View Full Version : Bleach!!! Post Your Shinigami!!!

09-02-2005, 10:12 PM
So anyway I was surfing through the fanart area of this forum and I noticed the pitiful lack of Bleach anime fanarts. Well either there isn't a lot or I just didn't dig deep enough. Soooooooooooooooo. I was wondering about mybe starting a kinda contest thing. (Though I seriously doubt this will get very far but it's worth a try eh?)

What is this contest I speak of you ask? Well for all those who watch the anime or read the manga, you should surely remember hearing about the Gotei 13, or the 13 inner squads of the Soul Society. For this contest we will be creating a fictional 14th squad! There will be one Grand Prize slot, one First Prize slot, and one Second Prize slot, to fill the positions of Captain, Lieutenant, and Third Officer.

Sadly...I'm not quite in the condition to give out prizes besides the naming of the winners. The least I could do is maybe draw something for the winner, though I doubt it'll be wanted. If you're a moderator and you like this thread by all means take over!!!

Anyway...I don't have anything to submit now...but when I do I will add it as an entry to this contest (hopefully it won't just like...die) So anyway! Draw away!