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05-29-2005, 12:40 AM


Studio: Sony, Pierrot
Type: Anime Series - 43 Episodes Long (Liscenced)
Genre: Drama/Comedy

Basically, a strong, tough, rugged EX-gang member decides to follow his dream and become a teacher. At first wanting to meet (high school) girls, but unexpectedly found something more...

Story (8.5/10)
Decent story, although it seemed to get a bit repetative. Kid has trouble, Onizuka deals with it. Thats basically it. But, I suppose thats how they build up the characters. Even so, just about each episode had me laughing at some point.

Characters (10/10)
Great Characters. Although just about every single one of them revolves around Onizuka, I didnt really think that was a bad thing. Onizuka's character growth was part of the reason why I kapt watching it.

Art/animation (8.5/10)
The animation is (In my opinion) based off of some older anime. It took some time getting used to it, but after a couple episodes I actually liked it. And I actually think Onizuka's crazy faces are pretty cool now... Lol.

Voice acting, music (7.5/10)
I really cant remember much about the music but I thought the voice acting was pretty good. I've never heard the dubbed and I dont really want to. The music... Well from what I can remember, I suppose it was decent. I remember I liked the Intro song. Thats about it.

Overall (8.5/10)
Personally, I thought this was a great anime. Very unique, scratch that... extremely unique Lol . Definately worth buying and watching. In my opinion, its the "Grand Theft Auto" of Anime.

Lol... GTA GTO