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06-02-2005, 03:54 PM
this is another post strictaly 4 a sertin type of poem writen by moi.this one oveously is about ... you gessed it vampires thoughs beautiful mixtures of evil death and pleaser

ok as befor me first:

Wasted blood

Why are people crying?

Is it cuz everyone is dieing?

As the blood slowly seeps to the ground

I watch it travel all around

A nice dark red tinted with black

What a waist of a bullets attack

A soul was wasted so what we all die

But all that wasted blood made me want to cry

But I mustnít do that it just seemed wrong

I must hunt to stay strong

Iím in the shadows

I only live at night

Since I was to late for him

Another soul must now take flight

Thereís more than gust me

Iím not alone right now theyíre my peace and serenity

My home

Iím not alive but dead

So stop your crying

I need to hunt

Run or youíll be the next one dieing.

blood blood drip drip oh isint it glorious that beautiful blood so red and sweet and tasty oh the goy i get from blood