missing in the composition that could be worked on :) Great work :)

12-27-2005, 10:03 PM
Pretty good for a first wall, but I agree that there's way too many focal points. The text up at the top needs to be changed to a different font type to suit the overall feel of the wall. Since those borders are more techy, the text should also be a bit techy, maybe a thin, blockish type of text here would work well (like the "Love Hina" at the bottom of the logo).
With the background, I think you should pick one of those pics, and then fade it out so it's about as transparent as the beach pic that's faded there right now. Get rid of the other one.
Then to suit the techy theme, add a grid to the background only(not onto the borders)that fades in a diagonal or something of the sort.
The extraction is decent, but could be improved, especially at the top of her head. I noticed you cut off a bit of her hair there, and other parts are a bit jagged. The pen tool is really good for curves and such, so give that a try for extracting ^^.
Also the glow is a -little- bit too strong. Lower the brightness on that a tad and it should look better :D

I know this is probably very confusing since you've just started walling, but if you need any clarification, feel free to ask ^^ Happy walling!

12-30-2005, 12:41 PM
Looking for a clan! Asking w'all if you ever went to a gn

12-30-2005, 12:45 PM
I would love to do wallpapers, but i havn't the foggyist how to start? has anyone got any tips?

Shadow Lynx
12-30-2005, 11:46 PM
Thanks for being honest and not too harsh at the same time, I'll listen to the advice. I agree with nearly all of the criticisms, I think a lot of the problems come from the fact that I went with a too linear and techy design without thinking of how to blend it together smoothly enough. I think I'll be more creative next time, and I'll probably leave text out of it. Thank you all for the comments! I'll be sure to post my next wall on this forum, or possibly update this one. :D

01-04-2006, 10:20 PM
Awesome wallpaper, looks great ^^

Xian Pu
01-05-2006, 04:22 PM
I would love to do wallpapers, but i havn't the foggyist how to start? has anyone got any tips?


*sigh* Literacy is SO underrated...

02-09-2006, 10:14 AM
The image of the girl in the foreground has a few compression artifacts in it, especially above her nose and on her shoulder.

The glow you put around her is nice, it helps draw attention to her. An idea, though: move the dark figures behind her to the left, and get rid of the really faded ones in the far background. Right now she looks like she's standing in front of the couple. And the couple looks too dark; you might want to raise the contrast and bump down the saturation on them, but maybe wait and see how it looks when you move them over first.

The text is too sharp, compared with the softness of the images you're using. You may need to blur the text somewhat.