View Full Version : [TV series] Anime Unleashed: Colorful!

12-06-2005, 07:02 AM
Name: Colorful!
Source: G4
Episodes: 2
Genre: Mature themes, situational humor

Plot Synopsis: In different situations, different people find themselves in compromising positions, and interestingly enough, get caught doing a big "no-no". Pretty much all it's about is men trying to "look" at women...

Story 7/10: There is no story, but there are very nicely laid out scenarios in which these men get caught <<ahem>>...or not. Even without a story, though, this anime has the best little scenes that almost make up a small story.

Characters 9.5/10: Like I said before, these characters are really perverted. Even though most of the characters aren't given names, but the ones that are named show themselves repeatedly throughout what episodes there are.

Animation 10/10: Truly amazing animations and visuals give this series a look only a mother can love. Although it seems a bit wasted on this one...hmmm.
Not too much in character design, but it get's by.

Audio 9/10: Put shortly, there is no music...but the voice acting is awesome. Instead of a squeak or laugh with excitement. Here, they scream...

Overall.9.5/10: Short input: Watch it! G4 Fridays Midnight w/ replays thru-out weekend at 3 or 4 am.