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11-15-2005, 11:11 PM
Yes..so these are pretty old and such and I am very open to any critics...just don't be cruel....I cry easily...>__> and when you make me cry I kick @$$....>:) so there

http://www.animeforum.com/uploads/youkai_executioner_sango2.jpg A pic of Sango I made in PSP7...... I will provide the original later if anyone is interested...

Cardcaptors is one of my top favorite animes....and this is something I made when it was still on the air...yes it is VERY old and crummy :oy: ....Sakura's right eye is smaller than her left but I do like the colors in this picceh ^_^

11-20-2005, 06:37 PM
-meeps- I am getting more responses for my art on the forums further down..heh ^_^ so I am just going to put another one of my older drawings on here to be made fun of....if there are any birthdays out there...this is for you =^.^= Enjoy!http://www.animeforum.com/uploads/Birthday(Ami).jpg

11-20-2005, 06:41 PM
Very good! I like the effects that you used on the first one. Did you use jasc?

11-20-2005, 06:49 PM
Sure did ^^ Good ole PSP7 -pets-

BTW I love your kenshin pic on your signature =^^=

11-20-2005, 06:54 PM
Thanks! -Shizu- made it. She's great! Do you make avies?

11-20-2005, 07:08 PM
Actually I was going to try and start making them in PSP if I could ever sit down like I could today {Its my day off ^^}; because I tried making one using that really nice one of Sesshoumaru that I have in my signature but it was way too big and I couldn't shrink it. So one day, yea I will start making them.

11-20-2005, 07:20 PM
Kewl! Just tell me when, and I'll be your first customer! You can alwase reach me through pming me. I alwase check those! Keep up the drawing!!

11-20-2005, 07:29 PM
Cool! If you ever want to talk on Yahoo my sn is teh same as my user name ^_^ hope to talk with you sometime!

11-20-2005, 07:33 PM
Ok. I'll do that. In the meantime: Have fun drawing! "If it isnt fun, It's not worth doing." I got that from a book.

~Troublesome Woman~
11-30-2005, 02:04 AM
Interesting... no, I like them. I've never tried anything on the computer.

12-09-2005, 10:48 PM
The picture of Sango is fantastic, great work gothic_neko_youkai! You have quite the talent for computer art, keep it up^^

Luv Angel Eyes

12-09-2005, 11:10 PM
there nice ive never tried doing anything on the computer , the only thing i have is paint .....