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11-18-2005, 02:30 PM
aww... i hate beeing the first person... so much more info to dig up!

Title: Golden Boy
Jap. Kanji: ゴールデンボーイ
Type: 6 OAVs (30 minutes each)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi
Companies: (KSS, Shueisha)

Plot synopsis:

Kintaro, a 25 year student, wanders japan on his trusty bicycle in search for things to learn! he goes from part-time job to part-time job to assimilate a bit of everything he can...

Story = 7.5/10

Original, but not ground breaking... exceptionally good for a show made in the 80s tho 0_o; (shows were SO corney back then...)

Characters = 8.5/10

Altho not the perfect role-models, all the characters are love-able... Kintaro, the main character, has a very strong moral code and abides by it...(altho he IS cursed with a thing we call male hormones :P)

You will constantly see him writing down every little tidbit of information he gets... be it usefull or completely trivial... he is addicted to learning! And because of his odd personality, he is often mis-understood and put into very akward situations...

Art/Animation = 9/10

i was REALLY impressed with the quality of the animation in this anime! (well... considering its almost as old as i am!)

the beauty of it tho, is the body language! to this day, we VERY rarely c so much facial expression in characters! (and thus fits perfectly with the voice acting!)

Voice acting = 8.5/10

very fitting. as i said above, fits perfectly with visuals and the situation.

Music = 5/10

80s music really hurt this anime... you'll understand what i mean if you watch an episode...

Overall! = 8.5/10

Most often, HISTERICAL!

BUT!!!! i must enforce that this anime ISNT for younger audiences! this is really 17+ stuff! i loved this anime... but found it to end too abruptly... maybe it was cancelled? im not all too sure... the last episode does give SOME closure... but leaves you wondering what happens next... which always hurts an anime...

12-10-2005, 09:13 PM
Story: (8/10) As stated above, it was good for an 80's storyline. It was funny, and entertaining, but it really could have, and should have, been made into a whole series, 12 or 13 episodes, rather than an OVA series. Each OVA had a good purpose and good morals behind it, yet still provided some entertainment, and some good ol' fan service.

Characters: (10/10) The best part of this series was its characters. Each one of them had their flaws and problems. Kintaro was a goog guy who stuck by his morals as best he could as his male hormones attempt to corrupt him. In each OVA, Kintaro teaches these characters, all of whom are attractive females, about themselves and their flaws, and makes eah of them a better person by the end. Of course, he always ends up having to leave each character at the end of each episode for some reason.

Animation: (8/10) For an older anime, it is very good and fluent. There are little flaws with it, which again, adds to the fan service. The way the style was designed was definatly to be used for females rather than males, as the males seemed to have less detail than the females. The backgrounds were always nice to look at, and the show had good shading and coloring.

Voice Acting: (9/10) Very good dubbing for this anime. It was near flawless, although at times Kintaro's voice became annoying, such as his trademark "Whao!".

Music: (4/10) As said above, the 80s music really hurt this anime. It was just terrible music. There is not much else to say about it.

Overall: (8/10) The anime didn't have a real ending, and was simply to sudden, which hurt it. But, it will maintain that it was a very good anime, especially for a fairly dated one. Again, I shall reinforce that this is anime is outragously halarious, but is definatly not for children.