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12-18-2005, 01:20 PM
Type: TV series, Manga
Genre: Ninja

Plot synopsis: Naruto Uzumaki, a 12 year old boy wants to become a ninja, but not just a ninja, the best in his town. Since he was little he was disrespected against everyone and had no parents. Everyone hated Naruto because he had a monster, a nine tailed demon fox sealed inside of him. The towns people hated him so he wanted to become the next hokage the strongest and the most respected ninja in the town. At the beggining of the story he is struggling to get out of the ninja academy.

Story (10/10)
This is about a ninja who is with 2 other comrades his own age and a jonin ninja, or elite ninja. The team is Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno, and Hatake Kakashi, the jonin. They all venture out and complete missions given by lord Hokage.

Characters (10/10)
All the characters are awsome. Naruto is a boy that has orange hair and has the power of the demon fox sealed inside him. Sasuke is a boy same age as Naruto that has black hair and is the the son of the legendary Uchiha clan which was annihilated by his older brother. Now he seeks revenge on him. Sakura is a girl that has pink hair is is very good at chakra maniulations. Kakashi is their mentor he has white hair and has the sharingan eye.

Art/animation (10/10)
great animation, the graphics are great too. I cant really explain too much of the graphics, youll just have to see it for yourself.

Voice acting/usic (6/10)
The voice acting is poor if you watch the american version of it, they always make the characters sound stupid so i would watch the japanese version of it. Other then that the music is great.

Overall (7/10)
Other than the voice acting its an awesome show that you just have to watch.

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12-19-2005, 08:09 PM
I will be rating the Japanese version only, so expect spoilers. The english version isn't worth the time to post this.

Story: (10/10) This anime has the appearance of an incredibly shounen anime. Do not let that fool you. This anime has very deep and very dark undertones, that I feel, only the anime fans who are use to reading between the lines will pick up on. The story is original. It is very happy at first, and very uplifting, although as the series progresses, it becomes almost heartbreaking. I still remember watching the Naruto and Sasuke fight about half-a-year ago, and just feeling depressed after each episode of the fight. I should also add that the fights are incredibly well thought out. Also, there are so many different stories from the timeline's past and present, which are always intertwining, and constantly colliding. For those who do not read the Japanese manga, you will be able to see the Kakashi Gaiden in April. That will restore the greatness of Naruto, which has been lulled by the past 5/6 and future 5 months of filler episodes.

Characters: (10/10) Nothing short of perfection. There are so many characters I could talk about, but I will try to keep this short. Naruto is a great main character. The reason why is because he is a very flawed person who tries his hardest to be the best he can be, and does whatever it takes to maintain his "way of the ninja". He has the ability to do many things, and is perhaps one of the strongest characters in the series, although he has little control over the majority of his power, lent to him by Kyuubi, the nine-tailed demon fox sealed within him. Sasuke, as annoying as he may be when the non-filler series left off, is a great character. He serves the purpose of bringing darkness and despair to Naruto, who is generally an up beat person. He is incredibly motivated, perhaps too much so, and therefore has a lot of Naruto fans who no longer like him. These two characters define the story of Naruto in a way that the other characters cannot. Also, the characters continuously grow, and mature, and develop relationships with one another, which grow, or are severed. Again, I am keeping this short because I could rant for hours about the characters.

Art/Animation: (10/10) The art is great. The style does not change very much throught the series, and when it does, it does so for a purpose. Often in fights, the style will change to an arched, rounded style to make it seem as thought the characters are moving faster, and to increase the intensity of the fight. The Rock Lee vs. Gaara fight is the best example of the fights in Naruto, and I consider it the best fight I have seen in my 14 years of being an anime fan. The character also grow over time, and begin to look more mature, which is often left out in most anime. The animation is fluent(sp?), and I love the style used by it. Normally the events are viewed through typical anime views, but during fights and intense moments, the point of view looks like the viewer is watching through a camera.

Audio: (10/10) The music is great. Using Asian Kung Fu Generation's "Haruka Kanata", Flow's "GO!!!", Orange Range's "Viva Rock", and so much more. Every some fits the show, and it fits what is currently happening in the show. Some of the wil get you pumped, some will make you nervous, and others will make you sad. The insert music is very good as well. To say the least, I have 3 OSTs and plan to get my hands on any others what come out. The voice acting is also top-notch. Very fitting, and the voice actors show a lot of skill at their work.

Overall: (10/10) Perfection. Enough said.
-I recommend the Japanese version. I have been watching since episodes 6 first aired way-back-when. The english version is an insult to this series.

~Troublesome Woman~
03-12-2006, 01:34 AM
Note: I'm going on the japanese version, 'cause I've never seen the american dubbed one.

Type: Anime series, Manga
Genre: Feudal era - Ninja

Story (10/10)
Through adventures and hardships, fun and desperation, Naruto has a great storyline. He and his friends must complete the missions set for them by their village leader, the Hokage. Not only must they complete these tasks, they must face their own hardships aswell.

Characters (10/10)
The characters in Naruto rock. There are the main characters (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi), and there are also many other, less-focused-on characters who are just as good.

Art/animation (8/10)
The animation in Naruto starts out amazingly. However, as the series progresses, it gets worse. Sometimes it's great, others not-so-good.

Voice acting/music (10/10)
The Japanese voice-acting is amazing... they portray the characters perfectly.

Overall (10/10)
Naruto is definately one of the best anime/manga around. If you haven't already, you've got to see it!

Shinigami Ichigo
03-12-2006, 04:35 PM
Story - 8/10 : The story for Naruto is, in my opinion, standard as far as shonen series go. Good guy and group of friends take on all opponents in an attempt to reach the top of their profession. That said, the execution of said generic story is very good, which is why I was able to watch the first 80 or so episodes within a week or so. Helped tremendously by the lead character being one of the more interesting ones (something that cannot be said for others, such as Inuyasha)

Characters - 9/10 : The characters, overall, are very well developed, and all have their own opinions, emotions, and attitudes in different situations. The only character who is not worth the amount of screen time given is Sasuke. His logic is pure insanity. Naruto, Gaara, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Hinata, etc are all appealing in their own ways, and few are similar to each other, leading to a wide diversity.

Art/Animation - 8/10 : The art for Naruto is far from the worst, but it is not quite the best. I remember seeing some instances where the animation became a little sloppy, but mostly during the more intense action scenes. For me, the standard for animation is Tenjou Tenge, and Naruto does not quite measure up to it. Also, the level of detail in scenery, often repetition of frames, and other stuff keeps me from giving it a 10. On the plus side, the art does make it able to tell the difference between all the characters, and is quite colorful in some places (this is somewhat wasted for me with the overuse of grays, greens, and other earth tones for most of the characters).

Voice Acting - 10/10 : The voice acting for Naruto is, in my opinion, the only perfect part of the series. The seiyuu are able to convey the proper emotions in regards to what is presented on the screen, and they are able to bring the characters to life accurately. Sasuke sounds like a loner, Naruto sounds like a bratty, loud mouthed, overconfident kid, Hinata sounds shy and quiet, Shikamaru sounds appropriately lazy and yet intelligent, etc. Awesome job getting the right voices for nearly, if not all the characters.

Overall - 8/10 : This leads me to my overall opinion of this series, which is not as high as it could be (and I must say that it is influenced by the OVERLY long fillers). The characters, although interesting and fun, are also retreads of characters you can find in alot of other series. The show does not do TOO much original, and follows a standard shonen formula, although executing it well. The show is worth a watch, but only in Japanese, if for no other reason than to hear the awesome voice acting, which is EXCELLENT. Just, if you watch it, don't expect too much originality.

03-12-2006, 06:20 PM
Japanese Version Rating

Type: Anime Series - Television
Genre: Feudal (?)

Story (9/10)
Death, battles, pain, horrible childhoods...the storyline may have started out a little slow (for introduction's sake), but it progressed fantastically, and kept me coming back for more.

Characters (10/10)
Excellent! I love the way that every single character has a 'history', and how they don't simply focus on just one character all the time.

Art/animation (8/10)
The animation in Naruto's pretty good. They depict battle scenes without focusing on gore and blood too much, but just enough to make it look realistic. They show EVERY character getting injured in a fight, rather than only the 'bad guys' getting their butts kicked.
The -2 is for a few animation scenes later on in the series. Sometimes...it's bad.

VAs/music (10/10)
Excellent. The actors and music fit the characters flawlessly.

Overall (9.25/10)
Naruto is my all-time favorite anime. Naruto is a must see for ANY anime fan. I can't say for any manga fan, because I haven't actually read any, but I hear good things. ^^

Priestess Kikyo
03-19-2006, 02:59 AM
Story (10/10)
I think that the 'Naruto' storyline is perfect. Almost all of the characters have a detailed background that at some point or another leads to conflict within the anime. They keep certain characters' pasts hidden (Sasuke and Kakashi for starters) to give an air of suspense. Besides all the adventure, it's also filled with deaths, pain, and hardships. This is what gives 'Naruto' a bit of reality that people can really relate to.

Characters (10/10)
Like I said, every character has an important background or history that falls into place at some point in the anime. I love it how they don't focus on only Naruto all the time so that you can only see from his view. Even the most minor character can make the biggest difference.

Art/Animation (10/10)
In a lot of anime, you'll see sloppy work done by the animators. But 'Naruto' always has perfect detail and almost never a mistake. You can tell what character you're looking at just by the expression on their face. They make it to where you don't have to study and stress about going on. It's perfect.

Voice Acting/Music (10/10)
The voices and music fit the characters, no question. The only sound effect that has bothered me before is when someone is in a fight and you hear the sound of a metal pan being struck. I've gotten used to it, but it always gives an "American cartoon" effect. But still, it's a ten out of ten.

Overall (10/10)
Of all the anime that I love, 'Naruto' is my definate favorite. Whether it's the manga, the anime, the Japanese version, or the English version; 'Naruto' is perfect!

03-21-2006, 09:55 AM
Story (9/10)
the manga storyline is perfect, but the anime storyline is not direct ti the main topic.. i've watch naruto until about ep 176, and it just show naruto's mission with other genin and ALWAYS with different jounin, i become little bored in this part, adn also, every mission is have a long way to go. and what i know is, naruto main idea is how naruto become hokage, not to rescue sasuke from orochimaru, but still, the story is cool. still very good anime or mange to watch and read!!

Characters (10/10)
the characters is great!! they fit the storyline and not too focus only ay Naruto. they have time for become the main characters is the story.. that's fair.. and they just fit with their role in the story..^^

Art/Animation (10/10)
The picture is tidy, cool, and many more. the anime's picture is more wonderful than the manga's, but the manga's picture already great too!! i like the art, but still, not the best one.. but it is still 10 out of 10!! and also, in this story, it doesn't tell only the bad guys get their butts kicked, but also the good one, they injured and suffering sometimes...

Voice Acting/Music (9/10)
The seiyuu's voice is just right with the characters personality and behavior. i like that. there's nothing i can say about the voice acting, it just perfect. but for the sound efect, it sometimes is heard just not in the right place..

Overall (9/10)
I can't say that Naruto is the best anime ever. i like naruto, but not the only one. there is a lot more anime that as good as naruto. i can't lie. it's true.. but naruto is one of the best anime and manga that i ever read and watch.

05-01-2006, 10:57 AM
Story(10/10): The story is not boring because its not dying and resurecting. You would barely understand the strory of each character because they would definitely explain.....And I like the way some episode are not happy ending like when sumaru los her mother... I don like having always happy ending and at least they show failure and determination. Other anime ends up with a very perfect story that makes it boring, you know because it is always happy ending we could barely know wat would happen as if in naruto its exciting to know wat the future holds up to....

Characters(10/10): In this manga/anime every kind of attitude is in here.... Its not always the same attitude.. At, least someone is fat, thin, exact, an idiot, smart, self centered, arrogant.....etc..There are also episodes where the main character is not seen(thats more like it)

Art/Animation(9/10): I like this anime/manga because of its fully drawn details and also the drawing styles are cool, the backgrounds...

Voice Acting/Music(10/10): I love the voices it suits the attitude of the characters. and you know I love the opening themes and their sounds

Overall(10/10): Naruto is the best anime ever,.............

05-31-2006, 04:06 PM
Story(10/10): I really love the story it's great! It's about a boy named Naruto who has a dream to become the next hokage, the head ninja, and his two team mates who have dreams of their own. But it's not going to be easy they must go on dangerous missions.This story is filled of sad childhoods, pain, and dreams, that will make you cry for more!

Characters(10/10): The characters are really great!!! There are many characters but the main three are Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. In need of attention Naruto became the village's prankster, every body hated him because inside him was sealed a nine-tailed demon fox. Naruto's dream is to become the greatest hokage ever so that the whole village will respect him. With no parents or friends Naruto was always very lonely, but thats not going to stop Naruto for he's determined to fulfill his dream. Sasuke also had a sad childhood, his older brother Itachi killed his whole clan leaving him to be the last of the Uchiha,a powerful clan. Since that day Sasuke planed revenge on Itachi. Nothing can stop Sasuke from killing his older brother. Sakura is the most smartest girl of Naruto's class, but she has a huge crush on Sasuke.Her dream to win Sasuke's heart.

Art/Animation(10/10):I really like the Art it's very detailed and the style is so awsome! The art and animation is just another part that makes Naruto a great anime.

Voice Acting/Music(10/10):Okay the the voices are great I love them. I Love both the american and japanese voices, but some people only like the japanese voices. The voices go well with the characters. I also really love the music, it goes quite well with the anime and the mood. And don't forget about the Japanese theme songs they are really good!

Overall(10/10): Naruto is my favorite anime and I'm a HUGE fan!!! I LOVE IT!!! If you haven't watch it I'm sure you'll like it too. This a great anime and I recommend it to any one. So if you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for!!!!!!

06-11-2006, 07:58 PM
*Alright this is my first review (out of pure boredom) so feel free to point out any rules I may or may not be violating.

Story (8.5/10)
At first glance, the Naruto series, seems fairly simple. A village, clans of ninja, mythical creatures and so on. However, with each passing episode, the depth of the show becomes more and more apparent. To first time viewers, this may seem overwhelming ( as it did to me O_o ), but natural after a handful of episodes. The first few, are painfully slow and drawn out, but for any serious anime lover, you'll begin to realize that this is a series that gains momentum as it progresses. I will leave no spoilers, but besides an-oh-so-painful chain of fillers, Naruto's storyline is pretty solid.

Characters (8.5/10)
Alright, I graded this one a bit higher than I normally would have, mainly because there are soooo many characters to love. That is one of the greatest strengths, and yet it is also the achilles heel to Naruto. First, I'll explain the positives. I have to say, I don't like every last character in this show. In fact I hate a few of them with quite a passion. But no matter what kind of anime viewer you claim to be, there will most definitely be a character you love here.You have your "misunderstood" bad boy type characters like Uchiha Sasuke. Then, the loudmouth. over-enthusiastic good-hearted guys like Uzumaki Naruto himself. And of course literally dozens of characters in between, (Kakashi, Shikamru, Hinata, Sakura, Neji, Lee, Chouji etc). However, this can also be a letdown for the show as well. For instance, some characters make a total of 2 lines every few episodes, despite having some great potential. In fact some almost disappear after a while ( e.g Ten-ten, even Shino except for some fillers ). However, I can't help but give a high grade in terms of characters overall. Oh, and the show also loses a half point for having very, veeery little significant character development. But don't let me put you off the show, the cast is still very likable.

Art/animation (9/10)
Ehh, this one varies. In terms of overall animation, things are pretty solid. The typical scenes of the show are colorful, and well presented. Although at times , the animation may seem a bit dull and unoriginal (e.g I didn't really like the forest scenes ). However, I can't help but concentrate on the action scenes. Now this is where Naruto truly shines in almost every aspect. Even during the earliest of action sequences, you can tell Naruto stands out from the crowd. The fightest against the Sound Four are some of the most creative I've ever seen. And don't even get me started on the final climactic battle before those horrendous fillers began. Sicne you're going to be remembering this anime for the fights rather than the ordinary scenes anyway, I'll score this category a bit higher.

Voice acting/music (8.5 OR 0/10)
The voice acting for the. American version is terrible in every conceivable sense of the word. Naruto's voice is that of a raspy old woman's (need I say more?) and more than half the cast sounds like the same monotone guy or high pitched girl mumbling into the microphone -_-. However the Japanese version is in a completely different playing field. Naruto's voice is ingeniusly cast, funny and quite memorable. And the characters while nothing completely out of this world, actually have some uniqueness to them. You're able to actually distinguish between them, which is a big plus. So 8.5 for Japanese, and a resounding 0 for the American. Oh and by the way, the background music although repetitive, is pretty catchy and has become a signature of the series.

Overall (9/10)
It's the new Dragonball in a sense, since it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere anytime soon. You have to watch it to "Believe it" and yes I just quoted the American version ( I feel dirty just tyoing that O_o ) And do yourself a big favour ( like it hasn't been said a million times before -_- watch the Japanese dub. It's a much better representation of the series in every aspect. So what's keepin' you? Go check it out.

06-14-2006, 10:59 PM
i watch the japanese episodes becasue the american sucks XD they chose very crappy voice actors and narutos dumb saying ~ believe it ~
its the japanses version his saying is ~datebayo~ it doesnt mean anything though

Story (10/10)
i think that the naruto storyline is great. its not like other anime that spend 1 or 2 seasons just chasing down one of the enemies ( for ex. inuyasha) the storyline is somthing people can really relate to. being rejected for being different and friendship andl ove ^ ^
Characters (10/10)
the characters are the most important part of the anime. without them there wouldnt even be an anime ( duh) each character is important in his/her way.they like to focus on all the characters not just on one.

Art/Animation (9/10)
in alot of other animes they dont really focus on the backrounds and buildings.but in naruto they do the landscape is a big part of it when they are out fighting XD
most of the characters are drawn good .

Voice Acting/Music (9/10)
the voice acting is good in the J verson but in the english version it really sucks.i like the theme songs they made for the characters.and the music is pretty good.

Overall (9/10)
naruto isnt my favorite anime but it is in my top four.i think its awsome theway it is.
my top one is DNAngel XD

06-15-2006, 12:12 PM
Story(8/10): The story line from the beginning is excellent. Recently though I think the story line has dropped a little but still is really good!

Characters(10/10): The characters are really great!!! They have an excellent variety including many different types of ninja including my personal favorite, Gara!

Art/Animation(10/10):I really like the Art it's very detailed and the style is so awsome! The art and animation is just another part that makes Naruto a great anime.

Voice Acting/Music(7/10): The voices are ok. But actually on the contrary I like the English voices more then the Japanese. ALthough my only problem with the anime is the fact there young kids that bothers me a lot. But anyway it still is an excellent show.

Overall(10/10): Naruto is one of my favorite animes and I'm a HUGE fan!!! I LOVE IT!!! If you haven't watched it I'm sure you'll like it too. This is a great anime and I recommend it to any one.

06-27-2006, 08:38 PM
Story(10/10): I love the story of Naruto, it has a definite meaning to it && not jaz something silly and too much fantasy. It really does give a true depth to the concept of an animation. It's not like a cartoon with simple, silly lines at all. The variety between sad, happy, explanatory, and other types of episodes are interesting. Some episodes are very dramatic and keeps you on edge while there are just some happy, good natured episodes that just breaks all the previous tension and gives the characters some time to relax. But there are always episodes in which they explain to you what, how, and why an action happened so that you are not left wondering and question on what the heck just accured.

Characters(10/10): The characters are wonderful! Naruto being the loud, annoying blonde boy. Sakura being the love-sick braniac of the whole story line. Sasuke the cold snob who seeks revenge. && the other supporting characters who make the episodes we watch today interesting to watch. Such as Shikamaru who is a lazy bum yet has an incredibly high intellegence. Its a shame that he is so lazy for if he wasnt, he would be on a very good path to becoming an amazing shinobi. Mysterious characters such as Kakashi Hatake are one that i adore the most. He is the perfect balance between Naruto and Sasuke, persay. He holds that humorous essence that Naruto possesses and yet shares the bitter coldness of Sasuke's lone state. He is very strong and keen, always thinking ahead && using his resources.

Art/Animation(10/10):I must say that the Naruto characters are all so different and yet appealing. The way they are all drawn is magnificent which is one of the various reasons why I even botheing watching this anime. Especially the men who are all very handsome and also the female. x]

Voice Acting/Music(10/10): The English dub is very fitting for the characters, same goes with teh Japanese original though I cannot understand it. lol. I especially adore Sasuke and Kakashi's dubbed voices because they go extremely well with their features. Kakashi has that bit of cool edge to his voice that I jaz seem to love. x] Both their voices are very appealing. ;] As for teh others, Naruto's fits him so so well! lol. The whiny, raspy tone that always gets on my nerves. I'm not such a fan of Sakura's though. It also fits her very well since she is still a young girl and so she is intended to have a high pitch but it seems too high for my taste. I would enjoy it more if she began showing at least some maturity and bringing down a bit lower.

Music: The music is alright, upbeat and on the move. The background images and clips that go along w/ the whole introduction suits is well and fits in with teh down beats. enjoyable.

Overall(10/10): I don't normally watch cartoons or animes anymore but naruto to me is a must, I hunt everywhere for a manga chapter or any sort of video clip maybe if im lucky even a full episode that i may download. Everything is perfect and I look forward to watching and reading more of this anime's creations.

06-30-2006, 01:20 AM
*On the Anime/Japanese Verison*

Story(8/10) I love the story when I first started watching the show, they seemed to have it all, the "cool/quiet" guy (Sasuke), the "typical girl" (Sakura), and the ADHD Kid (Naruto) Mixed up in a love/hate triangle. They all have thier own goals, which set them apart. A very interesting story, it has love, hate, drama, pain, and comedy. But, what killed it for me, was all the fillers they have playing now, I can't stand them. Which is way its only an 8/10


Each Character is SO differnet from the other, they all have there own personailtys which makes them who they are. They each shine as who they are, and I love that. They each have their own story, there own pain, and there own goals. Even the less focused on characters are well devolped.

Art/Animation (9/10) The Animation dosn't really stick out to be amazing to me, but unlike other animes I've watched, the characters in Naruto all look different, and the battle scenes are amazing.

Voice Acting/Music (9/10) I love the music in this anime. I dont think there is a song I dislike. The voice acting is good too, the voiices fit the people they are betraying. (American version makes me want to gag)

I love the manga more then the Anime, but the Anime isn't bad. I'll start watching it again when the fillers stop.

The Governator
07-05-2006, 06:01 PM
Story (4/10)
The story for naruto is resonable, not good, resonable, I feel it could be better, I feel it could draw the veiwers in more, but it fails.

Characters (3/10)
The characters, are well, garbage, there all too obvious, Sasuke the flaming emo, Naruto is to annoiying for words, Sakura draws with Naruto for annoiyingness, and dont even get me started on Gaara of The Desert, but, there are two good characters, Rock Lee and Guy Sensei, there such a pair

Art/animation (7/10)
The art is ok, and the animation is good, but when I watch an anime, I like to be drawn in, and one of the ways to do that is with the quality of the animation and art.

Voice acting/usic (5/10)
Ive never watched the american dub of Naruto, but from what I've heard, its garbage, the voice-acting for the japanese original is ok, they fit the characters well, but some of the voices can get on my nerves.

Overall (5/10)
A great anime for the fan boys/girls, but its terrible for people who actually have taste in anime, if you're a young person getting into anime, Naruto is perfect, if not then stay well clear of it.

07-06-2006, 01:23 PM
Story: 8/10 The story is well and throughly thought out but it seems like they are always on a mission and they have four or five shows at the most for just one mission but they do cut you out on good parts so you think about the possibilities of the next show and then you can compare it to the next weeks show.So I think that the story is great with some flaws.

Characters: 9/10 Their personallities fit their image. Naruto looks annoying and what do you know, he is annoying! but i don't get why Sakura has this thinking aloud to us thing where everything around her goes black and a sketch of her comes out and sounds really obnoxious like Naruto, but i like how they make Sasuke quiet but strong.

Art/animation: 10/10 I think that the drawings and animation is really good on there part. how the image kind of tells you "Hey! Naruto's on!" and it stays familiar in your mind so if they would ever put another show over it then you could just picture the whole thing in your mind, setting and all.

Audio/Voice acting: 9/10 I like the voices to this particular show. once again everyone's voices fit their image. Naruto is annoying, Sasuke is quiet, and Sakura has a soft voice being a girl. And the voices fit the expressions very well. If they look happy their voices are happy ect. and sometimes they even add music. The music is great, and the sound affects are great. But a lot of people sound the same like they used the same actor/actress for the voices of all the characters.

Overall: 10/10 They have a great show here that hooks the viewers right away. They have the abillity to make the story any way they want it to be, but how they chose it was the hard part, and they did it to catch my attention along with many other viewers, but sometimes people don't like it and i'm not saying that like it's a bad thing. Actually we've got to have some people who don't like features of this show. That's what makes it good, so good job producers for making a great show

Princess Cupcake
07-13-2006, 03:01 AM
Story (6/10)
This is because I feel that the storyline is not able to get someone attatched. It makes sense but, it's hard to follow and it's not that interesting.

Characters (7/10)
They are alittle too predictable. They have unique qualities and they each have a story that seems to fit, which is a plus. I still think they should be more mysterious. For example, the backround gives away too much. There are so many charactors also.

Art/animation (10/10)
I love it. The clothing is detailed and the settings are interesting. It's enjoyable to veiw.

Voice acting/music (9/10)
The music definately fits the show. It's not great and it doesn't make me want to find the mp3s... but it fits in. The voices match the charactors. That's what I find a "plus". But the acting... it's too obvious.

Overall (10/10)
It has it's downsides but, I find it an okay show. It has lots of fans and people find it very nice and interesting. If it wasn't... why would it have so many fans? But in my opinion... it's a little childish. But fun to watch and be entertained with.

Sabrina Elric
07-17-2006, 03:35 PM
Story 9/10

I like the way the story plot is going right now because we are starting to understand it better. We are learning more about the tribes, ninjas and people right now so it is starting to unwind. There are many twists and surprises that are obvious and not so obvious. The only flaws I find in it is that there are some pointless episodes and it is a little slow right now.

Charecters 8/10
The charecters are naturally the most important thing in the show and I like the way they're charecters react to certain situations. My favorite charecter has got to be that grandson (can't remember his name at the time) and Naruto. They have flaws and strength which makes it fun to watch. One thing I do not like is how every girl seems to fall for Sasuke and he seems not to like any of them and how Naruto is not willing to change much.

Art 9/10
I like the art right now and you can tell that the artists have put alot of work into them. The only problem is that I think they can put a little more detail into the charecters. I can rarely find their eyes showing emotion and that frustrates me. Besides that it is great.

Audio 7/10

I do not like the voices in the american version because the charecters like naruto sound either too old or too young of the charecter end of discussion. The music on the other hand is fairly well. They could play more interesting music but I like the way it ties in with the scenes and gives it the right air.

Overall 8/10
Although I have not seen all of the episodes I like to keep up with it. The story line is very interesting and there is always action and humor. This show seemed a little wierd when I was starting to get into anime again but after the first couple of episodes it started to become interesting.

07-17-2006, 06:45 PM
Type: TV series, Manga
Genre: Ninja

Plot synopsis: Naruto Uzumaki, a 12 year old boy wants to become a ninja, but not just a ninja, the best in his town. Since he was little he was disrespected against everyone and had no parents. Everyone hated Naruto because he had a monster, a nine tailed demon fox sealed inside of him. The towns people hated him so he wanted to become the next hokage the strongest and the most respected ninja in the town. At the beggining of the story he is struggling to get out of the ninja academy.

Story (10/10)
This is about a ninja who is with 2 other comrades his own age and a jonin ninja, or elite ninja. The team is Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno, and Hatake Kakashi, the jonin. They all venture out and complete missions given by lord Hokage.

Characters (8/10)
The charchters are ok I mean dont get me wrong they are some bad *** ninjas.But they act like the kids rule all when in real ninja acten they would be killed ill give it a 8..

Art/animation (8/10)
animation is ok ive seen better but it does the jon 8

Voice acting/usic (8.5/10)
I like the voice actin They sound 4x better in japanese though
Overall (8.5/10)
Other than the voice acting its an awesome show that you just have to watch. :banghead:

07-29-2006, 08:57 AM
Most of this review is over the Japanese version of Naruto. So be prepared just incase there are some spoilers.

Story (10/10): I really like the story to this TV show, it's definatly different from most of the other shows I have seen so far, and that's what I like, different from others. There are quite alot of rivals throughout the show such as: Naruto/Sasuke, Kakashi/Gai and Ino/Sakura, it entertaining to watch what the characters do to beat their rival. Like Ino and Sakura's rivalry for example, they both like Sasuke and they see who can get him first, which means they do anything to impress him.

It's also great to see the progress each characters makes as the story goes on, watching Naruto grow up and leave the Pranks and troublemaking behind him into becoming a great Shinobi is really entertaining. This goes along with the other characters in the series also.

Characters (10/10): There is a wide variety of characters throughout the show all with different personalities, likes, dislikes and ways of living. In some of the other animes I've seen it seems that they all have the same views and opinions. That why I like the characters in this show so much, they are all different.

Art/Animation (9/10): At the beginning of the show up to episode 134 there is great animation, the reason I have given the animation a 9/10 is simply because of the fillers, most of the fillers are poorly drawn, if it wasn't for the fillers poorly drawn art/animation I would've given it a 10.

Voice acting (Japanese dubs: 10/10: English dubs: 8/10): The Japanese VA's are awesome, they fit all of the characters perfectly for example Shikamaru, he is lazy and is quite dull, the VA for Shikamaru suits him well, it's quite slow and is very dull. The English dubs are okay but compared the Japanese dubs it's nothing, the English VA's do a great job in it though.

Overall (9/10): IMO, this is the best anime I've seen so far, the animation is great (Not including the fillers), the VA's do a great job and it has an extremly detailed and enjoyable storyline to go with it. It has everything that I would want from an anime.

It may not be the best anime around for some, but in my world it's my favourite ^__^

07-30-2006, 03:16 AM
Story 5/10

It's not terribly original, but it's certainly not an insane or pointless story concept.

Characters 7/10

Although the characters, for the most part, are heavily personality-based (Naruto is annoying, Sasuke is emo, yada yada), the plot makes it a point to develop beyond the personalities, so the characters become more realistic as the series progresses.

Art/Animation 8/10

Visually, you get enough variety to keep your brain occupied, what with Konoha being the riot of color it is. Color usage is probably where this anime stands out, as characters (or groups of characters) tend to have a color or two that represent them as a whole. The animation is probably what is considered standard for the "action" genres, with monotone backgrounds for important actions, etc, etc, etc.

VA/Music 8/10

I can't say the voice actors (in Japan) are doing a bad job. However, I can't say they're doing a superb job, either.

Musically, this is one of the better anime in its genre. Toshiro Maeda created music that is both appropriate and enjoyable to listen to. The title/closing themes are always oddly appropriate for the show, which is impressive, considering how many iterations they've been through.

Overall 8/10

This isn't my favorite in anime, but it is certainly an enjoyable series to watch, aside from the current long-running filler.

07-30-2006, 04:09 AM
For Japanese Version only...

Story (10/10)
Definitely 10 for this! The story of NARUTO is BRILLIANT! I never saw this kind of brilliant story before. And the prove is, I am still watching NARUTO although the filler is still ongoing! The story of NARUTO never let me disappointed!

Characters (10/10)
The characters are BRILLIANT too! For example, when I first saw Akimichi Chouji, I hate him! (This is true!!!) But after I watched episode 112-114, I started to accepting him. Kishimoto Masashi has made it! He is able to use his unique way to let me accepted this kind of character.

Art/animation (9/10)
Animation is BRILLIANT! The art... I gave it 9 because during some episode, I can catch a few scenes that is bad drawn... But anyway, I can still recognize what is it!

Voice acting/usic (10/10)
For this, 10 is not enough! I want to gave it a 100! Why? Go to get an episode and hear the voice of NARUTO characters and you will understand why I gave it 100...

Music (10/10)
This is also definitely BRILLIANT!!! Toshiro Masuda is able compose the musics that is suitable with the world of ninja. If you don't trust me, go to hear the music that named "NARUTO Main Theme" and you will understand...

Overall (10/10)
Oh! BRILLIANT SERIES EVER!! I hope NARUTO will never end... I want to watch it more and more!!! (P/S: I have never watched the anime that can made me watch it twice... But, NARUTO has made it!!!)

08-03-2006, 08:49 AM
Plot synopsis: Naruto Uzumaki, a 12 year old boy wants to become a ninja, but not just a ninja, the best in his town. Since he was little he was disrespected against everyone and had no parents. Everyone hated Naruto because he had a monster, a nine tailed demon fox sealed inside of him. The towns people hated him so he wanted to become the next hokage the strongest and the most respected ninja in the town. At the beggining of the story he is struggling to get out of the ninja academy.

Story (10/10)
This is about a ninja who is with 2 other comrades his own age and a jonin ninja, or elite ninja. The team is Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno, and Hatake Kakashi, the jonin. They all venture out and complete missions given by lord Hokage.

Characters (10/10)
All the characters are awsome. Naruto is a boy that has orange hair and has the power of the demon fox sealed inside him. Sasuke is a boy same age as Naruto that has black hair and is the the son of the legendary Uchiha clan which was annihilated by his older brother. Now he seeks revenge on him. Sakura is a girl that has pink hair is is very good at chakra maniulations. Kakashi is their mentor he has white hair and has the sharingan eye.

Art/animation (10/10)
great animation, the graphics are great too. I cant really explain too much of the graphics, youll just have to see it for yourself.

Voice acting/usic (6/10)
The voice acting is poor if you watch the american version of it, they always make the characters sound stupid so i would watch the japanese version of it. Other then that the music is great.

Overall (7/10)
Other than the voice acting its an awesome show that you just have to watch.

08-10-2006, 08:07 AM
Im doint the Japanese version.

Story: 9/10 The story is straight forward and to the point it has it expected twists and turns. The story manages to stay true to the orignal plot of having naruto uzumaki (main character) achieve his goal of becoming hokage (leader of the ninja village that naruto lives in).

Characters: 10/10 Very well done the characters manage to stay true to themselvs throughout the series yet change and evolve the characters attitude fits their description.

Art/animation: 8/10 The animation changes throughout the series the first part of the series the animation is very well done as we progress unto the more middle part of the series the animation becomes incredible but as we fall into the later stages of the anime the animation has faltered and become very lackluster.

Audio/Voice acting: 10/10 The audio for the series is incredible the music fits the spots perfectly and the series offers a wide array of music from traditional japanese tribel music to new school electric guitar. The voice acting is also very well u get the sense immidiatly after hearing there voices the who the character is. if the character is lazy u know immidiatly there lazy, if hyper there hyper and so on and so forth.

Overall: 10/10 Overall the show is really well done combining a great audio and visual to make a great production of a fantastic story.

08-15-2006, 11:31 AM
Japanese Version

Story (10/10)
I think that Naruto is an awesome anime. It's the only anime that I've ever been able to really get into. There is always so many things going on (but not so much that it's overwhelming) so you are never bored. I even like how everything isn't just thrown at you, some things you have to think about yourself, as the watcher, to understand. If they showed exactly what was happening to Sasuke after he went to Orochimaru, then it wouldn't be any good because while Naruto and everyone in Konoha are worried, you know exactly what's going on. I also like the twists and humor. Sometimes I think one thing is going to happen and it turns out to be completely different, so I'm not always one-step ahead of the show. Naruto is great when it comes to balance. It's not ALWAYS serious, but it's not ALWAYS humorous either. They have the perfect balance to it so you're not constantly rolling on the floor laughing and it's not constantly 'sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat' suspense. They did a great job with thinking ahead and putting everything together.

Characters (10/10)
The characters are amazing. Naruto is a great main character because he's not the almighty one that everything goes his way and his life is perfect. He was the outsider, the struggler, the jokester. He puts all of this into his motivation to become the next Hokage and it is really funny how he doesn't catch on to everything during missions. Sasuke was a good friend for Naruto because he rivals Naruto. He's another thing that fuels Naruto to do better, and also vice-versa. Sasuke is also not one that had a perfect life, after you learn about his past, you feel sympathy for him and come to understand him more. He has a lust for power but he still manages to have a -although awkward - friendship with Naruto and even Sakura. Sakura is also a good character because she pulls them back a bit. She's not the perfect ninja and when she discovers this, it encourages her to become stronger, if only to save her beloved Sasuke. And I could go on about the other characters, but these three seem to have the most affect on me while watching Naruto.

Art/Animation (10/10)
They did a great job on everything. All of the characters have distinct features and emotions are shown so perfectly that you almost feel them too. They manage to make a time when the characters are sad, the whole atmosphere is sad. This also goes for the fighting scenes, you can feel everything get intense during these scenes.

Voice Acting/Music (10/10)
I'm not going to go much into the English version.. but I believe that they sound too young. Although they are only 12.. they sound 8. But the Japanese version is a different story. The voice actors to a great job putting emotion into their voices and they don't sound too old, or too young. Everything comes together.
The music is great. I love all of it, and how it corresponds with what's going on in the show at that time. Even though they use alot of the same music over and over, I've come to love it and have discovered that it's really great music and isn't so boring that you hate to hear it. They picked great music for each scene.

Overall (10/10)
Like I said earlier, Naruto is the only anime that I can get into. It has everything that I want to see in a great TV show. There are twists, great characters, balance, the perfect scenes. Everything comes together and after each episode it leaves you wanting more!

10-16-2006, 06:12 AM
Story (9/10)
Through adventures and hardships, fun and desperation, Naruto has a great storyline. He and his friends must complete the missions set for them by their village leader, the Hokage. Not only must they complete these tasks, they must face their own hardships aswell.

Characters (8/10)
tis anime , Naruto has great characters...but sum of da characters in da anime, da art wasnt dat quite gud....but it's sill a great anime

Art/animation (8/10)
The animation in Naruto starts out amazingly. However, as the series progresses, it gets worse. Sometimes it's great, others not-so-good.

Voice acting/music (10/10)
The Japanese voice-acting is amazing... they portray the characters perfectly.

Overall (10/10)
Naruto is definately one of the best anime/manga around. If you haven't already, you've got to see it!

10-29-2006, 10:01 AM
Story (10/10)
The story mainly follows a group of ninjas in training known as Team 7 which consists of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Hatake Kakashi (their mentor).

Characters (11/10)
The characters are great and unlike some of animes the main character isn't some unbeatable bad*ss, in fact he gets the crap beet out of him a lot. Even so he never gives up and keeps pushing himself to do better. The same can be said of a lot of the other characters as well, Rock Lee especialy.

Art/animation (9/10)
The animation is some of the better that I have seen recently, and has been great so far.

Voice acting/Music (7/10)
As with most animes the voice acting could be a lot better, but overall it is ok and the music is great.

Overall (9.5/10)
All in all it is a great anime that can be annoying at times but is defiantly one worth watching.

sassy angel14
11-26-2006, 02:40 AM
:awe: story: 10/10... there are lots of conflicts in the story and I'm glad that its not redundant unlike other animes, for example Inuyasha... all they do there is fight monsters sent by Naraku or meets someone whom they'll help...In Naruto there's the conflict between friends, love troubles... war against other countries and a few discriminations in the characters themselves...

:ph34r: characters: 9/10.... I like the idea of Naruto being a dobe coz usually main characters are portrayed by cool hansome guys... I also admire how they fused dozens of characters and make them all important in the flow of the story. There's also character development though it is somewhat slow-paced.

:cool: pencils: 9/10... those hand movements and the running thing were really awesome!!! I wonder how they draw that...

:laugh: sounds: 8/10...I just love the poofing sound when they disappear or appear out of nowhere... and the dubs of the frogs are really funny...

:happy: overall: 9/10... I'll have to give it a nine coz they really did a good job with the anime.

Scythe Of Honor
12-26-2006, 01:13 PM
Story: I'll give it an 8/10 for my own reasons. Being a kid nija is an awesome story line. But the weird jutsus are creepy.

Characters: 9/10, i think this show has very well made character base lines. The darkness, brightness and all out emotion really shows alot.

Art/Animation: hell, i'll give it a 7/10 for the mistakes. but i do like the way the show the chakkra. very cool.

Voice: 10/10 this show has extreamly well done acting and good lines. I think this is a basic need and they have accomplished it.

Overall: 9/10 becuase of the story and characters.

03-27-2007, 05:29 AM
(I'm a harsh critic... I would give only one 10/10 for every ten to twenty great shows, so i think an 8/10 is really really good.)

Story (8/10)
I am impressed with the writing... The story flows like the characters and the world history were thought out before the first line was written. I especially like how each character's abilities are different, yet complement the skills of their teammates and foes. Also, I like that Naruto puts the main characters through emotional anguish... too much American TV sugar coats things. I'm looking forward to Naruto 2!

Characters (9/10)
Again, the writing makes the depth of characterization delightful.

Art/Animation (7/10)
Other people have said that the character art is well done, and I have to agree... each character's visage is very expressive. But when it comes to the environment, the establishing shots, and some of the fast paced action, I think a few cells are skipped here and there. I've only seen a couple of the new Naruto 2 episodes, but it looks like animation has been improved dramatically.

Voice Acting/Music (9/10) (Japanese only)
The Japanese voice acting is absolutely perfect, I honestly can't imagine any other voices representing these characters... each one reflects the personality exactly. The English dub, on the other hand, is awful. I would give this alone a 0/10, because it is so bad it actually makes me want to not watch the show. The music is good but somewhat repetitive. It's nice that each character has a theme, and each setting has a theme, but it is the same theme over and over, after all.

Overall (9/10)
Naruto is required watching for any anime fan.

╬Karami Mew~Meow
06-14-2007, 11:18 PM
Story (10/10)
The story is very unique. In my opinions, you wouldn't be bored if you watch it.
Characters (10/10)
The characters are very cool. unique way of making characters. I like them.
Art/animation (9/10)
Sometimes, the art looks kinda different. But still good. The setting is really good. I think, that was the hardest part of making a manga.
Voice acting/music (9/10) (jap.)
The japanese voice was great! But the english voice, i don't know, it's just not right. In the japanese voice, Neji's voice, was much mature. I luv the themes, and the music of the event.
Over all: 9/10
Almost every thing was perfect. It's a great show. Keep watching it!

07-10-2007, 04:07 PM
Story: (10/10) I love the story. After watching 20 episode of Inuyasha, I never thought I would sit down and watch another story like that (They are similar). But thank the goddess because naruto doesn’t move in circles. It circulates (The sight of Itachi makes Naruto mad. Why? Because he hurt Sasuke. I believe you should care for yourself about the same as you do your best friend. You shrug off those that hurt you but once Its someone else its… fox time. Bah.).

Characters: (10/10) I love the characters. Even the ones I don’t like, I’m lying right here, have something good about them. Okay. Sakura annoys the crap out of me BUT she can… hit really hard and save my Gaara. That’s all that matters.

There are things that get to me, such as Naruto’s growing but… not growing mentally like Sasuke and the fact that nothing has really changed. No one seems to have grown besides the people that naruto beat-up. I mean, you can grow without being beat up. I like personality growth. I don’t know why… I just do. Wait, and Hinata. She is probably the only changed one that hasn’t got hit. Shikamaru is basically the same. Ino is still the same (ohh Sakura! I wish I were like you.. Benumbing)

Oh and the characters I love the most always die (Sasori (adoooooooored him. Oh my lord), Kimimaru (can you say ‘love’?) Haku…) yet the ones I hate (Deidara) seem to live and live…(I blame Deidara for my poor poor Sasori’s semi death/murder).

A lot of the characters could actually be ‘inspirational’. The only ones I can think of are Hinata (fight for your right) and Rock Lee (Don’t bend over and let life…get you)

Art/Animation: (7 out of 10) The art is good for the most parts. There are times when a person starts to wonder “why”. It is usually (for me) the characters eyes. Making a character look tired could be hard but why do it for some and have the others look like they are suffering from withdrawal? It doesn’t make sense. The shape of naruto’s face changes like 3-times per episode. Then again, I don’t expect perfect.. (I still don’t understand why Neji is wearing MC hammer pants)
Audio: (2 out of 10). The bleach music is much better. I just find the naruto theme’s to be… not my type. They fit though. They do.

Overall: (8/10)
Who actually watches the English version? May the lord save you. They sound terrible. There is no excuse for how bad they sound. Naruto is so annoying on the show. It hurts… I don’t want to here what they do with Sai (if it gets that far).

07-15-2007, 08:56 AM
Story: 8/10
Umm...it's a ninja style Dragonball. The first parts were captivating but as we go along the story it gets a little dragging and repetitive. It's meant for a younger audience because the plot is a little shallow. For that genre, however, it does okay.

Characters: 8/10
There are so many characters here that sometimes you think every other character can do whatever the other character can do. Even weapons and special abilities are almost similar. Although, some are innovative.

Animation: 9/10
I think the fight scenes were well done. Probably one of the reasons why many people like it.

Music: 8/10
Not bad. Voice acting is good. The themes were so-so but don't have the makings of greatness.

Overall: 8.25/10
If you have the patience, you can endure this anime because it's long. If you want an intelligent anime, this is not the anime for you. This anime is strictly for-entertainment.

08-10-2007, 12:34 PM
Genre- Supernatural (Why Feudal? They have TV, electricity, and modern stuff.)

Story: 7/10
Not to good. The beginning was great, but as the anime progressed it became more stagnant and it took (and still does take) forever to get anything done (have a lot of thing happened in 234 episodes). The fillers also take a lot of the strength out of the storyline.

Characters: 9/10
The characters are great and given the length of the anime you really get time to relate to them.

Animation: 8/10
Good animation especially in the beginning (for 2002 of course), but is still very good, however in the more recent ones there are fewer details in the background and some sloppy animation. Another thing is (and I was debating where to put this) that when they are in a fight and they stop and have little talks and plan their attacks, the one they are fighting just stands there and wait for them to finish (I wouldn't).

Music: 9/10
Love most of it, especially the opening songs (I don't bother with the end).

Overall: 8.5
Nice anime with lots of action, drama, and evil people.. The fillers get trying sometimes, but I'd still watch it.

08-17-2007, 01:30 AM
Story: 8/10 well..I only like the fighting scenes but some of the episodes are boring but when the fighting scenes is showing up...totally nice:) epecially the comedy episodes.

Characters: 9/10 Naruto is the anime that I have watch that i can't really choose for my one & only favorite character because plenty of the charaters are my favorite!!! they have different skill which make the movie totally nice.

Art/Animation: 8/10 I like the effects too..especially the drawings.

Voice acting/music: 8/10 the main characters voice is very cute!! :laugh: the battle music is very very cool...indeed.

Overall: 8/10 well Naruto is a very nice movie but not really my favorite but plenty of my friends reall love Naruto.So 8/10 is my overall.

09-23-2007, 02:40 AM
Story (9/10)
Even after 200 episodes, Naruto still has in raptures over it's plot twists and turns. I can't really elaborate without giving off spoilers but Naruto has one of the best plots around. My only complaint would be that the retrieve Sasuke arcs haven't been very eventful.

Characters (8/10)
The main character's are portrayed with depth and character. Even the minor characters have a story behind them! Unfortunately many of the people in Naruto are forgotten very quickly.

Art/animation (8/10)
Some episodes are great, some aren't so much.

Voice acting/music (10/10)
In Japanese, the voice acting is flawless, each voice gives each character a unique style.

Overall (10/10)
If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

10-21-2007, 05:56 PM
Japanese Version

Story : 10/10
this anime is awesome and the plot is just fantastic. two thumbs up!

Characters : 10/10
everyone has their own speciality. everyone has their own problem. everyone is different. this is why i love this anime.

Art/Animation : 10/10
all the characters are awesome with their own personality.

Voice Acting/Music : 10/ 10
the musics are perfect. they can bring us to feel the characters' emotion. for the voice acting, i chose the japanese one, and i know i made the right choice. they are wonderfull.

Overall :10/10
this anime is amazing. you will like it and never regret it. you will want to see it more and more! ^^

10-28-2007, 08:34 PM
Overall (5/10)
A great anime for the fan boys/girls, but its terrible for people who actually have taste in anime

Reviews lose all credibility when the reviewer feels the need to put down the fans.


Story 7/10
The story starts out simple but as it goes on only grows more and more complex. It's hard to believe how far the story goes in part one alone. So many emotional moments, along with some truly humorous moments. I love how even the more minor characters get a chance to really shine. Unlike many anime where the main character has to handle everything, here it's the opposite where main villains fall at the hands of characters other then naruto. The story loses points not due to fillers(which I do not count in evaluation as they are not cannon) but Shippuden, which sadly begins condensing the story, focusing primarely on two characters who seem to hog up most of the glory however the current chapters seem to be more like the Naruto of before.

The characters are all well defined and the cast is balanced as far as powers go. So many likeable characters, some characters who will have you laughing out loud one moment and teary eyed the next. The characters develop at a sound rate as well. The only downside are characters like Sakura and Ino, the former taking forever to develop into someone non annoying and the latter never doing so.

There are parts in the series where the animation is just off the wall awesome and other points where it can get pretty bad, but most of the time the animation quality remains at an acceptable level.

Voice acting/music:7/10
The soundtrack to Naruto is subperb. The majority of the tunes are great to listen to and pretty much MAKE the scene it's being used in. As for the voice acting, there are some really great voices used but at times there are some characters who sound exactly the same as another which seems kind of lazy.


12-30-2007, 08:58 AM
Story: 10/10
Naruto Uzumaki, a 12 year old boy wants to become a ninja, but not just a ninja, the best in his town. Since he was little he was disrespected against everyone and had no parents. Everyone hated Naruto because he had a monster, a nine tailed demon fox sealed inside of him. The towns people hated him so he wanted to become the next hokage the strongest and the most respected ninja in the town. At the beggining of the story he is struggling to get out of the ninja academy.

Characters: 10/10
There are many kinds of character that makes the story even more lively. Good ratings of bad characters. I like most of them. A lot of powers. Creative and amazing!

Unique artwork with good effects. Such as lightnings and the rasengan effects. Beautiful backgrounds.

Voice Acting:10/10
Unlike any subs, Japanese subs put their feelings into the characters. That makes them sound lively and real. Good job!

They are just great. Naruto is an anime you can't miss! I love you!!!

01-19-2008, 10:18 PM
This is the Japanese version since I dont watch the English one...

Story 10/10
The story is very interesting, and most of the episodes are funny. They always put lots of details, I kinda get confused, but... Naruto is a great anime, it has tons of characters. I dont really know whats so bad about Naruto, so i give it 10/10.

Characters (9/10)
The characters are incredible! At first, when I watched Naruto, I think they look kind of weird, like Neji's byakugan for example, the looks of it, its kinda scary. But the more I watch it, the more I like it. Even though its scary, it has a great power.

Art/Animation (9/10)
Well, the animation looks okay, but some of the drawings just look weird. For example, when I first saw Haku, I have no idea if he is a boy or girl, actually, i thought he was a girl... And when they grows up, the look weirder than before... but they did a great job on everything else =)

Voice Acting/Music (10/10)
The voices are really really goooodd.. Its like the animated people are real, I dont even feel like someone is actually talking for them. As for the English one, well, it just sound bad for some reason...

Overall (10/10)
Like earlier, they did a pretty good job, and I like the way they did everything perfectly except for the animation and stuff. Its a good story, the characters, voice actings, animations are all so great!! I cant even say how good it is!

02-23-2008, 02:38 AM
Posted by Ore-sama- Reviews lose all credibility when the reviewer feels the need to put down the fans.

I couldn't agree more.

Story (10/10): IMO, everything in the Naruto storyline is just.. perfect. The Hokage, the Uchihas, Orochimaru, and every other little storyline there is to the anime. I love it, I'd call it my favorite anime. Definately.

Characters (10/10): There's a lot of diversity in Naruto. Girl ninjas, boy ninjas, old ninjas, young ninjas, good ninjas, bad ninjas... My fave character is Sasuke <3 So complex!

Art/Animation (10/10): Art is awesome, well drawn and animated. That's... all I can say ^_^;;

Voice Acting/Music (9.9/10): I love most of the voices... but Hinata just... bothers me >_< Music is amazingly awesome, I love Haruka Kanata.

Conclusion (10/10): Even though that last category was 9.9/10 (only cuz of Hinata) I think Naruto is a spectacular anime, and I REALLY enjoy the series. ♥♥♥

Kyuubi Naruto
02-29-2008, 08:24 PM
Story(8/10): In the beginning, to tell the truth, the story is extremely weak, and somewhat predictable. It does get better though, but is still pretty straightforward.

Characters(7/10): There are some characters that I love, and some and some characters that I would love to strangle to death. The fact that the characters are more annoying than cool most of the time, and males seem to almost always take the lead(I'm an equalist.;)), the execution of their character and all can be extremely underwhelming. And some of them are simply too moody.

Art/Animation(7/10): At times, the animation can be good with the mixed-in special effects in all. But the fact that the characters themselves, on more than one occasion, look very sloppily put together, the good parts are heavily outweighed.

Voice Acting/Music(9/10): The voice acting for Japanese: Great. Voice Acting for English: Not bad. Music: I really do love some of the songs.

Overall(7/10): Naruto, IMO, is not a bad show. It's not necessarily anything special, but still not bad. The thing about it that I truly hate is the fact how tons of people who rather overhype it or haven't watched enough truly great anime in their days give the idea to people that it's insanely amazing and the best anime ever. They can have their on opinion, but the fact that almost everbody I see talking about it says that is some of the reason I dislike it.

03-30-2008, 04:40 PM
There may be "spoilers" ahead.

Story (6.5/10)
The story, in my opinion, just drags and drags and drags sometimes, and because very boring at times as well. Other times, it's very saddening or interesting, such as the Haku/Zabuza arc. It's also extremely predictable and in a sense, cliche.

Characters (9/10)
The characters are the only reason I pay attention to the Anime. For example, there are characters that are extremely well developed like that one puppet boy featured in my signature~ Sasori! I really loved him to bits; he, however, isn't the only character that is well done. There are others like Deidara who are very interesting and strange. Some characters though... tend to be cliche or annoying. Namely Sasuke and Sakura.

Art/animation (7.6/10)
It's not the best. There are tons of more well done animation from other shows. I really hate to say it, but the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I shall say, has far better art quality that is clear and very... nicely done. Other Anime suchs as Kanon and CLANNAD would be categorized as better animation art as well.

Voice acting, music (7/10)
The American dub really killed it for me. Especially the opening themes. In the Japanese version, the voices were very nice but some of the songs, only a few, grated my nerves. Others, I really enjoyed.

Overall (8/10)
This is certainly not the best series, however, it's not that horrible. I think it's a lot better than the "scream without plot" DBZ, and a few characters have mezmerized me to no end with their development and quirks, such as Sasori/Deidara. The main thing that annoys me about the series is the fanbase, however, that's not really the fanbase, so I won't say much.

†Enma Ai†
04-02-2008, 11:43 PM
Story (9/10)
I think the plot is quite original, unlike the stereotypical story line where everyone's favorite character is the good guy (look at Sasuke), and there's---omigosh---female fighters!! In almost all the other shounen animes I've ever watched, the guys do all of the fighting and the girls are only there for fan service. The girls in Naruto actually have personalities and guts! And there's also fan service for the girls, too (note the" famous yaoi scene" between Sasuke and Sai in the manga). The only reason I'm not giving it a 10/10 is because of all of the fillers in the anime. I almost cried when I learned they were dubbing the fillers.

Characters (9/10)
As I mentioned before, I think it's nice that the characters aren't all "tough guys" and "pretty girls". They all have their own in-depth personalities and add extra "zest" to the show. As for the character design, I think it's all good. The outfits seem to suit the characters perfectly and aren't too common (mind the so ever-popular school uniforms that appear in every other anime). The only problem with that...the anime is about ninja, yet I haven't seen a single appropriate outfit that fits the scenario of the plot. I mean, how the heck can you sneak up on someone in a bright orange jumpsuit?

Art/animation (7/10)
This is where I'm a bit disappointed. In the very first volumes of the manga, the artwork is a bit messy, almost terrible, in my opinion. The proportions are okay, actually quite realistic compared to a lot of other manga, but the lines are kind of wobbly and uneven. But in the later volumes, that's no longer a problem and the drawings flow together more "smoothly.” As for the anime, I think it improved greatly since the first 20 or so episodes. The faces were drawn in an awkward way. And there's even a time when they made Naruto have two left hands while performing a jutsu! It just amazed me that the animators were too lazy to notice...
In the fillers, the animation is choppy, awkward...in other words...HORRIBLE.

Voice acting/music (8/10)
The Japanese voices are perfect and fit the characters perfectly, although I was quite disappointed with the American voice actors. I cringe every time I hear Naruto, Tsunade, or Ino in the dub...Naruto and Tsunade sound like chain-smokers, and Ino sounds like a poor imitation of a preppy cheerleader. And the "believe it" thing gets annoying...I sure hope they won't make him say it in the Shippuden dub. If they do, I swear I'll sue. =( The only "okay" dub voices are Tenten's and Lee's. Tenten sounds like a 5-year-old in the original (and sounds her age in the dub), and Lee's voice fits him so well in the dub that it's adorable.
It ticked me off that they skipped the opening "Kanashimi wo Yasashisani.” That was a good song! Did they do that because the audience in America is primarily made up of boys and that song happens to be sung by a girl?

Overall (8/10)
It's not my favorite anime or anything, and there is room for improvement, but it still ranks in my top ten. The current Shippuden episodes are keeping me hooked, and I'll continue to watch the series 'till the end. Heck with it, I'll watch all the dub episodes while I'm at it.

†Enma Ai†
04-04-2008, 04:56 PM
I like how its unique and original plot drew me in just by watching the first episode. Normally, it takes me about five or so episodes to become a fan. I liked this one from the start.

Another thing about this anime that I admire; the chicks actually kick ***!! They aren't all giggly, bubbly little bishoujo thrown in just for fan service. And the guys are pretty awesome too. Especially Lee! He's so kawaii!! ^-^

I must admit, I was a bit disappointed with the artwork in the first 30 episodes or so. The proportions were a bit awkward, as were the faces. But it improved quite a bit, and I'm quite impressed with Shippuden.

Voice Acting/Music(9/10):
The Japanese voice actors did a splendid job and still are, although the American voice actors really irritated me. Both Naruto and Tsunade sound like retired chain-smokers, Ino sounds like a preppy cheerleader, and Sakura just sounds annoying. Except Lee's English voice really suited him. That's about it. And the music is wonderful! It's a shame that the dubbed version doesn't have any of the good endings, and they completely skipped the opening "Kanashimi wo Yasashisani" (which happens to be one of my favorites).

I can't deny it; Naruto is a pretty good anime. I gave it a 8/10 because for the dub, I'd give it a 7/10 and I'd give the original a 9/10.

04-27-2008, 12:38 PM
Story (9/10)
Hey, who doesn't want to be a neenjar? :D The story is good, but it can get a wee bit cheesy sometimes. Even so, it's got a lot of different emotions running through it, and some very mature themes that might surprise you.

Characters (10/10)
Very rich pool of characters, all with unique and distinct personalities. This is anime has a special ability of allowing so many characters, regardless of role (major/minor), to impact your experience in watching the anime.

Art/animation (7/10)
The art is simple, which is fine. The personal problem I have with Naruto is that I have noticed on several occasions, distinct variations in the style of drawing; particularily in the eyes. It's not a big deal, but I'm a stickler when it comes to art, so it really stands out for me.

Voice acting/music (10/10) (jap.)
Don't Listen to Naruto in English...plain and simple. If You have before, then you understand why.

This one of the series greatest strength's in my opinion (as far as the Jp. version goes). The voices are dead on and really help pull you into the characters. The music is pretty good too, a bit repetitive, but it's nice.

Over all: 9/10
One of my favorite shows to date. Highly recommend it to anyone ^_^

Serina Devil
04-28-2008, 05:09 AM
Ive only ever watched the American version so i shall rate that.

Story Line (10/10)
The story line is excellent without a doubt i look forward to watching Naruto on a daily basis.

Art (8/10)
I like how the characters are drawn, and i find it interesting that no character looks identical in any way what so ever. However the way that the buildings are drawn makes it seem impossible to understand.

Characters (9/10)
Even though i don't see the point in having most guest characters play "such a big part" as most people would say, overall the characters are well done.

Overall (27/30)
Or a 90% so still passing

Robin Hood
05-01-2008, 03:32 PM
Story [10/10]:
The story in this anime was very well thought out. Even during the fillers, you can catch me just starting at the content. I've always liked the background story of the anime, and how dramatic it seems. You can really relate to the characters' feelings, as more of the story unfolds.

Charatcters [10/10]:
What I like about the characters in this series is that even though this story is very abstract compared to real life events, you could very well find a person in the real world with the same personality. I think the ways they set the character interactions with each other were flawless.

Art / Animation [10/10]:
Really enjoyed the artwork in this anime, although the background seemed to be lacking in large fight scenes with rapid movement, I think they made up for it in the overall quality of the anime's art.

Voice Acting / Music [10/10]:
I REALLY liked the voice acting in this series, each voice was very well picked for the character they portrayed. Japanese voice acting for these animes are never going to by topped by any dub. ever. Music in this anime was equally as enjoyable. The beginings and endings normaly set you for the mood of how the story was going, I like that in an anime.

Overall [10/10]:
Absolute perfection. The creators did an amazing job with this one.

06-12-2008, 10:05 PM
Story: (8/10)
The story is good, where it continuously builds on itself. Though the fillers for a period of about 100 or so episodes kind of made me consider stopping and waiting. Though the story has its occasions of 'friendship is power' or 'together we can do this' which is kind of corny and built for little kids. The story never stops appealing to even people older who are looking for good fights and character relationships.

Characters: (6/10)
The characters are a bit iffy when it comes to their overall design. But its usually more or less for some, and unfortunately it appears to be mostly the main characters where they have an annoying trait, and those are the only characters you really see. Although the cast is very large, with other characters being a bit far more developed and more interesting than the main cast. Though I am a personal fan of the secondary characters, there are a few occasions where the main cast really impresses me, although its rare and happens only about 50 or so episodes.

Art/Animation: (9/10)
Where the characters pale in their own persona's, they really make up by having some great forms of fighting. Which is mainly where the series takes up its true glory. And being mostly an anime about fighting, its usually what will keep you interested rather than watching if two characters fall in love or something.

Voice Acting: (6/10)
I never really appreciated any form of English dub, even at a young age, and this is no different. Though I do not appreciate the original Japanese version much easier. Naruto still has a scratchy, high pitched voice, Sasuke still sounds like the guy who will go good/evil on the team with his subtle uncaring tones, and Sakura never shuts up about Sasuke.

Overall: (8/10)
This is the anime you want to still be keeping an eye on even if your in your 20s. Although the anime takes its time showing you things you really want to see by throwing in fillers and useless plot holes, you still get to see some very memorable moments. Naruto lacks some dynamic memorable characters from time to time, it makes up by giving you a degree of fighting, techniques, and some pretty nice art and overall design to keep at least myself wanting to know more.

06-18-2008, 05:00 PM
Hmmm. Where to start. First off I know I am going to piss a lot of people off. Only the fan boys and girls though as any true rating anime critic would agree with me on this one. 2ndly I think I will actually rate this twice in two sections as thy readers will understand upon reading my results.

I am going to have to say this takes place much like Dragon Ball (Z,GT). It starts out great. Funny, follows the rules they made in the beginning, and has a good overall "save-the-world" plot. But... after the second season it is like filler episodes become a necessity to keep the money coming in and flash backs are used literally 3-6 times an episode!

I will use the standard format used so far as I tend to get carried away. (Pardon my spelling, you have been warned) Keep in mind I am criticizing the English dubbed version only and have not fully seen the end yet. Ok here we go...

Plot: (8/10) the overall plot I would say a good solid 8. A good 8. Haven't seen the end yet but I have to admit I am drawing weary of the filler episodes. When does it end???
Revolving around the group of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura who are all ninjas starting from grade school, graduating, and then progressing along in the ninja life style. A good wholesome world was created around this plot with it's own set of rules and regulations to follow as is redefining the reality of nature. A good anime always must do this for the people who love anime like a good sense of imagination. As they graduate you easily find out the typically unnecessary love triangle with Naruto who loves Sakura, Sakura who loves Sasuke, and Sasuke loves Naruto... Just kidding, Sasuke and Naruto hate each other and are instant rivals through out the series.
Basically you get the initial plot of life as a beginner ninja. Great, cool, interesting. Saw some cool fights in the beginning but the biggest issue I had was it takes a long time to get nowhere. Not only that but there are so many flash backs you would think the guys creating the series have alztehmers or something. Eventually they graduate after taking a "chunin exam" which is where the plot picks up. A bad guy from the past kills the village leader and a new one is sought out by the three and some help along the way. They get into a variety of battles here and there and eventually end up with a hot old woman with giant hoo-hoos with a massive gambling problem that is only rivaled by her anger and debt. Sounds like America’s current "leader..." Except the hoo-hoos comment... <,< >.>
Long story short you see a variety of characters with a variety of great styles of fighting going along with the typical "save-the-world" type of plot only it is mostly just the village they are saving. Moral lessons and hardships are abundant through out the series and it tends to repeat itself after the first season... many times over.
A lot of little details that aren't so little in the series is Naruto has a demon fox trapped inside him, Sasuke runs away to join the bad guys which makes Naruto want to bring him back due to a promise he made Sakura, and Sakura brings a dead fish back to life...
The first season was by far an 8 out of 10.
Everything after that a steady and declining (4/10). This is due to sheer repetitive fights and senseless comments from stupid writers. There is a thing as too much moral input and this anime captures this as though it was an art in itself. Long story short... If you seen the first season, you've seen the rest. I would probably skip every four episodes just to save you some time and I am willing to bet you wouldn't miss hardly any of the plot. As I said before, flash backs are so abundant that they appear in EVERY episode and sometimes as much as 6 times! Screw that! Yu-Gi-Oh! Wasn't even that bad...

Characters, (7/10): I wasn't too disappointed with the characters. There are many to get used to and there are many favorites in my book. Rock Lee and Sasuke are the two biggest bad asses in my book regardless of what people say and the dude with the bones and the guy with the sand were two with emo personalities that are surprisingly cool instead of whiney... Even when they were whiney.
Too many to list I will state that each character has their own personality. Throw them in a tight box together and you will get your everyday human being an ego, pride, and conscience. Problem is that I don't like the way people do these kind of things because the main character is always right and it is only one personality. That is impossible by nature. One person can't be always right, no matter what. I'd like to see more anime that has a character with a bad attitude and is wrong regularly but remains to be a bad ***. There are some out there but not enough...
Most of all the one who is most annoying is the main character that the story follows best. Naruto. He is literally the biggest whiney little biotch I have ever seen and somehow they manage to make him always right. Like i said above. Nobody can always be right. too many perspectives and opinions for this to happen. He also is the worst dresser in the whole series. Even Rock Lee's green leotard has more practicality then Naruto's bright orange, um... is it a snow out fit, jogging suit, or motorcycle get up? Can't freakin tell.
Very standard in characters. Which is why I gave a 7 out of 10. Did good on what is average, but overall it is just average...

Art/Animations. (9/10) This actually started at an 8 and the animation seemed to get better as the series progressed. However, the episode I left off on last was actually around a 5 with poorly drawn characters that looked like you were looking through a disproportionate fish eye lens. Very disoriented.
Edging between your DBZ battle animation and FLCL's comical smooth art, you get Naruto.

I am going to put another one in here because it is actually quite necessary and nobody has ever done this that I know of yet for anime criticizing, at least on this forum. I am judging this one on the flow and consistency of the series: (3/10) By far among the worst I have seen as far as a smooth plot and episode consistency goes. So many flash backs that I end up forgetting what the hell the episode was about. So many fillers that I began to lose touch with the main plot. Some important things had way too many episodes dedicated to it. I think I counted what? Four full episodes of when the Hokage died? I forget and I am too lazy to go back at the moment and count but there was a lot that revolved around it. there should have been only 1.5 episodes to wrap that crap up. Biggest issue is that so little of the plot is addressed at any one time that the main plot has progressed so slowly that evolution would be envious. There are 220 Japanese episodes (america can sometimes tac on an additional 20 or take away pending on nude and crude scenes so where this one will end, who knows) and I have scene only 180. I got to say, if I rewrote the series it would take no more than 80-100 episodes to do what they did just to stop at 180. Sure there is a lot to cover, but it doesn't take 3 episodes to cover one topic. Message to the writers: Sure there are stupid people out there but you would be surprised at how well people can retain their memory of something when it goes by faster rather than slower. We don't need a reminder of how someone died or who some people are. If people need to be told who some dude was who used a sword a long time ago in the beginning of the series then perhaps that character wasn't worth having in the series at all. Very disappointed in the flow and consistency of this one.

I am going to throw one more in though and that is the battle art, have to because it is a fighting anime. Started at (9/10) but lately the people have clearly gotten lazy and I am going to give it a low (7/10). I am feeling generous after the plot. As a fellow anime writer I know how hard it is to maintain a plot without putting too much and too little. The beginning had cool fights and great animations for the effects but now they tend to just stick to blurs of color and less and less detail as each episode progresses. I want to see detail, effects, variety, and realism (with the creators set of rules of course).

Voice Acting. (9/10) No problem here. Naruto is ridiculously annoying but that goes in part for his character, not his voice. Smooth, relatively good timing, and understandable. Good job actors.

Overall: Started as an (8/10) and is so far a (6/10) I would say that this had massive potential in the beginning. But thanks to greed for money, stereotypical plots and animations, bad fillers, and monotonous flash backs this series was chizzled down to a 6. I'd say remove almost half of what was created so there can ONLY be a plot with no fillers then the score would jump to a 7. But because it has steadily gotten worse after the first season (and I haven't even finished watching them all yet) I am not looking forward to the last bit of episodes as it has completely lost my interest. Nobody likes flash backs, so why do creators continuously put them in?

06-25-2008, 12:59 PM
Story: 8/10
I love Naruto, really I do. When I first started watching it I was hooked, the action and originality really kept the story going. It has a sense of good vs evil which is always good, but keeps you guessing who's on which side. However, when you get up to episodes around the 100 mark the story starts to get a bit sluggish. I started to doubt the future of this anime but watching through the less exciting parts pays off in the end.

Characters: 7/10
Naruto has traits of the classic anime characters. The would-be hero who on the surface seems goofy but when it comes down to it he pulls through at the last minute. The main characters, overall, are pretty good. But too much of them in one dose kind of gets annoying. However characters on the side like Shikamaru and Rock Lee really show how good this anime can get- character wise.

Art/Animation: 9/10
It's clean and smooth and nothing is wrong with the actual animation. The only problem I have is that when someone is kicked in the face you don't flinch and think to yourself 'ouch'. It seems to lack a sense of power in some fighting scenes, but apart form that the animation is amazing.

Voices/Sound: 9/10
I think the voices for the original Japanese version are a lot better than the English version. If you watch an English episode right after watching a few subbed episodes then the expression on your face will probably be ":/". But the original casting for voices is fab.

Overall: 8/10
Overall this is a great show. It has a great storyline, characters that you love to love or love to hate, the actual artwork is fantastic and reflects the manga and the subbed episodes' voices fit in perfectly with the characters. I'd recommend this show to anyone, whether they're only just starting to watch anime or a long-term fan :]

06-30-2008, 01:42 PM
Story: (8/10)
I like the storyline for Naruto. It has good twists and action, although they drag on with Flashbacks & Filler Episodes a bit.

Characters: (9/10)
I like the Design of the Characters. Each character has their own unique Positive & Negative.

Art/Animation: (8/10)
I like how well done Naruto is made, Some good effects and animation in there!.

Voice Acting: (9/10)
I can only really rate this 9/10 for the Japanese version, The English Dub is alot different to the original although still maintains, But Doesn't sound as good.

Overall: (9/10)
Overall, This is a Good Anime to watch. I would Recommend It!.

08-30-2008, 03:06 PM
Story 9/10: I really like the story lines, but after watching them ten or fifteen times in a row, you begin to notice that there's something missing that would make the chemistry of the entire show perfect. I would never knock the show-I am one of its biggest fans, but you can't deny the truth.

Characters 10/10: There is nothing that Kishimoto-sensei could do to make them any better. Not a single character is ethereal. They're all down-to-earth and have very human-like qualities. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Neji, Lee, etc.-they all are uniquely human.

Art/Animation 10/10: What I like the most is that they pretty much stuck to the manga. Sure, there were a couple of changes, but they have all been for the better. The most perfect example of the show's awesome animation is in the episode where Naruto and Sasuke rumble. The animation itself is fresh and well-done. There's nothing you can complain about in that department.

Voice Acting/Music 10/10-Absolutely all the music for absolutely every scene has been perfect. The right music is always playing. It's always at a time when you feel perfectly moved and compassionate with the character-you're thoroughly able to sympathize with them and that's what the music is supposed to do-make you feel what the character feels.

Overall 10/10- Despite my 9/10 for the story, I've got to give Naruto a perfect 10. Kishimoto-sensei constructed a great manga and what's more- Dattebayo Media constructed a great anime and did not stray from the manga. Shows such as Tsubasa that completely change everything and don't match the write voices with the right characters suck eggs, but Naruto is not one of them. That's the only reason it is successful. It captures Kishimoto-sensei's genius frame-by-frame.

syusuke chevaliere
11-04-2008, 12:56 AM
story(10/10):good story line. i like watching NARUTO because the story is not boring at all.

characters(10/10):a story can never be a "good" one without spontaneous characters. the protagonist, Naruto is naughty alryt but hegivesme an impression of a perfect leading character. And his rivalry with sasuke is cute to watch too.

animation(8/10):maybe a minus 2 for a cliche or what. i dontknow but there aresome fighting scenes that are way too long and one would realize thats just a thing that would finish the match or having too many obstacles..i dont understand. But sure the flow of actions are appropriate.

voice acting/music(9/10):seiyus are appropriate and i would say the music too although thereare times that even with music it just feels quite empty.

overall(9/10):this show is one of my fave shows. i love the story and im very much afan of it!

11-14-2008, 12:43 PM
Story(8/10): Just good story line. When we're talking about anime itself its quite boring, because of the fillers. Manga is better though.

Characters(10/10): Now, that's masterpiece. Every character has their own personality. Naruto for example is a good-hearted, mischievous boy who wants nothing more than to be accepted and acknowledged by his fellow villagers.

Animation(9/10): Animation is pretty good actually. On Naruto DVD's you may notice such a wonderful quality.

Voice acting(10/10): As in every japanase animes, voice acting is simply amazing.

Music(9/10): Hmm, it's pretty good actually. I've downloaded some cool naruto soundtracks and put it on my iPod. Soundtrack actually gives some kind of enerygy to Naruto anime.

Overall(9/10: The characters are really what makes Naruto worth watching.
Most of the characters are a delight to watch as they struggle with being shinobi in this super competitive and highly dangerous environment. They deal with everyday concerns like unrequited love, lack of self confidence, broken families, over-demanding parents, and wanting to feel accepted for who they are. The more you learn about the characters, the more you come to like them and want to know more.

Anime Forum
11-17-2008, 05:39 PM

Story - A very great storyline automatically makes this show a must see for all anime fanatics on planet Earth. The storyline and how it mixes with the characters is fantastic and deserves a perfect score. Rating - 10/10

Characters - This show has a very good barrage of characters and each character in the show Naruto is important to the storyline in many ways. Even though a few characters are a little bland, most of the characters in the show is well thought about and proves that a ton of thought was put it to each of the character's personality and design. Rating - 10/10

Art/Animation - Naruto has a very good mix of art and animation in it and the show's animation is very masterful. The art in the show Naruto was something that caught my eye very early and again proves that thought was put into the design of the show Naruto. Rating - 10/10

Audio - Now the audio in the show Naruto was also another key factor in why this show is so succesful. The music is grand and most of the openings/closings are almost perfect. Rating - 9/10

Overall - Even though the show's audio got a 9/10, the show deserves a perfect score and most of the elements in this show are flawless. Rating - 10/10

01-07-2009, 06:25 PM
Story (6/10)
The story of Naruto could have been much better on many levels. They set up the story quite great but when it came down to it, it seems they lost track of where they were heading and couldn't get back on track. Between the many fillers that make up most of the show, and the way they tried to bring it back by skipping two and a hald years shows how they were trying to keep an auidence going.

Characters (8.5/10)
In the show there are many charcters which I agree make up a great percentage of why people watch the show. One of the things that made me watch it was to see their backgroudns and what made them be who they were, or are. From the story of Gaara and Neji, to the happiness of Sakura and Ino, it shows that not everyone in the story grew up as perfect, or as hard as others. The writers did very well with how they set up the characters and I give them credit for that.

Art/animation (7/10)
The animation used in Naruto has its good and bad but overall was very nice. The fight scenes used were very well done in parts. Overall, the animation is pretty good, and yet not so bloody that my five year old sister can watch it.

Voice acting/Music (8/10)
As for voice acting, it is quite nice when heard in Japanese. If you hear it in English, they make Gaara sound gay, and Rock Lee even gayer. The reason why I rate it high is because of the music. They have some of the greatest tracks I have heard. I am not talkinga bout intros and endings, but the in between music, such as Sadness and Sorrow, and the fight scenes during shippuden.

Overall (6/10)
Though the plot is okay, the characters are well developed and I would recomend this anime even though many parts do not appeal. Naruto is a show that can keep people talking, want to download their music, and makes the top five anime's of all time in people's view because of the publicity.

03-16-2009, 09:13 AM
Japanese Version

I'll start with what i loved and hated about the show:

What I loved:
- Good villains
- graphics were good, music was fantastic
- overall addictive anime

What I hated:
- Over 100 episodes of filler
- Battles that drag over 15 episodes
- Waaaaay too many "memory scenes". They use memories as an excuse to waste screen time. Usually those "memories" were things that happened during the previous episode or even memories from the SAME episode ... !!
- charactes were very cliche and overused
- Not enough character interaction, especially in Shippuden
- Not enough inspiration for most battles and way to few ninja jutsus
- The humor seems to be meant for 12 year old kids

Story (6/10)
The story is about a young ninja called Naruto growing up in a ninja village. He has the nine tailes kyuubi sealed within him, there for he is feared and hated by almost all the villagers. When Naruto finally graduates from ninja school he joins a team led by a jounin high class ninja named Kakashi. Together with Sakura and Sasuke they go through various adventures, from defeating enemies during escort missions, to passing the chuunin exam. The villain, named Orochimaru, is out to destroy their village (Konoha) and take Sasuke. He wants to use sasuke in order to be revived inside his body. The story would seem good in the beginning, but gets extremely annoying after a while. Naruto thinks of sasuke as his "brother" while sasuke clearly states that he does not want to have anything to to with the village anymore. He just wants to get his revenge by killing his brother.

Characters (4/10)
The characters are less then formidable. 80% of them are cliches and extremely overused. You have the typical emo whining sasuke, the typical useless, yet slightly underestimated sakura. The typical rival Ino, the typical fat guy Chouji, used for comic relief, and of course the pervert Jiraya. The few original characters (like rock lee and kakashi) are almost completely overshadowed by the other overused characters. Naruto himself has a pretty original character, but instead of developing into a more interesting character (like a good character is supposed too) he developes into a whiny douchebag that keeps running after sasuke even though the dumbest person on the planet would stop chasing that guy. Fanboys and fangirls fail to see their cliche for some odd reason ...

Art/Animation (7/10)
The art and animation is above average, but nothing that special. It's enjoyable to watch. They could have used more attacks and special effects though, like for example bleach's attacks (and no bleach is not a great anime ...) shippuden has fantastic graphics in some episodes and in others they are almost unbarably bad.

Voice Acting 6/10
Voice acting was decent at best. If I were to compare the voice acting to the likes of code geass and one piece, i would give this a 4/10, but that would be unfair, the voice acting was decent ...

Music (10/10)
The music in naruto is in one word ... fantastic. Simply fantastic. And shippuden's music is even better, definitly no complaints on the music section.

Overall (5/10)
From the dragged on story to the overused characters this anime does not deserve a high score. I can understand why it his such a large fanbase. Because this anime attracts the non-experienced anime fans, they think it's fun and original. people with more experience and good anime taste, obviously know the truth behind this anime and it's massive flaws.

--> Addictive and enjoyable to those without anime experience and thus without anime taste.
--> Disliked by those with lots of anime experience (thus the people who, because of their anime experience were able to gain "taste" in anime)

A fair and honest review by me. It will be accepted and agreed by those with anime experience and it will be hated by the fanboys/girls (the ones that deserve a painfull death)

07-30-2009, 10:36 PM
Story: 10/10 The story was good and left cliff hangers in the right places making want to continue watching the anime.

Characters: 10/10 The characters were the best in my opinion, each one had their own unique personality's and backgrounds, I really admire Kishimoto for that.

Art/animation: 9/10 The art it self was very good and the animation. They both got better as the series went on.

Audio/Voice acting: 10/10 The audio was amazing, the sound track was one of the best I've heard and as for a voice acting, I've never really liked vis but, they did a really good job when they did this anime.

Overall: 10/10 Overall the show is really well done even if the first couple of episodes were a little boring but, once it really got into the story line it turned out to be a great anime.

08-20-2009, 03:08 PM
Before you read on, you should know that while I have seen Naruto, I am not a "fan" of it. I'm also not a big Shonen fan, so you should also take that into consideration. I'm rating the Japanese version of it. Thank you.

Story (6/10) The story is rather bland, but it does have some depth and twists in it. There are very little hints about what time period it is staged in, causing many anachronisms to appear throughout the story. While it certainly is far from original (it's based around Ninja), it does base a good amount of it on Shinto religion, for things such as names or techniques. Overall, the story is quite a cliche, but it will certainly catch the attention of those who enjoy a hardcore Shonen anime.

Characters (8/10) The anime itself has a wide variety of characters, all of them having different personalities and appearances to make them noticeable. However, they lack any sort of development, save for learning new techniques. Many of the characters don't seem to have learned much at all, which can be confusing for those who dislike repetition of small things. With the quirky tendencies of the main character and his friends, it can certainly be enjoyable when you put these things beside.

Art/Animation (9/10) The art style is very tasteful as well as the animation. As a Shonen anime, the fight scenes are very colorful as well as imaginative.

Voice Acting/Music (7/10) There is nothing particularly great about the music or the voice acting, it's rather normal or typical for a shonen anime (loud, obnoxious main character, chiding/maternal like female character, etc) The music used throughout the anime can get slightly repetitive, but the openings are often quite interesting.

Overall (7/10) I'm no Shonen fan, but if you are, Naruto is for you. While it may not be intellectually stirring or appealing to those who want a mature anime, for those who want a simple yet action-esque anime, you should definitely see Naruto. The new Dragonball, majority of all anime fans have seen it. The simplicity yet exciting fight scenes makes this a true Shonen anime.

09-03-2009, 12:34 AM
Story(9/10): Not bad, we still can reflect to what's happening in Naruto's world

Characters(10/10): Very Good. having a bunch of cool characters that can really spice up would make us this eager to watch the series/manga more and more...

Animation(9/10): Animation is pretty nice also alot of action..

Voice acting(10/10): Well i'm impressed, can you imagine the voice of Naruto has been performed by a girl all these years?

Music(8/10): Not bad.. I can't understand though :D

09-26-2009, 04:31 AM
Story (10/10)
I like this story!! It emphasized the meaning of friends!

Characters (10/10)
I like the characters, full of cute idiots!! I like Naruto the most! He is so adorable, even though he's nosy, loud, proud, super idiot, he loves and treasures his friends the most! I don't like Sasuke. He is so too cool. It would be better if he became cuter! I'm a naruxsaku fan!

Art/animation (10/10)
Great! It's all I can say for now!

Voice acting/Music (9/10)
I can't believe that Naruto's dubber is a girl! Haha! Well, I don't like the voice of the other characters but I like the main character's voices! The music was totally fine! It's cool!

Overall (10/10)
The story is much important and it's excellent for me that's why I gave a 10! I love my friends too!

10-28-2009, 09:53 PM
Story - 7/10 - Excluding the filler, this story (beginning) has a good flow. Then it starts to drag on about Sasuke for a while. I loved the chunin exam episodes, especially the ones where they just had matches (although I could do without the fight with Sakura, and Ino). Once the fight between the two demons was over. There wasn't a lot of "big" fights, except for 3. This dragged on for about 30 episodes. Then it started being about Mr.Emo, and finnaly it ended with the pointless arc.

Chrachters - 6/10 - Why the low raiting, you may ask? Well the one problem I have is that all most all of the charachters do NOT resemble ninjas. I mean the main charachter is loud and wears an ORANGE jumpsuit. The only people who resemble ninjas are Kakashi, Fishsticks(I forgot his name), and Itachi.(and other members of there little group). Now besides that, I belive that all most every single charachter has some devolpment (excluding minor charactors like tenten and kankuro).

Animation - 7/10 - I can't say much on this one, because I don't look for this kind of thing. I have seen some shots where charachters are just freeze framed.

Voice Acting - 7/10 - Its not perfect, but not bad. There are some voices that I think could of been better.

Music - 10/10 - I loved the music, its by no means the greatest soundtrack in the world, but it is great non the less. I can pull up a random song used for background, and put it into another anime with similar feel to it.

Overall - 7.5/10 - To be honest, I really don't care for this show. Its way to long, too much filler, and its sometimes hard to follow. That, and it takes an episode or too for a fight to "start".

-Matt"narutards, don't kill me for not giving it a ten/ten (yes puns do suck indeed)" K.

12-15-2009, 12:41 AM
Story(10/10): The story is not boring because its not dying and resurecting. You would barely understand the strory of each character because they would definitely explain.....And I like the way some episode are not happy ending like when Spoiler:
sumaru los her mother... I don like having always happy ending and at least they show failure and determination. Other anime ends up with a very perfect story that makes it boring, you know because it is always happy ending we could barely know wat would happen as if in naruto its exciting to know wat the future holds up to....

Characters(10/10): In this manga/anime every kind of attitude is in here.... Its not always the same attitude.. At, least someone is fat, thin, exact, an idiot, smart, self centered, arrogant.....etc..There are also episodes where the main character is not seen(thats more like it)

Art/Animation(9/10): I like this anime/manga because of its fully drawn details and also the drawing styles are cool, the backgrounds...

Voice Acting/Music(10/10): I love the voices it suits the attitude of the characters. and you know I love the opening themes and their sounds

Overall(10/10): Naruto is the best anime ever,.............

01-14-2010, 09:56 PM
I'll be rating the NARUTO series (I won't be basing on the Shippuuden series here) and I'll base the Japanese version of the anime.

Story (8/10) -- It's not that bad and it's not that good either. Though every time I watch it, there are some episodes which are somewhat "hanging" and I am the type of person who really doesn't like hanging stories or what. But the concepts of the story is quite impressive though.

Characters (10/10) -- I love the characters! Seriously, and especially Team 7. There's Naruto the ninja that is very strong-willed, Sasuke who's very quiet yet a genius student, Sakura who is just a cutie because of her hair and her chakra manipulations and Kakashi for being such a mysterious teacher. Yet all the characters in the story are rated 10/10 by me. *thumbsup

Art/animation (8/10) -- It's like an old-fashioned way concept. Though the colors are amazing but it didn't attract me to much though.

Voice acting/music (8/10) -- The dubbers (Jap) are quite impressive. Yes the original dubbers of the anime. But the English version of this anime is somewhat...errr..well, not quite good. Though I find the Filipino (Tagalog) dub good too.

Overall (9/10) -- It's my favorite anime of all time though I'm often disappointed if there are twists and hangs in the story. But I love how Naruto is very persistent in attaining Sasuke to go back to the village. Let's just hope it will happen....

02-15-2012, 10:57 AM
My Extreme fav Anime

Story 10/10
Audio 10/10
Char 10/10

fav char : ITACHI

02-18-2012, 11:29 AM
*On the Anime/Japanese Verison*

Story(8/10) I love the story when I first started watching the show, they seemed to have it all, the "cool/quiet" guy (Sasuke), the "typical girl" (Sakura), and the ADHD Kid (Naruto) Mixed up in a love/hate triangle. They all have thier own goals, which set them apart. A very interesting story, it has love, hate, drama, pain, and comedy. But, what killed it for me, was all the fillers they have playing now, I can't stand them. Which is way its only an 8/10


Each Character is SO differnet from the other, they all have there own personailtys which makes them who they are. They each shine as who they are, and I love that. They each have their own story, there own pain, and there own goals. Even the less focused on characters are well devolped.

Art/Animation (9/10) The Animation dosn't really stick out to be amazing to me, but unlike other animes I've watched, the characters in Naruto all look different, and the battle scenes are amazing.

Voice Acting/Music (9/10) I love the music in this anime. I dont think there is a song I dislike. The voice acting is good too, the voiices fit the people they are betraying. (American version makes me want to gag)

I love the manga more then the Anime, but the Anime isn't bad. I'll start watching it again when the fillers stop.

03-05-2012, 11:01 AM
Story(9/10): Naruto is a ninja anime series (http://cosplayandcamera.com/naruto-shippuden-anime/) which I still find unique, despite of several ninja series that I've watched before. It feels more modern and can be appreciated by the modern age. The only problem that made me drop the score by 1 point is because of the twisted timeline that they story has. The houses are really old, including the tools that they use for everyday living, yet there are robots and intercoms which are really advanced. It's quite confusing.

Characters(7/10): During the first arcs of the story, I really appreciated the differences between the characters, and I like how Naruto was groomed from being a stupid kid to a hero. They did a great job on the back story of every protagonists. But for the antagonists, its kinda tiring to hear over and over that their story is somewhat similar to Naruto's own life story.

Art/Animation(7/10): Perhaps I'm just comparing it to other anime series that I've watched with better art and animation, so I gave a 7.

Voice Acting/Music(9/10): The Japanese voicing is really good, and it compliments the personality of the character well enough for me to feel the emotions. I also like the soundtracks used within the series.

Overall(8/10): All in all, this is one of the best long running anime series that was able to hold up my excitement until now. Although I think they shouldn't prolong the series to much, especially now that the arc is already in the great ninja war.

03-13-2012, 01:46 PM
Japanese version (I don't watch the English one...I hate the voice acting)

Story (10/10)
I can't even begin to count the times I have cried whilst watching this anime; the dialogue is so beautiful! I think the story really taps into the human emotions as it is talking about things we can all relate to: grief, hope, courage and love.

Characters (9/10)
Most of the characters are very easy to connect to and become your friends over time, so that you're sad if anything happens to them, however, in the fillers especially, some characters can be a bit samey!

Art/animation (9/10)
Despite the occasional hiccups regarding noses etc the standard of art in this anime/manga is astounding. I especially like all the different hairstyles they come up with! :D

Voice acting/music (10/10)
Cannot fault these areas at all. Everytime there is a new opening/closing I am thrilled! I love Naruto's Japanese voice actor, as she brings such emotions to the script! I wish I could get the soundtrack on iTunes, but they don't sell it!!

Overall (10/10)
Amazing. I love it.

04-12-2012, 01:48 PM
How can you critically judge and anime on an anime forum if u have only seen one? if u can only get into one, then i suggest you go to a naruto forum. because we dont need more fanboys giving naruto 10/10. i can agree to a point. giving the story 10/10 is ridiculous tho. what part of naruto is original? even if you look outside of anime, stories like this have been told for years. I mean, you can see so many similarities in the movie "slum dog millionaire". i respect your opinion. but maybe u should watch other anime and then judge. and if u cant get into them, then you shouldnt be giving reviews on an anime forum. its like a person that has never read a book before or ever been told a story and giving him justin biebers biography. ofc he will say its that best thing he has ever read. and then going on a forum and talking about it with other people that have read hundreds of books. Its OK if u dont like anime in general but u like naruto and you want to talk about it, but go to a forum or a chat dedicated to THAT specific anime.

06-15-2012, 01:00 PM
You're kidding, right?! Say that Naruto's story is recently in the BEST stage EVER! The last manga chapter was just perfect, you should be reading another Naruto lol

06-15-2012, 08:54 PM
Interesting thread! :)

Story (9/10)
I would definetely give it a 10 as for the latest manga chapter's, particularly the last one indicates that the followings will certainly be very very interesting. Overally it has some incoerences and things that could have been more explored, I think Akatsuki just endend up too fast and the idea of just 2 really bad guys in the series (Kabuto, the masked guy and well, Zetsu and Kisame as well) is not very plausable.

Characters (10/10)
Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Kakashi, Lee, Gai, Deidara, Hidan, Nagato, Yondaime, Hashirama, Madara, Danzou, the 3 Sannins, Sandaime, Orochimaru, Kabuto, the masked guy, all the 5 kages... they are all fantastic characters, very autenthicall and diverse, which is very good for the series. Others like Tenten, Chouji, Ino are almost dispensable mas overally it deserves the max grade.

Art/Animation (8/10)
As for the art I'd give it a 9, it still is not as good as One Piece per instance, but very good no matter what. As for animation it is pretty good, but actually all those fillers just make me so SICK that I'm just reading manga chapters since 2012 started! So despite the good moments I'd give it a 7. So the average is 8

Voice Acting/Music (10/10)
Japonish version: voice: 10, I just have nothing to say, the voices are very adequate to the character's acts and personalities, just Naruto's himself is too feminish, don't know why didn't they choose a guy for doing it.

Overall (9/10)
Naruto was the first anime I watched, started 3 years ago, and I saw about 20 episodes a day, so good it was! I've seen a lot more animes since then, such as Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Katekyo Hitman Reborn... and for me Naruto is the 2nd or 3rd best of those, loosing just for One Piece and eventually for Bleach/Inuyasha

06-16-2012, 08:38 AM
I'm sorry for being such a rookie and apologize that this is not the adequate thread, but could any plz tell me what does Gil stands for? Is it some kind of pontuation given to your reputaion on this forum?
Thanks anyway!

08-05-2012, 05:22 AM
Story: (9/10)
Even though the show is called "Naruto", the plot is rigorous and it's really thrilling how to author chose to add so many other characters with beautiful (mostly sad) backup stories. Most of the people I've met so far held a different opinion, but I still believe that this show's aim is Naruto's endlessly battle of fixing everything that has ever been between him and Sasuke. He's simply obsessed with him; I clearly remember that dialogue between Naruto and Jiraya, when he told him that he'd better live his life as an idiot rather then giving up Sasuke.
I give the story a 9 because of the endless fillers and "memories". They are probably trying to make this more dramatic that it already is, but eventually, they ended up annoying the audience.

Characters: (10/10)
What beautiful characters has Mashimoto-san created... But more than the characters, I love the relationship between them. I'm glad that the author decided not to make stupid pairs and to focus more on other kinds of relationships - rivalry, brotherhood, family, enemies. The reason why I gave a complet 10 is because these relationships aren't set in stone, they change together with the characters' personalities, thing that makes the anime to look more closer to reality. The relationship between Sasuke and Naruto is definetely the most intriguing and is also the one that is in a continuing change.

Animation: (9/10)
The animation has been changing ever since the beginning. I like the glitches intentionally made to humor the audience, so i'll set this with a 9.

Voice Acting: (10/10)
As many voices as many characters. The voice actors are really good with their jobs; i can feel my heart in my throat everytime a character gives a dramatic speech (or when Naruto and Sasuke have their rarely meetings).
I would have given a 9, but since I've heard Sasuke singing (what a heavenly voice *drool*), the anime will totally be worth 10.

Overall: (9.5/10)
I couldn't decide between 9 and 10, so I went for a 9.5. It's the anime of my childhood and I've been watching it ever since. Wise plot, wise characters, wise author, everything is good about this show!

08-06-2012, 01:05 AM
well i would say naruto is a good anime but it just soo overated... almost the whole world is watching naruto and it just get sooo boring at times of watching it especially when they only talk almost the whole episode of it overall a good anime and its still on going

Stradlig Saxul
08-10-2012, 02:12 AM
I really like the series, but unfortunately, like the opinion of many people, it sometimes gets too predictable and repetitive. Character development could have been handled much better. Overall I think Naruto has more unexploited potential, Kishi just has to handle the character development better. And focus less on the characters he obviously has overpowered to the bone.

08-20-2012, 11:50 PM
i hate animes that dont know when to end. like bleach and this anime

08-22-2012, 09:32 PM
Great anime

10-22-2012, 03:47 PM
I attempt to review this anime series as much as I can as of late, but had to put the manga on hold to focus on just the anime.
(When I review I have a hard time pronouncing the names of some characters)

YouTube Review Link:

11-12-2012, 02:17 AM
I suggest Adding these 3 series...
Kamen Rider Den-O
Kamen Rider W Double
Kamen Rider OOO OOZ

Kamen Rider Den-O and W are Completed Series but Kamen Rider OOO is a new series that started September 5th. So right now it currently has 1 Episode out right now and it comes out weekly.

03-02-2013, 09:24 AM
(6/10) overall review: Poor animations and lot of fillers.

03-02-2013, 10:49 AM
(6/10) overall review: Poor animations and lot of fillers.

1st season had not the best animation but if you look at Shippuden series it has quite good graphics
as for fillers ... maybe but to say they ruin anime would be totally wrong,plot still great and have many ways to develop it

Overall: 9/10

03-03-2013, 08:06 AM
1st season had not the best animation but if you look at Shippuden series it has quite good graphics
as for fillers ... maybe but to say they ruin anime would be totally wrong,plot still great and have many ways to develop it

Overall: 9/10

oh, i thought this was naruto shippuden <.<
to naruto classic i give 8/10, the sasuke thing in the end i didn't like it

10-15-2013, 01:07 AM
Story (9.9/10)
The 0.1 part that i personally didn't like is *SPOILERS* the beginning of the world story. Like where chakra came from, the tree, and all that shiz. There were too many plot holes there and because i'm an Agnostic (please don't flame me for this), i just couldn't appreciate the part as much as others could i guess. But other than this, Naruto is heart-breaking and heart-warming and it's extremely lovely.

Characters (10/10)
Everyone is beautiful. Every single one of them. *SPOILERS* yes, that Karin girl was still cray cray about Sasuke even though he stabbed her before and she swore that she didn't like him anymore, never mind that she wanted to lick him all over during the freaking war haha. yes, there are some characters that people keep complaining about ( #ANTISAKURA #ANTIHINATA #ANTIANTIANTI )and whatnot. but the point is, every single character in Naruto is beautiful. their stories, their personalities, everything about them.

Art/animation (8/10)
i actually don't pay as much attention to the animation and i'm really no good at art, but for me it's pretty good.

Voice acting/music (10/10)
just like how i don't pay as much attention to animation, the same goes with voice acting. but the music oh wow the music. every time, every single freaking time i listen to Naruto music i either get goosebumps and feel like crying or get goosebumps and feel like performing top-class ninjutsu/taijutsu and killing someone in the process. though there are a few exceptions i guess? a few of them are super creepy and i rarely listen to them. one, i remember, is Akatsuki's theme song i think. other than those select few, the music is hella precious.

Overall (10/10)

10-26-2013, 11:03 PM
[LEFT][COLOR=#000000]I've heard a lot of people call this the most overrated anime of all time.

So is it really?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Me? I'm one of the guys who loves it. This is the anime that got me into anime in the first place. So why should you read my review as opposed to the hundred others? Because I'll try to show you both what everyone gripes about and what they love about the show. Bear with me on this review, as it will be a little long, but since the anime I'm reviewing is pretty long, I have a lot to cover.

Story (10/10) - Ok, a lot of people gripe about the story of Naruto, saying it's cliche, moves too slowly, isn't interesting, or whatever. I have to admit, some of these complaints are well-founded. So why did I give it a 10/10? Because the story is so complex and well-done. A lot of this won't become obvious until Naruto: Shippudden, but this is a review of the original series, so, I digress.

Naruto is set in a fictional universe where Shinobi (Ninja) are basically the entire cast. Most Shinobi aren't mercenaries, but instead, fight to protect their village, and complete missions to earn money for it. The main character is one such Shinobi, name "Naruto" (hence, the name of the series). Naruto is a rebellious, disrespectful, punk, yet he still wants to become a great ninja. He even aspires to become "Hokage" (the lead ninja of his village). While this may sound pretty cliche, you'll quickly realize that Naruto has a long way to go before he has any hope of becoming Hokage.

This series goes through a lot of twists and turns. The story is too complicated to try to explain in this review, but the further along you go, you'll find that Naruto aspirations aren't easy to live up to. In the very first arc, Naruto and his companions are confronted by a powerful Shinobi who wants to kill the man they have been assigned to protect. The battle that ensued is what got me hooked on this show.

The fights in general are nothing short of brilliant. If you like action, this anime is for you! The battles will have you on the edge of your seat, and you won't be able to stop until you see how the fight is concluded. I also enjoy watching the characters learn new moves and apply them in combat situations. You'll see Naruto change from an annoying little punk, to a ninja who people actually start to respect for his perseverance and strength.

Now, for the things people gripe about in this show. Oftentimes, a fight scene will be interrupted by a flashback or monologue, and this can get dull at times. I didn't mind so much the first time around, but it does hurt the rewatch value a bit. The story can move slowly at times, but most of the slowness is because of how complex the story truly is. The further you go, the deeper you'll see things get.

Another thing people gripe about is the length. While it's true that 220 episodes is quite an undertaking, it's really not necessary to watch more than the first 135 episodes. Yes, you heard me correctly friends. The last 85 episodes of the show are nothing but a desolate wasteland, inhabited by nothing but the pile of vomit known as "filler". I only watched the first 40 episodes of filler before I'd had enough, and skipped on to Shippudden. Some of the filler arcs are truly terrible. You'll sit back and wonder how the creators of the show had the audacity to slap the name "Naruto" to the garbage you've been viewing (if you're brave enough to bother watching it). Hence, my review only covers the non-filler portions of the show. Do yourself a favor and skip the filler. It really isn't worth your time.

Art (7/10) - Here the show isn't as strong. While the art is never distinctly poor, it's also not great either. I suppose at times it can't be helped when making a series as long as this one. The animation is often stepped up for fights, or more intense parts of the show, which does help considerably. The art is at least passable, and I was never really bothered by it. Definitely not a show you watch for the eye-popping scenery, though.

Sound (7/10) - I must say that I really did enjoy the music at first. While it tended to use synthesizers a bit more than I cared for, it still distinctly fit the mood of the show. Some of the battle music was catchy, and managed to combine electric guitar with more traditional sounding string or wind instruments. However, the creators of the show didn't seem to think it was necessary to update their musical score once in awhile. This wouldn't have been a problem if the show wasn't 220 episodes long. Music that I had once enjoyed, began to grow a bit overused by the end of the series. It never grew to the point of bothering me, but had the show gone on much longer before the filler started, I might have thought differently. The music is good, just used for a few too many episodes.

The voice acting was easily good enough for me as well. Not outstanding, but never distinctly bad either. Just don't watch the dubbed version. Naruto's voice alone will be enough to drive you insane.

Character (9/10) - Getting to know the cast can be a bit daunting at first. I've never taken the time to count, but there must be at least 30+ characters who get a decent amount of screen time in this show. While this sounds very cumbersome, it actually helps the show quite a bit. each character has their own unique back story and their own battle techniques. While one might think that ninja from a particular village all use the same techniques, this couldn't be further from the truth. The styles of combat are so diverse, that it makes for some VERY interesting fight sequences. Sometimes one character is at a distinct disadvantage, and is forced to out think his opponent in order to win. If it weren't for the brilliantly done fights and interesting characters, this show would lose a lot of it's value.

There is one drawback to all of these characters, though. Sometimes, a somewhat minor character will have a flashback in the middle of a fight. It does help to have some context for why they fight, but it gets old at times, especially if it's a minor character that no one really cares about. Despite this problem, the show does a good job of somehow making you hate a character in the beginning, and totally changing your opinion of them at one point or another. I can think of several examples of this.

Another problem is that some of the main characters (aka Naruto) are kind of annoying. Naruto is honestly a complete moron in the beginning, and you probably won't like him much at first. He gets better as things go along, but you'll still cringe at him a few times early on. Another annoying character is the lead female: Sakura. Sakura spends the entire series being obsessed with Sasuke (the third member of Naruto and Sakura's three-man team) and never really does anything worthwhile. She spends her time sitting on the sidelines of fights and cheering for Naruto and Sasuke (she gets better in Shippudden, but once again, this isn't a Shippudden review). While this didn't bother me at first, it got kind of annoying when all Sakura could do for the entire series was yell "Sasuke, Sasuke!" But anyway, moving right along. Their sensei, Kakashi, is very calm and cool, and helps to balance out this team of knuckleheads. Naruto's an idiot, Sakura's useless, and Sasuke's a child prodigy, yet somehow, Kakashi turns them into a functional ninja team. An impressive feat, if you ask me.

To sum it up, whatever shortcomings these characters have, you'll still find yourself rooting for them as they are put through fight after fight, trying to protect their village, the people they love, and what they believe in. For every character that annoys you, there will be at least one that you genuinely love. Even though I did a lot of complaining about the three central characters, I still found myself rather attached to them by the end of the series. The characters will do a good job of making you laugh throughout the series, and it helps to lighten the mood when you sometimes least expect it.

As you can see based on the 9/10 I gave the characters, I definitely grew to like them. Despite all the complaints people have, the characters are still very well done.

Enjoyment (10/10) - It's hard to be objective on this part of the review. I enjoyed it tremendously, but there are plenty of people who don't. I'd say give it a chance and see what you think. You'll probably know whether or not you'll like the show after the first arc is finished, which is about 17 episodes.

Overall (10/10)- Were we on a slightly more precise scale, I might give it a 9.5. I've already said that I enjoyed it a lot, but let me try to sum things up for you:

Pros: Lots of action! There are a lot of very well-done fights, which is one of the strongest points of the show. The characters are a good bit better than average, with a few annoying exceptions. The story is long, and complex, but very good.

Cons: It's a long anime. 135 episodes (non-filler) for just the original series is a sizable undertaking. Some of the main characters are a bit on the annoying side, and it takes a few episodes before they grow up a little. The long filler arc at the end also turns people off, especially those who feel compelled to watch an entire anime without skipping the filler.

02-02-2014, 06:05 AM
Story (7/10)
I love Naruto's strong willed attitude. The stroy is pretty okay. Just sometimes I think Naruto should give up finding sasuke.

Characters (9/10)
Naruto, Hinata, Neji, and Kiba I think are really awesome. The ones who should not be named I never understood, or got on my nerve to much.

Voice Acting (10/10)
I feel like I am the only one who likes the Dubbed version. I rather watch the anime then read it. I also respect the Dub voice actor/actresses because I am sure that saying your line and having to match it with there mouth is hard work. They don't have the advantage of voice acting before the animation was created.

Overall (8/10)
I am more of a bleach fan but Naruto is a can't pass up anime really awesome. :)

02-06-2014, 11:15 PM
i love naruto so much, i am always followed the series the was shown in anime site, also read from manga.. the story is great,, all in all its amazing anime series.

11-14-2016, 02:48 PM
I've never been able to make it all the way through but I'm restarting today and hoping to not get distracted XD

02-28-2018, 03:00 AM
I'm a fan of naruto. I've been reading stories since I was little. It was part of my childhood.