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05-27-2005, 12:26 PM
Name: Crystal

Age: 15

Born: May 4th, 3000

Place of Birth: Archersville

Current Location:????

Sibling(s): Drake

Race: Half demon


Hair: Long (reaches to the middle of her back) Black.

Ears: Black (they are doglike)

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Clothing: For disguise, she wears a black cloak, under that there are white robes.

Weapons: Crystal carries a beautiful sword with her called the star saber, the blade was made from a unicorn horn and the hilt is made from gold and itís covered with different gems. She also carries the Diamond Dagger; the blade was made from the hooves of a unicorn, and the hilt is decorated with different colored gems.

Defense: Crystal carries around a special shield, itís called the Element Shield, it looks like a small metal fan but it becomes a full shield when someone attacks with a certain element. She also ha a spike shield, it looks like a normal shield except for the large spikes they are along the rim, those spike deflect electricity.

History: Crystalís father was a demon and her mother was a human, this made her a half breed. She was born in a small village called Archersville, at the edge of a forest called Rotundra. When Crystal was five years old her village was attacked by a demon named Raiden, both of her parents were killed in this incident, and Crystal was soon chased away. Where she is now, no one knows.

this rp is basically about a bunch of warroirs in the world called lathonia who set out to defeat an evil demon named raiden to save their planet from destruction.

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Wing 77, don't be so cruel. Some of us don't know the rules, okay. Keep fighting destiny.

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