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12-24-2004, 02:01 AM
This is to document the fan art drawn for my table top BESM RPG game "World of Darkness"

The artist is my wife, Becky. The images include Lon, but for the most part are of the cast of characters and a few of my own npcs.

The first is of my vampire character. His name is Viktor. Russian. He owns a cassino, and of course is on top of all the "night life". He's a thrill to play, and currently one of my favorites.

The next, is Angelique. She's a paper mage. A child that one of our main PC's was sworn to protect. Unfortunatly, the plot wagon ran her over late in season 1, and she was killed in a plane crash. She was a cute character.

The next is of Kalandra, Lord Blackstone's daughter. (For those of you not In-The-Know, Lord Blackstone is the infamous character that I made my reputation here with.) She was the driving point behind the plot in season 1. Again though, much even to my own disliking, the plot deemed her worthy of being killed early on in Season 2. I know how J.K.Rolling must have felt when she penned Serious's death. It was the single most painful thing I've ever done as a GM when I killed her. I could not only feel my agony , but I also felt sorry for Blackstone as well. I hope the image will load correctly.
She truely is a sweetheart.

well that should about do it. I'll post more soon.

12-24-2004, 09:52 PM
okies..that's a hot vampire...*drool* i like the coat that he's dressed in and the shading done on him...there's a few more things...like...a bit more shading could be added to bring out the face but, all in all a very good picture. the only problem i have with the girl is that her feet look a little missed up. something seems wrong with that and the fingers on the hand holding the neko seem like they could be brought out with more shading as well. but i like the shading on the girl's clothing and her face was well done, very good job with that.

on another note, i know what you mean when you have to kill one of your characters. i've, before, felt the pain of that character's lover or the character themself when i've had to get rid of them. sometimes i can't even go through with it because i <3 my characters so :/...i've got too big of a heart for them i guess.

12-29-2004, 12:36 AM
An updated version of Viktor

12-30-2004, 10:39 PM
wow, the shading on that one looks a LOT better. good job on that. er....your wife did it right? tell her good job for me :3