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12-09-2004, 05:05 PM
I think fable is pretty cool i think playing as a wizard is the coolest thing you can do. i wish it had multiplayer though and more roaming and less load time. if your going to play this game you should play one character as evil and one as good:awe: :)

wing 7
12-09-2004, 05:08 PM
dude you idiot this isnt a rpg game forum its a a roleplaying one.

12-09-2004, 06:28 PM
I think I might go insane if these noods keep doing stuff like this... -_-*

12-09-2004, 06:29 PM
I think I might go insane if these noods keep doing stuff like this... -_-*i agreed consider this thread closed

wing 7
12-10-2004, 05:04 PM
i think this is nuts it obvious this isnt a rpg game forum.

12-10-2004, 05:19 PM
i played fable and beat it in less than 24 hours it was fun but to short playing good was kinda ezy cause of the cheaper armor and bad was alot funner cause i got to kill everything hahaha but i got ripped off by the merchants >< at the end was well disapointing...

12-11-2004, 02:57 PM
wing 7 , haldir the elven warrior, god of death i know this is a rpg thread because i made it you idiot noob its not nood retard

red storm
12-11-2004, 03:06 PM
Listen moron, before you start flaming others I sugest you READ THE RULES! This is a forum for role players, rpg's that are played by text, not computer games. If you want to post about fable, go to the video game forum. I believe they already have a fable thread there.

Now stop acting like a spamming moron, Ayumi will lock this anyway.

12-11-2004, 03:28 PM
oh damn dont i feel like a jackass sorry guys

wing 7
12-12-2004, 08:11 PM
your a jackass i agree with you.

12-12-2004, 10:21 PM
your a jackass i agree with you. yes i perfectly agree with you noobs dont quite understand the concept of RPG and Video RPG Thread you know? wing

12-13-2004, 07:10 AM
*shakes her head with a hand over her eyes* Thread closed, don't spam my forum again