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07-03-2005, 03:22 PM
Well you see im a big fan of this site, as well as another digital art website that makes incredible backgrounds using the newest photoshop utilities.

I took some of the backgrounds from this website and put some of my favorite anime in the image as well. in no way altered the background, er except by puttin another image on top of it. I would post my example but here is the question i pose.

the images i used are copyrighted, the backgrounds. I am also aware that most of the anime images used in backgrounds would be more or less copyrighted as well. So do i need the makers permisson to sumbit this wallpaper, or is it impossible for me to post this image even with permisson? thanks.

I would post the link to the website i am speaking of, but i think that is against forum rules so i will stray from that idea. instead ill post the thumbnail of one of the backgrounds in question.

Here is the thumbnail, and i will post the link to the larger image.
this is just one example, and does not speak for the entire website in question. other artworks are much more abstract and detailed. this is just one of my favourites.


Death's Angel
07-03-2005, 03:49 PM

07-03-2005, 06:49 PM
It is ok to link to the website if it is for copyright purposes. People do it here all the time. However, before you use the art, please check the artists' website and see what they say about use of their images. You may have to Email them to ask them permission. And as always, cite the artist on the wallpaper somewhere.

07-04-2005, 06:04 PM
Alright, thanks i will cite all the info that was given in his website profile. There was no email given so i have no way of contacting the user directly. I can try emailing the website administrator and asking if i need permisson but for now this is just my first example. Not too pretty, but meh.

Original background image from www.depthcore.com (http://www.depthcore.com/)
Pack (youll get what i mean if you visit the site) Cataclysm
Artist: Pseudopod Individual work

Anime image from Angel Sanctuary, my fav. Just incase ill say its by Kaori Yuki who drew it. I still have a lot to browse for at depthcore, so ill try something better next time.

Edit: i decided to remove the image and wait for admin permisson, after reading more into the site rules, it stated:
"These images are copyright protected to their respective owners. Any duplications, printings, or alterations in any shape, form or derivative is strictly prohibited. These images are NOT provided for commercial-use and they are NOT provided for personal-use either. They are meant for the entertainment of viewing and listening purposes only. If you wish to obtain a license to utilize any of the media on this website, you will have to contact the respective owners and make arrangements, or send an email using our contact (http://www.depthcore.com/v5/contact/) page." so i contacted an admin.

07-04-2005, 06:48 PM
Good idea contacting the site. just tell them it is for personal use, you will cite the artist and the website, and that you are not making money off the deal.