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11-26-2005, 07:31 PM
The world of Sakir is threatened by a dark lord. 3 kingdoms have already fallen before him and his subordinates. One kingdom is left standing against him. As a last desperate attempt the King sends the greatest people in his kingdom to defeat the dark lord. The party leaves the kingdom in the cover of the night while the king throws a party to cover up their leave. Not knowing that his only daughter, had left as well...

You can be an assassin

A hunter

An Archer

A crusader

A Monk

A priestess

An Alchemist

Or you can be the half brother of the princess who is like a pawn of the dark lord.

Another one of you can be his servant or whatever.(You choose wether you’re gonna join their party or be the ones fighting them). Elvens, Sprites, Lycans and other magical creatures are accepted too.

Or whichever things you can think of. You can’t be a sorceress/ sage because the daughter of the king is gonna be that one. You can control one element if you want. You don’t have to pm me for your roles. There are three rules. Three, no Godmodding (except for the evil guys). Two, no cursing. And One? Have fun.

My Character:

Name: “Amante”(Athena)


Good/bad: Good

Personality: (It’s in the Bio)

Appearance: http://www.ragnarokonline.jp/image/gamedata/character/charimage_large/Crusader_Female.jpg (http://www.ragnarokonline.jp/image/gamedata/character/charimage_large/Crusader_Female.jpg)

Gender: “male” ( Nobody knows that “he’s” actually a she )

As a: Knight

Weapons/ elements: (it’s in the appearance) Just the slightest slice of her sword on an enemy makes him/her/ burn.

Bio: Though Athena can sometimes be cold, inside she also cries, she also laughs, and she also smiles. With the confidence of nobody knowing what gender she is as the armor protects her true identity, she gets closer to the princess. She can be stubborn and hates losing. Athena also had a sad past. One that would be the reason of her cold heart. Each day, she trains herself to be “strong”.

PLEASE join. You guys can start whenever.

What the castle looks like: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~tkiyono/Web%20Page/FFXAlexandria.jpg (http://www2.hawaii.edu/~tkiyono/Web%20Page/FFXAlexandria.jpg)

blue_rose, you will be the princess. Muahahahahahaha!!!!
Strom_Dragon_Girl, you have to join too!

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(I hate you)

Name: Azmaria de la Silva
Gender: Female
Personality: Though she is a bit childish, mischievous and a trouble maker sometimes, (okay, maybe a lot) she can be nice and caring too. When you say please ^^. She is passionate about anything that has to do with arts and music. And she doesn’t take no for an answer. Unless it’s hers. ^^;
As a: princess. She is Sage.
Bio: Azmaria may be known for her happy go lucky attitude and attractive aura, the smile in her eyes say something else. The fact that her brother was missing before the dark lord had attacked made no comfort to her thoughts on the dreams that she had been having for the past years.
Appearance: (she looks like Garnet in FF9...hang on and I'll get her picture)
(Seriously, Lexy, I do)

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Has this been approved? If yes, here's my character

Name: Surimano Tacheama

Age: 17 years of age

Personality: He's a boy of unknown personality. Nobody really understands him, but once you get to know him and earn his trust, he'll reveal his personality to you. When you HAVE earned his trust, and friendship, his personality changes with the situation (example: When he's at a carnival, he's happy, and cheerful, when he's fighting someone, he gets serious)

As a: Diviner, Warriors who've mastered all the elements

Element: He controls most all of the elements, called a Diviner, He shoots out beam that have an attribute of each element in them.

Weapons: He has a blade called the MaterialElement Blade. You never know what kind of elemental attribute it'll unleash when sliced.

Bio: He's was born and raised as a protector of the King's family. He was trained by the last surviving Diviner, but that Diviner died a few years ago. He's been living alone since, but regardless he still attended school. At school he's very popular with everyone, including the girls of his class, but he doesn't really show much affection for them. He was ordered by the King to join up with the princess and aid her in her journies. He already caught up with her, and assumed his duties as protector.

Appearance: He has black hair, that ran to his mid-back. He wears a large cloak over him when he's walking, and when he's resting, in a town, and such, he has an clothing similar to Yuan's from Tales of Symphonia.

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Read the rules for starting an RP.