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Okie, this is Chapter two of the Who Said That Beauty Pageants Are Only For Girls? Since this sin't really connected to Chapter one, even if you haven't read part one, you can enjoy this. (it would be better if u did read chapter one though... -_-) Since the first chapter isn't very popular, hopfully this chapter is better! :happy:

Chapter Two: Breaking the news

“Kagome, Kagome!” Kagome’s friends cried, stopping Kagome on her way home. Summer vacation had finally arrived and Kagome was looking forward to going home and eating what she believed was rightfully hers, the ice cream lying quietly in the farthest corner of her refrigerator.

“What?” Kagome asked, turning around to face her three energetic friends. “If it’s another date with Hojo then forget it! I’m not going out with him!”

“How could you say such a thing?” Eri, a girl with wavy black hair that fell a little below her shoulder.

“If you don’t want to go out with Hojo then just tell us! Besides, We’re not here to tell you about Hojo.” Yuka said, her black hair falling short of her shoulders.

“Then what do you want to talk about?” Kagome said. ‘Oh God, Inuyasha’s going to kill me if I don’t make it back in time!’

The three friends of Kagome laugh mysteriously.

“Ta da!” Ray, a girl with short black hair holds up a piece of paper.

“What’s that?” Kagome asked, pointing at the paper.

“There’s a beauty pageant going on!” Yuka answered excitedly.

“Yeah! We’re going to enter it!” Ray said with a hand on her face.

“And we think you should enter it with us!” Eri finished.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not interested.” Kagome said before turning around, ready to walk back home. ‘Inuyasha won’t give me time to enter it anyway.’

Yuka and Ray grabbed Kagome’s shoulders and made her turn around.

“Look at the first place prize before you make your decision.” Ray said holding one of Kagome’s shoulders even tighter.

Eri hold up the piece of paper again and point to the middle of the paper. There was a picture, which Kagome somehow missed the first time she looks at the paper.

Kagome’s eyes widen. On the paper there was the picture of not one, not two, but six Shards of the Shikon no Tama. On the bottom of the paper there wrote: To the first place winner of the Crystal Beauty Pageant.

Kagome quickly snatch the paper out of Eri’s hand and look at it more carefully just to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. Sure enough, there were six jewel shards lying innocently on a royal blue colored pillow.

“So are you going to join?” ask Eri as she watch Kagome staring at the piece of paper, disbelief written all over her face.

Kagome tore her eyes from the paper and turned to her friend. “Yeah” she said.

“Great,” Yuka said. “We’ll see you in a week at the audition on the other side of town.”

“Remember it’s at 10:00 A.M, don’t be late!” Eri said waving good-bye.

“See ya there.” Ray said as she ran to catch up with Yuka and Eri that had already left.

Kagome turn around and began to run home, excited about the news. She pictured how Inuyasha would look like and began to laugh as she ran. The people that past by gave her weird looks, wondering if the girl was insane.


“Bye Mom!” Kagome shouted, closing the door. Her big yellow book bag lay heavily over her shoulder as she walk towards the well house. An ice cream in one hand while her other handhold and bow. A sword with shiny black sack tied on her hip. She no longer wore the school uniform that she always wore. Kagome now wore tight jeans that showed off her curves very well, topping with a sleeveless Chinese shirt that was red with the design of a black dragon on the back.

Over the past two years, she became very skilled in archery. She also had more control over her miko powers now with the help of Keade. She learned spells from Miroku. She know much more about Youkais, and hand to hand combats from Sango. Kagome even learn Sword fighting from Sesshomaru after he decides to help them. Even though Sesshomaru doesn’t travel with them, he visits sometimes. Sesshomaru taught Kagome how to use a sword when he was visiting. Even now Inuyasha and Sesshomaru doesn’t get along but at least they don’t tried to kill each other anymore. They won’t dare because then, they’ll have to face the wrath of Kagome. Kagome have stopped loving Inuyasha after he ran off to meet Kikyo one night. Now she just sees Inuyasha and Sesshomaru as her over protective brothers and they saw her as a little sister that always needed protecting.

Kagome jumped into the old bones eater’s well. A welcoming blue light engulfed her and transferred 500 years into the past.


Kagome’s head popped out of the well and scanned around the clearing making sure Inuyasha was nowhere in sight. When she was satisfy, she pop out of the well, dragging the heavy yellow bag with her. When she turned around she came face to face with a very angry Inuyasha.

“WHERE WERE YOU?!” Inuyasha shouted. “YOU’RE LATE!”

“Sorry!” Kagome said her hand clapped over her head in a praying kind of way.

“Well hurry up and get going, Miroku, Sango and that little twerp of yours is waiting.” Inuyasha said grumpily. He walks behind Kagome and grabs the bag from her and began to walk in the direction of Keade’s Village.

Kagome smiled and ran to catch up with Inuyasha. “Thanks,” She said and smiled brightly at Inuyasha.

“Feh.” Inuyasha said turning his head to the side, a hit of red on his face. Kagome giggled when she saw it.


When they arrived at the village, a red ball of fur tackled Kagome, almost making her losses her balance. She look down and saw a pair of innocent green eyes staring at her.

“Okaa-san, I’ve missed you!” The red ball of fur now known as Shippo cried. Kagome has become like a mother to Shippo over the past two years and allow him to call her Okaa-san (mother).

“I’m back, sorry for taking so long.” Kagome said in a motherly way to Shippo.

Kagome hold Shippo as she makes her way into the hut. Inside, Sango sat near the fire polishing Hiraikotsu. Miroku sat dangerously close to Sango. Before Kagome could warn Sango, Miroku’s hand was already at its destination, Sango’s butt. Sango blushed blood red and hit Miroku over the head with Hiraikotsu. “Hentai!” She screamed while beating Miroku.

Kagome watch the amusing seen unfold before her. “When will he ever learn?” Kagome sigh.

“Never,” Shippo answer her while shaking his head. “A Miroku that isn’t a pervert just isn’t Miroku.”


After everyone has settled down with an ice cream stick in hand, Kagome began to speak. “I’ve located the whereabouts of six jewel shards.”

“Really, Kagome-sama?” Miroku said while he licked his vanilla ice cream.

“Then where is it Kagome?” Inuyasha asked with the chocolate ice cream in his mouth.

“It’s in my time.” Kagome answered.

“WHAT?!” Inuyasha screamed, holding on his ice cream in his hand. “Then do you have it?!”

“No.” Kagome simply said. “We’ll have to win it.”

“Then let’s go.” Inuyasha said, getting up after he finished his ice cream.

“We can’t.” Kagome replied.

“Why’s that?” Sango asked.

“That’s because the contest to win it doesn’t begin till next week.” Kagome answered.

“What contest?” Miroku asked.

“Oh, it’s a Beauty Pageant.” Kagome answered casually.

“WHAT?” Inuyasha shouted. “But Miroku and I are boys, we can’t enter it.”

“Just dress up as girls then.” Kagome answered.

“There’s no way I’m dressing up as a girl.” Inuyasha said, or more like yelled out.

“It’s no big deal.” Miroku told Inuyasha.

“That’s because you are a pervert.” Inuyasha bit out.

“Well I’m hurt that you think that way about me,” Miroku put out a hurt expression.

“Yeah, right.” grumble Inuyasha.

“It’s alright if you don’t go. Sango and I are enough.” Kagome said in a carefree voice knowing very well that Inuyasha won’t let them do this alone.

“There’s no way that I’m letting just you two girls do this alone.” Inuyasha said turning toward Kagome.

“Alright then, you’re coming right?” Kagome asked with the cutest puppy dog eyes she could muster.

“Whatever.” Inuyasha said, pouting.

"GREAT! Now, I've brought along some make-up, dresses, mini-skirts, and OHHH! I have the cutest hats! OHMIGOSH, and these wigs are one hundred percent genuine, from REAL humans! AND OH OH OH! LEMME BRAID YOUR HAIR!" Kagome squealed happily in one breath, reaching out for Inuyasha’s long mane of tempting, shiny locks.

"NONONONONONONOOOO!" Inuyasha pleaded, running away from a still blabbing Kagome.

'That was almost too easy.' Kagome thought, secretly doing a little victory dance in her head.


The group looks for Shards for four days without finding any. They headed back toward Kaede’s village two days before the contest.

“How are we supposed to get through?” Miroku asked. “Only you and Inuyasha could.”

“Just watch.” Kagome said. She walks over to the well and places her hand on the well’s edge. She closes her eyes and began to chant. Her hand glowed blue, and soon the whole well was glowing. The light slowly died as Kagome open her eyes.

“There.” Kagome said wiping the sweat off her forehead. “Now anyone could past through.”

Miroku nodded as they jumped into the well one by one with Kagome in the lead.


There, I hopr this chapter is better!
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