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<Alright everyone I'd like to welcome you all to PUTD. Ground rules are as follows...
1. All characters must have a posted bio on the old thread
2. No power-gaming here people. Some of you may be strong but no-one has all consuming strength i.e. play fair
3. If your talking to an NPC I control realize that I work and will probably only visit the forum once a day, so a little bit of patience is a must
This is going to be done in thrid person objective so I'll normally show different sides of the same overall situation, so only read what applies to you
Other then that I'd say we're ready to go...I'll set the mood and you guys go from there...oh and I have to go to work in like 3 minutes so I really can't set up the first situation yet. I will the second I get home till then just play around a bit ^-^ sorry!

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(Gohan and Cat Lord...quit your spamming or leave. As for everyone else here is the starting point of our story)

"Kado So're Makeo...Kado So're Makeo..."
A cabal of men and women clad in black robes stood solemly watching as one of their brethren chanted a foreboding mantra. A bronze cerremonial bowl laid before the cloaked figure and as he chanted the thick liquid inside began to let off a soft glow...after a short while it lit up a baleful red and the chanting stopped. The spell-caster stood from his trance and gave a coy grin to his pupils
"Well now, the beacon is set...alert Samiel and his Black Guard that their diversion is ready" He paused for a moment and his smile grew wider "I can already feel them coming now...". With a grim chuckle he and his accomplices quickly destroyed the evidence of their gathering and disapeared into the city night.

Along the great stone walls of Dortor all was calm this night. The guards peered off into the moonlit country side scanning the horizons and gazing off into the darkened skies. The forests outside of the city seemed to blend in with the horizon creating a sea of black.
"'ey Lawfer...you see 'dat?" one of the guards pointed off into the distance
"That shiny star to the far north? they say thats were Ameideus is...the grave of the Black King..."
The two looked off in the distance together, basking in a symphony of silence along the gentle winds...
"Hey Badrach did you see that? It almost looks like the forest...is...is well moving" The guard leaned forward and peered into the canopy beyond.
"I can't tell 'and me one of those flash arrows..." The guard nooked the arrow and let it fly, the two watching the glistening bolt in flight until it landed and produced a bright light...illuminating a throng of shambling corpses. The two rushed to their stations and rung the guard bell. Soon all of the others began to chime in as well calling for the citys milita to ready, as the peace of Dortor was once again about to be shattered...

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OOC: Gohan, you friggin noob! Quit posting here and read the rules. this is a role playing game, not that silly RPG in your taskbar. Not only that, but you're double posting too! Now leave, you're annoying.

Right, BIC:
Tanaya woke up because of the sound of the guard bells Wha? an attack? But who? The bandits around here aren't so stupid and their numbers are too small anyway. She huriedly got dressed and readied her weapons. Satisfied, she grabbed a cap and drew it over her cat ears. Her job was hard enough without people pointing after her as if she was some sort of freak.

She ran outside to see if she could help with the defense, even though she would probably have to keep a low profile, being one of the black agents. But doing nothing would be worse then being discovered.

12-07-2004, 05:18 PM
Haldir came running out of the forest chased by enemies he had his sword and bow out. He screamed to the guards "enemies coming fast" and started to climbed the wall dodging arrows as he climb. Haldir reached the top and nocked an arrow watching the forest.

12-08-2004, 01:31 AM
One of the guard captains rushed over to Haldir and tossed him a quiver with five red arrows.
"Hey budy I don't know who you are but if you can handle a bow your a guard for now. Those are alchemist arrows, incendiary shot...use 'em for the bigger ones...oh yeah, The Tecnomancer Corps and Enforcers won't be here for a while so we're gonna have to hold 'em all off by ourselves for now. Pray for luck, we're gonna need it."
He gave him a wave and rushed off, shouting orders and encouraging his men. Several of the local militia rushed to Haldir's side, drawing back the winch on their crossbows and fortifying the position. All became quiet along the walls as the decaying forms rushed forward, the calm before the storm had set in. one...two...three seconds, three eternities passed by before the silence was broken.
"All positions FIRE!!!" the captain of the guard barked his orders and a hail of arrows flew threw the sky...countered by the bone and wooden javelins tossed at the wall. And the battle was on...

Within the City...
Chaos was rampent everywhere, between the wails of the alarms, the marching of troops and the general panic everything seemed to be ripping apart at the seams. Citizens rushed about in the streets, trying to barricade themselves in their homes which only helped to hamper the overall movement of everyone else...it seems Dortor has become very crowded in recent years. As Tanyana ran towards the city walls a blur snatched her into a nearby alley. A figure clad in black with a hood covering his eyes placed the point of a narrow dagger along her juggular
"[I]come now agent...I expected a little more then that..."
The man drew the blade into its scabbard and pulled back his hood. It was Lash, Tayana's contact...A dashing man with long black hair and patch over his right eye. After he chuckled softly he drew a brown envolope from his cloak and handed it to her.
"An agent belongs in the shadows, not on the walls...remember that. Now our employer has a task for you. Based on intelligence just recieved and the movement of the battle the undead seem to be being drawn to a location in the city. Well we checked it out and we've confirmed the location of a necromantic beacon. We think its hidden in the catacombs below the Long Library...go there and retrieve the article if possible, destroy it if you can't steal it. Your payment is waiting at your home as always[I]"
Without a second note Lash faded into the darkness. The agent had her mission...

The House of Samiel
Set within the sanctuary, the citie's sector dedicated to nobility...a place a million miles away from the chaos washed over the street. It is in this place that evil has set root, growing from a large gray manor belonging to Lord Samiel. Within these walls even now a ploy to root the evil even deeper was underway.
Samiel was a man along his mid-thirties with calm blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, he hardly seemed to be right hand man of The Noble. Looking about at Blackguard assembled before him he adjusted his ceremonial robe and cleared his throat
"[I]I welcome you my brothers and sisters, and apologize for rousing you on such short notice...but our father bids a task be done. Our allies have sent a diversion to the castle walls so that we may break into the cities alchemy stores and retrieve the recipe and reagents for a lycanthropy disease. With this on our side we'll be able to boost the fighting prowess of our forces...we may even be able to alter it so that changes may be triggered at will, but enough of this speculation. You have your orders and will recieve your pay. Serve the father well."
A hunched servant went about the room distributing sacks filled with gold coins and parchments containing the layout and locations of the items sought. It was going to be an easy job for the mighty Blackguard...

red storm
12-08-2004, 04:50 AM
Tanaya gasped as someone snatched her into an alley. She cursed as the person pressed a dagger against her. Dammit, I got careless.

"Come now agent... I expected a litle more then that..."

Tanaya gasped, she knew that voice. As the man drew back his hood he confirmed her thoughts. "Lash" she whispered.

Tanaya accepted he envellope and listened to his briefing. A necromantic beacon? hmm, this opens potentials. As she thought she was ordered to take it, or destroy it. But she knew the reward would be greater if she obtained it in one piece. Without watching Larsh disapear she changed direction. Going to the catacombs below the library instead. She jumped down a close well and made her way trough the tunnels until she noticed the pilars that marked the catacombs below the library. Now to find that artifact.

12-08-2004, 07:54 AM
Haldir opened fire as soon as the captian ordered and shot an one of the decaying corpses in between the eyes. Then he had an idea he put an arrow in a torch and it caught flame. he fired the arrow and on of the corpses flamed up like tinder. Haldir yelled to the captian "captian these decaying corpes are flameable!" The flaming corpse ran into many other setting them aflame.

12-08-2004, 08:54 AM
Saikuya finally reached the walls and began to climb the stairs... **** this is crazy stuff He reached the top and pulled out his Silvan Bow. He began firing into the oncoming attackers. Between the bells and the gaurds shouting he managed to notice that no one was paying any attention to the gates. " Haldir look!" He pointed to the gates and headed torward the gate tower.

12-08-2004, 09:36 AM
He looked over to the gates and said to the men next to him "They are attacking the gates aim torward the gates!" Haldir ran over torward the gates and when he reached them he set 3 arrows aflame then let them loose. They found their targets and set many enemies aflame.

12-08-2004, 10:38 AM
Huron was in the house of Samiel he heard his orders as the hunched man handed him the gold and the map he left the house in search of the item.

Huron stop behind a house and opened up his map to have a look where it was Huron was lucky he was not in his plate mail for this Huron looked at the map and found his location and where the item was. Huron then headed off to place the people are keeping the item.

12-08-2004, 11:12 AM
The battle raged onward for what seemed an eternity. The troops fired relentlessly into the throng of corpses but no matter how injured they were the monsters always stood back up from the barrage. Short of the ones burned it seemed that arrows were doing little to hold them back. A few more minutes passed and the undead were now focusing on the gates of the outerwalls, thousands of fists bashing with unholy strength causing the structure itself to tremble. It seemed they could not be pushed back, the flood of undead was growing thicker...they were on top of the wall now, the corpses of the slain guards standing up to sate an undead hunger.
Suddenly a great noise rose over the screams on the wall, that of a thousand thunder claps...a thousand rifles discharging. The flaming shots that erupted from the firearms teared mercilessly through the undead ranks tearing the fiends body asunder and immolating many of the attackers. At the same time a siege ramp dropped from one of the guard towers and a train of men clad in glistening silver mail rushed onto the battle-grounds.
"I...its the Technomancer Corps! and the Enforcers too!" One of the guards cried out in relief. With the strength of the tecnomancers knowledge and the enforcers spirit the tide of the battle began to turn.

12-08-2004, 11:21 AM
Haldir threw his bow and quiver in a room and drew his sword. He stood on the wall closed his eyes and said "I cant believe im going to do this." Haldir was over the gate and jumped off onto the attackers then started slicing through their deed corpses.

red storm
12-08-2004, 11:25 AM
As Tanaya carefully walked towards the place were the ancient library stood, she noticed that most of the creatures that usualy roamed this places remained far away. Tanaya knew why, animals had a third sense when considering evil powers. They could sense them and stay away. She shudered. Being partly animal herself, she had inherited a bit of their instincts as well. But she had a mission, and she would not fail.

She reached something that looked like a large gateway, but without the door. This must be were the beacon lies. She thought. She made her way trough the place and started looking. Come on, how hard can it be to find a beacon? She looked past another pillar. Damn, this place is one giant maze.

12-08-2004, 11:39 AM
Awww.... Is there no way that I can join? Puh-leez?! I promise I am a good fighter n I dont need help plus I am bored so can I please join your RPG?

p.s.- PLEASE!!!

12-08-2004, 12:21 PM
As Tanaya searched the maze like catacombs a dark figure loomed about the dark shadows, intently watching her.It moved like an allmost transparent haze through the inky darkness not 20 feet from her, it's presence would be unknown except to the keendest senses.

Gabrielle had made her way halfway to the exit to the outside from the deepest darkest centre of the catacombs,wherein she had been staying for a time.But her attention was adverted to an animal-woman that she had sensed nearby, she was looking for something.Having heard the alarms going off from the surface Gabrielle had known that the forces of evil must have started to rebourn, and with that terrible army rising once again she knew that her race was once again needed gravely.Being onley one her thoughts had wonderd, but it was the duty of the Shadow Mage to fight on the side of good.

But what to do with this woman, she seeks an evil beacon of necrological powers.
"Anything evil will be drawn to the beacon strait away, and what is she doing here by herself. Perhaps I should help her find the beacon, and destroy it.For if not this city will eventually be taken by evil, it has been so long, I know they have forgotten my race and may assume me as evil.I must take caution as to not to startle the too badly, at least not untill they learn that I am on their side."

Gabrielle decides to watch the woman for the time being, thought in mind to keep her safe untill she finds weather she is here for the purpose of good or evil.

12-08-2004, 01:09 PM
He continued to fight the undead away from the gate. Haldir was keeping them away until the enforcers came. A loud whistle could be heard from the gate and Haldir fell to the ground on his knees. An arrow was in his chest and bleeding but Haldir continued to fight on.

Drizzt Do'urden
12-08-2004, 07:22 PM
Drizzt had been up in the trees watching the battle rage on for awhile. When he heard the gun shots he thought about leaving. Then he heard a loud whistle and turned quickly seeing Haldir on his knees with an arrow in his chest but continued to fight. " A warrior till the end," drizzt muttered then unsheathed his blades and rushed over to aid Haldir.

12-08-2004, 08:16 PM
Odios silently flew through the shadows heading toward his destination.As he arrived at the city's alchemy stores his map gently floated from his cloak. He scanned the map and tried to memorize as much about the area as possible. He closed the map and with a wisp of darkness it thined to air. As Odios placed his hand upon the door's handle he was repelled by a light guided force. I should have known... Patiently Odios pulled a talis man from his cloak and began to chant. With in a matter of seconds the doors opened willingly. As he entered the building Odios began his search for the Lycanthropy reagent.

Warning: The following OOC: and P.S. are senslice babble so don't feel the urge to read unless you are boared or want to read it anyways.
OOC: Sorry if it sucks http://www.animegalleries.net/bbs/images/smilies/banghead.gif I am like half dead right now http://www.animegalleries.net/bbs/images/smilies/badrazz.gif (AKA sick I'm sick) I'll try to get better. Maybe I shouldn't have picked the bad guy http://www.animegalleries.net/bbs/images/smilies/laugh.gif Nah I'm feeling sinister. but my imagination just left my head. I'm sure I'll get better soon. and my rpging skills will come back to me. but until then please don't correct me on my spelling. I'm trying to do my best.

P.S. I corrected this thing like 4 times http://www.animegalleries.net/bbs/images/smilies/dry.gif (but it's still wrong)

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Haldir turned to see drizzt but didn't say anything he just kept fighting. He may have been wounded but that wouldn't stop him from fighting to the death.

12-08-2004, 08:58 PM
The Catacoms
drip...drip...drip...like clockwork, like heartbeat steady and pure this place's peace was unhindered. Even with all that was going on above this place seemed quiet...peaceful in every way. As Tanaya passed through the old stone-work the bricks watched...and waited. It had been a while since a stranger had been around and this maze wasn't sure how to deal with them. But alas wisdom exists even in stone and a solution was found...As Tanaya and her mystery guest approached the ceremonial doors a fgreat form stood before her...a being of living stone...a golem. The construct let out a fierce roar and charged down on it's hapless prey...

The Killing Fields
Emerald grass was now stained a deepest crimson, pools of blood and piles of seared corpses piled like sand in an hour-glass as the cities heros pushed with all they had. Rifles screamed, blades howled and the orchestra of death played on. Until something very odd happened...in a single instant...one speck of time from this eternity all the dead stood very, very still...then as children falling fast asleep they all slipped to the ground. Every single one of the attackers simply laid at feet of the guards.
"We...we won? We WON!!! Ahahahaha!" the captain of the guard shouted and gave a hearty hug to his nearest comrade, they had held off a sea of foes and survived to tell about it. As the troops celebrated one small fact was left unnoticed. The fallen corpses began to jiggle...to twitch...and within minutes after laying to rest something heinous became apparent. In a blur the corpses flew from the ground and seemed to gather outside the walls, flesh-crafting themselves together. The guard captain dropped his cheers and looked on in awe as a massive form began to take shape
"Recombinant necromancy...its...Vissistidue! everyone man your stations this battle is far from ov...ACCK!" the guard commander was cut down in one blow, the abomination's body seemed to be stretch and bend as though it was made of pure flesh...and the captain saw first hand what a whip of ligament and bone spurs were like. Once again the rifles blarred and the battle had started anew

Dortor's Alchemical Study
The buildings seals shocked at the would-be intruders and bade them to stay back. Unknown to the black-guard their failed entry had triggered the buildings defenses and several Dullahan came creaking to life. The soul inhabited suits of armor grabbed their weapons and began clanking towards the doors...awaiting those foolish enough to try and rob a store-house of the state.

12-08-2004, 09:13 PM
Haldir stood there and watch as his commander was struck down. He steathed his sword and climbed the wall to his bow. When he reached it he nocked an alchemist arrow and set it aflame. "Stay dead you bastard," and he fired the arrow straight at it.

12-08-2004, 10:15 PM
Huron found the Alchemical building and saw another Blackguard there he looked at the blackguard. He was about to talk the other Blackguard Huron heard a clanking sound behind the door Huron then jumped onto the roof of the building and cut a small hole in the roof to see what the sound was. As Huron peered into the hole he saw a suit of armour at the door. “This is going to be fun” Huron said to himself as he cut a much larger hole and fell through he looked around to see several of the suits of armour walking around “oh-Yeh now this is more like it” Huron said as he drew his sword out and was ready to fight.

red storm
12-09-2004, 02:23 AM
Tanaya's ears twitched as she heard a fierce roar. She gasped as she saw the golem charging towards her. "Holy crap!" She dodged a punch of the living statue and ducked behind a pilar. Where the hell did that thing come from? Tanaya thought. A hell, never mind that. I need to find a way to defeat it. She checked her equipment. My shortsword wont have any effect on a stone statue, neither will my trowing knives. She looked at the rest of her equipment. And explosion note, that's it! She grabbed a trowing knive and an explosion note, she wrapped the explosion note around the knive. Hopefully, the knive would get stuck somewere and allow the explosion note to destroy it.

She then turned from the pillar and trew the knive towards the gollem.

12-09-2004, 03:12 PM
Hiruko arrived at the Alchemy store, just in time to see Huron smash through the roof. "Good," He said, "I'm not too late." He smiled and ran towards the front door and took it down with his shoulder. The door flew into a suit of armour and it charged at him, attacking. Hiruko unsheathed his great blade and smashed the steel puppet. He hit it so hard that its desimate remains were sent through the floor and into the basement of the store at an increadible speed. "Need a hand?" Hiruko said as he looked at Huron while gasping for air. He over-estimated the strength of the armour and attacked wasting a lot of his energy.

Hiruko then looked at the other suits. He readied himself to attack. "This looks like it'll be fun." he said as he counted eight suits.

12-09-2004, 10:39 PM
Odios the third of the Blackgaurd followed in. He joined the others getting ready for the battle. He put on his Crecent Katar's (Have moon shaped claw type weapons) and took a last breath before going undead (higher capacity state of mind/change of powers).

12-10-2004, 09:00 AM
Nakudo ran up and down the wall throwing off the enemies from the wall. where is everyone?!! AN explosion rocked the wall as it gave way near the far gate. NO!!! Nakudo ran torward the broken wall as the y poured through and into the outter part of the city... THe remaining gaurds moved to intercept. Nakudo saw Haldir laying on his knees with a large wound. Im sorry my friend but the city must be protected He ran on leaving Haldir behind. HE ran straight into the oncoming enemy and began to strike down anything in his path..... BLack blood splattered everywhere...

12-10-2004, 09:06 AM
Wandering in the shadows of my mind. Wondering where everyone is at. Friends and family deserted me my whole life. *It is so cold, im freezing*. My heart is so dark that it is turning into a block of ice.

12-10-2004, 02:31 PM
The Catacombs
A great burst of fire let off as the exploding charm met its mark. The force of the blast tore the right arm of the stone construct clean off...but the battle was far from over. The beast picked up its fallen limb and began using it as a massive stone club! Swinging wildly and barely missing the agent with each strike. It's a good thing she had her reflexes about her today because one false move would ensure a very painful death (Think of hitting a fly with a newspaper...)

The City Walls
The massive abomination finished unifying itself and began marching forward. It was over 40' tall and a sight to behold...brimming with limbs juttimg from odd positions, eyeballs set atop fleshy stalks and massive spikes of bone it was the stuff of nightmares. It began flailing into the cities forces killing dozens with each swath of its grotesque extremities and seemed to almost boom a hideous laugh. As the guards began firing Alchemist Arrows into it the thing became engulfed in flames...but would not stop. A few minutes ago a guard would have told you the worst thing in the world was an abomination like this....now he'll tell you of a bigger threat, a giant flaming corpse with all-consuming hunger and no sign of slowing down.

The Alchemy Stores
The dullahan moved to intercept their foes with unnatural haste and fervor. Even the most stalwart warrior would find these guards a challenge because a dullahan doesm't stop if its injured. You could fill it with a million holes and the animated armor would keep fighting. They raised their greatswords and slashed at their enemies without any hesitation...one fluid sword stroke after another in the BlackGuards direction...

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Haldir jumped on a horse and rode to the guards screaming "HOLD YOUR POSITIONS." "DO NOT LIGHT THE ARROWS AFLAME IT IS IMUNE TO THEM" Haldir from that point took the commanders place.

12-10-2004, 03:15 PM
The relentless attacks of the suits of armour were enough to make Hiruko fall back. "Damnit! These things won't get out of my way!" He exclaimed as he sliced at them with his giant blade.

red storm
12-10-2004, 03:17 PM
Tanaya cursed. The explosive note had found it's mark, but instead of destroying it she had only cripled it and given it a weapon. She ducked away from the pillar as it was smashed by the golem. She roled along the ground and scrambled up only to jump away from another deadly strike.

Its a good thing I have an increased agility. She thought. But even so, she wondered how long she could keep up this deadly balet dance. She jumped up as the golem struck again, and used his head as a leverage to land behind him while franticaly looking for a weak spot of some sort.

12-10-2004, 07:01 PM
Odios rose from the ground and spiraled toward a small group of guards. It was obvious that these enemies could not be killed. Tynghacc Luhcisa... Tynghacc Luhcisa... As Odios spoke those words as black smoke gently fell from under his cloak and began a journey across the allready blackend floor. The smoke seemed nothing more than a viel to mask an escape but it was dark magic, maybe not the most advanced or deadly but it was something to work with.

OOC: I wasn't really sure how to twist the battles direction... But hey its BLACKsmoke and thats gotta count for something in dark magic right :rolleyes: I leave the imagination to you. Make what you want of this stuff.

12-11-2004, 12:29 AM
Things were beggining to get really messy down here. Piles of rubble and smashed granite lay everywhere and the rumbles from the battle could surely be felt in the sacred library above (hopefully no-one was studying...). The beast missed with every swing at the young cat girl and succeeded only in putting her behind him...and revealing his weakness, the glowing word of life carved into his back. Golems are animated when a spell caster carves the word of life, Emeth, into a construct...and an agent would know that if you can marr the word he'll fall lifeless to the ground. Enjoy Tanyana.

Battle Grounds
What was once a stunning victory looked to be a bitter defeat as the massive form drew itself slowly towards the city's main gate. Even worse was the fact it was engulfed entirely in flames and was causing fire to spread everywhere around it. All seemed lost...until a sparkle atop the Tower of Ansla, lair of the dragon lord Sain, was seen.
"Defiler of souls! Prepare to be cleansed!" boomed the dragon king out over the city (I figure a dragon could yell pretty damn loud :) ). He then let out a cry and assumed his true form in all its terror and majesty. The mighty dragon jetted high into the sky and dove down, skewering his pathetic adversary on his mighty talons. Then in one powerful movement he tore his claws out from the sides rending the moster into a million fleshy pieces. Just as the muscle and bone sought to reconstitute itself again Sain's throat bulged and a searing white flame was breathed forward in a spectacular display...indeed the night was lit as brightly as day. When nothing was left but a great pile of ash and scorched bone the king let off his assault and merged back into his homid form then slowly began walking towards his keep. A great celebration erupted from all around the city and a parade of cheering men followed their king. Medics rushed in to help the wounded and castle squires ran about delivering letters to attend a great banquet for the citie's heros (If you helped in the battle and were on the citie's side then you got an invitation. The celebration is at the great hall in three days.). It seemed Dortor would be able to sleep at last.

Alchemical Studies
The Blackguard fought hard against their unyielding foes and it was obvious, the dullahan were racked with pierces and slashes all over their metallic bodies and moving a bit more clumsy now. Suddenly chanting could be heard and the room filled with a black cloud...slowly the vapor seeped into the dullahans wounds and something miraculous happened. The constructs metal became a deep black and a bright baleful red shone from their eyes would be an then...they bowed.
"For...my...lords. Command...me..." The dullahan droned out in symphony with one another and stood back up remaining very still
"We...Know...All of this...Place. Ask and...we shall give...our master....what...he...seeks"

12-11-2004, 01:34 AM
Haldir helped carry the wounded even though he himself still had an arrow logde in his chest. He didn't care about his life only those of his commardes. When he got the invitation he just suck it in his armor and continued to help the wounded.

red storm
12-11-2004, 03:24 AM
Tanaya smirked as she saw the word of life carved into his back. For all the strength the gollem had, he wasn't very fast, nor was he that smart, so she had a litle time. She grabbed her shortsword and began one of the few incantations that she knew. "Yaqricoto Ishida amelanes sedadistia sousou lastomenenaos"As she spoke the incantations, runes surounded her sword an it began to glow. When she finished, she leaped and spun her body midair, adding extra strength to the blow.

Although the sword, even strengthed by he incantation, was not nearly powerfull enough to slice trough the stone creature, it was strong enough to cause a deep cut were the word of life was imprinted. The efect was immediate. The creature stopped all movement and became, once again, just a lifeless statue. Tanaya sighed as she fell backwards. "Damn, this beacon must realy be worth something."

After a moment of rest, Tanaya continued searching, constantly aware of other traps. After a moment, she noticed an altar. Carefully, she aproached it to only to see what she was looking for. The beacon looked like a ceremonial bronze bowl filled with a glowing red liquid. Still carefull, she aproached the altar step by step, and reached out to pick up the bowl.

12-11-2004, 04:55 PM
*Humm....very impressive for a mortal cat-girl.To risk ones life agenst such a creature like a Golem, one must have great courage of hart to do so.She must not be of the evile I feel radiating above ground, I need information on what exactly is going on above.*

Gabrielle thought to herself as she stood not far from where Tanaya was preparing to claim the beacon, she came to the great doorway of the alter room and became visable.In the dim light her dark cloaked and hooded form still blended in the darkness behind, her white decorated mask stood very starkly amongst the shadows.Prepared for Tanayas reaction she stood unmoving.

12-11-2004, 05:07 PM
"Alright...?" Hiruko stood in confusion. He walked over to one of the suits and attcked it, sending it flying into a wall. it was done with great ease. "Well this is quite strange." Hirko said with a smile as the dullahan knight stood up and didn't move. Hiruko sheathed his great blade, "... If I recall correctly, we need the recipe and reagents for a lycanthropy disease..." He said and stood silent...

red storm
12-11-2004, 06:41 PM
Just moments before Tanaya could take the beacon, she sensed a presence. Her ears twitched as they confirmed her instincts. In a flash, Tanaya grabbed her sword from it's sheath and spun around. She lowered herself in a crouched position and glared at the newcomer. "Who are you?" She asked, her eyes narrowed. "And why do you show yourself now?"

This was a question Tanaya expected a damn good explenation for. After all, she could have used some help when fighting that gollem, but if this person was an enemy, that hardly mattered. Tanaya loosened her crouch slightly to get better leverage in case this person didn't have friendly motives.

12-11-2004, 07:31 PM
She couldnt help a smile from comming to her face from beneath the mask, it had been a long time since she had felt great courage welling from someone so fluently.Gabrielle raised a hand to Tanaya a signal that no harm was meant.Tanaya saw the white mask, and the hand that appeard from the liquid like cloak and raised.It was as bone white as the mask, it was a human hand untill the point where the fingers tipped.The hands finger tips were more shaped like slightly curved metallic like talons, each nearly 3 inches long.The image in front of Tanaya was a chilling and foreboding one, though somehow did not appear directly threatening.
Finally the silence broke, and Gabrielle spoke for the first time in a VERY long time.
"You had made fairly quick work of the Golem you had faced."
Lowering her hand, it disapeared back into the velvety darkness of the garb.
"I had been watching you since you first enterd the catacombs.And untill now after the battle, and searching your aura, I had been contemplative of your nature and motives for being here.You are a spirit of light, you may know what exactly is happening on the surface world.I wish to know, as I was awakend from my slumber, and onley the building of something quite terrible can accomplish this."
Slowly moving twords the alter, she gazed onto something she hadn't seen in ages. It was a locater, a beacon of the dark king.Perhaps planted here in the old day's, they were used to help draw the armies of the undead to their targets.She knew it must be destroyed.
Looking up from the alter, her gaze turned twards Tanaya.
"I am Gabrielle.........I am a Shadow Mage.I once fought by the side of all that was good long ago, in the dark and desperate day's. How may I serve."

12-11-2004, 08:04 PM
He walks out of the forest seeing fire from the distance. Uzamaki past through the fallen gates amazed at the damaged done to the city. There were wounded all around him but he saw one soldier that looked part elf with an arrow in his chest yet he still helped his commrades. The elf looked strangely familiar.

red storm
12-12-2004, 03:44 AM
The catacombs:

Tanaya blinked, the spirit of a shadow mage of old? Was that what she was saying? Whatever she meant, she did mean to say that she was no threat. Tanaya sheated her sword and nodded in her direction. "Greetings, I am Tanaya. To answer your question about the worl above, the city seems to be under attack. Though by whom and why lies outside my knowledge. My mission is to aquire the necromantic beacon and bring it to my superiors."

12-12-2004, 09:43 AM
Uzamaki walks up to Haldir and says to him "ahem sir do you know anything about this kingdom and where a alchemy store is i need some base materials for my transfusion just for that though" pulls arrow out his chest touches the wound and it heals "there you sir have a nice day" as he got up he glanced and saw a green amulet and gasp and says to self " it can be him" well walks into the village

12-12-2004, 12:51 PM
Reaching out Gabrielle picked up the bowel gazing into the red liquid, then from beneath her garb her other hand produced a lidded greyish orange container.
"To carry this in the open would be most dangerous, the liquid inside is deadly poison to the living, for it is blood from the Dark King.It is how his armies gain their power and direction, to touch this would be to persish and return as one of them."
Informing Tanaya as she placed the beacon in the container and closing it.

"I feel that the Dark King is attempting to return......the attacks are most likely fueld by this beacon.We must hurry to your superiors, and at best this beacon either must be destroyed or moved far from this city in order to spare it from what is ahead."

Looking at the container, Gabrielle then turned twards Tanaya and handed it to her.

red storm
12-12-2004, 01:04 PM
The catacombs:

Tanaya took the container and began thinking of her next move. She had to bring the beacon to her superiors, but they would not apreciate her bringing someone with them. After all, the Black Agents worked in secret, and someone who claims to be one of the mages of old would draw a litle bit too much attention, though she would have to report her appearance, though. Her superiors would be very interested.

Making up her mind, she turned towards Gabrielle. "Our roads seperate here for now, maybe we shall meet again later on." Saying that, she turned and crouched, then took of with amazing speed on her way too the final meeting point were she would hand over the beacon, and report the mage's appearance.

12-12-2004, 01:17 PM
As Tanaya disapeard from sight heading twards the surface, Gabrielle looked slightly at the empty space the beacon once rested.Turning to it she raised a hand to it, the rock soon began to glow then melting into a molten puddle destroying the inscriptions carved into it along with it.Then nearing the exit of the catacombs she stoped and turned, staring directly at the chamber and violently slashing one hand outward twards it a roaring neon purple shockwave ripped thrue the chamber destroying it utterly sealing it.

"Will be better off."

She then turned and powerfully leaped thrue the exit, gaining 25 feet into the open air outside and gracefully landing onto the grass outside.Her cloak fluttering and setteling around her like black liquid, standing still for a moment assesing where the conflict here originated.Then pinpointing it to be at the outer gates, her image blurred and then gone as she teleported herself to the gates.

12-12-2004, 01:56 PM
So Seheuhc Mayt Ic Du Ymm Clnummc, Bynlrsahdc un Puugc Eh Draca Ynlrejac Dryd Ryja Yho Dnyla Uv Dra Funt Molyhdrnubo. Lead me to the any scroll or scripture that contains the word Lycanthropy. I suggest we split up. You guys can take three of these dudes I'll take two. There in your control. As Odios finished his statement he followed his newly aquired minions heading toward any scriptures that may contain the secret that his master needed.

12-12-2004, 02:54 PM
On her way to the gates Gabrielle was pulled twards and alchemy building of the state, she had felt the use of dark majick.Soon she was inside and seeking out the user, closing in on the source.

Blending in with the shadows of the flickering candle light she moved like a ghost, silently and unseen.She then came upon a manlike figure, along with three inspelled suites of armour.They were looking for something, then it had dawned upon her where she was.Hurridly she teleported herself 20 feet to their front and appeared, halting their advance immediately.

"What is your name dark one, what buisness do you have here."

She spoke sternly and evanly, with a cold air about her.Her dark aura radiating from her as her powers flowed thrue her veins, finally warmed and flowing as freely as the day she begain her sleep long ago.

"If you seek the Lycanthorpy scroll, you will fail."

12-12-2004, 03:14 PM

12-12-2004, 03:21 PM

12-12-2004, 03:30 PM
(kk sorry I wasn't sure ^^)

"Is that so? And why will I fail. Who will stop me." Odios pulled out his Cresent Katars and equiped them to his gloves. Looking at Gabrielle sinisterly he spoke again. "Nothing, Will stop me from my masters wishes!"

12-12-2004, 03:45 PM
Geitz's Tavern
Lash sat patiently in a lone table of this small establishment, sipping slowly on a glass of liquer and biding his time until his partner arrived. He let off a yawn and was just about to head off when he saw Tanyana coming in through the door.
"Well well little lady its good to see you back in one piece...though it could've been a bit faster..." he shrugged and pulled out a chair for her then turned and looked at the bar-keep
"Hey Geitz, do me a favor and close up for a few minutes...we have some business to talk about" Geitz nodded and locked the door behind them, sitting a drink before Tanyana on the way back. Lash then gave him a nod and the barkeep went upstairs.
"Well c'mon Tanyana did you suceed or what? show me what you've found..."

12-12-2004, 06:31 PM
walks past a lady and ask her a question "excuse me ma'am do you know where i can find a certain store helpful to my needs?" the lady replied saying you mean the alchemy store? "yes actually i do can you tell me where it is?" yes just go out this door and to the right you should see it "thank you ma'am" she smiles and walks away

12-12-2004, 07:52 PM
"Because I have never failed in my goles, and you have no idea of what you are taunting."

Knowing that this man dose indeed have power, but not evan close to the scale it would take to defeat her, moving her armes to either side of her she mumbles a simple charm to herself. And the moving armoured suites started to shake and clamour, then suddenly they stood upright and from their legs to their shoulders twisted like mear alumanum cans, their arms flattend.They then were forced very violently into either wall of the corridoor sending sparks flying as they all fell crumpled and twisted and smoking glowing slightly, then Gabrielle quickly pointed one arm twards Odios and his breath escaped him as he was raised into the air comming hard pressed agenst the stone ceiling.Unable to move he begans to feel at first and itchy and annoying feeling in his ears and nose, then it became a maddening buring feeling, and something started to crumple from his ears and nise.It felt like worms and wasps biting and stinging him all over his face, and as he felt tiney feel upon his brow and a sharp burning sting he realized it wasn't some mind trick, it was VERY real.
"You are a low level magi, you know nothing of who or what I am."

Gabrielle spoke in a controled and loud tone.Knowing this could be over very soon, she would not allow them to have the scroll witch she had all ready aquired long ago, she had taken it with her to slumber, to serve as it's gardian.

"Who am I? You may know me by what I am, for you are not worthy of knowing my name petty deviant! I am of the Shadow Mage, your unclean spirit is not welcome here.I will not allow evil to triumph, especially not one of your low nature and powers."
She spoke sternley, watching the face of the mortal she had pinned to the ceiling, his face was twisting with near maddening pain inside his head from the wasp and larva nests wich was slowly forming inside his inner ear and sinus cavitys from her hexing incantation.*Black wasps and fly larva,how fitting to your kind.*

12-12-2004, 08:28 PM
Yrd ij Cy, Dyo... Yrd ij Cy.... Yrd ij... The pain was to much Odios could feel himself . "I can't die... I will not except failure!" Odios could not hear the voice that lead him. "You have forsaken me? Why! Why!" With in the burning pain there was an immense sense of confusion and betrayel. "I give up..." with those last words his eyes closed and lost consiosness


12-12-2004, 08:47 PM
O.C.C. Umm.... Larva, I don't think it's fair that you're character is so strong. In an RPG, no one should have enough power to so easily destroy another character, unless you are the creator of the RPG or you have been informed by the creator to do so. It takes away from the fun of it, and also, I think before this RPG started, we were told not to make our characters uncontrolably strong...

oh, I found it. This is what OnSilentWings said in the first post of the RPG "2. No power-gaming here people. Some of you may be strong but no-one has all consuming strength i.e. play fair"

12-12-2004, 11:25 PM
Occ:God of death, I know what i'm doing sweety, and my chericter isn't invincable or all powerfull.I happen to play "tag" short stunts of power, though if you insist that I am still "all too powerfull" i'll tone down a bit and be rather more reclusive and onley allow my powers to "vent".)

"Hummm he has went unconsious......the wasps and worms were mearly an illusion of the mind I had planted.Perhaps he isn't all evil but serves it, not much by choice."

Stopping the mind trick Gabrielle lowers his limp body to the ground and releases her hold, she decides to leave him there as her sevaces were needed more so elsewhere.She dose not worry, as she herself holds the scroll of lycanthropy.
Leaving behind a pristine and perfect red rose by him, then she walks from the building and teleports to the gates on the outskirts.

Occ:I made no attempt to make myself all powerfull, thouh I have a wicked sense of drama, I do not suck the fun out of things by being power mad. I am a great writer, and my chericter is very deep and interesting as you will soon see.Thank you for your thoughtfullness though, your a sweety!:p

12-12-2004, 11:39 PM
a short alchemist walks right up next to larva and says to her " i saw what you did back there that was magnificent but still that was cruel"stares at her with interest says to self "wow excuse me may i ask who you are?"

12-12-2004, 11:57 PM
Having stood for a moment, she was actually startled by a man who spoke to her suddenly.Turning her gaze to him, hearing his words.Most of her long ageless life she realized suddenly that she had grown cold, that she had for a long time forgotten that once she was human too.The one thing he said that triggerd this was ""that was magnificent but still that was cruel""
The word cruel.
In an breif instant that seemed like an hour to her, her mind flashed with memories.Very old memories, when she was human once.Her mother and father, and her younger sister.She felt something, something warm within her.Life.
Comming out of her daze, her long and blank stare had started to worry the man.

She raised a long slender white arm, her thin fingers tipped with shimmering tips raised to her face.Slowly she removed her mask, a mask that was filled with a soul-less cold rage of noble duty, the inside stained with her now hot tears.The mask dropped to the ground, she also lowerd her dark hood to reveal herself to the man for what she really was, she had never done this....revealing herself to another.When she raised her head, in the firelight her visage was lit.A very beautifull woman with prominant features was to be seen, looking no older than 25 years of age.(read my profile where we all made ours to get a full personage.)

Her face was that of a soul never truely allowed to live, not in the face of the tragic duty she had been sworn to.A few tears had welled and then trickled down her cheeks, she was feeling alive, and warm yet so sad.The centurys that had gone by had not allowed her to feel anything but power and duty. And now.....she could feel once again, her mask of infamy laid at her feet. A long moment went by.

"Who are you sir?"

"I am called Gabrielle.......Shadow Mage."

Occ:And so begins the first of many plot twists for my chericter!:laugh: )

12-13-2004, 01:58 AM
OOC : Hey guys I see theres a bit of tension going on here and I'd like to adress it. Larva I think you did go a bit to far with the forced actions, I don't mind if you guys do it a little but its not right to force a long painful post on someone without them having any defense. I know it was just a short ploy but please refrain from saying what someones else's character is doing or feeling for them. Other then that things are going very nicely...your all doing great jobs

The Alchemy Stores
A wicked voice could be heard echoing through Odios's mind...low and vile it whispered things not of this world. Then suddenly everything became clear to him...the voice he heard was that of Samiel
"The beacon was found and we've uncovered new information telling us the Lycanthropy formula was never there to begin with, its sad but true. But you and the other Black-Guard should search over the facility anyway...we want another tool while your there. I have just recently heard from The Noble, and his all-consuming knowledge has found a copy of the Hruting Litany (Few of these were ever written, they detail survivors reports of the Battle of Ameideus) hiding within the stores. Its a dark brown book bound in silver with the crest of Hruting the Hunter on it. Bring it to us....bring it to us...bring it..."
A soft grey aura settled over Odios's body and he was refilled with a unholy vigor, not only awkening him but sending ripples of power coarsing through his being...

red storm
12-13-2004, 02:13 AM
Geitz's Tavern.

Tanaya accepted the chair and sat down near Lash. "Like you can talk, having sat here while I had to face of a golem." She rubbed a sore spot on her shoulder. "Those defences in the catacombs were tighter then I thought they would be."
She grabbed the container Gabrielle had given her and opened it. "Here it is, still in one piece as ordered." She sat back and looked at Lash. "I still have some other things to report. Inside the catacombs I encountered a person who claimed to be one of the shadow mages of old who fought in the great war. I did not fight her, but she did give me that container to hold the beacon."
She grabbed the drink Geitz made for her and took a gulp. "She did tell me she could only be awakened in the face of great evil, and she looked pretty damn sure about herself."

12-13-2004, 09:12 AM
"Master, You have come back to me." Odios could feel the power coarsing through his viens. This power seemed compel him. But he felt a sense of reject from this power. It was faint but it showed to him painfully. "Why, Why weren't you there to help me then! I want to know! I could have died..." Odios could feel the power he had been given had left him. It was merely an Illusion my child. Nothing fatal or dangerous. Odios stared at the rose that Gabrielle had left behind. He was mezmarized by its beauty but confused by her gesture. He walked near it. Do not touch the rose. Odios extended his arm out a little. I said Do Not Touch The Rose. There was a sense of panic in his masters voice. I have warned you my child. As his arm extended not more than an inch from the rose he felt an immense feeling of pain. His whole body began to cramp up. The pain grew and grew. "Stop! That hurts!" He reached for the nearest thing, the rose. As soon as he made contact his pain stopped. Foolish He placed the rose in pocket making sure the blossom was safe. "I must find her..."

12-13-2004, 11:16 AM
"Im Uzamaki Toriyoto of Resembool i am a Alchemist i to shall reveal something to you" takes off top half of shirt revealing my metal right arm" hey and dont cry you are very beautiful woman well Gabrielle i shall be leaving then i do not wont to be a bother to you" draws alchemy sign on the ground and touches it with both hands and a rose comes up hands it to her "have a nice day" walks back towards the woods to think

12-13-2004, 12:20 PM
As Uzamaki walked away Gabrielle looked at the rose that had budded before her eyes, simple yet beautifull majick it was.She now rememberd her past long ago, and how it was to have emotions and compassion.What is to come of me now? She had wonderd to herself.Then she knew that she must contenue on with her mission, to serve her part as a Shadow Mage was to do as she once had done.
There were still wounded amongst the great walls and the gate, she then stood and put her fingers into an ainchant weave and began to chant words long forgotten.Soon a strange glow surrounded her, pushing her will further the glow went from one around her in a sphear and rapidly grew outward across the lands of the wounded.As the glow reached across over the soldiers helping their wounded, their wounds began to glow and dramatically heal.It soon fell upon all and slowly heald them, the dead disapeard as to stop any further spred of the evil.Just as they were relived and the wounded awakend, Gabrielle begand to feel strange.Still in position and chanting her vision began to blur, a feeling of weakness overcame her and she broke the finger weave and fell to her knees.
Breathing heavely she began to collect herself, confused she wonderd what had just happend.Then suddenly power begain to rush back thrue her, just as intense as it ever had been.
"I do not understand this."
She said under her breath.
Standing back up she looked into the night sky.
Then took the rose witch the man had left, looking at it contently she then tucked it into her dark garb with care.She looked at her old mask lying face up on the ground, she then smiled and tuned and walked away twards the gates.She wanted to make shure she had done the greatest amount of good, before she had the incident.She put her hood back up over her head and walked twards the guards.

12-13-2004, 12:42 PM
i walk back into the village toward the alchemy store and stops outside the building on the way in the gates he noticed the womans mask he had saw earlier and wondered if she had forgotten about or didn't care i sigh and continously thinks about the woman and says to my self "i never exspected somone so beautiful under that cloak and such immense power" my body tingles "whoo chill the night will bring in cold weather and ice maybe" picks up the mask and puts it in my carrier bag "atleast i will have something to remember her by" smiles and walks into the store looking for a cashier or worker to help him with his needs.

12-13-2004, 01:04 PM
When haldir was done helping with the wounded many doctors came to help him with the arrow. Haldir ran out of the tent very annoyed by the doctors and accidently ran into drizzt.

12-13-2004, 01:38 PM
As Gabrielle walked amongst the camps being shure that everyone was tended to she came across an elvin warrior that had caught an arrow in his chest, one that the doctors were unable to help him with.She approched him.

"May I be of servace, I han heal that without pain or problem."

She lowerd her hood and looked into his eyes with an all knowing gaze, it seemed to trance Haldir as he looked to her.

12-13-2004, 02:30 PM
Haldir looked at this woman's eyes with his eyes (which were curently blueish grey). He was fighting the trance but was losing and he said "well uh i dont really know." He slightly blushed at this lovely women.

12-13-2004, 04:46 PM
Geitz's Tavern
Lash accepted the beacon and looked it over intently, muttering to himself and cross-checking his find with a copy of the fabled Hruting Litany that was given to the top agent ranks. After a few minutes he closed the book and gulped down his drink...that is to say his 5th drink...
"Well uh Tanyana ya *hic* see this thing here is a necromantic beacon capable of *hic* drawing forces aligned with the Black King. They were pretty common when the Black Reckoning was happening but they were *hic* all said to be destroyed when the Black King perished...so this has to be a forgery. *hic* Damn good one though...on rival with whats detailed in Hruting's Litany."
He set a small brown pouch on the table before her, the silver coins inside spilling out.
"Theres your comission. And I have a little somethign else for you..."
Lash reached into a case next to his feet and drew out a pair of black leather boots lined with the purest white fur.
"Those *hic* eliminate the sound of your footsteps and don't leave foot prints either...also theres no way you can slip in 'em regardless of how unsure a surface is. Head-quarters sent them for me to use *hic* but I though they'd look alot better on you"
Tanyana could probably guess what was coming up next, Lash was the kinda guy who spent the better part of his waking hours chasing skirts...and never let his agent by without a proposition, if only as a practical joke ;)
" You know Tanyana *he scooted a bit closer* I've got another reward for you honey...one that will make you absolutly purr..."

12-13-2004, 05:55 PM
"Very well."

Gabrielle then put both hands on either side of Haldirs wound, positioning them a certain way.
"This will not hurt you, but you will feel a strong tingle."

Focusing her ruby coloured eye's on the arrow in his chest, she could feel the gentle ebbing in the core of her body starting to travel into her arms and in thrue her hands, entering his wound area.Soon the arrow started to glow and a green haze formed a small layer over the opening, the arrow itself started to move actually starting to wedge it's own way out.Just as the arrow came free and fell to the ground and burst of majickal energy refracted out of the open wound, the doctors gawked as they witnessed blood attempt to move outward but contained by the coulour orb that had formed from the refraction and back into the body.Her hands moved directly over his wound and after a few seconds she removed her hands, his wound partially healed and no longer bleeding, the green glow dissapated as well.

"You will be fine now brave elf."

Gabrielle then turned and walked away as Haldir shook his head, a bit taken aback by what had just happend, he had felt no pain as she had said.The tingle had stayed, but there was no longer bleeding and pain, but a bit of tenderness still.By that time she had made her way in search of others to help.

12-13-2004, 06:07 PM
Haldir shook his head in confusion he thought 'who is this woman' then he grabbed his invantation. He headed to were the banquet was being held but first he would need a proper outfit. He decided to dress in wood colors of his homeland and kept his hunting knife on his belt.

red storm
12-14-2004, 05:01 AM
Geitz's Tavern

Tanaya listened as Lash started his half-drunken explanation about the artifact that she aquired, she frowned when he said it was just a forgery. I refuse to believe that they would guard a replica with a golem, that would be ridiculous. She thought.
Tanaya took the pouch filled with silver coins and put them in one of her hidden pockets.
When Lash reached into a case and revealed the boots, Tanaya's ears perked up with amazement. "Wow, they're gorgeous!" She accepted the boots "Thanks, these will come in mighty handy!"
"You know Tanaya" Lash said as he scooted closer. "I've got another reward for you honey...one that will make you absolutly purr..."
She rolled her eyes, she had been expecting this when Lash started on his third drink. She was about to refuse, but thought it over. Why not? It's not like I've got important stuff to do, and who knows? I might enyoy it. She smiled at Lash. "And what kind of reward did you have in mind hmmm?" She purred.

12-14-2004, 08:49 AM
"well let me see here i cant seem to spot nobody" looks off into the distance from the alchemy store and stares the city down "very pretty in the morning looks toward the sunrise "nice" walks down the tower on the lower levels and walks to a inn "do you have any open rooms here?" the man across the counter replied yes we do sir that will be 20g a night "very well" hands him the gold have a nice morning sire "hm hm" walks to the second floor and found the room and walks in "its nice better than what i have seen so far" throws stuff on the floor and plops self on bed "when am i gonna get a mission when am i gonna get called up by mustang?" lays on the bed pondering about "GRRR" ponders about the girl from earlier "i wonder those ruby eyes i have seen them somewhere or maybe i havn't but shadow mage? what might this clan be?".

12-14-2004, 09:33 AM
After having forgotten what has happened to him in the past week Nakudo stumbled into the city and began to search for the awnsers....

12-14-2004, 09:34 AM
[QUOTE=lord_saikuya]After having forgotten what has happened to him in the past week Nakudo stumbled into the city and began to search for the anwsers/QUOTE]

12-14-2004, 09:37 AM
a short alchemist comes stumbling out of the inn and stops at saikyu OOC: sorry cant remember how to spell : looks at him and says "whoa i got no sleep and you look like a i have way to blurry of vision" tries to focus on him slaps self "there now can you help me with something sir?"

12-14-2004, 12:53 PM
After searching and finding no othes to heal along the walls and the gate, Gabrielle had decided to retreat to the gothic looking church she had spotted earlier.It was very tall and had spires that jutted upwards like swords, she looked up and saw the bell tower. "Looks as good a place as any." She said to herself with a shrug.Then croutching a bit she sprung, 15-20 feet into the air and slammed 4 of her claws deeply into the sheer wall and then the next and climbed very rapidly untill she reached the ledge to the bell tower at least 4 stories high.
Once inside she found a spot and attempted to rest.

12-14-2004, 01:09 PM
walks outwards toward the forest and climbs a tree and looks off into the distance "i wonder"pulls out telescope out of bag looks off and spots a building "eh?" hears a squak and turns and a eagle comes at me cause im right by its nest "nice" falls off the top of the tree and lands on my y back and my bag falls on my face yelps out "OWWWWWWWWW! cant move back hurts out of breath" passes out

12-14-2004, 01:15 PM
Geitz's Tavern
Lash bolted forward in his seat, a bit stunned by the answer...he intended it as a joke but since she was keen on the idea Las ht thought he'd play the field a little. He flashed a handsome smile, he had the perfect plan...
"Well lets see where should I begin..." Just as he was about to finish a peculiar sound came from out his cloak
"Wha?!? what?!? my recall stone..." He began to softly growl
"ughh why does the agency always call at the worst time...*he flashed his pretty boy smile again* tell you what Tanyana, theres this big party going down at the Great Hall tommorow night and...well lets just continue our little conversation there. I'll be waiting on pins and needles hon"
He looked back at Tanyana on his way out then sighed and cursed his awful luck...and the agency that cock-blocked him...

12-14-2004, 01:29 PM
Haldir wondered the city for hours looking for were the banquet was. He cursed slightly as he walked around completly lost in this large city. "Excuse me miss but can you point me in the direction of the banquet," haldir asked a nearby woman. She was very shocked seeing an elf asking for directions and said "its being held in the great hall of the castle my lord." "Thank you miss and here something for your service," and after he said that he gave her a small bag of gold. Then he headed for the castle now that he wasn't lost he calmed down.

red storm
12-14-2004, 01:35 PM
Geitz's Tavern

Tanaya couldn't help but smile as she saw Lash bolting upright in his seat. Didn't expect an onest answer, did ya? She thought. She could almost hear the gears working in Lash's brain as he began thinking up a plan.
"Well lets see where should I begin..." Lash started, but he never got time to finish the sentence as Tanaya's cat ears heard the sound of a recall stone going of.
Well this should be interesting.
She rolled her eyes as Lash smiled his pretty boy smile again and told her of the party at the Great Hall tomorrow, and that he was planning to continue what they started.
"Catch ya later poster boy." She called after him, before sighing and leaning back in her chair. So, what to do now? Might as well hit the bed and see what tomorrow brings. She took of her normal boots and slipped on her new ones, they were amazingly comfortable in both wearing and waking. She then nodded at Geitz and left on her way home.

12-14-2004, 01:41 PM
Haldir saw that the sun was setting and decided it was time to rest. He reached some trees and set up his hamock in between them. Then he set his stuff down and took of his boots. After that he jumped into the hamock and slowly fell asleep in it. He slept for hours until morning came.

12-14-2004, 01:53 PM
yells "anyone CAN SOMEONE HEAR ME!?!?!?!?!?" lays there motionless "ITS HURTS PEOPLE!!" ponders "i wonder how am i gonna do this im suppose to meet someone somewhere ow ow ow ow ow" grabs my bag and eats the bread out of it

12-14-2004, 03:59 PM
Hiruko was angry. He already told the damn suits of armour what he wanted, but they wouldn't listen to him. They just stood still as if he hadn't said anything. "This is pointless." He said as he sent one of them flying into a wall. "Might as well look for the stuff myself." He still didn't know that he was now looking for a book. "Odios! Any luck?" He called out.

12-14-2004, 09:53 PM
Odios looked up and saw Hiruko in front of him. A sudden twing of shock flustered through his body. He slowly reached for Katar's. "No luck... I shall check down this corridors...." He pointed to a random hall and started to walk toward it hoping that he would not notice. He tried to act as calm and normal but he had the strong feeling that his secret was known. As he walked across the corner of the wall the edge of his cloak flew up exposing the petals of the rose he had been given. After he passed the corner he began to quicken his pace. He had lost all demonic power and in a battle against Hiruko he would surely lose...

OOC: (BTW. Its me Sango. Sorry that I switched accounts. Its just I don't like the name of my other one and I wanted to restart (my little sister made the other name up so... ya). So I'll be logging in and posting with this account from now on. Thanx :laugh: )

12-15-2004, 03:17 AM
The Alchemy Stores

During the fight that happened Huron got pushed back into a shelf and all the potions that where on it fell on him and doing something to him very slowly “I’m out of here the lycanthropy disease is not here” Huron said as he jumped out of the hole he made before “Hmm that’s odd I was never able to jump that high before” Huron said to himself I cleared the hole I was expecting to grab onto the edge Huron thought as he started to roof hop away.

12-15-2004, 12:40 PM
Gabrielle as the sun set had set up a sleeping area, as she laid herself down she realized that she had forgotten how to sleep this way.Since she could remember she had used light spells to sleep, a sort of "forced" sleep.She just decided to close her eyes and think, soon she felt odd and then she just drifted off.

She drifted into a deep and dreamy slumber, untill she was awakend by the rising suns bright rays.She had dreamed, of her old life in the old world.Fully rested she felt wonderfull for the first time in a long time, she stood a bit wobbly then remembering it takes a few minutes for the body to recover from natural sleep.Finally standing she stretched for a long time, loosening her body's muscils in the warm sunlight.Not used to having her hooded garbs off, her skin tight white anatomically plated body armour suite felt great by itself she could feel the breeze and the sunlight.
She then began to wonder why she hadnt met up with any other Shadow Mages during the disturbances the day before.She sat and assumed a meditation pose on the stone floor, she concentrated and breathed deeply.She opened her telepathic sense and started to build her power into her search for an explanation to her query.An hour passed and soon the answer came to her, all but too real.
She now knew.......she was the onley one to survive the long ages of their archaich sleep of centurys.Knowing this she stood and walked over to the ledge and basked herself in the sun for a long time, thinking.

"If the dark king is to return, then this time it will be more difficult without the other Mages........Wisteria,Amaranth,Tisiphone and Kali.My mentors, all are but gone."
Recalling her humanity was great, but realizing her partners fates seemed greater as she knew them all deeply, they had raised her as a Mage, they taught her everything.The taught her with great fervour, on numerous occasions she was told by each one that she was some how special, calling her an adept.And her teachings were a great deal agressive, an endless array of knowledge to this day she has no idea of how she had managed to take it all in AND been able to understand it all and use it to immense effect.
The sun and sky looked beautifull on this new day she thought.
Then something caught her eye, a man jumping from roof top to roof top.

"Strange, how he can now do that.I recall him from the alchemy building the other night, he was the insignifigant other of the one that I had warded off."

Quickly putting her garbs back on and throwing the hood over her head, she decided to confront the man.The others couldnt possibly be ignorant enough to still be in that building after finding their comrad incapacitated, then again she had seen ppl do more stupid things before.
She perched herself upon the ledge and then with great force she launched herself strait forward ahead of the man, she flew strait and the stopped in the air in mid hover 3 feet above the roof top 10 feet in front of the man.The distance from the tower she came from and where she stopped was nearly 80 yards away in distance, her black cloaks flutterd in the gental breeze.Her sudden appearance startled the guy so bad he fell strait onto his face trying to stop, nearly falling off the roof top.

12-15-2004, 01:20 PM
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddd

12-15-2004, 03:07 PM
"What the hell's wrong with him?" Hiruko wondered looking at Odios as he left into a different corridor. He knew something was wrong, but didn't care to find out what. "I'm leaving! You probably won't find anything here, this building is empty!" Hiruko shouted, not knowing how far Odios had walked off. He looked at Huron as he jumped out through the roof. 'Where's he going?' he thought, as he flew through the roof following him. "Where are you gong kid?" Hiruko called out and then noticed a woman floating a few feet away from Huron. "...And... who the hell are you?..." He asked confused. He unsheathed his great sword and was ready to attack.

12-15-2004, 03:37 PM
In The Cities Sky
The two BlackGuard have confronted the Shadow Mage atop the roof of an time-worn temple dedicated to the God of War: Levantine. Just as the two raised their blades a voice semmed to echo from their very core...like whispers along cob-webs rooted in the back of their minds; Samiel was calling.
"My brothers...what have you found...hmmm...yes...yes fantastic! it is a REAL Shadow Mage. I have a new mission for you, one that should prove rather simple; I'd like you to simply draw some of her blood. Thats it...even if its only one drop all shall be fine. I'll even give you a hand in your little task..."
Ask the words rung through their minds a soft humming sound could be heard...then floating above them was a ghostly visage of Samiel himself. He was in a trance and his spirit was traveling along the ethereal plane. He began chanting a spell not used since the days of the Black King and a warm glow began to radiate from his BlackGuard. It slowly swirled around them in a esoteric dance and seemed to morph into an aura of gray fire lined with the deepest crimson and bolts of black electricty crackling about. Then in a burst of fury and color the aura seeped into the skin of the BlackGuard's...they seemed to change. A powerful energy was surging through their bodies causing their muscles to bulge with unholy strength and a powerful shield had been laid over the fabric of their minds protecting them from the Shadow Mages illusion magic. Whats more the spell set them into a blood-lust, eyes that saw red, with a fixation on the Mage before them.
"I have lent you some of Lynch's power. He was the mightiest of the Black King's dread knights and now flows through you...get that womens blood. Also try and keep her alive if possible...thats not so much a demand as a request. Do our fathers bidding my brothers...do our fathers bidding..."
Then Samiel's astral form disapeared across the void leaving the Shadow Mage in grave danger...there were two Black Guard before her infused with dark power and hell-bent on taking her blood

12-15-2004, 04:05 PM
Hiruko, fighting to stay in control of his body, felt the extremeties of the power that was not flowing through his blood. His now bulking body was twitching, as Hiruko held back as best he could. He only needed to draw blood, but this power made him want to kill. "Aaahhhgg!" Hiruko shouted and the dark energy semed to dissapear inside of him. He was now in control of his body, and his increadible new powers. He charged at light-speed, towards his foe, his giant blade at hand. "If blood is to be drawn then it shall flow." He said as he seemed to appear infront of the mage. He thusted his blade forward, right beside her cheek. He smiled and withdrew his sword. "But a simple task." He said in an unusually evil tone. He was in control of his body, but not his mind completely. He sheathed his sword, and unnoticably stepped up beside Gabrielle and put a finger next to her cheek.

Blood slid down her pale face, and onto his finger, as if the cut had just opened. He laughed evily and continued to walk forward, heading back to the base. The energy slowly faded, and the evil that contaminated his blood was now gone. Hiruko, in disgust of his own actions looked down at his hand only to find a crimson stain. "...For my... father." He said as he jumped up and began to fly. His black dragon wings seemed to absorb shadows, almost as if showing his emotions. Being a black guard he had no choice, he could only act, thinking was not his job... "For my father." He repeated.

He tried to remember what life was like before he became a guard, but the memeory seemed to be gone. Now all he was, was a puppet, controlled by a foolish man, who's intentions are to bring great evil upon the land. 'Is that what I really want?' Hiruko thought. but he had no choice, it's what he had wanted, and his decision cost him his freedom.

12-15-2004, 05:45 PM
Odios arrived to a room. He searched through the room looking for a book. The book his former master had named. He needed to know what was in it. If the Lycanthropy Scrolls were no longer here why would this book be of importance. He walked into the darkness of the hall. "What?" Odios had just noticed that he could no longer see into the dark and he felt no safety. Only cold dark walls. Where am I... Odios scanned his surroundings and in his confusion could not remember which way he came. "Hmm... What spells have I learned that aren't dark magic. Illuminus Fatheron!" A small ball of lightning conjured from his hand. Although it was a minor spell it was enuf to light the hall way. He walked back toward the enterance. He could see the hole in the roof and from his current vision no one to stop him. He jumped toward the roof. About half way he started falling. He landed coarsly on the floor. Guess I'll take the front enterance. Odios walked out of the building and looked around. He spotted his former allies fighting with her. I shall come back and search for the book later, but it isn't safe for me here... Without thinking he began to sprint away. It was obvious that he was there in plain sight but he was sure that both teams in the battle were hopefully to distracted to follow.

12-15-2004, 06:13 PM
Haldir didn't sleep peacefully for he couldn't stop seeing his commander slain in front of him. The nightmare just got worse and he dreamed of his family being slaughtered. He grasped his deep blue amulet and finally woke up screaming "NOOOOO!" It was loud enough that the whole city heard him scream the word.

12-15-2004, 07:00 PM
what tides are you talking about

12-15-2004, 07:45 PM
As Huron received the power from Samiel it had awakened something in Huron that was trying to get out. Huron then fell to his knee and held his hart as he could fell it beating not only that the beat was so load every one on the roof could hear it. The beat was getting faster and faster. Huron could not hold it in any more he had to let it out. This beast Huron was about to let out has been in his bloodline from what he could remember about his family. Huron body was slowly changing he started to glow a sliver colour and some of the beast was making its way out. In time the whole beast was out and on a rampage.

here pic of what beast look like.

12-15-2004, 08:12 PM

12-15-2004, 08:40 PM
Hiruko stopped as he felt a strange power coming from Huron. "What the hell is going on?" He thought as he turned to see his companion start ramapaging around the city. He unsheathed his great sword, "Damnit Samiel!" He shouted. "This is gonna get everyone here killed!" He said as he ran back. "Huron, Stop!" Hiruko yelled as he jumped from roof to roof trying to stop him without attacking.

red storm
12-16-2004, 03:13 AM
The streets of the city

Tanaya walked home in her new boots. They realy had a firm grip on every surface, maybe they could.......
Her thoughts were forcefully shattered as she heard comotion and saw a monster on a rampage. What the, how did that get in here?
She made a quick decision and followed the monster, hopping from roof to roof while trying to avoid getting spotted. She had to find out more about this monster, the agency would surely like to know about this.

12-16-2004, 03:47 PM
Hiruko heard someone behind him. He didn't know if he should stop, or if her should continue to fallow Huron. "Damnit." He said quietly as he almost tripped. "Huron!" Hiruko called again, to see if the monster would respond. He landed on a flat roof, and stopped. He held the great blade in one hand, and without looking away from Huron, he pointed to Tanaya, and asked. "Who are you, and what are you doing following this creature? You should run for your life, rather than run into your death." He said looking over to see who he was talking to. He withdrew his sword, seeing a seemingly helpless catgirl on the roofs.

12-16-2004, 03:58 PM
Huron had regained some control over the beast he was able to stop and turn to Hiruko “Hiruko… help… me… I have gained some… control but not a lot…” Huron struggled to say but after Huron finished talking the beast had gained back control. The beast had seen Hiruko and Tanaya so the beast started to go back. The beast had landed on the roof where Hiruko was the beast then walked up to him and move one of his blades on his arm forwards ready to attack the beast ready his attack and let it loose but Huron was able to gain control again and stop the attack about 5 centimeters from Hiruko’s face “Hiruko move I cant hold it for long” Huron was able to say.

12-16-2004, 04:03 PM
"Fool." Hiruko laughed. He jumped back, readied himself, and attacked. He tried to crush the beast with the weight of the sword, breaking it's bones instead of inflicting a serious injury on Huron. His attacks were relentless.

12-16-2004, 04:24 PM
Haldir ran through the city streets to were the monster was. 'What am i getting myself into' he thought as he ran.Skidding to a stop next to Tanaya with his bow in one hand. 'How did it get into the city undetected,' he thought to himself as he readied himself.

12-16-2004, 04:49 PM
Hiruko was trying to cripple the beast but its not working the beast is too strong his bones wont brake so easy “Hiruko try and knock me out” Huron said as he is slow gaining control over the beast.

12-16-2004, 05:51 PM
Haldir was beyond confused now. He kept looking at the three and wondered 'seriously how do i get into this stuff.' "Do you mind telling me whats going on and how this being is talking," he asked the man the beast was talking to.

12-16-2004, 07:56 PM
"This'll be fun." Hiruko said as he sheathed his blade. 'I can't believe those attackes did nothing.' He thought. He stood beside the monster and readied his fist. In an instant, Hiruko's fist had moved from beside his body, to the side of Huron's head. "That had to work..." Hiruko said as he stepped back, confident than he had taken the beast down.

12-16-2004, 08:45 PM
Hiruko’s punch hit its mark but it wasn’t strong enough to even knock him down all it did was made him turn his head. When the punch hit him Huron had full control of the body but he didn’t know how long it would stay that way so with his time he jumped off the roof and down a hole into the catacombs of the city when Huron hit the bottom of the hole Huron put his blades back to there original position from the way down cutting the sides of the wall witch caused a cave in of the hole so know one can follow him.

12-16-2004, 09:01 PM
"!!!" Hiruko was in complete shock. "What the hell has Sameil done?! That thing can't be destroyed!" Hiruko looked behind him to face the catgirl. "Again I'll ask you, who are you, and why do you chase your own death?" He asked with a smile. He left his blade in its sheath. This girl didn't seem to pose much of a threat.

12-16-2004, 09:19 PM
Haldir turned around and headed back to his hamock. He was obviously not needed here so he left the man and woman. Haldir walked down the empty streets and wondered what he should do.

red storm
12-17-2004, 01:47 AM
Tanaya arched an eyebrow as the man who had spotted her smirked. Obviously, he wasn't seeing her as much of a threat. She could believe that, it was one of the reasons the agency had recruited her. Someone who looks inocent and harmless would be less likely to be stopped.
But truth and appearance were two different things.
"Who am I? I am Tanaya and as to why I am chasing this monster doesn't concern you." She mentaly cursed herself for being spotted so easily. She jumped backwards and dissapeared into the shadows.
Or so it seemed for Hiroku, in truth she was hiding and observing. Just being spotted by that guy was hardly any excuse to abort the mission.

12-17-2004, 04:34 AM
You emagination is unrivaled..WOW!! Akira Toriyama WATCH OUT!

12-17-2004, 12:09 PM
Syunned at what had just happend, the image of Samiel that had appeard and disapated.Then the two humans gaining such strength all of a sudden, still if she hadnt been distracted with the vision of the old foe she could have easily taken them both out with no great effort.Looking at the drop of blood on her hand her will heald the cut immediately, she felt a bit of rage build up in her.

"I wonder what is becoming of me, I was cut by a simple blade."

Then started all the comotion in the streets with some sort of animal sounding beast running amock, turning she used her new found drive and she was at the rim of the hole in wich the beast must had most ashuradly escaped down into.It lead into the catacombs under the city, she must give chase, as she had something to retrive of hers in the first place she had recalled earlier.

*But first* she thought, her new found human emotions drove her. Shesensed her attacker from before, turning her eye's took on a omonous deep red glow as she turned.She flew up with such speed and force that it knocked the wind out of Hiruko grabbed him with great force, her white talons sunk into his upper arms and they went higher.Soon they came to a stop and she then had hold of him by one hand by his hair, Hiruko feeling the shap pains in his arms first looked at Gabrielle then he looked down, the ground below was at least 300 - 400 feet down.

"You somehow managed to draw my blood, Samiel is who you serve and with no doubt helped you manage that task.But as you see I can perform it quite a bit more easily, and what was the purpose of my blood letting since your master wanted it so badly.I know Samiel isn't petty nor a fool, so why was my blood what he wanted!? And what is going on with your friend, I wish to know before I have to hunt him down in the catacombs before anyone gets harmed by him."
Suddenly Gabrielle grabbed his sword sheath and all, hardly in a position to argure Hiruko did nothing. She held it and gripped it hard , her will set the blade afire, it began to glow and then from the tip it started to drip hot metal to the ground, untill the blade drooped and began to take on the appearance more of a twisted peice of slag.She tossed it to the ground and then ripped the gloves off of him that had her blood on them, they instanly caught afire blowing away in the wind.
"Answer me, I am not fond of killing but I will if it is the onley way to preserve life!"

12-17-2004, 02:21 PM
O.C.C. Hiruko doesn't wear gloves, the blood is stained on his hand.

B.I.C. Hiruko laughed. "You seem to think you are in control of me." He said looking her in the eyes, almost put into a trans by her beauty. But he was able to control himself. "I am not human, therefor, I do not fear this height, and I do not fear you." He said as his wings came out of his back. He pushed out of her grip, and hovered a few feet infront of Gabrielle. He looked at his arm, torn and bloody. "This is nothing. It'll be gone in a few days at the most." He said looking back up to face her. "I am a dragon, so your pathetic attempts to harm me are all in vain, because it'll take a lot to do that. And besides, Samiel -though I quite despise his crude mannor- will protect me, I'm one of his best knights."

He was again talking in his usual tone; evil, fearless, and a powerful tone. His blade was gone, but he could still fight with his hands. He clenched tight fists, in doing so all his knuckles cracked. He knew that this foe might pose a great threat. She was powerful, and seemed to know what she was doing. "And if you must know woman," Hiruko continued, "I don't know why he needed you to bleed, I do as I'm told, without question. I do not challenge Samiel, and he protects me." Hiruko said ready to attack when this woman moved. "And Huron... I have no idea, he might be reacting strangely to the power. It happens to to worst of us I guess. Those who can't control the energy the Samiel graciously gives us."

He then looked back to where the girl Tanaya was standing 'How did she... where did she go?' He thought as he looked back at Gabrielle. "Now tell me woman, who are you, where did you come from, and how do you have such great power?" He asked. Not wanting to attack her again, but knowing that if he had to he would.

12-17-2004, 05:34 PM
Not shocked by Hirukos development, the current situation had not changed.She hoverd in her place, her garbs flowing long into the breeze in a breif silence.
She was more than ready for a fight if would come to that, ready to unleash her vey worst but would not unless Hiruko was that brazen.

"I do not controle you, but if necessary I will stop you.Fear me not, but fear the fate your karma may bring to you.I am Gabrielle, one of five Shadow Mage hailing from the Terran Arnak.I was awakend from my centuries of slumber beneath the city deep within the catacombs, where your partner has run off into.If you care at all the recover him, and to stop further damage to the city.We shall put aside our differernces for the moment and search him out, I belive that I can eliviate him of the majick that afflicts him.At this point there is no need for us to come to bloodshed, the subject is quite mundain. I have never feard Samiel, I have seen his true form and have fought agenst him many times before. Now, let us go beneath the city to retrive your partner and put an end to his rampaging."

Returning her hands beneath her garbs as a non threatening gesture, she awaited his decision.

12-17-2004, 08:42 PM
Huron was walking in the catacombs of the city his beast was going somewhere but Huron didn’t know where the beast what taking them. Some time after the beast stopped and put his hand to a wall and then broke the wall down. The beast walked into the room he found and looked around the beast then let Huron have control of his body back and changed back into his human form. Huron then looked around and found a book on the floor Huron picks it up and starts reading the book. When Huron got to the back of the book he saw something he was not expecting to see a family line the very last name in the line was Huron Blackheart “What is this book” Huron said to himself “It looks like every one in this family line had a beast inside them based on a animal but my beast is not based on a animal. Then what is it” Huron said. Huron looked back trough the book and found a passage in the book the told Huron what his beast was and it was an unborn but Huron didn’t know what that is. It also said in the book when the beast comes out for the first time it will go on a rampage to get it settled into it’s new host but it will take some time before anyone can control there beast and use there powers at will. After Huron read that he put the book down and look deeper into the room and saw some close “I really need some new close” Huron said as he looked down and saw his ripped outfit he put on the close he found and tough they may be old but the fit “now to fined a way out of here” Huron said as he left the room with the close and the book he found.

12-17-2004, 09:04 PM
(Gosh I hate it when I put myself in wierd situations :<_<: makes it harder to find away to get back into the story)

Odios had just past by the catacombs. He saw 2 figures high in the sky. Is it them? Am I that slow? Odios looked around. He saw a reletively small door (like the ones that lead to basements) He decided it was a good place to hide and he was able to observe what was going on. He opened the doors and jumped in. To his surprise there was not a base or stair case, just a tunnel... of which he clumsily slid down. After his landing he stood up brushed his cape off. He peered around. It was increasingly hard to see anything even with the lit torches around him. He needed to find his way out. Odios began to walk in a random direction. He could here the flipping of pages and then "Now to find a way out of here." He recognized the voice as Huron's and without thinking he walked out in the opening and glanced at Huron. "Huron is that you?"

12-17-2004, 11:46 PM
OOC: Wow guys, fantastic work...I only hope I can keep up with you guys. Heh thats was pretty much all I had to say; give a little admiration to the players that make this story worth planning out. Well that and I've recieved two PM's reguarding when I'm gonna push the story forward, and to be frank its as soon as you guys are done with your scene. Don't rush yourselves though, what your turning out now is pure gold (and I'm a seasoned Storyteller for VTM so I know what I'm talking about) and I'd hate to see you turn out second rate work because you felt you were pressured. Well I suppose that its for now, have fun and keep up this beautiful art guys!

red storm
12-18-2004, 04:12 AM
Hidden in the shadows, Tanaya continued to observe Hiroku. She had lost track of the creature thanks to him, but another interesting thing had come forth after that. Or rather a person.
The shadow Mage from the catacombs.
Tanaya knew that she could find out more about the mage, Gabrielle she had called herself, by talking to her, but this was a nice oportunity to see her true nature, perhaps even more.
She perked her ears to hear what they were talking about, but even with her sensitive hearing she was too far away. Carefully, she moved closer. Her boots efficiently eliminating the sound of her footsteps, making for a perfect silent aproach.
She hid behind a nearby wall and listened.
"...........I have never feard Samiel, I have seen his true form and have fought agenst him many times before. Now, let us go beneath the city to retrive your partner and put an end to his rampaging."
That was the voice of Gabrielle, so she knew of the creature. It might be smart to continue following them.

12-18-2004, 10:32 AM
Huron herd something but he couldn’t make out the words so Huron turns around and draw’s his sword and walks in the way that he herd the sound “Who’s there if anybody is there come out now and I wont hurt you” Huron said as he continued to walk down the black passage.

12-18-2004, 11:07 PM
Odios walked out into the open. He could barely make out Hurons figure. "Huron its me. Are you ok?" In his haste Odios had forgoten about his betrayel to his former master. As he moved closer to Huron he could see his drawn sword. Odios immediatly took this gesture offensively. He drew his kotestu instead of his katars (figured that it would be safer because of the distance). "I am sorry." with his last words he dashed towards Huron swinging his blade at his neck.

12-19-2004, 11:49 AM

*Twang* Odios' blade rang with vibration as it was stopped in mid-air...Samiel stood before him now, and even worse he stopped the blade mid-swing with only his bare hand. He smiled warmly at Odios and pulled the sword from his hands dropping it to the ground. Then something shocking happened, Samiel took Odios in his arms and wrapped him in a brotherly embrace and softly spoke to him...
"Brother dear...I want you to know we bear no malice towards you. You may not realize it, you may hate us with every ounce of your being but know this, I...no we, yes we love you Odios. You are our brother, our family and no matter how much you rebel we will not turn our backs on you. I have never once meant to hurt you intentionally and I apologize for the guilt and pain that wracks you now...so sleep now my brother, off into beautiful dreams of our perfect world..." as Samiel spoke the final words Odios drifted into a deep gentle sleep, then Samiel held him in his arms and walked over to Huron
"I must apologize to you to brother...I did not know that giving you Lynch's power would awaken the un-born prematurly. I suppose we should have told you about it earlier but we were to indecsive over what your reaction would be. No matter though, now that it has been awakened you are one step closer to becoming one with the beast inside you. Come with me back to our home and I'll explain everything to you. We'll even gert you some better clothes then those dusty old rags."
After he finished speaking to Huron the three became encased in a warm white mist, it coiled around their bodies and seemed to comfort them...then everything became very hazy and they began to feel rather odd, Like their body was moving to some far-away land. When the mist cleared they were standing in the black sanctuary, nestled beneath Samiel's manor. A few of the servants came and took Odios to his room and laid him on the soft bed...it would be many hours still before he would wake. Samiel then sat down and put himself into a trance...
"Hiruko!" his words came booming into Hiruko's mind
"Brother have you gotten what I asked...yes...yes very nicely done, our father will be pleased. That women is still causing trouble for us but not for much longer. I'm going to bring you back home now...just relax and don't fight this feeling about to wash over you brother..."
Just as before the gentle white mist snaked itself around Hiruko and his body became hazy, then in an instant he was standing before Samiel. As he stood from his trance he appeared very weak...going into astral form so many times in one night must be very tiring. He rested a hand against Hiruko's shoulder for support and looked down at his hand.
"Ahh *huff puff* good my brother *huff puff* you'ver served the father well. *huff puff* I'm feeling a bit faint...could you *huff puff* help me to my chambers?"

12-19-2004, 02:32 PM
Hiruko somehow started to fade, and disapear.
"What the........"

Gabrielle in the blink of an eye sent a shockwave of destructive majick in the shape of a saw blade at the fading body in hopes it would make some contact with either Hiruko or Samiel would be evan better.
They both disapeared in the same instant impact was supposed to happen, she simply floated in the breeze cursing herself for allowing her feelings to get in the way of her duty.And now because of her herself and countless others will be in grave danger, she still was pondering why her blood was needed, most likely for a way to destroy her, and attempt any way.
Frustrated she flew strait upwards and the shot back down and easiley thrue the street where the cave in was, she went deep into the catacombs finding her once resting place.Within a hidden chamber beneath the catacombs itself, in a place long forgotten, she reached her chamber within the endless complex mazes swirling deeply underground.
Standing in the total darkness of the dank toomblike room, Gabrielle waved a hand in front of her and simultaniously all the torches lit in the area.She walked the room over to her old granet cercofigie, sliding the heavey lid open.She reached in and took out what appeard to be several multicoloured gemlike stones and tucked them away in her garbs, then she carressed the bottom of the tomb and pushed in.A small sized sliding trap door slid open, she reaced in pulling out a cloth wraped package.
Leaning agenst the side of the stone tomb, she unwraped it.Revealing what she hadnt seen since the darkest day's of the planet, the mask of Tisiphone.Mask of the mythical Shadow Mage Lord, not one has worn it in numerous millinina.It is fabled to possess the power to instill in its wearer renewed life force and pinnical powers that normal Shadow mages do not possess, power over life and death,the alteration of reality and minipulation of time and space.It was given to her by Mage Kali head of the Mage, in honor of her galent fight and sacrifices, before their long sleep.
Also contained within the wrapping was a reminder trinket, a madallion neaclace.She was wearing it when the Shadow Mages found her near death outside her village long ago, they had kept it for her all these years.

"Now I belive is when these times are about to go under the winds of great change."
She said as she gazed upon the visage mask of Tisiphone, it was pewter silver in colour,4 stranged coloured jewles embedded in it one beneath each eye and one above each eye.It was beautifull, but it's beauty took a persona most severe, the ability of universal consequences.

red storm
12-20-2004, 02:36 AM
The roofs above the city

Tanaya blinked as she saw Hiroku slowly fade and dissapear, her eyes widened even more when Gabrielle send her destructive powers towards the vanishing Hiroku.
After the attack, wich had seemed to have litle effect, Gabrielle seemed to be disturbed. But before Tanaya could do anything, she flew of and dissapeared into the shadows.
Tanaya decided that she had seen enough. Looking for Gabrielle would take too much time, even with her catlike senses and speed she was not able to keep up with a flying creature. And besides, she still had to report this to Lash.
Sighing, she jumped of the roof and started towards the Great Hall, this was growing more disturbing by the minute.
As she arived at the Great Hall, she started looking for Lash, he should be around here somewere. She thought as she looked around. Or at least I hope he is. She added hopefully.

12-20-2004, 11:11 AM
OOC: As you'll find out by reading this post the city of Dortor is one hardly held in modern morality. I intended this game for a more mature audience and while I understand there may be some young viewers out there, refrences towards some drug & alcohol use will be represented (If this were to have even a fraction of realism present you'd realize anytime a culture suffers extreme loss substance use rises...and I think losing 2/3 you pop. counts for that). If anyone has any problems with this please PM me, I'm doing this for everyone's sake and would be happy to alter anything someone finds offensive.

The Great Hall
Two great trumpets blasted forth in a firey paced melody...The Great Hall of Lord Samiel Du'Lacre (The cities leading philanthropist...and someone else you might know) was alive with celebration. It was always the chosen destination for parties of this kind because of its beautiful stone-work, ample room, and the abundance of vices. Inside a massive banquet was laid across twenty five large tables, it was enough food to feed the city guard for months!...not only was it in abundance but quality was not overlooked either. There were well-spiced meats of every kind, exotic fruits and vegetables from the jungles of Mao'Zentai, and a endless assortment of pastries to choose from.
The nights entertainment saw ravishing dancing girls scantily clad in colorful silks weaving about the Main Hall and many of the adjacent rooms. A half orchestra plays fantastic music in blissful overtones filling the whole structure with cheer and helping to mask the overbearing ring of all these voices. Set in the back rooms of the hall were lavish dens decorated with fine couches and arm-chairs set around a central bar filled with many wines and fines liquers...as well as the ever present sweet smell of opiates and Denra weed being smoked from all-around. Everyone in attendance was in high spirits (or inebriated enough to be happy anyway) and within an hour of its start the celebration was in full swing.
Lash sat patiently in one of the bar areas, gingerly sipping on a dark brown spirit while one of the nearby dancing girls entertained him. Although he certainly enjoyed his current company (and she seemed to be sending the same feelings back) he decided not make a pass...afterall what would Tanaya say if she walked in on the two...

12-20-2004, 11:30 AM
Haldir was quiet during the banquet. He didn't do anything what so ever even when one of the girls asked him a question that he would have except if he was happier. Sitting in a corner away from everyone else thinking of what he would do after this.'Im not a resident of the city so i might as well leave theres nothing i can do here,' he thought to himself.

red storm
12-20-2004, 11:44 AM
OOC: I'm not finding anything of this offensive, in fact, this is the best RPG I've joined do far! So there's no changes needed on my part.

The Great Hall.

Tanaya finaly found Lash and what she saw made her roll her eyes.
Lash was obviously enjoying the dancing girls, but Tanaya didn't get mad. After all, any skirtchaser worth his title would at least enjoy the view, that Lash wasn't making any moves of her only heightened his position on her moral compass.
She walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. "We need to talk." She whispered, and drew him into a lonely corner were she told him everything from the moment she had seen the beast on the rooftops until the moment Gabrielle had dissapeared "She talked as if she knew them, and even fought them."
When she finished, she shook her head. "I don't like this Lash, first we get swarmed by an undead army, second I find some sort of dud beacon guarded by a golem, third I encounter someone who claims to be a shadow mage, and now this. Something is brewing here.
She sighed and rubbed the sore spot on her shoulder, the chase over the roof had done litle to elevate the pain.

Flaming Child3
12-20-2004, 11:45 AM
im level 13

12-20-2004, 04:31 PM
The Great Hall : Banquet Hall
Revelry continued and things started to get a little louder, a little more crowded and things took on a wilder appearance. Amidst this organized chaos a stout dwarf with firey red hair and an unyielding aura of strength approached the lone elf sitting in the corner. He sat down next to him and drew out a long expertly crafted pipe, packed it with some Denra weed and took a long drag letting the savory scented smoke billow out. He looked over to Haldir and held the pipe out in an offering...
"Aye lad...helluva show you put on three days ago. Havn't seen fighting like that since we dwarves held off the scourge at Lemnia, though I don' know if any elves know about 'that little scuffle." Noticing that Haldir wasn't taking the pipe he drew it back to his lips and continued to enjoy (Elves as a race tend to stay away from mind-altering drugs).
"Hehe...ohh sorry there laddy, I havn't introduced m'self. The names Flint and I'm of the Mason clan of mount Lemnia *he took Haldir's hand and gave him a manly shake* Well anyway I suppose I should get to business...I have a proposition for you. I'm head of Dortor's Enforcer brigade and I'd like you to take up a position as one of the cities head-guards. Your a helluva shot and damn well defensive minded *he took another long drag off the pipe and laughed a bit as he exhaled* so I think you'd fill the position nicely. Not only that but you can act as an envoy to the High Elven kingdom of Sith'a'Niel...to be honest we've had trouble getting the elves to rally behind the cities causes. *He gave him a firm pat on the shoulder and slowly stood up* Hmm you seem to have a bit on your mind there lad so I'll take your answer later. Just come to King Sain's tower sometime and we'll talk alright?" he gave the elf one more pat on the shoulder and stumbled off into the party, going back to tables reserved for the enforcers. Haldir now had a choice...off into a dying world or into a fighting city, surely the elf had his decisions laid before him.

The Great Hall : Drinking Den
Lash looked at Tanaya and gave her his million dollar smile...during her explanation he seemed a bit preoccupied. As she finished he looked to her still smiling
"Tanaya dear...I'm glad you take our work seriously but you need to lighten up hon, after all its a party right? AND I noticed your shoulder seems to be bothering you, but don't worry I know just how to make it feel better..."
What was coming next she was sure he had scripted...probably another one of his slick little come-ons. Unfortunatly that wasn't the case, without hesitation Lash took her over his shoulder (like a sack of potatos) and began carrying her away from the bar. He looked over and softly bit her exposed thigh playfully then started upstairs.
"Ya know I'll admit though that I think something big is going on...I can't quite put my finger on it but I've been getting alot of bad vibes lately. Not to mention my prying has turned up some really weird things too..." He stopped in front of one of the many room doors and began to push it open
"But enough of that right now...like I said the other night, I'm gonna make you scream suga..." As he walked into the room a woman dressed in a midnight black suit richly emroidered with gold and silver fabric sat patiently on the bed. She had a red and black arm-band on that signified her rank as the master tactician for the agency...her beauty was captivating...haunting even. *Plop* Lash immediatly dropped Tanaya to the floor and saluted then approached the woman and kneeled.
"Well Lash its good to see your getting along so well with you pupil but if you can do me a favor and keep your sword in its sheath I think we'll all be better off. *She looked over to Tanaya* Hello agent, I've gotta say this wasn't the best first impression don't you think hon? *The master tactician obviously had already made her conclusions* either way I've gone over your findings and I have to say they are very interesting. Namely that beacon you found, while it is a forgery its on par with the beacons present during the time of the Black King. So I think you know where I'm going with this...if it were an original we'd have less cause for alarm, but that fact that someone has gained enough power to actually manufacture one of these has the agency down-right scared. Thats why I'm giving you and Lash a special assignment. I can't go into the details about it here so we'll have to meet at Geitz's on a later date."
The women stood up and smothed down her suit, her hands following her every curve...Lash was almost drooling. As she strutted out the door the pervert's eyes became fixated on her, well lets go with "assets", until the heavy oaken frame shut blocking his view. In a blur he was behind Tanaya and began softly rubbing her shoulders...the man had "magic hands" and her pain and fatigue seemed to melt away.
"So anyway Tanaya...about your other reward..."

12-20-2004, 08:19 PM
Haldir was alittle shocked at the proporsition that was in front of him. 'I have nothing else to do so might as well.' he thought to himself. He jumped up and said "Master Flint wait up i'll take your offer." "Allow me to introduce myself i am haldir of lothlorien at your service," he said with a bow.

red storm
12-21-2004, 05:15 AM
The Great Hall: Drinking Den.

Tanaya yelped when Lash swung her over his shoulder and began carrying her away from the bar. "Wha!? Hey! put me down, I can walk myself you know! HEY!" She yelped again when Lash softly bit her thigh.
In truth, he wouldn't want him to put her down though. She was enjoying every moment of it.
He ears twitched as Lash began talking. "Ya know I'll admit though that I think something big is going on...I can't quite put my finger on it but I've been getting alot of bad vibes lately. Not to mention my prying has turned up some really weird things too..." They had stopped near one doors this place was filled with and Lash pushed it open.
"But enough of that right now...like I said the other night, I'm gonna make you scream suga..." The silence was almost deafening, Tanaya tried to peek over Lash's shoulder to see what had stopped him, but she was dropped before she had the chance.
She turned around and gulped when she saw what had stopped Lash. Oh great, of all the times i have to meet one of the high ranking officers in the agency, they have to pick a moment like this.
She stood as the master tactician spoke to Lash, then turned to her. "Hello agent, I've gotta say this wasn't the best first impression don't you think hon?"
No, really? I hadn't noticed. Tanaya's ears flattened as she blushed beet red.
The woman continued her briefing and Tanaya's worry grew with every word. She's right! if someone managed to recreate one of those beacons, who is to say he can't do more!
".....Thats why I'm giving you and Lash a special assignment. I can't go into the details about it here so we'll have to meet at Geitz's on a later date." The woman got up and Tanaya could barely restrain a glare as the woman stood up and smoothed her suit in a most alluring way, drawing Lash on the edge of drooling.
The glare wasn't aimed at Lash, though.
As soon as the door closed, Tanaya felt the hands of Lash on her shoulders, his hands allavating the pain and relaxing her muscles. "So anyway Tanaya...about your other reward..."
Tanaya didn't answer. At least, not with words. She reached for Lash and drew him into a deep kiss. When they seperated, Tanaya purred at him. "What about that other reward?"

12-21-2004, 06:55 AM
Black Sanctuary

Huron was a little amazed about Samiel stopping the blade in mid swing with his bear hand. Then we where back at the sanctuary Huron went to his room and changed into his street close and then started to pack his bag. Huron started to hear great trumpets playing “Time to go” Huron said to himself before Huron started walking to the door to leave he walked up to Samiel and said “I’m going to leave for a couple of days to get my head together” Huron then turned around and started for the door half way to the door Huron turned around and asked “Tell me you must of know about the beast when you found me so tell me how long you new about me and my beast!” Huron was standing half way to the door and waited for an answer.

12-21-2004, 02:11 PM
In the darkness that enveloped the city, the great banquet hall was the brightest light in the city. As black looming cloudes traversed acrossed the moons full and radiant face, an ainchant shadow moved in quick and darting movements across the city rooftops.Gabrielle feeling so very renewed, full of energy, new found strength and a refreshed view on her position in the balance of things.Wearing her medalion made her feel much better, providing her a link between her old self and her new self, making her feel whole, something she hadn't ever rememberd feeling.The mask of Tisiphone securely tucked into her garb, she still wonderd what on this earth it would mean to actually don it upon herself.
Then with a great leap she had landed upon the stone roof of the great hall,walking around to where a semi stained glass skylight embedded into a gradual arch of the roof designe she peered thrue to look upon the great party.

"How wonderfull looking."

She would like to at least mingle, it had been a long time since she had been around alot of people in such an event, so long in fact that she could not begin to remember.Then having made up her mind, and with a plan in mind Gabrielle stepped tward the edge of a ledge then dropped off landing firmly slightly splintering the allyways marbled ground.Putting down her hood she began quietly chanting an incantation,moments later Gabrielle stood in the ally way in a beautifull black and royal purple velvet and silk long sleeved shoulderless dress.Her hair styled regally and looking ever so beautifull, she had casted a material vision majick.All her possesions were still there, just transformed and manipulated to her visionary will, but still able to revert in an instant.
She then walked around to the front entry to the great banquet hall, entering into the warm and lively enviroment, the feeling to her warmed her inside feeling the grandness of what it is like to be alive and well to do.And feeling as well as looking beautifull, she felt great being amongst all the pomp and splender of the hall and it's people.

12-22-2004, 11:37 PM
OOC: Well it should be pretty obvious this is a PG-13 place so I can't write in any real detail what Lash did. I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Lash's Room
Lash sighed happily as she laid on his chest, slowly running his fingers through Tanaya's soft hair. He gently put one of his arms around her and held her close, he had heaven right there in his bed.
"Ya know Tanaya for all I've talked myself up I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. You were like a tiger..."
He chuckled a bit at what he just caught escaping from his own lips...he never figured in a million years that she'd be the girl to one-up him. Lash then gazed into her endless eyes...and then he looked like something overcame him; like there was something he wanted to tell her but was holding back. He gently pushed her aside and stood from out of the bed then put back on his pants and sat beside her. She had fallen asleep while he was lost in her gaze and he figured it was best to leave on this note...while she laid lost in sleep a shadow slipped out of the room.

The Great Hall
The Celebration had reached it climax and a feverish dance broke out, soon all the revelers were out on the floor living it up. As Gabrielle passed by it seemed alot of the men were beside themselves, truely captivated with her beauty and before long she drew a small crowd. The men endlessly solicited her a dance (or a bit more...some of them thought she was another one of the dancing girls) but their company didn't really seem to suit her...half of them were to drugged or drunk to be any fun and the rest seemed interested only in her physical assets. Then a firm hand rested on her shoulder from behind and when she turned she was overtaken by who was there, it was the Dragon King Sain, a silver dragon in homid (half-human half-dragon form, kinda like a lizardman) form. He was radiant and stunning in everyway, his scales shined in the light and it seemed they were causing a soft glowing aura to surround him.
"Well now Gabrielle its been a while...a little over a hundred years if I'm correct. Care to join me in a dance? this little number is the nights last and it would be a terrible shame if we were to miss it..."
All of the other dancers moved away as they approached the dance floor and once they reached the center of the floor he took Gabrielle's hands and begun to dance. One would have expected it to be a bit akward, Sain stood about '8 tall in his current form and was fairly bulkier then his counter-part but despite all of this he seemed majestic in every way...dancing with unnatural grace. After the dancers artful display had ended the entire hall filled with an uproar of applause and the good lord Sain bowed to the spectators in accordance. The two the walked back to his table and sat then Sain looked to Gabrielle in a gravest manner
"Not that I didn't mind our lovely little reunion but I know there must be a reason for your awakening...tell me Shadow Mage, is he close to awakening?"

12-23-2004, 08:05 AM
Huron did not get an answerer for Samiel “ok then I gone” Huron said as he walked out the door. Huron was about to leave the city when he saw the commotion up at the Great Hall. Huron decided to have a look at what was going on up there before he leaves. Huron got up to the great hall and looked inside a saw a big party going on. Huron decided to stay for a bit to loosen up a bit before he leaves Huron goes to the table by the stairs and just watches the party for a little bit. Huron gets up from the table and heads for the food they had but a few steps from the table his heart beat grew hard and loud Huron put his had over his heart and keeps walking but he couldn’t keep it in any more Huron falls to his knees in pain the beast wants out but it wasn’t as bad as when he was on the roof top but it was still pain full. Huron was on his hand and knees with one hand over his heart the skin on his back was starting to move in and out the was visible to every one looking at his and the people trying to help him jumped back in fear. Huron’s pain became un bearable he let out a cry of pain that stopped the hole party.

red storm
12-23-2004, 08:48 AM
Lash's Room

Tanaya smiled as she lay comfortably on Lash's chest, with his hands running trough her pink hair. What a night! She thought to herself. She snugled a bit closer when Lash put an arm around her and pulled her close. "Ya know Tanaya for all I've talked myself up I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. You were like a tiger..."
Tanaya smiled and looked at him. "Well I am a catgirl after all." She murmered, and looked him in the eye. He was so handsome with that eyepatch, Tanaya idly wondered if he actualy needed it or if he just weared it to look handsome. She yawned slightly as exhaustion overtook her, her eyesight grew blurry as sleep aproached. She laid her head on his chest and alowed herself to drift away in the land of dreams. When Lash left, she curled up in a ball and murmered a few words of apreciation.

Unfortunatly, sleep would not stay long to the agent.

Maybe half an hour after Tanaya had fallen asleep, she awoke from the sound of a scream, a terifying scream that seemed to come from downstairs. Tanaya jumped out of bed and got dressed in seconds, then ran out the door to see what was going on. She saw a young man with short black hair and eyes as red as her own. He was screaming in pain and his body seemed to be morphing out of his own accord. Tanaya knew something was wrong, and she knew a way to find out more. She closed her eyes an whispered "Sharingan."
For someone standing in front of her the change would have been nearly impossible to see, but three dots appeared in each of her eyes. She looked over at the young man. Her Sharingan was one of her secret techniques, it allowed her to see movements of the enemy clearly and predict the next ones. She had heard that some were able to use it to copy techniques, but unfortunatly that talent was disabled by her catgirl bioligy. But more importantly right now, it allowed her to see what a persons soul was made of, and how it reacted to the circumstances around him.

What she saw in Huron's soul made her gasp for breath.

There seemed to be two seperate souls, yet, they were linked together by some form of bond. Although Hurons soul was in control right now, the second soul was trying to come out by force. Tanaya made a quick decision, she focused her spiritual energy into her right hand and leaped forward, straight at the transforming Huron. She raised her hand and slammed it down on his forhead. "SEAL!" As the palm of her hand hit Huron's forehead it began began to glow, and the word 'seal' in the ancient language apeared on his forehead. What Tanaya did was forcefully erecting a wal between the two souls. It was not enough to cut the link, but it would stop the creature from comming out on it's own accord, only Horun could decide when the wall would be opened.

Before anyone could realize what had happened, Tanaya leaped back upon the balcony, and hurried to her room. After collecting the rest of her stuff, she leaped out trough the window and dissapeared into the night.

12-23-2004, 01:54 PM
*Ooc:Wow this is getting good! Bravo Silentwings and everyone!!*

Running into King Sain and their dance took Gabrielle by compleat surprize, but confronted by a kind face from the past she quickly fell into place and they danced well and gracefully,despite his enormous size he moved like a man of smaller stature.Her dress flowing as they made their passes, she knew that he must know the reason why she was awake.After their dance the crowd applauded and cheerd, as they took their bows/courtsies King Sain led the way to his private table.After being seated Sain in a gracefull and gentalmanly way asked her the question that she was expecting, being one of the wiseest beings still existing she of course did.
With a deep sigh.

"King Sain, you are wise as the mountains themselves.That old hated power after all these years,is again beginning to stir deep in the darkness.The Black King is starting to gain power, but not yet of consious mind or solid form.But.....I have a hunch that someone is lending aid to his cause and to him Sain, and this part disturbs me.I have a VERY strong belife, that Samiel is directly involved and resposible for late goings on."

Suddenly there was an outburst in the hall, while the crowd was parting in a strange fear Gabrielle approched.It was a man and it appeared he was going into a shapeshift, she then realized it was the same beast that was unleashed in the city earlier.Realizing all of this she decided to intervein, preparing her powers she stepped forward.Suddenly something happend that she had not anticipated, a figure flashed into the room and made contact with Huron.The cat girl she had met in the catacombs had used a sealing incantation on him, stopping the transformation for the time being.Then just as quickly as she came the catgirl took off and disapeared back into the upper wing, now having some questions for the girl Gabrielle wanted to follow her.
But first was the present issue.Huron stayed on his knees in recover, weakend by his bout with his beast.Gabrielle came close and raising strength and power thrue her right arm and hand, she then extrended it in his direction.Huron then felt the undeniable haze of a strong comming sleep he had never felt before, suddenly he crumpled softly to the floor.

"King Sain, I draw your attention to a man whos involvment with Samiel is close knit.Perhaps he has just came from him, here for whatever reason.I leave him to your discretion, at the moment I feel I need to follow the one who helped in this matter, I have a few questions for her.I now take my leave, I shall return to finish our discussion at a later time King Sain."

Everyone looking at the beautifull gabrielle, gasped as they saw her dress and everything suddenly change into a dark hooded figure with white talons for fingers.Then suddenly her figure turnes to a black mist and travled very quickly in the same direction as the catgirl left.Leaving everyone looking at the crumpled figure of Huron lying there.

12-24-2004, 02:44 AM
Many hours after Samiel and Hiruko left Odios awakened. "Where am I..." He peered accross the room. His surrounding seemed familiar, it was though the memory was a book to far to be read but small bits and pieces could be recognized. He stood up. Gaining his balance, he walked to the door and opened it. It lead to an endless hall. Walking down the hall as if being pulled. Walking along for what seemed like hours in a dazed and sereil state, Odios came upon a door. There was something behind the door he could feel it calling him. He reached for the door knob and entered the room. The room was filled with small levetated bowls. Each bowl cradled a small glowing ball each with its own color and details. He moved across the room. "What is this..." He reached out to touch one. Before his eyes the room rapidly changed. He was now in a large city. There were guards every where running as if something gravely important was about to happen. Odios turned around and stared in shock as a boulder flew through the air hitting him. He shut his eyes and fell backward onto the floor. He opened his eyes, noticing he had returned to the room he was in before. "What happened..." He felt foreign emmotions through out his body. Anguish, hate, shame and regret coarsed through his viens. He stood up and regain his composer. The feeling that was pulling him called once more. He stood infront of another bowl. He reached out his hand toward the orb only a few inches away...

12-24-2004, 10:35 AM
The Great Hall
As Huron was at the gorund, shakily supported by his hands and knees the guards and Enforcers began to surround him. They seemed intent on finding out what the problem was...just as they approached him and reached a hand out in aid a voice rose over te crowd. It was Samiel himself, he slowly strided through the crowd and made his way towards his fallen comrade...as he passed people kneeled before him (he's the most respected person in the whole city, even more then the King) and gave their thanks for being in his presence. As he stood next to Huron Sain and Flint approached seeking some answers into what the disturbance was.
"Samiel, whats the meaning behind this? whats this mans problem?" Samiel bowed with deep respect to the king and the captain of the Enforcers then helped Huron to his feet and looked back to the mighty dragon
"Oh good lord Sain, I dearly apologize for what has happened here...this man is a friend of mine and is afflicted with a terrible curse. He wandered off from my estate in a daze and ended up here, I sincerely apologize for him breaking the celebration"
It didn't seem like Samiel was lying....how could he? The man seemed pure as an angel. Sain scanned Samiel throughly and began to walk towards his table, he didn't need to tell the others to follow they knew to.
"Samiel I have something to discuss with you...your our cities leading philanthropist and supporter of the people, not to mention one of my closet allies. You've filled graneries, cured sicknesses, and provided shelter for those who can't provide for themselves. BUT I've heard a most unsettling rumor from someone I deeply trust...I wan't you too look me in the eyes and tell me what your really up to Samiel"
Samiel knew why Sain wanted this...if you look a dragon in the eyes it'll see through any veiled lies right to the truth. Samiel smiled serenly and stared into Sain with his calming blue eyes...
"My lord...what I'm up to? why you should already know...my estate claers everything with the city before I do a thing. In fact let me put your fears to rest. You can send some investigators to my home to check around for what your implying. I swear it to you, there is no foul play involved...only my continuing generousity. But I am needed elsewhere and my friend here needs to reurn with me to get some help for his affliction. We can talk tommorow my lord"
Samiel stood and helped Huron up and walked towards the exit, a coy smile drawn over his face.

red storm
12-24-2004, 02:47 PM
The streets of Dortor

Tanaya ran trough the streets of Dortor, thinking about what she had done in the Great Hall. Had she made the right choise? Surely that..... thing hidden in the boy would have killed many innocent bystanders, but she had taken a great risk in sealing him. An agent works in the shadows. Wasn't that what Lash had told her? But if an agent worked in the shadows, they struck from the shadows as well. Wich was exactly what she had done.
Tanaya contemplated this. She had struck and vanished so fast she hardly thought people would recognise her. Perhaps if there was somebody she knew there, but there was litle chance of that. She hardly knew anybody in this city. Tanaya continued running towards home, but as she ran further away from the Great Hall, her instincts warned her.

She was being followed.

She cursed, someone had followed her from the Great Hall, but who? Tanaya was fast, faster then normal humans. This was part of her catgirl biology and that meant this was no normal human. She skidded to a stop and readied her sword. Whatever was comming for her would see what a catgirl was capable of in close combat.
To her surprise, what came around the corner was not a person, but a black mist of some sorts. The black mist concentrated itself and began to take a human shape. A dark figure became visible, carying a hood as black as it's cloack and talons for fingers. It was a figure Tanaya remembered all too well. An image that was forever imprinted on her memory.

The shadow mage from the catacombs.

Tanaya loosened her stance, but didn't sheat her sword. Although she knew this person ment her no harm, she wasn't sure what else may be waiting for her in this place. "What do you want?" She asked. "Surely you have a reason for chasing after me this long. So ask."

12-25-2004, 12:54 PM
Gabrielle approched Tanaya, easing the hood from her head.Then stopping a few feet from her, she looked Tanaya in the eye's and a slight silence was broken.

"I do wish to thank you, first and foremost.You saved a great deal of lives in the great hall tonight, you shown with selflessness. I was not aware that you possesed the capability of sealing certain majicks, it has shown me that you are truley more than the sum of your conterparts.You are differnt than the others.And one day soon you will become much more Tanaya, and it is the reason I wish to give you something dear to me."

Gabrielle reached into the brest of her garbs, then pulling out a medallion up and over her head.

"This medallion.........I give to you with honor and respect, may it keep you safe and ward off any ill will.Also may it remind you of your good hart and bolster your allready unyeilding courage, as it had done the same in my care."

She placed the medallion around Tanayas neck with care, she stepped back and smiled at her.

"That medallion.....I once wore it as a young teen long ago, it was a gift of my mother...... . Before the time I had became a Shadow Mage, when I was innocent and carefree, the time will never come again for that, not in my instance in any case. Take care my friend, for these times are darkening fast.And not all can be trusted, more and more this will come to pass.Trust your hart Tanaya."

With that said and done, Gabrielle jettasoned upward like a rocket and bounded the roof tops back twards the great hall.

OOC:I love this story!.:laugh: :happy:

12-25-2004, 03:57 PM
Haldir had watched the comotion from his corner and was thinking about what happened. He did not trusted this samiel guy he was way to nice and that man he helped looked strangely familiar. 'Something is stiring around here and i got a feeling its got something to do with lord samiel and the dark one' he thought to himself then left the banquet and to his hamcock.

12-26-2004, 10:50 AM
OOC: Sorry Larva, even your character wouldn't know about the agents...only King Sain, Flint Mason and the Agency know of its existence. Also since it was formed 30 years after you fell to slumber you wouldn't be able to justify knowing before hand either. Ohh and I won't be posting anymore story info until the 30th, I'm on vacation till then.

12-29-2004, 08:08 AM
O.C.C. Sorry I havn't posted guys, I was away on holidays ^_^. Well I'm back, and I finally finished reading. I know OnSilentWings is on vacation, but this RPG is about to fall over to the second page, and that wouldn't be too good. ;) so I hope no one minds that I'm posting.

B.I.C. Hiruko decided to go for a walk. The day was very exhausting, and he needed to relax. So much was happening at once. He walked up to one of Sameil's servants, and handed him his damaged armour. "Have it fixed for tomorrow... I'm not sure how soon I'll need it. Sorry to rush you, good sir." Hiruko said as he left to his quarters. He changed into a more casual outfit, something light, and comfortable. He gradded a small sword, attached it to his belt, and left the Sanctuary, and began to walk around the city. The air was calm, but Hiruko knew of all the troubles that would soon arise. He didn't know if what he was doing was right, but turning his back on his brothers and his father, would be preposterous. It would also be his demise, for any who betray the brothers are slain. "I made a choice, a stupid choice, and now I must live with it."

Hiruko sat next to a fountain. "My only family will soon prove to be my enemies. They strive for what I once wanted, but don't seek anymore." Hiruko was very confused. "They say that when our father is revived, we will be all powerful, but how do I know I won't be used as a sacrifice? Or maybe I'll just be thrown aside; useless, because Sameil will have what he wants." He closed his eyes and laid back. 'Hopeless' He thought. "My life is utterly hopeless." Hiruko opened his eyes, and stared into the star filled sky. "And this woman... the woman of shadow. Sameil has had me kill so many, must I now kill her aswell?" He questioned. "She is pure, kind, and a fearless adversary. How is one to kill such hostile beauty?" Hiruko again sat up.

"I'm a fool. An indecisive fool. I know not what I want nor what I need. Where I should go; what I should do. It's all a mystery." Hiruko sighed. "I'm doomed to lead a cursed life."

red storm
12-29-2004, 11:28 AM
The streets of Dortor

Tanaya sighed as she walked trough the streets of Dortor. She thought about what Gabrielle had told her. Sure, she had saved many lives in the Great Hall tonight, but at what cost? If someone had recognised her, she might never be able to carry out her duties towards the agency again. She shook her head, no-one except Gabrielle could have recognised her. Well, perhaps one of the catgirl dancers or King Sain, she necer knew what a dragons eyes were capable of, but the rest would have seen only a blur.
She unconsiously fingered the medalion Gabrielle had given her. At least someone had been gratefull for her actions. So gratefull, in fact, that she was willing to give a piece of her own personal history, laced with emotional value, to show her gratitude. So why couldn't justify her actons to herself?
Frustrated, Tanaya sat down near a fountain.

"I'm a fool. An indecisive fool. I know not what I want nor what I need. Where I should go; what I should do. It's all a mystery." A strange voice rang. "I'm doomed to lead a cursed life."

Tanaya's ears twitched as the picked up the voice and she turned to see the speaker. Black hair running down to his shoulders, with teo bangs hanging in his face, and two piercing, dark purple eyes. She smiled at him. "Well, that makes two of us. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who has trouble clearing things out for himself." She moved to sit next to the person. "So whats your problem, war engulfing life as you used to know it and you don't know how to move on?"

12-29-2004, 12:46 PM
Hiruko looked over to see the very familiar face of the catgirl that had dissapeared earlier that day. "More-less." He said as he sighed. He left his sword in it's sheath. He wasn't working now, he was on a well needed break. He would not attack unless he was indangered. "My life is... not what I want it to be. It's a lie, an illusion of what I once wanted, but now see no reason to have." He looked in the opposite direction, of the woman; no one was there. Hiruko looked ahead again. "What is one to do when you can't turn away from a choice made in anger, a choice made in fear, and foolishness." Hiruko made a tight fist, his knuckles cracked. "Nothing can be done to halp me, so I will slowly die; die knowing that I helped bring upon great horror and destruction to a world; peacful and innocent."

He looked back at Tanaya. "What do you care of this though?" He asked smiling. "You're a free soul, living a free life. You'd never understand the situation that I'm in; the questions going through my mind." He looked up at the stars. "Not even the gods have an answer for me. I've put myself in a hell thats better off not lived. Living my life will end up killing many, and inturn I shall fall to this lie aswell." He said regretfully. "Sofar, this horrid life I live has brought chaos upon my soul, and destruction upon so many. Hiruko closed his eyes and looked down.

He winced in pain as he moved his left shoulder. "This life has also, so graciously bistowed upon me great pain... and not just external." He grabbed his rapidly healing shoulder. "I have a question for you." He said looking at the catgirl sitting beside him. "Who are you... what do you want, and why do you listen to me as I speak about the crumbling path that I must now walk on?" Hiruko asked Tanaya.

red storm
12-30-2004, 05:28 AM
Tanaya leaned back to look up into the dark, star filled sky. "My name is Tanaya. As you may have noticed, I am a catgirl from this region. As to what I want..... Well, for one I would want to stop the war that is aproaching these lands. Although I know that I am strong, I do not know if I am strong enough to survive a war. And I certainly know that others arn't strong enough to do so."
She sighed. "It is something I have never understood in human nature, why do they have to wage war so often? What good will it do? They think themselfs above nature, but war is nothing more then a fight for teritory. And whats even worse, they destroy the teritory they're fighting for in the proces."

She shrugged and turned to look at Hiroku. "I suppose that's why I sit here listening to your story. Your 'crumbling path' as you put it. Some people may have the physical strength to survive war, but not the mental strength to do so. Those people, when they don't go insane, usualy end up doing stupid things, and that's even worse then going insane."

12-30-2004, 09:41 AM
Hiruko smiled. "I can handle it. I can kill the innocent, I can destroy entire nations, and I can laugh at what I've done. It's easy for me to accept it." He said looking at Tanaya. "But I will always know that I'm not doing the right thing. My entire life is not living my will, but the will of a fool, a fool who doesn't know what he's getting himself into." Hiruko looked away. "There isn't anything I can do to stop myself from what I'm already doing." He looked down. "I have two choices: obey my master, or face unavoidable death." Hiruko stood up and walked over to the fountain.

He fell to his knees and looked into the water. He stared at his reflection and laughed. "I've become a monster. And the worst part is, I don't want to be that 'monster'." He said as he turned around and now sat on the ground, with his back resting against the fountain. "I pitty myself. It's sad; to think that I gave up my freedom in anger; stupidity..." Hiruko closed his eyes.

12-30-2004, 10:54 AM
Huron was starting to wake up about half way to the Sanctuary “Thanks Samiel but I’m still going to leave but don’t worry I will be back in about 3 days” Huron said as he got to his feet. Huron walked down the city in the night and out of the gates and into the forest. After hours of walking Huron came across a temple so Huron goes to check it out. Huron walked into the temple and started to go down into the temple as Huron continued down the temple he saw some paintings of people on the wall. Huron kept walking until he saw this one painting that looked almost identical to Huron “That’s Ko. You still look like him hu?” Someone said from the dark hall “Ko? I have herd that name before” Huron said “You should he is you father” The person said “How do you know that” Huron said “I should I’m princes of the Zoanthropes” The mysteries person said “Princes? Zoanthropes?” Huron said, “You don’t remember do you? Than allow me to introduce my self I am Cronos princes of the zoanthropes” Cronos said “Cronos that name also sound like I know it” Huron said “It should we did play together when we where little kids” Cronos said. Huron started to remember long ago like Cronos said that they did play together when they where kids “Know I remember you. Pengu” Huron said “I haven’t herd that little nick name in years. So Xion what have you been doing?” Cronos said “Xion? My name in not Xi-“ Huron stopped saying as he remembered when he was found and when the name Huron was given to him “Xion that name has not been used in years” Huron said “I see but still tell me what have you been doing all this time” Cronos said.

Huron told him every thing that happened to him. “Hmmm… It would seem that your Zoanthrope has started to come out,” Cronos said, “What is a Zoanthrope anyway?” Huron said, “A Zoanthrope is a half human half beast race of people but people are starting to discover us and fear us they are trying to kill us now” Cronos said “One more question. All I know about my Zoanthrope in what it is and that I do not understand.” Huron said “Your Zoanthrope is a blood line only beast every one in your family has a Unborn inside them but over time the Unborns started to evolve there that only one’s that have evolved.” Cronos said “But what is a Unborn?” Huron asked “That is a question for another time. I will help you try and merge your two soles into one when that happens you will have all of the unborns knowledge and you will be able to change into the unborn at will and in wont go on a rampage and you will have full control over the body” Cronos said “Ok then but I would like some sleep is there” Huron said “Yes of cores follow me” Cronos said as he got up.

Some time latter “Here is the room. It was your fathers room and we have not moved or taken anything so take anything from this room it rightfully belongs to you.” Cronos said, “Thank you Cronos and you can call me Xion again I’m changing it back” Huron said “That’s good to heir I’m shore your father would be happy” Cronos said as he left the room and closed the door behind him. Xion (I’ll be using that name from now on) Had a look at the room and then fell a sleep in the bed.

OOC: in the next post for me my characters name has changed from Huron to Xion.

12-30-2004, 01:26 PM
Haldir laid in his hammock and gazed at the stars. He thought about what happened at the banquet and this war. 'What do i do when there is no hope,' he thought to himself as he looked up. Finally he got up and walked to the tents were the wounded were and veiwed the soldiers who were fighting something with no hope of winning.

01-01-2005, 03:10 AM
Odios stormed out of the room and through the halls. He passed a servant who politely asked "Are you ok?" "I'm fine!" Odios spoke, he could here the volume of his voice was extremely high to the point of yelling. Odios ran into his room slamming the door shut. "Zhazu, Safrine, Keakuro, Meastoso." breathing heavily he chanted incantations trying to keep his emmotions under control. Just thinking about it made him squirm. "Zhazu, Safrine, Keakuro," Oh try all you like... It makes giving in feel all the better. "SHUT UP!" The room fell deathly silent. He could feel his surroundings changing. He was not longer on the soft carpet but on hard stone.

(I won't get too graphic here.) Open your eyes... Open your eyes... Open your eyes... Odios stood up and opened his eyes. He peered into the darkness. All he could see was the outlining of a person. "Hello?..." He peered at the face of the figure. "Hello?..." Odios looked as the person came closer. He shrieked as he saw his face. It was maimed not worldly changed, but altered by the will of hell. Its arm reached out towards Odios. "Get away!" Odios turned around and started to run. All he could here was shuffling noises surrounding him from all directions, he could here thousands of them... He kept running. He could feel his foot steps go from hitting coarse stone to puddles. Startled he peered at the ground to see what was there. He felt another grab his arm. He pulled away and began running again. He could see bloody hellishly altered arms coming in from each side of him. He ran faster and faster. Finally stopping because one of them had caught his cloak. Soon after he was showered by them. "Let go! Stop!" He could feel them scratching at his flesh, Pulling at his garmets. "STOP!" He couldn't move away from this pain, there was no escape he was paralyzed. There nails dug into his scin shreading it. All he could feel is pain and fear. He could here there moans and a loud Sinister laugh ringing through the thick rot filled air. Do something. "I can't" Thats becuase you are weak. Your weak and you always will be. "There are to many" Aspsiris Drani Siprek Ezalta. Say it... "Aspiris Drani Siprek Ezalta!" A wave of Blackish Purple and Blackish Red and a Light blue flew through the air. Odios stood up weakly as he blood fell down through his torn clothes and through his obliterated body. Lanterns lit around the unspeakably large room. The room was illuminated. Odios looked around at his surroundings. He was in an empty church. It was not a holy one. He looked to the alter. There was a black figure standing there. "Odios... My child... You and I... will finally meet." Odios walked up the first step to the alter. "Father?" He took another. "Yes my child?" He took another "Is that really you?" He took another "Yes my son it is me." Odios took the last step till he was only a foot away from the others face. He looked at the man standing behind the alter. His eyes widened. "Its you..."

01-01-2005, 11:47 AM
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...and thanks for bearing with me on this one.

01-01-2005, 03:18 PM
When Gabrielle reaced the great hall's rooftop, she peerd in and listend as a voice she found all too familier started to speak.It was none other than Samiel himself, posing a mocking forgery of a nobleman.As thing's unfolded and the conclusion met at a point, Gabrielle knew that by the time the real truth was known it would be too late.The war would again begin, and the kindeling for that massive fire waiting to happen would be made innocents.Her eyes narrowed and emotion filled her, she could do nothing in this instance.She would be made to look rediculous, and the fair warnings of the grim future would again somehow go unhenderd.
Frustrated she decided one thing, she needed to consult the other Mages.And since their physical for have since gone, there was onley one way to go about it.She needed to return to the ainchant hidden Shadow Temple of Terran Arnak, the birthplace of all Mages.
"This shall be entertaining, I have not teleported this for in a very long time."

red storm
01-02-2005, 04:06 AM
Fountain square.

Tanaya arched an eyebrow. "So you're saying that you joined a side out of anger and decided later that that side wasn't the one that fought for the right cause? So why not leave that orginazation? You say you have to obey your master of face unavoidable death, but death is unavoidable. Everything lives, and everything dies. It is an unescapable law. Even the great King Sain, as ancient has he might be, will die one day. It'd how you die that is important, will you face early death as a useless slave, or will you take the risk to leave and live a litle while longer, but with a will of you own? Death will come, but if you follow you own goals, perhaps you will take some of your enemies with you."

Tanaya snorted. "Listen to me, I sound like a teacher or something. Well, gotta go. My stomach says it's time to eat something."
This was true, one of the downsides of a catgirl bioligy was an extremely high metabolism. They needed a lot of food to replace the energy they had spent during the day. And when you were saying a lot, that meant a lot. There was a saying, 'taking a catgirl out for dinner is like trying to fill a black hole' and that was pretty close to the truth.

She was about to walk away, when she remembered something. "I forgot to ask, what is your name?"

01-02-2005, 02:59 PM
Hiruko looked up. "I joined not knowing what I wanted. Anger forced my hand." He said. "If I took the risk to leave, I'd most likely be killed. I'm a dragon, but against Samiel and his dark powers I am nothing." Hiruko looked at Tanaya, ans as she was leaving, he stood to see her off. Then she asked him his name. "Hiruko." He said quitelty at first, knowing that she could hear him, but decided to say it louder. "My name is Hiruko." He said as he turned in the other direction. "I guess this is good bye, dear lady." He said as he walked off, not knowing if he'd ever go to speak of his feeling so freely again.

01-05-2005, 06:32 PM
...The following day...

Geitz's Tavern
The Master Tactician waited impatiently for agents to arrive...she slowly rapped her fingers against the bar and sipped on a drink, her deep eyes trained on the entrance. She lit upwhen she saw some movement from the outside...and even smiled when Tanaya walked in.
"Well now I'm glad at least one of you decided to show up...really I don't know how you put up with Lash. Uggh I've never seen that man show up on time for anything in his life if it didn't have a set of breasts. Either way I suppose I should get the briefing underway. *She straightened her galsses and opened a grey dossier* This mission is being assigned to you two at the orders of the Great Shade himself so I suggest you pay attention to the details. Our leader has found the information you've supplied him with most discomforting and upon recieveing it he had an investigation into the beacon brought up...what we found was rather, unsettling. Besides being a recently created copy of one of the Black King's beacon what you've found was also radiating a different aura, one strictly associated with demons...NOT the undead like the originals. Fortunatly this little addition to the beacon has made it easier to track down the source of the aura, in our case its a criminal mastermind named Ford. *She handed over a envelopoe to Tanaya* That contains all of Ford's personal data as well as a layout of his manor...our leader would like to see you and Lash infiltrate the enemy compound, retrieve any sensitive documents or artifacts, and finally run a search and eliminate mission on all of the guilty parties. EXCEPT Ford, you are under the strictest orders to keep him alive...understood?" Tanaya nodded and the Master Tactician stood from her seat, then she handed the cat-girl one more slip of paper
"Thats Lash's home address...why don't you drop in on the bum and see to it he gets some work done for a change, alright hon?" She then smoothed down her uniform the way she did before and struted out of the tavern. Something about the Master Tactician always seemed to get under Tanaya's skin (and Lash's heart). After a long search the Catgirl arrived at a large, rustic brick house...after knocking several times and not getting an answer she opened the door and made her way in. Everything was dark and quiet, it really seemed like no-one was home...until the edge of a runeblade jutted out from the darkness and pressed into Tanaya's breast, a second away from impaling her. A voice emmanated from before her...a women?!?
"Who are you and why are you intruding on my home?"

Sain's Tower
Servants hustled and bustled taking care of the morning routine...sweep here, clean there, make every meal (exciting don't you think?). Haldir made his way over to a large desk set in the grand lobby of the tower...The receptionist took down his information then showed him to Flint's office. When he opened the door he found the Dwarf sitting there, running a coral comb through his luxurious beard. The two exchanged greetings and took their seats, Flint sliding a piece of paper and a quill pen to the elf.
"Aye laddy, I'm glad to see you came and your interested in the position...we could sure use another member that ain't human in the ranks *He chuckled loudly* I always feel outnumbered by the buggers. Anyway just sign those forms and your position as one of the cities guard captain will be offical!"
He sat patiently as Haldir scrawled his name on the contract and shook his hand heartily when he finished.
"Well now, welcome to service in the name of the great city of Dortor..." The old dwarf pulled a cord suspended from the ceiling and a bell could be heard ringing down the hall. It was shortly followed by a dozen pairs of feet marching in perfect order that stopped before the door. A black man with a well trimmed beard and stern eyes stepped out from the ranks and bowed to the elf
"Goodday Captain Haldir, Liutenent Suren of the city guard and his men reporting for duty under your leadership" The guards saluted their new captain and Flint, then were dismissed back down the hall.
"Well Haldir thats your squad, those tweleve men are your responsibility now, yours to command. I have a job for you too...ya see I was invited to tour Lord Samiel's manor and investigate for anything that could be in connection with the recent events. Unfortunaly Lord Sain wanted to recall all of the Enforcer's for a important assemly today so my hands are tied, so in short I need you to go for me. It should be an easy job...hell I doubt you'll even find anything, after all its Lord Samiel were talking about here...not some necromancer diabolist. Well I guess I should let you be on your way then...the investigative party is already at Samiel's home so you better catch up."
The Dwarf shook Haldirs hand one more time as he stepped out the door towards the Enforcers metting.

The Black Sanctuary
Samiel sat upon the alter, flipping through the pages of a copy of the legendary Hruting's Litany. His blackguard had retrieved it the night prior from the Alchemy stores and he was now buried nose deep in his readings. Minutes went by, then hours...time was a blur to him. Until a mage clad in a red robe approached and broke the silence...

OOC: Ok I'll finish the rest tonight...probably sometime around 11:30pm Est. I have a few errands to run but wanted to make sure I started my posting since I just got everything back up and running.

01-05-2005, 06:46 PM
Haldir bowed politly before heading to lord Samiel's manner. As he walked He kept thinking about what happened at the banquet and how lord Samiel had been involved. Haldir wasn't from this country and did not trust many people and lord Samiel was one of them. He finally reached Samiel's manner and knocked on the door.

01-06-2005, 01:50 AM
The Black Sanctuary Cont...
"My Lord Samiel, I bring good news. I and the other Thaumaturge (Blood Mage...they can use blood to fuel evil magic or to change bodyparts through a sort of "Magical" surgery) have refined that Shadow Mage's blood my Lord. With it we can now know where she is at all times...we also believe there may be some other possibilities besides surveillance for this blood."
Samiel let out a villianous cackle and pointed down to a page in his book.
"Perfect! we can track her? fantastic really!...you see I think I may have just found a use for our little shadow dancer yet, here see for yourself Canas" Samiel handed Hruting's Litany to the red robed wizard and pointed to a passage in the book. Canas read through for a moment to and looked up to Samiel
"My Lord your genious surpasses all expectation. While we won't be able to bring anything very strong across we should be able to get a powerful ally from it...one that could surely help change the tides of the upcoming..." Samiel interrupted Canas
"Quiet Wizard, these walls may have ears...besides I think our conversation is over. I have to tour some of Sain's lackeys around...Thankfully I won't have anything to worry about, theres no way they'll find the Sanctuary. *He reached into vestments and drew out a few white envolopes* I thought it would be best to send the Black Guard out of town for a few days, I want them to meet The Noble at Ameideus. See to it that they each have a Nightmare (The black demonic horse with flaming hooves and red eyes, not to be confused with a bad dream) ready for mount and all the supplies they'll need. Give them those letters and see them-off Canas!" Samiel dissapeared up the stairs and then Canas went about his delieveries.

Odios's Dream
The figure snaked forward, his body seemed to be made of darkness itself...The very sight of him left a dead chill in your bones. But there was something more to it...a feeling connected to the cloaked figure, a feeling that only a father and a child share. The cloaked figure roiled up to Odios and stood before him, towering above his child majesticly.
"My son, I see doubt in your mind...anger and sadness...such grief. Why do you grieve boy? what is striking at your soul. Why would you seek to betray your father?!?
Nevertheless I still stand by you Odios...you are destined to lead a great role in the war to come. All of my children, all of the TRUE believers are..." The figure snaked around Odios, pressing him for an answer...it was time for a son to confront his father...

red storm
01-06-2005, 07:31 AM
Lash's home.

Tanaya gasped as the runeblade nearly impaled her. Who the hell?

"Who are you, and why are you intruding on my home?"

Tanaya pierced into the darkness, another advantage of the catgirls, the could see fairly well in darkness. She saw the woman who had been about to stab her to death. Most likely she was thinking she had the advantage, but she had obviously never fought a catgirl before.
Tanaya reached past the weapon and grabbed the wrist holding it, she twisted it, causing the weapon to drop and swiftly turned to pin her down on the floor. She twisted the woman's arm behind her and pressed a knee against her back.

"Let's make one thing clear, I don't take lightly on people trying to stab me, but fair enough, I will answer your questions, since I am the intrusing party. I am Tanaya, a catgirl, I am looking for Lash, is he home?"

01-06-2005, 03:50 PM
The streets of Dortor

Hiruko was walking silently and aimlessly. He was confused; distraut. what was he to do. His life was a mess, and his only purpose was to help bring death to everyone. He was fighting a huge war, and he knew that he was fighting on the wrong side, the side contradicting his beliefs, and his hopes for the future of the land. "I should head back to Samiel before he begins to question my absence." Hiruko said to himself as he started to walk in the direction of Samiel's mannor. 'My armour should be repaired by now, I've given that servant quite enough time.' Hiruko thought as he approached the door. Hiruko noticed a man standing there. He bore Sain's mark. "Can I help you?" Hiruko asked as he stepped up behind Haldir.

01-06-2005, 07:30 PM
"Yes, i was sent here to invastagte the mannor but i wanted to eximine it before the others got here," haldir answered hikuro question. He noticed he had a grim and confused expression on his face but did not ask why.

01-06-2005, 08:40 PM
Samiel's Mannor

"Alright." Hiruko said. "That shouldn't be a problem." He opened the door, with a key that he took out of his pocket. "May I ask if you were sent by Sain, good sir?" Marth said as he stepped inside waiting for the man to follow. "Samiel!" Hiruko called out. "There is someone here, he wants to look around!" Marth shouted, not knowing where his master was. Hiruko pointed to a chair in the front lobby. "You should take a seat while you wait. Samiel may be a little busy." Hiruko said as he sat on the chair opposite of the one that he pointed to. He crossed his right leg over his left knee, waiting for Samiel. He couldn't have this man just walk around the mannor, he might find the sanctuary.

01-06-2005, 08:50 PM
"Yes i am but im not the only one that is coming here well thats what they told me," haldir answered. "May i ask your name sir," haldir asked kindly trying not to be a annoyance. This was his first assignment and he really didnt want people to know.

01-06-2005, 09:14 PM
Hiruko looked over to the man. "I am Hiruko." He said calmly. "And I didn't ask your name." Hiruko stood, "You are?" Hiruko waited for a response, and heard no sign of Samiel. 'What could he be doing?' Hiruko though, 'I have things to take care of, I can't entertain this guest for too much longer.'

01-07-2005, 07:51 AM
"Haldir at your service," he said with a polity bow. He started to wonder what was taking so long. 'Why would he take so long this isn't right,' he thought to himself as he waited.

01-07-2005, 12:16 PM
Samiel's Manor
Samiel came walking down the stairway almost an hour after his guest had arrived...a small red haired girl was riding on his shoulders. He paused and looked at Haldir, then to Hiruko and sat the girl down bading her to go off and play. Samiel walked over to Haldir and bowed slightly.
"A thousand pardons good elf...I was a bit wrapped up with the children at the orphanage here (Just to make sure you all know, Sain's estate is about the size of a small theme park...It houses orphanages, hospitals, farms where crops are grown using magic, and even some of the cities courts) either way I wasn't expecting your investigative party for at least another half hour, *his smiled warmly* but I guess elves pride themselves on their punctuality. Anyway sir, my name is Samiel Du'Lacre...I thought I knew all of the cities guard captains, your new right?" Samiel held out his hand and Haldir shook it and gave him his name, after the two were aquainted Samiel walked over to Hiruko and took him aside
"Brother I have some good new for you, I've arranged for you and some of the other Black-Guard to visit his lordship, The Noble at Ameideus (The old capital of the Black King's lands). I'm sure you will benefit from your communion with such a powerful man...I'm sure he could help absolve you of some of this guilt your feeling (Samiel and the Black Guard are all blood bound, so in short they know what each other are feeling...but not why they feel that way)".
He patted Hiruko on the shoulder and gave him a brotherly hug, then gave him a small piece of paper detailing the time he was to be present at the estate to leave for Ameideus. After a few moments Samiel walked back over to Haldir and had him stand up, the other investigators had arrived and it was time for the tour.
"Well now, gooday to you all and welcome to my home. Before your investigation begins I'd like you all to come join me in the dining room for an early lunch...as you know this place is very big so a full stomach is a must if your touring it. This way please..." Samiel moved with grace and dignity as he led the men into the other room...He was the kind of guy who looked pure in every way; light eyes, soft hair and an aura of majesty rung about him. As soon as everyone sat down a train of servants began to bring out a host of different cuisine...and all of the investigators began to dig in, laughing and having a great time; it seems they almost forgot why they were really there in the first place...

Lash's Home
"Good reflexes doll...but I have a few tricks of my own!" The elven women held down by Tanaya suddenly flashed from out of her girp and was standing down the hall from her (she used Blink...a short range teleport spell). Just as the women was charging up a ball of searing fire in her hands something down right odd happened...the sound of a kitchen timer rang and the elf dropped her concentration
"Oh no! Its gonna burn!" The elf ran by Tanaya with startling speed and off towards the kitchen. Then a set of small hands wrapped itself around the cat-girl's back and squeezed with everything they had. When Tanaya grabbed the assailant she found it was a young girl of half-elven stock...who then immediatly clinged to the cat-girl again.
"ooohhh your so soft...I'm so happy mommy finally got me a kitty. This is the best birthday ever!" The child went about playfully pulling on Tanaya's ears and petting her like a house cat (Cat-People say its degrading, but they really do love being pet), all the while never releasing her iron grip.
"Somnii...c'mon now kiddo, off the poor cat-girl..." Moving down from the shadows of the hall was a man who seemed to define laid-back and care-free. He had long brown hair tied back, warm hazel eyes, and a relaxed way of striding. The man picked up the girl off of Tanaya then looked to her.
"Hey I'm sorry about my wife Maiev ambushing you and all...Elves are really protective of their homes. Anyway your looking for Lash right? C'mon he's this way, finally got him to help out with the party." The man led Tanaya down a maze of corridors until the reached and outdoor atrium, filled with children running about; It was a birthday party. To the far corner was a man dressed in a frog costume making ballon animals for the kids.
"Theres Lash hon...the guy in the froggy suit..." The man put his daughter on his shoulders and walked over to Lash, Tanaya close behind. As soon as she reached him Lash pulled off the mask and gave her his trademark smile.
"Tanaya babe, welcome to my humble abode *The man flashed a grim look at Lash* well my friend Kaplan's humble abode...heh I just kinda freeload off of him. Anyway, what do I owe the honor of your visit sugar?"

01-07-2005, 12:53 PM
One of the many great qualities of an elf was their superb hearing and haldir was able to hear what samiel said to hikuro. He of course did not say anything and acted casual. As they went to the dinning room he was not hungry and told the servants he wasn't.

01-07-2005, 03:25 PM
Samiel's Mannor

Hiruko, after recieving the paper from Samiel, walked off. He needed to find the servant. If he was to travel, he would need his armour. Hiruko knew that the sevant would not be working on his guard armour in the mannor, he'd be at the sanctuary, so It would be best fro him to look there. Though the sanctuary wasn't as big as the great mannor was, it was still a place that you wouldn't want to be lost in. The guard could be anywhere in there, so Hiruko had to find him. Hiruko entered his bedroom, on the top floor of the mannor. He had been a brother for so long, that he had no where else to live, so he -like most of the other brothers, under Samiel's wing- Had a room for themselves in the mannor. In the room, Hiruko had a secret stair case, that was hidden in his always lit fireplace. The staircase brought anyone who entered into the walls, and led you to the sanctuary.

The Black Sanctuary

When Hiruko entered the sanctuary, there was no one in sight. 'Samiel probably has most of the servants waiting at his early lunch.' Hiruko thought, as he continued into the hidden base of the black guards. While Hiruko was there, he remembered that the woman... the mage... she had destroyed his sword, and he would need to find another. He had a large supply that the sanctuary had made him (about 150 models of the same 4ft blade). He had already gone through about 20 of them, over the many years that he had been living with his brothers, but that still left him with a sufficiant amount. "You." Hiruko said as he saw a servant walking, and approached him. "Have you any idea where my armour is being kept?" Hiruko stepped up to the man.

"Ah, Hiruko." The man said, realizing that he was being followed. "Yes I do. If you woul follow me, I can bring you to it now." He said as he turned left and headed down a well lit hallway.

Hiruko followed. "Has it been completely repaired yet?" He asked, noticing that they were heading for in the direction of the blacksmith. He knew that if it was still here, and not in one of the supply rooms, that is was either incomplete, or had just recently been fixed.

"The armour is complete, sir." The short man said. "We have made a few slight modifications, to increase the durrability, making the armour stronger, and less vulnerable to both magic and physical attacks." Hiruko nooded, awaiting to see the new suit that he would be wearing in battle. "If you enter this room, you will see it over on the blacksmiths table. It has just been finished, you may want to wait for it to cool down, it may burn you." The man said as he walked off, leaving Hiruko at two big iron doors.

Hiruko pushed the doors open and entered to see no one in the room. The blacksmiths were probably working on it all night, so they were most likely resting at the moment. hiruko looked at the end of the room, about 50 feet away. There lay his armour. He walked over to see what had been done to it. He could tell just by looking at the suit that the black steel had been thickened, and to his amazement, all of the joints in the armour (shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, knees, and ankles) were made of a dark purple metal, that Hiruko realized was Mythril. The shoulders had a 5 inch iron spike on each of them, that curved slightly off to the outside of the body. He lifted the body, and noticed that it was about 35lbs heavier, but this didn't make much of a difference to Hiruko. He was amazed at what the blacksmiths were able to do in only two short days. "I'm glad this is done. I can get back into battles no." Hiruko said to himself. The thirst for blood had begun to flow through his veins once again. Hiruko put the armour on over his clothes and left, heading for the weapon storage.

Upon entering the weapon storage, Hiruko noticed a strange black blade hanging with his other swords. He walked over to see hat it was. The swordwas about 6ft long, and was almost twice as wide as his other swords. The blade was made of black metal, probably the same as his armour, and the hilt was made of the same purple as the joints in his armour. Hiruko grabbed the sword carefully, unsure if he could carry such a great blade. But, to his surprise, Hiruko was able to lift the blade beter than he could lift his others. This sword seemed to weigh nothing at all. Hiruko was in awe of whthe was able to do wit hthe blade. It was as if it was part of his arm. He swung it around magestically, and only one hand was needed. Hiruko walked over to a table to grab a sheath for his blade, and saw the bigger sheath that he had expected to find. On it was a note from one of the blacksmiths, it read:

Hiruko, you are indeed a great man. You fight for what is right, and make all of us proud to be working for our father. Help the brothers and help yourself, by freeing our master from this curse that has separated him from us. With him we will be able to live how we need to, live the lives that we have all dreamed of. We all worked hard on your armour and matching sword because we kow that you will make a difference, you and the other black guard are our only hope. Don't give up faith in our father, and keep striving to do the right thing. Help him, help us, and help yourself, Hiruko.

The note ended without a name. Hiruko's confusion was gone. He had to stay with his brothers. He wasn't fighting the war for Samiel, he was fighting it for the dreams of those he had lived with all of his life, and he was fighting for his own dream aswell. Hiruko smiled, put the sheath on his back, and sheathed the great sword. He looked at the note one more time, and crumpled it in his fist. He let it drop to the floor, and walked out of the room into the main hall of the sanctuary. He would wait there until his nightmare arrived to take him to Ameideus.

01-08-2005, 03:52 AM
(Geez I have missed so much :laugh: I read up. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile...)

Odios looked to this figure. He was lost for words. He could feel warmth and exceptance from him. It seem to overlap his previous feelings of betrayel, sadness, and anger. He searched through his mind. Trying to reason his feelings. "It... just doesn't seem right. I've never felt so against you Father." Odios stared at the dark figure in confusion. "This can't be wrong... I was on the brink of death yet you brought me back. I had nothing you gave me everything any man could ever want. But... Must I kill?" Odios shook his head. He felt silly for even asking such a silly question in the presence of someone so generous and giving. Even though he looked to his Father for a reply.

(lol some pretty weird twisted thoughts in there)

01-08-2005, 08:36 AM
Haldir couldn't concentrate with all the talking so he got up. "I need some air, Lord Samiel," he said with a polite bow and went out side. He paced outside thinking of what Samiel said to hikuro and everything else. 'This is a war we cannot win if there is a force working secretly, but how are they and what are they trying to do,' these were some of the questions that were running through haldir's head.

red storm
01-08-2005, 09:08 AM
Lash's home

Tanaya smiled, trying to hide he annoyance as Kaplan managed to peel the young girl away from her. She wasn't annoyed with the girl, though. She knew it was degrading but the petting felt so good. And if it was an innocent girl doing it... "It's allright." She said "I was actually more surprised at seeing your wife using blink. I always thought it was too random to be used in combat, if you materialize at the wrong time, you can get stuck into a wall. Not a pretty sight."
Tanaya couldn't help but smile as all the kids ran around in the room. She was tempted to join them and have a bit of fun, maybe getting another 'accidental' petting, but she reminded herself that she was here for busines. Even so, she could barely contain her laughter as Kaplan pointed towards a man in a frog suit, telling her that it was Lash.
She smirked, "So Lash, this is what you do in your spare time huh? Can't say it's verry impressive work, but a well, to each their own. Speaking about work, I need to talk to you." She dragged Lash to an empty room and handed him the envelope, then briefed him about what had to be done. When she finished, she added "What I don't understand is why we have to keep Ford alive, is he really that important?"

01-10-2005, 12:54 AM
Samiel's Manor
After the feast was finished and a good time had by all (except for one little elf...) the investigators stood up and began having Samiel show them around. All day long the group (Of roughly 45 men) went over the estates, checked Samiel's files and artifacts, questioned his staff, and overall just snooped around. But to no avail...the city's men came up without a single shred of incriminating evidence. Everything was perfect, eerily perfect...like a stage. A few of the men whispered their doubts as they filed their reports, it seemed like the men didn't even have a bad habit...let alone leading the source of corruption. As the group departed the mannor Haldir spotted something odd. A man dressed in a red cloak was leaving the estate, with a ominous mark on his hand...like a pentical. Hopefully the elf felt fit to stalk some prey.

Odios's Dream
The dark figure writhed about a bit as Odios spoke...everything seemed so surreal in appearance but true to its nature. Then the figure settled and walked like a man over to Odios...a feeling of comfort came over the Blackguard as it approached.
"Child...you ask if you must kill? I have never asked you to kill. I have asked you to aid the gods in their cleansing. The divine gave all of life, all the races a beautiful world on which to live and share with one another. Yet despite all the goodness they showed to their children the gods were only showed greed, hate, jealousy...The great wars. The gods were displeased, yet patient and decided to let their children be. Until man tried to become a god through a ritual of death...necromancy, a pure art was perverted by these men for the sole sake of slaying their fathers and drinking in their powers. They only had greed and wishes of death in their hearts...so when they tried to infuse one of themselves with necromantic energy I was born. I saw only death...I was armeggedon, atonement for all the dark deeds. The gods sent me to clear the lands so life could be made anew, a fresh canvas for true nirvana and peace. Yet some survived, they fought me hard and cast me across the void. There I sat content, through my ravages I had rekindled a spirit free of such hate the gods had seen before. All the races worked as one to batter me back, came together in peace and their heros showed me the finest example of a pure souls. So I slept, praying to never awake again. But time has passed, and the races have fallen again. Hate, greed, anger...its rampent once more, there is no sanctity. We must finish the task so all of us can be reborn unto a world of peace...perfect unity with each other and nature. That is why we must set these people free of life...to pave way for something more."
As the figure spoke the final words he began to trail off into nothingness and finally disappeared awakening Odios. On the ground next to his bed was lain a masterpiece as a parting gift, a chainmail vest made of Adamantine. When he donned it the mail seemed lighter then air and made his body tingle, focusing his senses to new levels. Attached to it was a short letter..."Ameideus...Witching Hour". He would be leaving for Ameideus at midnight, it would prove whether or not he was resolute in his path.

Kaplan's Home
Lash sat and slowly went over the report given to him by Tanaya (it took so long because he was busy eating half the girl's cake). After he had finished combing the report he sat it down and stood up, quickly moving down the hall. A few minutes later he walked back out wearing his agency gear, clasping the cloak as he sat back down. Kaplan walked into the two's room and looked at Lash in a grave manner.
"Your not seriously planning on running a mission tonight are you Lash? Maybe you don't realize it right now but you've got alot more problems then pissin the agency off tonight...if you don't wait for Maiev to finish it then your body's gonna reje..."
Lash cut Kaplan off in mid sentence and motioned to take it to the other room...it was obvious he didn't want Tanaya to hear what his friend was saying. After a while he walked back into the living room and sat down next to Tanaya
"Listen...we're leaving tommorow at sunset. I already talked to Kaplan and your welcome to stay the night...hell he even wants to discuss a few things with you tommorow morning."
Lash's voice sounded hesitant as he spoke, like he was ashamed...trying to hide something.

01-10-2005, 02:16 AM
Haldir saw the man and had never seen him before. So he decided to stalk the man and elfs are such skilled and quiet hunters the man did not notice him. This man could prove haldirs theory about samiel but who was he? Haldir didn't feel like getting in trouble but wanted to make sure he wasn't doing something wrong.

red storm
01-10-2005, 03:02 AM
Kaplan's home

Tanaya looked at Lash. He was obviously hiding something, but Tanaya wasn't about to ask him what he was hiding. That could wait, right now she had more pressing matters, like joining the kids.
Tanaya happily joined the kids in running around, alowed them to climb on top of her, some went on petting her but Tanaya didn't mind, she was enjoying her stay with the kids. As a wise man once said, 'It is good to remind yourself at times excactly what you are fighting for'
She smiled as she felt a familiar iron grip around her waist. She turned around to see Somnii. "Well hello kid, happy birthday."

01-10-2005, 03:11 PM
The Black Sanctuary

Hiruko sat, waiting for midnight, when the his ride to Ameideus would arive. The day was almost over. Hiruko had been sitting there for hours, trying not to think about anything. He only wondered why he would have to go to Ameideus. 'What could Samiel be planning for us?' He thought, as he unsheathed his sword. He looked at the black blade, and instantly the mage came to his mind. Hiruko stopped moving... he seemed to be dead, completely motionless, as he thought about why he needed to draw blood from her. Again Hiruko started to ponder his path, the choices that he was making. "Is... is it right?... Am I doing the right thing?"

Hiruko stood up; distraut. The giant blade fell from his hands. "Why is he doing this... What is Samiel going to do with her blood?' He looked down at his hand. The blood stain was still there, as if it was now part of his skin. Hiruko clenched a tight fist; confused he fell to his knees. He again didn't know what to do. He thought his mind had been made up for him, but even if he was fighting for the people's wishes, he didn't know if the wishes were worth fighting for. "My only allies are the black guard... the rest... everyone else are my enemies." Hiruko grabbed his blade, and stood up, he sheathed it, and continued to fight an endless battle in his mind. He knew he was one of the black guard, and would fight along side of his brothers, until he was ready to be killed by one of them.

He couldn't turn his back on what he knew, what he lived by, so he followed, knowing that he was doing wrong. 'Only in death, will I have the freedom that has long evaded me.' Hiruko thought as he stepped outside, waiting for the nightmare.

01-10-2005, 06:09 PM
Odios was delighted by his new armor. It fitted so perfectly. He began to gather his things. His mind was set free of his previous doubt. He understood his mission and his master more than ever before. He let out a sigh of relief. "I wonder where what's at Ameideus..." Odios walked up into the manor. He saw a fairly large group of men leaving the manor. "Hmm..." He left the building and walked outside onto a cleared area of grass. The new armor seemed to give him an even higher level of sense he could almost see the wind. "Wow..." Odios sat down and began meditating. "I will awake at Midnight."

01-11-2005, 01:48 PM
Occ:Sorry I have been gone a while, from time to time I may be gone but I will try my best to keep up and contenue my part of the story! I wont be leaving.:rolleyes:

Terran Arnak, a strange and foreboding place where few have ever set foot.A seemingly terrifying and hostile landscape coverd densley and made up mostly of jagged and sharp obsidian rock for as far as the eyes can see, coverd in shadows and seeping in non life supporting auras.It is a place none go, for there is nothing to be had and dark legends abound.Within the center lies the Shadow Temple of the Mages of old, towering to the desolete dark and crimson skyline where not a single bird can be found nor any living thing.The Temple was like no other, it was set into the landscape with no entry way in which to enter it by, no windows nothing.Compleatly encased.It is within the great Arnak mountain, along with the great tombs of the Old Ones.
There was a great hall in which the five great thrones were beset, and the all encompassing Alter of Shadow stood in the center.Gabrielle materielized within the great room, she had not been within these walls in a very long time.She immediately felt her powers practically slither beneath her skin, the power radiating from within this great hall was the pennical of all Mage powers.Millinia of majick eminated from the very walls, but none stronger than that comming from the Alter of Shadow which practically pulsed visually with majick. Standing she once again took in visually the place wwhich had changed her entire life.

"Home..........My sisters.......my brothers..........."
She gazed at the five differntly formed thrones, all so very intracatly carved by majick.She walked over to one familiar, and she sat.
"My throne........it has been all too long."
Just sitting she could feel her powers grow infinantly stronger, then she reminded herself of her reasoning for comming to this place of her Mage birth.She then stood and then walked twards the Shadow Alter, then knealing before it taking a deep breath.

"Great Alter of the ages, seir of my foreblood,and mother of my adepthood, I ask thy assistance.In lesser times I am aware that it is forbidden to wake the ever resting spirits of the past gone, but these times are growing ever darker and eminant.I Gabrielle, one of five summon the rites long enshadowed to all but the most adept, the most arcain. I wish to summon in arms the 4 mages of my apprenticehood, I wish to commune with them on this dark dayfor guidance partaining to the grave threat bearing down upon this great realm."

The Alter silent at first began to reverberate her strong voice thruout the Temple, thrue the halls and thru it's very core.She then knew that her counsil with her lost sisters and brothers was very near, as a warm wind picked up from nowhere.

"Wisteria,Amaranth,Tisiphone and Kali......"

Gabrielle called their names, her hand reached forth twards the alter and it belched blue and purple flames from it's seat.The smell of sulphur and camphour filled the air around her, the room grew darker.The darkness swirled before her an inky blackness seeming to consume the room,once everything appeared a solid black void she bagan to hear their voices, each one distinct and memorable.Soon after their astral forms appeard, Gabrielle felt at home again but recalled why she had come here.

01-14-2005, 08:15 PM
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01-14-2005, 08:24 PM
o.c.c. I'm waiting for OnSilentWings to post. Us black guards are leaving on a trip, and we can't do anytihng till further notice.

01-15-2005, 01:15 AM
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Samiel's Manor
The clock tower began to ring out in a low tone...tweleve strikes signifying the start of a new day, a new journey. As the Blackguard made their ways to the stables all of the complex was seeing them off. The children hopped out of bed and waved goodbye to their "big brothers", The chefs handed the men superb delicacies and Samiel himself presented them each with a a masterpiece of a cape made of a robust and plush material. When they reached the stables the men were each lead to their own mount, Nightmares with fur darker then the night sky and manes of searing flame...intimidating creatures to be sure. The stablemaster helped the Blackguard onto their nightmare's and began to give them the run down on how to take care of them.
"Well now none of them have a name yet so I suppose I'll leave that to you guys, they are yours now after all. Nightmares sleep during the day and can't be awoken for anything so don't even try...its a hassle I know but sunlight hurts them too. As far as food goes they dine on living flesh, so I suggest you have a deer or captured foe ready...they should be fine for a while though, only need to eat about once every three days. Don't worry about them rejecting you either...we blood-bonded them to you so they'll listen to all your orders and are willing to give their lives to save yours, loyalty to the end as it were. Ok well that should be it...you won't need to worry about steering the reigns, the horses already know where to go. Goodluck to you all, and may the father watch over you. Say hello to the noble for me while your there!" The stablemaster's voice trailed off as the demonic horses burst out of the stable doors with uncanny speed...far greater then that of any normal mount. The beasts galloped hard on the plains and within 2 hours were the distance a normal horse could travel in a day, it was a bit creepy for the black-guard though...when a Nightmare is running at night the only visible parts are the flaming hooves and mane, and the glowing red eyes. The party travelled east at breakneck speeds until daybreak when they moved their steeds into a nearby cave and let them rest...the entire night was a blur to the men, in six hours they had covered about 5 days worth of riding. Once the sun had fallen again the horses perked up and were ready for another go. The cycle went on for another two days (with the horses snacking on some unfortunate traveling merchants along the way) before they reached the border to the land of Ameideus...they looked upon the land and saw nothing alive. The horses pushed forward with great fervor and finally approached the black granite gates to the old-keep situated within the fallen capital and bade the Blackguard to dismount. As they approached the dark zigurat where the Noble resided a invisible force pushed them back and a cloaked goblin holding a lantern (looking kinda like a tonberry) appeared.
"Good evening to you, sons of the dark-lord...I am Surjis, the Noble's retainer. No-one may enter the ziggurat where my master dwells without first facing a test, a test of themselves...you'll notice behind me there is a door for each of you. Behind them lies both heaven and hell...and they will show who you truely are. So step right up brave children, enter these doors and find the truth." With that the small goblin held up his lantern illuminating three red doors standing alone in the courtyard. The Black-guard slowly approached one each and opened the door...
OOC: Ok from here your next post should entail what your character sees as an ideal heaven. I'll follow you up from there...everyone else its 2am and I need some rest. I'll finish the post tommorow morning. Till then!

01-15-2005, 12:01 PM
Kaplan's (Lash's) Home
Tanaya woke up and arched her back luxuriously, yawning loudly. She look over to Lash laying in the bed next to her, one of his arms still curled around her waist and gave a simple smile. She had remembered Kaplan saying that he wanted to speak with her in the morning about something rather important so she decided to go ahead and get that out of the way. She slipped out of bed (and left Lash sleeping like a rock) and put on her clothes, making her way down the halls. She hadn't noticed it before but the place had electric lights! (Only the Technomancer Corps hq had them, so its safe to say its damn rare) not only that but as she walked about the house she saw all kinds of gadgets she had never seen before...a machine that watered the garden, one that cleaned the laundry, even a stove without fire to heat it. Once she got to the room where she was supposed to meet Kaplan another suprise blew her mind, the door opened on its own as she approached! nobody had ever seen anything like that (short of magic of coarse). The room she entered seemed to be a massive laboratory jam packed with technological wonders of all kinds, the room was buzzing with the sound of electricity and gears moving and made for a very alien enviornment. Once she finally found Kaplan he was smoking a pipe and laying in a hammock suspended by two large metal poles, listening to a small box that produced the most beautiful sounds. He waved for her to come over and sat up, strecthing his arms as he did.
"*yawn* good morning Tanaya, hope you slept well. Anyway I noticed this whole place has kinda left you wide-eyed, most people are like that when they first enter a technomancer's lab...hell you shoulda seen Lash when he first came in her, the boy was down-right scared. Anyway I called you in because I noticed your wearing some boots I made and I thought I'd complete your set. *He stood out from the hammock and opened a metal store box and began digging around inside* so anyway how have they been treating you? the boots I mean. *Tanaya explained how they wore and felt* Oh yeah? no kiddin...guess they were a success after all. Anyway here you are, just finished working on these babies and I'm sure they'll help you alot on your next mission (Kaplan seemed to know an awful lot about an agency he wasn't aprt of). Ok this here is a High Frequency saber *he held up a sword with a black hilt set with a small red light and a blade that appeared to be almost blurry on the edges, as he swung it about the blade seemed to hum while cleaving the air* you won't ever have to worry about sharpening the blade itself and its superbly balanced, the best feature by far is the vibration function. When you press this small lit-up button on the hilt the blade begans to vibrate at an incredible rate of speed, so when you actually cut someone with it the blade will cause huge amounts of tissue trauma...not to mention it will probably break a few bones in the process *he turned the blade off, sheathed it and tossed it to Tanaya*. Now the next little present I got for you Lash had me make...he was complaining that you didn't have any real form of body protection when you went out on missions. *he pulled up a black suit (like the Sneaking suit from MGS) from the chest* Here, don't worry about it not being able to fit you it'll shape itself to the wearer. Now this body suit does a number of things...first off the suit keeps at a steady 78 degrees fahrenheight reguardless of the conditions outside. Also the fabric its made from is nearly weightless and is highly resistant to any form of puncture or laceration, not mention that its a fire retardent. Now anway I think that those should...*Kaplan sniffed the air, even Tanaya could smell a fantastic aroma creeping through the house* aww perfect, Maiev is done making breakfast. Mmmm smells like waffles" Kaplan appeared to be in a trance as he drifted up the stairs towards the dining room and Tanaya quietly followed him. Once they arrived they came to see Lash eating about half the table setting (The man had an appetite like a cat-person). Kaplan's eyes got wide when he looked at the decimated breakfast and wiped a tear from his eyes.
"Lash you bastard...y..you...your gonna pay for that! *he didn't even seem to move, but in the blink of an eye Kaplan had a pistol pressed against Lash's temple* that was my breakfast!!!" Maiev slipped up behind Kaplan and had him pull the gun down, Lash smiling the entire time.
"Now now honey relax, didn't I say none of your toys at the table anyway? ughh I don't honestly believe how you two can be so damn competitive about my cooking. Is it really that good? *the two men stared at the elf nodding, it must be to die for* well anyway just sit down ok? I'm gonna make more in a minute once Somnii wakes."
Kaplan sat down grumbling about his misfortune while Lash licked his plate clean. A little while later Somnii awoke and everyone got their breakfast (Lash got his second), Tanaya was down-right suprised by how good the food actually was...she could see why you might wanna shoot someone for stealing it. After the meal her and Lash went up to the balcony set off from his room sat down together (as in Tanaya sitting on Lash). He ran one of his hands through her hair and softly scratched behind her ears.
"Tanaya, I have a question...why did you join the agency?"

Shadow Temple
As Gabrielle called out to her fallen allies something very peculiar happened...her body became extremely hot, like her blood was boiling, and the worst feeling that she had been followed or that someone knew where she was washed over her. Nevertheless she continued bading the spirits of this place to come help her. After a short while and chanting a few mantras an incantescent aura seemed to shoot up through the center of the temple. Out from this pillar of darkness stepped a number of transparent apparitions, each who took a seat upon the throne.
"Gabrielle, the last of our kind...why have you called upon us? we had such peace in death?...is there something you must know? or a task for us to fulfill. Well, speak child" Her ancestors wanted to know the reason they were awkened, she had better have a damn good reason.

01-15-2005, 07:04 PM
Odios walked through one of the doors. The area in side was magnifisant. All you could see were rolling hills. They fell gracefully into the horizon blending beautifuly with the sky. Odios felt a bit startled. "This is quit a test... I wonder what the others..." He let out a *sigh or relief* and began walking. It was truly beautiful. There was only one sign of civilization. It was a city or town far off in the distance. "Well that must be where I need to go." He started running gently conserving his energy. Every step closer to the city showed more and more of its unspeakable peace and tranquility. The city was just bridges over a large bowl of water. Fountains were everywhere all leading down to the pool or water. In what seemed the middle was a large Pilar that rose so high it grazed the sky. The water seemed to be coming from it. "Wow... There is water everywhere" He wandered throughout the city for what seemed hours examining everything in awe. He sat near a ledge of a fountain and stared into the water looking at his calm reflection. "If only..."

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red storm
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Kaplan's (Lash's) Home

Tanaya sighed as she comfortably sat in Lash's lap. She closed her eyes as Lash scratched her behind her ears, and spoke.

"In all onesty I, I really have no idea why I joined the agency. In the beginning I had litle choice. I came to this city in search of a way to get rich, but as a catgirl without any connections, my choises were limited to dancingclubs. So when I joined the agency, I tried to fool myself that the agency was a path to glory and wealth, that soon I would be living like a queen and have nothing to worry about. Now that I am older and I learned of the folly of that thought, I find myself looking for the answer for that question. If it isn't wealth and fame, then what does draw me to this line of work?"

She opened her eyes and stared into the sky. The sun was rising, bading the sky in a brilliant orange red glow.

"I suppose that by now I have no choise. I have become a part of the agency and I now know the importance of it's task. We stop wars before they even begin, we eliminate criminals before they become a threat. Wether it is a person viewed as a saint or a martyr, if he is a threat, we take him out. I suppose the only thing what keeps me going is the knowledge that without me, more missions will fail and more people will die on the battlefield, because we were unable to stop a war from errupting."

01-17-2005, 03:08 PM
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Hiruko looked at the door. He didn't trust this place. It was too dark, too evil. But he knew he had no choice, he had to listen, or he might be found out, they might come to realize Hiruko's indecision, and his confusion. The might find out where his heart truly lies, and where he would like to be; how he would like to live. He looked ahead, without expression at the door, and slowly walked up to it. He saw Odios enter his, and felt a little safer, but still not completely sure of what he would find. He unsheathed his blade, knowing that anything could be a trap, and if this was one, he would be ready.

Hiruko opened the door and entered. At first, all was black, then his vision went blury, and all was bright. Hiruko blinked, and then rubbed his eyes. The blurriness began to fade, and Hiruko was standing in a field with short grass, the sky was dark, in a calm night, and it was raining lightly over the land as far as Hiruko could see. The moon shone brightly, and the stars were brighter than He had ever seen them. There were mountains surrounding the land, and not too far off, there was a city, a nice big city. No wall surounded the city, as if it would never be underattack, and there was a palace at the oposite end of the city. Hiruko walked through the starlit night, heading towards the city. He stared at it, it looked so peacful and a smile came to his face. He could see people walking the streets and laughing as he entered. Everything was perfect; the picture of beauty.

Hiruko walked down a road and people looked at him, smiling, he couldn't help but smile back as he saw everyone enjoying every second of their life. He continued walking, and slowly -after hours- made his way to the centre if the city, where a large fountain was located. Hiruko walked over to it and looked at his reflection. What stared back at him was a god... himself, but he was a godly figure. Hiruko didn't see the monster that he saw himself as when he was talking to Tanaya in Dortor, he saw a god. "This can't be right..." Hiruko said quietly to himself, and looked up at the dark sky.

01-17-2005, 08:23 PM
Haldir finally had enough following and decide to strike the man. He silently and quick knocked the man unconsious then taking him into the forest.Tying the man up he went through the mans pockets finding a book, some letters, and evil tools. 'This is a servant of the dark one,' he thought to himself as he flipped through the book. Haldir had his evidence but he had to read the letter he had also found. It was to a black guard but wasn't going to get to him the letter also said something about the black king.

01-18-2005, 03:05 PM
"My brothers and sisters,my mentors.Wisteria,Amaranth,Tisiphone and Kali.I have felt no choice in calling for your aid, please forgive my intrusion into your deaths slumber.The darkness of the Black King has begun to stirr once again, mortals and others are somehow aiding his return unto this realm.I have tried my best to deterr and stop these advances as best I could along the path of discovering them, but it seems to no avail as the people seem to be disillusioned by a man.Samiel still exists, yet this time in a seemingly mortal form.He has them fooled by a ruse of nobility, I saw with my own eyes.I fear that I will not be able to stop the upcomming resurrection of the Black King, and the war."

She stood and turned to face her decendants, her two brothers Wisteria and Amaranth, and her two sisters Kali and Tisiphone.Tisiphone allway's most dominating, and the most powerfull and wise of all the mages she was and is the centre of the Mage bloodline of power.As Gabrielle kneeled before them on one knee she also recalled the mask, she decided to ask of what use it could be to her in the comming future.

"Also ask of what servace this may serve to me in the future if it is needed."

As she spoke she fished the mask in its wrapping from her cloke and placed it before her, unfurling it's wrapping.

"And also......I feel that somehow I have been being tracked by Samiel.In a moment of confusion I had bled, and now I belive that someones minor craft has been tracking me.Forgive me, but I did not know where to turn in such instanses.I know much, but one may never learn all."

Gabrielle for some reason her thoughts traced lightly over the memorie of the catgirl she had given her medallion to, strange suh a thought would come to her at an instant like this.Knowing that her fellow mages could read thoughts, but now in death they have become true adepts and the persona of Shadow Magi.

01-26-2005, 12:46 AM
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Shady Underbrush
The elf tailed his prey all day long, through every district of Dortor. Once they got in an out of the way area he choose to strike and in one clean blow the man was at ground stunned. The elf quickly filched his belongings and disappeared to a more suitable location. Once he had settled down he went into the mans belongings and found some very odd things. There was a princes ransom in rare gems, some esoteric rune-stones, and a fine velum scroll sealed in wax. Haldir cracked the seal and looked upon the note finding only these simply phrases.
The tests were positive. She can give them passage. Hruting 5:37
What lay in the elf’s hands now was little more then garbage, but...but with some effort it could turn out to be pure gold. The only word that caught his eye was Hruting, the name of a legendary hunter and warrior. He decided with the clues he had to search for answers, but where should the elf even begin?

Lash's Balcony
Lash looked up into the sky and breathed heavily, then let out a slight chuckle. He had a devilish grin across his face.
"Damn good answer...I wish I could say the same thing you did. To be perfectly honest I'm sure I joined for much more base things then a sense of justice. *He paused* ya know...come to think of it I can't remember why I joined, hell can't even remember when I joined. Either way I'm in it for life now, that’s the way I see it...if we tried to leave without them retiring us we'd be hunted down and silenced. After all, you can't have any loose ends lying around in this business. If an agent went rouge they could bring the whole house of cards tumbling down. *Lash sat there with Tanaya for a while longer, always keeping one arm firmly wrapped about her, like he was afraid she might float away if he let go*.I swear I've been here before...doing this exact same thing...hehe this may sound strange but every time I'm around you I have the most profound dejavu. Anyway the suns finally setting...I think it’s about time we got ready for our mission don't you think? You should go get fitted in all your new gear, meet me on the roof when your done." Lash stood up from his seat, lifting Tanaya off him gently. He moved with a peerless stride and began bringing together his equipment. The cat girl watched him for a few moments and then made her way to the guest room she was using. She stretched into the bodysuit Kaplan had made her…it was perfect, a fit like a glove. After she got dressed in the suit and her agency cloak she began toying around with her new blade, it had superb weight and handling and the weapons feature made it a mighty weapon indeed (when its turned on the blade wouldn’t just slice a foe, its high speed vibration would viciously rend its targets body and most likely violently split its bones). Once she was satisfied with everything she made her way to the roof and found Lash applying face paint to himself. Something about him seemed very different from before…when he looked at Tanaya his eyes (or eye to be proper) seemed much darker, very cold and stern.
“ Alright Tanaya for this mission we’ll be referring to each other via our agency code-names (Red Storm and Vargas). *Lash drew out the house’s blueprints and began pointing out the route they’d take* Alright, our point of insertion is the roof. From there we’ll move down through the central chimney stack…its warm enough that it shouldn’t burning. That’ll lead us into the interior of the houses lower levels, once we reach the bottom level we’ll split up…I’ll take the northern passages to Ford’s chamber and you head towards the vault. Your job is artifact and document retrieval…anything that seems it may be of value is to be secured. Alright any questions?"

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As the days went by Huron had trained and melded his soul with his beast Huron now has complete control over what form he is in. Cronos then walked in his room and said, “Are you going back to town?” “Yes but I must thank you for helping me” Huron answered “It was no problem I’m glad I could help” Cronos said.

Huron had packed his bag and was at the door of the temple and said, “I will see you again my friend” as Huron left for the city. Sometime later Huron was back in the city and standing in front of Samiel's Manor. As Huron walked in he was wondering where every one was he looked around and found Samiel “Samiel I’m back… Where is everyone?” Huron asked Huron then waited for an answer from Samiel.

01-27-2005, 08:22 AM
Haldir needed some answers and he knew just where to find it. The elven council were the oldest and most wise beings on the planet. He whistled loudly and a black stallion came riding up to him. "Black sky we need to go to the elven council with him do you thikn you can carry us," haldir asked the horse while putting the stuff he found in his saddle bag. Dark sky simply nodded while aldir jumped on with the man right behind him. "Make haste Dark sky for something might be happening that we need to stop," he said nodging dark sky who took off.

01-28-2005, 12:19 AM
Shadow Temple
The gohostly visages of her ancestors swirled about the room as she talked. They seemed to be taking in her appearance, after all it had been over a hundred years since they'd seen any being bearing the pulse of life. When she began to talk the beings faded away and reappeared in their thrones. After listening to Gabrielle recount her tale they stood up and began to talk amongst themselves. Within only a few short minutes they disappeared and a small glowing orb of pure darkness materialized in the center of the room and from it boomed a intimdating but familliar voice. It was Aran, the avatar of the temple...The disciple of the first shadow mage. Though Aran was long dead his soul still burned incredibly strong and he was capable of the most terrifying feats, the shadow orb was one of them. It allowed him time to step across the void, to transend time and space so that he may commune with those who seek his audience. His voice was twisted at first, warped beyond recognition but it slowly became very clear. He was chanting a long forgotten spell, when he finished the orb dropped to the ground and formed a puddle of liquid darkness. It took a long time but Aran finally rose up from this portal formed by the orb and stood before Gabrielle in all of his dark majesty. He was a very odd being to behold, humanoid in shape but beyond that he was very inhuman indeed...his body was crafted of pure darkness, he had no facial feature (like a nose or mouth) save a set of burning crimson eyes.
"The others called me acroos the void child...they sought my wisdom to answer you queries. I bring you now all that I know...The mask is not yet ready to awaken, and will not lest the King of all darkness rises himself. What you hold before you is the face of that which shall be nameless...the man who transended this world of light and crafted one of shadow, our great founder. When its eyes open and you don the mask your life shall be stripped away and you will be reborn as the Nightwalker...only then may you enter combat with the king of darkness. But be wary child...he is something far beyond this realm...he is death incarnate, sent to this world by the greatest of forces. You will not be able to slay him alone...you will need the five others from the past. You have already been graced by one...who I shall not say, save you and her will rely on each other in the near future. As for your other answer...your blood that was taken poses a far greater threat then mere tracking. We Shadows are the only beings that can pass beyond this world of light and through the void. It is in that void, the great ethereal divide, where all of the banished ones lie. From the Black King to creatures far, far worse...with your blood thery now have a way to split the fabric of the void and begin bringing them across. In short the war to stop the ressurection of the Black King may have already been lost over a single drop of blood. Well then child I think I have answered your questions well enough...I cannot remain here much longer, I must journey across the void once more. Gabrielle, be safe"
As he spoke those final words and rested his hand on her shoulder the apparition faded into nothing. The Shadow mage had her answers, now it was time to begin the fight.

01-29-2005, 03:33 PM
As he sat in the serene surroundings, basking in its purity and blissful rapture a strange feeling came over him. Something wasn't right...he could feel it, calling in the air like a million euphermal whispers. He stood up and began walking towards what he perceived as the source. He walked over the water as if it was solid ground (and it didn't seem akward or strange despite its pure impossiblity) and the sky began to slowly change in color and appearance. It was if the sun was setting, everthing took on a brilliant scarlet hue as he stayed steadfast on his path. Suddenly a sense of urgency rose up inside of him...he didn't know why or hat was causing this panic but he had to find out. He began sprinting forward with everything he had and the further he went from the city of water the darker the sky got. It seemed like a hundred years until he reached his destination, the whole time a strange feeling was clawing at the back of his brain. What he saw was something out of place, a graveyard in the middle of no-where...there was no mausoleum, no gravekeeper just lonely tombstones. As he stepped into the hallowed grounds the earth itself seemed to shake, slightly at first but the further in he went the tremors grew more and more severe. Once he reached the final grave marker the name seemed to be glowing, but as he tried to read it the letters seemed only a jumble. All of a sudden a pair of small arms wrapped about his waist...when turned to look down and see who it was he could see himself as a child.
"I'm so alone. Please don't leave me..." He bent down to pick up the child, but when he took him in his arms he held only a lifeless corpse. He could feel something very, very wrong was happening...suddenly the earth began to shake again and a feeling of dread washed over Odios. It wasn't the quaking that struckj fear into his heart but what he saw on one of the tombstones...the name of a man he had killed. As he looked around he found he was in a graveyard of all those whose lives he took. He decided he should leave this place and began walking away, but as he made his way past the gravestones the earth began to shake more violently then ever before...and the dead dug themselves from their resting places. He could remeber them all vividly each and every face of the slain as they moved with unholy fervor towards him. He had no choice, he had to fight his way out. Unarmed he did the best he could, striking at the undead as they marched at him until he was grabbed from behind. One the beasts had restrained him...he couldn't move despite his best efforts but the undead kept coming towards him. When he looked forward into the cold dead eyes of his foes he saw something very strange...wifes and mothers crying, children weeping for the dead. Then it set upon him, a most perverse realization of all of his actions before his trip to Ameideus. He always told himself he fought to bring the people together...so that a great peace could be reached under a single banner, but now he saw everything he did was the opposite. Every life he ended brougt nothing but profound saddness to those related to the deceased, they found no peace and only harboured hate. His actions only kept him further from his cause...so long as he kept on his current path there would be no peace. No-one would find the happiness they sought, Odios would never find the world of peace he had created in his own mind. The undead carried him over to the grave whose name could not be read and chucked him deep into the earth. As he fell past the marker it was very clear now...a grave with his name. The corpses began piling cold, dead earth onto him and within minutes he was buried beneath the crust. Everything became very dark and hazy and he slowly slipped away...only to awkaen with his heart racing on the otherside of a red door. He franticly looked all about him taking in his suroundings and saw that he was back in the court-yard of the ziggurat. Surjis walked over to him and looked into his eyes...he could see the fear and doubt still racing through Odio's mind.
"Don't worry child, it was all a dream. Just a test...one where you would see the world after its reformation and what would be if it were not come to pass....your own personal heaven and hell. Now follow me...The Noble awaits and he has some very important things you must know."
The cloaked goblin held up his red lantern and led the way for Odios into the Ziggurat's shrine. Towards The Noble...towards fate itself.

As Hiruko walked through town everyone greeted him with a friendly smile and a wave...they all seemd to know who he was and held him in high reverence. Some even went so far as to call him a champion of the people. As they said this an image long lost in his mind came flooding back. He had always wondered where he came from...why he was a Blackguard and now it all made sense. As these memories came flooding back his view point took on that of a spectator (like he's watching a movie), he could see himself standing before a horde of bandits as they attempted to pillage the town. As each one charge towards him they were put down with great skill and speed, and aftyer a long grueling battle he was victorious. Hiruko could feel a sense of worth nd happiness within him as the people showered him with praise and called him their hero. He watched himself as he lived every minute of this perfect life. It was what he always wanted...a life where he was loved and appreciated. He even had a wife, and before long a child. It's funny how something so great ca change in one day....the scene shifted to him and many of the towns people dressed in what poor armor they could muster. Hiruko was pointing at a map, laying plans for a grand defense...it seemed an army of elves from acroos the sea were prepared to march upon his piece of heaven. He watched as the batle began...as spears were cast in every direction and a river of crimson flowed from the fields. He watched as he slew his foes to protect all that he lived for, but to no avail. There were to many of them, even for a master swordsman like himself...he was overwhelmed and his town was overun. He crawled from the field of battle, clinging on to his last thread's of life begging the gods for their aid to punish those who came against him. Then a miracle happened, as he lay slowly dying staring into a starless night Samiel appeared before him. He had the most beautiful wings of radiant white feathers (Like a angel) that glowed in the purest aura imaginable.
"It is a shame what happened warrior...really it is. Right your people suffer under the yoke of slavery and poverty. Your women are raped and your men slaughtered. I have come to you because I heard your call, I have brought something that will guarentee your vengence. I must warn you though...if you take what I offer you will slay those who came upon you, but only at the greatest price. Are you interested?"
Hiruko couldn't speak...he had lost so much blood that he could barely see yet he managed to nod his head. All that was running through his mind was hate for those who took everything from him, he had a mind set on death. Samiel drew forth from the air the heart of a dragon, still pumping with life and set it into Hiruko's chest. What happened next was all a blur...a shock of pain rang through his body and everything turned black. He watched himself turn into the homid form of a black dragon and swathed his way through the foes he hated so much. But...but it didn't end there, the beast insde of him hungered for more. He watched as he turned on the people he fought to save, rendeing their bodies apart and drinking in deep of their blood. He could feel the most sickening sense of satisfaction as he did...the whole time the dragons voice booming in his head to kill more, to take more lives, to spill more blood. When Hiruko finally came to he was caked in blood and looked as the black dragon slowly padded its way towards its final victims. It was Hiruko's wife and child huddled in a corner of their badly damaged home, shivering in fear. Hiruko rushed at the dragon trying to stop them only to find he passed right through, like he diudn't exist.
"Watch now ignorant mortal...watch as I consume that which is your heart. They appear so pure...innocent don't they?" The black dragon let out a hideous laugh and swung his claws into his victims. A spray of crimson and the sound of tearing flesh resounded through the whole village and Hiruko dropped to the ground in tears.
"So weak mortal...I find it almost impossible that Samiel would have choosen you. Nevertheless we are one now...you will never escape me. Let us usher in a new age of death...I will consume all that you love and yu will the the vessel of my destruction." With those words Hiruko finally understood what Samiel meant hen he said vengence at the ultimate price. Hiruko would strive for eternity to escape that which was a part of him, a neverending battle. The scene changed one final time...back to the fountain where he saw the cat-girl and himself as a god. He stood next to the black dragon who smiled and licked his lips at the women who had set Hiruko's heart at ease.
"Hehehe, a fantastic dish to be sure. Hiruko she will be our finest feast..." The dragon walked ovber to Tanaya and smelled her hair, then took her head in his talons and with his mouth wide open prepared to feast. Hiruko closed his eyes and dropped to the ground, letting out a earth shattering scream. When he finally opened his eyes he saw that he was back in the zigguart, on the otherside of the door. Odios and Surjis stood at the entrance of the shrine and waved him over, it was time to see The Noble. As he made his way towards him the only thing he could hear was that of a dragons laugh, mocking him with every step.

01-30-2005, 01:30 AM
Odios was a bit uneasy but when he thought about it more and more it began to make sense. He hadn't been paying attention before but he noticed how lovely his surroundings were. "It's nice." he let out under his breathe. The tonberry/goblin paid little attention and they kept walking.

01-30-2005, 03:59 PM
Hiruko was crushed. He couldn't accept what he had done. He would stop this dragon with all his might, or die trying to do so. He murdered his own child... this thought would never leave his mind. He would remember it as long as he lived. He would let this dragon do no harm to anyone ever again. 'I must still have a human heart... to be able to love.' He thought. The pain he had witnessed today he would never forget, and would always feel. No battle would ever be the same...

02-01-2005, 03:53 PM
In her knealing position Gabrielle felt Arans aura diapate from his semi solid form and spread back thrueout the temple, his words had helped her a great deal.But they also caused a deep dread to course thrue every fiber of her being.The Black King was one thing worse enough to release upon this world, and now the plans of this ressurection of the Black King expanded before her in her mind.He was not the onley thing planned to be released from the deep cold depths.

"My Gods.........they actually plan on releasing THEM........"

There would be absolutly no stopping the events that would unfold if timing was off, and if things did not go correctly.The greatest threat to the existance of anything that beard life, that would burn the heavens and scorch the planet.

""The Ogdru Jahad.......the seven god's of Chaos....."

Raising from her position she knew that everything had allready been set into motion, and time was relativley limited.Then bowing before each throne and once before the shadow alter, she put away the mask into her garbs after looking it in the eyes once again.Knowing the price that she will have to pay one day soon, compleatly giving herself up body and soul to become one of the key links to the onley hope that reality will have.
And thinking for a moment, she knew who Aran was speaking of.The other four she had no clue, but she would be keeping an eagle eye open for spotting them at all costs.

Her need to be here seemed to disapate, her need to get back to the city was definant.

03-02-2005, 05:27 PM
Ooc:Sorry about my absence, I hope that I have not impeded the story! I am surprized that no one has added to the story, where is everyone?

03-02-2005, 06:29 PM
I'm waiting for Onsilentwings, but he seems to have stopped posting. Us blackguard are all waiting for him... well those who havn't lost interest.

03-07-2005, 08:41 PM
Same here. Were kinda at a stand point huh. *sigh* oh well I can wait.

06-12-2005, 11:40 PM
Sorry for barging in on this, though it dose appear that it is rather dead in here:p Larva asked me to come here and check on her part in this story, took me a while....you all write so much! lol So whats up with this thing?:happy:

red storm
06-13-2005, 05:44 AM
ooc: RPG's kinda dead right now, lets see if I can bring it to live again!


Lash's Balcony

Tanaya shook her head "No further questions, let's go."

With that, Tanaya leaped on the roof of the house and began running for the building. Her catgirl grace and agility was really showing it's uses here as she leaped between walls and roofs. At some times she would look back to see where Lash was, but he never was far behind. Tanaya put it down to his experience, which far surpassed her own. When they reached their target, she slowed down. From here on, stealth was of the essence. She slowly climbed up the chimney and looked at Lash. At his confirming nod, she topled over and let herself glide down, stopping just before she reached the ground and climbed out of the pit.

The room she was now in seemed to be empty, but Tanaya kept her guard up. Just a few moments later Lash arived, she gave the okay signal and he left of towards the northern chamber, leaving her to go to the vault. Tanaya patted a bit of ash of her suit and went on towards her target.

06-13-2005, 02:30 PM
o.c.c. red storm, speaking only on behlf of myself, because I don't know how other people feel about this, I really do appreciate the effort, but without Onsilentwings, there's nothing we can do. This was the best RPG I've ever been in, but without a leader, there isn't much story for us to follow. Onsilentwings hasn't been on the site since feb. so it would be pointless to try and start this again.

...unless you wanted to take it into your own hands. It'd be a tough job to keep up this RPG, so I wouldn't reccomend doing it, but if you really want to, I suggest PMing all of the old members, telling them that we're starting up. You can't just jump into something this big without planning.

That's just my two cents. I'm ready to back you up any time if you need it.

Blood Metal Derangement
06-25-2005, 09:15 PM
I've read this entire story thusfar, and really to tell the truth there are actually a great deal of fantastically creative writers that are working on this story.It would be a great shame to watch it fall into oblivion, I am an experianced writer and very creative at things like this.It would not be hard to take the rains of a story like this, though I have not much time thrue the week due to my work and other responsibilitys I belive I could do a very fine job at salvaging it.
Seriously though, I can and will at your permission "ressurrect" this great story and possibly make it better and more exciting.Contemplate this, i'll check back in a few days to view the response.Trust me.......I will not fail and you will not be disapointed. We will take thing's from there.
I really hope that you all decide to to keep this fine story alive, it really is a peice of writing.:cool:

Moon Helix Avatar
08-12-2005, 05:49 PM
Hummmm, this thing sound's really good! Why is it not moving forward?? Who's the head guy and where is he, i'd love to join this story.What's going on with it that it's not moving for so long????

09-15-2005, 01:22 AM

*wink wink* dont ask how I disapeared or why, it really wont bring you any relief. I came back to see what people thought of this RPG, and I gotta say I'm pleased to see that people held it high reverence. Hell even I do, its really great writing. If you want it to start again PM me, I would need God_of_Death, Red Storm, Larva and ShotokanKyuYon to all participate if its going to work. You four were great writers, really the backbone of the story itself.

09-15-2005, 10:49 AM
Just to let you all know Red Storm is already on board, I would need at least one more of the others I listed last night to restart things...if you read this and are interested please contact me. If I can get what we need to start I'll allow new character submissions...any people interested in joining would need to forward me a character profile containing their description (appearance, age, ect.) as well as what task they would like (Black Guard, Enforcer, Technomancer, Agent)

09-18-2005, 02:52 PM
Well I suppose at this point in time I think there are only really two choices left. If I can at the very least get a few new players to round out the roster I'll start. Otherwise I am gonna have to lay this great game to rest. So if you'd like to join in this game please PM me with your character or simply ask to use one of the current characters who players are away (Huron, Gabrielle, Odios...ect.). Of coarse should any person return and choose to take their character back you would be forced to return it, although I could guarantee a spot for your new character

red storm
09-18-2005, 03:50 PM
Me thinks you need to post a new sign up thread. The old one got deleted.

10-04-2005, 12:55 PM
(Alright well thanks you all for returning/joining the game, I've really missed it. I need you all to realize there are alot of you to work with so please be patient in regards to me getting your posts done, thanks in advance for understanding. First we'll go with the two old members posts then I'll begin moving into all the others)

-=Fords Manor=-
A cloud of soot and dust kicked up as the two agents landed softly at the bottom of the main chimney. As the ash began to settle once more they were greeted with an un-expected suprise...there were corpses strewn everywhere. Lash cautiously approached one of the corpses and kneeled down touching the body lightly, then he took a finger and dipped it in the crimson pool beneath his feet.
"These men havn't been dead long Tanaya...the probably died within the hour ya kn..." Just as Lash was about to finish speaking a series of screams came from the mansions store room. Something about the screams was off though...they sounded high pitched and prolonged, a wail that pierced the silence like a shining star on the darkest nights. Lash narrowed his eye, let out a deep breath and went to Tanaya's side "Tanaya, I need to proceed with Ford's capture but...but whatevers down there soundslike its the reason for this mess. On your way to the store room if you run into any trouble you cant handle come get me alright *he softly stroked her cheek then leaned in a kissed her softly* I don't care about this mission as much as you...understand?" He straightened his posture and stood at salute shining his pretty boy smile. Then he darted down the hall towards Ford's chambers...he had his mission and Tanaya had hers, she still had to retrieve whatever sensitive articles she could find. So the young cat-girl cautiously began her journey to store room, all the while getting closer and closer to wailing...

Ziggurat Shrine
Surjis guided the two through a maze of dark chambers...the only light about was the dull red glow of the goblins lantern. The deeper they went the more they could sense it...something truly powerful dwelled within these walls, a unsettling aura emanated from every stone in the temple. After a long time had passed and countless corridors left behind the Blackguard were at the door to the main chamber. Surjis muttered a few words and tapped on the door, the massive frame then jolted open and bade the men to enter. What they saw inside was truly a suprise...they had expected to see some twisted dark alter but instead were treated to the sight of the most beautiful indoor atrium. It was odd all of these beautiful flowers and trees could live without sun or any apparent water source. Orange and crmson butterfly's swirled about the well lit room and flocked to a fallen tree stump, where a being dressed in a badly tattered black cloak sat. The beautiful creatures flew around him and landed on his shoulders, it was obvious that whom ever was before them must be a mighty powerful being to put off such an impressive aura. When Surjis signaled that it was indeed The Noble the Blackguard wern't very suprised, they could feel who he was long before they could see who he was. The two Blackguard slowly walked through the eden before them and stood before the noble, then they both kneeled before him. The Noble turned his head towards the two and grim smile could be seen beneath his hood, he let out a dry ancient chuckle and stood up. "My my...come now children there is no need to humble yourselves before me. You have passed my test so there is no reason you cant stand as equals..." His voice was croaky and raspy, like a person who hadnt spoke in years "When I looked within your dreams you were very afraid, afraid of the powers that burn within you both and what they are capable of...so my children how would you like your worst fears to be your greatest strengths hmm? I can turn the cycle you know..." The same grim smile could be seen below the tattered hood and Surjis let off a sinister giggle, the Blackguard had an interesting, to say the least, proposition before them...

Megumi Oaks
10-05-2005, 10:31 PM
Maybe you should start a new thread?

red storm
10-06-2005, 01:52 AM
ooc: I see no reason to, this way the old members can continue like nothing happened.


-=Fords Manor=-

Tanaya nodded to Lash as he dashed of. Taking in a deep breath she gathered her courage and headed for the store room. She slowly edged closer to a large wooden door, using her catgirl's grace to stay as silent as... well... a cat. She reached the door and laid her sensitive cat ears against the wooden frame, trying to hear anything that could give her a clue as to what was behind the door, and wether it was a threat to her mission... and her life. Unfortunatley, no other sound then the wailing reached her ears.

Hissing in frustration, Tanaya slowly pushed open the door. She snuck inside, imediatly seeking the cover of the shadows and nearly stumbling over a corpse in the procces. Tanaya had to restrain the urge to throw up as her eyes settled on the corpse, and the brotal way its stomach had been ripped open. Shaking her head to clear the nausia, she proceeded down the room, constantly staying in the cover of the shadows.
Now, where to find a valuable document. She thought to herself as her eyes scanned the room, taking in acount that there was a possible compromise to the mission.

Megumi Oaks
10-06-2005, 10:16 AM
OOC: Mm. Yeah. 'Cause it's not like you have tons of new members. >.> Bleh. Ah well.

10-06-2005, 04:16 PM
(OOC: If You guys feel like I'm just intruding horribly, then notify me, and ignore this post. =X I'm sorry, because I don't really have a clue where to start.)

-=Fords Manor=-
All Lucifer got from the message was something about clearing Ford Manor out, and documents of some sort. Damn, clean-up duty. Not to mention he had to kill the man who read the written message. He managed to squeezse his guilt into the mass pile within himself, and kicked open the door carelessly, knocking the thing clean off it's hinges. He was greeted by a scene of rotten putrid death. Corpses everywhere, lifeless people seemingly killed on the spot, the beautifully furnished floors now soaked with blood. Lucifer recoiled from the view, gagging once. "Dammit. Clean-up duty." Obviously some higher work has been going on here. So first...the documents. He took several minutes to puzzle out a place to start. Yes. From the top. Wait what was that? ...yes, it was getting louder...wailing? What the hell? Was torturing going on? Lucifer comprehended that if he interuppted, he might be assaulted, and might die. So instead, he ascended the stairs clumsily, his boots making loud echoes through the deathly silent halls with his heavy steps. Searching searching...

Megumi Oaks
10-08-2005, 10:43 AM
(OOC: I'm so for the starting my own intro, if you don't mind. I can always delete it if you had other plans.)

*Ziggurat Shrine*

Kalile flicked lazily at the fly that kept buzzing around her ear. She turned her black eyes, swirling with green in boredness, to the scene before her. The Noble, she could tell by the power radiating from him, and two Blackguards. They were blocked by The Noble's back. In fact, she had the worst view possible. She could not see The Noble, nor the Blackguard's faces.

Kalile's mind wandered for a moment, as she saw a beautiful dark flower blooming near her left elbow. How had this grown right here, in this exact spot? It was even undistrurbed by her movements before, when she settled herself. She reached out towards it, her hand hesitating and her eyes flickering silver in anticipation. Maime seemed to be watching with great interest as well, resting in the crook between Kalile's shoulder and neck.

Her long tan fingers finally plucked the blossom from the earth, though at the cost of a little yelp escaping her mouth as a thorn bit into her finger. Silence fell upon the shrine with Kalile's exclamation. Kalile's eyes now swirled purple in fear, and she was trapped. To move and try to run would be to face The Noble's powers. If she stayed here, they'd surely comb the grass and find her. Maybe.. Maybe...

10-09-2005, 04:24 PM
OOC: I never really had time to finish the last story, but I think I get the picture, so I'll just start posting now! And Silent I haven't recieved my Technomancer Master yet!

Woods of Rania

Suriku walked around the Woods of Rania, killing the creaures known as Drakens. The Drakens were small creatures made of Dark Matter, the substance that the Dark King was made of. "I'm finished with these creatures, I'll head back to town" He said as he finished the last of the small Drakan onslaught. He head back to town and rested up at the small inn. He placed his weapons away before going out into town, He only had his one dagger, Huratimiu, in his cloak's pocket. I wonder if "The Noble's"plans on resurrecting the "Black King" will succeed? He looked at the sky and let a small sigh let out, he placed his hood over his head, so no one would recognize him this time and walked out of the inn. He roamed around the town for hours as if a drunk. He needed the rest, since he was busy fighting Darkens too much, so he just relaxed a bit...

10-12-2005, 07:46 PM
ooc: okay, i signed up at "Perched Upon the Tides of Darkness (Part two)" ummm....is this the RP fourm? for Part two? or it dosent matter what part it is >.< sorry but im really lost.

10-15-2005, 03:20 AM
OOC: Well guys, I've gotta say I have the worst luck in keeping online this month. Yeah unfortunatly it was either pay for my high speed modem or keep the water running, and while I do love your company I chose a working toilet over AG. Thankfully my payday has come so I can remedy the situation and get back to the game. I just wanted to apologize for the gap, it was very bad timing I know...

-=Ford's Manor=- (Tanaya)
Tanaya slowly slipped through the door into the store room of Ford's great keep. There was a problem...everything was pitch-black, so dark even her keen eyes couldn't pierce through. Whats more she could here something shuffling nearby and the thoughts of the howling came rushing back, but thankfully it didn't seem disturbed. She crept as carefully as possible into the store room, moving with perfect grace past the plodding form. Everything was going smooth until she heard it...dense footsteps approaching from one of the side halls. Then she could hear the rooms inhabitant scramble forward while letting out a ear piercing howl...and that was all she heard. The creature's screech was so powerful on the cat-girl's sensitive hearing that it had knocked out her hearing for a short time...disoriented she stumbled about for a second until she felt her footing began to slip, and she was held teetering before pulling back. "Grr...enough already, I wont find anything without a light.." the cat girl proceeded to draw out a small paper talisman and etched a rune of light into it, causing it to glow like a lantern...she was glad she paid attention when Lash was teaching her the agencies tricks. Once her eyes had adjusted she was exposed to a sight far worse then what she would have imagined, the room was soaked red with blood; it looked as if a massacre had taken place. Corpses laid everywhere riddled with claw rakings and chew marks, she gulped and tried to flush away the images of the bodies as she began her work quickly filing through the articles laid out in the store room. After a few minutes of pushing through bloody papers and tossing the occasional priceless relic aside she had found something of interest, A note written on fine vellum paper with a map. It was a simple message, " We have the ingredients, now all we need is a recipe...check their cookbooks won't you Ford?". She looked over the map drawn on the back of the note and noticed it was city alchemical stores. Just as she was rolling up the scroll she could sense "it" from behind her, but it was to little to late. The screech was right behind her this time then a powerful swipe of twisted claws raked her back, she could feel the suit that Kaplan had made her wincing underneath the beasts tallons. As she sprang back in defense she cringed in pain, though the beast hadn't cut through the suit it had dislocated one of her shoulders. It was then as she stood in pain she saw the monster for the first time...standing some 8' tall with a jutting jaw brimming with fangs and bulging with undead strength it was grotesque; the beast was a Revenant, powerful undead with an unsatiable craving for human flesh. She had to be quick...she had to make a choice on her next action, time was precious

-=Fords Manor=-
The blackguard Lucifer was none to pleased with task...Samiel wanted Ford eliminated because he knew to much and had sent several Revenants to get the job done. Unfortunatly though they had been stalking the manor for several days they couldn't find good old Ford so of coarse Samiel called in one of his Blackguard. "Why do I always get stuck with the boring jobs...the elites are off conversing with the nobles while I'm on a snipe hunt? bahh!" Just then his griping was broken by a loud noise...the wailing again, and this time it was getting closer fast. Without the knowlege of what was coming his way Lucifer drew his balde and prepared for a fight, only to rest his mind at ease the form charging him was one of Samiel's revenents not a foe. The beast plodded up to Lucifer and shamblingly bowed. Lucifer scowled when he saw the cropse warrior bow before him, it always felt strange coming from the undead "Jeez alright at ease...go back and guard the store room or whatever you were doin..". He started back down the hall as the beast rushed back to his post, only to disturbed by the howl once more...but this time there was a womans cry as well! Lucifers blood started racing when he thought there may be an intruder in the manor, indeed he may get to have fun tonight. He charged as fast as he could into the Store room and saw the revenant standing before a injured cat-girl dressed in the strangest armor he had ever seen. Oh what to do about this little intruder...

(everyone else will have to wait a day or two for yours...it takes time to get these done. And sorry about the missing the bills thing...)

10-15-2005, 09:04 AM
-=Fords Manor=-
Lucifer eyed the woman uncomfortably. Women. Lucifer didn't like killing woman. A civillian stumbling in perhaps? No. No civillian wears armor like that. Lucifer sighed, and lowered his eyelids in quick thought of the situation, but still keeping his guard up. "Great. How unlucky! A woman to kill. Well, I can't run away from the job now..." Lucifer tightened his gloves and flipped his long knife, holding it upside down tightly with his left fist. Lucifer took stance, and then shot forward, packing enough kinetic energy in his movements to crack a brick wall with his glove knuckles.

Lucifer paused mid-attack, although not by choice. A loud jarring hum emitted from the clash between the Girl's blade and his steel knuckles, sparks spraying about wildly, causing flickers of light to dance about the room wildly. What the...Lucifer drew back quickly and prospected his weapon. A clean dent where the sword was. It can damage steel? Interesting...

Megumi Oaks
10-15-2005, 12:31 PM
OOC: Look. I don't mean to be a wench, but you -need- to keep on this. If I have to wait another couple of days, just to roleplay, I'm going to drop out. People aren't going to check in here daily, to hope you've updated, if you don't do so regularly. It will die out, like it did before. I'm sorry, but yeah. I want to post an RP more than every 2 weeks.

red storm
10-15-2005, 07:07 PM
ooc: I've played many RP's that took a week between posts, sure we lost members, but we had loads of fun. Besides, you don't need to wait for the gamemaster to post, role playing also means interacting with your suroundings or the other players.

Megumi Oaks
10-17-2005, 02:26 AM
OOC: Hard to interact with other players when they don't with me. Tried, didn't you see that? I've been the RP mod here before. RPs that drag like this don't last long at all. Expecially when the person that started it isn't even around. Many years in Tuxy's RP forum has led to that conclusion. It's a good storyline, but it needs to be guided, expecially when new players are adjusting themselves, and with the level of experience of some of the players.

super trunks
10-17-2005, 03:02 PM
ooc:Ok megumi oaks you can act like you met me some where in the castle.Oh ya and the only reason I didnt post yet is because im waiting for the right time.

Naberius The Slayer
10-18-2005, 02:43 PM
Hello everyone, sorry for my absence.Have been awaiting OSW return, this is Larva. btw.Lost my old account due to my bad memory, are we starting compleatly over or where we left off? Been so long, in any case i'm back to retain my helm of Gabrielle the Shadow Mage.Hope to see you all in the world here in OTTOD.

10-19-2005, 01:45 AM
OOC: Well now, I dont wanna sound like I'm harping on anyone but most of these comments should be placed elsewhere or PM'd...Megumi I totally understand what your saying, I am tardy alot (ALOT) but many times I can't really help it. I don't know your situation but mine is very hectic and I'm trying my best to keep up with this game, college, my girlfriend and working some 50+ hours a week. I'm not asking for your forgivness just some understanding...And if you guys really think that things are moving to slow then why not have someone volunteer to co-GM this game with me? just a thought but you shouldn't gripe about problems unless you have the resolve to change them. Also since none of the Technomancers have chosen a guild and all wanted a independent master I decided that I would place you under Kaplans wing, as it would be the best contact to jump you into the game.

-=Ziggurat Shrine=-
The young girl swallowed hard after she let out the yelp. Indeed she had gotten a very rare specimen of plant, one with many uses, but now she found herself in a very bad situation. The two blackguard had perked their ears when they heard her and the noble stood to his feet as well...she had to think fast. They began moving around in the brush not far from where she was, it wouldnt be long before they were on top of her. It was purgatory breaking in, but the young technomancer knew it was going to be hell breaking out. She had to think quick and time was running out...a mad dash? no too careless, a fight? no too reckless. Then she remembered a old trick that Kaplan had showed her...very slowly and quietly she reached into a pouch on her side and felt for a small mirror. Once she found it she pressed it between her fingers and began to concentrate, drawing on the energy that flowed through the Tunnel she used technomancy to spread the mirror over her body and reflect the ground below her. So long as she laid still it was a perfect ruse...so she laid there for a while. Minutes turned to hours and before to long the Noble led the two Blackguard from the Atrium into the temple. Now was her chance, her ONLY chance to escape...once more she relaxed her mind and opened the tunnel, calling through the psychic void to her masters mind. "Kaplan...I've finished the job. I have the layout of the Ziggurat recorded and I have the flower you sought, pull me outta here!" just as soon as she sent her thoughts blazing through the tunnel her eye sight began to become blurry and her body grew very hot. Then in a flash of light her body was being dragged through the Tunnel...one of the few true mystical uses for the was the art of jumping, a technomancer on one side of the tunnel uses the art to break down their body while her partner on the other side uses their skill to reconstruct the brave soul. Very few technomancers are capable of this great feat but thankfully she found tutelge under a great master, the Wiseman Kaplan. When she awoke she was in a daze, it was a side affect of the jump whenever you emerge on the other side your mind and your connection to the Tunnel become very strained and everything goes toppsyturvy. When she finally regained her senses she was lying in her room within Kaplan's home. "Ahh so you finally woke up dear...you know I was begining to worry..." Kaplans wife, the elf Maiev, sat beside her dabbing the sweat from her brow with a cool cloth. Just then Kaplan walked in, he pushed his glasses forward slightly and shot Kalie a gleeful smile "Its a perfect specimen...I gotta hand it to you, that was pretty ballsy sneaking into the Nobles Ziggurat like that. Hell one of these days your gonna have to tell me how you managed to do it...but for now I have a simple task. I need you to go out and find Surimano...see if he needs help collecting the dark essence. Once I get his part of the recipe I'll be able to make some damn fine ammunition for your firearms...I think he said he was going out to the forest but for the life of me I can't remember exactly where, so you may have a little search ahead of you. No worries I'm sure you'll do just fine. Now onto other business *Kaplan quickly slid to Maiev's side* whens lunch honey I'm starv...*WHOMP* " Maiev hammered her fist down on her husbands head and the two beagn to argue...it was a daily, well more like hourly occurance. The young Technomancer stood from her bed and yawned, the trip through the tunnel had really taken it out of her, thankfully her new task was far easier this time...now where to find her partner...

Naberius The Slayer
10-19-2005, 03:48 AM
ooc:YES!! Time to get my creativity flowing again!

#Terran Arnak Temple#

Taking a deep breath and a final look around her old home Gabrielle felt a twinge within her, then a broken vision passed her minds eye."It is the girl........Tanaya?" Sensing urgency in the vision nearly automatically Gabrielle's form dispersed in an instant into nothingness, leaving the temple once again empty.Not knowing where she was going, instinctively she honed in on the vision hoping to be led to the source by it alone.

-=Fords Manor=-

Tanaya stood at the ready with her blade pointed at Lucifer, he looked a bit puzzled at the slight damage her blade had done deflecting his attack.Before anything could go any further something caught Lucifer's attention, in the far corner of the room he noticed something very strange.The darkness seemed to be manifesting somehow, having no clue as to what was happening he instinctively started to backpedal a bit slowly.Suddenly in an instant the darkness that appeared before to be flowing took immediate form, a huge billowing hooded cloaked figure steeped from the nocturnal either and into physical form.It's attention directed at Lucifer at first then the cat girl, then to the hulking Revenant.The beast posed to strike for a moment then the foreboding figures cloak parted slightly revealing a arm of snow white the very skin appeared as some sort of organic Armour, the hand tipped with very long and slender fingers that were tipped with long talon-like nails blood red in color.The figure held it's slender arm out to the Revenant, it for a moment acted very strangely.Then it suddenly knelt before the figure, a soft glow surrounded the two for an instant and the next moment the Revenant had disappeared nothing but a dusty human skeleton remained on the floor at the figures feet. Suddenly a familiar voice crossed Tanayas ears, a haunting but welcome one. "It seems that your comrade is followed by trouble, you are injured...stay behind me for the moment you will not come to further harm.Do you have what you had been looking for, you did come to this deathtrap for a reason did you not?"
Gabrielle stood ominously between Tanaya and the Blackguard, this girl has something to do with all of this and there was no way that she was going to allow her to come to any further harm.Ready to use anything all the way to her full ability, she began to glow with an aura of light white/blue readying for anything.Tanaya startled and in pain was for a moment confused but quickly regained her senses, realizing who it was she began to think that it might be in her best interest.It was hard to tell how many more Revenants that there might be in this place, and in this condition her best wager might be with the Mage.

10-19-2005, 03:47 PM
ooc: Interesting...magic....my my, whatever shalt I do?

-=Ford's Manor=-
Lucifer eyed the new opponent warily, coming from nowhere and taking his cotnrol of the scene. She moved into place between his target and suddenly emitted light. Obviously, it was the work of magic. He saw his backup disappear into dust right next to him at the whim of the new enemy. Lucifer was now one to two, even though one was injured. He had to measure up his odds completely and evaluate his new conditions. Lucifer whipped out two daggers, and hurled them at the mage, one flying for the heart, and the other for the throat, and giving a split moment, he let loose a second volley to follow the first towards the stomach. Lucifer Punched his fists together, sparks spraying from the clash, and launched forward with as much thrust that he could manage, his fist stretched back poised for a crushing to the chest as a third follow-up strike to his blade volleys. Lucifer didn't expect to get a killing blow on the woman, but he has to probe her strengths somehow.

Naberius The Slayer
10-19-2005, 08:46 PM
As Lucifer stood studying her, his mind was speaking a bit loudly as she could pick up a bit of his thought's as they seemed to go through his mind quite haphazardly as most human thoughts do.Then as he made his move as she knew he would react rashly due to his alliance to the black guard, she smiled at the multiple daggers that rushed toward their targets on her body.He was rushing twards her as well, a hopeful blitz attack....
Time is wasting she thought to herself as the second of opportunity came, a wide arcing wave of her cloak instantaneously took all four daggers from the air and planted them deeply into the floor beside her.All in the same motion her right arm came out and her fist collided with his in a stand off, she went slightly over the equal to the force he used his steel glove starting to shatter under the pressure.Ready for anything else he may try Gabrielle held her ground on human terms with the guard for now, he was never going to be allowed to pass her.
In a tone that can not be described she spoke in a hushed tone.
"Majik yes black guard........but no ordinary majik I'm afraid."
Gabrielle was completely unaffected by this weak offensive, she stood in this stand off as if no effort were being exerted.

"Spekekjøtt" She said with an empty face.

Evan so Lucifer could not avoid noticing how beautiful this strange and ominous opponent was, her flawless face and eyes of brilliant fire.

10-20-2005, 02:00 AM
-=Ford's Manor=-
The Shadow mage and Blackguard clashed back and forth in a display of raw prowess and didn't stop to pay much mind to anything else. Shelves we're being ripped apart and priceless artifacts rendered asunder, the fight was beggining to escalate. But luckily for the Blackguard the commotion had stirred his back-up, and they came charging from all directions in the manor towards the store-room...The agent stood and beheld the fight for a moment before she seized the oppurtunity to hide away. She quickly stashed the stolen information on one of the suits pockets, and looked to her arm; She could pop the shoulder back into place but she knew using the arm after that would still be extremely painful. Just as she had began to compose herself the cat-girl's keen ears picked up the Blackguards help, several dozen revenents charging towards the store room burning with undeaths fury. The Blackguard clashed with the Shadow Mage one last time before he landed nimbly before the store rooms entrances wooden door, and turned towards his foe with a smile, "Your not half bad ya know? and it's a shame that I have to kill a pretty girl like you...But thats just the business I guess.". His speech had bought him a little time, and as the mighty undead rushed towards the room he could feel his strength growing, feeding off the energy of so many dark creatures auras bombarding him at once. A dark purple essence appeared radiating from the Blackguard and his smile turned wicked, though the undead's influence we're bolstering his body they were warping his mind with a sinister edge.
Just as dark energy around him peaked and flared up the undead warriors came charging into the room shattering the wooden doors infront of them. The abominations encircled the shadow mage and blackguard. Tanyana breathed in relief, these undead proved to be as dumb as they were ugly...she had hidden herself when they rushed in and now that they were occupied she was given the moment she needed, a clear shot to her escape route and towards her partner Lash.

Naberius The Slayer
10-20-2005, 05:30 AM
The sudden company had not surprised Gabrielle, not evan in the slightest.She knew the noise would attract the rest, and indeed they were all here in the room with them.These indeed denizens were hulking but not smart in any case leaving the rest of the manor wide open for her plan to work quite perfectly,as planned from the time she had assessed her and Tanaya's situation.

She grinned and spoke.

"It seems everyone showed up to our little party did they not? Power like that shouldn't be given to a mear human, no matter how much human you have in you.No matter what needs be done shall be, with no hindrance!"

With partial focus Gabrielle crafted spiritually an aura shield and casted it upon Tanaya,it would make her invulnerable for a time time enough for her to find her partner and get to safety.

"Tanaya....do it....go! Find your friend quickly and go! Stop for nothing,you mussent! I will take care of this!"

Gabrielle stood ready, she herself snarled at the black guards insolence.

"You really have no inkling do you.....your courage is but a farce.What you are about to do is suicide, beautiful I may be......but this beauty has lasted longer than one thousand years.One of five Shadow Mage is infinitely enough to shatter this....you and all who stand here the reality your minds and body's are held together by I am the glue.While you burn at the steak,I dance with the flames....I can imprison your soul....in the past I have destroyed more men than all the worlds wars,more deadly than death.Within I carry the power of five, you should pick your battles with more scrutiny."

Gabrielle's aura started to change into an ambient purplish red darkness, the aura growing her form started to distort very slightly.The revenents started to act as if unsure of anything, creaking started to fill the room cracks started to snake up from the floors through the walls on all sides.Nails started to fly up-wards from the floor violently blasting against the ceiling, Gabrielle's eyes glowed a deep red something was changing in her something awakening within.*What is this....this new presence within me..can...barely keep..controle..*Her mind raced inaudibly.Her cloak fluttering and billowing with no wind at all, the sheer power of her intent powered by her indomitable will the floors began to warp and splinter as well as the walls evan the bodies of the revenents started to twist.Something big was going to happen here tonight, something unforeseen.

10-21-2005, 09:06 PM
Lucifer sighed and rolled his eyes at the mage who thought herself so omnipotent...everyone has a weakness...there's never an exception. Her slight rage seemed to encurage her to release a more powerful front. Lucifer's knuckles couldn't stand up to more magic, and he tried hard to keep his thoughts clear and unpoisoned by the evil auras from the revenent. But something was wrong, after the cat-girl ran off, Lucifer spotted a small chnage in stance the mage took. Into more a stance of keeping something instead of out. Internal battle. Something's gone haywire. Lucifer could not only feel it logically but he could also feel his instincts whispering harshly in the back of his subconscience.

Lucifer observed his companions exhibiting strange behavior. Another bad omen. Lucifer cursed angrily, and decided it was a lost cause, and he'll have to engage the enemy another time, with more suitable conditions. Lucifer took off his left steel knuckle glove, cracked clean into four pieces, and hurled it to the floor, then quickly left the room in pursuit of the other target. The superiors will NOT be happy when this is all over.

lil mongoose
10-21-2005, 09:17 PM
"ah ha" he said up on a tree

Naberius The Slayer
10-22-2005, 01:56 AM
Her plan had worked, Tanaya had escaped from her plight.Also the black guard had shaken off the misguidance that the revenents power had on him, he had ran off just then.Gabrielle had suddenly found herself unable to stop the power build she had started, again she tried to put a break in the surge and return to normal.When she tried this it was as if something had sent a potent and deep electrical charge through her, it burned and coursed through the depths of her body.Gritting her teeth as a massive torrent of power filled her and started to ebb from her pores into the aura she had created, it then partially solidified and became a pure necroligic Field of sub/solid raw dark either.Several more massive surges surged through her body and mind like a magic sonic boom, straining to keep control she tried again to will a break in the flow to give her opportunity to stop whatever was happening.This was to no avail.....it only added to the chain reactions mounting within her.
Her mind raced as to what was happening to her, she knew the black guard would be trying to pursue the girl and she would not be able to do a thing.Suddenly the Field changed from light to dark then into a sort of power she had never known before,then came an incredibly powerful surge of energy that knocked the breath from her.Her body became racked with a deep throbbing pain that brought a scream from her lips that sent a sound wave through the manor like no other, splintering the floors and sending deep cracks throughout the walls as the inhuman sound raced through the building.
*By the god's......I do not understand! This no matter cannot jeopardize the future! Must do all I can.....*
Collecting what stable mental ability she could, she telepathically attempted to warn Tanaya of the great impending danger, and to get away quickly.The Field gained immense power rapidly, the floors started to rapidly disintegrate as the field expanded at a rapid rate.The revenents had no chance at all as it absorbed them in the flash of an eye then the walls started to fall apart,everything ceasing to exist in a circular pattern increasing in speed.In rapid succession shock waves of pain shot through Gabrielle, more power building and expanding consuming all in it's wake wrenching shrieking bone chilling screams from her.Balling her fists and flexing every muscle in her body as hard as she could, her teeth gritted it did not help much as it relentlessly battered her nearing her to half unconsciousness.
Near the other side of the manor Tanaya had indeed found her partner Lash, as they had readied to leave a shock wave thundered through the manor trembling the very foundations.Then came the blood curdling scream that sent cracks snaking through the floors and walls toward and past them, Tanaya felt a nagging in her mind telling her they should leave and quickly! A split second later they saw it racing toward them, a very chilling sight of some sort of dark color changing field expanding toward them disintegrating the floors the walls everything in it's wake.They both stayed close and ran.
Meanwhile Gabrielle was losing her battle, as it was she truly had nearly gave in.As the seconds ticked by feeling like hours, suddenly with her last reserves she found a way...a last ditch it truly was though.She had to release the energy entirely, it had expanded but she hoped that when she did release it..that it wasn't enough to destroy the entire area with the seismic explosion that would ensue immediately after.She also hoped above all that the girl and her partner would have gotten far enough away to get to safety by now, surely they weren't that slow even with her injury.She knew it would take the manor with it but with all that was in it, the murders and pain and evil it wouldn't matter.
As the time approached to where she couldn't hold any longer, with great courage and iron will Gabrielle clenched her fists and will all her might finally released her power cell and finally cut the flow at once.All those within the area seen the brilliant iridescent white some light appear and consume Fords Manor, for a split second it changed a kaleidescope of colors and suddenly the air in the surrounding area sucked toward the giant Manor then an explosion of cataclysmic proportions ensued.It shook everything around it violently in a flash of light, strangely it did not seem to be exploding...more imploding into itself with unimaginable force.The site was bathed in the iridescent white light for a few moments lighting up the night skyline, then nothing and the night returned to normal.Leaving a vast empty lot where Fords Manor once stood.

10-22-2005, 11:48 AM
-=Ford's Manor=-

Lucifer emerged from under a dark heap of rubble, about half a block away from the building. He shook the confusion from his head, still in a daze from the blast. What happened last? Right, he saw two shadows outside the window, making away from the manor. He thought he spotted cat-ears, and the blood curdling scream further encouraged him to leave and take up pursuit. He didn't manage to get very far though... Lucifer inspected his left arm. Broken. Damnit. Lucifer looked back at his precedings. There was......nothing there. Lucifer did a quick scan with his eyes for bodies, but was too tired to do anymore. Instead he slumped into a shadow, and waited for any survivors to awaken, and to be killed by himself. Otherwise, when an hour is gone, Lucifer plans to go report the unconfirmed kills, and the events that took place.

Naberius The Slayer
10-25-2005, 04:38 PM
Gabrielle found herself standing in an open field, the field was emerald green and as she looked around her the sky's were sapphire blue.*What IS this* She had thought briefly to herself, she took a step and a shout came across her ears.She spun around to find a little girl,#Come on lady,follow me pretty lady# the little girl shouted with a giggle.The little girl looked very familiar,strait shoulder length brown hair brown eyes wearing an old fashioned silk and linen dress.The girl waved for her to follow, not being able to resist her curiosity Gabrielle followed the little girl through the rolling meadows of green grasses and yellow wildflowers.

The surroundings seemed awkwardly familiar to her, a warm clean breeze wound past her and caressed her skin and flowed through her hair.As they walked on over the next hill she saw a little shack nestled among fruit trees and willows down in a valley,beyond that a small village that fit in naturally with the surrounding landscape.She as they grew closer the girl turned to her walking back wards #Follow me pretty lady,I want you to meet my momma we don't get many strangers around here.# Gabrielle couldn't help but feel strangely comfortable and the surrounding's registered dejavu, still a bit confused she managed a smile to the little girl and continued to follow her to her home.

When they finally arrived the little girl asked to to stay right there as she ran into the quaint home,2 little flower gardens on each side of the entrance and a tilled garden along the right side in the parting of trees a swing in one of them tied to a low branch.As she studied her new surroundings the little girl had again came up to her, #pretty lady,I want you to meet my mamma.Mamma this is the pretty stranger I found in the fields# Gabrielle looked up and saw the woman.She was young no more than 28 years old,very long brown hair and bright brown eyes also wearing slightly the same style a dress as her daughter.The woman smiled at her and when she did and spoke something awakened in Gabrielle,#Hello and welcome young lady,sorry about meh daughter.We do not get many visitors round in these lands these day's, and she just loves meeting new people.Where might you be coming from, and what good name do you carry?#

"Gabrielle" She had managed to spit out, a strange mixed feeling coming over her.#Oh,what a nice name and quite the luck,my little girl there her name is also Gabrielle.You must be tired from your journey,please you may come in if you like we have water from the stream and fresh cider I have just made if you like.# Gabrielle nodded and followed the nice women into her home, she made made it out of the confusion and now knew who she was...and it hit with a strange yet warm wonderment.She was her mother.....and that would mean.....the little girl playing outside...was none other than herself long ago.

Over the next while Gabrielle had managed to speak fairly well despite all that was around her,she couldn't believe it and came asking herself how? As she and the woman sat and drank their cider at a handmade table, the woman apologized for herself.#Oh I am sorry,I must appear rude as to not have disclosed meh own name Ms.Gabrielle, I am Alyssia Rullepolse.# Their conversation consisted of Alyssia's land and home,then to her wonderment of far off lands she had only heard rumor of.Gabrielle listened,knowing and remembering all that her mother spoke of.Then a strange air and a silence came over them, then Gabrielle found that Alyssia was looking at her intently.Her eyes were soon glossy,then she spoke after looking to be sure her daughter was still at play outside.#Gabrielle.....ah now realize what all this is....The meaning of your estranged appearance here, an tis not because we rarely get strange visitors here.# Gabrielle was struck oddly for a moment at her words,then Alyssia continued,wiping hers eyes.

#Oh my little girl.....you've grown so.....my my.Ah have heard stories through meh life about 'revisits' through time, ah just had never believed them until this day.# Alyssia was now crying, realizing exactly who Gabrielle was.Alyssia reached out and took Gabrielle's hand,Gabrielle astounded...her hand was normal with no sign of Mage evolution.She quickly looked herself over,she was completely normal all over,fair soft skin free of all and any magical augmentation.Alyssia spoke again after gathering herself somewhat.#My precious precious little girl,we haven't much time though you have only just arrived.You swing on your swing outside so innocent,as you also sit here...ah so wish ah could have helped you more Gabrielle while ah was still here.But you have a future to safeguard for all who have yet to be, ah want you to know that I did understand your decision my little girl.Ah only wish ah could have seen you once more.....,ah suppose this is meh wish then.You have grown so lovely an strong, ah now realize after all the time after you went away that ah couldn't have raised a better nor stronger an braver little girl."

They both stood and embraced tightly, for the first time since she can remember tears flowed freely down Gabrielle's cheeks warm and long over due.
#Now...ah want you to know I am all way's in your hart Gabby.Don't ever give up....there is nothin ya can't do or accomplish.Have faith in yourself an in the fates,ah love you mah little girl...so much.# "I love you too momma,I miss you ever so." Gabrielle sobbed. Parting but still holding hands, Gabrielle and Alyssia looked at their hands.The snow white Mage skin had started to creep down Gabrielle's arms and covered her hands like creeping vines, she felt it through her body all over.

She looked at her mother one last time.#Ah......it is time for you to return mah little girl,remember meh Gabby don't forget this instance in time meh lovely little girl.An don't give up,don't lose faith this is our world Gabby.#Her mother smiled at her,they embraced once again.Then all faded,her mother.....the little girl on her swing herself.She faded back into blackness, knowing a return.A dream of transcendence,how odd but it was everything to her.

Naberius The Slayer
10-25-2005, 07:02 PM
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red storm
10-26-2005, 05:36 AM
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-=Ford's Manor=-

Tanaya ran trough the halls, carying the documents as the shield around her faded. It seemed Gabrielle had saved her from that Blackguard. I need to find Lash. She thought to herself. I need to tell him about these undead creatures.
She rushed trough a door, quickly diving to her left as she noticed a guard. Crap! I don't have time to sneak around. She grabbed her bladed and thumbed the switch. The humming qickly alarmed the guard, but he had no chance to do anything as the blade sliced trough his armor and seperated his spine and everything above it from the rest of his body. As the guards body fell to the ground with a loud *thump* Tanaya dashed on in search of her partner.
She quickly arived in a large room, whitch had several guards putting on their armor suits to check on the problems. Cursing her luck, the catgirl utilized her natural agility to jump via the wals, and cling to the highest part close to the ceiling. She silently wondered to herself how a normal human like Lash had managed to get past this obstacle. Perhaps the guards had been asleep back then? No matter. She silently climbed across the high railing towards the end of the room, and putting her timing right, she jumped down end exited the open door before the guards could notice her. Lash, where are you?

Megumi Oaks
10-27-2005, 12:08 AM
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10-27-2005, 09:47 PM
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BIC: Suriku began walking towards the city of Shumaech, he encountered a few monsters on the way, but they were nothing he couldn't handle. He struck them down with his Blade. He arrived at Shumaech and received many greetings from the various cityfolk. He responded to them with a simple, "Hello," and walked off.

Naberius The Slayer
10-28-2005, 01:20 AM
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Naberius The Slayer
11-17-2005, 01:35 AM
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Gabrielle's mind was swirling like a top,the darkness surrounding here on all sides.Soon though the darkness started to lighten and her body began feeling grounded once again slowly,she awoke batting her eyes to the bright sunlight that shown on her.She felt very sore all over and was still a bit disoriented,she rose to view her surroundings and found herself not in the rubble of Fords Manor as she had expected but in the top of the old church steeple.
"Uhhh....how did I...."
Feeling something odd but not sure she reached to touch her face,and found the cold hardness of a mask .Shocked she tried to remove it but to no result,it seemed to be somehow affixed to her face.
"What the....how?? How did this..."
She felt different,changed in a way indescribable.The mask has great power,and she wasn't sure weather she herself put it on or if it had somehow acted upon it's own behalf when she was out.

Ooc:C'mon guy's....let's do this.Theres still some good story here.

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