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06-16-2005, 06:08 PM
HI! this is my first RPG. but the way it turns out is up to yall. Ok you can either choos your character or come up with your own. I'm coming up with mine. If you come up with your own, before you start give some info about your character. Read mine for an example. This RPG will be mostly based off the characters. There will be some things in here that is not in the book. So if you see something in here thats not in the book dnt worry about it. oh and yall can choose yalss guy, but yall cant have Hatori. HE'S MINE!!!! one more thing these things*__* means thinking and these "__" mean talking. also if yall choose yalls character pm me telling me so i can post it on here. ok?

Name: Miaka Sohama(if thats not how you spell it then plz tell me)
Looks: several inches shorter than Hatori. She has shoulder length dark purple hair with silver streaks, midnight blue eyes, a perfect body and personality. She doesnt have a pecifice zodiac animal that she turns into. she just like the rest except she turns into the animal that is for that year.
Info: She is Akito's younger sister, though she was the only one that could make him behave(in othere words not be so mean and hurt every body) she was...is...in love with Hatori. She lived with the family until Akito told her to leave. She did not resist. she knew why. It was because Hatori had fallen in love with someone else and Akito did not want Miaka to suffer any more pain. She left for 3 years. Now she is coming back but know one knows she is.

Now the story begins

Shigure was taking a walk through the woods. He wanted to get away from all the noise Kyo and Yuki were making. When the sun began to set he turned around and headed back. All of a sudden Miaka entered his mind. *Why am i all of a sudden am i thinking about her?* he heaved a sigh *I wonder if shes ever coming back* When the house came into view, he notices that someone is walking up the steps. They had on a pair of blue jeans that flared, and from what he saw, a black t-shirt, a ball cap, and a duffel bag hanging off their shorlder. His eyes grew wide when he saw their hair is was purple with silver streaks. "Miaka?!" She quickly turned around. When she saw him she smiled. "Hello Shigure." she said as she walked down the steps towards him. He was frozen where he stood.

Sexy Monk Miroku
06-16-2005, 06:29 PM
i wanna be tohru!!!!

Sexy Monk Miroku
06-16-2005, 06:32 PM
meanwhile, back at the house, kyo and yuki were having their usual fight, but this time it was over dinner. they were arguing about eating steamed leeks and as we all know, kyo hates leeks so this fight was pretty hard core. "no, stop, you two really shouldn't be fighting now. the main house isn't paying for anymore damages to the h-" and as tohru was saying that last word she slipped on a leek yuki threw at kyo, and fell onto the two quarreling boys....

06-16-2005, 06:55 PM
Sorry, you seem all gun ho about this and everything and it looks like you thought about it before hand. But all RPG's need to be approved by Ayumi before you can post em, thus this RPG is void, you can't start it unless approved. Another peice of bad news is Ayumi is not around alot on acount of her getting married so your gonna have to wait awhile to get it approved.

Sorry but these are the rules, and the rules can't be broken so your gonna have to end this now. My advice is you go read the rules, and then try again later.

red storm
06-17-2005, 05:24 AM
Actualy, because of Ayumi's wedding madness LadyPSerenity is in charge of aproving RPG's at the moment, you should PM her with the story and plans before starting the RPG.

06-17-2005, 08:05 AM
As the story and such wasn't PMd first the topic is closed.