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it was dark....i changed forms as quickly as possible so the fullmetal would not find me. i snuck back to our hideout and saw lust arging with gluttony.'stop it you pig!"she yelled.i sighed and walked out."you two are at it again?" 'oh.envy welcome back."it was none other than greed. "what are you doing here?you should be finding wrath!"i snapped."calm down envy."lust laughed."this is no laughing matter!"i growled."you've been so hot tempered since you killed that general."greed grumbled."hush!we have to find the elric brothers"lust snapped. i turned to the window and looked out at the streets.i let them go,i thought weirly.i let them slip between my fingers! i drove my fist into the concrete wall."envy?"lust asked in suprise. "what?"i asked without looking at her. "whats wrong...." i turned my head and a smirk played on my lips."nothing lust darling.nothing at all."
it was sunrse when i left the hideout to find fullmetal. he was sitting with the blonde girl.winry or something. i change into mustang and walked out."fullmetal."i called out. ed looked up and sighed."yes colonel?" he asked. "liza wants to see you."i replied."liza?"ed asked. "yes.don't ask questions!thats an order!"i snarled. winry looked scared."yeah yeah."ed stood up and walked over."you know mustang i don't think liza wants to see me." "what?she just.." "it's liza's day off......envy." great!"very good edward.now..hand over wrath!"i laughed. "wath?!"i don't have wrath!"ed snaled. "is that so?well then i'll just take the girl!" i streched my arm and grabed the blonde."winry!"ed cried as i disapeared.
"a girl?!thats not fullmetal!"lust snaled. "i know!he saw through my other disguse.'i grumbled as i dragged winry into a room.i heard lust sigh and then contine flipping through the tv she was watching. winry was perfect bait. lock her up change into her form and capture fulmetal. perfect plan. i set her on the floor and scaned her."who are you?"she snarled."the names envy darling. you must be winry.your bait for fullmetal." i said. "bait?!why me?"she cried. "dear.don't ask stupid qustions."i sighed."what are you?!"she snapped. i spun around and raised my hand to slap her,but stoped."winry dear,you worry about yourself." she struggled aginst my rope."please...what have i done to you?"she begged.i looked down at her in disapointment."i expected a rough girl to be with fullmetal.your nothing but a wimp." i snorted."what did i do?!"she cried. i didn't give in. i wouldn't,i'd never."your a human.that is what you've done."i replied walking to the door. "your a humoculli?"she gasped.she looked me over again."your the humoculli ed was talking about after lab 5!"she gasped.i growled and slamed the door shut."YOU KILLED HUGHES!"i hread her cry from behind the closed door.
what a pitiful sight i mused watching ed and al search te city.ed was in such a panic....it threw me for a curve.ed had never looked so worried. here i go.i changed my form into winry and walked out."ed!oh god!ed!"i cried.he spun around."winry?!"he gasped."i got away!"i smiled as he took me in his arms."thaj goodness.you had me worried."he sighed in releif.i smirked inwardly.perfect.
winry sighed and looke dou the window.oh ed come and save me please.she thoughtin worry.lust walked in with food.'your lucky girl."she snorted."oh really?"winry asked."evny told us to keep you alive."she set the food down and left the room
ed sighed as he exited roy's office at around 7:00 that night. he looke exhausted and pale. "come on winry.al's waiting for us at the room."he said."yes.'i replied following him out."ed......what happened to that kid that izumi was protecting?"i asked."he's gone winry. or at least i think he has rejoined the humoculli."ed replied."envy said he didn't..."i said."envys a pain in the butt."ed grummbled.you punk,i thought.we passed and automail shop and then a fruit stand.ed turned to look back at me."that automail shop......"he bgan."what about it?"i asked in confution."you know....i'm getting tired of this."ed sighed clapping his hands together and creating a vine from the earth to confine me."darn you...'i cursed struggling with the vines."envy this is bad for you skin.'ed smirked as i changed to my form."pity.i have no real form."i tore the vines and attacked edward in haste.he transformed his arm and tore at my chest.it healed,but the clouths were torn."you can'y hurt me ed."i laughed."unless you want to know where winry is."i smirked as his arm stoped at my chest."can't do it?" he pulled back."where is she?!"
cliff hanger!i'l writ chap 2 later.

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