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03-30-2005, 11:12 AM
In my spare time, I write songs..they have nothing to do with anime

Make It Go

september 11..memory of the

day we'll never forget

all around me people were screaming

yet no one really heard

hate and anger were fillin the streets

but nobody cared

a storm was coming

but not a soul moved



why can't it just go away

why can't you stop it

is it just too hard

to even try

just make it go

make it go go go away


the great assassination

affected hardly anyone

but for you the pain just

continued to grow and grow

but soon it dawned on everyone

a fatal reaction

all the beauty and love

was washed from the world

as it turned bitter and ugly

i can't help wonder...




do things have to make a lot of sense

as the world flies on bye

i hear a loud loud cry



pass it on move it on

get on get out

make it up take it down

i'm rolling round and round


i think we should just try

try and forget it

do we have to know

why can't we be clueless

why can't we be

in the darkness


(repeat first stanza)




it'll go one day


04-09-2005, 11:11 PM
You have a Sad Life? It's a nice song, and timing in syllables is good.
Enjoy the life You have, and examine your soul. God can only bring peace.