View Full Version : Original Fiction: Meet Me Half Way

08-22-2005, 06:36 AM
"Meet me half way!" You cry, when you're not even willing to meet me a quarter of the mile. How vile is it, when one man so entirely dedicates his life to something so vauge as a chance meeting in a park. A girl at night clothed in irrational tastes. No insult to you or to them, but the night is when prey ought to be in bed, and when they roam the night.

Scanning lines of text, blank apologizes and forgotten deceit. What was it I was searching for? Something vauge and hard to focus upon... There's something missing among these foul lines. I figured it out, hours later. A bit too late. I had already gone to sleep, giving up on the dreams, giving up on the chance to understand.

I woke up, not knowing the time, but knowing it was too late. I wouldn't have to wait to read about your death in the paper. I dared to go outside, I had to see for myself. The sun was rising, I felt safe the four blocks to the local park. Kids were already gathering at the bus stops along the way. They looked at me oddly, as I were not dressed for a morning walk, in fact, barely dressed at all.

I came upon the park, squinting against the sun, and I saw what I needed to see. Police already gathered. With that confirmation, I went back home. The walk decidingly more omnious.

The End.

This has been a Princess Ai original. Steal and I will eat your soul and beat your mother.