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12-13-2004, 05:33 PM
I thought we could have a thread like this, where people can share the underground music they like (which means nothing like: "i leik eminem and stfuf and 50 cens") and perhaps provide a link to their site, if they have one, or to a musical sample. They only have to be quite unknown (not necessarily as obscure as a dog's esophagus) so that new people could get to know them and you could get to know something new.

Múm - I don't know the title of the song
Natural History - Say
Aqueduct - Post-rock And Slightly Seasonal
The Bedroom Walls - Your Suicide
The Robot Ate Me - On Vacation (one of the bands I really appreciate at the moment)
The Winks - Snake (another of my *)
And finally, some electronika, Seksu Roba - Hesitation

That was long, and still, I have many more.

En Svensk Tiger
12-14-2004, 08:16 AM
Finaly a topic with sense in this section.

Although we Norwegian guys might have mentioned this before, Tøyen is pretty underground. They consist of two guys from Norway who make electronika by using an old playstation one and a mixer. I guess that's pretty underground.
I'll post more when I can think of others.

12-14-2004, 01:21 PM
All of these songs are Norwegian...
Though some of them are well known in Norway, they're kinda underground to the rest of the world...or..whaterver...


Erlend og Steinjo - Flashdance
Mods - Tore Tang
Lynni Trekrem - Mexico
Kaizers Orchestra - Kontroll på Kontinentet
Vidar Brennoddens - Their Own Destruction
Ugress - Manhattan Sapphire
Ugress - Makina Fifth

12-14-2004, 03:41 PM
Hey, I think "Velvet Underground" is underground (you think?)!! They're good.

12-14-2004, 03:53 PM
Well local bands like mine are underground right So Nemesis Enforcer and mine Minjority

12-15-2004, 06:55 AM
Will do. Glad to delete it, if you ask.

And to stay on topic, I don't know any "underground" groups per se as I choose to listen to whatever.

12-15-2004, 07:51 AM
Tøyen is pretty good.
It is funny what kind of interesting things and music you can find by random wanderings over the internet.
As for our local quebecker bands, there is alot, but most of them hadn't reached internet yet.
To name a few:
Les Vulgaires Machins
Banlieue Rouge
Vitamine Bleue
Say Hi To Your Mom - Spaceships
The New Red - The Problem With That Plan

En Svensk Tiger
12-16-2004, 07:36 AM
Ah, thank you for enriching my musical senses ansjos, all of those song are pretty good...

Another Norwegian artist here.. Side Brok (http://www.pinadgreitt.no/), a norwegian hip-hop group which doesn't actually live in the urban areas of Norway. They are from the countryside, and pretty underground, though they got some hype in the media last winter. They have the funniest texts ever, something worth learning Norwegian for. Here's the only song I could find, a electronika remix of one of their songs: Side Brok -Ein Likandes Remix

12-16-2004, 12:19 PM
Hm. Well, I can't say anything I listen to is truly underground, but I can garantee that most people will have never heard of some of the bands I'll mention (Sorry, no links. Oh, how bad!).

!!! [pronounced 'Chk, Chk, Chk'] - These guys are disco with guitar. Their song Me and Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard (A True Story) is probably their biggest breakthrough, followed up by Hello, Is This Thing On?... Although, I like Pardon My Freedom. They're good.

The Faint - Dance. It's Nine Inch Nails meets Depeche Mode. A male singer, rather interesting macabre lyrics, but definitely one of my favorite groups with their retro style. Glass Danse, Posed to Death, Worked up so Sexual, and The Conductor are a few of their songs.

The Weakerthans - This one I'm not sure about. They don't sound like they're underground, but I've met a grand total of two people who know of this. Either way, they are GOOD. They have smart lyrics, and sometimes catchy tunes, but their singer may get on your nerves if you dislike Brian Molko [No, that's not their vocalist]. Our Retired Explorer, Plea From a Cat Named Virtue, Aside, Diagnosis, and Confessions of a Futon-Revolutionist are a few of their songs.

I'll leave you with that for now. Check them out if you wish. I listen to them for a reason.

12-16-2004, 02:50 PM
American Standard, Skrewdriver, Landser, Grinded Nig, Angry Aryans, Bully Boys, Deaths Head, Attack, Kremator

Flaming Child3
12-16-2004, 03:08 PM
Im listening to greenday right now
Greenday is the best

12-16-2004, 03:13 PM
Those bands are not underground dude

En Svensk Tiger
12-16-2004, 03:29 PM
Those bands are not underground dude
Neither are neo-nazi punk bands. Which is just plain stupid.

12-16-2004, 03:33 PM
what do you mean by stupid

12-16-2004, 04:01 PM
what do you mean by stupidRetarded, or just not intelligent.

And please, as I said, don't name so well-known individuals/bands. (Flaming Child3)

And Annik, I actually knew neither of these bands, they seem interesting. Your disco allusion reminds me of a song by Q-Lazzarus, "Goodbye Horses".

Sadly, I cannot (yet?) undertsand spoken norwegian unless you say "uimotståelig agurk" or "bløt plastikk høne", and my comprehension is ensured by the presence of written lyrics, which I cannot find for all the songs listed.

I could not not talk of it, God Speed You! Black Emperor is pretty obscure, and unless you are interested in that kind of music, you will most likely never hear of it.
And other quebecker bands:
Naked n' Happy (but they are dead)

And others:
Immaculate Machine - Skyscrapers
The Music Tapes
Of Montreal - Hello From Inside A Shell

12-17-2004, 08:36 PM
Ok..I'm deadly tired right now, and don't bother explain too much about who the bands are and what they've done to impress..soo...here are some songs...
Snow Patrol - Run (I've fallen in love with this song...just can't get enough of it..)
Jürgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie
Alan Braxe and Fred Falke - Rubicon
There is this Finnish Electronika group named Uusi Fantasia, whom I am very fond of. So I searched for a while, trying to find some songs on the net, but could only find this remix...
Uusi Fantasia - Lattialla taas (remixed by Erlend Øye...One of the members of the Norwegian group, Kings of Convenience..whom I also love..)

01-03-2005, 04:49 AM
I'll check out "Goodbye Horses" when I get the time.

I forgot about a couple...

Enrapture - This is darkwave in all its glory. I actually can find nothing on this one-man project. I assume it's a one-man project by this comment I found attached to on of the songs... "I got married. I got divorced. I got bitter. I got busy. I got hope. You got Enrapture. Enrapture is to all the girls I loved (was momentarily infatuated with) before." Generally anything by Enrapture is pure gold.


Tapping the Vein - I'm not sure how underground this group is anymore, but, again, I've seen a reference to it.... once. Considered to be Goth Rock, they are every inch beautiful in Enrapture remixes. Starring a young female voice, and some very dark sounds, it's an experience.