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01-11-2005, 11:20 AM
Ok, the last thread became far too off track of the real story and so this is a new beginning. As we left off, the very young ( And childless) Queen Klea had been about to embark on leading her sleeping country to war after many millenia of peace. She is raising supplies and tracking down old allies of her country.
If you wish to play you have a great many choices including that of Diplomats and leaders of other kingdoms, Knights, Guards, Lords and Ladies of Medias Res, merchants and tavern keepers ect ect ect. Choose and send me a description of your character via Private message.
Here is also a new Rule. Any post shorter than 5 lines will be erased ( Check spelling, grammar and use correct punctuation too please).

Thank you for your cooperation and may the fun begin!


*In the royal chambers Klea sits clad in her silky dressing gown. The dark scarlet of the material casts her skin to a shade paler than ivory and brings out the rich stormy quality of her great grey eyes. Few would ever see her in so casual or intimate attire and those few included her Ladies in waiting who double as her personal guard and a young Page who had been at her side since they were children.
Jean Louis watches his Queen with a certain sadness and worry as he rarely sees her so fragile. She is dainty and fragile-looking to be sure, he acknowleges... But usually when she is walking, talking, ordering, scolding, laughing, smiling... really doing anything at all or simply watching in that silent way of hers she always seems so very intimidatingly strong.
Shaking his head at his thoughts he nearly misses her glance and quiet words.*

" We are at War Jean Louis... It begins today."

*Kneeling at her tiny feet and presses a kiss to her equally small hand and comforts her as best he knows how.*

"Your Majesty will lead us through this. In that I have no doubt and when we are victorious we will have peace once more."

*Smiling a ghost of a smile she touches the crown of his curls and watches him with those eyes of winter skies.*

"If you can have hope my Jean Louis, then so can I."

* The two old friends exchange a smile and resting his head on her lap they gaze out over the yet peaceful Capital city of Palatina. Klea passes a small note to one of her trusted guard and they share a thoughtful look knowing who the note is for.
The woman nods slightly but speaks not a word as she exits in search of the dark personage to whom the note and a name so feared that few dare speak it belongs to. When her servant is gone the Queen speaks as she continues to pet Jean Louis' curls without looking to her Ladies.*

"I am ready to dress and see the Diplomats. Let them throw at me what they will...I am ready for anything."

01-12-2005, 08:48 AM
Knowing that the letter was of great importance, and that it must be delivered as soon as possible, the queen's guard, known as Amazon, did not waste a moment to gather the things required for her trip.

Sighing, she loaded her things onto the back of her horse, and tucked the letter safely in a pouch on her sash. Readying her sword in case there was trouble, she hopped onto her horse and they galloped through the town. Reaching the countryside, she slowed the horse down to a quick-paced trot, so the horse could rest for a bit. She lost herself in her thoughts about the letter.

This letter was of great importance to the queen. And it must be, considering who I must deliver it to. Ishamel, known to most as the Dark Paladin. A man of ruthlessness and torture, he sure has earned a reputation for himself. He would certainly be a challenging opponet. And if I would die for this letter, than thats just how it is. I wouldn't mind, as long as I were doing my duty, and died with my honor and pride intact. She smiled smugly to herself. Besides, I think I could take him on anyways!

And with that, she forced the horse into a quick gallop and sped off into the distance.

01-12-2005, 12:16 PM
Crea walked solemly torwards the his fathers royal chambers. What does he want, I wonder? He turned and walked into the room. 'Father, you summoned?' he asked. Lance turned and had a grim look on his face. 'Yes Crea I did, We have a major problem, Ishamel has been sighted in Namadin. Crea turned white. ' But.... Here? No that can't be..'
'It is I'm afraid. We have sent word to Queen Klea, but i would prefer you visit her. The message says you are coming, but she might not expeect it so quickly.'
Crea nodded and left for his room. Without thiking, he changed to his formal robes with the great white tree incrested on the front and walked torwards the stables. He did'nt start to think until he and his gaurds had left Natalia.
Dear god this is not good. If he has indeed returned then it means trouble for everyone, including Medias Res, the most powerful country of all. I just can't belive this...
He continued on, his mind racing. For such a warm and sunny day everything seemed to have turned dark and gloomy. Hours later when they first sighted Medias Res, a light seemed to fill their hearts and it seemed as if nothing was wrong. But indeed there was, and it was only the beginning......

01-12-2005, 01:38 PM
Haldir walked up a flight of stairs to the Queen of the wood elves. She was waiting on a throne of white wood. As haldir entered the room he could feel the queen was worried about something. He took a knee infront of her and said "you summoned me my lady." She looked at him and responded "yes, yes i did." "I have summoned you here to go to young Queen Klea and tell her we are willing to fight along side her," the queen said while standing up and walking to him. Haldir stood up and bowed politly. The queen shoke her head and said "dear haldir you have served me for many long centuries i know you will not fail me." Haldir looked up at her and she was smiling at him. "I will not fail you" he said bowing agian then left.

01-12-2005, 03:06 PM
The figure shackled to the hard stone bench looked up, his eyes were wide with pure fear, trembling visibly in his restraints. Cold sweat slowly ran down his forehead. The apearance of a heavy black cloaked figure within his vision only helped to cause him to shake even more. The figure held in his hand a long iron poker, gleaming red at it's tip. A deep, booming voice emerged from beneath the shadow of his helm.
"Now, I will ask you again. Which house was it that paid you to steal from the treasury?"

The man in the shackles trembled even more in his restraints.

"I...I don't know".

A cold, cruel chuckle, seeming to echo from all sides at once as two flashes of crimson lights flash from the shadows of the helmet. Pointing the poker towards the man in shackle, it's red tip seemed to flare into a white light.

"I am sorry, but that is the wrong answer".

The cloaked figure pushed the white hot poker into the mans chest, a horrible hissing sound burbled as the mans sweat boiled on contact. The sound was quickly muffled by a horrible blood curdling scream, echoing back to the man in shackles as if it was somebody elses scream. Slowly, the man pulled the poker from the shackled mans chest.

"It.. it was house Tebula.."

The man lowered the poker smiling cruelly. Turning around, he walked over to a long rack of implements of torture, placing the poker in it's placer. The tall, graceful strides he took showed a man rather graceful for his large, heavy bulk. Waving a hand over the stone table, the shackles opened. As the man once shackles breathed in a sigh of relief, he gasped as he was grasped by the throat, as the heavy man picked him up in a single hand.

"Your use is now over..."

The prisoner twitched and thrashed in the mans grasp, screaming muffled screams of the purest agony, before falling lifeless in the man's grip. Letting go of the man, he fell lifelessly to the ground. Turning his head, he saw a small, female servant bowing.

"Sir Ishamel, it apears that Queen Klea has set the path for war..."

The figure smirked cruely.


01-13-2005, 06:19 AM
Amazon finally reached her destination. Suddenly, she felt a great evil presence. I guess that means this is the place... She thought to herself. She walked up to the first person she saw. "I have a message from her Royal Highness Queen Klea for the Dark Paladin Ishamel..."

01-13-2005, 07:18 AM
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*Tired from many a long meeting with just so many diplomatic representatives, the young Queen sits at a very peculiar device. It is a marble pillar with a marble bowl atop it and in the bowl is a swirling opal liquid. Her eyes gaze into the waters focused and filled with intent.
In those waters she sees her favored Lady-Guard manage to arrive safely at the current location of Ishamel. Her delicate pink lips curl into a relieved smile though worry still hovers in her great grey eyes. Though he is volitile to say the least, her soul trusts Ishamel more solidly than many others in her court. But still... He could very well take out a bad temper on her Mia(Amazon).
Chewing her lip she nods slightly knowing that out of of her Ladies she could always count on Mia (Amazon) to act in her interests.. She valued that very highly and so could trust no other in bringing that important message for the good of the nation. Yet if anything happened to her because of this errand the Queen knew she could never forgive herself. For deep in her heart she loved all in her service as a good mother loves her children. The mere thought of injury to any of them made her feel ill.*

"Your Majesty is endangering herself in the gazing pool... Anyone could intercept and attack you."

*Klea glances at her other guards hovering anxiously around her. They are all Noble women of Aristocratic birth, trained to be the finest fighters and bodyguards a Princess, or Queen for that matter could ask for. They are known by many names but mostly they are called "The Order of the Garter" as they see to not only her protection but also many of the Queen's daily needs including her wardrobe.
With a slight nod she gazes for a moment longer passing through the pool a warm feeling of encouragement towards Mia ( Amazon) and a soothing breeze to Ishamel her affection for him enclosed in it before Washing out the vision. Sighing she looks out the window , the skies so warm and clear.*

"My Ladies, Please pass the message around to the herald that We shall be in the rose gardens for the rest of the afternoon taking tea and entertainments... Should anyone, including 'You know who' come to call, they shall be shown immediately to where I am."

*Some of the Lady-guard look at each other nervously at even the vague mention of Ishamel but do not hesitate in curtsying and complying. The Royal Chamber doors are flung wide and Klea, escorted by the Order of the Garter, make their way through the Marble and gold halls towards the Favored Rose Gardens.
The Queen marches forward, her face composed and pleasent as she is only faintly aware of the Herald's shout:

"The Queen Approaches!! All Hail Queen Klea !!"

01-13-2005, 08:02 AM
Haldir walked down to the armory to pick up his armor and weapons. He quickly readied himself then went straight to the stables. As he walked down the stables he was thinking about the worry he felt coming from the queen. Haldir finally stopped infront of a large black stallion who was inpatiently waitting for him. "How are you Dark sky," he asked petting the stallion then went to the saddle rack. Examing the saddles then grabbing a fine black leather saddle. Dark sky finally had it and opened his stable then walked to haldir.

01-13-2005, 10:01 AM
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Crea and his gaurds finally entered the city and rode up to the castle steps. Goosebumps passed over him as he looked torward it and an uneasy feeling settled apon him. He dismounted his horse and walked up the steps and looked at the two female gaurds. "I am hear to speak with the Queen, tell her that Prince Crea from Plytori Amorth is here and it is urgent. One of the gaurds then dissapeared into the castle as the other led him torwards the Rose Gardens. He walked quietly, with a solemn look on his face. Ever since he entered the city a feeling has appeared in his gut and he isn't to fond of what it's inqiuring to him. The walked into the center of the entire courtyard and the gaurd turned and went back to her post.
A beautiful woman sat apon a rather large and plump pillow watching a play that was being performed. He cleared his throat and dropped to one knee.
"Your majesty, I am here bringing a message from my father, Emperor Lance of Plytori Amorth..." He looked up at her and waited for her to reply...[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]

01-13-2005, 10:24 AM
Haldir saddled dark sky and examined him for any injuries he might have over looked then jumped on him. He rode for 5 hours before reaching Queen Klea's castle. Walking to the door he remebered the last time he saw the queen she would not remeber him for she was only a child. "I need to see the queen," he said to the guards who were guarding the entrance. One of them exscorted haldir to the rose garden where the queen was being entertained. Haldir saw he was the not the only one there. He had served the queens of Medias res ever since he was young(which was a about 1000 years before).

01-13-2005, 10:30 AM
*Turning from the Masque currently in play she offers the young prince a smile which is both lovely and warm to behold and with that smile she allows her soul to touch and encourage him.
When she was but a very young girl she was given the Title of "Psyche-Calisto" or "The Soul most beautiful" for her ability to touch others with the power of her spirit... a Very Kind Soul which caresses and warms... Brings hope and fills heros with the strength to go on. Using this ability she gazes down upon Prince Crea wishing away the nervousness and bad feelings in his gut and replacing them with courage.*

"Good afternoon Prince Crea and welcome to my court...."

*She laughs sending a thrill down the spines of all listeners her stormy grey eyes filled with merriment at a thought she apparently likes. The Silver in her eyes is brought out by the silver lacings in her flowing gown made up of many layers of violet silk so fine it is called "Butterfly skin"... Her hands wear only two rings both set with diamonds with one of them possessing an impossibly rare brilliant blue violet color to them.
Though her skirts hide her jeweled slippers in an attempt to make her seem taller it is easy enough to know how very tiny the young Queen is... Hardly larger than a child... Still, her aura sparkles with potential power as she uses a little of it to try and put her new guest at ease.*

"Crea and Klea... Our Parents named us to rhyme and so perhaps we are destined to be friends?"

*She laughs again and tilts her head to one side, red curls spilling over her very small shoulder and she taps Crea's shoulder with her delicate Ivory fan*

"But come my dear Prince, May I offer you refreshment and perhaps a seat?"

*Now smiling again she looks at him patient and expectant."

01-13-2005, 11:57 AM
Turning around, he gave himself a moment to study the woman Mia. His eyes narrowed for a moment as his gaze slowly took in every detail of her body in a glance, analysing her estimated level of pain tolerance and general endurance. His mind quickly summarising that she would be a tough one to crack had she ever have to be put to the question. Very well then, all the more pain to be delivered to his dark mistress. He quickly strides over towards her, casting a shadow over her smaller body. He reaches down and cracks a small smile.

"I assume this is in regards to the growing of war, and that my... area of expertise are needed? Oh, I am not psychic if you believe that is what it is. I get much news from the world from my own servants and apprentices. If you are willing to belive there are those who willingly follow the dark arts in this kingdom."

Taking the note in his dark gauntlets decorated with images of the mistress of pain and of men being physically tortured. He opens up the letter gazing at it quickly, and nodding to himself.

"Most excellent indeed..."

01-13-2005, 12:37 PM
Haldir saw that he would have to wait before he could talk to her. He turned to the guard and said "When the queen is done tell her Haldir of the wood elves came by." Walking back to his horse he thought to himself 'i need a drink,' then rode off to his favorite pub. The Dwarven pub was famous for its strong ales and sweet wine. As haldir entered the pub a dwarf yelled out "HALDIR, it has been a long time since i last saw you!" "Still alive master Blanden," he said walking to the dwarf and giving him a freindly pat on the shoulder. The dwarf replied "Yes i am very alive," while punching him in the arm.

01-13-2005, 02:19 PM
[FONT=Book Antiqua] He smiled a brilliant smile for he felt much better since seeing Klea. " I would very much like to join you, thank you ever so much milady." He sat down next to her and said. " My father told me of you, but never of how beautiful and well my words can't really explain it so... How are things here in Medias Res?" He turned away and looked at the roses next to them he embraced Saidin, the mystical power that allows you to control the 5 spirits of the unviverse and he wove a spell of earth and water. The roses grew immense and arched over the two casting shade down apon them and emmersed them in a faint and pleasant smell of roses. butterflies flickered around the bushes as he turned to her and smiled faintly. He felt it already, she was hiding something for she knew the main reason his father would send him here. But as far as he could tell she didn't realize the gift he had of being able to read a persons spirit....
He sat there watching her as the world around them seem to fade away...

01-13-2005, 02:40 PM
*Klea watched in that silent way of hers, her expression still playful and at ease as her soul dances around all in her presence. She seems not the least bit concerned and her eyes dance in amused merriment as she speaks in a quiet tone for his ears alone.*

"You know things... I know things... I won't play foolish games with you if you do not play them with me. Tell me young Prince, what truely brings you to my doorstep and I will tell you that all is well in this the land of magical might. We are at war and very well prepared are we for battle."

*Her smile never quite leaves her face though her great gray eyes seem to have deepened in color to resemble thundering skies. Those serious eyes let Crea know that she is a monarch who will do whatever is needed to protect her people for though they serve her she serves them as well. She will sacrifice her blood, her body, her very soul... embrace the Night and shun the morning though all within her loves to dance along the light of day ...To her no cost is too high for the safety of her people.

Lifting her chin slightly she plays with her fan her movements very like a butterfly awaiting his words*

01-14-2005, 03:37 AM
His eyes flared as he notices the unfolding drama before him. His eyes narrowed as he analysed the Prince talking to Klea. He whispers in his mind tell of the prince's embrace of Sadin, the male half of the one power. His body froze as he snarled at him quite vocally. He had read stories of the use of Sadin and it's female half, Sadir and had heard of the taint of the male half of the source and it's.... side effects. Hearing the whispers in his mind coming from a bracelet hidden beneath his gauntlets, he heard the mistress of pain laugh at the chance of a possible Asha'man actually being among them. Hearing the whispers demands he unconciously placed a fist to his chest while watching the drama unfold.

He narrowed his eyes to Crea, he had to tell his monarch the dangers, although it will be but another dagger dangling over her head, at least she should have the right to see it before it impales her on it.

"Sadin..." he whispers deeply, yet softly.

01-14-2005, 08:22 AM
*Though she continues to smile in a split moment as though something or someone had caught her interest ....she sits back slightly against her pillows to gaze around her beautiful garden... a Peculiar expression touches her countanence and furtively she sniffs the air and her lips move as though tasting a familiar presence.
Her delicate hands continue to play with her fan, opening and shutting it, her face a polite mask of pleasentness. But even as she masks her expression there is the faint hint of a joyful deepening in her smile and a sparkle to her eyes. Those who know her very well would see it as the "Little Girl smile". A cheerful openly happy and innocent smile that the Queen no longer indulges and so they have not seen it in so long.... Whose presence she tastes in the air is a mystery to all but the Queen herself .*

01-14-2005, 08:29 AM
"Hmph." said Amazon, crossing her arms she stood there, looking the Dark Paladin straight in the eyes. She would not allow herself to be intimidated by him or his reputation. "Are you going to reply to the letter...or not?" Her voice carried no more or less respect than he deserved. She was a warrior of esteem as well. If she had to fight, she would be ready. And if she had to die, she would with pride. No amount of torture could change her mind. It was the way she was born, the way she lived, and the way she would die.

01-14-2005, 11:26 AM
Haldir was already on his fourteenth drink but was behind by three drinks. They both went at it drinking the pints down fastly. "You aren't going to win master elf," blanden laughed while drinking another pint. Haldir only smiled and continued to drink. The contest continued for hours until they both fell at the same time. Blanden woke up first and laughed for he beat haldir by one drink. When haldir got up all he did was smile and took another two pints drinking them down.

01-14-2005, 01:00 PM
He sat there looking at her for a moment. He was glad she decided to be truthful. " As you wish. You know all to well that our country has been in plight of a drought and that we are recovering from a war. To make matters worse we have found that you-know-who is appeared in Plytori Amorth. I am hear to ask what is to be done about all of this? We will aid you in any way we can but it must be said that we know of your history with him. And although I feel I can trust you I feel that i should remain in close contact with you. He looked at the young man that was glaring at him. He turned and faced her speaking without words. You know that the Aes Sedai and the white tower will not hold out against him forever. He turned to the man again. So.... You know of the Aes Sedai and Asha'man, be warned!!! DO NOT stand in my way!!!!! He smiled and took a sip of his tea....

01-14-2005, 02:26 PM
*Taking a moment to consider his words Klea speaks carefully her smile now something rather of a warning. She can pass so many messages with her smiles. Her hand however never looses the pretty rhythm of her fan play... Open and close... open and close again... light and delicate movements like a Tiger's tail swishing.*

"My....'History' with him? Dear Prince Crea I hope you do not mean to imply anything truely scandelous? After all, your Noble father would have told you well that I am as chaste and untouched as any maiden who can be found."

*She flutters the fan playfully just below her eyes in a manner of experienced coyness before flipping it closed.*

"As for your country let your mind be at peace... after all I can assure you that Medias res well appreciates Her neighbors. I am sure we can find a solution to your problems."

*Settling her tiny hands on her lap she watches him again her eyes warning Crea that she will tolerate no fighting in her presence or in her home nor anyone violating the privacy boundries of her mind.*

01-14-2005, 02:40 PM
" Oh dear, no I never would imply such a thing." He smiled. " I only meant to imply that I noticed that you have some for of feelings for him. Or at least did at one time." He smiled again and stood up. " Milady..." He bowed and turned to exit. As he walked by he glanced at the young man and then continued on his way. He decided to walk through the city for awhile and went to change clothes. He put on a silver kimono-style robe over a pair of baggy pants and a black shirt. He then headed out into the town. Looking at the many items the vendors were yelling out and trying to sell.

01-15-2005, 03:35 AM
Ishamel bowed to Amazon, gracefully taking her hand and kneeling in a respectful bow.

"Her majesty will soon hear my response in person. There is no need for concern over my response to her. I do doubt she expected one."

Standing up he looked down to her, his eyes instantly analysing her again. Her strong will and mind would be a useful asset to have. His lips turned upwards in what was either a smirk or a smile, on his face it was near impossible to discern one from the other.

"I do belive my lady is in the service of our Queen, judging by your eagerness of reply. She is indeed lucky to have quite a willful young maiden in her service."

His eyes suddenly turned to Crea, hearing his message loud and clear, by obviously some turning in the power. Due to the sensation caused by his bracelet, and the whispers in his head. He smiled slightly, a single, long nod aknowledging his message. Although matters of his realm were of no consequence to him, the use of Sadin was a... useful tool.

01-15-2005, 01:08 PM
Haldir finished the two pints then said "I must be on my way master dwarf." Blanden understood and showed his freind to the door. They both hit each others arms then haldir left for the castle. As he made his way there he started to wonder if the queen even knew of him. He first saw her when her mother gave birth to her that was a great day indeed. Haldir finally made it to the castle and was escorted to the young queen. 'She has grown much since i saw her,' he thought to himself as he entered the garden.

01-15-2005, 07:46 PM
Akako's tail swished with suspicion as she sat in a high window sill, staring at the goings on in the garden below. She was always apprehensive of strangers in the castle. Another stranger caught her eye as he entered the garden. The neko looked back at her mistress, still talking with the other man. With a twitch of one large ear, she looked back at the new stranger. Akako didn't like so many strangers near her mistress.

She pounced off the sill and sprinted on all fours down the hall to the stairs and finally out to the garden. The neko found the newcomer and hid behind a hedge, inspecting him.
Elf she thought, noticing his ears. Slowly she crawled over to him, sniffing his heel. He reeked of ale. Akako circled in front of him and stood on her hind legs to her full height.
"What is your business here, elf?" she hissed, her green eyes glaring at the stranger.

red storm
01-16-2005, 05:55 AM
Life in the streets continued as usual; Merchants trying to sell things, customers trying to buy things and thieves trying to steal things. Some stopped their usual going for a moment, however, to keep a weary eye on a newcomer in the streets. A young woman that was happily walking down the streets.
At first glance, one would easily mistake this girl for a young human; but a closer inspection revealed two pointy ears, slightly covered in fur. Deep brown hear tied in a topknot and a pair of sea green eyes. Over her shoulder she carried a long stick with a metal tip at the bottom and forked at the top, with a sling between the two tips.
Her name was Pasera, and she was a kender.

Pasera was a happy kender at the moment. Not only had she found a pouch of gold pieces in that goblin cave, she had also found a really pretty stone, shaped in the form of a monster placed upon a staff, right beside the chieftains throne. She only wondered why the goblins were so mad at her when she was about to leave the cave with the stone. It was not like they were using it or something; besides, she was only borrowing it.

Pasera noticed she was thirsty, so she went to the nearest pub to get something to drink. When she arrived, an elf walked out just before she was about to enter. She smiled at him, and went in. She ordered something sweet, and sat down on a table near a couple of men discussing the queen and the fate of the Kingdom.

"I'm not sure I like what's going on, were being ruled by someone who's practically a kid."

"Oh shut up, you were one of the people cheering the loudest when she was crowned."

"Yeah, well, I guess I was kinda caught up with the moment. Ah hell, nothings gone wrong so far."

As Pasera listened to the two men talking, she decided to join them. After all, they were talking about the queen of this kingdom. It would be very interesting to meet her. She stood up, grabbing her cup of drink, and sat down near the guy who had been having doubts. She noticed he carried some very interesting tools. Most likely a ranger, they usually made custom weapons.

"Hey, I heard you two talking about a queen. Any chance I could meet her?"

The man with the tools smirked; this girl was obviously a foreigner. Maybe he could have a bit of fun with her.

"Yes, you could. But that would mean you would have to get past the most feared bodyguards there are, they show no mercy and will torture you endlessly before casting your body out into the moats. I hear one of them is a Neko"

"Really? Cool! I've never seen a Neko before!"

The man blinked in confusion and Pasera stared at the special things he wore, one of the especially drew her attention. It was a weapon that looked like a curved piece of wood; Pasera wondered what one could do with it.

At that moment, the other man nudged his friend.

"Give it up man, can't you see? The girl's a kender; she won't get scared no matter what nonsense you tell her."

The rangers mood seemed to drop after hearing that.

"A kender, huh? Well, it's been fun kid, but I have to go."

The two men grabbed their belongings paid the bill, and took of, leaving Pasera sitting there staring at a peculiar piece of curved wood in her hands. She blinked when she noticed that the two men were gone.

"Hey! Wait! You forgot your wooden thingy! Ah well, I guess I'll give it back to him the next time I see him."

She slipped the boomerang in her pouch of many things (which people strangely kept calling a bag of holding) and took of towards the castle.

Meanwhile, the two men were walking towards the gate when the ranger suddenly noticed something was missing.

"Hey, wait? Where's my boomerang?"

"You don't think...."

"I hate kenders."

OOC: If people have any questions about kenders or Pasera, feel free to PM me.

01-16-2005, 08:15 AM
Haldir looked down at the neko with his ever changing eyes. "I am here to meet young queen Klea," he said showing no signs that he had been drunk. When ever he meet a royal or noble after he been drinking he would act very polite and talk little for his breath may have smelt bad. Haldir's ears perked hearing the other man leave but his eyes stayed on the neko guard. "If i may introduce myself to you i am haldir second in command of the wood elfs and loyal servant to the queens of Medias res," he said while bowing politly to the guard. He then stayed quiet until the queen would speak to him.

01-16-2005, 09:11 AM
*Watching the exit of Prince Crea, the young Queen affected an amused smile and laugh as though he had simply made a very witty comment. Her eyes are quickly drawn to the Foreign Elf Dignitary shown into her presence and the anger of her favorite pet Neko. Lifting an eyebrow her smile grows as she watches her pet try to defend her. *

"Oh Aka !" *She says with a pretty smile*, "Is that anyway to treat a guest?... Come my pet, there is a pile of pillows and a dish of creme here with your name on it!"

*Reaching out she smiles to the Elven man extending her very small bejeweled hand in greeting. Even as she watches the Elf, her mind and power lightly touches Ishamel and whispers to him, "Shale... Shale...." She murmmers mentally the nickname she uses for him for when she was but very young she could not pronounce his actual name.
Not a glimmer of her secondary action if evident to anyone around her as her thoughts and expression is very well defended. And so to everyone, including the elf, she is a smiling playful and almost flirtatious sovereign who has nothing more on her mind than to enjoy the rest of her sunny day outside under the shade of her silk pavillion watching entertainments and playing with her pet neko.
She becons Akako and Hadir closer with out held hands and with a winning smile awaits for them to respond... Their response as well as Ishamel's...*

01-16-2005, 09:54 AM
"Queen Klea it is an honor to meet you again," he said bowing politly knowing she would not remeber him. Haldir then stood back up and said "the queen of the wood elfs sends word." He paused then continued "we will fight along side you as we did with the queens of old." He was very quiet after that thinking of the battles he has fought. Smiling, he thought of her mother and father then of how proudly he served them. 'I will serve her as i did her parents,' he thought to himself then looked down to her.

01-16-2005, 01:09 PM
Akako sauntered over on all fours to the pillows and the dish, always keeping an eye on the stranger. She sat next to her mistress, flicking her tail in a bored fashion. Her many tail rings made a quiet clinking sound on the stone ground. The neko slowly drank her creme in the dignified manner that she had been taught all her life at the castle. Akako's ears were alert, though, intently listening to the conversation between the elf and queen. She was already distrustful of the stranger because he smelled of alcohol. She decided if he said one wrong word, she would pounce- fangs, claws and all.

01-16-2005, 01:22 PM
Haldir senced a feeling of mistrust so he decided to end it. "I am sry but i think i have come at a bad time for both of us," he said bowing again and left the castle. He headed straight for the pub which was also a place where travelers can stay. He went to blanden and said "my meeting didnt go well cause of the drinking contest and a neko who didn't trust me cause of it." "WHAT, WHY YOU CAN HOLD YOU ALCOHOL LONGER THEN ANY MAN OR DWARF CAN," blanden protest disturbing many in the pub. It is very easy to get a dwarf mad exspecaily blanden. Haldir asked for a room and blanden madly gave him a key. He went straight to the room and laid down on the bed.

red storm
01-16-2005, 01:35 PM
After a short walk Pasera arived at the palace and stared in pure fascination.

"Oh, wow! That has to be the biggest building I have ever seen! Man, even it's doors are big. I wonder if the queen is a giant? Wow! That would be cool!"

Totaly distracted, Pasera walked around the castle until she reached one of the smaller doors. By then Pasera decided it would be interesting to see the palace from the inside, so she tried to open the door, only to find out it was locked.

Of course, kenders have a different perspective on the word 'locked'

"Hey? What gives? This door is stuck! Don't people know how to service doors these days?"

She reached into her pouch and brought out a set of tools that looked suspiciously like a set of thieven tools. She fiddled with the lock for a few momemts before the door opened.

"There, that oughta do it. They really should thank me for fixing that door."

Pasera practicaly became a blur in the halls. Zipping from pillar to pillar, statue to statue. Not to hide or anything, but because everything she stopped at was so interesting. Ocasionaly she would pick up something that wasn't stuck to a pillar or statue, but she ran of to the next thing before she had the chance to put it back.

01-17-2005, 03:26 AM
Ishamel's strange eyes flared a bright crimson red beneath his helm. He could hear her majesty, Queen Klea's voice inside his head as if she was right beside her ears. Although the thought messages came in rather loud, as if she was screaming right into her ear at a simmilar pitch as a baby's wail, that exact pitch babies instinctively know can jab into a human's skull as if they were daggers directed towards the brain.

"Yes, your majesty.. I am yours to command."

He responded along the same mind link Queen Klea initiated, although he returned the message in a much softer tone, which apeared the equivilant of a soft whisper, although across a mind link like this, it hardly distorted the message, it did allow the recipiant to be more comfortable. He remembered when Klea had secret conversations with him when she was much younger. He himself had aged very little over the years, being that he was not human. Although percieved to be a human, many rumours have spread of his real ancestry. Old people speak of how they have seen Ishamel as kids, and how he still apeared to be an adult in his prime when he ought to have long sinced perished of age. Ishamel smirked to himself silently, awaiting to hear the anticipated news, and what he was to do.

01-17-2005, 09:19 AM
*Blinking a little at Hadir's abrupt departure she motions to one of her messenger boys to find the elf and bring him back before concentrating on her mind link with Ishamel... Blushing faintly at the fact her whisper had come in as a yell she wonders what he must think of her control. Buckling down she really whispers so softly concentrating as he had taught her so very long ago and tilts her head to one side.*

"Come to me my Shale... We have so much to speak on and though I trust Mia completely, I have feared that others would harm her to intercept the message.
War has come to us and I know I have some old enemies of mine and my Parents' before me, lurking about at court and around the country side."

*Her Brilliant grey eyes shine brightly and her image can be faintly seen hovering in a ghostly manner over where Mia is standing . Those eyes speak volumes to Ishamel... They speak of her need of him to be her champion ... her Black hand to route out those who mean the country harm... All the darker things that she herself as Queen cannot do for sake of Politics, but knows must be done if Medias Res and all Her people are to survive.

Reaching down she strokes Akako behind the ears in the lazy fashion the neko loves and sips delicately at her cup of tea, her eyes seem focused on the theatre show ahead but she barely sees it in her state of concentration. Finally she salutes Ishamel in a fashion familiar to them both and lovely to the eye before her image fades.*

01-17-2005, 11:15 AM
Haldir was sitting at a table down stairs eating so beef blanden madly cooked up for him. Blanden could stay made for days even months depending on the matter at hand. The smell of alcohol was gone from haldir now that he was well rested. A messenger boy came into the tavern and haldir knew he was here for him. Haldir finished his meal and walked over to the boy. They did not say anything but headed straight to the castle then to the garden where the queen was still at. "You sent for me," haldir said knowing she did.

01-17-2005, 07:44 PM
Akako still eyed Haldir suspiciously. She wasn't as eager to attack anymore, for the Queen's stroking the neko's head had lulled her into a calm, almost sleepy state.
At least he doesn't reek anymore, she thought to herself, licking a paw and being careful to avoid one of her rings.

Akako's ears perked up as she thought she heard something from inside the castle. She studied the elf and decided he wasn't a threat, then silently crept away and out of the gardens.

The neko snuck down different corridors until she saw a figure at the other end of the hallway wandering around. The stranger was completely caught up in her surrounds, and seemed to be taking whatever was small and moveable with her.
Doesn't seem to be the smartest theif that's roamed these halls, Akako thought, ear twitching. She sat in the middle of the hall, waiting for the intruder to notice her. The neko believed that would take a little while, so she waited patiently, tail ring clinking against the hard floor.

01-18-2005, 06:51 AM
"I trust that you have given the queen your reply." she said, surprised at how polite the Dark Paladin had acted towards her. But she knew it was probably just a front so that she would let her guard down. But letting her guard down was something she never did, so she was not worried.

"Is it safe to assume that you will not be sending me back with a message, but will be going to Medias Res in person?" she asked him

01-18-2005, 08:28 AM
A young messenger appraoched Crea and handed him a letter. He scanned across the letter and pondered the information for a moment. He thought if this was some sort of ruse then he would be immensely angry with his father. He wrote a small letter and handed it to the messenger, who turned and rode out of the city. So it begins.....

01-18-2005, 08:47 AM
*Klea's smile is both amused and curious as she watches the previously drunk elf. Her right hand flicks and plays with her beautiful fan and her tone so soft and fair warms Hadir's pointy ears.*

"Aye indeed, I did call for you. It is been many years since we have encountered each other... I vaguely remember pulling on your ears and that I gummed on the feathers of your arrows, all which you dealt with equanimity according to my mother... Heavens rest her soul.
Well if my eyes do not deceive me you still have both ears as well as feathers on arrows. Which must mean that you have not encountered any other rather impetuous and curious Faerie Princesses in diapers."

*Her laughter is gentle and mild.*

"But you arrive at my doorstep and into my gardens Ambassador Hadir with more than a wish to reminisce of old times do you not? Tell me of what news your land grants you permission to relate to me and leave not without some time to tarry and offer of courtly niceties."

*The young Queen sips from her tea cup and flutters her eye lashes making the best effect of very playful eyes. The Elven Queen was a dear friend of her mother's and Klea's own Godmother. Should Klea have been younger by a hair of what she was when her parents died less than a half a year ago, Queen Seraphina of the Elven peoples would have ruled Medias Res and looked after Klea until the Princess was old enough to rule.
All of that aside she adored the woman she called "Aunt Sera" and in her very young years had spent much time laying about on her lap, listening to stories and generally being spoiled whenever she was sent to the Elven countries for a visit... All of that affection is bright in her eyes and her tone of voice as she speaks to the Elf who had at one time been forced to baby sit her.*

"Speak and be heard Master Elf... The Queen of Medias Res is listening."

01-18-2005, 11:39 AM
Haldir remembered clearly when he used to watch her when the other sitters were sick or gone. Her mother was one of the greatest queens he has served and he hoped to serve her daughter as well. "Queen Seraphina has sent me here to tell you that she and her army are willing to fight with you," he started out. "She has also sent me here to serve you as i did your parents," he finished kinda remembering the very day he had to leave for the elven countries. Queen Klea was there watching as he departed for the other countries and her mother was crying slightly for he was her best servant and guard. A tear had drifted into his eye.

01-18-2005, 02:23 PM
Crea was nervous. More nervous than ever before and he felt that it was approaching Plytori Amorth. He rode over the hill and his eyes filled with horror, or rather mere disbelief of what he was seeing... NO this can't be.... He rode with haste torward the capital. FIre blazing throughout the city. Screams filled the air, and the sounds of collapsing structures were nigh.

He approached the castle to see blood and corpses littered across the holy steps. Nothing was on his mind except for the safety of his father. Running down the halls, he slowly appraoched the throne room and saw his father lay at the throne's steps. He trew himself apon the floor next to his father and cried out. "Oh holy father in heaven, please no!"
But it was to late, his father's spirit passed through his hands and he embraced saidin in a rage. The entire city shook ferouisly and magic dispelled in mass quantities across the plains and into the distance. He had stood up but collapsed in the throne and covered his face, sobbling loudly for he no longer felt that life mattered. He could feel his world collapsing around him once again. Plytori Amorth had fallen to the darkness for no lights of hope shined in this once beautiful city. Only the blazing light of destruction and death..... He no longer cared about the affairs of state outside these walls and did nothing but lay in the seat of his departed father.... Weeks passed by and many came to check apon him, but he would awnser to none and relenquished powers of the state to the Commander of the Plytori Amorth forces..... He mourned in the eternal darkness......

01-18-2005, 06:44 PM
"Your words are welcome to my ears as it is to the many who are of Medias Res. I know you were remembered well by my mother and father and so I am pleased to welcome you into my service as well as my friendship. I will ask that you do not come before me in a certain state of ... intoxication... however... My Neko finds it disconcerting."

*Her mouth twitches with humor. Everyone in the palace and the court knows how highly she places that strange cat creature in her affections. Some say that Akako even knows the Queen's innermost secrets.
Klea allows her smile to broaden as she offers Hadir her tiny hand for him to kiss ... Just as her mother had been... she is charming when she smiles.*

01-18-2005, 06:57 PM
"I assure you that will be the last time i will be intoxicated," he said bending down and kissing her hand. He then perked his elven ears hearing the clinking of the queen's neko body guard tail and the figiting of tools on a door. "I believe you neko has found a theif," he said closing his eyes listening closly to the noises. Haldir had some of the finest hearing anyone has ever known and this helped during some of the assasination attempts on the queens of old. He turned and walked toward the door then looked down the hall. There was two shadows one of the neko guard watching the intruder.

01-19-2005, 04:19 AM
Looking to the female messanger, Ishamel raised an eyebrow. Removing his dark helmet he let his long raven hair which was held back in a tie fly down, a dry smile curved up on his lip, his eyes flaring with a strange, if not, twisted amusement.

"My lady I have already replied to the Queen personally, and am now recieving my instructions. Fear not, for you have suceeded in your task, but that in itself raises questions."

Looking towards her, his eyes moved up and down, his mind calculating her abilities, intentions and possible alignment. Nodding to himself satisfied, that is, as satisfied as possible for the Black Hand, he looked to her again. Brushing a finger down his firm chin.

"The Queen trusts you completely, and I shall entrust you with, a favour. The Mistress be willing. Should you come across any.... possible traitors, please do send me a message of your suspicions. You will be greatly rewarded by Her Majesty Queen Klea, Torchbearer of the Light. And by Myself."

Nodding to her respectfully he turned around set off on his task. Closing his eyes he slowly began calculating every member of the court in his head, analysing any possible... oddities in their actions, the slightest nervous twitch could be a subconcious reaction to treachery. Close scuritiny, and pain were the order of the day.

01-19-2005, 08:13 AM
*Her eyes only briefly sweeping the elf's back as he retreats to find the intruder. Turning her attention to those around her, Klea rises and all the music and dancers stop their performance.*

"You have all entertained me well today... I shall be retiring to my chambers as the light grows dim and the air cooler.... My dear Nobles, we shall reconvene at dinner."

*Nodding slightly to her guards, Klea turns and makes her way to her chambers having the thought of a bath and some leisurely reading in mind to calm her sences when a small note is passed to her.
Her slender fingers pry the wax seal open and the note's contents leave her breathless...."All?.... How can this be?" She thinks pressing a hand to her chest in shocked horror.*

"Everyone... and their King as well... But where is Prince Crea? Did he return to his homeland through a jump gate to find it in ruin?" This is murmmers to herself closing her eyes and grief for a long moment. When she reopens them the stormy grey has turned to nearly black.
Black for fear and for fury.
The Queen then turns to her ladies and though they flinch from what they see in her eyes , they listen carefully.*

"My Ladies please make haste... Send some armed guard to search out Prince Crea and see of his wellfare... Bring him back to Palatina ( The capital city which they are in now) to recover if it is necessary. It seems our enemy knew of the alliance and sought to weaken us.
I will be taking my bath now. No one must guess that anything is amiss... I will act casually and while I ready myself for dinner be awaiting the arrival of Ishamel.. Show him in immediately... Make Haste my doves... this is a matter requiring it."

*Seeing how one of her younger guard flinches at the mention of Ishamel, Klea reaches out and touches under the girl's chin lightly*

"Remember who you are and what you have been trained to know... Know only courage ... Know only goodness and righteousness. As part of my guard you do not know fear."

*The Guard curtsies and the Queen presses a kiss to her forehead.*

"Remember that I have faith in every one of you. I know you will not fail me, nor will I fail you. Hold your bravery close to your hearts and make those hearts as Lions and not as rabbits."

*All the Queen's Guards curtsy and make haste, some staying to protect and help the monarch bathe and dress for dinner... Some to collect the correct people who will in turn collect what knowlege they can about the Prince and perhaps retrieve him to Medias res under the care of the Queen.

All hold close their faith and their courage... The Queen needed them and they would be the Queen's Lion hearted... Her Order of the Garter.*

01-19-2005, 11:11 AM
Giving a curtley nod she said "If it is the will of the Queen in which I serve, consider it done. Now if you don't mind, I will be on my way considering that my mission is fulfilled." She bowed to Ishamel and then turned around and began to saddle her horse.
This mission was much easier than expected. I hope that the next one proves to be more challenging. Then I will finally earn my place as the greatest of warriors in Medias Res. She smiled as she thought of being a legendary figure like the Queen or even Ishamel. Though she was not of noblility, nor of an evil reputation such as Ishamels, she still hoped to earn her honor in yet another way. She wanted to be known as the best, nothing more, nothing less.

01-19-2005, 11:37 AM
Crea walked through the dark unlit halls of the ruined palace. The city was restabilishing the markets and rebuilding the homes but he wasn't paying much attention to anything. His gaurds nodded to him respectfully but he only glanced at them. He didn't mean to be so cold for they were hurting as well but he just couldn't overcome the feeling. The flags throughout thecity had been lowered or so he had heard for the loss of the king placed the city in a mourning. Finally he just gave up and walked to the crypt in the castle courtyard. He sat infront of his fathers grave weeping silently. None would know for he ordered the gaurds out of the castle. He dropped to his knees, removing a dagger from his robes. He thrust into his stomach and fell to the ground crying out. He lay there for a while before passing out in a puddle of blood.....

red storm
01-19-2005, 11:41 AM
As the small thief dashed down the hall, it became clear to the neko that this was not just any foolish thief. This thief grabbed not only items made out of silver and gold, but also things that were quite worthless. In fact, it seemed that the thief only grabbed things that looked nice.

Pasera, at the moment, had litle atention for the neko waiting patiently down the hall. Her eyes were fixed on a decorated mug; Aparently left behind by one of the guards who snuck a litle drink while patroling. While the mug was quite worthless on the market, Pasera found the mug to be very fascinating. She wanted to grab the mug, but her hands were full of the stuff that she had already picked up (and had forgotten to put back).

Shrugging, she put all the stuff in her pouch of many things, and picked up the mug. It was then that she noticed a strange cat-like creature down the hall. The mug completely forgotten in her hand, Pasera walked (or rather dashed) towards the creature.

"Wow, I wish I had ears like those, are you a neko?"

Pasera looked the neko up and down, smiling in that typical wide-eyed kender way that could made them look so innocent.

OOC: Posted a picture of Pasera (drawn by me). For those of you who wonder what she looks like, go here (http://www.animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=19581)

01-19-2005, 02:21 PM
Haldir stood in the shadows alittle down the hall from the two watching them. 'What kind of a theif runs up to an enemy,' he thought to himself as he watched them. He wondered who this girl was and what she was doing in the castle. Walking silently over to them he stood next to the wall and watched what the neko guard would do. Haldir's hand was gripping his bow which was in his hand all the time.

01-20-2005, 07:32 AM
The neko eyed the theif suspiciously. Her tail ring clinked against the floor at a slow, constant beat.
"I am a neko. Do you plan on putting back all those things you took?" Her green eyes glanced at the pouch, then back at the thief.
"If not the entire guard in this wing of the castle will be here before you can flick a tail." She waved her own tail for emphasis.

01-20-2005, 08:39 AM
"She is right you know," haldir said walking out of the shadows torward them. He stood next to the wall near them and watched what the theif would do. "And be what i can hear a patrol is on its way down this hall," he said while perking a ear. He leaned up against the wall listening. "You have two options put it back or be arrested your choice," he said opening his eyes.

01-20-2005, 11:21 AM
Mia finally entered the city. She stopped at the Royal Guard's stables and fed her horse and put it in a stable. She stretched and stared up at the sky for a moment. She was bored and wanted to get a great mission that would involve some fighting. She couldn't wait to prove her medal.

She walked up to the palace and stopped in front of the guards. The guard nodded and allowed her to pass. She flicked her long pink hair over her shoulder and smoothed out her palace uniform, trying to make herself more presentable to the queen. She already knew the queen knew she had fullfilled her mission, but she needed to speak to her and find out what her next mission was.

Walking through the doors she let one of the queen's messengers know that she was there and to tell the queen that she awaited her next mission. The messenger dissapeared into the throne room.

Mia waited outside the doors for the queen to summon her.

01-20-2005, 07:58 PM
In the land that the city over watches a small figure on a jet black horse races towards the city at break neck speeds.The rider is wearing a maroon cloak with a hood over his head.The mysterious rider enters the city some people giving him some glances as he rides through to a stable.He stops and looks around as people stare at him.He looks back at them and they all quikly look away.He grins and jumps off his horse and takes the reins tying them to the wooden posts and takes a bag out from around his hip.His horse lowers it head into the bag as he strokes its mane.He pulls the bag around his hip when the horse is done eating as he pets the horse inbetween the eyes and says gently, "Behave ok?".The horse gives a small buck as if to say ok as the figure walls towards the palace.

red storm
01-21-2005, 08:32 AM
Pasera blinked in confusion, her eyes switching between the neko and the elf that had just appeared. What were they talking about? Were they saying she was a thief? Naw, that couldn't be it. She shifted slightly, and blinked as she noticed something in her hand. The decorated mug.

Huh, how did that one get here?

To say kender are scatter brained would be putting it rather lightly. In fact; at the moment Pasera had no idea what she had picked up during her exploration of the hall, nor were she had stashed it to pick up the mug.

She shrugged and handed the mug to the elf.

"Here, you must have dropped it, you're lucky I found it!"

01-21-2005, 08:34 AM
"Your Majesty, our Mia has returned."

*Klea turns slightly to smile at one of her ladies as she stands in her bathing rooms, the ruby silk of her robes fluttering about her slight form. The Queen's Bathing rooms are as sumptious to the eye as they are functional. The floors and walls are cut from the finest marble and a golden water pump fills the infloor bath , which is the size of some lakes, with hot water.
Though the room is surrounded by windows no one has ever seen the young Queen inside thanks to the unique cut of the crystal. One inside the chambers can see out on the world, but no one can see in. And so the warm sunset casts a lovely red-gold glow against the paleness of the ivory marble.

The Queen, now inside these bathing chambers nods to the Guard *

"Excellent. Allow her inside Isabelle I am most pleased at her safe return."

*Turning away again she allows her other ladies to help her into her bath. She sighs at the lovely rose fragrance of the water and smiles with almost childlike enjoyment of the bubbles.*


*The Ladies of the Order of the Garter are often revered by the rest of the court as both some of the finest warriors in the Multiverse as well as women of the most exceptional beauty and talent. They all fight with valor and uncanny skill, but they also sing, dance , have great knowlege in fashion, excellent cuisine and are intelligent and amusing conversationalists. Some say, "Why bother with all the extra stuff if they can fight as well as they do?"
Well the simple answer to that is that they are the foremost caretakers of the Queens of Medias Res. Therefore they must be able to be her companions as well as her protectors. When at some point the ladies do leave her order, whether to marry or from old age, or if they are too injured to continue service or even to pursue other career goals ( The last is extreemly rare but has happened once or twice in the past... million years so so...). When one of the Queen's Ladies retired from service for any honorable reason, she is given a very good piece of land and manor house, if not castle and a generous pension to pay all expenses for the rest of her life.
The Queen's women are fiecely loyal to her and the Monarch gratefully rewards that loyalty.

One particular of the Queen's guard wanders through the reconstruction of Plytori Amorth in search of the Prince her Mistress sent her after. Heloise, A favorite of Klea's for her lightness of step and glibe way of speaking, now uses all her talents to talk her away around guards and curious city dwellers. Her fair face and elegant bearing makes her more noticable but she manages to slip through too much attention.
Finally tracking down her query she arrives just in time to see Prince Crea collapse into a pool of his own blood. In a blur of pure speed and skillful step she scoops up the young man and writing a symbol in the air summons a portal.
Muttering about how annoying and troublesome men are, Heloise disappears into her amorphous door of light and as soon as she enters it fades from existance.*

01-21-2005, 08:53 AM
"Why are you in the castle young kender," he asked her taking the mug and an eye saw something shimmer in her pouch. He put down the mug on a near by shelf and was alittle confused why she said he dropped it. "May i see what is in your pouch," he said eying the pouch. He started think about alot of questions. Haldir knew alittle about kenders but had not really known one.

red storm
01-21-2005, 09:46 AM
"Me? Oh I was just wandering around, and I hadn't seen the castle yet, so I went to take a look. But when I wanted to go in trough a door back there, I found out that the door was stuck, so I fixed it."

She blinked when Haldir asked to see her pouch.

"My pouch? Sure."

What Pasera so colorfully called 'her pouch of many things' was better known as a bag of holding, a small bag that stashed items in a small dimension, allowing the pouch to hold many items. Hence the nickname. As Pasera put it: 'It's a pouch, and it holds many things. A pouch of many things!"

Given the kenders curiosity, and their 'need to know' urge, god knows what Haldir may find in Pasera's pouch.

01-21-2005, 09:58 AM
Crea stirs as dreams and visions pasted through his head. He moaned a couple of times from the pain of his injuries.
He thought maybe he was dead but was quite unsure of himself for once he had found himself looking a strange young woman....

Ok.. Could you edit this post to make it longer than two lines? The rules of this game are for posts to be longer than 5 lines. Thank you:D


01-21-2005, 11:26 AM
Mia stepped into the room, she spoke to one of the Queens maidens who told her she was taking a bath. "I will wait for her here then..." The maiden left her standing alone in the throne room. Mia heard some converstion in the hall. An elf and a women? she thought curiously as she peeked her head outside. Just what the heck are they doing here?

After getting a closer look, she immediately noticed the elf. He was a legendary warrior among Medias Res names Haldir, and was known as a loyal servant of the Queens of the past. She had personally never seen him, knowing that elves lived many years and that she herself was only 16 years of age, it was unlikely.

Her gaze fell back to the women, whom the elf appeared to be questoning. Just what is she doing here? She is not a member of the queens guard, or one of her maidens either...Is she an intruder? Intruders are not permitted in the palace... She was about to go out there and do some questioning of her own, but not the friendly kind...

01-21-2005, 02:30 PM
The hooded figure stopped by a big house looking store in the city.He looked inside pressing his face to the window.He saw some decorative pottery.He smirked as he walked through the door and stepped in.The store went into a hush as they saw him walk in.He looked at them his sky blue eyes glaring at them all.They quikly turned away as the store went back into a buzz.The hooded walked through the isles of wooden shelves looking at the items on them.He saw a few potions and looked the entire isle side to side.He grabbed a pheonix down and looked around as he put it into the pouch that cotains his arrows.He kept walking down the isles and noticed he needed flowers.He walked up to the counter and leaned on it as he said.

"Say where can I get some flowers in this city?"

The person behind the counter pointed out the window.The hooded figure nodded leaving some gil on the counter and walked out the door.

01-21-2005, 07:20 PM
Akako's tail flicked her tail harshly from side to side, her tail ring making a loud noise that echoed throughout the large hall. She looked from the bag Haldir was inspecting to the 'theif'.
"How did you get in the castle? And what is your name?" the neko asked briskly, looking directly into the kender's eyes, holding her gaze. Her ears perked up as she heard the sound of feet aways down the long hall.
"The guards are on their way. If you do not wish to suffer a horrible punishment, you should confess now. Why are you here?"

01-21-2005, 09:13 PM
Haldir went through the bag and found an asortment of many weird items. An ear perked hearing the foot steps of a guard. Turning he said "Guard will you please excort this lady to a different room where we will continue further questioning." "May i hold onto your pouch until we have cleared all this up," he asked her closing the pouch. Haldir was a very polite but slightly commanding elf for most who have just met him.

red storm
01-22-2005, 03:33 AM
Pasera was very confused at the moment, they asked her all these questions when all she did was running trough the halls, looking around. She turned to the neko to answer it's questions.

"How I got in? Simple, trough the back door. It was stuck when I tried to open it, so I fixed it. Oh, and my name is Pasera, and I'm simply looking around. I've never been to a castle this large before."

After Haldir asked to hold on to Pasera's pouch, and Pasera agreed, the guards escorted her to a different chamber. The guards left to continue with their round., And Pasera, again, began zipping trough the room.

01-22-2005, 08:03 AM
The hooded figure stopped by the pedler with the flowers.He looked at the asortment of fine flowers.Then he spied some multi colored roses.He reached into a small pouch around his hip and spoke up to the pedler "How much for a dozen red roses?" he asked looking the pedler in the eye staring him down.The pedler took a cautious step backwards before saying nervously "Tw-Twelve G-Gil".The hooded figure knoded and put twelve gil on the small wooded shelf of the cart as the pedler hands him the bouqet.The hooded figure took the bouqet and put it under his cloak walking towards the castle.As he approached one of the guards steps infront of him and says in a deep hollow voice "What are you doing here?".The hooded figure looked up and at him and in the shadows of the hood the figure grinned saying "I believe I have some business here..." his voice trailed off as he looked past the guard.

01-22-2005, 08:39 AM
Haldir entered the room the guards left paresa in and sat down. He watched her look around while he went through her pouch. There was more stuff then he thought that were in there. Then he came across the wooden thing she got in the goblin caves. "Where did you get this," he said holding it up to show her. Haldir knew what it was and he wanted to know where she got it.

01-22-2005, 08:47 AM
The figure tried to pass the guard but the guard put his hand and pushed on the hooded figures chest.The hooded figure let out a low growl and said angrily "I demand to speak to some one with more authority than you..." as the hooded figure said this he pushed against the guard putting the end of the bouqet into his belt so his hands were free to push the guard.They went into a shoving match and the figure reached into the wrist area of his armour pulling out one of his jagged daggers and holding at the ready.

01-22-2005, 08:56 AM
"Ahhhhh i'll be right back," haldir said getting up and putting the pouch down. He had enough of the shoving contest that was going on outside the door. "What is going on here," he shouted looking at the guards and the hooded figure. "Well," he said looking at the guards and they responded "this man is tying to get in." Haldir had enough and said pointing to the hooded figure "you follow me." He went to the door where pasera was and opened it.

01-22-2005, 09:04 AM
The hooded figure grinned and looked at the guards a wide smirk on his face.He followed haldir through the door and stood still at the door way looking in.His grin faded as he saw pasera.He scraped his fingers along the tip of the jagged dagger as he spoke up "And who would be?" he leaned against the door way as he looked around the room.He finally spied the puched as he let out a low "hmmm".He thought about it,good it be the pouch he had heard so much about?He looked back at pasera and said to himself "That must be that thief I heard so much about".The figure thought that she would probably be here to steal some sort of valuables from the castle.He walked into the room and looked around once more.

01-22-2005, 04:14 PM
Akako sat on the ground and watched as yet another stranger came. The neko kept a sharp eye on the thief and an even sharper one on the hooded figure. She sat just outside the door, looking into the room.
The new person didn't seem to have noticed her, and she was fine with that. She would let the elf handle any interrogation. The neko was just there to guard the suspect like a hawk and make sure she didn't take anything else.

Akako wondered if the Queen knew yet of this intruder, but the neko did not want to venture off to find her mistress and leave the kender. She didn't trust the job of watching the thief-in-denial to anyone, or anyneko else.

01-22-2005, 04:52 PM
Haldir sat down and picked up the pouch then handed it to pasera. "I'm just going to ask you two questions what is your name and what is your business here," he said to the hooded figure. "And you," he looked at pasera and added "go to Dwarven tavern and wait until i send for you." Haldir started to fiddle with his hunting knife while showing pasera to the door. He then went back to his chair and sat down waiting for an answer from the hooded figure.

01-22-2005, 05:13 PM
The hooded figure laughed and said "I dont believe that is any of your business...I really dont".He leaned against the walk and looked at the neko.He then turned his attention to the haldir in the chair with the knife.He edged his hands and unseen he pulled his jagged dagger out putting the bouqet into his belt adding "Though I would love nothing more than to speak with your queen." he said in a light tone.He wondered where she was in the castle and how long they would keep him waiting.He put out his hand without the dagger and looked at his glove bored.He then put his hand back under his cloak and put his dagger away and doing the knot that held his sheathe on he drew in quitly and held the hilt facing the broadsword upside down and lowered it slowly untill he felt it touch the ground he held it there waiting.

01-22-2005, 05:34 PM
OOC: Red storm, hope ya don't mind if I make your chara walk around a little... LoL ^^;

Akako's ears flattened against her head when she heard Haldir dismiss the thief.
What is he doing? she thought with a low hiss. She's not as trustworthy as the elves he's used to dealing with.

When the kender came out of the room, pouch in hand, the neko stood to her full height and looked straight into the girl's eye.
"Around this castle, I have the highest authority of the guard. You're coming with me to the queen to explain yourself," Akako said, truly with the authority that she purposed she had. The neko may not have been the topmost guard, but the thief didn't know it.

She grabbed the girl's arm and dragged her down the hall, with the threat of claws to quench any ideas of resistance. Akako sniffed the air and ventured in a certain direction to find her mistress.

01-22-2005, 08:38 PM
'"She stole nothing and should be free to go," haldir called to the niko sheathing the knife. They were already gone before he could stop them so he turned and went back into the room. "I suggest you sheath your sword," haldir said when he heard the sword being unsheathed. With a blink of an eye he had his bow and an arrow cocked. He did not want to fight him but he was intruding. "If you want to talk to the queen you need to tell me your name and buisiness here," haldir said in a calm voice.

01-23-2005, 08:35 AM
The hooded figure looked at the arrow and smirked.His grip on his sword tightened as he looked around "You know you can kill me now but I am shure your queen would be most displeased.....but you could kill me" he finished and in a split second he side stepped out of the way of the line of fire and spun towards haldir.With one quik motion his sword was in the air and the arrow head fell off of haldir's arrow.As the figure straightened out he said grinning "Or not".The figure became serious as he said "I came not to hurt anyone,but I will not sheathe my blade because I dont aim to use it for blood shed".The figure leans forward on his blade.

01-23-2005, 10:01 AM
Haldir smiled as the man sliced his arrow head off. "Your a mercenary hired by the queen right well I have no problem letting you meet her," he said looking at the arrow head. "Well I dont need this any more," haldir then fired the arrow missing the mans head and penetrating the wall. "If you will follow me i will escort you to the queen," haldir said while leaving the room. Then a he remembered the theif 'Pasera i need to find them.'

01-23-2005, 12:49 PM
The man followed haldir down the corridor.He smirked and looked at him "Correct my fine fellowed friend" he laughed and said quesitivily "Say how did you know I was a mercenary?"He cocked his head slightly to the right as he said this.He then turned hi attention to the walls of the castle and murmered "So klea is living good I see".He then thought about the pouch and the thief.

01-23-2005, 03:52 PM
*Luxurious and warm, the fire crackled behind a pretty crystal fire screen setting the glow of rich reds, greens, purples and blues spilling into the room. Seated again at her dressing table, Queen Klea allows her Ladies to brush her very long silken red curls all the while she writes some letters to various generals and diplomats.
Klea had leaned poise and control on her mother's knee, thus she did not to much as tap her foot impatiently lest it be taken as nervousness. She had to learn of who was spying in her palace and the only man who could root out such an able spy was her favored Ishamel. She rises abruptly and motions to her maidens to dress her quickly.
Once robed in a gown of ebony and gold, such that it gives her an air of gravity and seriousness, granting a paleness to her already milky skin and a softer glow to grey eyes lately gone charcoal to black from wrath, grief and fear. The gown itself it cut in a fashion which allows the Queen's light form to move swiftly and to make the most of her gracefulness in dancing and walking. Such a gracefulness is followed in her coifure, a delicate and elegant mound of curls which allows stray locks to spill around her face and down her back, the rich color of her hair a perfect setting for the pale jewels in her crown.*

"I will have a Quick word with Mia before we enter the Great Hall.. Please see that she is suitably ready for the State Dinner. .. Oh where is my Akako... Isabelle, please find her!
My dear Ariadne... is there anyone to see me otherwise?"

*The girl steps forward and settles in a deep curtsy as she speaks to the Queen*

"Nay Your Grace... But if my ears do not deceive me, I hear footsteps approaching belonging to the Elf and some stranger who walks in the manner of a privateer."

*Very pleased by her Guard's talents of observation she nods and signals to her ladies as she exits her dressing room and seats herself on her favored chair. Settling her skirts around her, Klea folds her hands on her lap, over a ivory and black silk fan and fixes upon her face a very regal expression.

With a nod from her Queen, the Guard opens the chamber door and steps out to curtsy to Hadir and his Mercenary companion.*

01-23-2005, 04:37 PM
Haldir looked at the figure then turned back looking forward. "Everyone has a different sence that seperates them for example i senced you were a mercenary for i have been around many other mercenaries that had the same sence," he answering his question. He was a very gifted elf with many abilities at his disposal. "And the way you said you were not here to shed blood gave it away as well," he said with a smile. 'I must find the neko and paresa for she could get sent to ishamel', he thought to himself as he walked through the opened doors to the queen. "Queen Klea you have a man who wishes to speak to you," he announced then bowed and left in search of the neko.

01-23-2005, 05:04 PM
The figure knods to haldir as he steps through the chamber doors he sheathes his blade.He steps in and looks around at the rom his face shadowed by his hood.The figure then turned his attention to Queen Klea.He grins and bows going onto one knee he says in serious yet some what happy tone "Good evening".He stays on one knee pulling out his roses and says smirking "I bought these for the lovely queen Klea" he held them in his left hand still on his knee.

01-24-2005, 07:01 AM
One of the queen's guard steps out and tells her that she is to meet the Queen at the State Dinner, and to be present in proper attire.

Mia sighs and takes her leave. She always felt akward in a dress, but she would be loyal and carry out the queen's wishes.

She returned to the guards chambers and entered her room. She pulled out the fanciest dress she owned and laid it out on the bed. It was a beautiful white dress that was very slimming with a long trail on the back of it. She took out matching gloves and heels and set them next to it. Then she prepared her own bath. After riding in the forest for some time, she was certain she needed one.

After taking her bath she got dressed and put on some light makeup. Not to overdo it, but at least to look more formal than her usual attire. She was always a natural beauty, but when she took the time to dress up she looked extravagant, something that surprised her when she looked in the mirror. She blushed at her own reflection. Smiling, she was eager to go to the dinner and recieve her new mission.

01-24-2005, 08:24 AM
*Seeing who her guest is, Klea laughs with surprise and happiness.*

"My eyes see with much joy to gaze upon an old friend. I hardly know who to scold for not informing me that it would be you to come to my service."

*Reaching out to him she motions him closer so he might take her delicate hands, both dressed in intricate gold with black diamond and pearl jewelry to match the fine black silk and real gold thread embroidery of her gown.
Not having seen her in years, Deo can see that Klea has become what early girlhood had but hinted at. A pretty child she had been and now the prettiness had bloomed into an elegant lovelyness from tip tilted rain colored eyes, high cheekbones, fine aristocratic nose and sweetly curved lips to form a face fit for poetry and music.
Still, the young man can see the same fragility and daintiness and though time and learning had shaped her figure and the sharpness in her ever intelligent eyes, he well knows the girl inside the woman who smiles at him now.*

"Come closer so I might know you better again Deo... You and I have not known each other in so much time and mores the pity for it... Come closer..."

01-24-2005, 03:43 PM
deo stepped up and walked over to klea with the hood still over his head.He stopped infront of her and takes her hand and kisses it gently.He then flipped his hood down grinning "Its been awile my dear friend" he looks around the chamber and said "Well it looks like you are living well" he smiled and handed her the roses.He undid the clip to his cloak and let it hang of his shoulder as he looked once more longingly at the room and the things in it.

01-24-2005, 04:30 PM
*Noting her old friend's wistful expression at the state of her Private Audience chamber, something like sadness touches her eyes and she turns her hand in his to touch his cheek.*

"I live well because I am well and I am well because I have friends to share my wealth with. You know you are always welcome in my home Deo... You will see that there are few things I lack.."

* Klea holds back a faint sigh at the thought of those very few things she does lack and her great grey eyes grow to a soft rain color before returning to a sharper stormy hue. Allowing her fingertips to brush each of Deo's cheeks for a fleeting touch which confers strong and familiar affection she smiles warmly.*

"You have come my friend in a time when it is dangerous to be allied with the Queen of Medias res. Though you have been paid to be in my service, as your friend I would not for the world cause you any more strife. If you wish to leave for elsewhere there shall be no reprecussions and I would hope for your return merely as friend, courtier and perhaps favored noble.
You chose the path of the freewheeling mercenary but you are still a prince in my eyes Deo... I do not forget Noble blood and will situate you in whichever of my houses you fancy, deeding it to your name and granting you a title. Regardless of your choices in the here and now I am ever your friend."

*Queen Klea's eyes watch in that quiet way as she waits for him to speak.*

01-24-2005, 05:16 PM
Ishamel walked through the courtyard of the palace, he had only minor difficulties in entering the palace. There was one guard at the gate, obviously still new, and quite young. He smiled sharply to himself, remembering when his commerade informed the poor kid on who it was he was pointing his halberd at. A soft, cold chuckle escaped his lips as he pondered to himself, whether or not the poor kid had finished changing his pants.

As he entered through the large heavy doors to the main body of the palance, his eyes followed a noblewoman. The lady was of high rank in one of the higher houses of the kingdom. His eyes followed her stance, she was obviously in a great hurry. His mind noted how rare it was to see a lord or especially a lady in any way, shape or form. Their petty code of elegance often dictated to have a passive, near apathetic attitude for anything. He could see the shiver run through her body as their eyes met, and she made for a much more obvious dash. His lips turned into a cruel smirk as he nodded to her, his own way of aknowledging that she is a target. The lady will definately lose sleep tonight.

As he rose up the next set of stairs he quickly made his way to the Queens chamber, as the guard steps in front of the door to block his way he shakes his head laughing. He had to give it to these guards, they certainly were loyal, if not stupid. Placing his hand on the guards halberd he moves it to the side. "Her Majesty knows I am here anyway, it would be useless even to knock." Moving the guard aside he opened the door walking in silently closing it behind him. His eyes noted that she was already in conversation.

01-24-2005, 05:51 PM
*The Young Queen smiles at Deo even as she feels a long familiar presence wash over her sences. Her slender form sits back in her throne as she ever so slightly moves her lips, as though tasting the air.
Bright blood red curls sway slightly in the movement of her head as she looks up and dimples at the site of Ishamel entering her audience Chamber. Some carefree joy touches her eyes, deepening their color to a grey that includes a breath of amethyst... the color of summer rain. Motioning for Deo to rise she gives him an apologetic look.*

"My friend, I fear that matters of state are calling. When you wish to answer my query I will be eager to hear you. Find me..."

*And with an affectionate touch and a nod she rises to her dainty feet and motioning to Ishamel, swiftly moves into another room so she may speak privately to him, casting a smiling glance at Deo as she goes.

Once the door is closed she turns to smile at Ishamel*

"I am Gladdened by your presence and that you chose to exercise forbearence in the treatment of my Maiden. You always do arrive just in time... I am greatly afeared that there is an agent within the lands of Medias Res and even in this very Castle. An Agent who seeks the destruction of us all.
Tell me my Shale... Will you do what is to be done? May I ask of you that which you do best? Many things are to be feared, including you, but I have never feared that you would fail me in anything... I would trust you with my life and more importantly the lives and safety of this nation."

*Standing before him, he can see how very much her ability to hold in expressions and even emotions has improved... She learned well from him... And yet to his eye he can see that she is very afraid for all in her Kingdom and very agrieved for the losses of her allies abroad. It must be strange to one such as him... She is not afraid of him, not in the least, but afraid of things that he can protect her from.

Klea reaches out with dainty hands to him in a silent plea for that which he has always offered her... Comfort and a chance to be frightened as Queens are never allowed to be.*

01-24-2005, 06:05 PM
Ishamel smiles and takes the Queens hand bowing his head politely. He nods his head with a gentle somewhat fatherly smile.

"You can always find comfort within me, you know that. But, the task is going to be more difficult than finding some petty rebel. I will do my best, but I cannot garuntee I will be able to unearth every weed."

His eyes narrow as he seems lost for a moment in thought. His eyes seem to wander as he calmly readjusts his cloak. He seems rather embaressed but his composure quickly reforms.

"It also seems the nobles are on a razors edge, I think that they are going to cause the greatest concern. Their power games and struggles will come to a head. There is going to be a witch hunt among them. And it is not going to be pretty. I know that the structure of alliances and powers may shift in unusual way. Your Majesty, you will have to be extra careful in judging who allies and enemies are going to be."

01-24-2005, 06:08 PM
Deo watched Klea leave and he sighed as he thought to himself.He pondered the words Klea had said so it was in his hands know.He could leave or he could do his job.He knew Klea had paid upfront for his services so he knew that leaving would mean dodging the risk or injury.He thought about this and then almost hit himself in shame.How could he be thinking that?No he would stay and protect Klea.As a mercenary...as a friend.He looked at the door her and the stranger had passed through and he looked around for something to sit on as he waited for her to return.He thought about how he would say that he would say that he would be staying even through the danger.He sat on the floor pulling his cloak over his head in deep thought.

01-24-2005, 06:38 PM
*Just as Ishamel takes her hand, her whole posture relaxes and listening to him she nods gravely.*

"It is as I have feared. You are indeed a comfort to me dearest Shale... I don't think I would know what to do without you... My Nobles shall fight and I cannot know who I shall be able to trust. For all I know they all plot against me."

*Closing her eyes she presses her mouth to the back of Ishamel's knuckles in a gesture customarily shared by only the most trusted and closest of friends. Her eyes still closed she then curls against him, hiding her face against his shoulder, her nose tucked in as she had done when she was a very young child.Klea breathes in his familiar scent and uncurls the knot she has carried in her stomach for days.*

"Shale.." She whispers..."Shale..."

01-25-2005, 07:29 AM
Akako finally found the Queen in a room with Ishamel. The neko had searched for her mistress for awhile, all the while dragging the thief who was still picking stuff up as they passed display shelves. By now the neko was fed up and cranky.

She marched in, not even acknowledging the man, and stepped between the two.
"Mistress, this kender was caught in the east wing corridor with a bunch of stuff in her bag. Stuff she stole from the castle. And she broke into the castle!" exclaimed Akako, her large ears completely flattened against her head and her tail whipping angrily about.
"I say death! Death to the intruder! Off with her head!"

01-25-2005, 07:42 AM
*Slightly startled, Klea glances down at the Neko and her mouth twitches slightly in amusement. Her delicate hands remain in Ishamel's but she speaks to her favorite pet soothingly.*

"Ah that's a dangerous foe you've there with you Aka... No doubt deserving of harsh punishment. But Dear Aka, she is a kender and Kenders tend to pick up what ever pretty things they see with no true evil, malicious or greedy intent. They simply like to touch everything the way children do.
Now then... Shall we be merciful?"

*Smiling still, The Fair Queen is very glad that all items in her castle are enchanted to return to their correct places with the full turn of the sun and the moon. She knows that whatever the Kender took that was not given as a gift will simply return itself.
Her Bright grey eyes are as the neko knows indicates a carefree happyness in the Queen, a happiness that rarely shows itself anymore, in this they are now the color of the warmest summer showers... Pale grey that breathes translucent amethyst*

01-25-2005, 08:05 AM
Haldir stood in the shadows as he listened to the queen talk to her favorite pet. "No one ever listens to me," he muttered as he watched them. 'Why is she so angry at a mere kender what did she do to her,' he thought to himself while fiddling with his knife again. He walked to Deo while sheathing his knife. "So your names deo," he said standing next to him. He was wondering why he didn't tell him his name but he might have his reasons. "Allow me to introduce myself I am haldir of the woodelves i'm sorry i did not introduce myself earlier.

red storm
01-25-2005, 08:40 AM
Pasera twitched whith rage as the neko shouted to her mistress. To call a kender a thief is a base insult, much like calling a knight a mere mercenary. She spun around to give the neko a piece of her mind, but the queen interfered just at that moment. It was at times like these when the world should be extremely grateful for the very low concentration Pasera possesed. For when the queen spoke, the young kenders atention imediatly switched to the queen. When she finished speaking, Pasera noticed she was holding hands with one of the persons she had seen before. She wondered.......

"Hey mister, are you her boyfriend?"

01-25-2005, 11:21 AM
Mia sighed, tired of waiting for the dinner to come. She was sitting on her bed, staring off into space in her fancy, uncomfy clothes. I bet nobles feel like this all the time. She had never known her family, she was found when she was just a child, and had worked harder than most to reach her place as a member of the queen's guard. Luckily for her the Queen had shown her compassion, something that she had never been used to in her 16 years of life. That is why she felt she owed the queen her life and was indebted to serving her.

Mia sighed yet again, and then decided to take a walk around the palace to pass some time. She found passing the palace chambers. She heard the voices of the queen and her neko, also a stranger whose voice she hadn't heard before. Then she heard the voice of Ishamel. Hmph so he finally showed up. Looks like I might be seeing some acton soon...

She made her way past the chambers and through the other halls in the palace. She looked down at the rings on her fingers and bumped into someone. She found herself looking into the eyes of an elf and a man who appeared to be a mercenary. "Hey who are you guys and what are you doing here?" she demanded

01-25-2005, 02:12 PM
Deo looked up ay haldir.He then rose to his feet and said "It is no problem Haldir,I do not mind."Deo sighed and looked around.He then thought about the kender and the pouch she posesed.He looked back at haldir and said quesitivily "Say what was with that kender?And her pouch?."He looked away and thought about what haldir had said about her.Why was he defending her?He brushed these thoughts aside as he thought deeply.He was glad that haldir had not heard Klea.He looked around then zoned out in deep concentration.

01-25-2005, 07:16 PM
One of Akako's ears twitched as it slowly returned to its normal position, soon followed by the other one. It was almost impossible for the neko to stay mad when the Queen talked like that. However, she didn't want to appear too nice in front of the kender.
"Fine," Akako said, adding a growl. "She'll be shown... mercy." She looked at the kender, eyes set in a stern stare. The neko could come up with no threat or reason to be angry with the intruder after her mistress' speech, so she just pushed past the group and stomped out of the room, muttering,
"I need warm milk."

01-25-2005, 07:48 PM
Haldir was about to answer Deo's question but thats when Mia ran into him. "I'm sorry," he stopped seeing Mia for the first time. He couldn't put his finger on it but he swore he has seen her before. "I am seriously sorry my lady i did not mean to be in your way," he said seeing her in noble like clothes. When she asked them why they were here and who they were he said "I am haldir second in command of the woodland elves and the loyal servant to the queens of medias res." He bowed politely then said "and may i ask your name?"

01-25-2005, 08:24 PM
Deo ignored Mia at first as he thought about other matters.It wasn't untill Haldir spoke up that he said "I am a mercenary" he pulled his cloak shut as he he looked back at her and saw that she was wearing some what noble clothes.He looked at her for a while then spoke up."And who might you be?" he asked.He looked up at haldir and he pulled his hood over his head looking away."A friend of yours perhalps?"

01-26-2005, 06:37 AM
The squire in training sighed deeply. Guarding was always such boring work. There was never anything to do. All she did was stand in one spot and watch the hall around her. It seemed as though she were only here to get her out of her training masters hair with her massive amount of energy. She'd been proding him all afternoon to teach her some new skills and soon found herself learning on, ithe patience and guarding skill.

Ofcourse Quinn hated it. She hated being in one position for a long time. Her leg had started to cramp. And seeing no one within view, she shifted to stand on one foot and doubled over to rub out the cramp before returning to position.

She wearily brushed reddish brown hair out of her bright green eyes, searching the hall again,"Why'd I get stuck with the dead hall? No one seems to come down here."

She'd been stuck by her training master in some dead silent corner, probably so that she wouldn't be a bother to anyone of higher rank passing and also teach her patience of guarding the hall. She knew there were other guards, real knights and guards, not squires, just down the halls out of sight. But when she'd spoken to them before, they hadn't replied. They seemed to think it below them to treat a squire with any kindness, a female squire at that.

As to take the newest impending cramp out of her other leg, she lifted her weight to rest on her toes of one foot, placing the displaced weight on her staff.

Ofcourse she wasn't armed with only a 'staff', she also had her long sword strapped to her hip, the handle easily accesible since her tunic was tucked behind it.

She scratched at an itchy area of her ribs, trying to do it when no one noticed her and when no one was coming,'Not like anyone is EVER coming down this hall....'

OOC: I thought I should finally post....before I get caught behind that is..heh. I hoped to talk to Jimbo before I posted, but he hasn't been on.

01-26-2005, 08:35 AM
*Jean Louis dressed himself in the manner his mistress preferred. He was not of very high birth, the fifth son of a Country Viscount generally was not allowed to wear the clothes fitting for a Duke... Provided he could even afford them, yet here he was, allowing his valet to help him into a dress shirt the color of snow and having voluminous Poet's sleeves (the kind his father had refused to allow his sons to possess as they made use of a high quantity as well as quality of material than he could really want to pay for.) which are now all the rage in Gentlemanly fashion.

His elegant grey and gold brocade coat is fitted over his swiftly widening shoulders and a gold and sapphire stickpin is added to the ruffles of his cravat, starched stiff and ivory hued to compliment the soft cloudlike appearence of his shirt.

Even then he was not complete. Not until his soft grey breeches are donned as well as stockings ( long dress socks for men) and then the shoes made to the latest tastes in court fashion.

Indeed, he thought to himself, his clothing at least fits the part of the Title the Queen had given him for now he is a Duke. His clothing is right and Klea had taught him all the rules on how to behave like a high noble... Yet inside he is still the simple, lighthearted man free of the ambitions and corruption of court as he had always been.

Jean Louis knew he was regarded with no small amount of envy, both from the court at large as well as his own family. His family having been as large as it is, there was nothing left for him to inherit. His Eldest brother would get the old family manor and surrounding land, his other brothers would divide up the rest. The most his father could offer him was a very small handful of coins and enough influence to make him a place at Palatina as a page when he was almost four years old.

No one knew how very fortunate it would be for him. The first few days had been difficult, the other much larger boys had beaten on him and he had been given the most unwanted tasks. But fortune had been on his side when on the fifth night of his first days in the palace a very young princess had pulled a much larger boy off of him and had tended his wounds.

Apparently she had heard his screams as she had been wandering around the hallways for inability to sleep. Her heart, so very tender and kind, had taken a liking to him and ever since she kept him close to her side and favored him in every proper attention. For her birthday present some four years ago, Klea had requested to her parents that he be given a more substancial title. Jean Louis imagined that her parents were glad to agree as it would be unfitting for the future Queen to continue to associate with a young noble of much lower rank.

Shaking himself back to the present he wanders down the Ivory halls and down the corridor where he spots the squire Quinn standing. Jean Louis straightens his posture and bows elegantly to her in the gallant courtly fashion reserved for Countesses or higher.*

"Fair Evening to thee my lady... How haps it that I should happen upon you in a dark and silent corridor when it is obvious that color, pomp and glory are much better suited to you?"


*Klea smiles down at her pet's retreating tail with obvious affection and calls after her.*

"Warm milk? You shall spoil your appetite for supper my sweet... But if you must do so, be certain you are served your treasured creme and not any other for I believe you deserve a treat."

*Laughing gently she turns smiling eyes to the Kender.*

"Ah now my young kender, that is a very personal question do you not think? Particularily so as you speak to the Queen. But tell me, how would you like to see the Royal gardens and menagerie? There are some fantastic creatures there... some of them dangerous as well if you are not too frightened of such things."

*While she attempts to distract the Kender she continues to hold Ishamel's hand, feeling security in the touch. He has always been to her what a very young child's teddy bear is to the child and more. Where others could attempt grand assurances and deeds to grant her a feeling of security, the mere touch and nearness of him just simply makes her feel safe.

Klea's delicate fingers curl around Ishamel's hand as she waits to see what the kender will do. Unpredictable as they are she knows that they are generally harmless if impulsive and eager to prove that they are not afraid of anything.*

red storm
01-26-2005, 10:35 AM
Pasera blushed and scratched her head nervously. Had she realy been talking to the Queen like that? Come to think of it, it was a bit of a personal question. But people normaly don't hold hands like that, she just had to ask!

It was at times like these that Pasera cursed her curiosity.

"Uhm.... I guess I should apoligize, but the two of you look so cute together. Anyway, what was that about the gardens and menagerie?"

The Queen explained again, nad Pasera's eyes widened with excitement.

"Wow! I can't wait to see that! I have never seen a royal garden before, what kind of creatures do you have?"

01-26-2005, 11:09 AM
Mia looked at the two and thought oh...their not intruders after all... feeling foolish she said "Do not allow the fancy clothes to fool you. I am no noble or maiden. I am Mia of the Queens Guard and also known as Amazon by reputation." She felt as if she had met the elf before, but when he spoke his name she realized that she had heard of his reputation many times. "So you are the famous Haldir then. And..." she turned towards the mercenary. "Your a mercenary? Then may you permit me to know your name as well?"

01-26-2005, 11:29 AM
"Don't be so modest Mia... You are one of the Queen's Order of the Garter. We are great consequence and not too lowly titled. Did not the Queen create you the title of 'Countess'?"

*Lady Isabelle, one of the Queen's favorites speaks this with no small amount of pride. And adds,*

"It is a Noble and proud thing to be of the Queen's personal entourage, I am sure Lord Hadir as well as Master Deos knows how well we are revered at court. Our rank as such is higher than a fair number of the most ancient houses in Medias res, some of those very households we do come from ourselves. We are proudly the Queen's Maidens."

*Giving Mia an encouraging look, Isabelle and the other Maidens smile to each other and to Mia... Be Proud of who you are, their looks say... Do not shame us by implying we are less than other nobles for the Queen Values us above them.

To even the most casual observer it is clear that they are a sisterhood.*


*Queen Klea smiles seeing that the kender took the distraction bait as intended and nods slightly.*

"Why don't you go through those doors and ask one of my Maidens to show you the way. Once their the gameskeeper will allow you to visit. I am sure you will find it an enjoyable and entertaining experience."

*As soon as the Kender leaves, Klea , whose hand is still holding Ishamel's looks back to him with somber eyes.*

"There is to be a state dinner now.. Will you not join us?"

*Something in her eyes reaches out to him and her little hand so very small in his, tightens slightly in need.*

01-26-2005, 12:23 PM
The squire had been staring off into space at the moment Duke Jean Louis had appeared.

The slightest tint of pink appeared on her already tanned cheeks as she quickly straightened and bowed deeply. She herself was a little taken aback by his bow being one for a countess or higher. Normally some nobles gave the slightest nod toward a squire and never treated them with a glance again unless they needed them for an errand.

Ofcourse, even though there were female squires, Quinn had been one of the few in her age range and the range above also. So she'd ended up being the one pushed around instead of one of the boys, always sent for the worst job by the other boys, shoved around. She never took it for long though, she always retaliated in one way or another.

She flashed a bright grin as she rose from her bow, head titled slightly,"Duke. Its good to see you again. Normally I don't see the face of Duke Jean Louis up close. But now I have the privilage."

She knew Jean Louis to be one of the kinder nobles and if she ever did see him, made a small comment toward him like that. Now her head tilted slightly further, then looking around the hall he was speaking off and gave a faint wave of her hand to take in the hall,"My training master wasn't to happy with me pestering him to teach me more tricks before I become a knight and no longer have his assistance. He sent me to guard this hall. It is rather boring though."

A slightly impish grin appeared on her features now, her green gaze turned back to him, dressed in the colors of the royalty to show she was a guard, though no armor in sight,"Sorry to say Duke. I'm not the type made for color, pomp, and glory. Thats your area. Mine at the moment seems to be guarding a nearly empty hall."

Tenchi Masaki
01-26-2005, 02:43 PM

AnimeForum was laggy for my compy. Really sorry about this >.< my first impression in a few months and already I broke a rule.

Gomen Gomen!

Tenchi Masaki
01-26-2005, 02:44 PM
OOC: This is Jimbo, just in case you forgot that Jimbo and Tenchi Masaki are one and the same ^^. Sorry I've been afk for a bit, and I'm glad to see this RP is up and running again. Let's make this story one to remember yeah?

BIC: Jerii began to run through the halls of the palace, hearing rumors of the Kingdom going to war. Even though the thought of war would disgust and frighten most people, Jerii was anxious to fight for his country and the ideals of his homeland. The young squire knew that he has much to learn, and was still an infant in the eyes of his superiours(sp?).

"Why are you in such a rush? You know you're supposed to walk when you're in the palace..." Mune said in a trailing tone.

"I bet you a gold piece that he trips and makes a fool out of himself," Masa chuckled.

"I'm not going to fall..." Jerii grunted "or embarress myself."

"You're on," Masa and Mune said in unison.

"Yeah whatever," Jerii replied shaking his head "I heard Master Gar was making his rounds in the palace, I wanted to ask him if I could join in the war."

"What you're asking for is a death wish, you still have much training to do before you experience the horrors of a real life battle," Masa explained.

"Are you sure you want to do this Jerii? You're still young, you have all the time in the world to prove yourself," Mune suggested.

"I'm positive guys, this is my chance to prove to Master Gar...and Queen Klea, that I have what it takes to become a Royal Knight of Media Res," Jerii exclaimed.

"Well you sound sincere enough....I suppose we'll tagalong for the ride," Mune said.

"Thanks," Jerii smiled.

As he turned the corner he dashed towards an empty hallway, probably Master Gar was here making his rounds. As he blitzed down the hall, Jerii noticed a familiar face. When he tried to identify the guard, he tripped on his own foot. He landed face first on the cold floor, as a big thud echoed the hallway.
"Hi Quinn," Jerii said waving his hand.

"We win!" Masa and Mune exclaimed

"What are you going to do with money?" Jerii questioned

"Good question....how about you treat us to a nice waxing and sharpening at the blacksmith," Mune replied gleefully.

"Bah...deal," Jerii sighed.

He noticed that one of the Queen's most trusted followers was in his presence. Jerii had only seen him from faraway, normally when the Queen addresses her people.

"It's one thing making a fool of yourself in front of Quinn," Masa laughed.

"It's another when you make a total clown of yourself in front of Jean Louis," Mune said bursting in laughter.

Jerii got back to his feet and dusted himself. He began to smile and scratch his head trying to think of something to say. Finally, he bowed in front of the Royal Paige, hopefully scavanging what was left of his dignity.

"How do you do," Jerii smiled "Jean Louis right?"

OOC: If there's anything wrong with my post, and it doesn't follow up or whatever just PM me or tell me and I will edit accordingly. Thank you and looking forward to a wonderful RP.

01-26-2005, 02:55 PM
Deo looked around at the mention of his name.He saw isabelle and rising he questioned "Who are you and how did you know my name?".He stared at her then turned his gaze to the door Klea had gown through.He looked at it for a moment as he thought 'wonder whats taking so long'.Deo scratched his chin and turned to isabelle again."Was that the king that just came through here and went through those doors with Queen Klea?".As he asked this he pointed to the door they had gone through.Deo remember nothing in his signing papers about the king.He would report to the Queen.He had wondered back then but he had just brushed it away thinking simply 'The king must be on more important business'.He know wondered if that was him.

01-26-2005, 03:47 PM
Ishamel nodded to the Queen. His mind calculating the possibilities of observation at a State dinner. This would be a golden oppertunity to weed out those who have taken root within the high ranks of the kingdom with their treachery. His mind seemed to be busy calculating the possibilities for a moment before he returned back to where he was.

"Yes, Your Royal Highness, I shall be there. It will be the perfect chance to observe those who may be possible traitors within the noble houses."

Despite his undying loyalty to the Queen, it was well known that Ishamel had less than a love for the nobility. Although of course one or two nobles managed to prove themselves unjustified of his predjudice, such as Jean Louis, who was generally liked by all. Still, the even colder sentiments of the nobility towards him were often returned. Of course, the seeds of rebellion were more often than not planted within the nobility. There they flourished like a poisonous fruit.

"The perfect chance..."

01-26-2005, 05:30 PM
"Yes, yes i am the famous haldir if you put it that way," he said smiling then looked to isabella. "Mia is your name it is a lovely name but if you prefer amazon then so be it," he said looking back at her. Haldir could have sworn he has seen her before but he just couldn't pick out where. "If i may ask you what your parents names were for i swear i have seen you before," he said finally having to ask. He might have known her mother or father or whoever. Haldir just wanted to know how he knew her face even through the make up.

01-26-2005, 07:40 PM
*Jean Louis blushed ever so faintly seeing Quinn blush and turns pinker yet at her comments.*

"You would be surprised at how very little grand circumstance actually suits me.. I am a simple enough man. I would also say that it is I who am privileged to see you again Madame, I do remember you well."

*Taking one of her hands in both of his own, he bows again pressing a chaste and deferencial kiss to the back of it before releasing it.*

"I find that empty hallways really do not suit you. Will you allow me to escort you to the State Dinner... I tell you now that it would honor me greatly if you will arrive on my arm."

*His words are spoken in earnest as he happens to hear someone trip and fall. glancing over his shoulder he casts a concerned glance at Jerii, who lies on the floor. Before he can move to help him up, he sees the young squire rise and bow to him. Jean Louis turns slightly to bow in return his manner all that is pleasent and courtly.*

"Indeed it is I... Your name is Jerii is it not? I was just in the process of pursuading this lovely lady that an empty and dark corridor just will not do for a place for her to spend her waking hours and that the State dinner in the presence of the Queen would be much more suitible.

Perhaps you would also like to come? I shall sponsor you both as my guests if you like..."


*Isabelle looked at Deo with some disgust.*

"I am Lady Isabelle Duchess of Aquila. If you do not remember me Deo I would be most surprised considering I have been one of the Queen's companions since you visited here as a child... After all I even changed your diapers!"

*She laughs lightly before glancing at Haldir.*

"We knew each other as well Lord Haldir... though very differently at one time.... I am glad to see your return, may it bring good tidings for our Queen."


OOC: Finally! Whew!

*Obviously relieved by his answer, Klea brushes her cheek against the back of Ishamel's hand, much like a cat marking with her scent. Her eyes close for a minute and she draws in close to rest against him, her face hidden against the side of his neck for a little time. When the door is finally tapped lightly by one of her Maidens she at last pulls away from him and lets go of his hands.

She smoothes her elegant hands over the skirts of her black and gold silk evening gown before calling to the Maiden to be allowed in. With the slightest of nods she moves forward, her Maidens falling in tow to enter the Great Hall for the state dinner. Klea Glances backwards under her lashes, almost to reassure herself that Ishamel is there and coming with her.

All signs of nervousness or anxiety do not show as the Dining hall's doors are opened and the Herald announces her arrival.*

"The Queen approaches! All Hail the Queen!"

01-26-2005, 08:27 PM
Deo stepped back at isabelles words looking down at his pants quikly.As he raises his head to look at Isabellas he stutters "Wha-What?".He blushes slightly as he looks away traking in a deep breathe.He looked around as he hears the Herald.Deo sighed looking around as he heard the Herald.He drooled slightly as he thought about food.His stomach growled as he looked up at the door.He looked back at isabelle and said "I have to go get something to eat" he walked past isabelle loking back."I will be back soon" he said wiping some drool from his lip.

01-26-2005, 08:36 PM
Quinn had started to respond to Jean Louis, the flush on her cheeks brighter at the kiss pressed to her hand. But just as her mouth had opened, there was a noise of someone falling and Jean Louis looking to the said person. She peeked around him and grinned when she spotted her companion in the squire ranks,"Jerii!"

She grinned at the other boy as he introduced himself. But the flush that had faded from her friends arrival, grew again when Jean Louis spoke of 'pursuading this lovely lady'. She hide a small giggle against her hand at the pair, shaking her head slightly.

This was sure a funny pair. But she was getting used to Jeriis clumsyness now and then. After a long silence, she returned her green gaze to Jean Louis and swept a low bow,"If Your Grace would wish it. I will agree to be escorted by thee to the State dinner. But I can not speak for Jerii on this matter."

She smiled carefully toward Jean Louis. She knew about him. Gossip of the court spread fast. She knew he was so innocent and that idea made her grin. Innocent boys were so sweet. She never broke a boys heart. But if she found reason to toy with them, she'd only go to the limit of making them blush and back off if they believed it ment more. But normally she didn't tease a noble. But Jean Louis always seemed to treat everyone fairly, even if they were lower rank. So she was fine with a little tease.

She reached out almost absently, fingertips just lightly passing against Jean Louis' wrist, her smile turning slightly sweeter and impish.

01-26-2005, 08:37 PM
Haldir remembered isabellsa from when he served Queen Klea's mother and father. "It is a pleasure to be back Laddy isabella," he said bowing politly. He remembered the first time he had to change the queens diaper which was the first one he ever changed. A shiver went down his spine when that day would come again when he would have children if he lived. Haldir remembered the first day he met isabella she was a new recruit and a squire. "Well it has been a long time since i last saw you and how much you've changed," he said looking back at some of the times he spent in the castle.

01-26-2005, 09:22 PM
*Jean Louis smiled in the innocent fashion that was uniquely his as he felt Quinn touch his wrist and that smile brings his eyes to a shade of blue very much like that of the ocean on a sunny day. Though he is far too innocent to understand the games men and women play with each other, he enjoys her touch for the simple gesture of friendly affection he believes it to be and sets those very blue eyes on her with that angel's smile still dancing around the corners of his mouth.

In that one moment Quinn can see how very deep and genuine the purity of his soul truely is and should he ever truely fall in love it would be absolute and forever. A broken heart knows no second spring and Jean Louis' has never even woken from the winter of childhood.*

01-26-2005, 09:43 PM
Quinn returned his heartfelt smile with a gentle grin. She titled her head, watching the blue eyed and dark haired duke, the smirk playing on her lips, the blush far past.

When she'd first been a page, anyone who'd met her would have said she'd never really smile again. Ever since her brother Terin had died to protect her from an attack, Quinn had been quiet and turned in toward herself. But as she got to know other pages and nobility at the same time, she seemed to come out of her shell a bit. It'd taken some time and really being shoved into groups before Quinn was what she was that day, a bright and smiling squire.

Almost at the memory of her dear brother Terin, her green eyes faded to a much darker green of pain before she seemed to notice Jean Louis still watch her and brightened up, the life sparking back at once,"Shall we go? Before we're too late?"

01-27-2005, 01:26 AM
(OOC:I may end up introducing some random NPC's in this post, so please don't mind me. Since they have little or no impact on the story)

Ishamel placed his black helm back on his head. The basic design of it hiding his face in deep shadows. The very purpose of the helm was to hide any of his ancestry from those who knew what to look for. His bloodline definately being an ever greater cause for controversy than even his already dark reputation. The armored presence of the whispered dark paladin of Media Res caused a thick silence among the nobles. Ishamels eyes swooped over the nobles standing to aknowledge their Queen. His gaze finally fixed to Lord Gareth Toquin and his wife, Lady Shira. Ishamel began focusing on them, especially the Lady Shira. He had collected a small dossier on most of the higher ranking nobles within the kingdom. He remembered that Shira had a nervous twitch on her right eyebrow. As he noticed her staring at the Queen, the her right eyebrow seemed to move on it's own accord.

Ishamel smiled to himself as he looked at the Nobles Crest above their place at their table. Their crest being a fist holding two lightningbolts. How ironic, Ishamel would crush the Lady Shira just like her crest.

01-27-2005, 07:32 AM
Akako sprinted down the halls. She had changed into some nice clothes; more fit for a state dinner. She put on a nicer, larger tail ring and ran a paw through her hair a couple of times.

Now she just had to make sure she wasn't late for the dinner.

As she ran she passed three people in the hall, two squires and Jean Louis. The neko barely slowed her pace as she called to them,
"Are you coming to eat?"

Akako had her own way of going around the castle, and while all the nobles entered down the stairs so everyone could note their enterance, the neko slipped in through the kitchen. She crawled to her seat near the Queen's chair and sat at the table without anyone noticing her enter. She smiled at all the food there was to eat and ran her tongue over her lips.

01-27-2005, 09:58 AM
*So very sensitive to the emotions of those around him, a touch of worry rises from the depths of Jean Louis' so very blue eyes. He didn't like to see such sadness, though it seemed to him that his Queen was often just so sad for all he shows of cheerful and carefree merrymaking. That was just a veneer and underneath the Queen was a silent and very serious woman with great intelligence.

Thus, seeing Quinn's eyes sadden only to brighten up so quickly brought Jean Louis some concern. Wanting to soothe her distress, he gently squeezes her hand and offers her compassion from the depths of those sensitive eyes.

With a quick glance over the two Squires' attire Jean Louis then motions to his Valet and they share a speaking glance. The Valet and his two assistants usher the Squires into a dressing room to be fitted up in finery as guests of the Queen's favorite Duke.

The Dressing room itself, a very luxurious and carefully tended place is filled with every comfort and it is easy to see that a single piece of the Duke's clothing could very well pay a month's wages for a Veteran Knight. One of the Valet's assistance makes haste and leaves as another ushers Jerii into an enclosed area to be dressed.

Something just then occurred to Jean Louis as he watches his men bear away a protesting Jerii to be dolled up.*

"Oh... I think dear Madame, we forgot to wait for his consent!"

*Trying not to laugh, though his cobolt eyes gleam humor, he then nods as the Asistant returns bearing a selection of fine evening gowns, each lovelier than the last. Hoping Quinn will not object he smiles at her warmly.*

"I had sent word to the Queen at the receiving room. She has just opened the Dining hall for the Guests to enter, but it will be a while before anyone eats. She told me to offer you these gowns. They were made for one of her royal Maidens, thus the fine quality, and the woman they were made for is built similarily to you,but they have not been worn as of yet."

*The Valet layers the gowns over each other so Quinn can see them to their full advantage. It would be a truely hard thing to choose only one but the Duke reaches out to touch the material of one of them.*

"I think this one would suit you especially... it would bring out your eyes."

*The gown is cut in the latest of court fashions from a fine emerald silk trimmed with what looks like real gold ribbons. Draping the gown over Quinn's shoulder she can see that the green darkens her eyes to a misty Jade and the trimmings create the illusion of tiny golden flecks in her eyes.*

"I think it's perfect... What do you think Madame?"

*Still smiling at the sight of her holding the gown he speaks to his valet.*

"Ensure that squire Jerii is fitted with my selection. You would know what would best suit him."

*Nodding, not at all surprised with his master's generosity, the Valet steps back in where his assistants took Jerii... following the sounds of half hearted protests from the young squire.*

"My lady, the dressing room for you is through those doors... There is a maid in there to help you. Believe in yourself, you will look splendid and hardly be able to move for all the suitors at your feet... And whatever sadness had been in your past I can promise you that, and I believe I can speak for Master Jerii as well, as your friend you won't have to go through anything like that again alone."

*Bowing elegantly he casts a hopeful glance that she understands his sincerity upon her.*

01-27-2005, 10:19 AM
Quinn seemed unable to utter a word when both she and Jerii were shoved off to change. When the gowns had appeared, her mouth fell open. Especially when Jean Louis spoke of the gowns coming from the Queen herself.

When Jean Louis chose the green gown she peered down at it herself and felt a small grin form on her lips, her mouth finally closed. She finally seemed to notice the protests that had come from Jerii when he was shoved off and hid a small giggle behind her hand, something she'd never broken since becoming a knight-in-training. Even as a squire, she never droped her small giggle that came up now and then.

She finally nodded carefully to Jean Louis, still unable to actually speak and verbally respond to him. All she could find to do even as her teeth dug into her lower lip was head to the doors he had spoken of. She found just as he'd told her, a maid waiting to help her. Even though she tried to protest she didn't need help with the gown, even as she tried to get it on herself, she was fumbling. She was worried about damaging the gown at all since she'd never worn one like this before. The maid finally shoved her hands aside and forced her to stand still as she finished lacing up the dress.

Quinn kept trying to peer into the mirrior in there but every time she moved she was scolded and finally kept still, head raised proudly. Though once the maid finished, she noticed Quinns hair. It was only laying down around her sholders as she'd done with it since there was nothing else to be done with the hair. But soon Quinn found herself sitting primly as possible as the maid brushed through and fixed her hair into a nicer style. Soon enough she was forced into slippers that matched the gown rather then any type of heels, being the girl could barely walk when in them.

Soon after she reentered to where she'd left Jean Louis, a flush on her cheeks as she fidigted for a moment, unsure. She finally seemed to figure things out and without a pause, stepped slightly closer toward Jean Louis, curtsying this time, though she'd come close to bowed before stopping herself. once she'd risen from her curtsy, she wraped her arms around his waist in a quick, light hug, murmering,"Thank you Your Grace."

As soon as she said so, she pulled back, the flush a much brighter pink.

01-27-2005, 10:32 AM
* As he hears the door reopen he turns swiftly only to be entranced and unable to speak for a moment. Recovering quickly he bows to her curtsy only to be stunned into silence again as she embraces him. He gazes down at her now with eyes as warm as the fairest summer skies and capturing her hand presses a tender kiss to it's palm.*

"Madame you are a vision of delight... Perhaps this is Gilding the lily but it was a special inspiration that you should wear this."

*He takes a velvet box from his servant and reveals it's contents. A waterfall of emeralds and large teadrop diamonds suspended in gold and platinum so fine as to rival the threads of a spider's web. The necklace is accompanied by a matching set of earrings, bracelet and a dazzling emerald ring.

Wasting no time, nor wishing to hear any protests, Jean Louis clasps the necklace around Quinn's neck and turns her so she may admire herself in the mirror.*

01-27-2005, 10:42 AM
Even as Quinn was forcefully turned around by Jean Louis to look at herself in the mirror, she only glanced at herself for a moment or two and the necklace, her gaze caught on it for a moment before she lifted her green gaze to Jean Louis' mirrior reflection, watching him silently.

Once again she was caught offguard. If they kept doing this she probably wouldn't be able to speak for the night. First the offer to the state dinner, then the gown, and now the necklace.

After watching his face for a while longer, she turned her gaze back to herself. She looked nothing like the squire before. Before she'd been dressed in the royal colors of a guardsman, her hair windblown. Now she was dressed in a very fancy gown, a beautiful necklace and her reddish brown hair tamed down to a pretty style.

She almost absently reached over her sholder, a hand resting on his sholder for a moment as though to be sure the reflection behind her was still there. It was something she'd done as a child to her brother. Ever since her parents had died when she was young, Terin had cared for her and she was always reaching out to him to be sure he was still there. But when she'd first looked in the mirrior after his death, there was no figure behind her, but now Jean Louis was.

It was an odd moment that for a minute her green eyes glimmered with unshed tears and she turned her gaze away from the mirror. Quinn worked hard to mentally control herself. There was no need to cry before the State dinner.

01-27-2005, 11:00 AM
"Issabelle I did not mean to offend the Queen or the title she has given me, but I am still a mere orphen, and though I have earned my title through hard work and dedication to her highness, I am still an orphen..." she surprised herself at having said this, because she normally did not openly display her feelings about anything to anyone. She had believed that emotions were weakness, and feeling sorrow for the past was even weaker. "Forgive me, I will take my leave and see you at the State Dinner..."

She started to walk away and then stopped and looked at Haldir "I hope that answered your question Lord Haldir, I never knew my parents so you have not met me through them." she curtsied and walked quickly down the hall.

01-27-2005, 11:06 AM
*Tenderhearted, Jean Louis lightly brushes Quinn's cheek and gently taps under her chin. The look of kindness and understanding he gives her speaks volumes. He knows what it is to be alone and to miss those who have passed on.. Somedays he still dreams of his mother who had passed away when he was not even four. One of the reasons he was sent to court so young is because his resemblance to his mother was too much for his father to bear.

Still touching her cheek he nods slightly to her.*

"We should probably collect Jerii and go to the state dinner... I would not miss it for the world now, considering I have the most beautiful of Ladies on my arm."

*Attempting to cheer her up, her touches his fingertip to her nose and grins. He helps her with the rest of the Jewelery and offers his arm and to all who would look upon them they look very much the part of high ranking courtiers.*


*The Queen is seated first, followed by each of her nobles and her cat. Klea tries not to yawn with bordom at the preening courtiers but always finds real amusement in the antics of Akako.

The little neko is brighteyed and bushy tailed in her dinner finery, very eager for dinner. As always, the staff is instructed to serve Akako only the finest fish, poultry, meat and creme... No expence spared.

The Nobles as well are careful not to insult Her Majesty's pet and also do not wear nicer rings than the Neko has. It is an unofficial court rule as Klea is indulgent of Akako and if the neko sees anyone wearing a nicer ring than she herself owns she confiscates it without fear of reprisal.

Glancing over to Ishamel, Klea's smile widens but chooses not to distract him as he is very clearly scouring the crowd. A special dinner like this is always well attended so she sees all present except her Jean Louis who has been detained by some guests. Her attention is caught by the doors opening and the announcement of the arrival of Jean Louis and his Guests.

No one would guess they were squires and as the herald did not announce their identities no one will know. Her eyebrows lift and there is a distinct murmmer as Quinn's necklace is spotted. A Royal Heirloom given by the late Queen Arete, Klea's mother, to Jean Louis to give to his future bride now rests around the young Squire's neck.

Sighing, Klea knows well it was probably a loan but still... Why didn't he ask her for some jewelery?*

01-27-2005, 11:23 AM
Mia made her way to the dinner noticing all of the people in their finest outfits. She laughed to herself as she remembered that none dare to dress fairer than the Queen's precious neko, for fear of having thier prized possessions stolen. Passing by a hallway mirror she checked herself once more, making sure no hair was out of place or that her dress wasn't wrinkly. Finally satisfied, she continued down the hall. She brushed past all the people, forcing her way through. Finally she found herself inside. She looked around for a place to sit.

01-27-2005, 11:26 AM
Quinn had shown Jean Louis a bright grin when he had worked to cheer her up again, giggling quietly. But now they had walked through the doors into the hall for the state dinner.

The squires first thought was to stay close to Jean Louis for as long as possible, clearly unsure of the large crowd, though only Jerii and Jean Louis and anyone carefully watching her would be able to tell.

Her hearing picked up the comments about the necklace and she held back the flush so there was only a faint pink tinge brushing her cheeks. She gave the slightest press of her hand against his arm, green eyes flickering toward him for a moment before looking toward the crowd as they entered. She mentally gulped, glancing back slightly to check on Jerii, flashing him a calming grin before turning back to walkong once more, thankful that the maid hadn't forced her into heels. She felt much more comfortable being flatter on her feet and could walk with a checked grace, a small impish grin on her lips.

Quinn silently swore to herself that she wouldn't mess up at all. She'd act like she was ment to, and do what she must to not cause trouble.

01-27-2005, 01:05 PM
It had been quite awhile but Crea finally awoke from his dreams. He sat straight up and winced for his stomach still let out pangs of intense pain. He looked around not knowing where he was or what day it was. He sluggishly crawled out of bed and walked torward the door. He knew he proably was'nt looking his best but he needed to find out the fair of state in his country for suddenly he felt like he cared again. With that he opened the door and stepped out.

Tenchi Masaki
01-27-2005, 01:47 PM
OOC: Sorry had a busy day yesterday >.< Now I have to play catch-up!

BIC: Jerii's eyes widened at Jean Louis' offer. He tried to search for the words to say in his head, but the constant ramblings of the two spirits of his swords disoriented his thoughts.

"SAY YES!" Masa and Mune shouted.

"Ow, jeez alright calm down," Jerii whined "I can barely think with you guys bickering back and forth, telling me what to do!"

"Well, if you had any intiative, you'd know that having a chance to meet with the Queen is not something you get everyday," Mune noted "And maybe this is your chance to tell her you want to go to the war."

Jerii nodded his head, knowing this would be his big break. Before he could answer Jean Louis, he began to notice the gestures and body language the two were giving each other.

"Is it just me, or is there something weird going on here...." Jerii muttered.

"Well Quinn is a very attractive young woman, I don't see anything wrong with this picture," Masa explained "and Jean Louis might look young, but he seems more mature, probably more mature than you."

"Agreed," Mune spurted.

"Thanks guys," Jerii replied sarcastically.

Before he could have a chance to join in the conversation, Jean Louis began to escort the two squires into the Royal Fitting Room. Jerii never thought in his entire lifetime that he'd be in such a magnificant place. Clothes from all over the world spanned the entire wardrobe, and the choices seemed endless. There were many tailors and valets roaming about, yelling at each other, and rushing back and forth to retrieve material and deliver information. Jerii was taken to a seperate room, thinking to himself that this was the place for men to be dressed and cartered to.

"You size sir?" A valet asked.

"Ummm, not sure I guess a large?" Jerii answered unconfidently.

"Useless..." The tailor sighed taking out his measuring tape.

He began to stretch it back and forth, writing down the measurement and then started another area of the body. Jerii was confused at what the tailor was doing, but followed his orders to move about, turn around, and raise his arms. Finally, he jotted down all the information and handed it to a valet to retrieve the proper suit for the him. Jerii sighed not knowing what he got himself into. He saw Quinn glance over at him, flashing a smile. Jerii waved back but was immediately scolded by one of the tailors in front of him.

"Hey, pay attention now," the tailor snorted "we still have a lot of work to do!"

"Jeez why are these guys so uptight?" Jerii questioned.

"Well, the Queen has many attendants, and these fellas have to work around the clock to do measurements, tailor and create clothing, maybe even write down orders for special material and fabrics to be delivered," Masa explained.

"Only the best for the Queen of Media Res," Mune proclaimed.

"Makes sense, I'd be kind of grouchy too if I were cooped up in here for most of the day," Jerii thought.

"Oh and doesn't Quinn look irresistable?" Mune commented.

"Yeah maybe you should start calling her Lady Quinn from now on," Masa joked.

"Whatever, she's still my friend, probably the closest thing I have to a sister," Jerii replied.

"Awwww how cute," said Mune.

"Still, I wouldn't be surprised if Quinn got a chance to live the easy life here in the palace," Jerii thought "It would probably be for the best, with the war and all."

"So you're saying Quinn can't handle herself?" Masa retorted.

"No, I'm just saying it'd be good because she wouldn't have to get her "hands dirty" so to speak." Jerii snapped.

"Might I remind you, that Quinn still has more wins over you in the jousting department," said Mune.

"Yeah, that's true, if she wanted to help out with the war, she would do an amazing job," Jerii thought.

"But we understand that you wouldn't want to your friends to be in danger, so don't us wrong, we know we're you're coming from," Mune said consolingly.

"Heh, thanks" Jerii said, smiling in his mind.

"There all done," The tailor replied.

Jerii was confused for a moment, but then remembered that the tailor had been working on his outfit through the entire conversation. He could surely pass for a Duke, maybe even a Prince if he played his cards right. He wasn't sure of what to make of the suit, but knew it was better than what he was currently wearing. Probably Jean Louis could explain the outfit to him, because Jerii has no knowledge of fashion. He usually just wore what was given to him, and thought that would be enough to satisfy everyone.

"You look almost presentable enough to be in the Queen's presence," Mune commented.

"I never knew you were so handsome," Masa coo'ed "If I could squeeze your cheeks I would!"

"Stop that guys," Jerii chuckled "You're gonna make me laugh or blush, or both."

The three had a good laugh, while Jerii stepped off the platform. He made his way to Quinn's area, and was glad to see she was done with her outfit. Quinn looked absolutely stunning, and Jerii could barely recognize his fellow comrade.

"Wow..." Jerii, Masa, and Mune replied in unison.

01-27-2005, 06:38 PM
Deo slowly walked thrpugh the doors of the castle and headed down the street.The night air was crisp and cool as he walked through the town.His stomach growled once more as he thought about where he was to go as he stopped by a pub.He looked inside as he stood at the door.He pushed through and loked around.The counter in which the bar tender stood behind with the drinks.He sat on a stool behind the bar and spoke in a dep voice pointing to one of the drinks behind the counter "I want one of those....how much?",as he said this the bar tender looked at him and said "16 my good man."As jhe handed Deo the drink he paid the man.The pub was noisey and filled with people laughing and joking telling stories or just being idiots.Deo looked around as he began to drink.He stopped as he noticed a very suspicous group of people wearing pitch black cloaks hudled in a corner wispering amungst themselves.He let a low "hmmmmm" before he took another sip.He took the bottle and walked out side.He looked up and down the street.He walked until he saw a street pedler selling what looked like fruits and vegetables.He grabbed an apple and asked "How much?".The pedler looked at him and said with a smile "Twelve gil.....but since your my first customer you can have it for 3." Deo knodded and handed the man some money.He took a bite and walked away farther into the streets.When he finished his apple he threw the core aside downing the rest of his drink and throwing the bottle aside.He wondered what was going on at the castle.

01-27-2005, 06:57 PM
Haldir felt like an idiot when he found out she was an orphan. He wondered the halls until he came into a lone hallway. Stopping at a old oak door and looked at the dusty door knob. Slowly he opened the door into what was his old room when he stayed in the castle. The room had fine oak wood furniture and a placed to put his equipment. He walked to the closet and opened it up to see his silver armor. Stripping of his regular armor and switching into the silver armor. It was his formal armor that he kept in the castle for dinners and ceremonies. He came out with only his knife with him just for safety. Haldir walked into the dinning room where he saw amazon and wanted to apologize.

01-28-2005, 06:19 AM
Mia sighed as she noticed how crowded the place was getting. She turned and noticed the Queen sitting at the head of the table. She wanted badly to discuss the details of her next mission with her, but knew that she would have to wait till the end of the dinner. Mia noticed the elf as he walked up to her. "Greetings Lord Haldir." she said. She wondered what he had to say to her.

01-28-2005, 08:17 AM
"Good evening," haldir said bowing politly when he walked up to her. "I would like to apologize for what happened earlier," he said lowering his head slightly. His armor made it seem that he was in a dim mood. He had that suit of armor for so long it started to dull in color. Haldir did not mean to make her upset in any way cause he asked about her parents. He had just met her and felt like he had made her upset.

01-28-2005, 08:22 AM
*The State Dinner became something of a curious affair for Jean Louis. Upon entering every eye was cast upon he and the beautiful lady on his arm. Though it made him concerned for a moment, the 'Duke of Innocence' as he is affectionately called, did not give it a second thought as he imagined it was because she was so very lovely.

Ofcourse such an naive idea was only part of the truth. Indeed all agreed that the woman in the emerald silk was as fair to the eye as any, but their interest centered mainly on two things. The first was her presence on Jean Louis' arm, a very unusual thing as the Young Duke has never escorted any lady into an affair such as this... No young woman ever gained his Grace's notice before.

The second article of curiousity and near scandal was the jewelery around her neck. Everyone knew how priceless that particular ancient set of baubles actually is and that it was given to Jean Louis by the late Queen to give to the women he planned to marry. Thus those at the tables were abuzz with excitement and avid interest. The gossip mongers watched Quinn looking for any sign to indicate that she would be the next Duchess of Evan-fleur, while every matchmaking mother in the aristocracy attempted to sum up her good and bad points to try and give her some competition with their own daughters.

The only thing that was confirmed in everyone's mind was the understanding that Lord Jean Louis, His Grace the Duke of Evan-fleur, was the best catch amongst the nobility and whoever this lucky lady was she must possess a 'certain something' if the normally oblivious Duke was paying court to her so readily.

When the trio approaches the Queen they are shown into their seats... Jean Louis smiles at the surprise in Quinn and Jerii's eyes as he is seated to the right of the Queen and they who sit on his other side are but a seat or two away from her Majesty. The Queen in turn smiles warmly to all three and speaks in a sotto voice.*

"My Dear Jean Louis, my heart is gladdened at the sight of you so very happy. But tell me, who are your guests?"

*Jean Louis grins in return to Klea, his very blue eyes alight with merriment.*

"Your Majesty, allow me to present Lord Jerii and Lady Quinn, two of my newest and most prized friends... Your most humble and obedient servant begs their allowence of lodgings in the palace."

*Nodding slightly the Queen's mouth twitches in amusement. Her stormy grey gaze sweeps over the squires seeming to read every secret they possess. There seems to be something like approval in her smile towards them both.*

"Ah Jean Louis how could I refuse you anything? Ofcourse they may have lodgings in the palace as well as a place at my table. But my Evan-fleur I believe I shall have to improve on their accomodations, after all it is not seemly for two such promising young people not to have the things the should by all rights require."

*At this point the Queen's voice drops so that only Jean Louis, Quinn and Jerii can hear.*

"I am well informed as to their status as students in the arts of war as well as who their Masters are. You have been schooled by the finest warmasters that Medias res can boast, Warriors of fame throughout the Multiverse, and I should like to extend their services to your friends as well my Jean Louis. No doubt their progress will quicken with their instruction."

*Turning, Klea smiles again at Jerii and Quinn.*

"Do you both believe that to be to your liking?"

01-28-2005, 10:02 AM
Crea realized he was in Medias Res and quickly looked for the nearest gaurd. He asked her to escort him to a good taylor and immediatly paid the man to make him a specific type and design of clothes. He then borrowed a horse and rode to Plytori Amorth while the taylor worked away.

Reaching the country's capital Plantiri, he had noticed much work had been done to the capital. He was happy to see that the country was repairing from the attack and the shock and quickly approached the palace. He was greeted by his faithful minister and they spoke breifly while Crea gathered a few things.
"Your Majesty you must set a date for your accension to the throne." Crea glared and him, but his expression quickly softened. "Your right, let us begin the preparations immediatly. We'll sit the banquet for the end of the week. I believe we should ask Queen Klea to preform the ceremony as an act of friendship between our two countries. Send a messenger immediatly."
The Minister bowwed and dissapeared down the hall. He moved to the throne room and sat in his father's chair. He felt strange and memories of his childhood buzzed in his head. Standing up, he decided to walk around the city.
He stepped out the doors and into the city streets, his gaurds walking beside him.

01-28-2005, 11:11 AM
Mia looked at the elf sternly "Look Haldir don't think that I am a little whiny girl because I said that alright?!" the last thing she wanted was for anyone to think she was weak because she said that. But she realized that her temper had gotten ahold of her again, she looked to the ground and exhaled slowly

"Look, you did not offend me Lord Haldir, and it is not necissary to apoligize. I am not sorry that I do not have parents, I am actually grateful. It made me a stronger women today, and becoming stronger is what it's all about right?" she smiled at him, trying to assure him that nothing was wrong at all. "besides, I can't miss people I never knew." she shrugged. "Hey would you mind sitting with me? Unless of course you plan to sit with someone else, I do not mind either way, it's up to you."

01-28-2005, 01:16 PM
"I understand my lady," he said know knowing she is right. There is no point of missing someone that dont even know. "No, i do not mind sitting next to you," he said happily knowing she wasn't mad by him. 'I need to polish my armor its getting dull," he said walking to a chair and pulled it out a chair for her. Haldir was extremely polite around ladies exspecaily ones he has just met.

01-28-2005, 01:26 PM
"Well even though I don't look like it right now, I am pretty good at tending to armor and swords. If you want I can do it for you later, that is, if you don't mind having your armor polished by a girl" she smirked. "Ya know haldir, you don't have to be so polite with me. I am not like alot of the people that are present at this dinner."

01-28-2005, 02:14 PM
Haldir looked at his armor and said "if you really want to its fine with me." Honestly, haldir couldn't help being polite it was how he was raised during the 2005years he has lived. "I was raised this way i cannot help being polite," he said with a slight laugh even though sometimes he wish he wasnt so polite. The queen of the elves was his mother but he would not admit it any where for he would not wish any harm to come to her. 'Why do i have to be an elven prince that why im so polite and i cant help it,' he thought to himself as he sat down. He wanted to tell someone but he just couldn't not even amazon should know.

01-28-2005, 06:19 PM
Deo stopped as he looked around the streets.He sighed and walked towards the castle dragging his feet.He stopped by a window of a house.He gazed inside as the family ate a big dinner.He drooled and looked longingly at it.It had been a while since he had had a good dinner.He looked away and kept walking.He came to the castle and pushed his way through the doors.He looked at the empty halls and he looked down one walking down it aimlessly.

01-28-2005, 06:28 PM
Akako sat to the queen's left, and no one could ever figure out why she let a cat sit at the table. Already the neko had amassed a mountain of food on her plate, and was hording all the dishes of creme that were passed her way. Of course, all the nobles were there to talk politics or other things of noble importance; Akako was just there to eat.
She quickly brushed the food from her whiskers before diving into the chicken meat on her plate.

As she ate she noticed the three humans to the queen's right.
Kittens... she thought, studying each one of them. They were the three she had passed in the halls, but only the boy next to the queen she really recognized. The others she didn't know. At that moment, Akako didn't care to know, either... not with four bowls of creme around her spot of the table to eat.

Tenchi Masaki
01-28-2005, 10:16 PM
Before Jean Louis could explain Jerii's attire, he was pushed out of the fitting room, and lead straight to the dining room, where the Queen was holding her royal banquet. At first, he began to look a little embaressed, seeing many of the eyes follow his path, but upon second glance they were really fixated on Jean Louis and Quinn.

"Well, I'm glad that someone is getting the attention they so rightfully deserve," Masa commented.

"I agree brother, it's about time someone give Quinn the respect she's worked so hard for," Mune said gleefully.

"Yeah, I'm going to have to go along with you guys on this one, the guys at the barracks sure give Quinn a hard time, her being a female squire and all, so it's nice that everyone is treating her like a real lady for once," Jerii thought with a smile on his face.

"For a second there, I thought you'd be jealous of Jean Louis there, don't you hear all the chatter about Quinn being the "Duke's Fiancee(sp?)" Masa replied.

"Naw, I'm glad for Quinn, truly happy for her," Jerii sighed.

"Buck up kid, I'm sure there's a lady out there just waiting for you," Mune said consolingly.

"Yeah, she MIGHT even be in this room!" Masa exclaimed.

"Heh, don't get my hopes up guys, I should just worry about not making a total buffooon out of myself, instead of trying to impress the ladies," Jerii chuckled.

"Good call," Masa and Mune answered in unison.

Jerii was escorted to his seat, and was shocked at how close he was to the most powerful person in all of Media Res, Queen Klea. He tried to think of something fancy to say to the Queen, because he was never in the presence of royalty before. Jerii thought that Kings and Queens were taught by the finest scholars in the land, and were hard to impress. Everytime he would rehearse a conversation with the Queen in his head, it would soon fumble and fizzle into something ridiculous and silly.

"Start off with a joke," Mune suggested.

"Bah, she's probably heard them all, I mean she does have a court jester, at least I think she does..." Jerii muttered.

"How about compliment her about something, maybe her dress or her eyes, something!" Masa urged.

"Well she's always stunning, and I'm sure she gets that every waking moment of her life," Jerii thought.

"Argh, you're useless! Okay, Romeo just follow your gut and don't try to make a complete fool of yourself," Masa snapped.

Jerii was about to open his mouth when Jean Louis began to talk with the Queen. He was surprised to hear that Queen Klea herself, would allow some lowly squire to stay at the palace for the evening. He didn't know whether he was dreaming, or if it was really reality that was taking place before him. Jerii just pinched himself out of pure shock to make sure this was all real. The Queen was more than willing to have Quinn and Jerii stay, and then she peered her head over towards them. Sweat began to pour down Jerii's forehead.

"Idiot, wipe your forehead!" Masa and Mune screamed "Deep breaths! Deep breaths....remember to breathe for crying out loud!"

Jerii began to breathe slowly and calmly, trying to feel more and more comfortable. He was almost shocked at the Queen's answer. He tried to search for the words to say when he noticed a cat munching on her meal to the Queen's left. He thought it was kind of strange that a cat was allowed in the dining room, especially with a seat for herself on the Queen's left side.

"Lovely cat," Jerii smiled as sweat slowly began to form once more.

"IDIOT! She just offered you a night's stay at the palace AND services to some of the most elite soldiers in the entire kingdom and you comment on the Queen's Cat!!!" yelled Masa.

"Wow, wow, wow HURRY REPLY TO HER FAST! NOW!" Mune roared.

"Oh, I think that would be awesome Klea," Jerii answered.

Everyone began to stare at Jerii, but Jerii himself was confused as to what he did wrong. He began to rewind his words and try to figure out what he said to upset everyone in the room.

"Why is everyone staring at me, what did I do wrong?" Jerii thought, panic starting to develop in his mind.

"Oh boy...." Masa and Mune sighed.

"You JUST addressed the Queen by her first name," Masa said.

"Not even Jean Louis calls Queen Klea, just Klea," Mune explained "Clean this mess up now kid, or I have a feeling the Queen is going to prepare proper lodging for you in the castle's dungeon."

Jerii stuttered a bit, constantly trying to figure out the proper way to ask for forgiveness.

"Just say you're sorry...." Mune muttered.

"Please forgive me your Majesty, my tongue sort of slipped," Jerii begged "I'm really sorry for not giving you, your proper respect, and I understand completely if you want me to leave and return to my bunk in Media Res' soldier barracks."

The eyes then turned to the Queen, awaiting her answer. It's as if the room was silent, waiting for a judge to deliver the final verdict to the accused. Jerii had messed up a lot of times in his life, but right now was not the time to have a "slip of the tongue." The chances of his dreams and aspirations began to grow thinner with each passing second in that dining room. He could only wait patiently for the Queen's answer, hoping and praying that he would be forgiven, and not be "thrown out to the dogs" so to speak.

01-29-2005, 10:17 AM
OOC: Lets just say Jerii knows about Quinns ability already....yada yada..

BIC: Quinn reached out, hidden by view of the table to grasp one of Jeriis hands, turning her gaze to him. The slip of the tongue had been amusing but there was something else that had caught her attention.

She held his gaze with her bright green eyes, said eyes narrowing,'Don't start treating me like a lady after this Roman. I'm still your squire friend. And I better not hear you telling the other boys in the bunks to lay off. I can deal with them. I'm not some wimpy girl now. And stop acting like I'm betrothed either. Masa, Mune, keep this boy in line already! I'll whip your butt in jousting tomorrow if you keep it up Roman.'

She gave him one last glare before turning her gaze to Queen Klea, speaking up as to turn the attention away from Jerii's 'slip of the tongue', still grasping one of his hands,"Your Majesty. I thank you for the kindness you have shown us this eve. Letting us join the State Dinner and now letting us sleep here for the night."

01-30-2005, 07:43 AM
Akako's ears perked up at the squire's mentioning of her.
Okay, that one's not so bad, she thought. The neko absently wiped her white face with the back of a paw before attacking the roast duck meat that was in front of her.
If she wasn't so busy with food, she would've personally tackled Jerii and ordered him to apologize to the Queen for just calling her by her first name- something the neko never heard anyone do before. Akako figured the queen could handle it... and went to bugging people to pass more creme.

01-30-2005, 08:31 AM
Deo went to the end of the hall.He looked around and saw the chamber doors leading to the dining hall.He could smell the food from where he stood.His mouth drooled as he thought of what the might be eating."mmmm" he let out as he sat down with his back to the wall.He bgean to think.'They must be eating all sorts of good things' he thought.His stomach let out a low rumble.And he sighed taking out a dagger and began fidiling with it.

01-31-2005, 08:14 AM
*Silence reigned over the table as all present sat staring at Jerii and now the Queen who's countenance is frozen in shock. Klea blinks her bright grey eyes several times and slowly the side of her mouth twitches ever so faintly. Ruby lips compress but fail to restrain mirth from bubbling forth in the form of laughter.

The Queen bends foward having to set down her black and gold ivory fan as she continues to laugh. Seeing her obvious amusement, the courtiers follow suit not wishing to miss out, though what exactly they are laughing at they have hardly an idea.

Still giggling, Klea picks up her fan again snapping it open and fluttering it just below her rain colored eyes. Slowly she turns that potent gaze to Jerii and studies him for a long moment before closing her fan and smiling warmly.*

"Your jest is well received young master Jerii... How clever of you to pass off such a joke as a 'slip of the tongue'. I do hope you will remember that the Queen of Medias Res does reward cleverness, just as I do quick thinking in moments of perceived trouble Madame Quinn.

Indeed, perhaps you will both in addition come to my entertainments tommorow evening as well... I hope you will both not be too troubled by an extra day and night's stay at the palace."

*Her delicate fingers squeeze Jean Louis' as though to reassure him and dinner conversation around the table continues on it's normal course amongst the court. Klea's smile grows again but now with the touch of mischief that Jean Louis knows is trouble. She leans foward slightly and remarks quietly to Jerii.*

"Well received indeed Young master... but do not let it happen again lest you find yourself challenged to many a duel for being too familiar with a Maiden Queen such as myself by all my possible and many royal suitors."

*Giving him a decidedly wicked smile and a secret wink she turns her attention to her cat.*

"Oh Aka! You are covered in creme and food! Naughty kitten have you never heard of what becomes of the gluttonous?"

*Laughing again sweetly she rubs Akako behind the ears calling for more caviar to be brought for the Neko to enjoy.*

01-31-2005, 08:38 AM
Crea wass standing on the steps that were overlooking the Cherry tree gardens behind the palace. Strings of colored light were being hung throughout the blossoming trees. Massive varieties of flowers were lining the paths that met in a huge clearing where a large tent was raised and being filled with tables and chairs. Ivory fountains were being sat up along the inside tent walls. In another smaller clearing a orchestral stage had been sat up and a net raised into the trees. This was for the dancing that was to follow the dinner.
Crea was happy... Which was saying something since he had'nt been in quite awhile. He had heard news of a banquet being held in Medias Res and wondered if Klea had recieved his messenger yet.
The gardens and the palace would recieve special guest for the accension to the throne banquet, but he had ordered many other places sat up in the city for his citizens to have fun well.
Plantiri was looking well, its radiant silverish-blue lights spreading out across the grassy hills. The beautiful towers stood tall and proud once again.
A young man appraoched him and said. "Your majesty, preperations for the banquet are almost complete. Guest are already arriving and being shown their rooms." Crea smiled, thanking him for the information. The young man hurried off as Crea looked torward the horizon, seeing the sun start to set.
He thought about Klea again and figured that the messenger was at Medias Res by now.
Crea hurried off to greet some of the arriving guests in the main hall. Apon arriving he saw Duchess Tepharni in her flowing black gown and silver jewelry. Her blond hair hung loosely across her shoulders. She glanced at him and smiled sweetly. For years she had tried to get him to ask for her hand in marriage, but as the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep. Inside her heart is quite cold and dark.
Returning the smile he turned away and headed up the grand staircase, heading for the western tower. Crea wondered what true love felt like. He had hoped to meet her one day but felt like it would never come and that there was really no time for it. Reaching the tower-top he looked down apon the city. It sparkled with lights that twinkled in the fading light. A warm and silent wind swept across him carrying the smell of roses. He smiled and began to wonder.

01-31-2005, 11:10 AM
"Oh, Lord Haldir well if you cannot help but be polite, then I don't mind. I don't really know much elves, so I don't know their behavior. I mostly keep to myself, it's better that way..." her voice trailed off as she looked over at the Queen and her guests. Crea, Jean Louis, and some women with him... she said, rallying off the familiar faces. But she couldn't remember a time when she spoke to these people, she just knew them by name and face. She shrugged, then looked off into the distance, sighing.

01-31-2005, 02:45 PM
Deo heard jerii and looked through the door to the dining hall.He saw the squire and the queen.He looked around at the food and his eyes widened.Such a feast and yet he couldnt eat a bite.He looked longingly at the duck and potatoes.The asortment of food and then he saw the neko.Those creatures always fascinated him.His mouth drooled.He had to force himself from coming in as he turned away his stomach let out a low rumble.He looked as a person sitting at the edge of the table nearby saw him.

Tenchi Masaki
01-31-2005, 03:04 PM
Jerii could feel the warm hand of Quinn's touch his. His eyebrow raised as he heard Quinn's thoughts in his head. He looked at Quinn, sweat still pouring from his forehead, preparing his response.

"Don't worry, this will just be between you and me," Jerii replied "You'll always be my friend no matter what you become."

"It sounds you are still implying that she will be Jean Louis' bride..." Masa sighed.

The two spirits began to intervene in the conversation, in hopes of repairing the answer that Jerii just gave to Quinn.

"What Jerii means is, that he is glad to see you haven't lost your backbone, so to speak," Masa said.

"And he's happy to hear you still plan on continuing your training to become a knight," Mune explained "Besides, he doesn't need another jousting stick shoved at his skull."

Jerii smiled at Quinn hoping she would recieve his response positively. The entire room was still waiting for the Queen's response. Soon Jerii could see a smile forming from her mouth. She then began to laugh, and soon afterwards the entire room began to laugh as well. Some were hesistant at first, but the domino effect was inevitable to avoid. He watched as the Queen began to fan herself, trying to cool herself off.

"I think she's going to throw me in the dungeon," Jerii cried.

"Or maybe she has a lion's den somewhere!" Mune exclaimed "That'd be exciting."

"You can't go wrong with the guillotine, quick and painless," Masa noted.

The Queen announced to the room, that Jerii's comment was just a joke, and nothing more. As if a large boulder had been lifted from Jerii's back, his stress and anxiety was completely erased by Queen Klea's mercy.

"Lucky break there," Masa laughed "Looks like the Queen really likes you."

"You really think so?" Jerii replied anxiously.

"Eh, don't get your hopes up THAT high," Mune replied.

The room began to fill with conversation again. Jerii then noticed the Queen lean towards him and exchanged a few words. He smiled scratching the back of his head, embarressed at what Queen Klea had just said.

"Heh, don't worry if I ever mess up such an important thing like that again, I'll throw myself out of town," Jerii chuckled "And I'm sorry once again, I know referring to you by your first name is reserved only for your husband, unless you state that someone else may address you like that as well."

"You sentence sounded a little weird," Masa replied "Looks like your slacking in your english."

"Bah, as long as she gets the right idea yeah?" Jerii snapped.

"I suppose..." Masa answered.

He then watched as the Queen attended to her cat. Jerii couldn't help but watch Queen Klea enjoy herself and for a moment he thought of her as just a normal person, and not a Queen in charge of a vast kingdom.

"Stop daydreaming, she can still have your head chopped off," Mune laughed.

"Always gotta ruin my moments," Jerii grunted.

"Naw, we just want to keep you alert, in case you decide to get into any more trouble," Masa said.

"Heh, good point," Jerii smiled.

He began to eat his share of food. Jerii had never had such delicious food in his entire life. He could picture his stomach smiling, because it had finally been satisfied and full.

"This beats the dining they have over in the mess hall," Jerii exclaimed.

02-01-2005, 09:43 AM
The Plytori Amorth messenger reached the Medias Res palace. He stopped in front of the young maiden and bowwed. "I have a message for the Queen, from his majesty Prince Crea of Plytori Amorth." He was quickly informed that she was in a banquet and was quite indisposed of at the moment. He asked if it would be possible to pass the letter on to her and the young maiden quickly took the letter and left. He sat down on the steps to wait for a reply from the Queen. Looking up at the evening sky he saw stars starting to fall and old memories of his childhood passed through his head....

02-01-2005, 02:55 PM
*Watching the table as she rubs behind Aka's ears, Klea notices as Deo is given a seat between a Duchess and a Count and given all the food he likes with a little smile. Her eyes drift for a while, taking in Jean Louis' obliviousness at how every eligable young woman is trying to catch his eye in hopes of attracting his notice away from Quinn, before they settle on Jerii again.

Her smile as charming as it is catlike, the young Queen cannot help but tease the squire lightly.*

"I see that the cuisine of my table has not disappointed ... You eat as though it's your last meal though I promise you I am not planning on any execution."

*She laughs in a good natured way her eyes the color of rain and twinkling with mischief... As of now the Queen had only eaten any food placed before her with delicate manners and at a very slow pace... Many of her Maidens often complained that the Queen did not eat enough to keep a bird alive.*

"I am glad to see a man with a healthy appetite... Would you care for more roasted duck... perhaps another helping of caviar?"

*Her smile widens and as she waits for him to respond she takes a little note from her Maiden and whispers a message to her in return. Turning back to Jerii, she watches him in a way that indicates that she finds him amusing and likable. Queen she may be, but a snob she is definately not.*


* Jean Louis lightly taps his champagne glass lightly against Quinn's offering her a charming smile. Though everyone had been all that was accepting and polite to the Squire, there continued the underlying feeling of tension and competition. Some of the Young ladies around them went so far as to send him notes begging a dance at the ball after dinner. All this confused Jean Louis but it gave him an idea and he simply smiled at Quinn and asked,*

"My Dear Madame, would you do me the honor of a dance after dinner?"

*He smiles hopefully, his very blue eyes as warm as the summer skies.*


*With word from the Queen, the young maiden signals to another young woman who nods and takes the message from her and leaves her place at the dinner table. Having passed the Queen's message on to another, the first maiden tells the messanger that his master should expect a reply soon.

Heloise, a very favorite lady of the Queen's, slips down through the palace halls into the Atrium of Time ( The Royal Transport Chambers). With a brief nod to some other guards, she slips through a portal and positions herself in the shadows close to Prince Crea.

Stepping forward she makes an elegant curtsy and smiles pleasently as she offers her message.*

"Your Highness Prince Crea, I the Queen's Maiden Lady Heloise of the Order of the Garter, bring to you a message from Her most Royal Majesty Queen Klea of Medias Res. She who holds the most beautiful of souls bade me to inform you that as a Queen who leads a country into war, she cannot leave her country without inciting great danger. Therefore she will be sending a Halo of herself to the ceremony to watch it being performed.

It is not the place of a foreign Queen to perform such ceremonies. The Guardian of Spendor ( Another of Klea's titles) believes it best that you engage the head of a religious order from your own lands so that the people will be apeased and not think that Medias Res is interfering with their governmental affairs."

*Heloise curtsies again and waits patiently for a response to return to the Queen. Her eyes study the young prince thinking he is lucky to have a Queen like Klea, obviously more seasoned in politics and ruling than he is, as a friend. She would probably do whatever possible to help him rule his people for nothing more than the sake of friendship.

She like others in her order believe their Queen to be infailable and generally in the league of an Angel or higher. Smiling again she can't wait to return to the court of her mistress.*

02-01-2005, 04:20 PM
Quinn flashed a sour look at Jerii, and in turn the two spirits at their conversation. Her reply was taking a time to come so she listened to the Queen talk. And unlike Jerii, she was able to multi task and yell at him even as she turned to Jean Louis, having heard him,'Jerii will get a jousting staff to the skull. He hasn't practiced anyway. I've spoken to Master Gar. I know what you do Jerii. You need to polish your skills if you plan to toss me from the saddle in the far future. Or do you like landing in the mud?'

Even as she mentally yelled at Jerii, her attention was on Jean Louis, a small smile playing her lips at his question. She'd noticed all the girls shooting her sheething looks at Jean Louis being so nice to her. But she brushed it all aside and spoke up, at a pitch and tone that all the young maidans would hear her response clearly, and nodded, flashing Jean Louis a light smile,"I'd love to dance with you after dinner Your Grace."

She nodded lightly to him, hiding a cat grin at what would probably be the maidans responses to her agreement to the dance with turning to her plate, where unlike Jerii eating alot, she'd only gathered the much healthier and lighter bits, eating carefully. She couldn't break the habit of eating slowly and gently, even though others had tried to work it out of her when she was in training. If she was dressed like a guy, and everyone else was eating fast, she'd eat fast also, though not as messy as some.

She sent one more response to Jerii while she took a bit,'Ofcourse anything is better then the mess hall food. But this is the best there is. Enjoy it.'

Another thought came to mind and Quinn turned back to Jean Louis, this time lowering her pitch as to block out most maidans from hearing her, the same small smile playing on her lips,"Say..Your Grace? Ever jousted? If your interested in it, Jerii and I could show you. I have to help him with his skills a bit. You could join us tomorrow if we're all free to do so."

02-01-2005, 04:34 PM
*The Blue of Jean Louis' eyes brightens at hearing Quinn's answer and his mouth twitches slightly... It was a little known fact and well hidden by his sleepy and absentminded ways that Jean Louis had spent all his youth training with the finest riding masters Medias Res and all the multiverse had to offer. He knew he was a good rider and had often anonymously competed wearing the Klea's favor in various Royal Jousts. Still too shy and generally unable to make himself boast or brag he simply smiles.*

"I am honored by your acceptance of my invitation to dance and would be delighted to practise with you tommorow. I do know a little bit about the sport though I confess I think you will ride circles around me."

*Blue eyes filled with the feelings of comfort and joy he grasps a flower from mid air and tucks it behind Quinn's ear.*

"...A fair flower for the fairest of flowers."

02-01-2005, 05:18 PM
Ishamel finally took his seat not to far from the Queens. Slowly removing his helm, his crimson eyes, looking surprisngly strange on his fair skin seems to flare for a moment. His face was a near complete rarity, nearly always masked from the public eyes. He knew he was taking a great risk, the only person in the kingdom who knew his true heritage, The Royal Highness' father, was now passed away. Silently he drew the crest of the Mistress of Pain's as a silent prayer to his soul.

Drawing his eyes to Jean Louis and his lady he smiles slightly, his ice cold eyes making the smile apear to be a cruel and twisted smirk. He had often seen Jean Louis flirting with the ladies, more often than not having no idea he was in the first place. This time though, he may have stirred a scandel, an unblessed marrige proposal, one he was not aware of. He would have to send a note of thanks to the Duke. He had already given messages to the various spies in the houses to be placed on the alert for even the slightest signs. Every one of his maids had seen that crest, absolutely indecipherable to anybody else.

His gaze breifly went to Jean Louis again. He was one of the few people in the Kingdom who was above suspicion. Like Her Royal Majesty Queen Klea, Banisher of Shadows, he had known him since he was but a child. Although he was always unsure whether Jean Louis actually trusted him, since they were not very close, but he knew that the man would die before betraying her. Although he always feared what he would have to do to a traitor that close to the Queen.

He remembered a hand mainden by the name of Alana Moria, she was one of the closest maids to the former Queen, and it was revealed she was spying for a rebel faction within the court. The torture he inflicted on her still caused a cold chill in his bones. To be tortured to the brink of death, to have the aura of hope that your body would trancend into the next world, only to have your mind wrenched back into this world, to be completely healed and tortured all over again. That destruction of hope would be the ultimate torture, to know the pain will not end, even if you came close to dying, you would be healed, solely to suffer again.

02-01-2005, 06:31 PM
A messanger boy came in and said something in haldir's ears that made his eyes widen in fear. "My queen i must be leaving it is of the most importance," haldir said with a bow and ran out of the room to his horse. "Dark sky ride to home with the greatest of haste," a sound of worry was in his voice. What the messanger had said his homeland had been under seige for a day and the army was about to enter the hidden city where his mother and the queen of the elves was. "Hurry dark sky," he said nodging dark sky faster. "Please be ok please," he said until he reached a the city in flames. "My lord haldir they have take our queen," a elven soldier said with a few hundred more behind him.

02-01-2005, 07:07 PM
Deo looked left and right.He felt slightly uncomfortable and it showed.It had been a very long time since he had been he had been to a dinner such as this one.He saw a princess looking at him and he quikly looked back down at his plate.It was empty he put some duck a few potatoes, corn, pork, vegetables and his cup with wine.He pulled up the meat on the fork to his mouth but then he set it down and looked up at Queen Klea.His voice was humble and troubled as he said "Your majesty I thank you for your kind and humble offer of this brilliant feast but I do not wish to impose more than I already have."

02-01-2005, 08:34 PM
Akako was finishing her third helping while the rest of the people there were finishing their first. Already she had six empty creme bowls stacked up next to her plate.

Quickly she eyed the table for more creme as she hastily wiped her face. Then she spotted one- a bowl between Jean Louis and Quinn. At first the neko thought of jumping onto the table and diving for the dish, but thought better of it. She had been repremanded for that kind of table manners many times in previous dinner rehersals. She was told if she behaved that way during real dinners, she'd have one of her many tail rings taken away. That was enough to keep Akako good for the meal.

The neko would never disturb her mistress and ask for her to pass something, so instead, she elbowed Ishamel.
"Get the creme!" she whispered, pointing to the dish between Quinn and Jean Louis, which happened to be on the other side of the table. Akako really didn't think about how he'd get it... she just thought he was tall enough and he could reach.

02-01-2005, 09:32 PM
Ishamel slowly looks down at the cat, and raise a curious eyebrow.He chuckled slightly and smiled, that strange smile which could easily be taken as a cruel smirk. "Very well, your manners are probally as skilled as mine." That was not intended to be a compliment.

Ishamel simply stood up in his seat and picked up the bowl of creme from the between the duke and the strange girl. "Pardon me Duke, M'lady." he bowed his head holding the same sardonic looking smile. Before placing the small bowl of creme down beside the cat. "There you go, little one". He had never really been the sort to own pets, but having looked after the Queen once or twice he could not deny having a somewhat praternal instinct. "Just down't expect any ear scratches from me.."

Tenchi Masaki
02-02-2005, 02:28 AM
Jerii watched as the Queen had a stranger seated inside the banquet hall. He couldn't help, but to admire the Queen Klea's generousity towards people she has never even met before. I gave a short smile, as to approve the Queen's action before returning to his meal. His head turned up once again, to hear the Queen addressing him once more.

"Thanks, I don't know if having a big appetite is a good trait or not," Jerii chuckled "I've just never had this kind of food before."

"The Queen is pretty good at making jokes huh?" Mune whispered.

"Indeed, you two should have quite the battle of wits," Masa joked.

"Heh, like I stand a chance against the Queen, I bet she can curse me in over 100 different languages," Jerii snapped.

"True, the education of Royalty is infinite," Masa said.

He listened as the Queen offered Jerii more food. The young squire gave the Queen a smile before he began to place more food on his plate. Queen Klea always seemed like an unreachable mountain that he could never climb, but this very night, he was able to dine with her as well as exchange a friendly conversation. He never felt this cared for in his entire life.

"Only if you insist," Jerii answered.

He began to dive into the roasted duck, munching away on all the meat that was on the leg.

"Calm down, you're going to choke on a bone," Masa advised.

"You're in a presence of a lady, not to mention the Queen, stand up straight and take your time," Mune exclaimed.

"It's not like your food is going to run away...it's already dead," Masa laughed.

Jerii took the advice from his spirit partners, and began to slow down his chewing. He then took some time to look at all the guests the Queen had for dinner. Jerii's eye caught a glimpse of a man, who had just removed his helmet and began to take his seat on the table. He could feel the eyes of the man were cold and dark. The dark figure seemed like some sort of living mystery.

"What's your take on that guy?" Jerii asked.

"Seems like he's been through hell and back," Mune suggested "He looks way outta your league."

"I can feel no malice in him, at least not yet," Masa noted "I think it'd be best not to get in his way."

"He seems interesting enough, maybe we can cross swords one day," Jerii thought.

"Better save that challenge for a couple of years, kid, you got a lot to learn before you wrestle the big boys," Mune replied.

Jerii returned his attention towards the Queen, but was soon interupted by Quinn's voice. He couldn't help but shudder at Quinn's response towards him at that moment. If she wanted to, she could send Jerii in a coma for days upon days, after just one round of jousting. He felt even more embaressed because Quinn knew that Jerii was slacking off in his jousting lessons.

"Sorry Quinn," Jerii apologized "Just don't bite my head off okay?"

"Please accept his apology Quinn, Jerii doesn't know any better," Masa begged.

"He's a good kid, really, it's just sometimes he jumbles his words together," Mune explained.

"We're sorry!" Jerii, Masa, and Mune cried in unison.

He then watched as Jean Louis asked Quinn to dance. Upon leaving the table onto the dance floor, Jerii gave a short giggle to Quinn's response to the food. A chill ran down his spine as Quinn offered a jousting lesson tommorrow for Jean Louis. Jerii could only help but wonder how many times Quinn will show Jean the proper way to hit a target. As soon as he snapped out of his painful thought, he began to watch as Jean Louis began to woo her with a flower. He couldn't help but admire how smooth Jean Louis is.

"Maybe Jean Louis can teach you a thing or two about courting the ladies," Mune said encouragingly.

"Yup, he's a real ladies' man," Masa commented.

"Bah, my true love will love me for who I am, not how good I am with words," Jerii replied.

"Yeah, but having an edge to work off of, is always a plus," Masa retorted.

Jerii gave a sigh as he took a sip from his chalice. He noticed the dark man from earlier reach over the table and slide the bowl of creme to the Queen's cat.

"See he's got a good heart," Jerii said.

"Heh, say that in front of his face, and I think you'll find your tongue on your plate," Mune shivered.

"Just something about that guy I can't grasp," Jerii thought.

He began to watch the cat drink from her bowl. The cat's drinking seemed almost hypnotic. She seemed to happy and carefree, about herself. Jerii couldn't help admire the cat's current attitude. He then watched as the Queen attended to her duties, answering a call from another Queen in a far off land. He waited for her to be finished, before resuming any sort of conversation. Jerii couldn't find the proper words to open a fresh dialogue with the Queen, so he decided to keep things simple.

"I really enjoy the music you are providing for us," Jerii smiled.

He looked as a band played soothing music, for other people to dance too. Already, Quinn and Jean Louis had the dance floor all to themselves. Jerii just laid back on his chair and folded his arms across his chest, letting the peaceful music drift him away.

"HEY, don't doze off now!" Masa screamed.

"OKAY, sorry it's just the music is just so lovely," Jerii moaned.

"I suppose you are getting all drowsy, because you've been sitting on your rump the entire meal, why don't you stand up and ask the Queen for a dance?" Mune suggested.

"You're joking right?" Jerii laughed.

"We are dead serious," Masa and Mune replied in unison.

Jerii was never good at asking anyone for anything, especially when it came to asking a woman for something. He began to twindle his fingers, trying to figure out something flashy to say. Maybe put himself in Jean Louis' shoes, and try to grab the attention of the Queen with a charming remark. Alas, his brain was stumped, and could only think of the straightforward approach to things. He took a deep breath and turned his face towards the Queen's.

"I don't think we should let Jean Louis and Quinn have all the fun," Jerii smiled "How about we show them how to really tear up the dance floor?"

02-02-2005, 08:20 AM
*Ruby lips smile sweetly as she answers Deo with a nod .*

"Ah my lord it is never an imposition. You do know you always have a place at my table as well as a place in my court so long as you wish it."

*Motioning to some servants as to indicate that Lord Deo is to receive every attention desired, The Queen turns to pass a warm smile to Ishamel for attending to her cat... A smile that communicates a world of sweet feelings. That smile widening she sees Jean Louis bow to her for permission to take the dance floor and gives a nod of approval.

Still rather watching her precious Jean Louis and thinking that this could very well be a first infatuation for him, she answers Jerii in a voice softened by the affection she feels for her dearest friends.*

"I believe you have found a weakness of mine. Just as it was for my mother, I do relish any chance to dance."

*Rising , mouth twitching slightly with amusement at Jerii's daring to even ask her to dance, she motions to her court , now standing because she is standing, to sit again. Turning towards Jerii she holds out a very small jeweled hand waiting for him to kiss it and lead her onto the dance floor.

Standing so close to the Queen, Jerii can see how very small she actually is. Of diminuative build and of a height barely tall enough to qualify as a full grown woman, the Squire could easily pick her up and carry her about, like a little doll, with scarcely any notice at all. Yet for all she is the epitome of that which is delicate and tiny, from top most dark red curl to the tip of her tiny bejeweled silk slippers, those who stand in her presence know that is simply an outer shell.

Yes, she is a fragile fey creature of light and air... But the stormy grey of her eyes, the intensity and fire to them, give the lie to the packaging. Young and dainty a girl she is, but also a fierce monarch capable of steering the country to glory and commanding mens' hearts to live and die for her.*

"Come..." She whispers, "Take my hand."


02-02-2005, 11:18 AM
Mia sighed as Haldir ran off, followed by his messenger. I wonder what that was all about...Looks like I'm gonna have to wait this out on my own.... she thought, already yawning. She didn't really enjoy all of the gossiping that went on at these formal occasions. She looked around and knew what everyone was talking about. Some were most likely talking about the Queens neko, like every year. Some were probably talking about the present conditions of Medias Res. But she knew nearly everyone was talking about Jean Louis's unmentuione and supposed proposal to no one seemed to know. She yawned again, looking around the table.

She saw the mercenary from earlier get up and speak to the Queen. I wonder if now is the time to speak to her myself.... she hesitated though. She always seemed to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. So she straightened out her gown for the hundredth time that day and flicked her long pink hair over her shoulder fo the thousandth time. She forced herself to wait, and to pass the time, she continued to look among the guests. She noticed Ishamel and smirked. She was planning on challenging him to a fight someday. If I beat him then I could probably beat anyone.... she thought.

She looked down at her untouched plate. Maybe I will take some food with me later...I hate eating in front of people...besides, I don't want to stay any longer than I have to.

02-02-2005, 11:23 AM
Haldir walked into the throne room and found a small letter on the throne. It was to haldir and him only. The letter said:
Dear Prince Haldir,
We are only going to warn you once, do not join forces with Queen Klea or the queen will not live for very long
May Queen Klea fall
There was no name or anything else on that letter. He crumpled the letter up and went into the royal armory. There laided the many weapons of kings and royal elves. He found mithiril armor and he took up his forefathers sword. This was beyond the queen klea's control haldir was going to find his mother and bring her home safely. He sent the rest of the elven army to gather the other armies for war.

Tenchi Masaki
02-02-2005, 11:39 AM
Sweat began to course all through Jerii's body. This was a once in a lifetime chance for any young man of Media Res. His mind began to panic, trying to figure out what to do. The Queen had just extended her arm to him, and he wasn't so sure of the course of action he should take. He was going to reach in and shake her hand, thinking that Queen Klea wanted to have a good dance, before they walked to the dance floor.

"No!!!" Masa screamed.

"Kiss the hand fool!" Mune exclaimed.

Jerii quickly switched the motion of his hand, bring her hand to his lips. He kissed it gently, hoping that he wouldn't hurt Queen Klea's fragile hand. Jerii could hear everyone in the room chatter amongst themselves, wondering why the Queen would want to dance with a Knight in training. He then took her hand, and let her to the dance floor. Jerii made sure that he and the Queen had enough room to move, as well as giving Quinn and Jean Louis enough area on the dance floor to do what they pleased.

"Alright here goes nothing," Jerii gulped.

The band began to play a fast, upbeat melody. Jerii took the Queen's right hand, and placed his left hand on her hip. Before he could make his first move, he accidently stepped on his own foot. Jerii then realized the height difference between himself and the Queen. His head filled with embaressment, not knowing how to properly handle the problem.

"I didn't think our height difference would get in the way of dancing," Jerii mumbled.

"Well do something, you're the man, take the lead!" Mune replied.

Jerii then tried to sway to the left side, maybe get a decent rhythum going on, before he tried anything fancy. As soon as Jerii felt he was comfortable with the music, he once again tried to waltz. It wasn't long before Jerii took another misstep and ended up stepping on the Queen's foot. He immediately stopped and was scared that he hurt Queen Klea.

"I'm sorry!" Jerii muttered, trying not to cause a scene.

"Come on Jerii!" Masa urged "Pull yourself together!"

"We know you dance all the time," Mune whined "Come on, what's the big difference?"

"I've only practiced dancing on the broomstick, when I'm on cleaning duty in the barracks," Jerii thought.

"Well, the Queen is rather small, and she's wide at all, so you shouldn't have a problem," Masa remarked.

"Just pretend she's the broom you practice with almost every other day," Mune advised "and you should be fine."

"That might just work!" Jerii shouted.

The band then began to play a slower song, as if they knew that Jerii needed a change of pace before he would attempt to dance with the Queen once more. He then looked into the Queen's eyes and gave her a bright smile, then in his head he began to recall all the steps he did with the broomstick. Slowly, Jerii began to sway back and forth, leading Queen Klea along with him. The music began to pick-up, noticing the dancers were finally able to adjust to each other.

"There you go!" Masa and Mune screamed.

Jerii then spun the Queen, and continued to dance through the entire song. He felt as if he was floating in the air, enjoying the weightlessness of a carefree mind. Finally, he dipped the Queen, upon hearing the final note of the tune, and released has hands from the Queen bowing. The crowd applauded the two, to show that they enjoyed the performance.

"Thank you, your majesty," Jerii smiled.

He wiped the sweat from his face as he seated the Queen back to the head of the table. He then returned to his seat, still flustered over the events that have just passed.

"Heh, you always seem to dig yourself out of a grave," Masa laughed.

"If you take away your little fumble in the beginning of the dance, you gave quite the show," Mune noted "Good job Jerii."

"Thanks for the advice guys, I just hope the Queen had as much fun as I did," Jerii whispered.

02-02-2005, 12:16 PM
*Her Movements graceful and light, the Queen moves through the song trying at first not to laugh at the nervousness of the Squire nor wince as he trods on her tiny foot... Then slowly as Jerii relaxes she gives a smile of approval thinking that he does dance well, just so long as he doesn't think himself into a panic.

Still, she makes a mental note to have Jerii take dancing lessons with her Jean Louis to improve on untrained talent. Klea peeks over her shoulder to observe Jean Louis and Quinn dancing a short distance away. Her favored Duke glides across the floor so elegantly even lifting Quinn and turning with her held above him. she then makes a second mental note to give Jean Louis' dancing teacher a gift for her good services.

Finally she is led back to her seat where she can continue to watch the dancers. She does give Jerii a winning smile sure to dazzle and gives his hand a gentle squeeze before releasing it.*

"A splendid dance young man... I was quite pleased with it. There shall be more dancing for the court this evening but I believe I shall retire to my chambers. Jean Louis will see that you and that delightful young woman are quartered for the evening.
I expect I shall see you tommorow afternoon in the Royal rose gardens for tea. Do not be late."

*Rising once more, the Queen passes a look to Ishamel and exits the Dining hall with her entourage in tow.*


*Jean Louis smiles down at Quinn in sheer joy as they twirl, dip and fly through a graceful but complicated style of dance. Of tall and leanly muscled build, the young Duke of Evan-fleur is not nearly as bulky and brawny as some of his older brothers. Yet everyone is always so surprised at how strong he actually is. Using that hidden strength he can easily lift Quinn above his head and turn about so that she seems to fly above him.

In all his enjoyment of the dance he does not even notice the various attempts of some young women trying to come close enough to cut in. Some young ladies even attempt to try and trip Quinn as they dance past with their partners, hoping to embarass her in front of Jean Louis. What they don't realize is that there is no one else the Duke wishes to dance with at present and the Lady is better balanced than they can imagine.*

02-02-2005, 01:44 PM
Haldir went around gathering elven soldiers until he decided to go to medias res. He rode into the city with more than 60,000 elven soldiers behind him and ready to fight for medias res. This was the largest army to enter the city in a hundred years. Haldir entered the castle and walked to the queen and said "i bring this army for you to use as you wish but i ask for one thing that your guard amazon comes with me to find the queen of the wood elves," haldir said while looking the queen in the eyes. There was nothing but want of his mother back in his eyes not revenge but love. Haldir needed someone to help him on his quest that he felt could help him. He felt that amazon could help him and he knew she was a good fighter. The dwarf ,blanden, that was in charge of the nearby tavern was with haldir.

02-02-2005, 01:59 PM
Crea sighed, realizing what had passed through the young womans mind. "Tell her majesty that while i do not revoke my invitation to her or any of her being, she is right and I will instead go along with tradition and have Preistess of Carn Sa Shrine to preform the ceremony." He curtised to her with his hand, lowering his head slightly. He then turned and sensed that something was wrong. He immediatly hurried off to find Minister Avan and see what was so urgent. Another feeling, one from Medias Res passed through him and more worry poured over him.

02-02-2005, 03:23 PM
Deo ate and when he finally finished he left to the side of the room.He watched Queen Klea dance.She was an elegant sight to behold as Deo stood off to the side watching her.He sighed as he looked around.It had been awile since he had danced in a ballroom, and even when he had danced he had been very young.Deo wanted to ask Klea to not address him by the title he once went by.He hadn't chose that course and he was not ashamed of it.He wondered if anyone had noticed that Klea had adressed him by lord.He gazed warily at the opposite side of the room.In deep thought he thought about his past.The decisions he had made, why he had made them and other things of little concern to other people.He saw Klea leaving and he followed her.It wasnt until he was with her in the corridor that he spoke up "Klea....I wanted to ask you a few things....."

02-02-2005, 04:01 PM
Quinn kept her steps light. Even as a squire-in-training, they'd learned some dancing. Since after all, some day they might have had to go to a ball and dance with someone so better to learn the steps. She was unable to hold the small laugh when Jean Louis had lifted her and spun, keeping her balance well.

When she'd spotted Jerii dancing with Queen Klea, she had to grin. Masa and Mune must have talked him into it. Thats the only way she could rationalize him asking. She didn't even seem to notice the girls trying to trip her. Her body seemed to be alert to the movement, a foot raised slightly higher when one such tried, and placed easily. Her grace never changed even when she evaded feet.

On one pass around where she could see the face of one such young lady who tried to trip her, she flashed the girl a satisfied grin before lifting her gaze to Jean Louis, head tilted slightly.

Once again she reached mentally to Jerii, keeping an eye on him when she needed to,'Hey Roman? Would you care to dance next after Jean Louis? That is if you don't mind other girls trying to trip me. But I leave it up to you. You can compair dancing with different heights. The Queens and my own.'

Quinn was a bit shorter then Jerii, but only by an inch so they were usually able to see face to face better. She left it open to Jerii, eyeing another girl who tried to shove her and force her to stumble, only the slightest shove against her side. Quinns response to the shove was a low grunt and side stepping the girl to get out of her reach.

02-03-2005, 09:08 AM
*Looking up at Deo inquisitively as she walks to her chambers she opens her mouth to reassure him that anything he wishes to know she would tell him, when Haldir enters in a hurry.

The impact of his statement widens her eyes considerably and she turns to gaze at Mia (Amazon) who she had taken with her when leaving the Dining hall. Watching her long time guard and friend she sighs.*

"Lord Elf, I am her Queen but I cannot speak entirely for her as this is not concerning a personage of Medias Res Directly. If Mia cares to go with you she may. If not then I will certainly not force her and she may stay by my side without shame. But it must be her decision.

She and I shall discuss this in private and when she is ready she will answer you yes or no. In the meantime refresh yourself with food and drink... I doubt it will take Mia long to answer, if anything she is decisive.

I would also recommend the services of my Lord Deo. He is a very skilled fighter who is well versed in matters of dangerous situations. He too may go if he so desires.... Deo... Speak to Lord Haldir and make your decision.. I shall go now to speak with my Mia."

*With a slight nod she motions to her ladies to follow her into her private chambers and with them disappears behind closed doors. Some Male Guards stand before the doors to let anyone know that no one is to enter. Only Jean Louis may do so or bring anyone in.*


* As soon as the door is closed and barred, Klea smiles and touches a delicate hand to Mia's arm, grey eyes warm with affection.*

"Dear Mia... You know of the Elven Queen. Will it find favor in joining the party to retrieve her? I will not press you on this in either direction but know that whatever your choice you have my complete support."

*Smiling still she allows her other maids to remove her elaborate gown and jewelery as she awaits Mia's answer. The Queen is quickly dressed in a nightgown of silk so fine as to be spun from moonlight and that which floats around her like a gathering of evening mist, fluttering at every small movement. Over her nightgown she dons a long and heavy robe of Ruby silk and velvet.*


* Jean Louis gives the young woman who shoved Quinn and very outraged look and under his Grace the Duke of Evan-fleur's angered gaze the woman curtsies very low to Quinn and turns red with embarassment as she begs her pardon and shuffles off the dance floor.

Resuming the dance Jean Louis lifts Quinn up again as is part of the steps and when her feet touch ground again he speaks.*

"... Tell me My lady, have I told you how every woman in the room tonight pales in comparison to your beauty? I can only imagine it is the very vision of your lovelyness which has so many so very distracted as to fumble and stumble into us...You are divine to behold."

*His tone is so soft and blue eyes warm with admiration for her.*

"The Queen has invited you to tommorow night's entertainments. As it is nearly midsummer I believe it will be for us to mill around the Queen's lake in small but luxurious wooden boats... Dear Lady, I would be honored if you would join me in mine."

*His gaze turns hopeful as he would very greatly enjoy her company on what is normally a fairly boring event. Being rowed around the Royal Lake in a silk organdy veiled boat while reclining on plump and soft silk pillows exchanging comments with other nobles in other boats never really interested Jean Louis, but as it is tradition for the Queen to hold such an event and all the major noble houses to attend he will do as his Mistress wishes and sail around, even if it does make him feel a little silly.

Most of the young people of the court thought of this event with great relish and anticipation. After all, it was a chance for young men to be able to spend time alone with their chosen ladies and for the women it was exciting to compare how many invitations you received and how high ranking the men were from whom the invitations were received.

Above such shallow competitveness or even the remotest of lusty thoughts, Jean Louis simply thought of it as rather boring and hoped to ensure some company to lighten that tedium with decent conversation. Jean Louis knew that he could easily find escort for Jerii as well... Perhaps even with some sweet and accomodating young lady on which his friend could learn a bit about handling women. *

02-03-2005, 11:15 AM
Mia follows the Queen into the room. She is silent for a moment as the Queen speaks. Then, thinking carefully she makes her decision. "Your highness, if I would better serve you by helping the Elven Queen, then consider it done. I will leave immediately with your blessing." she said smiling.

It had been a while since she had spoken to the Queen, and even though now wasn't the time for catching up. A sigh escaped her lips as she realized that it would probably be some time before she returned to the castle. And so much could happen in that time. She feared for the Queen's safety, though she knew perfectly well that if needed, the Queen could care for herself.

"Well, I hope that in my absence you will be safe your highness..." she said hesitantly, not wanting to sound paranoid. "I guess I will see you when I return." She smiled again and quickly curtsied (still in her dress) and made her way to the door.

02-03-2005, 02:51 PM
The stage was set. Guests lined the room as the preistess appeared at the altar. Crea appeared at the entrance and began to walk torwards her. The guests watched him intently as his mind raced. He scaned the crowd with his eyes in search of her or something from her, but then he thought what did you expect. Why would she wanna grace a no nothing young prince who has no idea what he is doing? His country is slowly collapsing so, what has she to worry about? No, he was wrong, he did'nt know her all that well, but he knew that was'nt what she thought. Rather it was what he felt. He kneeled down at the altar and looked at the caring caring face of the preistess.
"Crea, I am happy to say that you I am preforming this great feat. So without delay I ask you to repeat after me. I, Crea, Prince of Plytori Amorth do hereby decree... To follow in my fathers steps and do my best... To lead this country on a just and peaceful path... To walk in the light and not the darkness... And finally... To always put my people's needs over my own..."
Crea repeated all this with the strength of his father's legacy welling up inside him...
As he finished, the preistess turned and pulled a silver halo that twisted around itself. Sapphires sat inbedded in each spot where the two silver peices crossed. She placed it around his forehead and said. " Stand, King of Plytori... Your kingdom awaits you..."

The guests clapped and the people throughout the city cheered for they were watching in the gazing fountains... The banquets started and he sat in his chair as each lady and lord in the country pledged their allegiance to him.
A young woman clad in a silk white gown with a lace shawl wrapped around her arms and pearls strung through her long red hair that was pinned back apon her head. Her blue eyes twinkled as she approached him... " My lord, I am Tamra of Xanti Heights in the north. My father who is ill, has asked me to come and show his alligiance to you..." She curtised and smiled. He nodded and watched as she walked away. Plates apon plates of food were brought in. The guest laughed and ate merrily and before long they were all out in the clearing dancing under the shaded lamps. Crea noticed Tamra and approached her. She looked up and smiled... " Could I have the honor of dancing with you?" he asked.
She replied by saying, "The honor would be mine.." Standing up and placing her hand in his, he led her to the dance area and placed his arm around her hip and took the other in his. They danced, staring into each other eyes while the entire court watched and wondered what this could mean...
He did'nt know what it was but there was something about her that he could'nt quite place. His heart jumped when he thought of her and looked into her eyes. The tiny bells on her gown chimmed merrily as they danced around in circles.
Meanwhile the preistess stood watching him. Your so worried about fai ling your country young king, but unknownst to you, this country will be one of the few shining beacons of hope in the darkness of the future because of you. Hold fast child for it could sweep you away. I wish you and Lady Tamra a fruitful life. You know of what I speak... With that she dissapeared and the banquet contined as the rest of the court joined in on the dancing and drinking and eating....

02-03-2005, 03:22 PM
Deo knodded as he looked at Haldir."Yes Haldir I will go with you if you so truly wish it" Deo said as he watched Queen Klea leave.He drew his broadsword and leans on it waiting for Haldir's reply.He pulled the hood of his cloak over his head."What happened Haldir?"He sighed as he said this.He pondered something as he he spoke with out thinking "Say Haldir.....are you of noble blood?".He looked up suddenly realising what he had said.

Pretty Boy of Evil
02-03-2005, 06:31 PM

He ascends swiftly. None of the queen's so-called worthies bothers to stop a disheveled servant.

A broken spearhead rings out as it strikes the narrow stair and tumbles thrice before coming to its final rest. Ramarren doesn't bother to clean up the bloodstains left on the flagstones; that's what the real, better dressed servants are for. At least it is no longer buried in his left shoulder. Damned inconvenient.

By the time he stands before the queen's door under the quizzical gaze of her harem, the wound is gone.

His voice is the tearing of old leather.

"Move aside."

02-03-2005, 06:52 PM
*For a long moment the young women of the Queen's Order stare at Ramarren in disbelief bordering on disdain. Who is this gruby man who has the look of a street beggar, boldly striding up to the chamber doors of Her Royal Majesty and demanding entrance when their mistress specifically demanded that she be given utter privacy.

A few of the younger Maidens nearly glower and give Ramarren the short and sharp side of their temper when the Queen's two favorite women nudge them aside. Heloise and Isabelle curtsy deeply to the man and following their lead amid some confusion and distaste the other women open the doors allowing Ramarren entry.

Klea glances upward from her perusal of a book as she hears the doors of her private sitting area open and close decisively, immediately identifying the rude, uncouth filthy beast of meat and hair known as Ramarren, her smile brightens and widens with adoration and glee.

The Queen quickly closes her book and sets it aside as she rises to greet him, her long Silk and velvet robes of a ruby color swishing in an echo of her swift movements spurred by a happy eagerness.*

"I smell fresh blood on you Ramarren, I can only imagine not all if any of it is yours?"

02-03-2005, 07:04 PM
Deo Remarren enter Queen Klea's quarters.He sighed as he leaned against the wall.He dropped his sword and merely slid down the wall.He kept his knees close to his chest as he wrapped his arms around his legs."Everyone can speak to her but me..." Deo muttered with a distastful tone in his speech.He looked down the corridor as he sighed again.He pulled his sword up and put it to the ground inbetween his legs staring at the blade.He saw his reflection and he looked deep at it.He went into a deep train of thought.Most of it was time before he was a mercenary.

Pretty Boy of Evil
02-03-2005, 07:43 PM

He snorts with derision.

"I haven't washed my cloak since your royal father wielded his royal tool."

His hood falls. Sunken eyes meet her gaze.

"I failed again. You will have to endure my presence awhile longer."

He pauses, icing his words with yet more sarcasm.

"You're horrified, I can tell."

02-04-2005, 08:24 AM
*Klea's eyes narrow slightly as she allows her gaze to sweep over Ramarren studying every aspect of his appearence, from dirt bag clothing to nondescript homely face... and she knew his attitude was even worse. And yet... yet her mouth tugs in an unwilling smile. Only Ramarren could say things like that to her and not be thrown into the dungeon or worse but instead coax a smile or even a laugh. If whatever quality he held could be bottled and sold the men of her court would pay a fortune for it.

Still not wishing to give the game away entirely she lifts an eyebrow high and offers him an equally sarcasting retort.*

"Failed again Ramarren? I do wonder how you lift yourself from under whatever rock you hide beneath everyday to try again. Oh well I suppose we might just have to make room for you here somewhere or other."

*a touch of laughter warms her voice as she had some time ago given him a whole wing tower of the castle to himself as a residence knowing his love of privacy and solitude. Though he only uses a tiny area he cleared out like a monk's cell, the whole of the tower is put at his disposal including an observatory, a library full of precious and rare books and even a laboratory should he wish to use any of them.*

"Still.. I believe you won't be too uncomfortable... we can even have your cloak washed for you if it indeed has been a long time since you and my royal father had been on.. 'speaking' terms. Only you would know ofcourse and thus could be the only one to tell me as father has passed away some months ago."

*Some far away sadness darkens her grey eyes to charcoal though her expression stays that perfectly blank polite mask of pure pleasantness. Blinking they revert to their usual stormy nature revealing little of the woman behind the royal spendor for though she stands in naught but her nightgown and silken robe with nary crown, scepter, nor smallest piece of jewelry nothing can take that regal aura from her for she is truely royal and the rest are mere props.*

02-04-2005, 11:10 AM
Mia found Deo huddled up against the wall as she passed. "Hey you!" she said abruptly, wanting to get his attention. "Aren't you coming along? What are you pouting for?" she sighed, noticing that the mercenary was depressed. "Your name is Deo right?" he had never personally introduced himself to her, but she had heard others speak his name. "Well how about we all meet up at the entrance to the castle in about 20 minutes? That should give us enough time to get ready." she quickly bowed and began to head to her quarters.

She passed by Haldir along the way "Lord Haldir, I am going to follow you into battle for your Queen. Queen Klea has already permitted it, so I am ready to go." she said. Wondering if Haldir may be unsure of her fighting abilitys, she said "Don't worry. Just because I am a girl doesn't mean I am weak. If you don't mind, I will meet you out front of the castle in 20 minutes. Seeya then." she bowed, and, yet again, headed off to her quarters.

She reached her room and began to pack quickly, only taking the bare essentials. About to walk out of the door, she forgot she was still wearing her dress. Awww geez... she thought. She put on her Royal Guard uniform. The Queen had made sure that all of the guards uniforms had been finely decorated and elegant, yet also very comfy for fighting. She did a quick mirror-check, taking out most of her jewelry and washing her face, and then nodded, satisfied at her appearance.

She gathered her things and opened the door, then went to the stables.Then she took her beautiful white horse out of it's stable, that she had trained herself, and put on it's reigns. "Let's get going Starshower, we've got another mission." she smiled at her horse. She walked it to the front of the castle and waited for Haldir and Deo. Geez they're guys and I am a girl you'd think they wouldn't take longer than me... she thought, yawning.

Pretty Boy of Evil
02-04-2005, 06:16 PM

The veteran vagabond scratches himself. His dark tongue flicks across sharp teeth.

"You know, K, I wonder that myself. Then I look at the dung beetles you call courtiers here, crawling about, infesting their little heaps of filth."

Ramarren's cadence slows, his consonants harsh.

"No wonder I prefer dismemberment and failure to this."

His fierce aspect turns decidedly impish.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it. And don't even think about touching my cloak. It might offend your delicate sensibilities. Anyway, aye, I'll be spending a bit of time in that miserable cell you have so generously bestowed upon my humble self."


"Aren't you going to offer me a drink?"

02-04-2005, 06:42 PM
*Klea shakes her head slightly at his comments about her court but still a smile is lured to the surface by the outrageousness of his nerve and daring.*

"How in the name of all that is holy and unholy do you get away with it Ramarren? I can never seem to get very mad at you no matter how you try to provoke me... And Yes I believe I will offer you a drink..."

*Laughing slightly she glides forward towards him and some impishness equal to Ramarren's brightens her grey eyes to the hue of storm clouds. Dimples deepening she moves closer and closer to the troublesome wretch and levitating slightly she leans in so that her mouth is but a few breaths from his and a moment before her soft ruby lips touches his a little glass of wine appears oneside touching his mouth the other side her own.

With a gleeful wink she steps back her laughter like the twinkling of crystal.*

02-04-2005, 06:56 PM
Deo looked up at the wall.His eyes were blank as he stared at the wall.In his eyes are a sort of fire.In his thought this is what was happening.'A young Dea ran through a castle yelling out to his parents.He searched through palace chambers.The ballroom,then the dining hall.He finally ran into the studies.There is a horror stricken sight.The drapes are white lace but stained a crimson red.There is blood everywhere.The young Deo walked into the study and looked around.He saw the table inwence his father would talk with generals and other matters.There was bloody book open.He slowly stepped behind it and he dropped to his knees.His father and mother were dead behind the table.Both of them were just lying there.HIs father had a dagger in his chest while his mother had a dagger in her back.The young Deo runs from the room tears streaming down his eyes.He ran into his little brothers room.The crib was empty and the window was open as the navy drapes were blown in the air.' The vision gets blurring as Deo's muscles tence.

02-04-2005, 07:40 PM
After her fifth serving, Akako was beginning to feel a bit full. By the time she looked around again, she noticed the Queen wasn't there. With a quick wipe of her face and paws on the tablecloth, the neko hopped off her chair and slowly crawled her way to the kitchen entrance, her normal path to and from the dining hall.

Akako wandered down a hallway until she came to the queen's room. Her ears perked up when she heard a strange voice. Quickly she bolted in and stood at her mistress' side, eyeing the stranger suspiciously.
"Who are you?"

02-04-2005, 09:14 PM
"Deo, deo are you alright," haldir asked seeing his ally acting strangly. He saw that amazon was ready to go but deo was worring him. "Deo listen do not let the past destroy you," he said noticing the way deo was looking. He wondered if deo was seeing something from his past but he needed to just let it go. Haldir knew what it was like and what he was going through. He had once lost his father, the proud king who was cowardly struck down by crossbows.

02-05-2005, 09:16 AM
Deo blinked quickly and shook his head.He looked up at Haldir."Yes I am fine" he said standing up and brushing himself."Say Haldir do you know who that person in The Queens chambers is?" He asked quisitivly.He looked at the amazon and then back at Haldir."Well Haldir shall we depart now?" He asked.

02-05-2005, 03:54 PM
OOC: I humbly say I am sorry for not posting for a while to Tenchi and Ayumi. I know you two were waiting for me. But I needed to get things done and also really think through my post. So I waited until I had a good idea.

BIC: Quinn watched Jean Louis' face after his question. She'd by passed the compliment, finding she was already pink cheeked and wouldn't want to go the full blooming red in the middle of the dance floor. She thought over his words carefully.

On the turn that led them closer toward the main table where Jerii sat, Quinns gaze flickered to him with a small grin before she spoke to Jean Louis,"I would be honored to join you on the boat tomorrow. I don't think I'd have much to speak of to any ladies so it would be best to spend time with someone I know. But I must ask you Your Grace. Do you think we would be able to find someone Jerii might spend time with? He needs to learn about spending time with a lady. I believe you could teach him a thing about that dear Jean Louis."

She smiled upward at him, releasing a hand long enough to lightly tap his nose before returning her hand to the proper place to continue dancing. She wasn't showing it, but inside the dance floor was starting to make her edgy. All the court ladies giving her nasty looks. If this had been a group of squires in the quarters, Quinn would have delt with the ones making the comments. But she couldn't here. She wasn't any rank that could stand up to the court ladies dancing around them. She was a lowly squire that was lucky enough to have met the Dkue and been invited with him to the State Dinner and also lucky enough to dance with him when all other ladies would have loved to be in her shoes.

02-06-2005, 12:24 PM
OOC: Haldir, Amazon and Zamemon... Please post any other story posts in a new thread. Start it up while others sign up for your adventure. Oh and as a side note, if you are planning to hunt monsters I wanted to mention that Orcs are generally friends and allies of Medias Res. Happy playing.

*A dimple deepens in Jean Louis' cheek as he grins at her acceptance and laughing her sweeps her upward in another lift and a florish as the dance ends and he leads her to Jerii so that he might have a turn dancing with her.*

"I would be most pleased to agree to your request as I had begun to think of the same thing. I know a few very nice young ladies who would be pleased to have such a companion to sail around the Royal lake with our friend. I will ofcourse ask the oppinion of her Majesty as well... She would likely have some recommendations to add to mine. But I strongly believe he will be happily situated.

My dear Madame, please remember to hold your head high. In my eyes a squire who acquits herself as honorably as you do stands well above any Gently born noble woman in my eyes as well as the eyes of the Queen... No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

*Pressing a tender kiss to the back of Quinn's hand he allows his so very blue eyes to linger on her face for a long moment before releasing her to Jerii and stepping back a polite distance so that he may escort her onto the floor for a dance.*


*Klea shakes her head at her cat's lack of manners, but smiles all the same.*

"Aka... Come now pet be polite. Ramarren this is my cat Akako.. She is a little tenacious."

*Offering him an apologetic glance she reaches down to stroke Aka's fur thinking that the creme her pet no doubt drank had made the cat bold.*

02-07-2005, 05:58 PM
Akako's ear twitched at her mistress' words. Her head sunk a little when she realized she wouldn't have permission to attack the stranger. Instead she just flicked her tail angrily.
The effects of the creme were catching up with her and the neko began feeling a little tired. She sat down on the soft rug, the whole time keeping a cold stare on the stranger. Slowly her eyes started to close and in a few minutes she was fast asleep, sitting up straight.

02-08-2005, 09:05 AM
Crea sat in the throne room going over a few things with his royal councilmen. They were deciding how best to handle the food shortage when Narcisis said, "Why not began a agricultural project in the Charico Valley? It has'nt had any settlements started there so it would also start a housing devlopment project as well. The valley is quite fertile due to the Charico river flooding twice a year..." The council nodded in agreement so crea spoke. "So we are all agreed? Good... Then this is what will be done..." The council adjourned and he waited till they left before leaving himself.

As he left he empathically asked Klea if the rumors that the elven queen had dissapeared were true. She had'nt awnsered by the time he had reached the stables so he asked a messenger to go to the barracks and order a small brigade to head for the elven country to see if Plytori Amorth could assist in any way.
He then mounted his horse and rode for Xanti Heights...

02-08-2005, 01:51 PM
As Lady Shira departed the party early she quickly made her way to the second floor of the castle, her. She began quickly searching for a servant. Whom she quickly found, one of the many guest rooms of the castle. As she closed the door behind her she crouched down in a kneel.

"My Mistress, we have pledged our loyalty to your cause. When can we expect a reward?"

The servants eyes suddenly grew icily cold. "How dare you... you insolent fool. You come in hear, with the chance of blowing my cover, and then demand when your reward will come? You fool, leave my sight, and take that person following you with you."

Kira blinked in surprise before bowing and quickly leaving. As she turned the various corners she bumped directly into a tall figure in dark plate mail. Her face grew as white as a sheet as she looked up.


Ishamel snarled as he grabbed the Lady Kira by the throat and picked her up, the many servants around gasping in surprise. Ishamel glared at them and slowly strode off. He knew the word would pass extremely quickly, that The Dark Paladin had descended upon the Lady Kira, which meant her reputation would be completely shredded the moment he emerged from his dungeon again. Good, very good. He would report to the Queen soon enough.

Pretty Boy of Evil
02-08-2005, 07:51 PM

A gloved hand seizes the glass and hot breath whistles through jagged teeth.

"Don't push it."

He swishes the dark liquid around in his mouth as the queen's feline pest makes herself at home.

"Another scavenger finds a home here, eh? Never can have enough useless mouths to feed, I suppose."

He shudders and nearly spits out his second sip of wine.

"Vile. Just like this prince whom I hear is trying to stuff his head up your skirt. What's the deal with that?"

Heedless of his dirty boots, the wiry little man crosses the rug and sits down on the first available piece of furniture. A wet belch escapes him as he puts his feet up on something brightly colored and clearly expensive.

02-09-2005, 09:46 AM
*Far away from the bright lights and serenity of Medias Res and their faerie Queen sits a lonely and proud castle atop a unbreachable sea cliff. Within the walls of this dark domain sits Prince Aerslan gazing thoughtfully at the portrait of a young lady seated on a balcony overlooking the beautiful rose gardens in Palatina, the capital of Medias res. She is half turned away from the viewer but still she glances back a delicate smile curving her rose colored lips. The smile promises everything and nothing but definately encourages pursuit.

How like the lady is her smile. So very young in this painting was Princess Klea, just turned fourteen. He had known her well before when they were but children and he was sent as a gesture of goodwill between their nations. The very first time he had seen her, the laughing eyes and that smile in a wash of color and forbidden memories. He had known his desire for her long before his father, the King, had announced that he would ask for her hand in marriage for his eldest son... Aerslan's older brother. Everyone thought it a fantastic match, one that would secure the futures of both countries for ages to come... But Aerslan knew better. His Older brothers were all generally interested in indolent perversions that could never make his Klea happy. The very thought revolted him to the core and he knew he had to act fast.

There was no thought to the consequences upon his soul or even that they were his brothers... but slowly... so carefully he managed accidents one by one that allowed him to now be Crown prince and heir apparent. With this little palace revolt in play he now could make his suit formally to the recently Crowned Queen of Medias res.

... Only to be rejected....

How could this happen? Didn't she know the good they could accomplish for their countries and the galaxy? Probably not. After all her grandmother and mother before her had rejected his grandfather and father before him, why would she be any different. Women... They never knew what they actually wanted or what was good for them.

Taking a sip of wine, Aerslan leaned back in his chair and lifted his glass in salute to the portrait, his smile dark.

Well she couldn't reject him so simply... Three women in her family had rejected three men, including himself, in his family. The Insult could not go unpunished... After all, she had belonged to him since the day she smiled that smile at him...

A Smile to live and die for... a Smile worth a thousand lives...*


*Her ruby lips curving into a smile, Klea tried her best not to laugh at Ramarren's carelessness with her furniture not to mention her privacy.*

"Oh the usual nonsense. The Crown Prince of Sassania and his father did not take it so well that I refused him... and so he has declared war."

*All laughter and humor drains from her eyes though her lips still hold a smile. She moves around him to be behind him as she speaks and leaning close drapes her arms around his shoulders and rubs her cheek in a catlike fashion against his, speaking in his ear.*

"War is here Ramarren and I was helpless to stop it. If I had accepted his suit then I would be damning my people to lives of servitude and imprisonment... That I refused damned us all to war and the misery it brings.

There is some sickness in him... I can smell it as could my mother and my Grandmother on his Father and Grandfather when we all refused their offers of marriage. Yet while they gave up, Aerslan looks at me like a caged lion biding his time.

I know what he is like Ramarren and I won't let him have my people nor me. I would die first before I allowed either to happen. I need a deterent that will press the Sassanians into backing off and allowing a treaty. I had thought about... well... The Gaze of the Stars...."

*Lower lip trembling at the very mention of her family relic... the one which had been first created by her Ancestor, a terrible horrible weapon which to the mind of all outside the royal family is but a myth. But she knew the truth, she knew it was real and reading the memoirs of it's creator is teaching her how to use it.*

"Aerslan's father the King has a piece of the relic of which he stole from my mother. I doubt he knows what it actually is and simply took it as a way to remember my mother when she died. Will you retrieve it for me? Will you do this for me my old friend?"

*Pressing a soft kiss to his beaten and leathery cheek she looks up into his eyes her own warmed to the color of rain.*


"Will you Dance with me Your Grace?"

*Jean Louis looked at the young countess with a faint but embarassed smile. His dancing with Quinn had all but lit a fire under the other eligable ladies of the court and they crowded him in force all clammering for a Dance. Bright blue eyes look at Quinn pleadingly, begging rescue all the while he fakes a smile to the ladies.*

"My Lady I would be honored but I fear I would have a score of your jealous suitors rushing at me on the morrow for simply dancing with you such is the effect of your beauty on the hearts of men. Perhaps some other time?"

*The Ladies sigh and flutter fans delicately and flirtatiously. Jean Louis offers a graceful bow and tries to move closer to his friends still slightly panic filled by the fowardness of the women. HELP! His eyes beg.*

02-09-2005, 01:04 PM
Crea rode into Xanti Heights and straight up to the small but proud castle. He was greeted by Tamra who wore a silvan dress that rippled in the warm breeze. Small bells were strung through her hair and they chimmed as he embraced her with his arms. "I've missed you, Tamra." she smiled and replied with her soft and sweet voice saying, "And I you Crea... How are things in Plantiri?" He shook his head slightly and said, "Do not worry about such matters at the moment. How is your father?" Her smile suddenly faded and her cheerful blue eyes dimmed and filled with tears. He immediatly realized what had happened and hugged her tighter. "Oh! Tamra I am truly sorry, he was quite the man and I always thought well of him. Is there anything I can do?" She pulled away from him and wiped the tears from her cheeks. Shaking her head and looking torward the rolling plains she said, "No... My brother is taking care of the important matters and for the moment I just need to leave Xanti." The wind became caught up in her hair as it flowwed like the waves on a lake around her face. The little bells chimmed merrily, but they did not have the effect on the two as they usually would have. He could feel her pain, the sort of pain that you bottled up inside until it exploded and caused everyone around to feel the effects.
"Well if it's what you wish, then we may leave at once..." A carriage approached the castle and several armed horsemen moved into position around it. Crea walked her to the carriage and helped her in before getting in himself. the horsemen began to move and the carriage travelled along with them torwards the capital.


Vincent finally reached the Valin river, whiched marked the end of his small prefactures' northern border. He would cross it and head straight for Palantina in Medias Res. It would take about another few minutes, but once he was there he could finally begin to fufill his dreams of become a knight of Medias Res. He rode across the clear shallow river on his black and white horse and straight up to the gates of Plantina. Before long he found himself standing on the palace steps in front of a gaurd. "Excuse me miss, but I was wondering if it would be possible to speak with the queen?" He stood there waiting for her reply...

02-09-2005, 02:17 PM
Quinn saw the trouble Jean Louis was in and since Jerii had yet to speak, she turned slightly, stepping closer toward the group after the Duke. She flashed him a gentle smile before turning her attention to the Ladies around him,"I'm very sorry. You'll have to excuse Duke Jean Louis. He promised to sit with my friend and I for a drink and small talk."

She turned her gaze on Jean Louis, meeting his blue gaze with her green one, laughter hidden deep in her dark gaze. She was having so much trouble not laughing. Finally she held her hand lightly toward the Duke,"Didn't you Your Grace? You agreed to it out on the dance floor. You would come sit with my friend and I and chat with us."

02-09-2005, 03:36 PM
*The female guard looked Vincent over carefully and up at the Clock tower indicating how very late at night it is, before speaking.*

"Young sir are you well aware of the lateness in the hour? Her Majesty has retired and is no doubt fast asleep. May I help you with anything however? Perhaps a message to give her ?"


*Jean Louis did his best to mask his relief though he was pretty sure it was very obvious in the depths of his cerulean eyes.*

"I am afraid she is correct ladies, otherwise I would be at your disposal."

* Bowing to the women who all sighed their disappointment he as quickly as politeness allowed, moved to Quinn and Jerii's side. Pressing a heartfelt kiss to her hand he murmmers quietly.*

"For your swift and timely rescue I would agree to procure almost anything for your delight... A pearl the size of an egg would not be too much to ask me for at this time Madame."

*Jean Louis truely doesn't always understand his effect on women. Trained in court manners and naturally talented in all things gentlemanly and poetic he often had a very hard time convincing the ladies that he was just trying to be nice and wasn't actually trying to seduce anyone.

The Young Duke's cheeks turn red whenever he remembers the more than one occasion he entered his bedchambers and found one court lady or other thinking that he desired her and had intended to share a bed with her. Mortified it had taken alot of fast talking to get out of those very sticky situations.

Smiling at Quinn and Jerii he motions to a servant to bring a fresh bottle of wine and three glasses. Taking a seat he motions them to do the same and with a nod grins at Quinn.*

"Well Madame? You have me at your mercy, pray do not tarry in telling me of your wants. I promise not to be slow in retrieving them."

02-09-2005, 07:00 PM
Quinn giggled softly as she took the seat at the Dukes side, reaching up to tap the tip of his nose lightly. It was amusing to see him in this position of embarressment. She'd heard about things that had happened to him. Such as when she was wandering through the palace as a page, running an errand for a court member, she heard a woman histerically talking about something. Without much thought, Quinn had crept closer to the room she heard the conversation coming from. Once she listened for a time, she found it had to do with some Duke leading the lady on and turning her down when she waited for him in his rooms.

Since that time, she'd heard a few different conversations as much, some upset, some angry, and some just confused. She now lifted her gaze to Jean Louis after pouring wine for herself and the gentlemen. She thought, holding his gaze even as she lightly tilted the glass against her lips to take a small sip, eyebrow raised.

She finally lowered her glass back to the table, gently folding her hands and lowered her tone, knowing anyone who eaves dropped would wonder about why she, who looked like a court lady, would speak of such things,"Well.....My armor is in need of repair after one joust with Roman where he actually hit me chest on. Cracked the armor and sent me off my horse. And I should get some new equiptment for my horse, especially the saddle, its starting to tear in a few places from over use."

She figured, what would be the harm in asking for things she needed? She had no use for fancy things. And since she used her saddle often when she practiced and just rode, she'd need a new one soon. And her armor was damaged badly enough that the one inexpensive armorer she'd gone to, had tried to fix it but it was already rusting in a few places and getting a bit small and even he said her best chance was getting new armor. And she'd used her gold on that since she ate with the squires and had money set aside for staying at the bunk house as a squire but she knew she couldn't use that money to get new armor or a new saddle.

She shruged lightly, gaze flickered away to take another sip of wine, gaze circling the room and taking in any women who'd been in the group around the Duke to see some were watching them carefully.

02-09-2005, 09:55 PM
Ishamel emerged from the dungeons, he looked to his left and right, towards the two Queen's Guards. They both apeared visibly shaken, he understood how they felt, it was perfectly normal human reaction to imagine the pain that caused such inhumans screams. He silently walked through the halls his mind looking back on what had just occured.

"So... The handmaid Kylinia Demarndred is who you work for? Very well..."

He strode through the palace until he came to the barracks of the Castle Guards. His eyes quickly scanned the area until he came to who he was looking for. As the more experienced of the guards quickly moved out of the way as he came through, quickly pulling the raw recruits out of his way as well he came towards one of the various captains. He was not one of his agents, but Capain Khalil had proven himself many times before in assasination attempts.

"Capain, by the 178th Charter I hereby order the arrest of Handmaiden Kylinia Demandred, and for all titles, honours and attained ranks to be stripped from her. She is now officially an outcast, take whatever means necasary to restrain her. So long as she is breathing. She is to be placed in the dungeons, you should know where I want her. By the way, do not mind the lady curled in the corner, she will be of no threat. I suggest only taken those who have seen the battlfield in. I don't want any squeamish recruits to empty their well earned lunch."

Turning around before hearing the aknowledgement of the orders he quickly strode up the large staircase. Climbing the long halls he smirked to himself. The old, and nearly unknown charter proved to be very useful, although he still knew he should report his results to the Queen. Although not required in the charter, his powers to string out traitors was virtually unlimited, it was a good curtousey.

Stopping outside the Queen's study he paused before going in. No, he would wait until her meeting was completed.

Pretty Boy of Evil
02-10-2005, 07:03 PM

He takes another sip of the swill. Dark furrows line his leathery brow. His speech is measured; each word is sharply punctuated.

"Surely you have legions of faithful to do your bidding in this way. This is a task for some brash tool, some dutiful elf in arms, some white knight. A hero to write a song about. Bah!"

The clash of his booted feet on the stone floor resounds. He leans forward in the upholstered seat, resting his elbows on his knees and his chin on his folded fingers. His voice is a salamander traversing the burning noon sands.

"What need have I of wars, kingdoms, and other cretinous affairs? I found the Armor of Enod, crushed the Biswas, mastered the Undercity of Darolan, and stopped the legions of Thaebis in their tracks on the borders of Versavia."

These names are meaningless.

"Such doings of the great flowed through my veins, as swift as blood. Am I even but a footnote in a song in my homeland? Nay, can I not even dwell there in obscurity? Shall my reward be to spend my dotage hunting down more of other peoples' 'terrible weapons', unable to return whence I blundered here?"

He rises like a dark cloud of bees abandoning a struck hive.

"You ask me much, Klea."

02-10-2005, 07:25 PM
*Something akin to sadness touches Klea's expressive eyes and Ramarren can see that they hold sorrow as effectively as they can hold joy. Straightening with him she tentatively places her tiny hands on his chest and staring deeply into his eyes speaks so softly her voice is bearly audible.*

"I indeed ask you so very much. I could send some young and valiant knight to do my bidding and receive him or her back slain on their shield for their trouble or worse. To me you are invincible and unkillable and if it is what you wished I would have your name sung from every mountain peek and valley for all your epic deeds in so far away a land as from where you came is.

I meant no disrespect nor you any harm... I should hope by now you know how very dear you are to me, I would sooner sacrifice my own soul to eternal damnation than I would you. Do you not know that Dear Ramarren?"

*Painful sincerity fills the depths of her grey eyes and suddenly she seems to very young and fragile. Taking his rough hand in her own she presses her mouth to his knuckles in a gesture shared only by the most intimate and affectionate of companions... it is something sacred, reverent and adoring... something never lightly done. Touching the back of his hand to her cheek she never takes her eyes from his and allows him a very rare glimpse into her soul.*

red storm
02-16-2005, 12:00 PM
As evening came to the grand city, the streets started to quiet down. Except for the party goers and tavern masters (who were making a killing because of the party goers) people were getting ready to catch some shut eye. Therefore, a seemingly seventeen year old girl with dark blue hair and red eyes could quite catch the attention of the remaining crowd. The male members, wich made up for the larger part of people still on the streets, were drooling as the girl walked by, their eyes captivated by the quite formfitting suit that she wore. As she walked by, the same drooling men sudenly threatened to flood the streets as they got a good glimpse of her back, wich was surprisingly not covered by the fabric. The few non-perverted men on the streets wondered why there was such a hole in the fabric? It was obviously deliberate, the work of a great taylor. So why?

The girl payed no heed to the army of drooling fanboys in the street, she was headed for the castle and had no time to play with boys who had obviously never had a girlfriend. She pressed on past the staring eyes and towards the front gate, were she was stopped by two guards.

"Excuse me my lady, but may I know your busines inside the castle?" the leftmost guard asked.

"I am a mercenary, I heard a rumour that this land is about to set up for war. I am here to offer my services to the queen. For a price."

The two guards exchanged a look, the left one shrugged as the right rolled his eyes.

"What would a girl as young as you know of battle?" the left guard asked.

"What does a 19 year old guard know of girls?" The girl shot back.

As the right guard burst out laughing, the left one sighed and shook his head.

"Touché." he said. "Can I have your name? I will need to note it."

The girl nodded. "Firra Sekato."

The guard nodded and scribled her name down on a piece of paper, wich was lying next to the guardpost. He noted her name, bussines and time of arival. This was to keep track of who had come trough lately. Although this method was only used with people of either unknown origin or who didn't have a propper apointment.

"Well then if there are no more problems, I will go inside and meet the queen." the girl noted and walked past the guard.

The left guard reached out to snag the girl belt.

"Just one moment, I still need to....."

The mans words were cut short as the belt he grabbed unraveled from the girls waist to become a tail. A long tail. The tail looked almost slippery, yet was very firm to the touch. It sent shivers down the guards spine, more out of revulsion then anything else

"Hey!" the girl snapped. "Hands of!"

With a short flick, the tail was free from the guards grip, who was too stunned to say another word. His partner, however, was slightly faster of mind. He grabbed his weapon and positioned himself between her and the way in, then pointing the weapon at the girl.

"You're a demon!" He shouted

"Half-demon." The girl corrected. "And you might want to close you mouth, it's atracting flies."

The left guard recovered and grabbed his own weapon, pointing it at her chest.

"You're not going anywhere except the dungeon. We might be able to extract some valuable information from you there. As to who was trying to send a demon assasin and why."

"Half-demon, and I told you I'm a mercenarry."

"Yeah right, tell that to the queen. Hey, you there! Escort this demon to the queen, I think she might be able to tell a few very interesting stories."

As a squad of guards came rushing down the hall and escorted her away, Firra sighed.

"This just isn't my day."

02-16-2005, 06:30 PM
Quinn giggled softly as she took the seat at the Dukes side, reaching up to tap the tip of his nose lightly. It was amusing to see him in this position of embarressment. She'd heard about things that had happened to him. Such as when she was wandering through the palace as a page, running an errand for a court member, she heard a woman histerically talking about something. Without much thought, Quinn had crept closer to the room she heard the conversation coming from. Once she listened for a time, she found it had to do with some Duke leading the lady on and turning her down when she waited for him in his rooms.

Since that time, she'd heard a few different conversations as much, some upset, some angry, and some just confused. She now lifted her gaze to Jean Louis after pouring wine for herself and the gentlemen. She thought, holding his gaze even as she lightly tilted the glass against her lips to take a small sip, eyebrow raised.

She finally lowered her glass back to the table, gently folding her hands and lowered her tone, knowing anyone who eaves dropped would wonder about why she, who looked like a court lady, would speak of such things,"Well.....My armor is in need of repair after one joust with Roman where he actually hit me chest on. Cracked the armor and sent me off my horse. And I should get some new equiptment for my horse, especially the saddle, its starting to tear in a few places from over use."

She figured, what would be the harm in asking for things she needed? She had no use for fancy things. And since she used her saddle often when she practiced and just rode, she'd need a new one soon. And her armor was damaged badly enough that the one inexpensive armorer she'd gone to, had tried to fix it but it was already rusting in a few places and getting a bit small and even he said her best chance was getting new armor. And she'd used her gold on that since she ate with the squires and had money set aside for staying at the bunk house as a squire but she knew she couldn't use that money to get new armor or a new saddle.

She shruged lightly, gaze flickered away to take another sip of wine, gaze circling the room and taking in any women who'd been in the group around the Duke to see some were watching them carefully.
*Jean Louis' smile brightens and taking her hand presses a kiss to the back of it.*

"Ah Madame I would be honored to fill your requests... Perceive me your most humble and obedient servant."

*Smiling with her hand pressed to his cheek he knows exactly who to speak to. He shall have only the best of saddles and Armor to present to Quinn and cares little about what it will cost. What good was money if he didn't have friends to share it with?

Realizing the night had gotten quite late, the young Duke rises and offers his arm to Quinn and a grin at Jerii.*

"It is very late my friends... We should retire if we have plans to joust tommorow. Shall I be your escort to your chambers?"

02-16-2005, 06:33 PM
Ishamel's eyes glided across the corridoor as he noted the strange tailed young girl being escorted by the guards. His deep set frown hidden behind his helm seemed to increase. With proper caution he approached the guards who stopped to salute him. Looking down at them he slowly looked towards the girl.

"This girl apears to be in your custody... under what charges."

"Lord Ishamel, it apears this half demon woman is an assasin who was sent to asassinate the Queen."

Ishamel slowly looked over the girl. His eyes took in her form, her figure. Although his red eyes flared with light for a moment his expression did not change.

"She definately has a strong and agile body, and she has callouses from wielding a weapon. What proof do you have that her intent was assasination?"

"Well, my lord, she has demon blood in her?"

"And your point?"

"Demons, are...ev.."

The guard looked up to Ishamel, and suddenly hesitated. Ishamel knew what he was going to say next and smirked slightly. The smirk was cold, and somewhat sardonic.

"You fool. If they wished to send an assasin, would it be a blue haired, red eyed young girl with a tail garunteed to attract every eye in the castle. No, a smart enemy would send somebody who would not attract a single eye until the last moment. Now surrender her into my custody, we shall see the Queen. I am headed that way myself, I have vital news to report. Waste not a moment of my time..."

The Guard Captain bowed his head as he moved away with his unit, leaving the girl in Ishamels custody.

"Yes, I know you wish to see the Queen, a mercenary I believe, judging by yoru humble yet flamboyant apearance. An interesting contradiction. Now follow me."

The tall Dark Paladin began walking at a quick pace.

red storm
02-17-2005, 03:39 AM
Firra blinked as she was intercepted by what looked like a high ranking person. Maybe her luck was changing. She raised an eyebrow as his red eyes while glowed for a second while he was looking her up and down when her he was looking her up and down. She couldn't help but smirk as the guard was drilled into the ground by his superior. As he told her to follow him and walked at a fast pace, she followed.

"What do you mean by 'an interesting contradiction'?" She asked.

There was something about this guy... She could feel it, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. she would follow this guy for now, at least he was taking her to were she wanted to go.

02-17-2005, 03:56 AM
He could sense the growing curiosity within this young lady. She was obviously scanning his movement like a predator, taking in every gesture, every inch of him. Trying to indicate his intentions and read his mind through his body. A common, and very useful tactic. Looks certainly can decieve. Although she could not see his face, he smirked cruely.

"I take it you are unfamiliar with me then. I was refering to the prefered attire of the veteran mercanaries that we tend to see. You tend to dress humbly so as not to offend the nobles, yet you make a show of your profession more often than not. I am by no means attemptint to insult. I make quite a show of my... profession. Besides, judging by your stance and observation, I assume you are good at your job. You are not some well armed farmer looking to see the big city."

red storm
02-17-2005, 04:44 AM
"Indeed, I have learned that in my line of work it does not do well to insult your employers, and it tends to distract men from baitering with me over my price. Although I do not wear this suit for it's looks alone, it also has some practical uses neccesary for someone of my.... physical exceptions."

She quickened her pace until she was walking next to him, but she kept her eyes focussed forward. Though she knew he had noticed her watching him when she had followed, she knew that looking him straight in the eye might be a bit unprofesional when walking. Eyecontact for busines was reserved for when one had the luxury to sit down.

"And yes, I am more experienced in my work then the regular farmer with weapons. I have seen combat, though not as much as a soldier returning from war, But I have dealt my share of death."

02-17-2005, 01:31 PM
Crea and Tamra were only a few minutes from Plantiri when suddenly the carriage stopped. He could sense the horsemen’s sudden fear and he quickly raised a barrier around the convoy. He then asked Tamra to remain silent.

What is it Commander Elric? The commander realized who was speaking to him and replied. We are sitting on the inner edge of Tricini Forest. A scout has just returned saying an armed force not of our country is sitting out there and waiting for us.

Crea pondered this for a moment before saying, We will have to create a diversion to get by…Elric responded saying, Why not just send for reinforcements to wipe them out? Creas’ eyes glared. No! I will not have an open war on my hands… We will create the diversion…

As you wish my lord… The sent the carriage and a few horsemen out and towards the north. As the unknown group followed, the remaining horsemen, Crea, and Tamra rode out with haste toward the city. Suddenly another group charged over the hill and before Crea could raise a barrier they were overwhelmed. He was knocked off his horse and he hit the ground. Tamra screamed and he jumped up and seen that 3 men were chasing her. Furious, he threw a wall of air at them, crushing them instantly…

Crea stirred and opened his eyes blinking as his eyes focused. He sat up quickly causing his head to spin and he fell back onto the bed. “Your majesty, please… Just relax…” A young maiden appeared and he sat up. This time more slowly. “What has happened?” She looked at him and said, “You were hit on the head, but do not let your mind be troubled, you are home…” He nodded then asked, “And Tamra?” Her eyes lowered and she fiddled with her hands. “Let me go summon Mavic, he will answer your questions further…” She bowed and left the room.

A few minutes later Mavic entered the room to find Crea at the window. “Where is she, where is my wife?” Sighing Mavic spoke with an unusually soft tone. “The Prince of Sassania, Aerslan has had her kidnapped. Everyone knows he is bitter about her majesty Klea’s refusal of him and he also knows you are moving to become a very close friend of Medias Res. If he can cause a disruption in our government then he can… Crea finished the sentence. “Seize us, affectively destroying the last defense between Sassania and Medias Res… Unfortunately he won’t get his way…” He left the room and said. “Call General Antwan and the council to the throne room…” He left.

“What is this meeting for?” Asked the council irritated. “Do NOT dare my friend, not today!” He gave a commanding glance then said. “As you know Queen Tamra was kidnapped. Aerslan thinks he can seize us by using chaos, well I have another plan. I am a peaceful man, but I am not one to test… War is to be declared on Sassania. General move your smaller troops to protect the northern borders and prepare the major forces for invasion. Council, I want you to begin evacuation of the cities along the Sassanian border. That is all…”

The bowed and left… He turned and sat in his chair, rubbing his face. Klea… I know you here me and I know you have realized by know what I’ve done… I am sorry, but he should know better than to test me… I will carry through with this. He will not endure my fury or my sorrow. You do what you must, but I emplore you to hold fast, for if something happens, god forbid… Medias Res will be in more danger than ever.

Pretty Boy of Evil
02-17-2005, 06:57 PM

In a heartbeat several feet are between him and the queen.

"Eternal damnation?"

His laugh is hoarse and brutal.

"You'd be surprised how easy it is to get used to damnation."

He inhales ponderously.

"I am no tin-suited knight, no sycophant to be sent about collecting crap. You said it yourself, I have no need to prove myself. Send that dopey tool I passed in the hall. He looks like he'd clean his bung with his tongue if you'd but ask him."

He gestures back towards the door.

"If he's weak, he dies. No great loss. Then send another. Why keep these people around if they are useless? This garbage is not for me. If you have a problem, fine. Nothing tells a man he's worth sacrificing for like sending him off somewhere stupid the minute he returns."

He turns on his heel to go. He is halfway out the door when he looks back and speaks once more.

"I'll not bring you back any relic. If you have a problem with this prince, I'll bring you back that sack of offal he calls a head. And it won't be because you send me."

02-17-2005, 07:10 PM
*Tilting her head consideringly her face looses it's expression of sorrow and tenderness and Klea slips behind the mask of polite amusement again.*

"Then why would you do it Ramarren? If not to prove yourself in some way even if it's only to yourself? Why risk everything to return to me the head of that tyrant?"

*Studying his features as though memorizing them a faint sigh escapes her lips.*

"No Ramarren... I should not have asked such a thing of you. It was selfish and I apologize. I should remember not to make demands on you as it is not fair.

I shall be retiring to bed now, perhaps I shall see you on the morrow boating on the royal lakes? I hope I do... I bid you goodnight old friend..."

*She turns to enter her sleeping chambers but turns to flash an impish smile over one delicate silk clad shoulder.*

"It is goodnight unless ofcourse you care to join me?"

Pretty Boy of Evil
02-17-2005, 07:21 PM

Dark eyes narrow. After but a moment's hesitation, he disappears down the corridor.

Soon he finds himself in a subterranean library. An open atlas lies before him.

02-17-2005, 07:55 PM
As he walks towards the chamber with his. "Guest" he looks past as the Ramarren walks past him quick as lightning. He chuckles coldly to himself. Another one of Queen Klea's men of the shadow.. or should that be half men. Of course this was of no consequence, stepping quickly through the door, while gesturing the half demon girl to follow he places his fist on his chest in a quick salute.

"My Queen, you have had a long night so I shall be quick.. The Lady Kira and the handmaiden Kylina Demandred are now outcasts lurking in my duengeons. Both have been stripped of title and rank, they are two confirmed traitors. Ironically, the former handmaiden was the superior of the two. I have ordered her aprehended by guards. I shall leave them chained beside one another, they may cause each other to crack for more information. Especially since I told both of them that they indeed betrayed one another. Of course any petty willpower will be shattered quite quickly. Traitors have little will I have seen myself. And on the way, I discovered this young lady wishing to come into your services..."

02-18-2005, 08:48 AM
*Shaking her head slightly as Ramarren leaves, Klea is caught by a quick telepathic sending from King Crea. Concentrating she picks up on it and frowns. The news is most unwelcome and with bleak eyes she crafts a wonderous image of herself to send to Crea....

The image appears in Crea's presence looking serene and lovely, something of the Queen's regal elegance present even in what is essencially a shadow of her real self.*

"King Crea... I have indeed been made aware of the phlight of your Queen and the clearing of your borders for war. I am here to bring caution to your actions. My friend if you war directly against Sassania, Prince Aerslan will have your lady killed instantly.

I have a vague inkling where she was taken and if it is so then rescue will be very difficult to say the least. There are no portals in and the dungeons are a complete maze surrounded by a magically reinforced wall... even with your and my forces combined it would be impossible to reach her before she was killed out of spite by the Keeper.

We want the queen safely returned to you and thus please do not act in haste. I know how very powerful an actor Love is against the rational mind."

*Some far away sadness touches Image-Klea's features... a Mist of sorrow and love lost. And it seems that she does know what it means to love and love absolutely...*

"You Love her and that is a beautiful thing. You would do anything to hold her safe and sound in your arms. You rage furiously at her being taken and see nothing but rage...Your love-wrought desires might give advantage to Aerslan.This is why often Kings and Queens cannot marry for love... Our enemies see it as a weakness and often we must marry for sake of land and the security of the kingdom.

You will have good fortune if we can rescue her and have it for all the rest of your days... But at least consider yourself a little fortunate... At least you got to have her at all."

*Klea as being Queen of what is considered the greatest nation in the Galaxy knows she cannot marry for love... At very best she will marry someone who would not mind her acquiring a lover. Such is the fate of Queens like her and though she accepts that she cannot keep the very faint whisper of grief for a life she would never know from her voice.*

" I have a plan my friend. Your Queen was Stolen... we shall just have to steal her back."

*Smiling now she gives Crea a look that speaks her intent... She would find the trickiest rogue to sneak in and rob the keeper blind. Nodding slightly, the image whirls and dissapears leaving King Crea with a feeling of hope in his heart.*

************************************************** *************

*The Door of the Queen's Chambers opens and Klea looks up after having finished her message to smile at Ishamel wandering in with a peculiar looking girl. The News of a traitor's capture brings relief as it is one less knife in the dark to worry about though she is saddened that anyone of her courtiers would even desire to betray her...

Nodding slightly she casts a warm but curious eye over the 'mercenary'. The Girl was young though not all together inexperienced... She did need a replacement for Mia while the Amazon was gone away on adventure... but she didn't know if this girl would qualify. Klea's mouth twitches into a catlike smile as she thinks she knows just what to do.*

"You have done well to bring her to me my Shale... I believe I do have need of her to guard my very precious treasure. Young Lady, if you are indeed up for hire I should like you to interview with Ishamel and should you pass I would like you to protect my dear Jean Louis, the young Duke of Evan-fleur. He is very important to me and a little on the innocent side... He would never suspect any assasination attempts and therefore needs extra protection."

*The way the Queen speaks of Jean Louis would give a strong impression that she was speaking about a very young child. There is fondness and affection to warm her stormy eyes and moving her expression to a softness that makes her seem somehow less intimidating for all she still manages to be regal and very royal. Smoothing the ruby silk of her nightrobes she continues her thoughts on this matter.*

"Indeed... You must be tired from the long journey and be desiring a hot bath and a good meal. My Dear Shale will you take this young lady to be well fed and perhaps if you have the time start the interview? If not tonight then tommorow is time enough and she shall enjoy the general ladies Bathing pools and be my guest in one of the Palace bedrooms."

*Touching Ishamel gently on one shoulder she gifts him with a smile that is both affectionate and communicative... The smile asks that he be nice to their new guests and offer her the hospitality of the palace.

Pressing a kiss to his cheek she nods and begins to turn back to her Bedchambers.*

"Goodnight my Shale... Sleep well."

************************************************** *************

*Prince Aerslan was not sleeping well. His obcession left him awake more hours than he cared to think about. All he could do in bed was toss and turn tortured by the questions that wracked his brain.... Why did she have to reject him? Why wouldn't she respond to his love letters?

Now in his private quarters, Aerslan paced feverishly. This latest move to Kidnap King Crea's Queen was a risk though to his mind a minor one. The Dark Prince knew that a country like Plytori Amorth couldn't truely stand against the military might of his armies (Something like the idea of the rebels standing against the Empire in Starwars ;)). He wrote a letter that would reach Crea by morning informing him that he would return his Queen in exchange for assitance in pressuring Queen Klea of Medias Res to consent to his, Aerslan's, Marriage proposal.

If the King of Plytori Amorth made one move against him militarily or otherwise his Queen's life would be forfeit and he would see to it that the death was something horrible.

Gazing up at the Painting of Klea smiling that smile of hers, Aerslan knew that any measure no matter how evil or cruel was worth possessing the woman who possessed the smile that continued to haunt his dreams and waking hours.*

02-18-2005, 08:54 AM
The forces of Plytori Amorth was mobilizing. Thousands of people were fleeing the northern borders torward the safety of the capital and other sourthern cities. Plantiri was under a curfew and gaurds spread out around the city.

Crea was standing at the balcony, looking down. A cold and chilling wind blew across his face and goosebumps covered his arms. He walked back torward the palace gates... "Milord you should'nt be going outside. Not in these times..." Crea waved him off and continued on torward the gardens and this is where he sat until the sun began to sit. He sent a message to the General to not cross the borders into Sassnina.... We will not attack unless provoked further..... A messenger appeared and handed him a letter. As he read through it his anger burst out and without a reply, he stormed off into the grassy hills outside of the city.

Furious, he linked with Aerslan and a horrible emotion welled up inside the dark prince's head making him jump. DO NOT even go there you wretch.... You are NOTHING but a parisitic little worm!!! I will NOT be accepting your offer and further more, ONE hair, JUST ONE..... And you will not live to see the next morning..... With that he realesed Aerslan's mind and camly walked back to the city... Reports were coming in from the border that everything was cleared way.... Unfortantly and the same time reports of massive overcrowding were also coming in. He quickly ordered relief to the refugees and makeshift homes were being built where they could be provided for, but take care of themselves.... He sat down and sighed...
father what should I do? I have totally no idea if I can fully protect my people as well as the outer borders of Medias Res.... If I should fail....Forgive me.....

02-23-2005, 10:45 AM
*Aerslan leans back in his chair and laughs at the pathetic attempt at a mind link and waves it off easily. Due to his superior skills as a telepath and the fact his person is so well protected by both magical wards on his residences as well as his body he can ignore Crea entirely. He takes a sip of wine and turns to business at hand. His gaze wanders over to the lovely woman who was brought to him as tribute. Dressed in fine scarlet silk her long red curls flutter over her slender shoulders and frame an oval face made bright by blue eyes faded enough to seem grey.

Young women given to him are well aware that they are chosen by the Queen as gifts for her son due to their close resemblance to the Queen of Medias Res. They know to be silent and never speak so that the Prince can fantasize that they are She.

Smiling in a sinister fashion he gives a faint motion to a servant to take his newest concubine to the harem as she has been deemed satisfactory.*

"Her country may survive for another year."

*The girl and the servant leave Aerslan to the privacy and silence of his offices. Staring off in the direction of the closest window he speaks.*

"Yet another one?"

*The slim and beautiful form of the Queen comes to stand beside his chair, resting a light hand on his shoulder. She is a tall woman possessing of a wiry strength and dark sensuality. There is nothing particularily malevolent about her and yet anyone in her presence with a shred of good left in their soul is prone to the feeling that she is worse than any hell they can imagine.

Relatively young, she is a third wife to the King and her beauty shines beside the elderly frailty of her spouse. Fastrada, brilliant of mind, evil of intent, ruthless in gaining her advantages and in pressing them...adoring of her child . It was she who aided her son in murdering his brothers to assure his place in sucession and would have murdered the King in his bed had Aerslan not stopped her. To her twisted genius a woman should do anything and everything possible to gain power and the advancement of her child and hinderances are to be eliminated no matter the cost to one's soul.*

"What?....Does not my present please you darling child?"

*Something in his expression and the whisp of a sigh that escapes his lips has Fastrada frowning with deep concern. She knew he was not sleeping and for what reason. It made her burn with fury, Queen Klea's refusal of her precious child. Angry sentiments concerning the object of her son's affection bubbles to her lips only to be interrupted by his words.*

"They are not Her... Their hair is always not quite red enough... nor is their skin quite so silky.... nor eyes possessing that sparkle and their smiles do not entice..."

*Seeking to soothe him, Fastrada embraces him and smoothes back his hair affectionately.*

"But are they not lovely to look at and close enough just for now? Only just for now? It is all a matter of time before you may dismiss them when at last you have the real Klea in your grasp.

Let longing not sour your health my dearest child... We have come so far and have just a little more to go. When the bodies are heaped at her feet and countless souls weep in her dreams for their losses, she will repent and then all will be well. You will have her and all the Galaxy will know that you will not be denied."

*Pressing a kiss to his mother's hand he nods at her offered wisdom. Then standing Aeslan bids her farewell and moves in the direction of his harem.*

03-02-2005, 09:00 AM
Okay you 2....You can't just post in here like that....Sign up for it first by sending your Bio to Ayumi.... Please do not post in here again without her permission....

Amalica Aleval
11-14-2005, 07:27 PM
Name: Amalica Aleval

Race: Dark Elf Demon

Job: Spirit user of plants and energy and psionicist aka psychic

Description: With flowing white hair down to his waits that is full and lush he wears a kimono that is the same style as the one he wishes to be like Yoko Kurama. He has two very thin swords that are about 1 MM thick around at his waist and also a numerous variety of flowers oh his robe that seem to be images but that anyone who uses plant energy can tell are more than images. His skin is jet black and his eyes are Violet orbs that scan everywhere at once. His power flow is a bit over the norm but he isn't anywhere near the strongest warrior. He seems to want to be like kurama more than anything there is.

Profile: He wishes to protect anyone that is on the side of good and especially wants to be able to keep women both human and demon safe and to try and avoid killing although if pushed he will kill you without a thought.

I hope this is acceptable if not please let me know ^_^ i'm just tryin to get into an RP hehe