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red storm
10-10-2005, 01:46 PM
Well, thanks to the constant whining-*cough* I mean requests, I have decided to restart the .hack//dawn RPG under a new name: .hack//dawn: Reload.

Now, I could do it simple and restart the same RP with the same story, but that would be boring, so I'll do it a tad harder this time around. This time, we have two sides, one the lawfull side of the Crimson Knights and the free-spirited side of the Black Sun.

Story Summary:
With the mysteries of the Key of the Twilight and the troubles of the undying monsters solved, a relative form of peace returned to the world. Of course, no peace lasts forever, as a group of hackers calling themselves Black Sun have settled in the world. Although initially harbouring no ill intentions, the Black Sun utilized highly illegal modifications that quickly drew the attention of the higher ups in CC Corp. The Crimson Knights, guardians of the world, declared the Black Sun banned, and a virtual war was born. With the two sides duking it out, secrecy could not be maintained long, and soon the ordinary members were drawn into the conflict. Some flocked to the side of the Crimson Knights, bend on ridding the world of these illegal players, while others found themselves being drawn to the Black Sun, who’s ‘free to play’ and other hacks were very tempting.

While either side has more rights then ‘ordinary’ players, the difference between the two sides is easily noticed. Below are the two sides, their home-servers, and history.

The Crimson Knights:

The Crimson Knights were around since the world was born. They were the moderators, so to say, ensuring hat the world could run smoothly and the players be happy. Yet, with the arrival of the Black Sun, the numbers of the Crimson Knights have swelled, and the order has transformed from the guardians of peace to a well-oiled war machine.

Their home-server is the moderator server of Kar-Ator. The server is one big city, testimony to the authority the Crimson Knights command. Filled with ancient skyscrapers that reach above the clouds, birds fly trough the city, forming the most common means of transportation, as well as the bulk of the random monsters. The server has a counsil, an academy and recreation facilities, most of them situated in the Crimson fortress, the Crimson Knights seat of power. Kar-Ator is one of the highest secured servers, and therefore not easy to enter.

The Crimson fortress

The rankings of the Crimson Knights are recognisable via their eyes. In the past every member used to wear helmets, but with the huge number of additional recruits, that strategy has been dropped. Instead, every Crimson Knight gets the ability to let their eyes glow to show their rank, the rankings go as followed:

White eyes: Lady/Lord of the Crimson Knights, this rank is the highest rank possible. Lady Subaru is one of the few people known to carry this title.
Red eyes: Captain, highest ranking achievable, commands most of the Crimson knights.
Green eyes: Lieutenant, second highest ranking achievable, targets specific high-ranking enemies and takes them down.
Yellow eyes: Squad leader: third highest ranking, usually in charge of intelligence (aka spies), sometimes doubles as commandoes.
Blue eyes: Soldier: lowest ranking, the main bulk of the Crimson Knights and those who see the most combat.

The Black Sun:

Initially the Black Sun started by people who were tired of the ‘pay to play’ aspect of the world, yet did not want to leave it behinds. A group of hackers hacked a few accounts, and they formed a group in order to get each other out of trouble. Initially fighting for control, the Black Sun now fight for freedom from the opression of the Crimson Knights. Later, when the Crimson Knights started to interfere, the Black Sun showed that no-one messes with hackers. The Black Sun is therefore filled with hackers, and the war drew only more to their rankings.

The home-server of the Black Sun is the large forest server of Yazin. In the centre of Yazin lies a large temple, also called 'the sanctuary' overgrown by the forest. This temple is the Black Sun headquarters, where all the strategic meetings take place, and where the armory is located. In the forest lie the training camps, where Black Sun train both on and of the ground.

The sanctuary

Although the Black Sun does not really have a ranking system, they do have a way to separate the various groups of their warriors.

A black sun with three diagonal blood-stripes: Ace, one of the founding members of the Black Sun, and the closest thing they have to a highest ranking.
Three diagonal blood-stripes: Assassins and bounty hunters, these people kill targets specified by the Aces.
Two diagonal blood-stripes: Spies and smugglers, these people gather information or goods for the Black Sun.
One diagonal blood-stripe: Mercs, the main bulk of the Black Sun soldiers and mostly first to enter combat.


Be advised that not everyone can get a highest ranking automatically, I need a reason why.

Name: Your name, please refrain from any known characters such as ‘Tsukasa’ or ‘Naruto’ Remember that 'The World' from .hack// is a video game, and the creators wouldn't like copyright infringement just because their users use copyrighted names.

Age: self explaining

gender: the game-character's one.

Appearance: insert or attach picture here, we don’t care if you can’t draw, nobody will laugh. Found a cute picture on the internet? Sure, as long as it isn’t a well known character, post it!

Personal History: Just why the hell did your character join the side he’s on? Stuff like that can be explained here.

Avatar class: What’s your character class? Select from list below.

-Heavyblade: carries a large blade, specialises in strength, slow attack speed.
-blademaster: carries a smaller blade, specialises in agility, medium attack speed.
-twinblade: carries two small blades, ranging from daggers, fistweapons or wakizashis, specialises in high attack speed, very fast attack speed.
-Axemaster: carries a giant axe, specialises in defense, slow attack speed
-long arm: carries a large polearm, specialises in high-damage and range, slow attack speed.
-wavemaster: carries a staff, specialise in casting offensive and defensive magic, attack speed varies.
-Animorphics: Carry no weapon, but have the ability to change in an animal, specialises in hand-to-hand combat, high damage output, low armor.

Alliance: Either Crimson Knights or Black Sun, no neutral characters.

Ranking: Depends on wether your Crimson Knight or Black Sun, check above for details.

Personality: Is your character cheerfull? Does he/she enjoy adventuring, or simply hang around the grassy fields?


name: Chip-chap-chop (what? I said it was an example.)

age: 17

gender: male

appearance: Short spiky hair and bright blue eyes, a large black cape dangling from his back and a equally black leather tunic. His very very black pants reach down to his black shoes (since I refuse to search or draw a picture for an example, I will simply put a description here, which, by the way is also plausible)

History: He joined the Black Sun because he is one of those persons who likes to piss of the cops, or in this case the mods.

Avatar class: Blademaster

Alliance: Black Sun

Ranking: Merc

Personality: Grouchy, you don't want to try and get on his bad side, which is easy.

Above example was a quicky, with the Crimson Knights all you have to do for the ranking is state the eye color Red, Blue, Yellow etc.

10-10-2005, 02:25 PM
((Hello Red storm))

Name: Kushan

Age: In the Game he looks around 18 in Real life he is 16

Appearence: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y131/ZOMFG/Assissin.jpg

Personal History: Ever since the Release of "the world" he has wanted to become an Adminastrator for the game. he has played for almost 2 years and is well on his way to becoming an Adminastrator. He is somtimes called upon by the Crimson Knights to Investigate the possibility of hackers within the servers. he does his Job well.

Class: Twin Blade

Alliance: Crimson Knights

Rank: User (Real World) Yellow Eyes (The World)

Personality: He is somewhat Friendly. but in battle he likes to Hog more enemies to himself. he usualy does help out yes. but going solo is more of his style...

red storm
10-10-2005, 02:32 PM
Well... there is no 'neutrall side' in this RP. This is my first time in creating two sides, and I'd like to prevent total chaos, so you have to choose a side. Since your character wants to become an admin, I sugest the Crimson Knights.

10-10-2005, 02:36 PM
Alright, i understand. i have changed my profile. so you can see for yourself what my character does.

10-10-2005, 02:47 PM
So you will make another Forum in witch the RP is to take place, when more people sign up?

red storm
10-10-2005, 02:55 PM
No double posting, we have an edit button.

Yes, I will make another thread for the actual RPG, but I want to have some members first.

10-10-2005, 03:00 PM
name: Shizu
age: same as kushan XD
appearance:http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b273/Shizu9/20050927CRLablankwingedcatgirl2.jpg (http://photobucket.com/albums/b273/Shizu9/?)
personal history:Her mom and dad are rich but they died in a car crash leaving her all the money to survive (and play video games etc.)
alliance:crimson nights
personality:happy,sometimes mysterious...i think...lol
eye color: depends on the mood

red storm
10-10-2005, 03:11 PM
With ranking, I meant what ranking in your alligment, maybe I should have been a bit clearer in that ^_^;

So, are you a red eyes, a green eyes, a yellow eyes or a blue eyes? Or do you have a really good reason to be a White eyes?

10-10-2005, 03:13 PM
Well i basicly thought "Rankings?" like in User, Administrator, Moderator, Bot. so i just used that type of ranking. is it Absoulutly Necessary to have a Rank within the Game?

red storm
10-10-2005, 03:19 PM
Yes, in this RPG it is. If you're not sure, just pick 'soldier'

10-10-2005, 03:25 PM
Okay, well i changed my Rankings for my profile. i hope to see the RP start soon, for i have to go now. good luck Red storm.

red storm
10-10-2005, 03:28 PM
*sigh* Kushan, Crimson knights doesn't have mercs, but soldiers. The way you type it, however, sugests you work like squad leader, or yellow eyes, investigating rumors and stuff, so just change it to 'yellow eyes'

10-10-2005, 03:32 PM
Name: Surimano Tacheama

Age: 19

Appearance: I can't find a picture....TT_TT, but I can say how he looks! He wears Medium Sized Armor, and has a two straps on his back that holds his 10 foot long blade. His hair is white, and is neck-long. He usually has his hair in a spiky pattern. His eyes are a pure black color. He wears Black Boots on his feet.

Class: Heavy Blade

Alliance: Crimson Knights

Rank: White Eyes (I'll PM you with the reason)

Personal History: He joined the Crimson Knights to fight the Black Sun and restore peace to The World. He fights for the sake of good and defends others. He never fights for no reason (unless it's a monster, of course!). He's usually called for emergencies like if Kar-Artor is under attack by the Black Sun, or monsters.

Personality: His personality depends on the situation, for example, he's fighting a Black Sun member= He's serious and wants to defeat his opponent

He's haning out with friends and such= He's happy and cheerful

get the Picture? Good!

10-10-2005, 03:58 PM
ignore this post plz

10-10-2005, 04:53 PM
Well Red Storm...I havnt joined any other RP's before other than the Inuyasha ones. I always thought that I would be betraying them...however I think I will open my eyes up to new horizon's and join a second RP. But bare with me...I like .hack...but dont know ALOT about it and how it works. So if I mess a few things up I am sorry ahead of time.

Name: Hansuke Sakuma

Age: 19

Appearance: I wish I had a picture, but I can't print off what I see in my mind. Anyways, Sakuma wears a pair of black pants tucked into a pair of black boots. He wears Japanese style chest armor that is also black but had red trimming. He has Katana at his side always. He has short slightly spiky black hair, he is a little short for his age, comming in only in a 5'9"

Class: Blademaster

Alliance: Crimson Knights

Rank: Yellow eyes

Personall History: When Sakuma first entered the world, he was well...lost. He went to a level right off that he wasnt ready for, and almost got himself killed...well as far as dead you can get in the world. It was there that a group of Crimson Knight Commando's interveined and saved him from his first world death. It was from that point on that he wanted to become a Crimson Knight. So he trained as hard as he could everday to reach that goal.

When the war between the Crimson Knights and the Black Sun broke out, he was the first one waiting to join. Sakuma quickly moved up the latter, proving he had the skill's to be the leader of a squad. Sakuma is in charge of a group of four other Crimson Knights. He consider's himself and his team as some of the best out there, and the reason why they were always called out to do some of the more dangerous missions. One thing that always cuts Sakuma down a notch though, is when someone comments on his stature...or lack there of. Becomming widly violent at times, both when the fact that he is vertically challenged is mentioned, and when one of his squad members is hurt. He has been known to actually cause the game to glitch, and cause certain things to well...dissapere (IE weapons, and sometimes even monsters and oppenants), the higher ups have realized this and keep a very close eye on Sakuma. Waiting to see if he becomes a problem.

Personality: Very cocky and always optimistic, Sakuma likes to brag at times. And also likes to fratanize with that ladies when he gets a chance. He has been many a time slapped across the face and been reffered to as a pervert.

10-10-2005, 05:51 PM
YES! Kera is back in business,

real name: Kera
game name: Kera
class: twin blader
Age:Now 17
person type: hacker/ adventurer
alignment: Black Sun (ok Redstorm ill be a bady this time even if i dont want to)

look like:
bright green eyes, 5 foot tall, light skin, black baggy pants, red tang top shirt, black cape Black boots with wraps at the botten of her pants and top of her boots, hair black with red streaks, langth all the way down to the ankals, its in a long braid, has 2 Cremsin stripes on her face on both cheeks

No longer new to the world ever sense the black sun she had gained in stranth and power no longer a newbie blessed with secret unkown power She has figured out how to use that power Her Character in the game had almost fully recovered from the netslums problem The only thing is that the netslum virus made her believe in going on the Black suns side, She not really evil just on there side, Shes kinda confused about the whole thing and not seeing her friends for years messed with her mind more then any one could believe. She is glad to be back in the game with a few upgrades Her hacking skils have also increased over the years, shes kinda a loner at times but she'll save any one thats her friend,
shes tough and can take care of her self shes just really shy, but she can be funny,

Sorry Red Storm had to make a few upgrades to my last character. lol

super trunks
10-10-2005, 07:37 PM
((hey redstorm))



apearence:just like trunks from dbz

personality:cocky and very caring(at times)is usually the hype one or the protector of the little ones

Info: Doesn't remember his past but was born in a little village as its protector.

class:Crimson Knights

eye color:red

weapon:Ability to control the four elements(water,air,fire,earth)Main element:Fire

red storm
10-11-2005, 01:48 AM
Yees, and here I was worying that everyone would hog the Black Sun.

Surimaro, m1abrams, you are aproved. Kushan and -Shizu-, aproved as soon as you edit your rank.

Kera, I need an allignment. There is no nuetral, but since you are a hacker that would mean Black Sun.

Supertrunks, two things. One, I said to avoid well known characters. Second, I don't understand how you could "not remember your past" and "born in a little village as it's protector" The World from .hack// is a video game.

Score right now is 5 Crimson Knights versus 1 (possible) Black Sun

we need more Black Sun people!

10-11-2005, 05:24 AM
red storm, hey! i'm gonna join now lol. i will add a picture for my character tomorrow morning perhaps. alrite, so here it goes. (oh, and storm...are these characters like from the RPG we had before or can it be new? i mean...are we continueing the first .hack RPG or are we making this a whole new one?)

Name: Mario(real) / Mario(game)

Age: in game 19

Gender: male

Appearance: (on its way, let me draw something)

Class: Longarm

Alliance: Crimson Knights...(sry storm)

Rank: Blue Eyes

Personality: Mario is a very reckless fighter, but is also very smart (not in a tactical sense, more in a run if you have to sense lol). He is usually in a good mood, but when provoked and angered by an enemy, he can become on of the most fierce soldiers in the Crimson Knights. He loves to have friends close by and loves to relax. Although, being as he is a soldier, combat is more extensive than his relaxation and leisure time. Mario tends to be slightly disobedient with his masters or higher ranked officers. He rarely listens to his Lord or Lady and he doesn't much care for the decision of a captain, though he keeps a tight bond with his squad leaders most of the time. He is easy to get along with and is always willing to trust people and give them a try.

History: Mario joined the Crimson Knights because he had played the game previously and had admired the whole fighting evil thing. He had always hated evil and lvoed the good side of things. He joined the ranking of soldier in order to be the one to get vengence and the one to be interested in what he's doing.

red storm
10-11-2005, 05:38 AM
Flame Demon, aproved. And we are starting all over again, continuing were we left of would be too troublesome.

Score right now is 6 Crimson Knights versus 1 (possible) Black Sun

we need more Black Sun people! I can't start without Black Sun!

10-11-2005, 06:16 AM
Ok Redstrom i messed with my characters profile a bit and she's in the blacksun But i made it seem like she didnt mean to join them. Just that the netslums virus had messed with her head a bit. But hey just go read her profile and you'll see.

red storm
10-11-2005, 06:47 AM
Allright, Kera, aproved. But you should know that the Black Sun aren't 'evil' they just want more freedom, rebels, so to say.

That makes 6 Crimson Knights and 1 Black Sun.

C'mon people! Join the rebels!

10-11-2005, 06:52 AM
Oh cool i am so like blah right now and i didnt read much of the Blacksun info till now i see. lol Thanks Redstrom. This should be a pretty fun RPG once it gets going.

10-11-2005, 11:56 AM
You know what's funny, you didn't request this.

Even if it's re-starting something it's suppose to be requested, because you're begining from a new point.
As was done with the Inuyasha thread you need to make a official request.