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09-19-2005, 12:45 AM
On the advice of redstorm and my own personal wishes I have decided to restart the game. If your interested in playing the game please feel free to submit a character here. All characters descriptions should follow this basic skeleton...it would also be HIGHLY ENCOURAGED (as in pretty much mandatory) that all new players read over the past game thread submissions and get the feel of the story down.

Race: (this is very open ended but currently no demons/angels are allowed)
Description: (How the characters looks physically and what they wear)
Position: (only applicable if the person seeks to join the Enforcers, Black Guard, Agents, or Technomancers.)

Anything else would be purely optional but the more detail the better, also if you wish for your character to have any special realtion with any NPC I control please discuss the details with me first. This goes double if you want to make a very powerful character or one that would have important status in the story. Also I would like to take this time to ask if anyon would be up for playing one of the three following characters.

Gabrielle the Shadow Mage
Odios, Vanguard of Samiel's Blackguard
Huron, Half Dragon Black Guard

All of these characters were formerly played by AG users but I have since been able to get into contact with them and its become apparent that these characters are becoming the core of the game. While I could NPC them I would like to encourage users to play as these characters to help add a better feel to the story...After all if I controlled the main-cast it would be a pretty one-sided game. Should the original players every appear and want to get back in the new players would be forced to give up the character but would be guaranteed a new one with a dynamic entrance in the story (I.E. made important and essential quickly).

As always this game is inteded with a slightly more serious overtone so try and make characters that will fit the world and situation at hand. I want people to have fun but in a mature roleplaying scenario...

Well I suppose that it, if you have any questions or comments you can PM me or reach me via AIM (LupinsAlterEgo). Also any tips, suggestions or wishes about the direction of the story can be posted along with your char sheet as well, PM'd to me, or sent via AIM; I'm always open to new ideas...in fact thats how we can make the game better.

red storm
09-19-2005, 12:43 PM
It's been a while, so I'm not sure this information will be 100% correct.

Name: Tanaya

Age: 17

Race: catgirl, catgirls look like ever other humanoid, except for one minor detail. Two cat ears replace their normal ears, and some even have tails. Also, the reflexes and agility of a catgirl is far above those of a normal human being. All these enhancements come at the cost of a very high metabolism, meaning catgirls eat a lot. How catgirls came into existence in unknown, some say it was a natural evolution, some say experiments are to blame. It is a know fact that most catgirls are viewed as a lower class, often being looked at as freaks, meaning that most have to make their living with more... physical busines. A little known fact, even though most catgirls view being petted as degrading, they really enjoy it.

Description: Red eyes and pink hair with two cat ears coming from her head. She wears a black stealth suit given to her by Kaplan, a friend of her current contact withing the agency, Lash. To her side she wears a high frequesncy saber, which when enabled is capable of slicing bone like. She sometimes wears a cap to hide her cat ears. Around her neck she wears a medalion given to her by a mysterious shadow mage called Gabrielle.

Specialities: Being a catgirl gifted with enhanced agility, Tanaya's main combat ability lies in sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat. She knows a few incantations, but most of them are geared towards enhancing her melee attacks. A special technique only the agency knows about is the sharingan. This technique allows her to view an oponents moves trough illusions and predict their next ones. Although the original sharingan has the ability to copy techniques, catgirl bioligy disables this effect. Her natural red eyes make it hard to see when she has her sharingan activated or not.

Position: Agents.

09-19-2005, 06:08 PM
Name: Suriku Surimano
Age: 18
Race: Wanderer. Wanderers are a special race, they are humanoids. Usually when confronted with a fight that has reason, they stay out of it. When the reason to fight is viable they fight as if they've changed personalities. They fight usually with a BroadBlade. They believe that Angels exist upon them, so their swords have have Angel Wings for the guard seperating the hilt from the blade, and once they've reached the peek of their anger, their swords transform into a two-sided blade that resembles sharpened Angel Wings on both sides. And like their name, they tend to travel where they want without a group.

Description: His hair is Black and has one bang from his forehead to his chin. He's usually wearing a black overcloak w/ hood. What he wears underneath, however is still a mystery.

Position: Technomancer

Additional Weapons: As his position as a High Technomancer he also has a firearm he dubs "Hikarino". This particular firearm wields incredible power beyond many. It's projectile has the form of a Plasma Blast. He pours Holy Water into it to make Holy Plasma a rare kind of susbtance. He only brings it out when he really needs to.

The name of his Blade is "Rukino BroadBlade" and wields a power unlike anything unseen. Once in it's full blade form, there's no telling what pain the enemy will suffer. He has two of these each having a different form, one has a smooth edge, while the other appears as a razor. They both have incredible power beyond many things.

His small dagger is concealed within his cloak and uses it only to quickly slice and eliminate an opponent. He dubs this weak rather efficient weapon, the "Huratimiu"

Additional info: He fights for no one side and tends to travel among the different cities. He never reveals himself to anyone, unless they've earned his full trust. In a few cities, he's quite famous for his technology wisdom and prowess. Some call him, "The Hacker" or "The Slicer of Data" Many will will have luck finding him around the Woods of Rania, fighting "Darkens" He also has a powerful array of magic that he casts when the times is needed. So far, no one has seen his magic used at all...

09-19-2005, 08:35 PM
Alight, so far so good. I thought I should come back in a make sure people know what the classes are and what kind of alignments they represent.

Enforcer: Bastions of light, the Enforcers are the main front in the war on evil. Blessed with divine might and holy fervor Enforcers are among the greatest warriors to have ever walked and are capable of magnificent feats. In the city of Dortor (as well as any other civilized area) Enforcers are held in the highest respect and are often treated in the same manner great holy men are. All Enforcers are in service to the patron god Seiran, god of Wisdom and the deity who granted concsious thought to all the races. The Enforcers guild is commanded by Flint Mason, a rough and tumble dwarf who, despite his rock hard appearance, is a calm and benevolent leader. This class is suggested for characters who want alot of glory and to really be in the thick of it, as well as those who seek to help their common man.

Black Guard: The shield of darkness, the highest order of officers among Samiels ranks. Black Guard are generally ruthless and uncaring for their foes but hold their peers in a most respected position...they even refer to themselves as brothers and sisters. The BlackGuard are beings of emmense physical prowess and all hold a great magical affinity (or alternate form of being). Unlike the Enforcers who adhere to strict codes of justice and morality the Blackguard are not bound by any will save their own and the Black Kings and thus are allowed alot of freedom, as well as great finaces from Samiels's pockets. Blackguard are reccomended for characters who want a slightly darker and more vicous take on things, but at the same time wish to be a part of a union dedicated to eventually saving (in their own mind) all of the races.

Agents: Shadows and smoke, the agents are the unseen hand of Dortors defenses. While the Enforcers stand as pillars on the battle field as well as in the community the agents don't really exist. All have a decoy personality and even agents would not necessarily know any of the other agents...they operate from the shadows manipulating their enemies through subterfuge and guile until the time arrives to silence their foes...which all agents are capable of with startling efficiency. The Agency is ran by a being called the Great Shade who has never actually been seen by any mortals eyes. Its said even the great dragon king Sain doesnt know who is really running his covert agency. Players who play agents should realize that their characters will never recieve any real glory or praise for their actions done (other then the coinage they recieve in pay) and must keep their secret at all times. The only thing more dangerous to an agent then their foes are their allies and the agency isnt afraid to purge elements they believe to have corrupted their ranks. Live in the shadows, die in the shadows.

Technomancers: Technomancy is a extremely powerful form of magic that focuses on manipulation of machines and the physical world around the casters. Technomancers are also the only individuals able to use relic technologies (such as firearms and powerful weapons of old) and also the only people with acess to a system of information called the Tunnel. The tunnel persists in the mind of all technomancers and allows them to draw upon its knowlege at any time, essentially acting as a mobile database with information transfer at the speed of light. This makes technomancers invaluable in most modern combat situations as well as engineers to build the city of Dortor. Technomancers as a rule of thumb choose to stay neutral is most all conflicts...though many have opted to join the Guild of Technocracy which works closely with the Enforcers of Dortor. If anyone wants to play a Technomancer they should PM me or IM me for additional information they would need to know.

Well there you have it, characters are by no means forced to work any of these positions but are encouraged to do so, as they are the major organizations fueling the war between dark and light.

Megumi Oaks
09-20-2005, 09:03 AM
This is bothering me. I'd sign up, but I -need- a plot summary. Or at least a general idea of the background story coming up to the point where we will be roleplaying. That'd be helpful, too. I looked all throughout the forums, and you have none up there. At least no real one, if you count the other thread, it doesn't tell you anything. All I have is a list of classes... Huh.

09-20-2005, 04:25 PM
I'll type Hiruko's character info later, right now i'm way too lazy to think. it's been long, and i'll have to go through the first few pages to get a feel for the character again. I just wanted to let you all know that i'll be in the RPG again.

ciao... for nowish...

09-20-2005, 05:02 PM
ooc: Ok i was thinking about joining teh first part fo this RPG but i never did and so i want to join the second part if thats ok.

hieght: 5'2
gender: Female
Description: Black hair with red high lights that go half way down her back. Pale skin. Emerald green eyes, Black baggy pants. Red tank top . Black trench coat that goes down to ankels. Wears two belts insted of one. Black steal toed boots. She has wraps that go around the bottem of her pants and around the top of her boots.

Bio: Kinnara trained sense she was born to be an assasin. She's trained in karata and with a katana. She has mastered both. In her 17 years of life shes seen things no one else should have seen in there life. She would perfere if she didnt ahve to kill every time she was told to but the person telling her what to do has threatened her and has beaten her till close to death. Her parents died when she was 3 from a carcrash well thats what people say. She's also known for her abnormal speed and Stranth she doesnt know where she got it from not from her training shes alwasy had it. She also has a code name Silver rose. Because the Katana she uses is almost completly made of Silver. That all people would see before there death is a bright flash of silver then red.

Pastion: I dont know where you want her you can deside Silent
Personality: Quite, Loner, Mostly emotionless, Hasnt smiled sense she was 3 before her parents deaths, Stubbern, Anger problems, doesnt think before she talks some times.

ok ive never signed up for this type of RPG so if i did some thing wrong with my info please tell me what to add or take away. OK i added some stuff but i dont know exzactly what you want.

09-20-2005, 05:09 PM
Name:Aether_Storm The Black Hearted
Gender: Male
Age: 100
Height: 6'3"
Wieght:67 kg
Race: Dark-Elf/Black Mage
Description: tall with long black hair down to his waist lightly built frame. wear's black cassock, black trouser's and a black cape with red inlay.
Position:Black Guard

09-23-2005, 12:05 AM
hmm well I suppose that Megumi is right in that I need to repost the backstory (as well as a briefing of whats happened so far). I plan on puttin alot of effort in recreating the backstory since its no longer saved here or on my computer so I think it'll be posted on sep 25. Until then plz post your character. A few brief notes for the two new players...Kera your doing fine for a first time but I'd like to ask you for a little more detail on your profile, I may have trouble finding a place for you in the story if I dont know more about your character. Aether Storm I'm sorry but you cant be 100,000 yrs old (The dragon lord Sain isn't even 1000 yrs old), please pick a different age.

09-23-2005, 06:28 AM
OK i added a few things to my profile but im not sure what you want me to add so i added what i thought you might have needed.

09-23-2005, 05:25 PM
Thats fine, you did a good job giving me what I needed to ensure you a well-thought out position in our little story. A word of advice, Your a good writer just have a little more faith in your talent and let it flow.

09-23-2005, 05:33 PM
Thank you ill keep that in mind. ^_^

09-23-2005, 07:52 PM
just curious, when will the RP start?

super trunks
09-23-2005, 07:57 PM
i want to join


age:16(young for and enforcer)


race:dog people:the race dog demon has been around for many centuries.dog demons have one sworn rivalry againts another race the cat people.some cat and dog people have been know to get along but the dog demons are very strict and the demon who is friends with the cat person is banished from there village.dog demons resemble humans alot but they are like cat people they have a diference dog people have tails.Dog people lke to be silent but also like to fight.dog people are a lot like cat people but they dont like to admit it.they have twice the speed of humans and twice the strength.dog people also have a acute sense of smell.dog people have a lot more respect than cat people due to a lot of dog demons being body guards for travelers.dog people also like to fight.they protect a lot of people just because they would like how they smell.dog people are very light on there feet and can jump up to 25 feet.

dislikes:his tail being pulled,teased because of his tail,taunted and losing

bio:osaki has had a dark past.his parents couldnt afford to pay there taxes on time in the dog empire to the far east called marsh empire.So to pay off there dept they gave osaki to the king named nefre.nefre made osaki his slave.osaki was tortured throughout his life for 10 years. when he turned 16 osaki escaped from the empire.osaki joined the good side as an enforcer.

discription:brown tail with gray eyes and a brown headband and black hair down to his shoulders.blue guardian suit

perfered weapon:claws but sometimes uses a katana


09-23-2005, 11:40 PM
Very interesting. I like the concept alot, and I just went over random pages in the old game thread. I definetely wanna be a part of this beautiful jewel.

Name: Lucifer Svend Vikenti Devdan
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human

Description: Snowy pale skin, flaring red unkept hair, with ferocious red eyes to match. Never been spotted in his life without a frown on his face. A simple black vest over a red tee, and black denim shorts, with worn brown work boots to match.

Position: Black Guard

Bio: Nothing special really. Often known as, the baby born on "the wrong side of the bed". He's always been sour and mean all his life. No-one ever knew why. Not even himself. It was just in his nature. He was naturally strong, and grew up as the bully-type, always facing his challenges with violence. He's gotten into many gangs in youth, but with his authority issues those never worked out really well...for the others that is. Eventually he ended up as a part of the Black Guard, Lucifer being in need of money to pay off his various collected debts. His employment doesn't fit his loner attitude, but he'll always do what he has to. Underneath that outer shell of hot temper, he has a strong sense of responsibility.

Weapons: He's a fist fighter, so reinforced steel knuckle gloves is definetely the way to go. Although he always does have a couple daggers handily concealed just in case.

Megumi Oaks
09-24-2005, 04:04 PM
Name: Kalile.

Age: 28.

Race: Shadows. The Shadow race is a bit outside the normal bound of things, yet many of the Agents come from here, so they are invaluable. Already predisposed to covertness, Shadows have the ability to blend in to their surroundings, unless you are looking for them specifically. Many are accompanied by a miniature twin, made completely of dark swirling shadows, whose born as they are, and bond for life. Most Shadows minds are advanced beyond their years, and they find the human habits disgusting, expecially having many mates, which they would never do, as they mate for life.

Position: Technomancer.

Physical Description: She has black eyes, that swirl with colorful specks, depending on her mood. She has an abundance of curly black hair, yet never looks too pale, since she spends most of her time in the sun. That habit of hers also resulted in a sprinkle of freckles across her nose and shoulders. You can see laugh lines forming around her mouth and eyes.

Mental Description: Kalile is naive, to put politely. Something inside her is a bit off, some would say. She can kill happily, and then cry over the body the next moment. She's quite attatched to her Maime, a tiny shadow girl that watches over her and dances quite frequently.

Biography: Kalile was raised in the aristocracy of the Shadow families of Dortor. Being the middle child, she was given to training to be an Enforcer, seeing as how she'd exhibited no signs of being blessed with the Tunnel. She found herself living as an Enforcer, one of the top of her class. Yet, when she reached the age of 19, something radical happened.
Kalile was assigned to work with the Technomancers of Dortor, helping them and protecting a specific one, Lien. She failed, while Lien and herself were out on a routine patrol of the woods outside of the city. They knew there was a lair of brigands, but were caught by suprise, assuming that no brigand would be stupid enough to attack a Technomancer with an Enforcer bodyguard. Before they could react, Lien had been taken down. Kalile was soon thereafter disarmed. On instinct, she reached for Lien's body, and grabbed his dual pistols. She raised them, and shot twice, hitting two brigands in the lungs. She swung around to aim again, and fired until the brigands either fled or lay dead.
Kalile fell to her knees next to Lien, and even Maime cried over him. This was how the troop of Enforcers found her when they came to investigate the sounds, pistols still in hand. She was immediately turned over to the Technomancer guild of Dortor. Lien had survived the fight, but his wounds turned septic and he died a week later, but not after hearing of Kalile's new found ability, and gifting his pistols to her.
They extensively probed her, yet were always perplexed. Kalile had no apparent connection to the Tunnel. The theorized it had much to do with trauma. That the trauma of seeing Lien shot, facing death herself, ripped open the ability to use the firearms, yet haden't been enough to open the Tunnel. Or, it could be that Kalile was a bit simple-minded, and simple-minded people just simply cannot understand the Tunnel.

Weapons: Lien's twin pistols, her Enforcer blade.

09-26-2005, 10:26 PM
well sorry for the wait but here is the backstory. I want to note this is my best rendition of what was written before but there was no way I could ever re-produce the beautiful wirting I had, its sad but true...

...Long ago there was peace. Knowlege and prosperity flowed throughout the world and the great races, all children of the eight gods, lived in perfect unison with each other and the natural world. And the races lived together in great peace for many years, hand in hand as brothers in life they built great civilizations and wonders undreamed of. These great nations grew large and powerful, each of them them ushering in an age of many great technological advancements...from the mighty airships of the elves to the humans powerful steam engines. All was not as it seemed though, through all their advancments the races had fallen far from the enlightenment their ancestors and begun to quarrel with each other. Each race thought it was superior to its neighbors, its blood more "pure" then their cousins...each race believed it was closer to the gods. And with those petty quabbles hate was sown into the world, it was like a plauge slowly consuming the minds of the people and sending them into a fever-pitch of disdain. What started as bickering soon grew to something far worse, a term which would live in infamy evermore as the greatest mistake ever to be done, it was simply called "The War". At first things moved slowly each side unwilling to fight, but as time pressed on so did their fears and doubts of each other; With everyday that passed more lives were lost and "The War" grew larger. The great technologies that once ushered in an age of wisdom now relished in a time of hate, the elves simple airships became floating armadas...the dwarves pounded furiously on their neighbors with black-powder weapons...the humans rolled over their foes with iron treads and the natural suffered so. "The War" had raged for 600 years before a dark night, dubbed "the Reckoning" unfolded.
Greedy men obsessed with power and the will to slay their cousins called upon a forbidden art to draw a god to their sides...they thought they could control it but soon learned the truth of the matter. They tore a hole through the great ethereal divide and drew a magnificent horror through, a being that was death incarnate a true malefactor, he was punishment he was the "Black King". The poor necromancers that summoned him tried with all their might to subjegate the great terror, but all was for naught before long they all fell to his dark path and began their works in the name of their new king. At first his army was nothing, a few dozen shambling corpses dug from a nearby graveyard, and the great Races scoffed at the being...they had other worries, their cousins barking at thier doors. A grave mistake was made...when the Black King was weak he was ignored, and spears that should've been cast against him were pointed elsewhere giving him ample time to collect the pieces of his masterpiece. After one year from his summoning the Black King had grew an army one million strong and for the first time was seen as a threat. In the early times of the conflict the races had mighty walls and well seasoned forces so they worried little...anytime the undead horde pushed against them they pushed harder drawing their foes back, but only at a horrific cost. It was unknown at first but each time a soldier fell in battle he was reborn into the ranks of the "Black King", and so the mighty terror grew stronger. As each year slipped by it became more and more appartent what threat the "Black King" was but the great races stilled turned a blind eye to him, their "War" against their brethren was not over yet, much more blood would need to be spilled before the races could wash their eyes clean and see what stood before them...A tidal wave of darkness. Day in day out they were asailed...no rest, no respite just constant wave after wave of the dead washed up their capital cities and flooded their lands. Each side fought valiently on it own, but by now things had become grim, neither race bolstered enough strength to stave off the dead...and worse still more fell everyday feeding the "Black Kings" army into a unimaginable force. In the 100th year of the "Reckoning" all of the great races drew into a convention, they met in the great halls of the neutral city of dortor ruled by the mighty dragon king Sain. Each race took a census of its tattered poplations and stared in horror at the results, in one hundred short years well over two thirds of each races population had been slain...they knew now what they must do. All of the races put their bickering aside and drew together into the greatest army ever known, one of both machines and magic...they were even joined the most magnificent of creatures, the godly dragons of old. They knew even with their combined power they could not defeat the army of the "Black King", it had grown far FAR to large, but if they could slay the leader himself they may have a chance. So in the dead of night a small force lead by the wisdom of the dragons and composed of the greatest warriors each race had to offer began a march towards the city where the "Black King" had rooted himself, once the capital of the human race Ameideus. The battle raged on till dawn broke, then there was a great shaft of light that fell upon Ameideus followed by silence. No-one can say what really happened that fateful night, indeed most every man that went to battle fell in the soft sands of Ameideus and those who did return were nothing but shattered vessesls of their normal selves, but one thing was sure the "Black King" had been felled. When his death came to pass so did all of his minions lay themselves to rest...the dead either fell to the ground as ragdolls or buried themselves back into Gaia's loving earth and slept the endless sleep.
And so there was peace, all men had learned to live under a single banner once more . Though the "Black King" had finally been beaten things were not back to the serenity the world knew before; much of Gaia's lands had been tainted by the darkness and the seas were stained crimson with the blood of all those had fallen. Though the races once again had banded together they could not find the way to restore their burnt-out homelands and had to settle in what little livable land that was left. So the peace became short lived and greed once again began to pollute the minds of the masses, and this could be seen in the best of detail nestled within the great city of Dortor. The wealthy flaunted their power and horde whatever supplies they can get their hands on while the common man slaves to stay alive, jealousy and hate are rampent as the competition for survival forges on...everyday Dortor more overcrowded then the last. And it is this rot, this decay of the soul that evil has rooted itself once again, a mysterious figure known only as "The Noble" has arisen and formed a powerful cult dedicated to ressurecting the Black King. It is here and now that our story begins...will you fight to stave off the tides of darkness? or will you help the noble build a throne suitable for the darkest of kings? This story is yours, this life is yours, and now the choice is yours...

09-26-2005, 10:28 PM
I will only be accepting one more new character to our roster then recruiting will be closed. oh and I plan on having the game restarted by Oct 1st just so you all know. If theres any questions about whats going on you know how to contact me.

Dean haragatsu
09-27-2005, 07:51 AM
Name/dean tetsuki
Description:6 feet tall,light skin,blue eyes,and blue wavy hair wearing black pants and a black hoody.
personality:He is somewhat non-talktive at times.He has a hard time trusting people.He tries to refrain on bad comments upon people.
Past:His parents where quiet abusive and mean to everyone.His life was tortured by his parents and once he was even nice.He was trying to make freinds once and thats when is parents lied and kept saying he cut himself because he worshiped the devil and then they sent him to the crazy [email protected] weeks later he was sent out for good behavior and experience darkened his mind.When he went home and opened his door he found that his parents where murdered and two non bloody katanas was left inhis room with his name engraved on the blades.

09-27-2005, 10:35 PM
when you say black hoody do you mean a black cloak? lol there arn't hooded sweaters in a post-apocalyptic fantasy game.

Dean haragatsu
09-28-2005, 09:14 AM
yes i ment cloak

09-28-2005, 10:00 AM
Name: Daeron Akinaro
Age: 21
Race: Human
Description: 5' 8" , short dark black hair with auburn streaks , and dark green eyes.
Usually wears a dark blue hooded cloak over his leather pants and black sleeveless shirt except on special occassions:elephant:
position: techromancer

OOC: I'll fix it up better when I have more time.....

09-28-2005, 02:45 PM
hey onsilentwings...let me in lol. i've wanted to play this RPG for so long...i read the story, and here's my character...

Name: Mario

Age: 16

Race: Human / Elf

Description: Mario has black hair and sharp blue-grey eyes. He wears a simple black t-shirt with a maroon long-sleeve shirt underneath. His pants are comfortable fitting blue demin that he tore up the side hem just slightly at the foot to fit over his shoes. Shoes are black. (plz tell me if this clothing is good). He stands 5'10 and weighs about 150 pounds. His build is average for his age, more skinny than muscuar but is very fit and quick.
His mind is usually clear, except for his constant wondering of what could have happened if he had chosen another way of doing things. He is peaceful, outspoken usually, friendly, strong-willed, stubborn, and very daydreamy. He is kind to others, and is quick to trust someone who returns kindness to him...which is a flaw of his. Also, he is very loyal to a friend or family member, and has a strong enough mind to kill at the first sign of physical danger. He tends to give second chances to those who hurt him or turn on him, but if the situation was extreme, he would be much more careful about it.

Position: (i'm not sure if you are allowing just neutral travelling players...so, onsilentwings, could you get back to me on that? if that's not good, then I would take Technomancer...but of course, thatr is to be discussed with you as well lol.)

Brief History: Mario was born to a human father and elven mother. The two had fallen in love and married shortly after the Black King had died and peace was restored to the land. They gave birth to Mario at reasonable ages, but his mother was killed in a raid for land. His father escaped with him and retreated to another city, a large city that seemed to be untouched by war or terror. Mario grew up there, occassionally visiting his hometown with his father, so he could learn of the violence and hatred over there. Shortly after Mario had turned sixteen, his father was killed, along with the majority of the untouched city, in yet another raid for land. Mario travelled alone for months with only enough money to keep himself alive (he looted the money from burned down homes after the raid, then escaped). He had stolen a pistol from a gun store and had been shot in the arm during his escape from the store. His pistol fired mercury bullets, heavy and deadly...an alloy that contained both mercury and lead. He went on killing any man who attempted to hurt or steal from him only to protect himself. He met only few people along his journey, and not one chose to follow along with him as he searched for somewhere to belong...somewhere he could call his "home". He has some natural abilities with handguns, but knows nothing of technomancy.

(hope that's good onsilentwings........plz give me a spot, i really enjoyed the storyline and want to be a part of it).

red storm
09-28-2005, 03:26 PM
Hmmm, personally I think Dean's and Amon's signups need more work. Amon says he will, so I will refrain from comments but Dean, if you don't write down more info about your character like personality and stuff, we'll have a hard time interacting with you. You don't have to make an entire personality line. (Most of my characters personality for example was scatered trough the description.) but it needs more/

09-28-2005, 03:35 PM
Hmmm, personally I think Dean's and Amon's signups need more work. Amon says he will, so I will refrain from comments but Dean, if you don't write down more info about your character like personality and stuff, we'll have a hard time interacting with you. You don't have to make an entire personality line. (Most of my characters personality for example was scatered trough the description.) but it needs more/
hey storm...i know you can't approve me, but tell me if mine's good...i'm not sure if it follows onsilentwings' ideas...like, mainly the clothing choice, is that alright?

red storm
09-28-2005, 03:51 PM
I don't see much of a problem with the clothing, the final call comes from OnSilentWings, though. I do think neural travels will be chaotic, as it would require Silent to create even more NPC's in order to get you into the storyline. As it stands each position has its own contact persons, allowing for a solid contact- and storyline. But as I said, final call will be Silent's

09-28-2005, 06:06 PM
Silent sorry but i added a few more things to my Characters pro i also changed her age to 17 if thats ok with you. But no big big changes i hope you dont mind.

Dean haragatsu
09-28-2005, 07:15 PM

09-29-2005, 05:27 AM
ok, thx storm...well, silent has like two days left before it starts...i need an answer back.......actually, u know what...i'll go technomancer, only because it sounds like a fun character to play, it seems very realistic, and it will possibly be easier for the story.

09-29-2005, 11:30 AM
Hello guys, I've noticed that there are a quite few new people who have posted characters and while I do appreciate your interest I cant let everyone in. I'm sorry but its rather difficult for me as it is to handle the characters that we have listed (telling the story in Third person objetive is a real pain in the ***, even for only a few people). The final listing of who will be playing is listed below (as well as their selected profession and if they are new to the game), if your name doesnt appear I am sorry but I have to put a limit somewhere...just dont hold any grudges.

Red Storm - Agent
Surimano (new) - Technomancer
God of Death - Black Guard
Kera (new)
Super Trunks (new) - Enforcer
Ch33zyPh33r (new) - Black Guard
Megumi Oaks (new) - Technomancer
Flame Demon (new) - Technomancer

Well there you have it, our roster of players. As i said before if you didnt make it I am sorry but thats just the way things are (I choose the roster at random so you all had an equal chance of playing). Now if you have new next to your name I need you to go and read the story thread so you can caught up.

09-29-2005, 05:40 PM
Is that the old RPG or what you typed on here. Oh and i dont care what team im on you can pick Silent im bad at picking a team sorry.

red storm
09-30-2005, 01:34 AM
He probably means the RP thread itself.

09-30-2005, 12:07 PM
Kera to be honest you dont NEED to have any position if you dont want too. Positions are only there to offer an alternative to neutral characters as well as offer some unique abilities and contacts. If you really still feel that you want a position but have too much trouble deciding then I'd suggest Agent or Enforcer (we have enough Technos and Blackguard as is). Oh and by the way if your are new and have any questions about the story itself dont be afraid to post, I will not be answering questions on the main game thread (I wanna keep it as free of OOC talk as possible)

09-30-2005, 01:50 PM
so the game is starting tomorrow eh? i can't wait, it's going to be one of the best RPG's i've played in, I can tell...anyway, OSW, quick question:

are there mechanical objects such as machines/vehicles? or is this like a pure past/future type scenario?

09-30-2005, 03:57 PM
Well there are machines and vehicles but they arnt powered or built to any standard of what you'd see today. Think of the technology relying on magic rather then traditional fuels and power sources. Also relic technologies (Airships, Steam-Tanks, Mulgnir Cannons, Techno-mail) cant be built anymore, The designs for them were lost long ago and no Technomancer has been able to draft the schematics to build new ones...though there are still these things around the best modern technology can do is keep them running.

I'm sure the technomancer have questions about the craft so here is a better explanation of how you can use technomancy and how it works...
I suppose the best way to describe Technomancy would be to call it Mechanical magic, it doesnt have the skill to create only the skill to alter or change...you couldn't manipulate an open flame with technomancy because it was never built, its simply a part of nature, but on the other hand if a foe was decked out in full plate mail you could use technomancy to crush the armor, killing the wearer. Do you understand what I'm saying? Technomancy can only affect that which has been wrought by human (or elf, dwarf so forth...) hands. This is because whenever a person makes an object they leave a aura of themselves behind on it, technomancy manipulates the aura and twists its shape therefore altering the objects form and even if they are extremely talented element.

09-30-2005, 04:00 PM
ok, OSW, i want to be the neutral type of technomancer, the mercenary type with a sharpshooter eye with his gun and i need to know who will be playing my master or if i should just make that NPC myself...

09-30-2005, 05:59 PM
OK cool Then ill just let my character do her own thing. Snd help who ever she wants. Shes an Assasin after all *Bows* Thank you for clearing that up for me

09-30-2005, 06:20 PM



discription:yumi has long black hair that falls to her waist. light blue eyes. she always wearing all black kimono, she's alway carrying around a bow and arrow.with black high heel shoes.

position:trying to work her way to becoming a agent

bio: well yumi's life has been nothing but pure misery. all her family memeber were killed by someone she doesn't know. she always having nightmares about it. basically she on a search to find someone to help her join the agent group.

09-30-2005, 08:50 PM
I'm sorry Animeglobe but we arn't accepting any new chars at this point and time. Flame Demon did you mean you wish to be a member of the Guild of Technocracy when you said you wanted to be a neutral combat specialist? because if you did you wouldn't have a single master, more like a whole group to learn from.

10-01-2005, 05:37 AM
ok OSW, that's what i wanted...i just needed to know how the whole master thing would work...i mean, would you create those NPCs?

10-01-2005, 05:51 PM
Well yes I would create the NPC's for you. Your guild has a large central hub where all the Technomancers converge and even hold classes on drafting schematics and battle plans. BTW I wanted to go ahead and make sure you understand what guns are like in this era, because they sure as hell arn't any m16. Think of Technomancer rifles as the castor gun from Outlaw Star, it can load standard shells but it can also load special rounds with a host of different capabilities. Also because of how a Technomancers rifle would work any standard bullet fired is far more devestating. Technomancers use their magic to ignite a stasis of oxygen in the chamber situated behind the shell, when the oxygen explodes it sets the shell on fire as well as propelling it out. Once it leaves the barrel the Technomancers magical abilities charge the shell with additional kinetic energy causing it to strike harder and become super-heated. When you think of a technomancers rifle think more of a rail-gun or hand-cannon then some flimsy match-lock firearm.

10-02-2005, 05:04 AM
HEY! alright OSW, i got it all now...lol. thanks a lot for the help.

super trunks
10-08-2005, 08:29 PM
Did the rp start yet i dont know that is why i am asking

10-12-2005, 05:02 PM
me wants to join!
Name: Shizu
Age: 16
Race: Catgirl
Description: raven hair,two black cat ears,1 black cat tail,a black shirt,black plated skirt,choker with a strange symbol on it,black shoes,black socks,blue eyes,peach skin,and black palm protecters.she also weilds a sword.
bio: Her mom died leaving her with her dad; a wanted person. her dad wanted to kill her one night but she escaped. she lives in the trees today.

10-12-2005, 05:32 PM
((Hi, i never joined the First part, but i sure like to participate in this one.))

Name: Kushan

Age: 19

Position: Technomancer

Description: He is 6'4" his weight is 143 lbs. he wears navy blue baggy jeans. he wears a blue T-shirt with Grey wings depicted on the front. he also wears a black leather jacket with blue lines that are on the jacket sleeves. his eye color is sapphire blue and has sunglasses on top of his head. he also wears black shoes with white lines on the sides. has somewhat of an Athletic build. his Hair color is light blue and sort of long. it covers one of his eyes somtimes.

Race: Saith, the Saith are a race of highly advanced humanoids that strive to achive an ultumite goal. and that is to live more better. the saith are known for there Weaponry and Units (Such as Mechs) most of the Saith's weapons are sold on the black market. the weapons technology is 20 years ahead of any other Race.

Bio: Kushan grow up in a rough life...his parents have been Murdered by Government officials after they found out the secret saith Project. the "UWD" witch stands for Ultra Widerange Desctructor. think about it...the government was gonna use this weapon on other races. just because they wern't advanced enough... his family tried to stop them but failed. now he trys to find it himself. it isn't easy when you are Son to a Traitor. but he dosent give up. he finds friends but keeps his Past a secret he dosent want to tell his friends that are probably from other races that the Saith race wants to Exterminate all weaklings. but he delayed the "UWD" project....but it is Innevatble.

lil mongoose
10-12-2005, 06:50 PM
hello i would like to join

10-15-2005, 03:05 AM
Hello guys, I've noticed that there are a quite few new people who have posted characters and while I do appreciate your interest I cant let everyone in. I'm sorry but its rather difficult for me as it is to handle the characters that we have listed (telling the story in Third person objetive is a real pain in the ***, even for only a few people). The final listing of who will be playing is listed below (as well as their selected profession and if they are new to the game), if your name doesnt appear I am sorry but I have to put a limit somewhere...just dont hold any grudges.

Red Storm - Agent
Surimano (new) - Technomancer
God of Death - Black Guard
Kera (new)
Super Trunks (new) - Enforcer
Ch33zyPh33r (new) - Black Guard
Megumi Oaks (new) - Technomancer
Flame Demon (new) - Technomancer

While I appreciate all of your character concepts and requests to play this is the player list...at this time we are not accepting anymore, I'm very sorry.

Naberius The Slayer
10-18-2005, 02:34 PM
Ahhh you have finally come back On Silent Wings.......are we starting off where we left off or are we totally restarting?? Either way, just in case this is Larva. I had lost my old account in the time you were gone, I made this new one.And since you are FINALLY back I will take back my helm as Gabrielle the Shadow Mage, it will be great to get back into the roll.Glad your back OSW.
Ready to do this all over again Red Storm? Will be quite entertaining as it used to be I can imagine lol.

11-18-2005, 08:16 PM
Osw!!! Where Is Thee?!?

Sakuras Flame
11-18-2005, 10:07 PM
I couldn't find the old thred O_o But uhh here's my chracter.

Name: Sakura Ishtiama

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Ice Dragon. She is one of the few remaining Dragons amoung the earth. She's also the last Ice Dragon amoung exsistance. It's hard to say where her species decended from all that is known is the creatures take the form of a human and dragon both.

Description: In her human form: She wears a short mini skirt that seems to flow and float in mid air call it a cursed artical of clothing. And her top is a tankish style, it has shreds comming up to her ribs the seem to float and flow as well in a non-exsistant wind. She has long black hair with ice and dark blue streaks through it, her eyes are as pale as the blue moon full of hatred giving anyone chills as soon as they look into them.
In her Dragon form: She is a 60 feet long, head to tip of her tail she is a rare breed known as a Whitelue (Why-e-Lue), a mixture of blue and white as her scale color. Her eyes are also still a chilling color or pale ice blue.

Alies: None yet.

Position: Technomancer (Does this mean where we are?)

Mental Description: She is a calm girl sticking to her self occasionally when the urge hits her try and make a friend or two out of sheer boredom. She's smart and light on her feet, always up for new challenges despite her boring seeming nature she is an exciting one.

Weapon: A larg Halberd

Weapons Attacks: Dragon Strike and Dragon Twister (InuYasha thing...WHAT ALL THE DRAGON ATTACKS WERE TAKEN!)

Bio: She was abandon at the age of 8 left for dead when her parents were killed in the Massacur of the Dragon's. Her and her brother Iru we're the only ones that survived on the Ice Dragon's side many many dragons were slaughtered. Her brother then died two years later of a horrible desiese, leaving her alone.

I hope thats good enough. I'm gonna go try and fine the old post again.